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Computer Technology is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations, basically a computer is giant calculator. The particular sequence of operations can be changed readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem or request. An important class of computer operations on some computing platforms is the acceptance of input from human operators and the output of results formatted for human consumption. The interface between the computer and the human operator is known as the user interface. Conventionally a computer consists of some form of memory for data storage more commonly known as RAM or Hard Disk, at least one element that carries out arithmetic and logic operations, more commonly known as a CPU ( Central Processing Unit), and a sequencing and control element that can change the order of operations based on the information that is stored. Peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice allow information to be entered from an external source, and allow the results of operations to be sent out. A computers central processing unit executes series of instructions that make it read, manipulate and then store data. Computer Technology is evolving too fast nowadays making businesses find ways to be in-place whilst following the latest trends, giving them a chance to create an idea of how their business system cope up, by transforming their current way of handling transactions especially to things that often done manually to something sophisticated, not by interface, but how it will work behind the scenes but still leaving a user-friendly interface for the ease of work of the user. The technology today plays a vital role in our society. It makes man work easier and fast. It lessens error of work by using machines. It reduces costs to an organization from paper works up to computerized working system. Many manual transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier and efficient. These new technology leads Changes in the way jobs are being performed, but the changes present new problems in which can be solve by much improving technological advancement and so computers were developed to deal with information needs and case. Enrollment System is the system that a school or program uses to enroll students or participants. It can be manual, computerized or a combination of both. There are many different types of enrollment system depending on the amount enrolled and the type of institution. They must have system in a school. It is a convenient way of storing and retrieving way of storing and retrieving information of a student that provides more easy way in enrolling.

1.1 Organizational Background The San Ramon Catholic School, Inc. having produced thousands of graduates continuously committed to the foundation of Catholic Christian Education, today stands as a proud beacon of light, achievement and fulfillment of its Vision and Mission! As most success stories, the SRCS started from humble beginnings in 1959 as a preschool made possible through the joint initiatives of the Columban Fathers through then Parish Priest of Himamaylan, Rev. Fr. John Doohan, and Rev. Fr. Jack Hynes who was assigned as Chaplain for the Chaplaincy of Su-ay. The two priest were actively supported by many parishioners and they conducted the necessary information gathering, served as members of the Board of Trustees, and fulfilled many other tasks to make the school fully operational. The Serra Hermanos of Brgy. Su-ay donated the school lot, and for the next few years sustained the salarization and operational requirements of the school. Most of the students were also the children of workers in the hacienda of the Serra Brothers, from this modest start, the school grew to offer the complete elementary course by 1965. The SRCS that we know of today was first given its Impetus in 1967 with the acceptance of less than a hundred First Year High School enrollees. The school struggled hard during these formative years since its operation are no longer supported by the hacienda. By the grace of God and perseverance and commitment of the people around the school system, the full high school curriculum was offered in 1970 with the approval and recognition of the Department of Education, Culture & Sports(DECS). Since its inception the school was successively administered by six Columban Fathers, until in 1981, both the Parish of San Ramon Nonato and the SRCS were turned over to the administration of the Diocesan Clergy of the Diocese of Kabankalan. Fifty-two Years in the service, the SRCS of today continues to cater to the needs of the youth of four barangays and live up to its avowed mission of being an institution of learning among Christian Communities in a transforming society.

1.2 Organization Mission MISSION As a parochial institution in the Diocese of Kabankalan, guided by Christ teaching, SRCS vision challenges us to transform our school into a Christian learning community committed to provide wholistic programs and services with creation centered spirituality in order to develop a total person competent to face tasks of Christian Living. VISION As a parochial institution in the Diocese of Kabankalan, guided by Christ teaching, SRCS vision challenges us to transform our school into a Christian learning community committed to provide wholistic programs and services with creation centered spirituality in order to develop a total person competent to face tasks of Christian Living.

1.3 Organizational Unit Description Its every companys duty to have their own organizational chart. It is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs. Its also a useful thing because their student can recognize easily to whom they will go whenever they needed something in a School.

Figure 1. Organizational Chart of San Ramon Catholic School.


