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"lang" { "Language" "schinese" "Tokens" { "TF_AutoAssign" "1 (&1)" "[english]TF_AutoAssign" "&1 AUTO ASSIGN" "TF_BlueTeam" "3 (&3)" "[english]TF_BlueTeam"

; "&3 BLU" "TF_RedTeam" "4 (&4)" "[english]TF_RedTeam" "&4 RED" "TF_Observer" " " "[english]TF_Observer" "OBSERVER" "TF_Random" "" "[english]TF_Random" "RANDOM" "TF_BlueTeam_Name" " " "[english]TF_BlueTeam_Name" "BLU" "TF_RedTeam_Name" " " "[english]TF_RedTeam_Name" "RED" "TF_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Scout" "SCOUT" "TF_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Sniper" "SNIPER" "TF_Soldier" "" "[english]TF_Soldier" "SOLDIER" "TF_Demoman" "" "[english]TF_Demoman" "DEMOMAN" "TF_Medic" "" "[english]TF_Medic" "MEDIC" "TF_HWGuy" " " "[english]TF_HWGuy" "HEAVY" "TF_Pyro" "" "[english]TF_Pyro" "PYRO" "TF_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Spy" "SPY" "TF_Engineer" " " "[english]TF_Engineer" "ENGINEER" "TF_Class_Name_Undefined" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_Undefined" " " "TF_Class_Name_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_Scout" "Scout" "TF_Class_Name_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_Sniper" "Sniper" "TF_Class_Name_Soldier" "" "[english]TF_Class_Name_Soldier" "Soldier" "TF_Class_Name_Demoman" "" "[english]TF_Class_Name_Demoman" "Demoman" "TF_Class_Name_Medic" "" "[english]TF_Class_Name_Medic" "Medic" "TF_Class_Name_HWGuy" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_HWGuy" "Heavy" "TF_Class_Name_Pyro" "" "[english]TF_Class_Name_Pyro" "Pyro" "TF_Class_Name_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_Spy" "Spy" "TF_Class_Name_Engineer" " " "[english]TF_Class_Name_Engineer" "Engineer" "TF_ScoreBoard_Blue" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Blue" "BLU" "TF_ScoreBoard_Red" " "

"[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Red" "RED" "TF_ScoreBoard_Player" "%s1 " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Player" "%s1 player" "TF_ScoreBoard_Players" "%s1 " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Players" "%s1 players" "ScoreBoard_Spectator" "%s1 %s2" "[english]ScoreBoard_Spectator" "%s1 spectator: %s2" "ScoreBoard_Spectators" "%s1 %s2" "[english]ScoreBoard_Spectators" "%s1 spectators: %s2" "TF_ScoreBoard_DEAD" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DEAD" "DEAD" "TF_Scoreboard_Name" "" "[english]TF_Scoreboard_Name" "Name" "TF_Scoreboard_Score" "" "[english]TF_Scoreboard_Score" "Score" "TF_Scoreboard_Ping" " " "[english]TF_Scoreboard_Ping" "Ping" "TF_Scoreboard_Bot" "BOT" "[english]TF_Scoreboard_Bot" "BOT" "TF_ScoreBoard_Point" " %s1" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Point" "%s1 point" "TF_ScoreBoard_Points" " %s1" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Points" "%s1 points" "TF_ScoreBoard_KillsLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_KillsLabel" "Kills:" "TF_ScoreBoard_DeathsLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DeathsLabel" "Deaths:" "TF_ScoreBoard_AssistsLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_AssistsLabel" "Assists:" "TF_ScoreBoard_DestructionLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DestructionLabel" "Destruction:" "TF_ScoreBoard_CapturesLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_CapturesLabel" "Captures:" "TF_ScoreBoard_DefensesLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DefensesLabel" "Defenses:" "TF_ScoreBoard_DominationLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DominationLabel" "Domination:" "TF_ScoreBoard_RevengeLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_RevengeLabel" "Revenge:" "TF_ScoreBoard_HealingLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_HealingLabel" "Healing:" "TF_ScoreBoard_InvulnLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_InvulnLabel" "Invulns:" "TF_ScoreBoard_TeleportsLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_TeleportsLabel" "Teleports:" "TF_ScoreBoard_HeadshotsLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_HeadshotsLabel" "Headshots:" "TF_ScoreBoard_BackstabsLabel" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_BackstabsLabel" "Backstabs:" "TF_ScoreBoard_BonusLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_BonusLabel" "Bonus:" "TF_ScoreBoard_DamageLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_DamageLabel" "Damage:" "TF_ScoreBoard_SentryKillsLabel" " " "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_SentryKillsLabel" "Sentry Kills:" "Scoreboard_Server" " %s1" "[english]Scoreboard_Server" "Server: %s1" "Scoreboard_TimeLeft" " %s1:%s2:%s3" "[english]Scoreboard_TimeLeft" "Server map time left: %s1:%s2:%s3" "Scoreboard_TimeLeftNoHours" " %s1:%s2"

"[english]Scoreboard_TimeLeftNoHours" "Server map time left: %s1:%s2" "Scoreboard_NoTimeLimit" " " "[english]Scoreboard_NoTimeLimit" "Server map time left: No time limit" "Scoreboard_ChangeOnRoundEnd" " 00:00" "[english]Scoreboard_ChangeOnRoundEnd" "(Map change on round end...) Server map time left: 00:00" "TF_SteamRequired" " Steam" "[english]TF_SteamRequired" "Steam Required" "TF_SteamRequiredResetStats" " Steam " "[english]TF_SteamRequiredResetStats" "A connection to Steam is required in or der to reset your statistics." "TF_Nemesis" " " "[english]TF_Nemesis" "NEMESIS" "TF_Dominated" "" "[english]TF_Dominated" "DOMINATED" "TF_Nemesis_lodef" " " "[english]TF_Nemesis_lodef" "NEM" "TF_Dominated_lodef" "DOM" "[english]TF_Dominated_lodef" "DOM" "TF_NewNemesis" " " "[english]TF_NewNemesis" "New Nemesis!" "TF_GotRevenge" " " "[english]TF_GotRevenge" "Revenge!" "TF_FreezeNemesis" " " "[english]TF_FreezeNemesis" "Nemesis" "TF_Taunt" "" "[english]TF_Taunt" "Taunt" "TF_FeignArmed" "--" "[english]TF_FeignArmed" "-ARMED-" "ClassTips_1_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_1_1" "You capture points faster than other classes!" "ClassTips_2_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_2_1" "Your sniper rifle will power up to do more dama ge while you are zoomed in!" "ClassTips_3_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_3_1" "Shoot your rocket launcher at enemy's feet!" "ClassTips_4_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_4_1" "Remote detonate your stickybombs when enemies a re near them!" "ClassTips_5_1" " UberCharge" "[english]ClassTips_5_1" "Fill your berCharge by healing your team mates!" "ClassTips_6_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_6_1" "Spin your minigun without firing to be ready fo r approaching enemies!" "ClassTips_7_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_7_1" "Ambush enemies at corners!" "ClassTips_8_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_8_1" "Disguise yourself as a enemy and infiltrate the enemy base!" "ClassTips_9_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_9_1" "Collect metal from fallen weapons to build with !" "ClassTips_12_1" " " "[english]ClassTips_12_1" "Let the game randomly choose a class for you." "TF_Welcome" " " "[english]TF_Welcome" "Welcome" "TF_Welcome_birthday" " !" "[english]TF_Welcome_birthday" "Welcome and Happy Birthday TF!" "TF_Welcome_halloween" " " "[english]TF_Welcome_halloween" "Welcome and Happy Halloween!"

"TF_Cancel" "(&0)" "[english]TF_Cancel" "CANCEL (&0)" "TF_Back" "(&B)" "[english]TF_Back" "&BACK" "TF_WatchIntro" " (&W)" "[english]TF_WatchIntro" "&WATCH MOVIE" "Button_SkipIntro" " (&S)" "[english]Button_SkipIntro" "&SKIP MOVIE" "TF_Continue" " (&C)" "[english]TF_Continue" "&CONTINUE" "TF_SelectATeam" " " "[english]TF_SelectATeam" "SELECT A TEAM" "TF_SelectAClass" " " "[english]TF_SelectAClass" "SELECT A CLASS" "TF_AutoTeamSelect" " " "[english]TF_AutoTeamSelect" "AUTO SELECT" "TF_Spectate" " " "[english]TF_Spectate" "SPECTATE" "TF_Play" " " "[english]TF_Play" "PLAY!" "TF_Close" " (&C)" "[english]TF_Close" "&CLOSE" "TF_ResetStats" " (&R)" "[english]TF_ResetStats" "&RESET STATS" "TF_NextTip" "(&T)" "[english]TF_NextTip" "NEXT &TIP" "TF_NextTip_360" "" "[english]TF_NextTip_360" "Next Tip" "TF_Confirm" " " "[english]TF_Confirm" "Confirm" "TF_ConfirmResetStats" " ?\n "[english]TF_ConfirmResetStats" "Are you sure you want to reset your player stat s?\nOnce reset your old stats cannot be recovered!" "TF_TeamsSwitched" " " "[english]TF_TeamsSwitched" "Teams have been switched." "TF_ClassMenu_Reset" "" "[english]TF_ClassMenu_Reset" "RESET" "TF_WatchIntro_360" " " "[english]TF_WatchIntro_360" "Watch Movie" "Button_SkipIntro_360" " " "[english]Button_SkipIntro_360" "Skip Movie" "TF_Continue_360" " " "[english]TF_Continue_360" "Continue" "TF_Offense" " " "[english]TF_Offense" "OFFENSE" "TF_Defense" "" "[english]TF_Defense" "DEFENSE" "TF_Support" "" "[english]TF_Support" "SUPPORT" "TF_Next" "" "[english]TF_Next" "Next" "TF_Prev" "" "[english]TF_Prev" "Previous" "TF_NextPrev" "/" "[english]TF_NextPrev" "Next / Previous" "TF_timeleft" " %s1:%s2" "[english]TF_timeleft" "Time left: %s1:%s2" "TF_timeleft_nolimit" "* *" "[english]TF_timeleft_nolimit" "* No Time Limit *" "TF_nextmap" " %s1"

"[english]TF_nextmap" "Next map : %s1" "TF_PlayingTo" " %rounds%" "[english]TF_PlayingTo" "Playing to: %rounds%" "TF_Cloak" " " "[english]TF_Cloak" "CLOAK" "TF_Metal" "" "[english]TF_Metal" "METAL" "TF_Phase" " " "[english]TF_Phase" "DODGE" "TF_Ball" "" "[english]TF_Ball" "BALL" "TF_Jar" "" "[english]TF_Jar" "JAR" "TF_Rage" " " "[english]TF_Rage" "RAGE" "TF_Berzerk" " " "[english]TF_Berzerk" "HEADS" "TF_Charge" " " "[english]TF_Charge" "CHARGE" "TF_OUT_OF_AMMO" " " "[english]TF_OUT_OF_AMMO" "OUT OF AMMO" "Game_connected" "%s1 " "[english]Game_connected" "%s1 connected" "game_spawn_as" "* %s1 " "[english]game_spawn_as" "*You will spawn as %s1" "game_respawn_as" "* %s1" "[english]game_respawn_as" "*You will respawn as %s1" "game_spawn_asrandom" "* " "[english]game_spawn_asrandom" "*You will spawn as random class" "game_respawn_asrandom" "* " "[english]game_respawn_asrandom" "*You will respawn as a random class" "round_restart_in_sec" " %s1 " "[english]round_restart_in_sec" "The round will restart in %s1 second" "round_restart_in_secs" " %s1 " "[english]round_restart_in_secs" "The round will restart in %s1 seconds" "game_restart_in_sec" " %s1 " "[english]game_restart_in_sec" "The game will restart in %s1 second" "game_restart_in_secs" " %s1 " "[english]game_restart_in_secs" "The game will restart in %s1 seconds" "game_switch_in_sec" " \n %s1 " "[english]game_switch_in_sec" "Switching teams!\nThe game will restart in %s1 second" "game_switch_in_secs" " \n %s1 " "[english]game_switch_in_secs" "Switching teams!\nThe game will restart in %s1 seconds" "game_scramble_in_sec" " \n %s1 " "[english]game_scramble_in_sec" "Scrambling the teams!\nThe game will restart in %s1 second" "game_scramble_in_secs" " \n %s1 " "[english]game_scramble_in_secs" "Scrambling the teams!\nThe game will re start in %s1 seconds" "game_respawntime_now" " " "[english]game_respawntime_now" "Prepare to respawn" "game_respawntime_in_sec" " 1 " "[english]game_respawntime_in_sec" "Respawn in: 1 second" "game_respawntime_in_secs" " %s1 " "[english]game_respawntime_in_secs" "Respawn in: %s1 seconds" "game_respawntime_stalemate" " " "[english]game_respawntime_stalemate" "No respawning in Sudden Death" "game_respawntime_next_round" " "

