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Linux Operation System Interview for senior professionals.

Explain 32bit vs 64bit Operating systems on Virtual Servers/EC2 Explain configuring virtual machines for Super User in Linux Differentiate Copy on write vs illegal access in Unix How do you dereference ioremap addresses Explain Difference between completion variables and semaphores Explain the difference between OS scheduling and RTOS scheduling How can you force a page to fault, even if it is already in the tlb in Linux? How many threads can be created in one process in Unix? How to check whether specific library is installed or not in my system? How to Dual boot between Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 11.10 How to find the reason for a dead process without log file on unix? How to interact with disks or cd-roms in Protected Mode? In Python, without using the /proc filesystem, how do I tell if a given PID is running? -

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