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Feb. 2009 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Scuttlebutt Flotilla 12-8, 7th District Charleston, South Carolina Vol. 35, No. 2-February 2009
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Commanders Corner
Joe Fleming, FC 12-8
Our Work never ends, on water and land. We have lots of things coming up this year to keep us busy and on our toes. Members of this flotilla need to get more involved in our projects so we can accomplish our goals. Turnout for our boat show was not as good as I had hoped it would be. The in-water boat show will be here soon and The Tall Ships arrive in June. There are busy months ahead for all of us. Please volunteer to help whenever and wherever you can. With new members on board, learning how we operate, its up to everyone to keep them on the right track and help teach them everything we can offer. A new crew class will be starting soon, on water training with the gold side and patrols will also keep us busy. I want to thank our staff for their participation in our first staff meeting, I think this keeps us ahead of any problems and makes our jobs easier. With workshops coming up hope everyone can make them, it will shed light on how we perform our tasks. Joe Fleming, FC
Dont forget the OPS Workshop/TCT refresher on 26 Feb. If you are air or surface qualified, this is mandatory.

Vice Commander
Alan Miles, VFC 12-8
During the Inauguration Speech by President Obama, I was overwhelmed by a deep Inside sense of pride as an AmeriFC ............. 1 can and felt a tremendous VFC .......... 1 call to duty. Consider the CM ............ 3 words in the following ex- CS ............. 3 cerpt from the Presidents Speech: FN ............. 5 As we consider the road that IS............... 7 unfolds before us, we remember MA ............ 3 with humble gratitude those brave MS ............ 4 Americans who, at this very hour, MT ............ 2 patrol far-off deserts and distant NS ............. 8 mountains. They have something to OP ............. 9 tell us, just as the fallen heroes who PA ............. 4 PB ............. 2 lie in Arlington whisper through the PE ............. 2 ages. We honor them not only be- PS .............. 8 cause they are guardians of our lib- PV ............. 5 erty, but because they embody the SR ............. 6 spirit of service; a willingness to VE ............. 8 find meaning in something greater Calendar... 11
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Trivia ........ 9

In Memory of
Jerome J. A. Bishop 7/8/1934 - 1/3/2009

Confidentiality Notice: Telephone numbers and addresses of members are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy, rosters of names, addresses and telephone numbers shall not be made available to the general public or any outside organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and the page clearly labeled. The publication of these rosters, addresses, and telephone numbers on any computer on-line service including the Internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974. The Auxiliary is guided by the current equal opportunities policies of the Commandant of the Coast Guard. No Person shall be subject to

Feb. 2009


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Member Training
Bob Mathewes, SO-MT

Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB
or the second month we have articles from all of the elected and appointed officers of the flotilla. The Detachment members are just back from Christmas furlough and had no activity. We will look forward to hearing from them next month. At this point we are ahead of 2008 as far as participation by the officers is concerned. I sincerely hope we can maintain that throughout the year. Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB

he new year has brought some new questions. It has just been announced that the deadline ICS 210 or 300 has been pushed back to later in the year. Only those who are coxswains or pilots or who wish to be involved in the MER program must complete either ICS 210 or ICS 300 by that date. Presently, it appears, that only six members of our flotilla still need to meet this requirement. District 7 is trying to set up training for each division. You will be advised as to when and where when those plans are finalized. What about mandatory and nonmandatory workshops for 2009? Right now the only mandatory workshop is the TCT refresher for all Surface and Air OPS people. A workshop schedule was decided on at the January Flotilla Staff meeting. The OPS Workshop and TCT refresher will be done on 26 Feb. The VE/RBS Workshop will take place on 26 March and the Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop will be on 23 April. All workshops will be held in the Brass Buckle beginning at 1900. We have seven coxswains an d five crewmembers who will need their 3 year QE requalification in 2009. I have sent an e-mail to all those need to requalify this year. Hopefully we can get them done in the early spring. I met with the Citadel Detachment on 31 January to discuss their training needs and desires. We discussed ways in which we can support them and provide training. Hopefully this will include other members of 12-8. Only by being well trained, may we properly fulfill our mission of supporting the Coast Guard. Bob Mathewes, SO-MT

Public Education
our children dont listen to you? Your grandchildren heed not your words? Your spouse pays no attention? Reverse that trend! Foil that outcome and qualify to teach one of the Flotillas public education boating courses! The national website, with a link to the IDC course book, http:// archive/2007whats_new_archive_2007_01. html. lists the following information (fifth item down): Instructor Development Course (IDC) A n n o u n c e d The all new Instructor Development Course (IDC) has been approved for use and can be downloaded from the Education Department web site. IDC replaces Part A and Part B of the Instructor Qualification Course. New instructor candidates will need to complete a series of tasks, utilizing a mentor, and pass a short exam. Paper cop(Continued on page 5)