"[english]game_respawntime_next_round" "Respawn in: Wait for next round" "game_auto_team_balance_in" " %s1 " "[english]game_auto_team_balance_in" "Teams will be auto-balanced in %s1 seco nds." "game_player_was_team_balanced" " %s1 " "[english]game_player_was_team_balanced" "%s1 was moved to the other team for game balance" "game_idle_kick" "%s1 " "[english]game_idle_kick" "%s1 has been idle for too long and has been kic ked" "TF_MOTD_Title" "" "[english]TF_MOTD_Title" "MESSAGE OF THE DAY" "TF_playerid_sameteam" "%s1%s2" "[english]TF_playerid_sameteam" "%s1%s2" "TF_playerid_diffteam" "%s1 %s2" "[english]TF_playerid_diffteam" "%s1Enemy: %s2" "TF_playerid_noteam" "%s1" "[english]TF_playerid_noteam" "%s1" "TF_playerid_object" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_playerid_object" "%s1 built by %s2" "TF_playerid_object_level" " %s1" "[english]TF_playerid_object_level" "( Level %s1 )" "TF_playerid_object_upgrading" " %s1" "[english]TF_playerid_object_upgrading" "Upgrade Progress: %s1" "TF_playerid_object_upgrading_level" " %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_playerid_object_upgrading_level" "( Level %s1 ) Upgrade Progress: %s2" "TF_playerid_object_diffteam" " %s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_playerid_object_diffteam" "Enemy %s1 built by %s2" "TF_playerid_object_recharging" " %s1%" "[english]TF_playerid_object_recharging" "Recharging: %s1%" "TF_playerid_healer" " " "[english]TF_playerid_healer" "Healer: " "TF_playerid_healtarget" " " "[english]TF_playerid_healtarget" "Healing: " "TF_playerid_friendlyspy_disguise" " %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_playerid_friendlyspy_disguise" "Disguised as %s1 %s2" "TF_playerid_mediccharge" "UberCharge%s1%" "[english]TF_playerid_mediccharge" "berCharge: %s1%" "TF_playerid_mediccharge_wpn" "UberCharge%s1% (%s2)" "[english]TF_playerid_mediccharge_wpn" "berCharge: %s1% (%s2)" "TF_playerid_noheal" " " "[english]TF_playerid_noheal" "Equalizer blocks healing!" "TF_friendly" "" "[english]TF_friendly" "friendly" "TF_enemy" " " "[english]TF_enemy" "enemy" "TF_Title" "TEAM FORTRESS" "[english]TF_Title" "TEAM FORTRESS" "TF_ClassSpecific_Keys" " " "[english]TF_ClassSpecific_Keys" "CLASS SPECIFIC SKILL" "TF_ClassSkill_Medic" " UberCharge" "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Medic" "MEDIC: Deploy berCharge" "TF_ClassSkill_Heavy" " " "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Heavy" "HEAVY: Spin Minigun Barrel" "TF_ClassSkill_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Sniper" "SNIPER: Zoom Sniper Rifle" "TF_ClassSkill_Spy" " / " "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Spy" "SPY: Cloak / Uncloak" "TF_ClassSkill_Spy_LastDisguise" " "

"[english]TF_ClassSkill_Spy_LastDisguise" "SPY: Last Disguise" "TF_ClassSkill_Spy_DisguiseTeam" " " "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Spy_DisguiseTeam" "SPY: Toggle Disguise Team" "TF_ClassSkill_Demoman" " " "[english]TF_ClassSkill_Demoman" "DEMOMAN: Detonate Stickybombs" "TF_Call_For_Medic" "" "[english]TF_Call_For_Medic" "Call for a Medic" "TF_DropFlag" " " "[english]TF_DropFlag" "Drop the briefcase" "TF_Switch_Classes_Immediately" " " "[english]TF_Switch_Classes_Immediately" "Switch classes immediately" "TF_Toggle_RoundInfo_Map" " " "[english]TF_Toggle_RoundInfo_Map" "Toggle Round Info Map" "TF_MapInfo" " " "[english]TF_MapInfo" "Show Map Information" "TF_Inspect" " " "[english]TF_Inspect" "Inspect Target" "TF_voice_menu_A" " 1" "[english]TF_voice_menu_A" "Voice Menu 1" "TF_voice_menu_B" " 2" "[english]TF_voice_menu_B" "Voice Menu 2" "TF_voice_menu_C" " 3" "[english]TF_voice_menu_C" "Voice Menu 3" "TF_freezecam_snapshot" "[%s1] " "[english]TF_freezecam_snapshot" "[%s1] Save this moment!" "TF_Chat_Team_Loc" " %s1 @ %s3 : %s2" "[english]TF_Chat_Team_Loc" "(TEAM) %s1 @ %s3 : %s2" "TF_Chat_Team" " %s1 : %s2" "[english]TF_Chat_Team" "(TEAM) %s1 : %s2" "TF_Chat_Team_Dead" "** %s1 : %s2" "[english]TF_Chat_Team_Dead" "*DEAD*(TEAM) %s1 : %s2" "TF_Chat_Spec" " %s1%s2" "[english]TF_Chat_Spec" "(Spectator) %s1 : %s2" "TF_Chat_All" "%s1%s2" "[english]TF_Chat_All" "%s1 : %s2" "TF_Chat_AllDead" "** %s1%s2" "[english]TF_Chat_AllDead" "*DEAD* %s1 : %s2" "TF_Chat_AllSpec" "* * %s1%s2" "[english]TF_Chat_AllSpec" "*SPEC* %s1 : %s2" "TF_Name_Change" "* %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Name_Change" "* %s1 changed name to %s2" "Econ_holiday_restriction_halloween" " " "[english]Econ_holiday_restriction_halloween" "Holiday Restriction: Halloween" "TF_Weapon_Bat" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Bat" "Bat" "TF_Weapon_Bottle" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Bottle" "Bottle" "TF_Weapon_FireAxe" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_FireAxe" "Fire Axe" "TF_Weapon_Club" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Club" "Kukri" "TF_Weapon_Crowbar" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Crowbar" "Crowbar" "TF_Weapon_Bonesaw" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Bonesaw" "Bonesaw" "TF_Weapon_FlameThrower" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_FlameThrower" "Flame Thrower" "TF_Weapon_GrenadeLauncher" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_GrenadeLauncher" "Grenade Launcher" "TF_Weapon_PipebombLauncher" " "

"[english]TF_Weapon_PipebombLauncher" "Stickybomb Launcher" "TF_Weapon_Knife" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Knife" "Knife" "TF_Weapon_Medikit" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Medikit" "Medikit" "TF_Weapon_Minigun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Minigun" "Minigun" "TF_Weapon_Pistol" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Pistol" "Pistol" "TF_Weapon_Fists" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Fists" "Fists" "TF_Weapon_Revolver" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Revolver" "Revolver" "TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher" "Rocket Launcher" "TF_Weapon_Shotgun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Shotgun" "Shotgun" "TF_Weapon_Shovel" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Shovel" "Shovel" "TF_Weapon_SMG" "SMG" "[english]TF_Weapon_SMG" "SMG" "TF_Weapon_SniperRifle" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_SniperRifle" "Sniper Rifle" "TF_Weapon_SuperSMG" "Super SMG" "[english]TF_Weapon_SuperSMG" "Super SMG" "TF_Weapon_StickybombLauncher" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_StickybombLauncher" "Stickybomb Launcher" "TF_Weapon_Tranq" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Tranq" "Tranquilizer Gun" "TF_Weapon_Wrench" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Wrench" "Wrench" "TF_Weapon_ObjectSelection" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_ObjectSelection" "Build" "TF_Weapon_PDA_Engineer" "PDA" "[english]TF_Weapon_PDA_Engineer" "PDA" "TF_Weapon_Flag" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Flag" "Flag" "TF_Weapon_Nailgun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Nailgun" "Nail Gun" "TF_Weapon_Medigun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Medigun" "Medi Gun" "TF_Weapon_Scattergun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Scattergun" "Scattergun" "TF_Weapon_SyringeGun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_SyringeGun" "Syringe Gun" "TF_Weapon_Watch" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Watch" "Invis Watch" "TF_Weapon_FlareGun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_FlareGun" "Flare Gun" "TF_Weapon_LunchBox" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_LunchBox" "Lunch Box" "TF_Wearable_Shield" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Shield" "Shield" "TF_Weapon_Jar" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Jar" "Jar Based Karate" "TF_Weapon_CompoundBow" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_CompoundBow" "Bow" "TF_Weapon_Battle_Banner" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Battle_Banner" "Battle Banner" "TF_Weapon_Sword" " "

"[english]TF_Weapon_Sword" "Sword" "TF_Weapon_Pickaxe" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Pickaxe" "Pickaxe" "TF_Weapon_SledgeHammer" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_SledgeHammer" "Sledgehammer" "TF_Weapon_MakeshiftClub" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_MakeshiftClub" "Makeshift Club" "TF_Wearable_Boots" "" "[english]TF_Wearable_Boots" "Boots" "TF_Wearable_Medal" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Medal" "Medal" "TF_Wearable_Holiday_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Holiday_Hat" "Holiday Hat" "TF_Wearable_HonestyHalo" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_HonestyHalo" "Aura of Incorruptibility" "TF_Scout_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Scout_Hat_1" "Batter's Helmet" "TF_Sniper_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Sniper_Hat_1" "Trophy Belt" "TF_Soldier_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Soldier_Hat_1" "Soldier's Stash" "TF_Demo_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Demo_Hat_1" "Demoman's Fro" "TF_Medic_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Medic_Hat_1" "Prussian Pickelhaube" "TF_Pyro_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Pyro_Hat_1" "Pyro's Beanie" "TF_Heavy_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Heavy_Hat_1" "Football Helmet" "TF_Engineer_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Engineer_Hat_1" "Mining Light" "TF_Spy_Hat_1" " " "[english]TF_Spy_Hat_1" "Fancy Fedora" "TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat" "Texas Ten Gallon" "TF_Engineer_Train_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Engineer_Train_Hat" "Engineer's Cap" "TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat" "Officer's Ushanka" "TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap" " " "[english]TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap" "Tough Guy's Toque" "TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat" "Stainless Pot" "TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat" "Tyrant's Helm" "TF_Demo_Scott_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Demo_Scott_Hat" "Glengarry Bonnet" "TF_Medic_Tyrolean_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Medic_Tyrolean_Hat" "Vintage Tyrolean" "TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat" "" "[english]TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat" "Respectless Rubber Glove" "TF_Spy_Camera_Beard" "" "[english]TF_Spy_Camera_Beard" "Camera Beard" "TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat" "Otolaryngologist's Mirror" "TF_Pyro_Fireman_Helmet" " " "[english]TF_Pyro_Fireman_Helmet" "Brigade Helm" "TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet" " " "[english]TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet" "Bonk Helm" "TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap" " "

"[english]TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap" "Ye Olde Baker Boy" "TF_Spy_Derby_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Spy_Derby_Hat" "Backbiter's Billycock" "TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat" "Professional's Panama" "TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband" " " "[english]TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband" "Master's Yellow Belt" "TF_Hatless_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Hatless_Scout" "Baseball Bill's Sports Shine" "TF_Hatless_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Hatless_Sniper" "Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative" "TF_Hatless_Engineer" " " "[english]TF_Hatless_Engineer" "Texas Slim's Dome Shine" "TF_Demo_Top_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Demo_Top_Hat" "Scotsman's Stove Pipe" "TF_HonestyHalo" " " "[english]TF_HonestyHalo" "Cheater's Lament" "TF_Halloween_Hat" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Hat" "Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask" "TF_Domination_Hat" "" "[english]TF_Domination_Hat" "Ghastlier Gibus" "TF_Domination_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Domination_Hat_Desc" "Even more ghastly." "TF_L4DHat" " " "[english]TF_L4DHat" "Bill's Hat" "TF_Wearable_L4DHat" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_L4DHat" "Veteran's Beret" "TF_PropagandaContest_FirstPlace" "J.Axer " "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_FirstPlace" "J.Axer's Dapper Topper" "TF_PropagandaContest_FirstPlace_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_FirstPlace_Desc" "First Place Winner, Propaganda Contest" "TF_PropagandaContest_SecondPlace" "Amber " "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_SecondPlace" "Amber's Rad As All Hell Hat" "TF_PropagandaContest_SecondPlace_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_SecondPlace_Desc" "First Runner-Up, Propag anda Contest" "TF_PropagandaContest_ThirdPlace" "" "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_ThirdPlace" "Uncle Sam" "TF_PropagandaContest_ThirdPlace_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PropagandaContest_ThirdPlace_Desc" "Second Runner-Up, Propaganda Co ntest" "TF_ToweringPillar_Hat" " " "[english]TF_ToweringPillar_Hat" "Towering Pillar of Hats" "TF_NobleAmassment_Hat" " " "[english]TF_NobleAmassment_Hat" "Noble Amassment of Hats" "TF_ModestPile_Hat" " " "[english]TF_ModestPile_Hat" "Modest Pile of Hat" "TF_MedicMask" " " "[english]TF_MedicMask" "Physician's Procedure Mask" "TF_HeavyHair" " " "[english]TF_HeavyHair" "Hound Dog" "TF_DemomanHallmark" " " "[english]TF_DemomanHallmark" "Hustler's Hallmark" "TF_SpyNobleHair" " " "[english]TF_SpyNobleHair" "Magistrate's Mullet" "TF_EngineerWeldingMask" " " "[english]TF_EngineerWeldingMask" "Hotrod" "TF_ScoutBeanie" " " "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie" "Troublemaker's Tossle Cap"

