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RetailManager Professional Price List

Valid from 20 November 2008. Prices subject to change without notice.

Phone Customer Service on 1300 555 114 for the latest reseller price list.

Subscription Products Platform Order Code Buy Price (Inc. GST) RRP (Inc. GST)
MYOB RetailManager Subscription v10^ WIN RMSUB-10-AU $235 $695
Retail Products
MYOB RetailBasics v3 WIN RB-3-AU $253.08 $329
MYOB RetailReady v3** WIN RRUSB-3-AU $779 $999
MYOB RetailReady v3 - by redemption*** WIN RRRED-3-AU $779 $999
MYOB RetailManager v10* WIN RMSTD-10-AU $1,530 $1,990
MYOB RetailHospitality v4 (includes RetailManager v10)* WIN RMH-4-AU $1,992 $2,599
MYOB RetailEnterprise v4* WIN RMENT-4-AU $1530 $1,990
POS Hardware
MYOB RetailManager Hardware Bundle** WIN RBHWBNDL-AU $699 $1232
Full Products
MYOB JustInvoices WIN JI-1-AU $35 $69
MYOB BusinessBasics WIN MB1.1-AU $130 $169
MYOB Accounting v18 WIN MA-18-AU $253 $349
MYOB Accounting Plus v18 WIN MP-18-AU $463 $639
MYOB Accounting Plus v18 with Cover* WIN MPMCA-18-AU $697 $899
MYOB Premier v12* WIN MU-12-AU $1,196 $1,495
MYOB Premier Enterprise WIN MUENT-6-AU $3,350 $3,950
MYOB Premier Enterprise (no terminal services) WIN MUENTNOTS-6-AU $2,350 $2,950
MYOB FirstEdge MAC FE-4-AU $130 $169
MYOB AccountEdge v8 MAC ME-8-AU $510 $639
Upgrades - For clients on earlier verison of the same program

MYOB Accounting v18 Upgrade WIN MAUAR-18-AU $219 $256

MYOB Accounting Plus v18 Upgrade WIN MPUAR-18-AU $305 $395
Other Products
MYOB Test Drive v18 WIN & MAC TD-18-AU $3.90 $10
MYOB Test Drive v18 Point-of-Sale Box - TDBOX-AU $0 $0
MYOB Student Edition WIN & MAC TDSECD-AU $5.90 $15
MYOB Student Edition Point-of-Sale Box - TDSECD-BOX-AU $0 $0

^ The right to use the MYOB RetailManager software relies on the customers continuing to pay the applicable monthly subscription fee.
* Price includes 12 months MYOB Support and free upgrades for the end user upon registration.
** MYOB RetailReady ­− contains RetailBasics, Barcode scanner, Cash Drawer and Docket Printer. Please note that due to its large dimensions, shipping
costs are $20 per unit and the shipping method is ‘Off Peak’ (3 to 4 days delivery time). If you require overnight shipment, please contact the
MYOB Partner Team on the number provided below to calculate freight costs.
*** RetailReady by Redemption - As above. To receive their hardware, the customer must complete a redemption form (contained within the
RetailReady box) and send to MYOB Australia. The hardware will be sent on to the customer within 10 working days.

To order
Phone orders: Call your Account Manager on their direct line or via 1300 555 114.
Fax orders: Complete the Reseller Order Form and fax to 1300 557 646.
Email orders: Email to and include the following details:
1. Subject field Your reseller details
2. Purchase order number May also be customer surname portion or business name
3. Billing details Address, contact name and phone number
4. Delivery details If same as billing address, write “same”. Address, contact name and phone number
5. Order Description, code, quantity
6. Price Total including freight
7. Credit card details Type of card, card number, expiry date and name on card
Mail orders: MYOB Australia Pty Ltd, PO BOX 371, Blackburn Victoria 3130.

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd • ABN 13 086 760 198 PR8052/1108/FRM 9004
RetailManager Professional Order Form
Standardise your clients on the latest MYOB software.
Complete this form and fax your order to 1300 557 646 or mail to:
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd, PO Box 371, Blackburn, Victoria 3130.
Orders may also be placed by phone on 1300 555 114

Step 1 – Your order number

Order Number

Orders without an order number cannot be processed. A simple method is to use the surname or part of the business name of a client
you are ordering for.
*These fields are mandatory – orders will not be processed if all fields are not completed.

Step 2 – Your company details

Your Company Name* Serial Number*


Billing Address*

State* Postcode*

Deliver To Phone* ( )

Company Name* Serial Number*


Delivery Address*

State* Postcode*

Fax* ( ) Phone* ( ) No. of Employees*


Step 3 – Your order

Qty Code Product/description Price (each) Total Price (Inc. GST)

Sub Total $
An MYOB/specified courier will be used unless otherwise specified.
Delivery $15
For international deliveries, call 1300 555 117. Please allow 1-2 working
days for delivery on all phone orders submitted by 12pm EST. Grand Total $

Your payment method

Cheque or Money Order attached (Cheques payable to MYOB Australia Pty Ltd, PO Box 371, Blackburn, Victoria 3130)

Visa Mastercard

Credit Card Number Expiry

Cardholders Name Signature

This order form has been completed by an MYOB Professional Partner/Reseller.


MYOB Australia Pty Ltd • ABN 13 086 760 198 PR8052/1108/FRM 9004