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Psychoanalysis is Dead Rebecca Bauknight The Beyond Borders Project

Please dont emphasize Lacan too much, most have never heard of him. Lacan in Philosophy and critical theory is really a past moment in history. If you talk about the Lacanian pass, you sound ignorant. Dont mention the word. It is extremely problematic. You know this. The design of Beyond Bounderies pedagogy will be partially informed through a Freud/Lacanian orientation. Lacan notes the relevance of a complex discourse that can speak to existence by moving beyond essence. Through a Lacanian orientation we deal with the tendency to be mired in imaginary identifications to Other. Lacanians through the route/pass works on the side of a return to the unconscious that is based on the observation of the singular case study through the psychoanalytic method of free association to further a comprehension of suffering related to fantasies and anxieties emanating from the unconscious.

Taking our cues from Lacan, we listen closely to an interpolation of the Lacanian/Freudian discourse that dies. We seek to hear how it dies through the discourses claiming their progression to tell us about the discourse of psychoanalysis and its irrelevance to the current situation of our global reality and those in the streets that suffer. Those in the borderlands who know a violations and abjection beyond many imaginations. We listen to a time of

other discourses scribing furiously to respond to the real of trauma in the world and their declaration that psychoanalysis cannot respond to the world and its complexities of today. Psychoanalysis death and defeat to the discourses that claim their ascendency dies as it strives to have a meaning for the ills of the worldthrough its own sequestering, institutionalization, bureaucracies and isolation. Psychoanalysis has drained itself of its story, its narrative. It is no longer heard by those outside of its discourse, those in the streets do not hear anything of it. It only

celebrates its hopefulness to itself. Its self-congratulations to contemporize. Psychoanalysis is the emperor with no clothes. No one says this out loud, of course, to psychoanalysts. It is like saying something bad about what has become a mother (to be PC; first caregiver to infant). The project of the

psychoanalytic effort ignited a storm in the 1950s, but it is now a gull. Psychoanalysis has turned into a myth, story, a narrative that seems to no longer move to the borders between the unconscious and conscious. In these








identifications rather than interrogate tendencies towards identifications as structured upon a gaze more on the side of the mother (first caregiver to infant). Concepts and meanings of nation states, class, gender, race skip over the unconscious into new meanings. There is temptation to confuse psychoanalytic discourse with these meanings proffered by academic

discourses. But an appearance of contemporary work that updates itself through a politically correct stance is vulnerable to confusing psychoanalytic discourse with other discourses in anxiety of its own death. This is a Faustian bargain. The temptation is to move into a hyperbolic narrative that defends psychoanalysis rather than accept the reality that psychoanalysis in its narrative in its meaning what it attempts to make out of itself to remain relevant is a defeated story. Psychoanalysis moves further away from its method, and the unconscious. The creation of The beyond Borders in co/motion with Other discourse offers Freudian/Lacanian Psychoanalysis a place to listen to its potential time in history to eventually effect a return to the unconscious According to others this has not happened yet. But how can there be a return without first undergoing a radical break, a cut, a departure from an imaginary identification to the Other of its authorization. invitation by the This requires lack, its death, abjection, decentering; an Other of its authorization that allows for its own

astonishment; its own surprise. This entails a capacity by the Other of its authorization to undergo a deformation that sustains the route/pass. The as yet spoken. Lacanians in partially creating The Beyond Borders project accept

psychoanalysis defeat and absorb listen deal with what is conjured here in the imaginarythe marginalization, castration censorship anxiety and abjection, is rejection, an annihilation, for the



deformation/departure before its astonishing return through the (as yet to be spoken) enigmatic glittering letter. Psychoanalysis shows up without its clothes, unraveled, naked to hear from the streets, the trauma, and suffering of those witnessing and victims to violence in the borderlands that is beyond imagination. To listen for this letter to offer words about this suffering, psychoanalysis shows up to listento offer silence, to offer in transference a space that encourages speakinga further articulation of a more refined jouissance that will effect re/semblance . Psychoanalysis, itself as an object, breaks through its own imaginary identification to the Other of itself that has become a meaning and conclusion without lack inhibiting and censoring its own as yet. Psychoanalysis shows up in its departureits defeatto listen as it has not returned yet according to the Other of itself. Psychoanalysis eschews any declaration of its superiority as a grand discourse. With the utmost arrogance, narcissism, flamboyance and

highest risk it is through an I voice; through a pass/route that declares psychoanalysis to be dead. In an utmost humbleness, a defeat, a bowling over by the unconscious, the real that cannot be spoken about, but can be spoken for. It is this route that decenters the centralizing tendency of a

Psychoanalysis that attempts to defend its relevance in empty speech. Drained of its symptom. There is no ego defenseof ego death to the unconscious. The shoring up of the ego to provide meaning only censors the unconscious of subjects who live today who speak from the time of the personal unconscious from a singular lived experience. The uber-conscious solutions and inscription accorded to world suffering at its worst in the border zones of war where torture, censorship, violations to humanity occur have their place. It is through psychoanalysis pass/ivity; listening to what might interrupt its phallocentric story that letters, signifiers, the paradox the enigmatic emanating from the symptom existing in the real of the living body might be heard. It is only in the living experience of this harrowing lack (not merely an intellectualization as a Lacanian concept) where a-priori meaning refuses gratification so that signification in frustration is elicited. Psychoanalysis as it

listens offers a possibility of disruption in co/motion that can allow for not only the furtherance of other discourses, but receives in pass/ivity this cut through imaginary identifications to itself. A cut that is an interpolation through Other discoursesthe Other of psychoanalysis that can enable this furtherance of

itself though its own defeat, its loss, its frustration where utterance can turn into a re/ semblance in timeto speak articulate itself in difference to the discourses that claim they have buried Psychoanalysis in their dust. A burial to be mourned/not denied. Psychoanalysis can listen to itself through its own lettering and

significationthrough the route/pass so that its difference continues in a deft listening to a personal unconscious that is worded through subjects generated through the one to one lending itself to an as yet uncanny potential. It is the potential of Voice(s) that can cross the line between the

couch where a lived experience of the real occurs so that this experience is not lost when worded to the Other of subjects in the time of the personal unconscious. Here the narrative will be made but emanating from utterance to make its jouissense/ a sense of the traumatic real of violence occurring in the borderlands that will be detailed in interdisciplinary conference through those listening to the suffering in the war torn fields of the borderlands. By listening to the inscriptions furiously being scribed by other discourses striving for solutions to human rights violations, Freudian/Lacanian psychoanalysis takes its greatest risk. Through the Beyond Borders project; Psychoanalysis bets on lack. Rebecca 3/24/13 1:37 San Francisco, California

The Beyond Borders Project is a joint effort between Lutecium Non-School of Lacanian/Freudian Psychoanalysis and Life, Law and Culture an organization that is dedicated to Human Rights located in Seoul Korea. Lutecium Non-School of Freudian/Lacanian Psychoanalysis remains both dislocated in relation to locational identifications through its international reach via technology, and at the same timeLutecium proceeds through a specific location in time and place. San Francisco, CA. ( We welcome a non- binary paradox of our dilemma. For more information on the Beyond Borders Project please visit We will have a fifty seat webex capacity for a two day conference. Information will be posted about this event by April 1rs, 2013. You can also reach me at for more information.