"TF_PyroBrainSucker" " " "[english]TF_PyroBrainSucker" "Triboniophorus Tyrannus" "TF_SoldierSamurai" " " "[english]TF_SoldierSamurai" "Killer's Kabuto" "TF_SniperPithHelmet" " " "[english]TF_SniperPithHelmet" "Shooter's Sola Topi" "TF_TTG_MaxsHat" "Max " "[english]TF_TTG_MaxsHat" "Max's Severed Head" "DeathMsg_Suicide" " " "[english]DeathMsg_Suicide" "bid farewell, cruel world!" "DeathMsg_AssistedSuicide" "" "[english]DeathMsg_AssistedSuicide" "finished off" "DeathMsg_Fall" "" "[english]DeathMsg_Fall" "fell to a clumsy, painful death" "Msg_Captured" " " "[english]Msg_Captured" "captured" "Msg_Defended" "" "[english]Msg_Defended" "defended" "Msg_Dominating" "" "[english]Msg_Dominating" "is DOMINATING" "Msg_Revenge" " " "[english]Msg_Revenge" "got REVENGE on" "Msg_PickedUpFlag" " " "[english]Msg_PickedUpFlag" "picked up the intelligence!" "Msg_CapturedFlag" " " "[english]Msg_CapturedFlag" "captured the intelligence!" "Msg_DefendedFlag" " " "[english]Msg_DefendedFlag" "defended the intelligence!" "TF_OK" "" "[english]TF_OK" "OK" "TF_Spy_DisguiseRemoved" " " "[english]TF_Spy_DisguiseRemoved" "Your disguise has been removed." "TF_Spy_Disguising" " %s1 %s2..." "[english]TF_Spy_Disguising" "Disguising as %s1 %s2..." "TF_Spy_Disguised_as" " %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Spy_Disguised_as" "You are disguised as a %s1 %s2." "TF_Spy_DisguiseWeapon" " %s1" "[english]TF_Spy_DisguiseWeapon" "Disguise Weapon: %s1." "TF_Spy_Disguise_Team_Blue" " " "[english]TF_Spy_Disguise_Team_Blue" "BLU" "TF_Spy_Disguise_Team_Red" " " "[english]TF_Spy_Disguise_Team_Red" "RED" "TF_Object_Sentry" " " "[english]TF_Object_Sentry" "Sentry Gun" "TF_Object_Dispenser" " " "[english]TF_Object_Dispenser" "Dispenser" "TF_Object_Tele_Exit" " " "[english]TF_Object_Tele_Exit" "Teleporter Exit" "TF_object_sapper" " " "[english]TF_object_sapper" "Sapper" "TF_Object_Sentry_360" " " "[english]TF_Object_Sentry_360" "Sentry" "TF_Object_Tele_Entrance_360" "" "[english]TF_Object_Tele_Entrance_360" "Entrance" "TF_Object_Tele_Exit_360" "" "[english]TF_Object_Tele_Exit_360" "Exit" "TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Building" " %s1" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Building" "Sentry Gun Building... %s1" "TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Level1" " %s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Level1" "Sentry Gun ( Level %s1 ) Healt

h %s2 Shells %s3" "TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Level3" " 3 %s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_SentryGun_Level3" "Sentry Gun ( Level 3 ) Health %s1 Shells %s2 Rockets %s3" "TF_ObjStatus_Dispenser_Building" " %s1" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Dispenser_Building" "Dispenser Building... %s1" "TF_ObjStatus_Dispenser" " %s1 %s1" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Dispenser" "Dispenser ( Level %s1 ) Health %s1" "TF_ObjStatus_Sapper_Building" " ... %s1" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Sapper_Building" "Sapper Building... %s1" "TF_ObjStatus_Sapper" " %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Sapper" "Sapper Health %s1 Target Health %s2" "TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Ready" "" "[english]TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Ready" "Ready" "TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Charging" " " "[english]TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Charging" "Charging" "CP5_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]CP5_red_setup_goal" "Capture all five of the Control Points to win t he game!" "CP5_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]CP5_blue_setup_goal" "Capture all five of the Control Points to win t he game!" "CP_setup_30sec" "30 " "[english]CP_setup_30sec" "Game begins in 30 seconds!" "CP_setup_10sec" "10 " "[english]CP_setup_10sec" "Game begins in 10 seconds!" "CP_cap_cp3" "" "[english]CP_cap_cp3" "the Central Control Point" "CP_cap_red_cp1" " " "[english]CP_cap_red_cp1" "the RED Base" "CP_cap_blue_cp1" " " "[english]CP_cap_blue_cp1" "the BLU Base" "Dustbowl_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]Dustbowl_red_setup_goal" "Defend the Control points against team BLU!" "Dustbowl_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]Dustbowl_blue_setup_goal" "Capture both Control Points to win the round and advance!" "Dustbowl_red_final_goal" " " "[english]Dustbowl_red_final_goal" "Defend the final two Control Points or the enemy will win the game!" "Dustbowl_blue_final_goal" " " "[english]Dustbowl_blue_final_goal" "Capture the final two Control Points to win the game!" "Dustbowl_team1" "" "[english]Dustbowl_team1" "Attackers" "Dustbowl_team2" "" "[english]Dustbowl_team2" "Defenders" "Dustbowl_you_secure_one" "\n " "[english]Dustbowl_you_secure_one" "You secured\nCommand Point ONE !!" "Dustbowl_you_secure_two" "\n " "[english]Dustbowl_you_secure_two" "You secured\nCommand Point TWO !!" "Dustbowl_protect_HQ" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_protect_HQ" "Protect your HQ from\nthe attacking team !!" "Dustbowl_bring_flag" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_bring_flag" "Bring your flag\nto the HQ !!" "Dustbowl_take_flag_one" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_take_flag_one" "Take the flag to\nCommand Point ONE." "Dustbowl_take_flag_two" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_take_flag_two" "Take the flag to\nCommand Point TWO."

"Dustbowl_take_flag_HQ" " " "[english]Dustbowl_take_flag_HQ" "Take the flag to the HQ !!" "Dustbowl_blue_secures_one" " \n" "[english]Dustbowl_blue_secures_one" "Team BLU Secures\nCommand Point ONE !!" "Dustbowl_blue_secures_two" " \n" "[english]Dustbowl_blue_secures_two" "Team BLU Secures\nCommand Point TWO !!" "Dustbowl_flag_returned" " " "[english]Dustbowl_flag_returned" "Flag has returned to base." "Dustbowl_90_secs" "90 " "[english]Dustbowl_90_secs" "90 seconds till gates open." "Dustbowl_60_secs" "60 " "[english]Dustbowl_60_secs" "60 seconds till gates open." "Dustbowl_30_secs" "30 " "[english]Dustbowl_30_secs" "30 seconds till gates open." "Dustbowl_10_secs" "10 " "[english]Dustbowl_10_secs" "10 seconds till gates open." "Dustbowl_gates_open" " " "[english]Dustbowl_gates_open" "Gates are open !!" "Dustbowl_five_minutes_left" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_five_minutes_left" "Time remaining:\nFive minutes" "Dustbowl_four_minutes_left" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_four_minutes_left" "Time remaining:\nFour minutes" "Dustbowl_three_minutes_left" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_three_minutes_left" "Time remaining:\nThree minutes" "Dustbowl_two_minutes_left" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_two_minutes_left" "Time remaining:\nTwo minutes" "Dustbowl_sixty_seconds_left" " \n" "[english]Dustbowl_sixty_seconds_left" "Time remaining:\nSixty seconds" "Dustbowl_thirty_seconds_left" " \n" "[english]Dustbowl_thirty_seconds_left" "Time remaining:\nThirty seconds" "Dustbowl_attackers_win" " \n " "[english]Dustbowl_attackers_win" "The Headquarters has\nbeen captured !!" "Dustbowl_defenders_win" " \n" "[english]Dustbowl_defenders_win" "The Headquarters has\nbeen successfully defended !!" "Dustbowl_cap_1_A" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_1_A" "First Cap, Stage One" "Dustbowl_cap_1_B" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_1_B" "Second Cap, Stage One" "Dustbowl_cap_2_A" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_2_A" "First Cap, Stage Two" "Dustbowl_cap_2_B" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_2_B" "Second Cap, Stage Two" "Dustbowl_cap_3_A" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_3_A" "First Cap, Stage Three" "Dustbowl_cap_3_B" " " "[english]Dustbowl_cap_3_B" "the Rocket, Final Cap" "Goldrush_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]Goldrush_red_setup_goal" "Prevent the enemy team from moving the cart to your base!" "Goldrush_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]Goldrush_blue_setup_goal" "Move the cart to the Control Points to win the round and advance!" "Goldrush_red_final_goal" " " "[english]Goldrush_red_final_goal" "Prevent the cart from moving to your ba se or the enemy will win the game!" "Goldrush_blue_final_goal" " " "[english]Goldrush_blue_final_goal" "Move the cart to the enemy base to dest roy it and win the game!" "Goldrush_team1" ""

"[english]Goldrush_team1" "Attackers" "Goldrush_team2" "" "[english]Goldrush_team2" "Defenders" "Goldrush_cap_1_A" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_1_A" "First Cap, Stage One" "Goldrush_cap_1_B" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_1_B" "Second Cap, Stage One" "Goldrush_cap_2_A" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_2_A" "First Cap, Stage Two" "Goldrush_cap_2_B" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_2_B" "Second Cap, Stage Two" "Goldrush_cap_3_A" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_3_A" "First Cap, Stage Three" "Goldrush_cap_3_B" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_3_B" "Second Cap, Stage Three" "Goldrush_cap_3_C" " " "[english]Goldrush_cap_3_C" "Atomic pit, Final Cap" "Badwater_cap_1" "" "[english]Badwater_cap_1" "First Capture point" "Badwater_cap_2" "" "[english]Badwater_cap_2" "Second Capture point" "Badwater_cap_3" "" "[english]Badwater_cap_3" "Third Capture point" "Badwater_cap_4" " " "[english]Badwater_cap_4" "Final Capture point" "2fort_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]2fort_red_setup_goal" "Grab the Intelligence Briefcase from the enemy basement. Return to your basement to win!" "2fort_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]2fort_blue_setup_goal" "Grab the Intelligence Briefcase from th e enemy basement. Return to your basement to win!" "Granary_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]Granary_red_setup_goal" "Capture all five Control Points to win the game!" "Granary_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]Granary_blue_setup_goal" "Capture all five Control Points to win the game!" "Granary_cap_cp3" "" "[english]Granary_cap_cp3" "the Central Control Point" "Granary_cap_red_cp2" " " "[english]Granary_cap_red_cp2" "the RED Warehouse" "Granary_cap_red_cp1" " " "[english]Granary_cap_red_cp1" "the RED Base" "Granary_cap_blue_cp2" " " "[english]Granary_cap_blue_cp2" "the BLU Warehouse" "Granary_cap_blue_cp1" " " "[english]Granary_cap_blue_cp1" "the BLU Base" "Gravelpit_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]Gravelpit_red_setup_goal" "Defend all three Control Points against team BLU to win the game!" "Gravelpit_blue_setup_goal" " A B C "[english]Gravelpit_blue_setup_goal" "Capture all three Controls Points to wi n! First capture A and B, then move on to C." "Gravelpit_cap_A" " A " "[english]Gravelpit_cap_A" "cap A, the Radio Tower" "Gravelpit_cap_B" " B" "[english]Gravelpit_cap_B" "cap B, the Radar" "Gravelpit_cap_C" " C" "[english]Gravelpit_cap_C" "cap C, the Laser Gun" "Hydro_red_setup_goal" " "

"[english]Hydro_red_setup_goal" "Capture BLU's single Control Point to win the r ound. Prevent them from doing the same!" "Hydro_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]Hydro_blue_setup_goal" "Capture RED's single Control Point to w in the round. Prevent them from doing the same!" "Hydro_red_base_attack" " " "[english]Hydro_red_base_attack" "Capture team BLU's final Control Point to win the game!" "Hydro_red_base_defend" " " "[english]Hydro_red_base_defend" "Defend your final Control Point against BLU or they will win!" "Hydro_blue_base_attack" " " "[english]Hydro_blue_base_attack" "Capture team RED's final Control Point to win the game!" "Hydro_blue_base_defend" " " "[english]Hydro_blue_base_defend" "Defend your final Control Point against RED or they will win!" "Hydro_cap_red_base" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_red_base" "the RED Base" "Hydro_cap_blue_base" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_blue_base" "the BLU Base" "Hydro_cap_radar_dish" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_radar_dish" "the Radar Dish" "Hydro_cap_dam" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_dam" "the Dam" "Hydro_cap_power_plant" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_power_plant" "the Power Plant" "Hydro_cap_warehouse" " " "[english]Hydro_cap_warehouse" "the Warehouse" "Well_red_setup_goal" " " "[english]Well_red_setup_goal" "Capture all five of the Control Points to win t he game!" "Well_blue_setup_goal" " " "[english]Well_blue_setup_goal" "Capture all five of the Control Points to win t he game!" "Well_setup_30sec" "30 " "[english]Well_setup_30sec" "Game begins in 30 seconds!" "Well_setup_10sec" "10 " "[english]Well_setup_10sec" "Game begins in 10 seconds!" "Well_cap_center" "" "[english]Well_cap_center" "Central Control Point" "Well_cap_red_two" " " "[english]Well_cap_red_two" "the RED Warehouse" "Well_cap_red_rocket" " " "[english]Well_cap_red_rocket" "the RED Base" "Well_cap_blue_two" " " "[english]Well_cap_blue_two" "the BLU Warehouse" "Well_cap_blue_rocket" " " "[english]Well_cap_blue_rocket" "the BLU Base" "Pipeline_setup_goal" " " "[english]Pipeline_setup_goal" "Move your cart to the capture point first to wi n this heat!" "Pipeline_final_goal" " " "[english]Pipeline_final_goal" "Move your cart to destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours!" "Pipeline_cap_1_red" " " "[english]Pipeline_cap_1_red" "Red's first Capture point" "Pipeline_cap_1_blue" " " "[english]Pipeline_cap_1_blue" "Blue's first Capture point" "Pipeline_cap_2_red" " "

