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candidature for the presidency of the international olympic committee ser miang ng

our movement is stronger than ever,

thanks to President Jacques Rogges sound leadership, the unique legacy of the late President Samaranch, the dedicated service of the IOC Members and the support of the International Federations, National Olympic Committees and National Federations. The Games are healthy, prosperous and popular and have become a focal point for the entire planet to celebrate our collective humanity.

but our world is changing and we must adapt to it.

As the modern Olympic Movement looks forward it will need a collaborative and inclusive Leader. A Leader who can effectively manage the myriad of future political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural challenges. A Leader who can empower the Olympic Family behind a single, shared vision. A Leader who can mobilise everyone connected to the Olympic Family to strengthen our organisation and promote sport as a positive means for educating and inspiring youth.
I am condent that I have the experience, understanding of the Movement and deep passion for Olympism that qualies me to be that Leader. In the pages that follow, I explain the ten pillars of my candidacy for IOC President Empowering IOC Members Unifying the Olympic Movement Placing Youth at the Centre of the Olympic Movement Honouring Our Commitment to Our Athletes Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport Ensuring Quality Host Cities into the Future and Successful Games Engaging with Our Olympic Partners Afrming the Human Legacy and Universality of the Olympic Games Increasing Collaboration between IOC Members and the IOC Administration Providing Wise Stewardship of our Financial Resources

Thank you all for your thoughtful consideration. It is my honour to be your colleague.

empowering ioc members

IOC Members are the core of the Olympic Movement. Together we share a vast repository of knowledge and skills. From personal conversations with many of you, it has become increasingly clear that the Membership aspires for greater and more active involvement in IOC affairs and the governance of our Movement. Similarly, we have learned over the past year that IOC Members have strong opinions on proposed changes to the Olympic Sport Programme. I believe these opinions must be more fully considered and Members must have a more meaningful role in this process moving forward.
Genuine empowerment means IOC Members must have: The complete trust and the full respect of the President, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC Administration The opportunity to be heard on all major decisions affecting the Movement The necessary resources and support from the Administration to fulfil your responsibilities As one example of what I mean by empowerment, I believe the full Membership must openly discuss and ultimately decide the role that IOC Members should have in the Bid City evaluation process prior to the nal vote. I personally have every condence that Members can and should play a more meaningful role in this critical process and that this can be accomplished with the highest standards of trust and integrity. Meaningful roles on IOC Commissions which best match your skill sets and interests An expanded role to serve as IOC representatives for NOCs lacking an IOC Member, to ensure greater representation for all.

unifying the olympic movement

Our Movements challenges are global and complex: from increasing youth participation in sport to ghting the growing integrity issues of doping, match-xing and illegal and irregular betting. Moving forward, we must bring together all stakeholders of the Olympic Movement around a shared vision and set of priorities, with clear roles and responsibilities for all.
A closer working relationship between the IOC, IFs and NOCs built on mutual respect for each others authority, independence and distinctive roles More active engagement with national governments to promote sport and Olympism, secure necessary funding and protect the independence of our main constituents: the NOCs and IFs Stronger connections with the United Nations and its agencies using sport as a pathway to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals

placing youth at the centre of the olympic movement

Our Movements fundamental calling is to instill the eternal values of Olympism in the youth of the world. Through this noble effort, we strengthen the moral fabric of our society and preserve the integrity of sport.
As Chairman of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, I learned a great deal about social and economic barriers that continue to limit our youths participation in sport on a global basis. This experience has taught me that the time has come for the IOC to implement a strong and focused Youth Strategy. This Strategy must recognise that increasing the participation of youth in sport will require combining resources and efforts from the IOC, our corporate partners, like-minded organisations and governments. Expand our current Youth Sport Development Centre programme with an ambitious goal of building 80 new centres over the five continents within the next eight years. From personal conversations, I believe sufficient funds could be raised in conjunction with private philanthropic organisations as well as national governments of developed countries. Ensure the necessary resources and commitment to continue the success of the Youth Olympic Games Increase the recently launched Sport for All Programmes by fully engaging all elements of the Olympic Family Promote the Olympic values through the International Olympic Academy and National Olympic Academies.

honouring our commitment to our athletes

Without athletes there would be no Olympic Games or Olympic Movement. As IOC Members we must support our Olympic Athletes at each stage of their journey: from ensuring they receive the necessary support for their training leading up to the Games, to providing them with ideal conditions to live and compete in during the Games, to fullling their lifelong responsibility as role models and goodwill ambassadors for Olympism.
Strengthen the governance and financial capabilities of the National Federationswho have the most direct connection with athletes, schools and clubs on the grassroots level Continue to create opportunities for women from all countries to participate in sport, building on the success of the 2012 London Olympic Games Better equip athletes with sufficient skills to address the post-competition stage of their lives including stronger support for the International Olympic Athlete Career Programme

safeguarding the integrity of sport

Over the last two decades, we faced the daunting task of combatting illegal doping. Through our partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Zero-Tolerance programme at the 2012 London Games, we have made solid progress in detecting and punishing cheaters. The ght is far from over and we must continue to take a strong leadership role in combatting the worldwide doping problem in sport, including even closer collaboration with WADA.
We are now faced with equally pernicious forms of cheating in the form of irregular and illegal betting and match fixing. These activities threaten to undermine the very essence of sport and the foundations of our Movement. One of my highest priorities will be bringing the Movement and all of our partners in sport, business and government together to fight against irregular and illegal betting and match fixing. Development of monitoring and information exchange systems between the authorities, betting operators, and sport organisations Collaboration with worldwide law enforcement agencies and our partners in sport to encourage appropriate legislation Education programmes for youth about the fundamental nature of the match-fixing problem, along with specific ways they can help in the fight to protect the integrity of sport and why that matters