Bob Lovinger, FSO-PE

Feb. 2009



Communication Services John Sikes, FSO-CS

The HTTP and HTTPS Difference ~ I don't know how many are aware of this difference, but its worth sending to any that do not. What is the difference between http and https URLs? Maybe you already knew this, but I thought it was important enough to send even if you already know. The main difference between http:// and https:// is that It's all about keeping you secure. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transport Protocol, which is just a fancy way of saying it's a protocol (a language, in a manner of speaking) for information to be passed back and forth between web servers and clients. The important thing is the letter S which makes the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. The S (big surprise) stands for "Secure". If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser, it will likely begin with http://. This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular unsecured language. In other words, it is possible for someone to eavesdrop on your computer's conversation with the website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site. This is why you never ever should enter your credit card number in an http website! But if the web address begins with https://, that basically means that your computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on. You understand why this is so important, right? If a website ever asks you to enter your credit card information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with https://. If it doesn't, there's no way you should enter sensitive information like a credit card number. PASS IT ON. You may save someone a lot of grief. John Sikes, FSO-CS

Dean Creed, FSO-CM
Please consider becoming a Telecommunications Operator, or TCO. TCO is a brandnew certification, accompanied by up-todate training materials and qualification tasks. This is perfect for members who may be interested in watch standing, like learning about and operating VHF and HF radio facilities (the Coast Guards and/or yours), find Rescue 21 interesting, or simply want to understand the many communications functions and opportunities within the Auxiliary. Since 1 AUG 2008, all new applicants for fixed land or land mobile radio facility certification and/or operation must be certified as a TCO. Flotilla 12-8 has 25 members who passed the old Communications Specialty Course (AUXCOM), and these members will continue to be eligible for facility ownership and operation. But, while its certainly nice to be considered an Old Salt, earning the TCO badge will entitle you to be considered a Young Whippersnapper as well. Youll even be qualified to set your Blu-ray players clock. Please think about it and let me know of your interest. Dean Creed, FSO-CM

hings are slow with materials as the season has now opened with the conclusion of the North Charleston boat show. We do have some requests for state regs and I am working on getting PV some down sized displays. This is a great time to take inventory of your persona l equipment for the upcoming season. Tom Beauchemin, FSO-MA

Tom Beauchemin, FSO-MA

Feb. 2009


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Public Affairs
e are starting out on a busy foot! The Charleston Boat Show, January 23rd through January 25th, had a decent public turn out despite the less than desirable weather. We had a number of people sign up for vessel checks, boating courses and interest in joining the USCG Auxiliary. We had the distinct pleasure of sharing the site with CWO Bruce Wright, USCG Miami, and his awesome Boating Safety Trailer. We made plans and look forward to working with him again soon. We were also privileged to have Myrtle Miles, USCG Auxiliary, assist us Saturday. She drew the attention of numerous children and lectured on the importance of wearing life jackets. I would like to thank all of you that helped make our presence at the show a success. I want to extend a thank you to Al Crothers and Brett Grooms of 12-6 also, for pitching in. Our success at these ventures depends on all of us. Catch your breath while I finish up the paperwork and follow up from this event. Ill be calling on everybody again real soon! Barbara Thibodeaux, FSO-PA
Photographs from the Boat Show on page 10 provided by FSO-PA, Barbara Thibodeaux

Marine Safety
Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS

Barbara Thibodeaux, FSO-PA

Mark your calendars for the following dates for Division 12 Meetings. All meetings will be at the Mt. Pleasant Waterworks Offices on Rifle Range Rd. from 1000 to about 1200. 4 April, 18 July & 17 October

