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Photo: Mitch & Jutta Sayers, Switzerland

-News U.P.C.I. Associates in Missions E EApril/May/June 2013

A Word From the Director of AIM

Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel Globally

Jim Poitras
This weekend finds me reading, relaxing, remembering, and writing. I just finished an intriguing, interesting, inspiring, informative, innovative book entitled Movements that Change the World by Steve Addison. The subtitle is even more captivating: Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel. Even at thirty-five (or is it fifty-three?), Im still desperate to see the Gospel spread like wildfire throughout the globe. I remain convinced that my destiny and yours, with Gods enablement, is to change the world. The author unveils the essential elements required of any movement desiring to impact their world. There are only five, which I will briefly share with you. These dynamics apply in whatever setting you find yourself: a local church, church planting, the Associates in Missions program, and our global missions endeavors anywhere and everywhere. 1. White-hot faith. A saint on fire for God provides the energy and fuel to spread the Gospel. Like Jeremiah professed: Its like fire shut up in our bones. Its got to get out. Changed people change others. Practicing spiritual disciplines keep us red-hot or white-hotwhicheverIm talking about being on fire for God. The fire fell at Pentecost, became our heritage, and the smoking embers need to be stirred up daily. 2. Commitment to a cause. Movement emerges when people commit to a cause. It dies and ceases to exist when people dont care anymore. To inspire commitment, embody commitment. You are reproducible. Care. Be committed!

Director of Education & AIM

Jim Poitras

Miranda Alphin

3. Contagious relationships. At the very beginning of this particular chapter in the book, I wrote in humongous letters: CONNECT. Dont forget it. We need to connect: first with God, and next with others. Missionaries make connections when they meet with people and ask them to be partners. That continues as we go to the field and endeavor to connect with the team on location, the indigenous churches, and those we reach and teach. Like a virus, the Gospel spreads through close relationships. Steve Addison claims, The most reliable predictor of conversion is relationships especially pre-existing positive relationships. To grow, we must develop relationships with outsiders. March into the social world around you! Be a crosscultural connector.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16: 15 KJV)

4. Rapid mobilization. Mentor others. Mobilize members to become involved in the mission. 5. Adaptive methods. We dont have to be carbon copies of each other. We can pursue our mission with methods that are diverse, effective, flexible, and reproducible. The mission commission has a threefold reality. There is the message, the messenger, and the methods. The message remains the same. Methods vary. And, you are the messenger. Yes, you! We continue to give a clear and certain sound concerning our unchanging message and mission, while constantly changing methods as needed to fit the need and culture.


Daniel & Tabitha DeTemple May 10, 2013

Shawn & Jaydie Sarsfield May 25, 2013

Requirements to Keep in Mind

As you embark on your AIM ministry, whether it is your first time or youve been with us for years, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are requirements of our Associate in Missions program and Global Missions administration: 1. Contact Sister Pat Morgan for a departure orientation before leaving for the field. Two weeks before departure is great. One week before departure is okay. Calling us from the departure gate at the airport is bad. Not calling us at all: terrible. 2. Send a monthly report. Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, and constant contact letters are great and help spread the good news of what you are doing. However, monthly reports are still required. Interestingly, when an AIMer is meeting the Global Missions Board for intermediate or career appointment as a missionary, we are always asked if the AIMer is or was faithful in sending monthly reports. We want to give a ready, positive response. Plus, we just like hearing from you. 3. An appointment or endorsement on AIM is for the time period stipulated on your AIM approval notice or letter. If you plan to stay past that time period or return home and then go back to the field, let us know, and Sister Pat can assist you through that easy procedure for an extension. 4. When you return to North America, let us know. We will also need to know if you plan to return to the field. Otherwise, we discontinue sending pledge notices to your supporters and your file is considered to be inactive. Global Missions website: AIM website: Like us on Facebook: AIM2go Follow us on Twitter: @AIM2go