ensuring quality host cities & successful games

London 2012s magnicent Games once again demonstrated the global popularity and resilience of the Olympic ideals and brand, even in challenging economic times. While we celebrate the successes of these Games, we must recognise that an ever-growing size, scope and cost of hosting the Olympic Games if left uncheckedcould become an impediment for future aspiring Host Cities.
This is one of the most signicant long-term issues facing our Movement and I believe each IOC Member has meaningful views on the best way to manage the scope and costs of the Games. We should have an active and on-going dialog with the full Membership and the International Federations that would include a review of the Olympic Sport Programme, along with the number of disciplines within the sport and the number of athletes participating in each discipline. By taking a broad and collaborative look at this issue, I am condent we can reach a consensus that will allow the maximum number of athletes to participate in the sports that are most important to the long-term success of the Movement. Make our knowledge transfers for OCOGs more efficient and effective with a goal of alleviating logistical burdens and increasing efficiency Update our Bid City process to further strengthen cost containment and risk assessment measurement criteria, and to foster good governance and anti-corruption

engaging with our olympic partners

We are fortunate to have attracted and built long-term relationships with some of the most successful companies in the world. But, we must not take these relationships for granted. Given the substantial investment from our partners and the increasing economic pressures on global rms, we must be proactive in developing ways to make our corporate partnerships even more vibrant and impactful.
Launch the first Olympic Business Council consisting of IOC Members and our corporate partners, aimed at sharing best practises in strategy, governance and management Develop strategic opportunities for our commercial partners to promote their association with the broader Olympic Movement, our youth initiatives, integrity and human legacy of the Games Create new content for the digital age that our partners can use within their own media programmes to promote their association and the values of Olympism

affirming the human legacy & universality of the olympic games

The Olympic Games provide enduring legacies in every former Host City and nation. New and modern sport facilities and improved city infrastructure are often the measure of Olympic legacy. While crucial, these physical legacies should not overshadow another important legacy of the Olympic Gamesthe human legacy. By human legacy, I refer to Olympisms ability to inspire people to better their lives.
There are hundreds of thousands of living Olympic legacies from past Games, including athletes, ofcials, coaches, Games Volunteers, former OCOG employees, media personnel and even staff from our commercial partners. We have a wonderful opportunity to provide a platform for these ambassadors of the Movement to tell their stories. Connect past and present Volunteers to spread Olympism year-round through a platform that shares their inspiring stories in dedication to the Movement Mobilise Volunteers through this network to strengthen the volunteer corps in future events Strengthen our ties with the World Olympians Association

I have spent over three decades leading a number of successful businesses and non-prot organisations and understand the critical role that staff plays in every organisation. I have been privileged to work with each department of the IOC Administration as an IOC Member, IOC Commission Member, EB Member, and Member of YOG and IOC Session Organising Committees. That experience has taught me that the IOC is blessed with an outstanding staff with dedicated, experienced and talented men and women.
Over the past decade we have seen remarkable growth in the Movement with a corresponding increase in the size and responsibilities of our staff. Given these changes over a relatively short time, it is prudent to review our current business practises. Provide more opportunities for professional development and career advancement Enhance overall efficiency and avoid duplication of efforts Improve communication both within the IOC Administration and between the Administration and IOC Members Align the IOC Administration to support the work of IOC members

increasing collaboration between ioc members & the ioc administration

providing wise stewardship of our financial resources

Thanks to the leadership of Presidents Rogge and Samaranch in developing our commercial partnerships over the last two decades, the IOC has now accumulated an impressive reserve in excess of $600 million. We should continue to explore new revenue opportunities while fully leveraging our television rights and TOP Programme.
As IOC Members, we have a solemn responsibility to use our resources wisely. In the rst instance, this includes ensuring the long-term viability and success of the Games. But, as a nonprot organisation without shareholders, our scal responsibility extends to supporting strategic initiatives that will help the Movement achieve its broader objectives. I believe each IOC Member should have input on which strategic initiatives we should pursue and how we should allocate these resources. Working together I am condent we will do what is best for the Movement.

The achievements of our Movement during its rst one hundred and seventeen years would surely astound our founder, Pierre de Coubertin. His vision as articulated in the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter has served both sport and humanity in exceptional ways.
If I am fortunate enough to obtain your trust and support, I believe we can continue the great work of those who preceded us and create new legacies for those who will follow. By empowering our Membership and galvanising the Olympic Family around a shared vision, we can strengthen the Olympic values worldwide with a united Movement that educates youth, promotes integrity in sport and celebrates humanity through vibrant, accessible Olympic Games. Each generation faces unique tests and challengesthe next decade will be no different. If we stay true to our fundamental principles, if we trust in the collective wisdom of our Membership, and if we provide the Membership with the resources necessary to further our great mission, the Olympic Movement will ourish and its potential for good will remain limitless. I am honoured to share this journey with you, and I thank you for your good work and your belief in the power of sport.