"[english]Pipeline_cap_2_red" "Red's second Capture point" "Pipeline_cap_2_blue" " " "[english]Pipeline_cap_2_blue" "Blue's second Capture point" "Pipeline_cap_3_red" " " "[english]Pipeline_cap_3_red" "Red's final capture point" "Pipeline_cap_3_blue" " " "[english]Pipeline_cap_3_blue" "Blue's final capture point" "Badlands_cap_cp3" "" "[english]Badlands_cap_cp3" "the Central Control Point" "Badlands_cap_red_cp2" " " "[english]Badlands_cap_red_cp2" "the RED Spire" "Badlands_cap_red_cp1" " " "[english]Badlands_cap_red_cp1" "the RED Base" "Badlands_cap_blue_cp2" " " "[english]Badlands_cap_blue_cp2" "the BLU Spire" "Badlands_cap_blue_cp1" " " "[english]Badlands_cap_blue_cp1" "the BLU Base" "koth_setup_goal" " " "[english]koth_setup_goal" "Capture and hold the Control Point to win the g ame!" "koth_viaduct_cap" "" "[english]koth_viaduct_cap" "the Control Point" "Arena_cap" "" "[english]Arena_cap" "the Control Point" "Winpanel_Team1" " " "[english]Winpanel_Team1" "TEAM" "Winpanel_Team2" " " "[english]Winpanel_Team2" "Team" "Winpanel_BlueWins" " " "[english]Winpanel_BlueWins" "BLU TEAM WINS!" "Winpanel_BlueAdvances" " " "[english]Winpanel_BlueAdvances" "BLU TEAM SEIZES AREA" "Winpanel_BlueDefends" " " "[english]Winpanel_BlueDefends" "BLU TEAM DEFENDS!" "Winpanel_RedWins" " " "[english]Winpanel_RedWins" "RED TEAM WINS!" "Winpanel_RedAdvances" " " "[english]Winpanel_RedAdvances" "RED TEAM SEIZES AREA" "Winpanel_RedDefends" " " "[english]Winpanel_RedDefends" "RED TEAM DEFENDS!" "Winpanel_TeamWins" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]Winpanel_TeamWins" "%s1 %s2 WINS!" "Winpanel_TeamLost" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]Winpanel_TeamLost" "%s1 %s2 LOST!" "Winpanel_TeamAdvances" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]Winpanel_TeamAdvances" "%s1 %s2 SEIZES AREA" "Winpanel_TeamDefends" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]Winpanel_TeamDefends" "%s1 %s2 DEFENDS!" "Winpanel_BlueMVPs" " MVP" "[english]Winpanel_BlueMVPs" "BLU Team MVPs:" "Winpanel_RedMVPs" " MVP" "[english]Winpanel_RedMVPs" "RED Team MVPs:" "Winpanel_TopPlayers" " " "[english]Winpanel_TopPlayers" "Top Players:" "Winpanel_PointsThisRound" "" "[english]Winpanel_PointsThisRound" "Points this round:" "Winpanel_CapturePointsRemaining" " %s1 " "[english]Winpanel_CapturePointsRemaining" "%s1 more areas to win" "Winpanel_CapturePointRemaining" " %s1 " "[english]Winpanel_CapturePointRemaining" "%s1 more area to win"

"Winpanel_WinningCapture" " %s1" "[english]Winpanel_WinningCapture" "Winning capture: %s1" "Winreason_AllPointsCaptured" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_AllPointsCaptured" "%s1 captured all control points" "Winreason_FlagCaptureLimit" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]Winreason_FlagCaptureLimit" "%s1 captured the enemy intelligence %s2 times" "Winreason_OpponentsDead" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_OpponentsDead" "%s1 killed all opponents during sudden death" "Winreason_DefendedUntilTimeLimit" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_DefendedUntilTimeLimit" "%s1 successfully defended until time ran out" "Winreason_TimeLimit" " %s1 " "[english]Winreason_TimeLimit" "%s1 had more points when the time limit was rea ched" "Winreason_WinLimit" " %s1 " "[english]Winreason_WinLimit" "%s1 had more points when the win limit was reac hed" "Winreason_WinDiffLimit" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_WinDiffLimit" "%s1 was ahead by the required differenc e to win" "Winreason_Stalemate" " " "[english]Winreason_Stalemate" "You're all losers" "Winreason_Arena" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_Arena" "%s1 killed all opponents" "Winreason_PayloadRace" "%s1 " "[english]Winreason_PayloadRace" "%s1 won the payload race" "Tournament_WaitingForTeams" " " "[english]Tournament_WaitingForTeams" "Waiting for teams to organize" "Tournament_Countdown" "%s1 ... 'F4' " "[english]Tournament_Countdown" "Starting in %s1 seconds... 'F4' to cancel" "Tournament_TeamReady" "" "[english]Tournament_TeamReady" "Ready" "Tournament_TeamNotReady" " " "[english]Tournament_TeamNotReady" "Not Ready" "Tournament_WinConditions" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditions" "Win Conditions: " "Tournament_WinConditionsMinute" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsMinute" "minute" "Tournament_WinConditionsRound" "" "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsRound" "round" "Tournament_WinConditionsWin" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsWin" "win" "Tournament_WinConditionsMinutes" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsMinutes" "minutes" "Tournament_WinConditionsRounds" "" "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsRounds" "rounds" "Tournament_WinConditionsWins" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsWins" "wins" "Tournament_WinConditionsNone" "" "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsNone" "None" "Tournament_WinConditionsSecond" "" "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsSecond" "second" "Tournament_WinConditionsSeconds" " " "[english]Tournament_WinConditionsSeconds" "seconds" "Tournament_TeamSetupNotReady" " " "[english]Tournament_TeamSetupNotReady" "Team Not Ready" "Tournament_TeamSetupReady" " " "[english]Tournament_TeamSetupReady" "Team Ready"

"Tournament_Instructions" "F4 = / " "[english]Tournament_Instructions" "F4 = change team name/status" "Tournament_TeamNamePanel" " " "[english]Tournament_TeamNamePanel" "Team Name" "Winpanel_TournamentTeamWins" "%s1 " "[english]Winpanel_TournamentTeamWins" "%s1 WINS!" "Winpanel_TournamentTeamLost" "%s1 " "[english]Winpanel_TournamentTeamLost" "%s1 LOST!" "Winpanel_TournamentTeamAdvances" "%s1 " "[english]Winpanel_TournamentTeamAdvances" "%s1 SEIZES AREA" "Winpanel_TournamentTeamDefends" "%s1 " "[english]Winpanel_TournamentTeamDefends" "%s1 DEFENDS!" "Winpanel_TournamentMVPs" "%s1 MVP" "[english]Winpanel_TournamentMVPs" "%s1 MVPs:" "Tournament_TeamName_Change" "%s1 %s2" "[english]Tournament_TeamName_Change" "%s1 changed team name to %s2" "Tournament_ReadyState_Change" "%s1 %s2" "[english]Tournament_ReadyState_Change" "%s1 changed team state to %s2" "Tournament_StopWatchNoCap" " " "[english]Tournament_StopWatchNoCap" "Capture time not yet set" "Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureAttacker" " %s1 %s2 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureAttacker" "Capture %s1 %s2 to win! " "Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureDefender" " %s1 %s2 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureDefender" "Defend %s1 %s2 to win!" "Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureSpectator" " %s1 %s2 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatchPointCaptureSpectator" "Attackers need %s1 %s2 to win" "Tournament_StopWatch_Point" "" "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_Point" "point" "Tournament_StopWatch_Points" "" "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_Points" "points" "Tournament_StopWatch_TimeVictory" " %s1 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_TimeVictory" "Beat %s1's time to win!" "Tournament_StopWatch_TimeVictoryDefender" "%s1 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_TimeVictoryDefender" "%s1's time" "Tournament_StopWatch_LabelDefender" " %s1 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_LabelDefender" "Stop %s1's advance!" "Tournament_StopWatch_AttackerScore" " %s1 " "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_AttackerScore" "Beat %s1's score to win!" "Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPointsAndTime" "%s1 %s3 %s2 %s4 "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPointsAndTime" "%s1 got %s2 in just %s3. If %s4 gets %s5 faster, they win!" "Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPointsAndTime2" " %s1 %s2 "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPointsAndTime2" "If %s1 doesn't beat %s2 's time, they can still win by capturing more points. To win, %s3 needs to captu re %s4 before the round ends!" "Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPoints" "%s1 %s2 1 "[english]Tournament_StopWatch_GoalTextPoints" "%s1 didn't capture any points l ast round. If %s2 captures 1 point, they win!" "TF_Gates_90_secs" "90 " "[english]TF_Gates_90_secs" "90 seconds till gates open." "TF_Gates_60_secs" "60 " "[english]TF_Gates_60_secs" "60 seconds till gates open." "TF_Gates_30_secs" "30 " "[english]TF_Gates_30_secs" "30 seconds till gates open." "TF_Gates_10_secs" "10 " "[english]TF_Gates_10_secs" "10 seconds till gates open." "TF_Gates_open" " " "[english]TF_Gates_open" "Gates are open !!"

"TF_Time_FiveMinutesLeft" " \n " "[english]TF_Time_FiveMinutesLeft" "Time remaining:\nFive minutes" "TF_Time_FourMinutesLeft" " \n " "[english]TF_Time_FourMinutesLeft" "Time remaining:\nFour minutes" "TF_Time_ThreeMinutesLeft" " \n " "[english]TF_Time_ThreeMinutesLeft" "Time remaining:\nThree minutes" "TF_Time_TwoMinutesLeft" " \n " "[english]TF_Time_TwoMinutesLeft" "Time remaining:\nTwo minutes" "TF_Time_SixtySecondsLeft" " \n" "[english]TF_Time_SixtySecondsLeft" "Time remaining:\nSixty seconds" "TF_Time_ThirtySecondsLeft" " \n" "[english]TF_Time_ThirtySecondsLeft" "Time remaining:\nThirty seconds" "TF_Time_attackers_win" " \n \n " "[english]TF_Time_attackers_win" "Attackers win !!\nThe command points ha ve\nall been captured !!" "TF_Time_defenders_win" "\n \n " "[english]TF_Time_defenders_win" "Defenders win !!\nThe command points ha ve\nbeen successfully defended !!" "TF_AD_TakeFlagToPoint" " \n " "[english]TF_AD_TakeFlagToPoint" "Take the flag to\nthe Command Point." "TF_AD_YouSecuredPoint" "\n %s1" "[english]TF_AD_YouSecuredPoint" "You secured\nCommand Point %s1 !!" "TF_AD_AttackersSecuredPoint" "\n %s1" "[english]TF_AD_AttackersSecuredPoint" "Attackers Secured\nCommand Point %s1 !! " "TF_AD_FlagReturned" " " "[english]TF_AD_FlagReturned" "Flag has returned to base." "TF_CTF_PlayerPickup" " \n\n" "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerPickup" "You PICKED UP the ENEMY INTELLIGENCE!\n\nReturn to BASE!" "TF_CTF_PlayerTeamPickup" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerTeamPickup" "Your team PICKED UP the ENEMY INTELLIGE NCE!" "TF_CTF_OtherTeamPickup" " " "[english]TF_CTF_OtherTeamPickup" "Your INTELLIGENCE has been PICKED UP!" "TF_CTF_PlayerCapture" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerCapture" "You CAPTURED the ENEMY INTELLIGENCE!" "TF_CTF_PlayerTeamCapture" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerTeamCapture" "Your team CAPTURED the ENEMY INTELLIGEN CE!" "TF_CTF_OtherTeamCapture" " " "[english]TF_CTF_OtherTeamCapture" "Your INTELLIGENCE was CAPTURED!" "TF_CTF_PlayerDrop" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerDrop" "You dropped the ENEMY INTELLIGENCE!" "TF_CTF_PlayerTeamDrop" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerTeamDrop" "The ENEMY INTELLIGENCE was dropped!" "TF_CTF_OtherTeamDrop" " " "[english]TF_CTF_OtherTeamDrop" "Your INTELLIGENCE has been dropped!" "TF_CTF_PlayerTeamReset" " " "[english]TF_CTF_PlayerTeamReset" "Your INTELLIGENCE has been returned!" "TF_CTF_OtherTeamReset" " " "[english]TF_CTF_OtherTeamReset" "The ENEMY INTELLIGENCE was returned!" "TF_CTF_Wrong_Goal" " " "[english]TF_CTF_Wrong_Goal" "Take the INTELLIGENCE back to YOUR BASE." "TF_CTF_No_Invuln" " " "[english]TF_CTF_No_Invuln" "You cannot be INVULNERABLE while carrying the E NEMY INTELLIGENCE!" "TF_CTF_No_Tele" " " "[english]TF_CTF_No_Tele" "You cannot TELEPORT while carrying the ENEMY IN TELLIGENCE!"