had a meeting with Lt. Litzinger (Marine Environmental Response) in January and we discussed up and coming events for the Auxiliary to participate in. There will be a BOOM DEPLOYMENT during the month of March. It will take place on Thursday and Friday, March 12 and 13th. Day #1 will be in The Brass Buckle covering safety/ techniques/ICS #210. Day #2 will be on the Ashley River at the County Farm Boat Landing. It should prove to be quite interesting. On the first day in the morning, there will be a refresher of ICS-210. After lunch, a tabletop exercise of an actual "spill" problem and its solution with personnel and equipment. This will take place in the Brass Buckle. The second day will entail a full-scale on-the-water deployment in response to another spill, etc. This will take place at the County Farm launch site on the Ashley River. Lt. Litzinger would like to see an Auxiliary involvement with possibly 2 boats for Boom Deployment and 1 or 2 to act as a Safety Boat to keep curious boaters away from the exercise. Please let me know of your interest in this. On another note, I have gotten the initial course for becoming a MER instructor. Its quite interesting. It covers the biological problem involved with spills, pollution run-offs and how it affects rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries and the oceans. As you are aware, pollution of these areas is a major concern affecting fisheries, endangered species and recreational areas of our country and indeed the world.
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Feb. 2009
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The Gold Side is vastly understaffed to handle this mission. We of the Auxiliary can pick up some of the slack through our direct involvement. Let's get on-board and help the Coast Guard and our country tackle this enormous problem, which affects future generations. On another note, District 7 will schedule future classes in ICS -210 and 300. See the FSO-MT article regarding this Let's have an overwhelming response to the Deployment in March! Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS
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Frank Leister, FSO-FN

than themselves. And yet, at this moment a moment that will define a generation it is precisely this spirit that must inhabit us all. It is this sense of Service and Duty to our Nation that calls to each of us. Our President is calling out to us. Serving as members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary gives meaning to our lives, and purpose in our steps. It also trains us for service to others. In this next year challenge yourself to further your qualifications, and learn new skills. The USCG Aux will be prepared to respond to our calling as Americas Volunteer Lifesavers. Remember our watch words:Semper Paratus Alan J.P. Miles, VFC

t the January membership meeting we reviewed the actual vs. budget for 2008. There was a slight surplus versus the budget. As we had many new members the dues income exceeded expectations but that expectation will deflate somewhat when we get the bill for district/division dues in the next 60 days. In my opinion, we collected all that was due the Flotilla. Our expenditures were in line with our missions and requirements. As always, your comments, observations and questions are welcome. Send them to Frank Leister, FSO-FN
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ies of IDC and the exam can be ordered from ANSC, use ANSC #5502 (IDC Student Course Book), #5503 (Mentor Guide), and #5534 (Exam). Currently there is no on-line exam available. From this site you can download the Student Course Book, the Student Study Guide, Appendix A, and the Student Workbook Appendix B. The exam is on-line at: If you do not have a user ID, it is your member number while the password has to be set up unless you already have one. So if you are interested, please contact me at 843-762-6136) or email me at and lets see if I can help you get started.

Partner Visitor

Paul Berka, FSO-PV

e currently have three PV,s Rick Miller, Eric Kilpatrick and myself. Eve Egan, Terence Simmons and Chris Heironimus are working on their certifications. Paul H. Berka, FSO-PV

Happy Valentines Day

Feb. 2009


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Secretary Records
Rick Miller, FSO-SR
Flotilla 12-8 Membership Meeting Minutes 10 January 2009 The meeting was called to order at 19:08 by FC Joe Fleming and commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a minute of silence in memory of Jerome Bishop. Members present: Joseph Fleming, Agnes Wright, Barbara Thibodeaux, Paul Berka, Robert Lovinger, Eric Kilpatrick, Alan Miles, Bob Mathewes, Tom Jerussi, Robert Wieland, Rick Miller, Terence Simmons, Thomas Beauchemin, Bob Orenstein, Mike Rasnak, Kerri Puckhaber, Dan Cowley, Bobby Baker, Henry Wolf, ShirleyWolf, Marguerite Bishop, Chris Heironimus, Frank Leister, Evelyn Egan, Dave Kern, Paul Thomas and Allen James. Visitors/Guests: Bob Weskerna- Division Commander Division Commander Weskerna presented the following awards/recognition: Certificate of office the FC Joe Fleming and VFC Alan Miles; membership service awards to Joe Fleming (5 yrs), Paul Berka (5 yrs), Frank Leister (10 yrs.), and Bob Mathewes (15 yrs) and Coxswain badge to Eric Kilpatrick. FC Fleming presented the following: Certificate of completion of Boat Crew course to; Paul Berka and Eve Egan. FC administered the membership oath to Michael Rasnak, Kerri Puckhaber, Chris Heironimus, Paul Thomas and Terence Simmons. VFC Miles, called for Staff Officer Re-

