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George Rogers Clark High School

Geometry, Statistics, Algebra, Trigonometry (and Probability) Course Prerequisite:
Teacher Recommendation & Placement Score

Connected Mathematics, Prentice Hall

Course Length:
Period: 51-54 minutes per day all year

Daily warm-ups to cover KY Standards for testing

Units of Study and Objectives:

Number & Operations -Students will build an understanding of fractions, decimals & percents as well as understand the relationship among factors, multiples, divisors and products. Students will develop the ability to represent data in tables and graphs and find equivalent ratios to make accurate comparisons. Geometry -Students will develop strategies for finding areas and perimeters for all shapes as well as applying those strategies in real life scenarios. Students will acquire knowledge of properties of polygons and communicate spatial information. The concepts of volume and surface area will be developed as well as the discovery of the Pythagorean Theorem. Algebra -Students will understand that variables in a situation are those quantities that change. Students will search for patterns of change that show relationships among variables. Students will create tables, graphs and symbolic rules that describe such patterns and will use a graphing calculator to create these visual representations. Probability & Statistics -Students will apply the process of data investigation and will represent data using line plots, bar graphs, stem-and-leaf plots and coordinate graphs. Students will explore methods of describing data such as the shape of the distribution, measures of center and range or variability. Students will also develop an understanding of the possible outcomes in a situation and will use probability and expected value to make decisions.

GSAT Syllabus


George Rogers Clark High School

Grading Guidelines:
Teacher may use points or percentages to obtain grades. The pie chart below is approximately how the grades will be weighted.
Classw ork 20% hom ew ork 20% Notebooks 10% Tests/Quizzes 50%

20% 50%




School Grading Scale:

90 100A 80 89 B 70 79 C 60 69 D 0 59 F

Next Course in Sequence:


Math Department Guidelines:

Technology Requirements: TI-83+ or TI-84+ graphing utility will be necessary. Inclass use of school calculators requires a signed contract by parent and student Students will be required to keep an organized notebook It is the students responsibility to obtain make-up work and return it according to the student handbook When working in groups, all members must actively and equally participate Gaming of any type will not be permitted in the classroom Students are expected to know and follow the Academic Honesty Policy outlined in the student handbook

GSAT Syllabus