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I Danced With My Hands

Cylinda Nickel
Third grade for Cylinda was a little different. I went to a school that had no screensonly louvered windows. The school was shut down when it was raining, as we had galvanized tin roofs and it was loud. I went to a private school with my bag lunch of salami with peppers sandwich (complete with miracle whipgross), an apple and, on a good day, Cheetos. In first grade, I had all of the first graders in my class that knew how to spell their name sign my petition to change the drinking fountain in the front of the school into a kool-aid (preferably red). The principal did not agree. My first sign that I should not run for first grade student government. It was also the year that I told the swimming teacher I forgot my suit four weeks in a rowuntil the note went home. Then I reverted to the excuse that I had surgery on my belly button and the stitches had not healed yet. That only was good for two weeks. Second grade: I fell and hit my head on the corner of my teacher's desk while running up to take the erasers out to be cleanedcan you spell brown-noser? My parents where on another island, my brother went to the ER with me all the while saying, If you wouldn't have run you wouldn't need stitches. I came home to find my babysitter had just run over our cat. Third Grade: I went dumpster diving in the neighborhood trash bin and found some 3 inch platform sandals too good to pass up. On the last day of school, I put them in a brown paper sack and put them on when I got to school. My legs were so tall I could not fit them under my desk the whole day. But I was the envy of all of the girls. That was until my Mom came across the stashed paper bag in a cleaning exploit over the summer. Not so cool then. Forth Grade: Saturday Night Fever just came out. I remember them playing the record (for you younger ones that is a large disk that is black and looks like a CD but larger) and me standing there as I knew I was not to dance. At last the whole class was dancing but me. One boy, Joey Garcia, came up and asked if I wanted to dance. I told him, I don't dance and he said, I don't eitherjust stand there and make circles with your hands and I will too. I held that in for two weeks until one night at prayer I had to come clean with my Dad. Dad, your daughter is going to hell. I will miss you while you are in heaven. Why Cylinda? I danced with my hands. My feet stayed still, but I made circles out of my hands.

Empowered to Love
Allison Mitchell
Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment. (John 12:3) Imagine the scene, a dimly lit room filled with weary disciples, Martha is busy running the kitchen as usual, and Lazarus played the host to his friend Jesus, who raised him from the dead. Somehow, even though they had seen the miraculous works of His hands, it was just dinner with the Master, nothing extraordinary to the people seated with Jesus, but to one person it was a moment to worship her Lord. Mary took the bottle from the folds of her robe and knelt at His feet. I imagine her heart pounding and her hands shaking as she poured the sweetest offering of her sacrifice at the Masters feet. The guests shifted uneasily as they watched her wipe His feet with her hair, no doubt disturbed by what they deemed this unnecessary display of emotion, but somehow I believe the atmosphere in Bethany changed in that moment, as the house was filled with the savor of worship from a life poured out. He gave her everything. Her life, restored position, and dignity was from Him. Her family and belonging was from Him. Her sanity and understanding of salvation was from Him. Everyone around her shared the same circumstancesnothing without Him. But, only she really recognized it. They couldnt understand why she would waste her treasurewhy was she acting like she had everything? She only had Him, but any true worshipper will tell you that a moment spent with the Master is worth a lifetime of the temporary satisfaction of this world, for in Him we live, move, and have our being. In Him, He is everything. He will always be everything that we need. But outsiders dont understand a lovers words. There are situations we walk through that cata-

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lyze our love for God, where we are marked forever His, because He loved us, and He gave His life for us. I remember a moment like that when I wept in a crowded altar and felt the voice of God surround me saying, Be poured out for your generation. Hold nothing back to do My will and accomplish My desire in this hour. I remember being transformed, changed, and molded for a higher purpose. But outsiders dont understand a lovers words. Not everyone may ever understand the level of consecration and setting apart that Jesus calls you and me to, but thats ok, they werent supposed to anyway. When I was a teenager I had a friend from Colombia who simply radiated Jesus Christ, and I remember overhearing my elders say, What does it cost her to smile like that? The sweetness of her spirit comes with a price. What does a person have to go through to be filled with Gods grace like that? At the time it didnt quite resonate as deeply as it does now, some ten years later. What did it cost her to smile like that? What will it cost me to smile like that, so infused with Jesus that all my generation sees is Him in me? When I look at my generation here in Europe, amazing people, like Karrolina from Sweden, Antonios and Sde from Finland, Candace from America (who is now Finnish), poquita Sofia, Sara from Chile (who now lives in London), Emily from the Philippines, and Jim from Glasgow, I wonder what does it cost us to smile like that? What does it cost us to lay aside the ordinary lives we are expected to live and take up our cross to follow Christ? In our Missions Team Meeting for the church here in Glasgow, Zach, Jenny, Katie and I held hands to pray over the final preparations for Missions Day, only to be overwhelmed as the Spirit of God swept in and dealt with us for over two hours about counting the cost and following Him. Theres a place you have to go, its not going to be easy, it will be hard, you will have to work hard, you will have to sacrifice, but I will be with you. I will give you fruit and there will be many souls because you went. I do not want you to be afraid, just trust in Me, and I will open the doors. I am with you even to the ends of the earth. As the message went forth, the power of God moved in each of our hearts, calling us to a deeper level of consecration to our individual callings, in words only we would understand. For you see, outsiders dont understand a lovers words. But thats ok, they were never meant to anyway. There has been an incredible depth to the moving of the Spirit in our services in New Life over the past few weeks. Sister Kelley reminded us on Sunday that each one of you who sacrificed and sought the face of the Lord is a part of what we are experiencing now. As I watch tears streaming down the cheeks of souls who are delivered, healed, and filled with unexplainable joy as they worship the Master, I understand with greater clarity than ever before that outsiders dont understand a lovers words, and thats ok, they were never meant to anyway. This relationship that we have with Jesus Christ is so powerful, all-consuming, and unlimited that He can bear all my burdensand take yours too. He can speak my miracle, while He designs another one specifically for you. He can meet my needs before I know them, while He promises you that He will make a way for you where there simply is no wayand He will. Hes that big. His love is that big. Its big enough for the 62 million souls in United Kingdom, the 739 million souls in Europe, and the 313 million of the United States. He wants to speak personally to each one who will open the doors of their hearts to the One who, as AIMer Cori Smith reminded us last night in West End Church, never stops knocking.

