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Carnival of Venice

Carnival masks in Venice.

The Venice Carnival comes from the tradition of the year 1480-1700, where the nobility was disguised to exit to mingle with the people. Since then the masks are the most important element of the carnival. The costumes that are made are characteristic of the eighteenth and marcher abound Nobile, a white mask with black silk robe, or dark colors and three-cornered hat. After 1972, other colors have been added to the costumes, but the masks are still mostly white, silver and gold. In 1797 Napoleon Bonaparte began with the carnival celebrations, which were restored in 1979 officially. Since then the festival starts every start of Lent. The Carnival of Venice was founded by Christopher tolive it was the king's chief secretary of Venice. This thought was something necessary for the nobility of this country could go to see the ordinary people. Then he told the king that he thought this strongly agreed and those were the principles of this carnival, this nobility had affairs with citizens but gradually everything was changing and so ended up being a party for the people. Today the tradition is that the natives are disguised with flashy costumes and beautiful for display to tourists who are simply just some mascara. Carnival of Venice Carnival of Venice is unique in the world and its tradition dates back to the eleventh century. For centuries it was the escape route for citizens to escape the Venetian government. With Napoleon's Carnival was banned for fear that conspiracies were generated. The Carnival was recovered in 1979. Carnival is totally different from the rest of the world during the 10-day, people dress up and goes out for a walk and takes pictures, either in parades organized or improvised. Today thousands of visitors come to Venice at this time to admire the spectacular costumes who invest thousands of dollars to look like a star for a few days a year or just mingle with people and get lost in the narrow streets of this unique city. The costumes are period costumes Venetian seventeenth century, as if straight out of a box during the Carnival also organized many events and parties, some of them private it's hard to go without plug. The prices are also high holidays, and one night can cost up to 500 . Tourists not disguise the goal of most visitors to see Venice Carnival and take pictures with the best costumes. The Carnival of Venice reached its peak in the eighteenth century. Where they were to aristocrats who came from many places and very often was that the princes and nobles enjoy escaping. When for a few days, or even months, leaving the way open to any type of action. Carnival was created to give the poor a fun time and publicly mock the aristocracy. De here comes what to wear masks that may hide lived identical. En the 18th century's most famous story, Giacomo Casanova, who perfectly embodies the spirit of its 973 year time. En pirates kidnapped some married women with their costumes and

jeweler but people got save and release and remembered with the Feast of the Marys in which the Venetian parade prettiest traditional costumes. The first Sunday of Carnival is celebrated Angel Flight or Colombian, a dove of metal thrown from the belfry to the Ducal Palace one of the most important symbols of Venice. El bird was changed by a person who plays the angel. The Grand Canal is also a very important scene where spend watching the gondolas or eating a "frittella" the typical sweet. The record number of visitors and events is reached Mardi grass day.