ports: FSO-OP Allen James stated that 12-8 will be assisting the Coast Guard with on water testing Tuesday and Thursday 1/27 and 1/29 with crew departing Haps Dock each day 08:30 and a second round of testing on 2/3 and 2/4 with crew meeting at 8:00 at the Coast Guard Station. Allen reminded crew and coxswains that they can perform ATON checks when on patrol. FSO-MT FSO-PB/MT Bob Mathewes stated that all the Flotillas staff officers submitted a report for publication in the Scuttlebutt thus establishing a new precedent. There will be an annual TCT refresher & OPS Workshopon the 4th Wednesday in February, RBS Visitation and VE Workshop on the 4th Wednesday of March and the annual on Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop on the 4th Wednesday of April. FSO-PE Lovinger stated that the ABC course will be held at the James Island High School. He would like to offer the 13 week BS&S class at the CG Base if possible. FSO-FS&IS Frank Leister presented the new budget which was approved with amendments to add $200 to personal services and $200 to public affairs. Our income is driven by membership and we currently have 89 active members. Frank stated that we are in good financial shape as we are $512.57 ahead. IS: Members must submit a 7028 form in hard copy to change any of their contact information. All members should submit form 7029 for any of their hours other than for those on mission. FSO-PA Barbara Thibodeaux stated that the Boat show is January 23 25th. We have an exhibition space in the parking lot.
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Feb. 2009
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We need volunteers to staff the show and we must cover all the hours the show is open. 12-6 has agreed to assist us in staffing the show. Uniform is ODUs. Barbara would like any photographs of the flotilla over the years to use in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Auxiliary. FSO-MS Bob Orenstein reported that we are assisting the Coast Guard with boom deployment training on 3/5 and 3/6 and 3/12 and 3/13 on the Ashley River. The first day of each session will be a review of ISO 210. Bob needs 3-4 boats with coxswain and crew. Two boats will deploy the boom and two boats will maintain a safety perimeter. A representative of Moran Environmental, the firm that performs marine clean-up for USCG, will give a presentation at our February meeting. FSO-MA Tom Beauchemin had nothing to report. FSO-PV Paul Berka stated that we need to update the brochure racks and PVs need to insure that all participants still have a display rack. FSO-PS Alan Miles stated that he is tracking 22-24 potential members. We have a display entitled People dont float, Lifejackets Do to be used a the boat show. FC Joe Fleming stated that we have received the new vessel safety decals... Old Business: None New Business: FC Joe Fleming stated that VEs must verify that the inspected vessel has a valid SCDNR on the motor. FC advised that we now work for Station Charleston under the command of Chief

Lindsey. Lindsey has authorized 12-8 members to wear the Station ball cap without rank insignia when working for the station . If using a diesel powered vessel on a patrol then you are authorized to fuel up at the station. While on a mission you must wear a life jacket rated for 50 MPH if the patrol vessel is capable of speeds or 35 MPH or greater. The flotillas vessel is nearly ready for use and we can use the floats at the Naval Weapons Station pier. FC Fleming has requested two USG orange boats if available to be owned and maintained by the USCG for the use by 12-6 of one boat and 12-8 the other boat. Program: None Motion to adjourn seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 20:45. Next meeting 11 February at the Brass Buckle on the USCG Base at 1900. Rick Miller FSO-SR

Information Services

Frank Leister, FSO-IS

t the January membership meeting I reviewed two key and basic reporting forms that we need to complete regularly. The first is the 7028 Change of Membership Information. This form updates your personal record in AUXDATA, which in turn is used for the emergency phone tree, mailing of the Breeze, The Navigator, and the Scuttlebutt. If you have a change in your address, email address, phone numbers including your home, work or cell phones, as well as any personal information, the 7028
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Feb. 2009
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is the form to use. It must be completed, not on your computer, but manually and mailed, not emailed, to me at 31 B Archdale St., Charleston, SC 29401. If you think your information is out of date, email me at and I will send you your information. Secondly, the Auxiliary needs you to complete monthly the 7029 Member Activity Log. This accounts for the time you dedicate to the Auxiliary outside of that reported by your mission leader for patrols, VEs, dealer visits, classes and participation at boat shows or the like. For those events you record your prep and travel time. The leader of your mission will recode the hours on the mission. At the bottom of the form you enter to get it to me and your email address on the left to give you a copy. Either save a copy to your computer or print it out for your records. If your time is not recorded correctly, your copy will be invaluable to getting the record set straight. At boat shows, you complete the time for prep and travel. The time you spent at the show is to be submitted on the 7030. The Member Activity Log documents all our time and is used to calculate the funding our DIRAUX gets each year. It is also valuable in showing the contribution the Auxiliary makes to the Coast Guard. After 750 hours you will get an award recognizing your efforts. The forms you need are easy to get by going to http://www.uscgauxcharleston. org/ where FSO-CS Sikes has posted them. It could not be easier. Please email me at 128fsois@gmail. com with your questions or comments. Frank Leister, FSO-IS