A Little Secret
Cylinda Nickel
I left the US when I was five and was raised in St. Croix, USVI. I remember landing on the island for the first time and had that warm wonderful feeling that I was finally "home. We drove up to our house on the little hill above the Schuster's house and had to wait for key to arrive. The house was peach in color (tropical) and had a front and side porch. I sat on the steps and was amazed at all the fruit trees I saw everywhere. My little quivering miniature Daschund soon discovered lizards by the bizzilion. I remember when the key finally arrived I asked my Dad if there were any shops that sold "pop" on our new island. The person that brought the key went to the back of his truck and pulled out 2 icy cokes in the bottle and 2 icy orange crushes. What a great day. From that day on that place became my little home. I became one with the people, one with their culture, and one with their color. Yes, thus my secretfor many years I thought I was black.

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I remember my girlfriend coming over at the age of 6. We both carefully put Vaseline on our hair before we braided it. We rubbed it on our skin, our feet, our arms. Please don't try this at home. it will come out after several washeskey word: several. I begged my parents for us to move to the projects. Lorraine Village was my choice, and I talked "Cruzan" to my dolls and make believe friends, Cupcake and Sophie. My Mother after hearing me one day declared that if I spoke "Cruzan" in the house one more time I would be spankedI could only speak it in the yard. I started moving more and more outside. My best friend was Troy Schuster. He and I played by the hours together. We made our own glue out of berries, we chased lizards, climbed trees, learned how to ride bikes, and even fell asleep in the grass some evenings. We would catch tadpoles in his Copper. We were together constantly and his Grannie Schuster adopted me into their family. His mother and father had the best parties, which would have several of the dignitaries of the island. It was not strange for the Governor or senators to be there. I was only a child and not invited. I would sit on the top of the hill and look down on them dancing at their back porch for hours. My mother would finally find me and hurriedly sweep me into our tiny home. Our church services were lively. We were the only Caucasians that attended and I never noticed. The first time I attended Sunday School they cut our papers in half and pulled leaves off of the trees and told us to "color" with them. Everything would be green I soon figured out. I came home to go through my crayons that I kept in my ice cream pail. The broken and ripped ones stayed at home and the best ones with tips went to church. The steel drum Calypso hymns were song loudly. I was one of the loudest. When it came time to praying at the altar my friends and I were always there. Every four years we had to return to the states for deputation. I was nine the first time we had to leave our island retreat. I was horrified. Leave my friends? My Church? My School? What would Country Day do without me (survive I tell you). I remember landing in Miami and gasping at the amount of "white people" everywhere. I grabbed my mother and clung to her. I told her there were too many white people in the States and that I wanted to go home. She assured me that I was white as well, that color did not matter, and for me to stop being silly. I lived for one year in the states and welcomed the thought of going "home. Home to pigeon peas and rice, to mangoes, tamarinds, curried chicken, pates, roti, but, most of all, home to my friends. I missed Troymy best friendand all of my friends from church. Finally the day came when we landed back at my island home. I was set for another four years. I found my Holly Hobby diary the other day. It brought tears to my eyes as I read my sentiments about how happy I was to be home. One of the lines is the reason for this blog. It simply read this "I don't know why people are judged by their outside color. I am white, but I am black. I have friends who are black, but they are white. Why can't we all just be? Just be people. Troy and I are blood brother and sister and we both are the same. He is black. I am white. We both have red blood."

AIM Chat
We are excitedly preparing for the eight week Next Step program in Paraguay. It will be a joy to be with seven Next Steppers, three AIMers, and several missionary families. In the midst of that program we will turn our hearts, heads, and hands toward the North America Youth Congress, School of Missions and General Conference. We hope to see some of you there. Our AIM Chat this time consists of two points: 1. Are you going to be at the Youth Congress or the General Conference? Let us know. If so, we would love to get to spend some time with you. Plan on stopping by our booth in both locations. We are also planning on iChurch Seminars (General Conference) and need you to be there. E-mail Sister Pat at And yes, if you beg us persistently, we might let you help at the booth. We may be able to get together for a luncheon or something as well. 2. Any ideas of how we can go about better promoting AIM or Next Steps at Youth Congress and/or General Conference would be appreciated as well. Send those to Sister Pat also.

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