Current System Description

A manual Enrollment system allows student teacher and staff to physically verify that enrollment is available. This removes the potential for data entry errors, which can lead to disappointed parents/Guardian. Manual verification of enrollment can also allow employees an opportunity to physically inspect the files during the enrollment method. Even the smallest documents need to implement some form of enrollment system to keep an accurate merchandise count, as well as for accounting purposes. Business owners generally have a choice between using a computerized or a manual enrollment system. The school that the group had chosen uses manual operation when they compute the payment also the process when they enrolled there students to the school .They just use manual because of the advantage that they can lesser the cost of their expense, because the only worse thing that the parents/guardian disappointed is an angry who had a limited time. The finding of records is also a time consuming because the cashier is just using cabinets in storing the records of their students and of their important files.

The first context data flow that the group had made is the context data flow of the enrollment system of the school that the groups choose. The first process is to pay for an enrollment form that you will process the form. The second process is the students will go to the assign place where they can get their card/grades. The third process is to fill up the form and go to the principals office to get the signature of the principal. The last process is to go to the cashier to pay the payments of your entrance fee.

Figure 2. Context DFD of San Ramon Catholic School Enrollment System.

San Ramon Catholic School Enrollment System

In Partial Fulfillment for the Course of MODELING & SIMULATION

Submitted to: Mr. Roger Intong

Members: Pecson, John Anthony Tribunalo, Joven T. Catalan, Aiko T. Javellana, Mary May P.



Enrollment system concern with the school progress. It used to enhance school facilities. To the students progress through the technology. This enrollment system facilitates improvement in educational attainment of the school as well as students. Students will gain and develop their learning abilities. It is a process that involves perception, comprehension, integration and application. It is a means that enables man to ponder the mysteries of the world, to explore the accumulated knowledge and to complete the unknown. Enrollment system is a very important aspect in education because it opens the door to a world-wide store of knowledge of information.


Project Objectives 1. To improve and enhance the school facilities. 2. To develop student skills and mental abilities. 3. To improve the educational attainment of the school. 4. To the student progress using technology or automation.


Project Conception There is a need of automation because we need to be globally competitive. The

implication of the automation in school will help to improve & enhance the educational system

of the school. It helps the student to improve their educational attainment as times goes by automation has a major contribution to the society; we have the enrollment systems which provide the needs of every student to be globally equip. Yes there is available technologies which support needs of automation. The advantages of using these technologies. It will help the school to improved there educational system. It helps the school system organization flow organized. 2.3 Problem Statement

2.4 Initial Scope of the Project

2.5 Project Vision

2.6 Business Constraints

The project proposal is the system that provides the enrollment fast, accurate and save a lot of time. This is a good step to build the student in a modernized technology to prevent more project and also all people. It is useful in the school to retrieves the important information from the students. This project proposal having factors that limit our expectation in term of management, policies, and financial status of the school. There forms/reports is not given for the privatization of the school or business to prevent publicity of the institute.

2.7 Technology Constraints This project proposal of enrolment system is a toughest time that an academy may throughout the year, regardless of the process of their enrolment. Mainly for those schools that

thrive only on a manual process of enrolment, proceeds may take time and add to that if the institute is well known though still relying in manual processes queues may form along the way. These circumstances it seems to be hard to handle such collection of records namely storing, finding, sorting, updating and securing each of those records. And particularly in the registrar to have only in one room and limited space, perhaps on a public school. This enrolment system is a good example of a computer generated process. This can lesser the workload and provides accurate information needed in the school. As a result it will benefit also in administration as a whole. Enrolment system serves as a vital part in the life of every student upon entering schools or universities, either public or private. It gives students the impression on how the whole institute manages and manipulates the entire body. In this enrolment system performs a task in order to produce faster and greater quantities that the student wants. This system serves as the first experience of all students by which he/she takes part individually or with a companion. Enrolment is considered as the first step or procedure that must be done by old students within a particular institute, before the semester per school year starts, but for those freshmen, or first year students. They are obliged to usually take an admission test, to know and asses them right course they want to engage to, followed by a scheduled interview in order to give them brief. not only the student but