Personnel Services
Alan Miles, FSO-PS
his month I want to congratulate the 5 New Members who took the oath at the last meeting. I believe we will have a few more to swear in next month as well. The Division has also forwarded to us 3 new candidates from EResponders. One is a Doctor! As we increase our numbers we must all remember that we are not in a numbers game. Our mission is to actively support the Coast Guard in the execution of its mission. With the ever-expanding role of the Coast Guard to our nation we must likewise increase our membership. I need all flotilla members to help the newbies feel at ease and welcomed. Im asking all members that have unused or old insignia, or other uniform articles to please turn them in to me so we may re-issue them to others. If I can be of assistance to anyone, please call. PS: Your Personnel Services Officer is also available to sew on ODU collar devices and name tapes for donations to the coffee mess. As Always, Service with a Smile, Alan J.P. Miles, FSO-PS

Vessel Examinations
Joe Fleming, FSO-VE
No VE Blitzes have been scheduled yet. The weather is not cooperating. Joe Fleming, FSO-VE

Navigational Services
Allen James, FSO-NS
reminder about checking ATONS and PATONS during patrols. Anytime we come upon an aid that is not correct ( leaning pile, paint off, missing board, damaged or missing equipment...) we are to report this to sector via radio or phone and file the form. Allen James, FSO-NS

Did you fill out a 7029 this month?

Feb. 2009



Nautical Trivia
The question last month was to name the oldest serving lighthouse in the US. The answer is the Sandy Hook, NJ light that dates from 1764. Correct answers were received from Reggie Hollar, our new District Captain (N); Dick McLaren, John Sikes and Agnes Wright. Dick also supplied the picture below.

hands. She would serve in the Pacific as flagship for several troop landings on islands such as Panay and Tigbauanan. Her long history included dozens of naval gunfire support missions in the Vietnam War and in 1980 rescued at least twenty Cubans in the waters between Florida and Cuba during the Mariel boatlift. Her 52 years of service ended when she was decommissioned on May 27, 1988. In accordance with a directive from the Commandant's Office, this cutter is the official memorial site to Coast Guardsmen killed in action in World War II and Vietnam. The list of casualties is kept on the quarterdeck. What is the name of this combat veteran turned memorial?

This month we get back to a more Coast Guard related question. We are looking for a particular CG Cutter. This historic 327 foot Coast Guard Cutter was the most decorated ship in the Coast Guard at the time of her decommissioning and is the only Coast Guard Cutter to have received two Presidential Unit Citations. The menace of drug runners hardly began in the 1970s and 80s. The 327-ft. class of fast attack cutters were needed because of a mid1930s increase in opium smuggling. But for this cutters crew, the mission of chasing drug runners along with coastal search and rescue would give way to a new level of danger - WWII and German U-Boats lurking in the North Atlantic. She would battle through what was called the "Bloody Winter" of 1942-43. German submarines were having their way with allied supply ships until the camouflaged cutters turned the tide. On December 17, 1942 she located what appeared to be a prowling U-boat. Dropping a barrage of depth charges, she recorded her first victory. U-626 went to the bottom with all


Allen James, FSO-OP

tation Charleston has asked 12-8 to assist in the training and testing of their boat crews. 12-8 will be the vessel in distress for this exercise. Training will include side and stern tow. The exercise will take place the end of January and the first week of February.It will be interesting to observe differences in procedure between Station and our Auxiliary training. Hopefully we may observe how to perform our job more effectively. Hap James, SO-OP

Happy Birthday
This Month To:

Samuel Sbalbi..Feb. 04 Barbara Thibodeaux.Feb. 20 John Smoak..Feb. 21 David BeaudrotFeb. 22 Dick McLaren..Feb. 25 Frederick Schultz.Feb. 27

Feb. 2009


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VFC, Alan Miles and Rescue Dog, Myrtle

Rescue Dog, Myrtle Miles does rain dance

Flotilla Boat on display at Boat Show

L to R: FC, Joe Fleming; FSO-PA, Barbara Thibodeaux, Tom Jerussi, Kerri Puckhaber and an Auxiliarist from Miami who came up to work with the trailer.

Feb. 2009




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OPS Workshop TCT Refresher 1900




Flotilla Officers
Flotilla Commander Joe Fleming Finance Frank Leister Member Training Bob Mathewes Publications Bob Mathewes Flotilla Vice Commander Alan Miles Information Services Frank Leister Navigational Services Allen James Public Education Bob Lovinger Communications Dean Creed Communication Systems John Sikes

Materials Marine Safety Tom Beauchemin Bob Orenstein Operations Public Affairs Allen James Barbara Thibodeaux Personnel Services Alan Miles RBS Visitor Paul Berka IPFC Allen James

Secretary Records Miller, Rick

Vessel Examination Joe Fleming