"Team_Capture_Linear" "\n\n " "[english]Team_Capture_Linear" "Preceding\npoint\nnot owned!" "Team_Capture_Blocked" " \n \n " "[english]Team_Capture_Blocked" "Capture\nblocked\nby enemy" "Team_Blocking_Capture" "\n \n " "[english]Team_Blocking_Capture" "Blocking\nenemy\ncapture!" "Team_Reverting_Capture" " \n " "[english]Team_Reverting_Capture" "Reverting\ncapture!" "Team_Waiting_for_teammate" "\n " "[english]Team_Waiting_for_teammate" "Waiting for\nteammate" "Team_Cannot_Capture" " \n " "[english]Team_Cannot_Capture" "Your team can't\ncapture this!" "Team_Capture_OwnPoint" "\n" "[english]Team_Capture_OwnPoint" "Defend\nthis point." "Team_Capture_NotNow" "\n " "[english]Team_Capture_NotNow" "No capturing\nat this time." "Team_Capture_Owned" "\n " "[english]Team_Capture_Owned" "Capture Point\nalready owned." "Team_Progress_Blocked" " \n \n " "[english]Team_Progress_Blocked" "Progress\nblocked\nby enemy" "Cant_cap_stealthed" " \n " "[english]Cant_cap_stealthed" "Cannot capture point\n while stealthed." "Cant_cap_disguised" " \n " "[english]Cant_cap_disguised" "Cannot capture point\n while disguised." "Cant_cap_invuln" " \n " "[english]Cant_cap_invuln" "Cannot capture point\n while invulnerable." "Cant_cap_stunned" " \n " "[english]Cant_cap_stunned" "Cannot capture point\n while stunned." "TF_Invade_FlagReturned" " " "[english]TF_Invade_FlagReturned" "The FLAG has returned!" "TF_Invade_PlayerPickup" " \n\n " "[english]TF_Invade_PlayerPickup" "You PICKED UP the FLAG!\n\nTake it to t he ENEMY BASE!" "TF_Invade_PlayerTeamPickup" " " "[english]TF_Invade_PlayerTeamPickup" "Your team PICKED UP the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_OtherTeamPickup" " " "[english]TF_Invade_OtherTeamPickup" "The ENEMY has PICKED UP the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_PlayerCapture" " " "[english]TF_Invade_PlayerCapture" "You CAPTURED the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_PlayerTeamCapture" " " "[english]TF_Invade_PlayerTeamCapture" "Your team CAPTURED the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_OtherTeamCapture" " " "[english]TF_Invade_OtherTeamCapture" "The ENEMY CAPTURED the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_PlayerFlagDrop" " " "[english]TF_Invade_PlayerFlagDrop" "You dropped the FLAG!" "TF_Invade_FlagDrop" " " "[english]TF_Invade_FlagDrop" "The FLAG was dropped!" "TF_Invade_Wrong_Goal" " " "[english]TF_Invade_Wrong_Goal" "Take the flag to the ENEMY BASE." "TF_Invade_FlagNeutral" " \n " "[english]TF_Invade_FlagNeutral" "The FLAG has become NEUTRAL!\nGet the F LAG!" "TF_Flag_AltFireToDrop" " ALT-FIRE " "[english]TF_Flag_AltFireToDrop" "Press ALT-FIRE to drop the flag." "FreezePanel_NoKiller" " " "[english]FreezePanel_NoKiller" "You were killed" "FreezePanel_Killer" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Killer" "You were killed by" "FreezePanel_Killer_Dead" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Killer_Dead" "You were killed by the late"

"FreezePanel_Nemesis" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Nemesis" "You were killed again by" "FreezePanel_Nemesis_Dead" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Nemesis_Dead" "You were killed again by the late" "FreezePanel_KillerObject" "%objectkiller% " "[english]FreezePanel_KillerObject" "You were killed by the %objectkiller% o f" "FreezePanel_KillerObject_Dead" "%objectkiller% " "[english]FreezePanel_KillerObject_Dead" "You were killed by the %objectk iller% of the late" "FreezePanel_KillerHealth" " %s1" "[english]FreezePanel_KillerHealth" "Health left: %s1" "FreezePanel_Callout" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Callout" "A bit of you!" "FreezePanel_Callout2" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Callout2" "Another bit!" "FreezePanel_Callout3" " " "[english]FreezePanel_Callout3" "More bits!" "FreezePanel_Item" "%killername% " "[english]FreezePanel_Item" "%killername% is carrying:" "Callout_Ragdoll" "" "[english]Callout_Ragdoll" "You!" "Callout_Head" " " "[english]Callout_Head" "Your head!" "Callout_Foot" "" "[english]Callout_Foot" "Your foot!" "Callout_Hand" "" "[english]Callout_Hand" "Your hand!" "Callout_Torso" "" "[english]Callout_Torso" "Your torso!" "Callout_Organ1" " " "[english]Callout_Organ1" "Your spleen!" "Callout_Organ2" "" "[english]Callout_Organ2" "Your lungs!" "Callout_Organ3" "" "[english]Callout_Organ3" "Your liver!" "Callout_Organ4" "" "[english]Callout_Organ4" "Your pancreas!" "Callout_Organ5" " " "[english]Callout_Organ5" "Your kidney!" "Callout_Organ6" " " "[english]Callout_Organ6" "Your appendix!" "WaitingForPlayersPanel_WaitOnPlayers" "" "[english]WaitingForPlayersPanel_WaitOnPlayers" "Waiting for other players" "WaitingForPlayersPanel_WaitEnding" " " "[english]WaitingForPlayersPanel_WaitEnding" "Starting Game" "ControlPointIconCappers" "x%numcappers%" "[english]ControlPointIconCappers" "x%numcappers%" "game_WaitingForPlayers" "" "[english]game_WaitingForPlayers" "Waiting For Players" "game_Overtime" " " "[english]game_Overtime" "Overtime" "game_Setup" " " "[english]game_Setup" "Setup" "EnterStalemate" " \n" "[english]EnterStalemate" "Sudden Death Mode!\nNo more respawning!" "game_SuddenDeath" " " "[english]game_SuddenDeath" "Sudden Death" "game_stalemate_cant_change_class" " %s1 \n " "[english]game_stalemate_cant_change_class" "%s1 seconds have passed.\nYou c

an't change class in Sudden Death Mode now!" "TF_CantChangeClassNow" " " "[english]TF_CantChangeClassNow" "You can't change class at this time." "TF_CantChangeTeamNow" " " "[english]TF_CantChangeTeamNow" "You can't change team at this time." "Gametype_CTF" " " "[english]Gametype_CTF" "Capture the Flag" "Gametype_CP" "" "[english]Gametype_CP" "Control Points" "Gametype_Escort" " " "[english]Gametype_Escort" "Payload" "Gametype_Arena" " " "[english]Gametype_Arena" "Arena" "Gametype_EscortRace" " " "[english]Gametype_EscortRace" "Payload Race" "Gametype_Koth" "" "[english]Gametype_Koth" "King of the Hill" "Intro_Title" " %gamemode%" "[english]Intro_Title" "Game Mode Introduction: %gamemode%" "Intro_CaptureIntro" " " "[english]Intro_CaptureIntro" "Welcome to the Capture Point game mode introduc tion." "Intro_capturepoints" " 5 \nHUD "[english]Intro_capturepoints" "Your team must own 5 Capture Points to win.\nTh e HUD shows which team owns each capture point." "Intro_fakecapture" " \nHUD " "[english]Intro_fakecapture" "Stand near the Capture Point to capture it.\nTh e HUD shows your capture progress." "Intro_multcapture" " \n " "[english]Intro_multcapture" "Multiple team members capture points faster!\nH elp your team out!" "Intro_yourpoint" " \n " "[english]Intro_yourpoint" "Don't let the enemy capture your last point!\nD efend it or you lose!" "Intro_ctf_intro" " "[english]Intro_ctf_intro" "Game Mode Introduction: Each team must capture the enemy's secret files, while defending their own." "Intro_ctf_red_assault_base" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_red_assault_base" "Assault the enemy base to steal their s ecret files." "Intro_ctf_red_steal_files" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_red_steal_files" "Steal the briefcase from the basement o f the enemy base." "Intro_ctf_red_return_and_cap" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_red_return_and_cap" "Return the briefcase to the desk in you r team's basement to capture it and score." "Intro_ctf_red_defend" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_red_defend" "Don't forget to help defend your team's briefca se from the enemy!" "Intro_ctf_blue_assault_base" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_blue_assault_base" "Assault the enemy base to steal their s ecret files." "Intro_ctf_blue_steal_files" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_blue_steal_files" "Steal the briefcase from the basement o f the enemy base." "Intro_ctf_blue_return_and_cap" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_blue_return_and_cap" "Return the briefcase to the des k in your team's basement to capture it and score." "Intro_ctf_blue_defend" " " "[english]Intro_ctf_blue_defend" "Don't forget to help defend your team's

briefcase from the enemy!" "Intro_attack_defense_intro" " \n "[english]Intro_attack_defense_intro" "This is an attack defense map, \nBLU t ries to capture areas while RED tries to stop them." "Intro_attack_defense_capping" " \nHUD " "[english]Intro_attack_defense_capping" "BLU must stand near the Capture Point t o capture it.\nThe HUD shows your capture progress." "Intro_attack_defense_cap_a" " A ..." "[english]Intro_attack_defense_cap_a" "BLU must capture both Capture point A . .." "Intro_attack_defense_cap_b" " B\n " "[english]Intro_attack_defense_cap_b" "and also Capture point B. \nBLU can ca pture the points in any order." "Intro_attack_defense_cap_final" " A B "[english]Intro_attack_defense_cap_final" "After BLU owns capture point A and capture point B the final Capture point unlocks" "Intro_attack_defense_cap_timer" " 3 "[english]Intro_attack_defense_cap_timer" "BLU earns 3 minutes on the time r for each successfully captured point. RED cannot capture points back once BLU own them." "Hint_spotted_a_friend" " " "[english]Hint_spotted_a_friend" "You have spotted a teammate!" "Hint_spotted_an_enemy" " " "[english]Hint_spotted_an_enemy" "You have spotted an enemy!" "Hint_killing_enemies_is_good" " " "[english]Hint_killing_enemies_is_good" "You killed an enemy!" "Hint_out_of_ammo" " !" "[english]Hint_out_of_ammo" "Your weapon is out of ammo!" "Hint_turn_off_hints" " \n -> -> -> "[english]Hint_turn_off_hints" "You can turn off hints in the options menu,\n u nder Options -> Multiplayer -> Advanced -> 'Auto Help'" "Hint_pickup_ammo" " !" "[english]Hint_pickup_ammo" "Pick up ammo from fallen weapons!" "Hint_Cannot_Teleport_With_Flag" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Teleport_With_Flag" "You cannot teleport when you ha ve the briefcase." "Hint_Cannot_Cloak_With_Flag" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Cloak_With_Flag" "You cannot cloak when you have the brie fcase." "Hint_Cannot_Disguise_With_Flag" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Disguise_With_Flag" "You cannot disguise when you ha ve the briefcase." "Hint_Cannot_Attack_While_Cloaked" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Attack_While_Cloaked" "You cannot attack while cloaked ." "Hint_Cannot_Invuln_With_Flag" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Invuln_With_Flag" "You cannot go invulnerable when you hav e the briefcase." "Hint_Cannot_Attack_While_Feign_Armed" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Attack_While_Feign_Armed" "You cannot attack while feign d eath is armed." "Hint_Cannot_Arm_Feign_Now" " " "[english]Hint_Cannot_Arm_Feign_Now" "You need a full cloak meter to arm feig n death." "Hint_ClassMenu" " '%changeclass%' " "[english]Hint_ClassMenu" "Press '%changeclass%' to change your player cla ss." "Hint_altfire_sniperrifle" " '%attack2%' " "[english]Hint_altfire_sniperrifle" "You can hit '%attack2%' to zoom with yo ur sniper rifle."

