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Step into Life BERWICK

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July 2013, Issue 82

Directors Desk - A good deed for life

Hello Members, family and friends, In 1995, when Step into Life commenced in Hodgsons Reserve in Bentleigh, one of the first members was a lady called Anne and she had a friend who was overweight, had high blood pressure and diabetes, prone to ill health and was generally not a very happy person. During a cardiomax endurance session (road route), Anne mentioned her friend to me in between breaths and talked about how if she could just get her down to a session and moving, she would love it and her health would improve. Anne persisted and low and behold one Saturday morning at the 8:00am session, Anne came along with her friend Rebecca. Rebecca was as Anne described her, very overweight and unfit and she managed just 2 laps of walking around the field. She had to stop due to intense chaffing, but I saw something in her eyes at that session, she had what I call the eye of the tiger and I encouraged her to continue. We sorted out her clothes to get rid of the chaffing, she bought some good shoes to get rid of the shin splints and before long she was doing 4 laps of the field. In just 4 months Rebecca lost 4% body fat, her bmi dropped and she dropped one dress size but the number on the scale only changed minimally. Rebecca said she was sleeping better and her food choices had improved due to her feeling of guilt around eating badly when you had paid her exercise dues. Over a 4 year period that I trained Anne and Rebecca they encourag ed and motivated each other to achieve their next Training Club milestone. Over the time Rebecca lost over 40 kilos, she decreased her diabetes medication and was taken off the blood pressure medication completely. She never lost that eye of the tiger and her new sel f-confidence was just amazing. Anne had performed a good deed for life. Anne and Rebecca are now both 68 and 70 respectively and to this day they still meet 3 times a week to walk and talk. We are continuing our $49 unlimited training offer for 30 days this month so you can encourage your friends and family to get active and enjoy the benefits of a healthy new lifestyle with you today! Healthy Regards, Larry Cohen, Director

Comic Relief

What's happening? Id love to join in!

July 7th & 14th

July 21st

August 25th

September 14th

The Winter Warmer 'Soup Night' was a hit, thanks to a Local Newsgreat turn out from our members, friends and family! A special thanks goes out to our guest speakers Jeff Robinson on behalf of Nourish Natural Health Pakenham and Carol Dempster form Kinesi Does It, for their time and member benefit offerings. It was also great to see many members utilising the member benefits program, with the partnership at Paul's Warehouse in Dandenong proving to be of good value (Right - Marko helping Omar pick out a jacket). SIL Berwick is always striving to improve further, to provide our valued members with great benefits, from health services to getting good deals with sports attire. Lastly if there are any questions regarding our Member Benefit scheme or the '7 week' winter challenge, please see our trainers.

Timetable Changes
OUR NEW UNDERCOVER TRAINING VENUE!!! Berwick's Baseball Club (BC), home to the 'Dodgers' & 'Cougars' located at Cyril Molyneux Reserve Berwick, will be our undercover venue for those rainy BoxKick & Tone-up morning sessions. As per usual a text message with directions will go out, to inform of a session venue relocation.

TONE-UP with weights this month... NO fitball!

REMINDER: Monday night sessions are at our Saint Michael's Primary (SMP) School venue, 16 Scanlan St Berwick. Park on Princess HWY service lane (High St) near the pedestrian crossing.


Venture Pullover Ladies $50.00

Muscle & Cell Replenishment 120 Pack $49.95

Blitz Polo Ladies $44.00

Clearance: Cotton (Stretchy) Knee-Length Shorts $28.50

Training Club
Achieving your goals at Step into Life
How close are you to your next Training Club milestone? Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add Training Points to your Training Club tally (you can see your total on your fortnightly performance report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training. Ask your Trainer to help you set some time lines for your goals.

Member Profile: Q&A

Royal Women's Hospital, Carlton.

Lynda McKenzie

What is your current profession? HR Manager

at a secondary school.

What sports have you been involved with during your life/best achievement?
Sailing, Volley Ball & my favourite... Step Into Life! Running nearly 6k+... yes boys, I really did, at my previous SIL , before an injury saw me out of action... Going to get back to this, in fact surpass it by at least 4k!

Awards achieved:

500 points
Daniella Velez & Sharon Cowell

What is your favourite Step into Life session?

, never thought I'd love boxing, but I do. Also when I'm better at it I know I'll love just as much. Come to think of it, I love sessions too! (Looks like you'll have to add all symbols... hahaha!)

200 points
Sarah Birleson

New Members
Welcome: Andrew & Jeanette Hird

What is your favourite naughty treat when your trainers arent looking?
Hot chocolate, even when my beautiful trainers are right there having breaky with me after a great sesh!

What are your 3 top goals?

1. Become extraordinarily fit & lose 15kg as a result! 2. Do the trek to Macchu Pichu 3. Meet someone to share my life with 4. To smash Marko & Neb at everything; a run, pushups, a circuit, anything that would leave them 'red faced' and me still wanting more :-) ... hahahahaha!!!

