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I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 7 Shah Alam and observed a standard 3 class on 22nd May 2013 at 10.

30 am until 11.30 am. The class that I observed is class Bahasa Melayu which is taught by Puan. Zainab binti Abd. Rahman. The topic on that day was Grammar (Tatabahasa). The total number of student in the class is 32 students. The position of the class is intermediate. Puan. Zainab is a dedicated teacher. She teaches her students with patience and passion. She had been teaching for about 10 years. For gaining attention, the lesson plan that planned by the teacher is adequate. She follows every single thing that she had written in her lesson plan. Her lesson plan is good and all her students can understands well and the class management is also good. The interpersonal relationship among students and teacher is positive. Teacher communicates well with the students. Whenever the students ask question, the teacher can answer it confidently with a bit sense of humor. Eye contact between teacher and students is adequate. She always has her eye on her students. Teachers body language is appropriate, shes not standing still, not static in one place and always move around to one and another place. As for the communication skills, the first is the voice projection of the teacher is adequate. Her voice is loud and clear but yet not too loud until it can distract the attention of the students. While the nature of questioning is low order thinking skills (LOTs) because the students are still in the lower level. Meanwhile the class interaction is adequate. Teacher gives equal attention to all students regardless of their position in class. The teaching process of clarity is clear and the development of the content is adequate because the teacher teach based on the book and syllabus. The example given is good, easy to understand. Teaching aids also good. The teacher is creative, she prepared manila cards that has been cut into smaller pieces and ask the students to form in groups and work together to solve the question given. Managing misbehavior, the first is reinforcement used. The teacher gives rewards to students if they succeed to complete the task given. Second is, punishment emitted. Teacher punished the students that did not involve at all in which the student make noise and make their own thing. Teaching strategies is teacher-centered. Teacher gives some exercise so that the students can apply what they had just learned. Next, scaffolding also provided. The teacher will pay more attention to the weak students so that they do not fell abandon and depends on the smarter student. Also teaching aids that used are easy to understand. Puan.

Zainabs personality is

she is firm, friendly, resourceful, reachable to students,

approachable and also very punctual. My suggestion is, sometimes teacher should give some individual task so that the weak students will be easily to detect and teacher can put them in a group that is consist of good and weak student.