"Hint_altfire_grenadelauncher" " '%attack2%' " "[english]Hint_altfire_grenadelauncher" "You can hit '%attack2%' to detonate sti ckybombs even while using your grenade launcher." "Hint_altfire_pipebomblauncher" " '%attack2%' " "[english]Hint_altfire_pipebomblauncher" "You can hit '%attack2%' to deto nate stickybombs launched with your stickybomb launcher." "Hint_altfire_rotate_building" " '%attack2%' " "[english]Hint_altfire_rotate_building" "You can hit '%attack2%' to rotate build ings before you place them." "Hint_Soldier_rpg_reload" " '%reload%' "[english]Hint_Soldier_rpg_reload" "Hit '%reload%' to reload your rocket la uncher.\nReload it whenever you're out of combat!" "Hint_Engineer_use_wrench_onown" "\n " "[english]Hint_Engineer_use_wrench_onown" "Hit constructing objects with y our wrench\nto make them build faster!" "Hint_Engineer_use_wrench_onother" " \n "[english]Hint_Engineer_use_wrench_onother" "Hit your teammate's constructin g objects with your wrench\nto help them build faster!" "Hint_Engineer_build_sentrygun" " \n "[english]Hint_Engineer_build_sentrygun" "Build sentry guns to defend you r team's base.\nThe fourth slot in your weapon selection holds buildables." "Hint_Engineer_build_dispenser" " \n "[english]Hint_Engineer_build_dispenser" "Build Dispensers to help your t eammates to resupply.\nThe fourth slot in your weapon selection holds buildables ." "Hint_Engineer_build_teleporters" " \n "[english]Hint_Engineer_build_teleporters" "Build Teleporters to help your team defend forward areas.\nThe fourth slot in your weapon selection holds build ables." "Hint_Engineer_pickup_metal" " \n!" "[english]Hint_Engineer_pickup_metal" "Pick up metal from fallen weapons\nto u se in building objects!" "Hint_Engineer_repair_object" " " "[english]Hint_Engineer_repair_object" "Hit damaged objects with your wrench to repair them!" "Hint_Engineer_metal_to_upgrade" " " "[english]Hint_Engineer_metal_to_upgrade" "You need more metal to upgrade your sentry gun!" "Hint_Engineer_upgrade_sentrygun" " \n 3 "[english]Hint_Engineer_upgrade_sentrygun" "Upgrade sentry guns by hitting them with your wrench.\nThey can be upgraded all the way to level 3!" "Hint_object_has_sapper" " \n " "[english]Hint_object_has_sapper" "This building is being destroyed by a s apper!\n Shoot the sapper to destroy it!" "Hint_object_your_object_sapped" " " "[english]Hint_object_your_object_sapped" "One of your buildings is being destroyed!" "Hint_enemy_using_dispenser" " " "[english]Hint_enemy_using_dispenser" "An enemy is using your dispenser!" "Hint_enemy_using_tp_entrance" " " "[english]Hint_enemy_using_tp_entrance" "An enemy is near your teleporter entran ce!" "Hint_enemy_using_tp_exit" " " "[english]Hint_enemy_using_tp_exit" "An enemy is near your teleporter exit!" "WinPanel_Red_Team_Wins" " " "[english]WinPanel_Red_Team_Wins" "RED Team Wins" "WinPanel_Blue_Team_Wins" " " "[english]WinPanel_Blue_Team_Wins" "BLU Team Wins" "WinPanel_Stalemate" "" "[english]WinPanel_Stalemate" "STALEMATE!"

"StatPanel_Title_Dead" "..." "[english]StatPanel_Title_Dead" "On the bright side..." "StatPanel_Title_Alive" " " "[english]StatPanel_Title_Alive" "Well, that was impressive! Last round:" "StatPanel_Format_Close" " %s1 %s2" "[english]StatPanel_Format_Close" "That round: %s1 Your best: %s2" "StatPanel_Kills_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Kills_Best" "You had more kills as %s1 that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_Captures_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Captures_Best" "You had more captures as %s1 that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_Defenses_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Defenses_Best" "You defended more points as %s1 that ro und than your previous best." "StatPanel_DamageDealt_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_DamageDealt_Best" "You've caused more damage as %s1 than y our previous best." "StatPanel_PlayTime_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PlayTime_Best" "You stayed alive as %s1 longer that rou nd than your previous best." "StatPanel_Healing_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Healing_Best" "You healed more as %s1 that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_Invulnerable_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Best" "You went invulnerable more that round t han your previous best." "StatPanel_KillAssists_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Best" "You had more kill assists that round as %s1 than your previous best." "StatPanel_Backstabs_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Best" "You had more backstabs that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_HealthLeached_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_HealthLeached_Best" "You stole more health from enemy Medics and dispensers that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Best" "You built more buildings that r ound than your previous best." "StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Best" " %s1 "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Best" "You destroyed more buildings th at round as %s1 than your previous best." "StatPanel_Headshots_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_Headshots_Best" "You had more headshots that round than your previous best." "StatPanel_SentryKills_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_SentryKills_Best" "Your sentry gun had more kills that rou nd than your previous best." "StatPanel_Teleports_Best" " " "[english]StatPanel_Teleports_Best" "Your teleporter was used more that roun d than your previous best." "StatPanel_Dominations_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Dominations_Best" "You dominated more new opponents that r ound as %s1 than your previous best." "StatPanel_Revenge_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Revenge_Best" "You got revenge on more opponents that round as %s1 than your previous best." "StatPanel_PointsScored_Best" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PointsScored_Best" "You scored more points that round as %s 1 than your previous best."

"StatPanel_Kills_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Kills_Tie" "You tied your record for kills as %s1 that roun d." "StatPanel_Captures_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Captures_Tie" "You tied your record for captures as %s 1 that round." "StatPanel_Defenses_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Defenses_Tie" "You tied your record for defenses as %s 1 that round." "StatPanel_DamageDealt_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_DamageDealt_Tie" "You tied your record for damage dealt a s %s1 that round." "StatPanel_PlayTime_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PlayTime_Tie" "You tied your record for time alive as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Healing_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Healing_Tie" "You tied your record for healing as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Invulnerable_Tie" " UberCharge " "[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Tie" "You tied your record for invulns that r ound." "StatPanel_KillAssists_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Tie" "You tied your record for kill assists a s %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Backstabs_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Tie" "You tied your record for backstabs that round." "StatPanel_HealthLeached_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_HealthLeached_Tie" "You tied your record for health stolen from the enemy that round." "StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Tie" "You tied your record for buildings buil t that round." "StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Tie" "You tied your record for buildi ngs destroyed as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Headshots_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_Headshots_Tie" "You tied your record for headshots that round." "StatPanel_SentryKills_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_SentryKills_Tie" "You tied your record for kills by your sentry gun that round." "StatPanel_Teleports_Tie" " " "[english]StatPanel_Teleports_Tie" "You tied your record for teleports that round." "StatPanel_Dominations_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Dominations_Tie" "You tied your record for opponents domi nated as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Revenge_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Revenge_Tie" "You tied your record for revenge as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_PointsScored_Tie" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PointsScored_Tie" "You tied your record for points scored as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Kills_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Kills_Close" "You came close to your record for kills as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Captures_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Captures_Close" "You came close to your record for captu res as %s1 that round."

"StatPanel_Defenses_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Defenses_Close" "You came close to your record for defen ses as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_DamageDealt_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_DamageDealt_Close" "You came close to your record for damag e dealt as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_PlayTime_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PlayTime_Close" "You came close to your record for time alive as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Healing_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Healing_Close" "You came close to your record for heali ng as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Invulnerable_Close" " UberCharge " "[english]StatPanel_Invulnerable_Close" "You came close to your record for invul ns that round." "StatPanel_KillAssists_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_KillAssists_Close" "You came close to your record for kill assists as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Backstabs_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_Backstabs_Close" "You came close to your record for backs tabs that round." "StatPanel_HealthLeached_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_HealthLeached_Close" "You came close to your record f or health stolen from the enemy that round." "StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsBuilt_Close" "You came close to your record f or buildings built that round." "StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Close" " %s1 "[english]StatPanel_BuildingsDestroyed_Close" "You came close to your record f or buildings destroyed as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Headshots_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_Headshots_Close" "You came close to your record for heads hots that round." "StatPanel_SentryKills_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_SentryKills_Close" "You came close to your record for kills by your sentry gun that round." "StatPanel_Teleports_Close" " " "[english]StatPanel_Teleports_Close" "You came close to your record for telep orts that round." "StatPanel_Dominations_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Dominations_Close" "You came close to your record for oppon ents dominated as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Revenge_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_Revenge_Close" "You came close to your record for reven ge as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_PointsScored_Close" " %s1 " "[english]StatPanel_PointsScored_Close" "You came close to your record for point s scored as %s1 that round." "StatPanel_Label_Kills" "# " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Kills" "# Kills: " "StatPanel_Label_DamageDealt" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_DamageDealt" "Damage dealt: " "StatPanel_Label_PlayTime" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_PlayTime" "Play time: " "StatPanel_Label_Healing" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Healing" "Health points healed: " "StatPanel_Label_Invulnerable" "UberCharge " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Invulnerable" "Invulnerable activated: " "StatPanel_Label_Backstabs" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Backstabs" "# Backstabs: "


"StatPanel_Label_HealthLeached" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_HealthLeached" "Health leached: " "StatPanel_Label_Buildings_Built" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Buildings_Built" "# Buildings built: " "StatPanel_Label_SentryKills" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_SentryKills" "# Kills by sentry: " "StatPanel_Label_Teleports" " " "[english]StatPanel_Label_Teleports" "# uses of teleport: " "StatSummary_Label_PerformanceReport" " " "[english]StatSummary_Label_PerformanceReport" "YOUR PERFORMANCE REPORT" "StatSummary_Label_BestMoments" " " "[english]StatSummary_Label_BestMoments" "YOUR BEST MOMENTS" "StatSummary_Label_AsAnyClass" " " "[english]StatSummary_Label_AsAnyClass" "As any class:" "StatSummary_Label_TIP" "" "[english]StatSummary_Label_TIP" "TIP" "StatSummary_ScoreAsClassFmt" "%s1 %s2" "[english]StatSummary_ScoreAsClassFmt" "%s1 (as %s2)" "StatSummary_Records" " " "[english]StatSummary_Records" "RECORDS:" "StatSummary_StatTitle_MostPoints" "" "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_MostPoints" "Most points" "StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgPoints" "" "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgPoints" "Avg points" "StatSummary_StatTitle_MostKills" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_MostKills" "Most kills" "StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgKills" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgKills" "Avg kills" "StatSummary_StatTitle_MostCaptures" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_MostCaptures" "Most captures" "StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgCaptures" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgCaptures" "Avg captures" "StatSummary_StatTitle_MostAssists" "" "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_MostAssists" "Most assists" "StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgAssists" "" "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgAssists" "Avg assists" "StatSummary_StatTitle_MostDamage" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_MostDamage" "Most damage" "StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgDamage" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_AvgDamage" "Avg damage" "StatSummary_StatTitle_TotalPlaytime" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_TotalPlaytime" "Total playtime" "StatSummary_StatTitle_LongestLife" " " "[english]StatSummary_StatTitle_LongestLife" "Longest life" "Tip_Fmt" "%s1" "[english]Tip_Fmt" "Tip: %s1" "Tip_1_Count" "29" "[english]Tip_1_Count" "29" "Tip_1_1" " " "[english]Tip_1_1" "As a Scout, jump while in mid-air to change direction a nd avoid enemy fire." "Tip_1_2" " " "[english]Tip_1_2" "As a Scout, you capture control points and push payload carts twice as fast as other classes." "Tip_1_3" " " "[english]Tip_1_3" "As a Scout, you're most effective when you stay moving and use your speed to your advantage." "Tip_1_4" " " "[english]Tip_1_4" "As a Scout, your Pistol is great for picking off enemie s at a distance."

"Tip_1_5" " " "[english]Tip_1_5" "As a Scout, your Scattergun deals high-damage at pointblank range, killing most classes with 2 hits." "Tip_2_Count" "22" "[english]Tip_2_Count" "22" "Tip_2_1" " " "[english]Tip_2_1" "As a Sniper, the longer you spend zoomed while scoped, the more damage the shot will do." "Tip_2_2" " " "[english]Tip_2_2" "As a Sniper, aim for the head in order to inflict criti cal damage." "Tip_2_3" " %attack2% " "[english]Tip_2_3" "As a Sniper, zoom with the Sniper Rifle by hitting %att ack2%." "Tip_2_4" " " "[english]Tip_2_4" "As a Sniper, use your secondary Submachine Gun to deal with nearby enemies." "Tip_3_1" " "[english]Tip_3_1" "As a Soldier, you can rocket jump to great heights or d istances by simultaneously jumping and firing a rocket on nearby surfaces; crouc hing as you jump will increase the momentum you gain from the rocket." "Tip_3_2" " " "[english]Tip_3_2" "As a Soldier, aim rockets at an enemy's feet in order t o ensure that they can't avoid the explosion damage." "Tip_3_3" " %reload% "[english]Tip_3_3" "As a Soldier, make sure you keep your Rocket Launcher l oaded. Press %reload% to reload manually or enable auto-reloading in Advanced Mu ltiplayer Options." "Tip_3_4" " "[english]Tip_3_4" "As a Soldier, you risk taking splash damage when firing rockets at nearby enemies. Try switching weapons to avoid hurting yourself." "Tip_4_Count" "30" "[english]Tip_4_Count" "30" "Tip_4_1" " %attack% "[english]Tip_4_1" "As a Demoman, when using the Stickybomb Launcher hit %a ttack% to fire Stickybombs and then use %attack2% to detonate them later." "Tip_4_2" " "[english]Tip_4_2" "As a Demoman, when you use the Stickybomb Launcher or S cottish Resistance, note that the longer you hold down the fire button the furth er the shot will go." "Tip_4_3" " "[english]Tip_4_3" "As a Demoman, time the detonation of your Stickybombs a s you jump over them to propel yourself in the desired direction!" "Tip_4_4" " " "[english]Tip_4_4" "As a Demoman, shoot Stickybombs onto walls and ceilings where they're hard to spot." "Tip_5_Count" "31" "[english]Tip_5_Count" "31" "Tip_5_1" " 150%" "[english]Tip_5_1" "As a Medic, use your Medi Gun to heal teammates, and bu ff them up to 150%% of their normal health." "Tip_5_2" " UberCharge %attack2% "[english]Tip_5_2" "As a Medic, fill your berCharge by healing teammates and then hit %attack2% to become invulnerable for a short time." "Tip_5_3" " UberCharge " "[english]Tip_5_3" "As a Medic, your berCharge makes both you and your Medi Gun target invulnerable for a short time." "Tip_5_4" " UberCharge " "[english]Tip_5_4" "As a Medic, you can fill your berCharge faster by healin g teammates who are more injured."