Member Birthdays
July 12th - Sarah Birleson July 14th - Lisa Boulton & Bill Gleeson July 17th - Mark Beaton July 20th - Mark Liemant July 21st - Kurt Taylor July 24th - Faye Owen & Daniella Velez July 25th - Jemma Cushen & Mic Waldegrave Aug 2nd - Anthea Welsh

What goals have you achieved so far?

Becoming part of the Berwick SIL family... the best! Reaching 500 club points Completing Boot-Camp Losing weight Continue training in rain, hail or shine!!!

Happy Birthday all!

What are your top 3 goals you would like to achieve?


What goals have you achieved at Step into

Johns Corner
How to fit exercise into your too busy schedule
Its hard to understate the importance of exercise. By getting physical activity we can strengthen our immune response and our cardiovascular system, buffering our bodies against heart disease and other ailments. We can lose weight and feel younger. We can reduce stress and battle depression. No matter what we specifically choose to do whether its running, swimming, tennis, or yoga theres truly no substitute for a lifestyle that promotes exercise and activity. There are only 24 hours in the day, and sometimes in may be simply impossible to get a workout in when youre busy with projects at work, dinner at home, and errands for the kids. That being said, it should be possible to make exercise happen if you are properly motivated and budget your time right. Motivation is key. Making room to exercise is in large part a factor of motivation: if youre more motivated, youre more likely to find time in your schedule. Here are some tips I have used for accomplishing my objectives, and finding time to care for my body: Create incentives. Just as your boss may give you incentives to work harder, so too can you incentivize yourself to actively exercise. These incentives can be negative motivators (such as joining a gym and then using the money you spent as an impetus) or more positive ones (ie rewarding yourself with a meal or a trip after a successful month of working out). Find a partner. If you cant sufficiently motivate yourself, it can always be helpful to find someone that can do it for you. Having a workout partner gives you an added obligation to exercise. It also, of course, can make the process a more enjoyable one. Switch things up. People will usually get sick of doing the same thing over and over again in every walk of life and exercise is no exception. If you need some motivation, then, you might want to ride the stationary bike instead of the elliptical for a day or perhaps go for a run outside instead of lifting weights.

Find time to workout. Once youve become more motivated, its now time to fit that workout into your busy work and family life. Here are a few suggestions: Run or bike to work. While this is not logistically feasible for many people, the workout commute offers a great way to get exercise on a limited schedule. You dont have to run or bike to work every single day, but doing so even twice a week can translate into substantial fitness benefits. Exercise on your lunch break. Many workers are capable of eating a meal outside of their lunch break hours. If this is the case, you can spend that midday period getting exercise either by going for a run, joining a gym near your office, or even running stairs in your building. There are also numerous exercises that can be done while you work in your office. For example, you can do sit ups, push ups, plank hold, squats, wall sits, and lunges, among many others. Stagger your routine. Some people are all or nothing when it comes to working out: if they cant exercise consistently, every day, for 30 minute periods, then they dont have enough momentum to get a workout in while they can. These people are often best served to stagger their routine by doing short workouts during the week (perhaps even as short as a session of plank hold in the office as described above) and then by maximizing their physical activity during the weekends. You dont need to work out for the same duration and at the same time every day; rather, exercise is beneficial so long as it is consistent in your mind. Sacrifice sleep. If all else fails, you can probably find time to exercise by waking up a bit earlier in the morning and sacrificing some sleep. You wont miss time at work or with your family, and it is often easiest to motivate oneself when exercise is the first item scheduled for the day. Try going to bed a little earlier at night if routine works best for you. Moreover, if you go for a run or do an exercise video at home, you could wake up only 30 minutes earlier and still get a solid session in. By following these tips to become more motivated and to make more time, you can hopefully succeed in getting more physical activity despite a busy schedule. While making a workout commitment is never easy no matter how busy you are its almost always doable so long as you have the proper foresight, desire, and preparation in mind.

Overcoming comfort eating

4. Moderate your mood Force yourself to take time out to relax if you are stressed, add tasks to your schedule if you get bored and plan non-food rewards when you have a win. Managing moods without food will reduce the hold food has on you. 5. Makeover your comfort food If, at first you cant stop automatic comfort eating, decide to eat something better when you get cravings. For example, slowly eat a bowl of delicious berries instead of indulging in high-calorie confectionary. Every time you make the switch, it gets easier. 6. Move forward with support Sometimes, the reasons for comfort eating can be complex and confusing. Rather than battle alone, speak to someone you can open up to or get counselling support. Breaking free from comfort eating with the right help may be the breakthrough you need. Apply these strategies and youll experience a feeling knowing you are building a healthy relationship with food that also delivers results.

