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MBA04-SM018 Corporate Evolution and Strategic Management- Unit1- Strategy and Corporate evolution in Indian Context Unit2-Nature process and level of strategic Management Concepts Unit3- Concept of core Competence and organizational Capability Unit4- Organizational Learning Unit5-Process of Strategy a) Formulation b) Implementation c) Strategy and Structure d) Organizational values and their impact on strategy Unit6- Turn around Management, Merger, Acquisition, Licensing and Franchise Unit7: Strategic Management in international and Global Industry. Unit8- Evaluation of Strategy Unit9-Case study Seminars MBA04-PS019: Project Study- the Final Project will be evaluated at the end of fourth semester by the external examiners. This would be equivalent to the marks of the one paper of 100 Marks: 70 for Report and 30 Marks for Viva. MBA01 FM/E03 Security Analysis and Investment Management Unit1- Introduction of Return of Risk, Operation of Indian stock market

Unit2- New Issue Market, Marketing Securities, Cost of Management

Analysis Unit4-Investment Alternatives Unit5- Valuation Theories of Fixed & Variable income Securities. Unit6- The Return of Risk & the Investment Decision Unit7-Government Securities Forms of Investment Unit8-Recent Development in the Indian Stock Market Unit9- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assessment MB04-FM/E04: Project Planning, Analysis and Management Unit1- Generation & Screening of Project idea Unit2- Capital Expenditure, Importance & Difficulties, Market Demand & Situational Analysis Unit3- Technical Analysis, Financial Analysis, Analysis of project Risk Unit4- Firm & Market Risk , Social Cost Benefit Analysis Unit5- Multiple Projects & Constraints Unit6- Network Techniques for Project Management Unit7- Project Review & Administrative Aspects Unit8- Project Financing in India Unit9-Assesment of the Tax Burden, Environmental Appraisal of Projects Unit10- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assessment MBA04-MK/E03: Consumer Behaviour- Unit1- Introduction of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy Unit2- Consumer involvement & Buyer Decision Making process.

Unit3-Information Search Process, Evaluated criteria and Decision Rules Unit4-Consumer Motivation, Consumer Perception, Consumer Attitude and Attitude Change Unit5- Influence of personality and self concept on Buying Behaviour Unit6- Psychographics and Lifestyle, Reference Group Influence Unit7- Industrial Buying Behaviour Unit8- Model of Consumer Behaviour Unit9- Consumer Behaviour studies in India Unit10- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assessment MBA04- MK/E04:Advertising Management Unit1- Introduction- Meaning, Scope and Function of Advertising, Type of Advertising Unit2 Economic and Social Aspect of Advertising Unit3-Advertising Process, Objective of Advertising, Advertising Budget Unit4- Creative Aspect of Advertising Copy Writing, Copy Types, Advertising Appeal and Headlines Unit5-Types of Advertising Media, Media Planning & Scheduling Unit6- Advertising Agency and its Role Unit7- Measuring Advertising Effectiveness Unit8- Legal and Ethical Aspect of Advertising Unit9- Global Marketing and Advertising Unit9-Case Studies Seminars & Project Works.MBA04-HR/E03: Management of Industrial Relation- Industrial Relations Perspective, Industrial Relations and the Emerging Socio-Economic Scenario Unit2 Industrial Relation and the state, Legal Framework of Industrial Relation Unit3- Role and Future of Trade Union and the Employees Unit4- Trade Union and the Management Unit5-Discipline and Grievance Management Unit6- Negotiation and Collective Settlement Unit7- Participative Management and the ownership Unit8- Productive Bargaining and Gain Sharing Unit9- Employee Empowerment and quality Management Unit10-Industrial Relations ad Technologies Change Unit11- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assessment MBA 04-HR/E04: Legal Framework Governing Human Relations- Unit1- Emergence & Objective of Labour Laws and their Socio Economic Environment Unit2- Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Unit3- Laws Relating to discharge misconduct, Domestic enquiry, Disciplinary Action Unit4- Social Security Laws- Laws Relating to workmen Compensation, employee state Insurance, Provident Fund & Maternity Benefit Act Unit5- Law of Minimum wage Unit6- Payment of Bonus Act Unit8- Shop & Establishment Act Unit9- Contract Labour Laws Unit10- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assessment MBA04-IT/E03:ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Unit1-ERP-Overview, Brief History of ERP, Advantage of ERP Unit2- Basic ERP Concepts, Importance of ERP to Company Unit3-ERP Investments, Tangible & Intangible Benefits Unit4-Risk of ERP, Chain Management, Program Management, BPR, Technological Risks, Managing Risks on ERP Projects Unit5- Benefits of ERP Unit6-ERP & Related Technologies, BPR, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, OLAP, Product Life Cycle Management(PLM), Supply Chain Management(g) CRM Unit7- Business Intelligence, Reasons for Business Intelligence, Factor Influencing Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence & ERP Unit8: E- Commerce & E-Business Unit9- ERP Implementation, Life Cycle, Objective of ERP Implementation, Different Phases of ERP implementation Unit10- Case Studies and Seminars, Internal Assesment MBA04-IT/E04: Multimedia Management- Unit1- Introduction to multimedia, Multimedia Presentation & Product, Characteristics of Multimedia Presentation, Hardware & Software Requirement, Uses of Multimedia Unit2- Steps of Multimedia Presentation Unit3- Text, Type of Text, Insertion of Text, File Format Unit4- Image, Type of Image, Steps for Image Processing, Scanners & Digital Camera, Specification of Digital Images Unit5- Audio & Multimedia, Types of Audio, Voice Recognisition & Response, Audio Processing Software Unit6-Animation, Introduction, Uses & Types of Animation Unit7- Network Essential, Network Types, Network Components, TCP/IP Model, OSI Model Unit8-Multimedia & Internet Unit9- Multimedia application at home and office Unit10: Five classes for Seminars, Internal examination, Project report

Unit3-Security Credit Rating, Objective of Security