"Tip_5_5" " " "[english]Tip_5_5" "As a Medic, keep alert for teammates calling for your h elp. Use the Medic arrows onscreen to find them." "Tip_6_Count" "22" "[english]Tip_6_Count" "22" "Tip_6_1" " %attack2% " "[english]Tip_6_1" "As a Heavy, hold %attack2% in order to keep your Minigu n spinning, ready for approaching enemies." "Tip_6_2" " "[english]Tip_6_2" "As a Heavy, you're a great Medic buddy. Keep a clear li ne of sight to your Medic to keep the Medi Gun on you." "Tip_6_3" " " "[english]Tip_6_3" "As a Heavy, your Minigun chews up a lot of ammo. Pick u p fallen weapons to refill your supply." "Tip_6_4" " "[english]Tip_6_4" "As a Heavy, your Sandvich can be a lifesaver. Try to fi nd a safe place before eating your Sandvich or you may be rudely interrupted." "Tip_7_Count" "32" "[english]Tip_7_Count" "32" "Tip_7_1" " " "[english]Tip_7_1" "As a Pyro, your Flamethrower does more damage the close r you are to the enemy." "Tip_7_2" " "[english]Tip_7_2" "As a Pyro, ambush enemies in order to ensure that you e ngage them at close range so that your Flamethrower will inflict maximum damage. Use corners and alcoves to your advantage." "Tip_7_3" " " "[english]Tip_7_3" "As a Pyro, your Flamethrower chews up a lot of ammo. Pi ck up fallen weapons to refill your supply." "Tip_7_4" " "[english]Tip_7_4" "As a Pyro, switch to your Shotgun or Flare Gun if enemi es retreat beyond the short range of your Flamethrower." "Tip_7_5" " " "[english]Tip_7_5" "As a Pyro, you can often set enemies on fire and retrea t, leaving them to die from the burning." "Tip_8_Count" "40" "[english]Tip_8_Count" "40" "Tip_8_1" " " "[english]Tip_8_1" "As a Spy, use your Knife to backstab enemies from behin d, killing them instantly." "Tip_8_2" " " "[english]Tip_8_2" "As a Spy, disguise yourself as an enemy with your Disgu ise Kit. Beware, attacking will remove your disguise." "Tip_8_3" " %attack2% " "[english]Tip_8_3" "As a Spy, hit %attack2% to Cloak and become fully invis ible for a short period of time." "Tip_8_4" " " "[english]Tip_8_4" "As a Spy, use your Cloak to get behind enemy lines, and your disguise to move around amongst them." "Tip_8_5" " "[english]Tip_8_5" "As a Spy, try to act like an enemy while disguised. Obs erve where enemy team members are, and disguise as one of them." "Tip_8_6" " "[english]Tip_8_6" "As a Spy, place your Electro Sappers on enemy Sentry Gu ns in order to destroy them. Note that disguises aren't lost when placing Sapper s." "Tip_8_7" " "[english]Tip_8_7" "As a Spy, your Electro Sappers disable Sentry Guns befo re destroying them. Sap a Sentry Gun before attacking the Engineer." "Tip_8_8" " %voicemenu 0 0% "

"[english]Tip_8_8" "As a Spy, call for enemy Medics by hitting %voicemenu 0 0% while disguised." "Tip_9_Count" "31" "[english]Tip_9_Count" "31" "Tip_9_1" " " "[english]Tip_9_1" "As an Engineer, use the build tool to place Sentry Guns , Dispensers, and Teleporters." "Tip_9_2" " "[english]Tip_9_2" "As an Engineer, you need metal to build, repair, and up grade your buildings. Collect fallen weapons to replenish your supply." "Tip_9_3" " "[english]Tip_9_3" "As an Engineer, hit your Sentry Gun with your Wrench in order to upgrade it with metal. Each level adds more health and firepower." "Tip_9_4" " "[english]Tip_9_4" "As an Engineer, build Dispensers to provide your teamma tes with health and ammo. They also generate metal for you to use." "Tip_9_5" " " "[english]Tip_9_5" "As an Engineer, build Teleporters to help your team rea ch the frontlines faster." "Tip_9_6" " "[english]Tip_9_6" "As an Engineer, keep an eye out for enemy Spies attachi ng Electro Sappers to your buildings. Use your Wrench to remove Sappers." "Tip_HLTV" " SourceTV" "[english]Tip_HLTV" "You are watching SourceTV." "Tip_arena_Count" "9" "[english]Tip_arena_Count" "9" "Tip_arena_1" " " "[english]Tip_arena_1" "Keep an eye on the player count at the top of the scree n in order to tell if your team has an advantage." "Tip_arena_2" " "[english]Tip_arena_2" "There are very few sources of replenishing your health in Arena, so be sure to protect your Medics and Engineers!" "Tip_arena_3" " 60 " "[english]Tip_arena_3" "The capture point in the middle of the map will become active after 60 seconds have elapsed once the round begins." "Tip_arena_4" " " "[english]Tip_arena_4" "You don't respawn in Arena, so don't die!" "Tip_arena_5" " " "[english]Tip_arena_5" "No single class is the most important in Arena. Focus o n countering the other team's entire composition." "Tip_arena_6" " " "[english]Tip_arena_6" "You can only change your class at the start of an Arena match before the gates open." "Tip_arena_7" " " "[english]Tip_arena_7" "As an Engineer, make sure you're building Dispensers in order to heal your teammates." "TF_ClassRecord_MostPoints" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostPoints" "Most points:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostKills" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostKills" "Most kills:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostAssists" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostAssists" "Most assists:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostCaptures" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostCaptures" "Most captures:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostDefenses" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostDefenses" "Most defenses:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostDamage" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostDamage" "Most damage:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostDestruction" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostDestruction" "Most destruction:"

"TF_ClassRecord_MostDominations" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostDominations" "Most dominations:" "TF_ClassRecord_LongestLife" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_LongestLife" "Longest life:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostHealing" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostHealing" "Most healing:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostInvulns" "UberCharge" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostInvulns" "Most invulns:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostSentryKills" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostSentryKills" "Most kills by sentry:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostTeleports" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostTeleports" "Most teleports:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostHeadshots" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostHeadshots" "Most headshots:" "TF_ClassRecord_MostBackstabs" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_MostBackstabs" "Most backstabs:" "TF_Name_change_limit_exceeded" " " "[english]TF_Name_change_limit_exceeded" "Name change denied (rate exceed ed)." "Building_hud_building" "..." "[english]Building_hud_building" "Building..." "Building_hud_sentry_shells" " " "[english]Building_hud_sentry_shells" "Shells:" "Building_hud_sentry_rockets" "" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_rockets" "Rockets:" "Building_hud_sentry_upgrade" " " "[english]Building_hud_sentry_upgrade" "Upgrade:" "Building_hud_sentry_numkills" " %numkills%" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_numkills" "Kills: %numkills%" "Building_hud_dispenser_ammo" "" "[english]Building_hud_dispenser_ammo" "Metal:" "Building_hud_tele_charging" " ..." "[english]Building_hud_tele_charging" "Charging..." "Building_hud_tele_times_used" "\n%timesused%" "[english]Building_hud_tele_times_used" "Times Used:\n%timesused%" "Building_hud_tele_times_used_360" "\n%timesused%" "[english]Building_hud_tele_times_used_360" "Used:\n%timesused%" "Building_hud_sentry_not_built" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_not_built" "Sentry\nNot Built" "Building_hud_dispenser_not_built" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_dispenser_not_built" "Dispenser\nNot Built" "Building_hud_tele_enter_not_built" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_tele_enter_not_built" "Entrance\nNot Built" "Building_hud_tele_exit_not_built" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_tele_exit_not_built" "Exit\nNot Built" "Building_hud_sentry_not_built_360" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_not_built_360" "Sentry\nNot Built" "Building_hud_tele_enter_not_built_360" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_tele_enter_not_built_360" "Entrance\nNot Built" "Building_hud_tele_exit_not_built_360" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_tele_exit_not_built_360" "Exit\nNot Built" "Hud_Menu_Demolish_Title" "" "[english]Hud_Menu_Demolish_Title" "Demolish" "Hud_Menu_Build_Title" "" "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Title" "Build" "Hud_Menu_Disguise_Title" " " "[english]Hud_Menu_Disguise_Title" "Disguise" "Hud_Menu_Build_Cant_Afford" "\n" "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Cant_Afford" "Not Enough\nMetal" "Hud_Menu_Build_Already_Built" " "

"[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Already_Built" "Already Built" "Hud_Menu_Build_Cancel" " '%lastinv%' " "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Cancel" "Hit '%lastinv%' to Cancel" "Hud_Menu_Spy_Minus_Toggle" " '%disguiseteam%' " "[english]Hud_Menu_Spy_Minus_Toggle" "Hit '%disguiseteam%' to Toggle Team" "Hud_Menu_Spy_Toggle" " " "[english]Hud_Menu_Spy_Toggle" "Toggle Teams" "Hud_Menu_Spy_Select_Disguise" " " "[english]Hud_Menu_Spy_Select_Disguise" "Select Disguise" "Hud_Menu_Build_Action_Demolish" "" "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Action_Demolish" "Demolish" "Hud_Menu_Build_Action_Build" "" "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Action_Build" "Build" "Voice" " " "[english]Voice" "Voice" "Cancel" "" "[english]Cancel" "Cancel" "LoadingMap" "" "[english]LoadingMap" "You're on your way to:" "TF_Ubercharge" "UBERCHARGE: %charge%%%" "[english]TF_Ubercharge" "BERCHARGE: %charge%%%" "TF_UberchargeMinHUD" "%charge%%%" "[english]TF_UberchargeMinHUD" "%charge%%%" "TF_NotBuilt" "" "[english]TF_NotBuilt" "Not Built" "Voice_Menu_Medic" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Medic" "MEDIC!" "Voice_Menu_Go" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Go" "Go! Go! Go!" "Voice_Menu_Help" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Help" "Help!" "Voice_Menu_Yes" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Yes" "Yes" "Voice_Menu_No" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_No" "No" "Voice_Menu_MoveUp" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_MoveUp" "Move Up!" "Voice_Menu_Left" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Left" "Go Left" "Voice_Menu_Right" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Right" "Go Right" "Voice_Menu_Incoming" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_Incoming" "Incoming" "Voice_Menu_CloakedSpy" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_CloakedSpy" "Spy!" "Voice_Menu_SentryAhead" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_SentryAhead" "Sentry Ahead!" "Voice_Menu_TeleporterHere" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_TeleporterHere" "Teleporter Here" "Voice_Menu_DispenserHere" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_DispenserHere" "Dispenser Here" "Voice_Menu_SentryHere" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_SentryHere" "Sentry Here" "Voice_Menu_ActivateCharge" " Ubercharge" "[english]Voice_Menu_ActivateCharge" "Activate Charge!" "Voice_Menu_ChargeReady" "UberCharge " "[english]Voice_Menu_ChargeReady" "MEDIC: berCharge Ready" "Voice_Menu_Cheers" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_Cheers" "Cheers" "Voice_Menu_Jeers" ""

"[english]Voice_Menu_Jeers" "Jeers" "Voice_Menu_Positive" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_Positive" "Positive" "Voice_Menu_Negative" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_Negative" "Negative" "Voice_Menu_NiceShot" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_NiceShot" "Nice Shot" "Voice_Menu_GoodJob" "" "[english]Voice_Menu_GoodJob" "Good Job" "Voice_Menu_BattleCry" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_BattleCry" "Battle Cry" "Voice_Menu_Thanks" " " "[english]Voice_Menu_Thanks" "Thanks!" "TF_classautokill" " " "[english]TF_classautokill" "Suicide after choosing a player class" "TF_CurrentPlayers" "" "[english]TF_CurrentPlayers" "Current Players" "TF_PlayerMatch_Title" "Xbox LIVE " "[english]TF_PlayerMatch_Title" "Xbox LIVE Player Match" "TF_PlayerMatch_Desc" " Xbox LIVE \n " "[english]TF_PlayerMatch_Desc" "Play on Xbox LIVE in games where\nstatistics ar e not tracked." "TF_RankedMatch_Title" "Xbox LIVE " "[english]TF_RankedMatch_Title" "Xbox LIVE Ranked Match" "TF_RankedMatch_Desc" " Xbox LIVE \n " "[english]TF_RankedMatch_Desc" "Play on Xbox LIVE in ranked\ngames where statis tics are tracked." "TF_SystemLink_Title" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Title" "System Link Match" "TF_LoadCommentary" " " "[english]TF_LoadCommentary" "Developer Commentary" "TF_Achievements_Title" "" "[english]TF_Achievements_Title" "My Achievements" "TF_Rankings_Title" "" "[english]TF_Rankings_Title" "Ranking" "TF_Controller_Title" "" "[english]TF_Controller_Title" "Controller" "TF_Options_Title" " " "[english]TF_Options_Title" "Options" "TF_Quit_Title" "" "[english]TF_Quit_Title" "Quit" "TF_Paused_Title" "Team Fortress " "[english]TF_Paused_Title" "Team Fortress Options" "TF_ModifyMatch_Title" " " "[english]TF_ModifyMatch_Title" "Modify Session" "TF_PersonalStats_Title" " " "[english]TF_PersonalStats_Title" "Personal Stats" "TF_StatsLeaderboards_Title" " " "[english]TF_StatsLeaderboards_Title" "Stats Leaderboards" "TF_RankedLeaderboards_Title" " " "[english]TF_RankedLeaderboards_Title" "Ranked Leaderboards" "TF_QuickMatch_Title" " " "[english]TF_QuickMatch_Title" "Join a Quick Match" "TF_QuickMatch_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_QuickMatch_Desc" "Jump straight into a game against\nsimilarly ma tched opponents." "TF_HostMatch_Title" " " "[english]TF_HostMatch_Title" "Host a Match" "TF_HostMatch_Desc" "\n " "[english]TF_HostMatch_Desc" "Create a new game session exactly\nas you want.