Comfort eating is when you eat in response to emotions to make yourself feel better. Its an all -toocommon challenge, but when overcome can liberate you from excess calories and guilt. Here are six powerful strategies to reduce comfort eating. 1. Eat nutrient-rich Reduce your susceptibility to emotional eating triggers by nourishing yourself with the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This helps re-balance your body chemistry. 2. Eat emotionally aware To help identify specific emotional eating triggers, log your feelings around food. A journal is ideal. Or simply ask yourself before you eat, What am I feeling now? Will food truly make me feel better? Is there anything other than food that will make me feel better right now? You wont always have the answers, but its a start. 3. Eat in sync with hunger Before you mindlessly eat, pause to check you are biologically hungry and not just overeating out of habit or for reward. Listen to your stomach more and be mindful as you eat.

Matt ONeill BSpSc, MSc, APD, AN, Nutritionist, The Morning Show

At Last - Guilt Free Eating!

Healthy Recipe

Steps to Jumpstart your Metabolism!

Tired of conflicting diet advice? Re-wire your appetite and re-ignite your metabolism through Matt ONeills Metabolic Jumpstart. This 4 week program provides you with a complete metabolically matched diet plan, report & program. For only $79.95 you will receive:

Roast lamb with pears

Serves: 6 Ingredients
1 easy carve leg of lamb (~1kg) 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1tbs olive oil 3 tbs rosemary leaves 3 pears, peeled, cored and halved 1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into chunks butternut pumpkin, peeled and cut into chunks 2 medium carrots, peeled and cut into chunks 3 cups broccoli florets

Prep: 30 mins

Cooking: 1 hr 20 mins

Body shape assessment and health risk profile Personal calorie burning times for specific foods Menu plan sample with meals and correct portions Nutrition targets for kj, calories, fat, protein and carb Daily food group exchanges Mix & match guide Motivational Pack posted to you with 8 daily targets, fridge cards, fact sheets and special offers Access to My Jumpstart Online with audio guides, weekly checklists, faqs and discussion posts Enhance your results with your FREE MJ Plus + program (worth $120 per year) when you sign up through a Step into Life trainer for the duration of your membership, and receive: Weekly motivational emails and articles Motivation Planner MJ Recipes Tip Sheets Expert interviews from hormones to intolerances Downloads tools and templates Ongoing support & expert advice from Matt O Neill Access to seminars online Supermarket foods MJ Exchanges

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Preheat oven to 180oC. Mix garlic, oil and rosemary, rub over lamb and reserve remaining mixture. Place lamb on a rack and cook for 15-20 mins. Remove from the oven, brush with the oil, garlic, rosemary mixture and return to oven. Place the pears, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots in a separate baking dish and cook at the top of the oven, turning once. After ~40 mins remove lamb from oven (checking it is cooked to your liking), cover with foil and rest for 10 mins. Meanwhile steam broccoli on stove or in microwave. Remove vegetables from oven (check they are cooked to your liking) and serve with broccoli and sliced lamb. Exchanges per serve


For more information talk to your trainer.



1.5 Nutrients per serve



1613kJ (384 cals), 41g Protein. 13g Fat, 5.4g Saturated Fat, 23.0g Carbs, 14.5g Sugars, 5.5g Fibre, 128mg Sodium

Step into Life Coogee member Pip Davis has lost 15 kg since March this year. An incredible achievement well done, Pip! And with a beautiful beach like this to train next to, who wouldnt feel motivated to workout?

Darlene and Woody have known each other since high school in New Zealand, and now train together with great determination at Step into Life Labrador on the Gold Coast.

The Step into Life South Perth crew were raring to go at the starting line of the HBF Run For A Reason all smiles before their 12 km. Go team!

Stuart from Step into Life Glen Waverley was last years winner of Step into Life Victorias 9 week physical challenge. Here he is sporting his endurit shirt on the amazing holiday he won for his efforts. Well done again, Stuart. Great work!

her 'middle' name!

30 days training - June Challenge complete...

- 3.2kg.
96 km COMPLETED by Leecie! Not a gram of junk food consumed! Top stuff Angela!

Michelle Chiang before...


Tom Hilton before...

NOW! (On his 'cruise holiday)

AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!! Make sure to congratulate them folks!!!

Refer a friend and well give you anything you want!

At Step into Life we value your patronage and the people you refer to us.
Thank you for giving a gift of good health and fitness to your friends and family by referring them to Step into Life. Due to customer demand we have Franchise territories available throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you know anyone with an interest in health and fitness that would love to run a Fitness Franchise, please let them know about this exciting opportunity. $1000 referral bonus for any one you refer that becomes a Step into Life Franchisee. For each friend who joins as a result of your referral to any Step into Life Franchise nationally, you will receive a Step into Life Any Store Gift Card to the value of $25. Use your referral gift card from us to purchase almost anything provided it can be purchased from a store which has EFTPOS facilities.

Contact your state office on 1300 134 136 for more information.

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