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Danielle Chemello

Address: 150 South Whitehall Court Palatine, Illinois 60067

Phone: (224) 402-5661


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois

May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Special Education – LBS I Special Honors:

Diploma received with Highest Honors Dean’s List

Lamp of Knowledge, academic award for a GPA of 4.0 in a semester

May 2013 Fall 2010 – Present Fall 2011-Present


Learning Behavior Specialist I

May 2013

LBS-I, Type 10, Ages 5-21


Student Teaching:

Student Teacher, Stratton Elementary School, Champaign, Illinois

Cross-categorical Classroom, Grades K and 1

Spring Semester 2013

Cooperating Teacher: Johnna Dunne

• Provided instruction to students in both individualized and small group settings

• Managed student behaviors while promoting a positive environment through a token reward system

• Designed and implemented a social skills intervention that taught social initiation skills using a visual task analysis for a student with a developmental delay to employ during recess with her same aged peers

• Obtained experience with social behavior mapping instruction, direct instruction using Reading Mastery and Lexia Learning curricula

• Co-planned a small group center station in a general education classroom that focused on word work and reading sight words

• Investigated the curriculum needs of a student through interviews and assessment in order to develop appropriate goals and objectives to be included in the individualized education plan

• Created a schedule for providing all services, including related services, to the students during the school day

Collaborated with a paraprofessional to ensure that students received their services throughout each day

Early Field Experience:

Student Practicum Teacher, Champaign Central High School, Champaign, Illinois

Functional Academics and Co-taught Classrooms, Grades 9-12

Fall Semester 2012

Cooperating Teacher: Tara Miller

Provided instruction in both a self-contained functional reading and functional math course

Collaborated with a general education teacher to co-teach a freshman Transmath course using the parallel teaching and station teaching models

Conducted a functional based assessment and devised a behavior intervention plan for a student who exhibited shouting out behaviors in order to access teacher attention during a co-taught class

Assessed a student’s receptive communication skills and developed an instructional program that employed the use of a self-monitoring checklist as alternative and augmentative communication

Developed a transition plan for a sixteen year old female with learning disabilities that embedded objectives and services to prepare the individual to pursue post-secondary education

Investigated the curriculum needs of a student through interviews and assessment in order to develop appropriate goals and objectives to be included in the individualized education plan

Updated July 2013

Monitored and assessed a student’s progress using Aimsweb, a curriculum based measurement tool

Researched the high school’s English language learners’ curriculum and service model

Student Practicum Teacher, Franklin Middle School, Champaign, Illinois

Cross-categorical Resource Classroom, Grade 8

Spring Semester 2012

Cooperating Teacher: Chanita Jones-Howard

• Provided differentiated instruction in both a self-contained English language arts class and a self- contained math class using the Language! and TransMath curricula

• Monitored and assessed student progress during the self-contained math class using curriculum based assessment

• Interviewed cooperating teacher about the management of paraprofessionals in the middle school setting

• Practiced social skills such as reciprocal conversations to a student with autism during his lunch period

• Collaborated with a general education teacher to develop and implement three lessons using the parallel, team, and station co-teaching models during a co-taught math class

• Created and implemented a class-wide behavior management program in a co-taught classroom that required students to raise their hands when asking a question rather than shouting out

• Developed a longitudinal curriculum for a high school aged student with an intellectual disability

• Developed a skill sequence for a student with an intellectual disability that focused on the skills required to independently and safely arrange transportation on the city bus in order to get to a store and pay for items using a dollar up strategy

• Assessed a student’s present levels of performance to develop academic goals and objectives in literacy

• Collaborated with a family of a child with Down syndrome for professional development

• Researched and critiqued commercialized curriculum programs such as Touch Math, Language!, and Reading Mastery

Student Practicum Teacher, East Park Elementary School, Danville, Illinois

Self-Contained Life Skills Classroom, Grades 1 and 2

Fall Semester 2011

Cooperating Teacher: Penny Norgaar

Instructed a student with developmental delays on how to write her name using the hand over hand instructional technique

Provided instruction for one student on how to control and use a computer mouse for leisure reasons

Assisted students with developmental delays with feeding and toileting

Reviewed and critiqued a district wide disciplinary plan

Gained an understanding of applied behavior analysis and data collection methods

Created ecological inventories to identity opportunities for inclusive and community based instruction

Monitored, assessed, and evaluated instructional programs

Facilitated a person centered planning meeting to highlight the strengths of a student in order to foster self-determination skills

Related Experience:

Volunteer, Teen After School Program, Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation Association

February-May 2011

• Interacted with participants through arts, crafts, cooking, card games, and sports

• Worked with participants to create and send cards to soldiers overseas as part of a service learning opportunity

Volunteer, College Buddy, Best Buddies Program

January-May 2011

• Attended organized events with an 18 year old girl who had autism

Socialized with my buddy through phone calls and one on one outings

Updated July 2013