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Q1 Design an HTML page to accept Name (text box), Address (multiline textbox), Gender (radio button), Qualification (single

selection), Specialization (multiple selection), Languages (checkbox), Profile Picture(image upload) Submit and Reset button. When user clicks on Submit button display a successful submission message on a new document. The new document should be properly formatted. Q2 Create the frame structure as follows: IIMT Home About Us Courses Contact Us Ideal Institute of Management and Technology, Delhi
C IIMT,2010

Give appropriate background colors to each frame.Open appropriate files in the blank frame on clicking the link in the left frame. In case of contact us create hyperlinks on the email address to send mail with pre written subject and body of the mail. There should not be border between two vertical frames. Q3 Design the web page to accept detail information of the student. Provide three different links as personal information, educational information, and parent information. On pressing the links open the web page containing interactive controls to accept the values. Each web page should have link to return to first page. Give proper title, heading to web page. Also make the page attractive by using good color effects. Q4 Divide the screen in two parts vertically in the ration 1:4. The smaller section should provide the links like Computer, Laptop, Palmtop and Mobile. On selecting any of the links display the corresponding image in the next section with the various components of the device. Using image mapping display the information of clicked part in new document. In case of link computer do the following: It should display the bulleted list alongwith image like Input Devices, CPU, Output devices etc. When user will click on one of these links provided, move the cursor to detail information provided in the same document. Q5 Create the following links. On selecting a link display the corresponding file. Menu 1. Table 2. Frame 3. Image 4. Style Sheet _ When user will select Table, show the html file having nested table with good colour effects. _ On selecting Frame, show the page with the frame format as follows:

_ On selecting Image, display any image occupying full screen. _ On selecting style sheets display the types of style sheets using bullets. Q6 Create the .css file. Write different styles for table cell to assign background colour. Incorporate the style in .html file. Create a table of 4 rows, 2 columns in the .html file. Using style, change the background color of the cell.

.7 Create a dynamic page using CSS as follows. a) The text displayed using <H2> should have background color Brown and text color white, font Arial b) The paragraph can be displayed in two formats: i. Background color red, text color pink, font courier new and font size 5 ii. Background color green, text color yellow, font times new roman and font size 6