" "TF_CustomMatch_Title" " " "[english]TF_CustomMatch_Title" "Find a Custom Match" "TF_CustomMatch_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_CustomMatch_Desc" "Search for game sessions based on your\npreferr ed match criteria." "TF_SystemLink_Host_Title" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Host_Title" "Host a Match" "TF_SystemLink_Host_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Host_Desc" "Create a match on your Local Area Netwo rk." "TF_SystemLink_Join_Title" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Join_Title" "Join a Match" "TF_SystemLink_Join_Desc" " \n" "[english]TF_SystemLink_Join_Desc" "Find another match to join on your\nLoc al Area Network." "TF_PlayerMatch_Host_Title" " " "[english]TF_PlayerMatch_Host_Title" "Create a Custom Player Match" "TF_PlayerMatch_Client_Title" " " "[english]TF_PlayerMatch_Client_Title" "Find a Player Match" "TF_RankedMatch_Host_Title" " " "[english]TF_RankedMatch_Host_Title" "Create a Custom Ranked Match" "TF_RankedMatch_Client_Title" " " "[english]TF_RankedMatch_Client_Title" "Find a Ranked Match" "TF_SystemLink_Host_Dialog" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Host_Dialog" "Host a System Link Match" "TF_SystemLink_Client_Dialog" " " "[english]TF_SystemLink_Client_Dialog" "Select a game to join" "TF_Achievements_Dialog_Title" " Team Fortress 2 " "[english]TF_Achievements_Dialog_Title" "My Team Fortress 2 Achievements" "TF_Achievement_Locked" " " "[english]TF_Achievement_Locked" "Locked" "TF_Achievement_Unlocked" " " "[english]TF_Achievement_Unlocked" "Unlocked" "TF_Achievement_NumberingFmt" "%s1 - %s3 %s2" "[english]TF_Achievement_NumberingFmt" "%s1 - %s2 of %s3" "Achievement_Group_All" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_All" "All (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_0" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_0" "General (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1000" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1000" "Scout Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1100" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1100" "Sniper Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1200" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1200" "Soldier Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1300" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1300" "Demoman Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1400" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1400" "Medic Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1500" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1500" "Heavy Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1600" "%s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1600" "Pyro Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1700" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1700" "Spy Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1800" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1800" "Engineer Pack (%s1 of %s2)" "Achievement_Group_1900" " %s1/%s2" "[english]Achievement_Group_1900" "Halloween Event (%s1 of %s2)"

"TF_MatchOption_Scenario" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_Scenario" "Scenario" "TF_MatchOption_FlagCapLimit" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_FlagCapLimit" "Flag Capture Limit" "TF_MatchOption_Rounds" "" "[english]TF_MatchOption_Rounds" "Number of Rounds" "TF_MatchOption_GameSize" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_GameSize" "Game Size" "TF_MatchOption_AutoBalance" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_AutoBalance" "Team Auto Balance" "TF_MatchOption_PrivateSlots" "" "[english]TF_MatchOption_PrivateSlots" "Private Slots" "TF_MatchOption_MaxTime" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_MaxTime" "Max Game Time" "TF_MatchOption_WinLimit" " " "[english]TF_MatchOption_WinLimit" "Round Win Limit" "TF_GameTime" " " "[english]TF_GameTime" "Game Time" "TF_Ranked" " " "[english]TF_Ranked" "Ranked Match" "TF_Unranked" " " "[english]TF_Unranked" "Player Match" "TF_PressStart" " " "[english]TF_PressStart" "Press START to play" "TF_StartingInSecs" "%s1 " "[english]TF_StartingInSecs" "Starting in: %s1 seconds" "TF_StartingInSec" "%s1 " "[english]TF_StartingInSec" "Starting in: %s1 second" "TF_WaitingForPlayersFmt" " %s1 " "[english]TF_WaitingForPlayersFmt" "Waiting for %s1 players" "TF_WaitingForPlayerFmt" " %s1 " "[english]TF_WaitingForPlayerFmt" "Waiting for %s1 player" "TF_WaitingForHost" "" "[english]TF_WaitingForHost" "Waiting for the host" "TF_Lobby_Title" " " "[english]TF_Lobby_Title" "Game Lobby" "TF_Lobby_Host" " " "[english]TF_Lobby_Host" "Hosted by:" "TF_On" " " "[english]TF_On" "On" "TF_Off" " " "[english]TF_Off" "Off" "TF_Any" "" "[english]TF_Any" "Any" "TF_MaxTimeNoLimit" "" "[english]TF_MaxTimeNoLimit" "No Limit" "TF_NoTimeLimit" " " "[english]TF_NoTimeLimit" "No Time Limit" "TF_MaxTimeFmt" "%s1 " "[english]TF_MaxTimeFmt" "%s1 Minutes" "TF_GameSizeFmt" "%s1 " "[english]TF_GameSizeFmt" "%s1 Players" "TF_ViewGamercard" " " "[english]TF_ViewGamercard" "View Gamercard" "TF_KickPlayer" "" "[english]TF_KickPlayer" "Kick Player" "TF_AttackDefend" " /" "[english]TF_AttackDefend" "Attack / Defend" "TF_TerritoryControl" " " "[english]TF_TerritoryControl" "Territorial Control"

"TF_GameState_InLobby" " " "[english]TF_GameState_InLobby" "Status: In Lobby" "TF_GameState_InLobby_lodef" " \n " "[english]TF_GameState_InLobby_lodef" "Status:\nIn Lobby" "TF_GameState_GameInProgress" " " "[english]TF_GameState_GameInProgress" "Status: In Game" "TF_GameState_GameInProgress_lodef" " \n " "[english]TF_GameState_GameInProgress_lodef" "Status:\nIn Game" "TF_Recommended_Players" " " "[english]TF_Recommended_Players" "Available bandwidth might be insufficie nt for selected number of players." "TF_Rank" " " "[english]TF_Rank" "Rank" "TF_Gamertag" "" "[english]TF_Gamertag" "Gamertag" "TF_HostName" "" "[english]TF_HostName" "Host Name" "TF_Players" "" "[english]TF_Players" "Players" "TF_Top" " " "[english]TF_Top" "Top Rank" "TF_YourRank" " " "[english]TF_YourRank" "Your Rank" "TF_YourBest" " " "[english]TF_YourBest" "Your Best:" "TF_Icon_Ping_Red" "M" "[english]TF_Icon_Ping_Red" "M" "TF_Icon_Ping_Yellow" "N" "[english]TF_Icon_Ping_Yellow" "N" "TF_Icon_Ping_Green" "O" "[english]TF_Icon_Ping_Green" "O" "TF_Icon_Voice" "V" "[english]TF_Icon_Voice" "V" "TF_Icon_Voice_Idle" "W" "[english]TF_Icon_Voice_Idle" "W" "TF_Icon_Alert" "!" "[english]TF_Icon_Alert" "!" "TF_Icon_NotReady" "," "[english]TF_Icon_NotReady" "," "TF_Icon_Ready" "." "[english]TF_Icon_Ready" "." "TF_Icon_Start" "s" "[english]TF_Icon_Start" "s" "TF_ChangeTeam" " " "[english]TF_ChangeTeam" "Change Team" "TF_ChangeClass" " " "[english]TF_ChangeClass" "Change Class" "TF_Attacking" " " "[english]TF_Attacking" "Attacking" "TF_Defending" "" "[english]TF_Defending" "Defending" "TF_Dlg_NotOnlineEnabled" " Xbox LIVE Gold "[english]TF_Dlg_NotOnlineEnabled" "You need an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership t o access this feature. Would you like to select a different profile?" "TF_Dlg_NotOnlineSignedIn" " Xbox LIVE ?" "[english]TF_Dlg_NotOnlineSignedIn" "You need to sign in to Xbox LIVE to acc ess this feature. Would you like to sign in now?" "TF_Dlg_SearchingForGames" " ..." "[english]TF_Dlg_SearchingForGames" "Searching for games..." "TF_Dlg_CreatingGame" " ..."

"[english]TF_Dlg_CreatingGame" "Creating the game..." "TF_Dlg_ExitSessionText" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_ExitSessionText" "Are you sure you want to leave this gam e?" "TF_Dlg_NoGamesFound" " \n\n ?" "[english]TF_Dlg_NoGamesFound" "No games were found matching your criteria.\n\n Would you like to host a game?" "TF_Dlg_CreateFailed" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_CreateFailed" "Failed to create a game." "TF_Dlg_JoinRefused" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_JoinRefused" "This game is no longer accepting players." "TF_Dlg_GameFull" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_GameFull" "This game is full." "TF_Dlg_JoinFailed" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_JoinFailed" "Failed to join to the game." "TF_Dlg_ConfirmKick" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_ConfirmKick" "Remove this player from the game?" "TF_Dlg_ClientKicked" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_ClientKicked" "You have been kicked from this game." "TF_Dlg_LostHost" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_LostHost" "Connection to the host was lost." "TF_Dlg_LostServer" " " "[english]TF_Dlg_LostServer" "Connection to the game server was lost." "TF_Dlg_Connecting" " ..." "[english]TF_Dlg_Connecting" "Connecting..." "TF_Dlg_ModifyingSession" " ..." "[english]TF_Dlg_ModifyingSession" "Modifying session..." "TF_Dlg_CheckingStorageDevice" " ..." "[english]TF_Dlg_CheckingStorageDevice" "Checking storage device..." "TF_Spectator_ChangeClass" " [ %changeclass% ] " "[english]TF_Spectator_ChangeClass" "Press [ %changeclass% ] to Change Class " "TF_Spectator_ChangeTeam" " [ %changeteam% ] " "[english]TF_Spectator_ChangeTeam" "Press [ %changeteam% ] to Change Team" "TF_Spectator_AutoDirector" " [ %strafe% ] " "[english]TF_Spectator_AutoDirector" "Press [ %strafe% ] for Auto Director" "TF_Spectator_SwitchCamModeKey" "[%jump%]" "[english]TF_Spectator_SwitchCamModeKey" "[%jump%]" "TF_Spectator_SwitchCamMode" " " "[english]TF_Spectator_SwitchCamMode" "Switch Camera Mode" "TF_Spectator_CycleTargetFwdKey" "[%attack%]" "[english]TF_Spectator_CycleTargetFwdKey" "[%attack%]" "TF_Spectator_CycleTargetFwd" " " "[english]TF_Spectator_CycleTargetFwd" "Cycle Targets (fwd)" "TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRevKey" "[%attack2%]" "[english]TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRevKey" "[%attack2%]" "TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRev" " " "[english]TF_Spectator_CycleTargetRev" "Cycle Targets (rev)" "TF_Spectator_Spectating" " " "[english]TF_Spectator_Spectating" "Spectating:" "TF_teambalanced" " " "[english]TF_teambalanced" "The teams have been auto-balanced" "TF_teamswitch" " " "[english]TF_teamswitch" "The teams have been switched" "TF_teamswitch_attackers" " " "[english]TF_teamswitch_attackers" "You are now Attacking!" "TF_teamswitch_defenders" " " "[english]TF_teamswitch_defenders" "You are now Defending!" "TF_teamswitch_red" " " "[english]TF_teamswitch_red" "You are now on RED!"

"TF_teamswitch_blue" " " "[english]TF_teamswitch_blue" "You are now on BLU!" "TF_suddendeath" " " "[english]TF_suddendeath" "SUDDEN DEATH!" "TF_suddendeath_mode" " " "[english]TF_suddendeath_mode" "SUDDEN DEATH MODE!" "TF_suddendeath_join" " " "[english]TF_suddendeath_join" "Sit back and relax while you wait for this pett y conflict to end." "TF_suddendeath_timer" " " "[english]TF_suddendeath_timer" "You've run out of time. Watch your back and fin ish 'em off. No more spawning." "TF_suddendeath_limit" " " "[english]TF_suddendeath_limit" "Map time limit reached. No more spawning, so ma ke this count." "TF_IM_WellCTF_Intro" "Well (CTF) " "[english]TF_IM_WellCTF_Intro" "Well (CTF) is a Capture the Flag map" "TF_IM_WellCTF_ToWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_WellCTF_ToWin" "To win a point, steal the enemies intelligence briefcase and return it to your capture point" "TF_IM_WellCTF_IntelDrop" " 60 " "[english]TF_IM_WellCTF_IntelDrop" "Dropped briefcases will return to their base in 60 seconds" "TF_IM_2Fort_Intro" "2Fort " "[english]TF_IM_2Fort_Intro" "2Fort is a Capture the Flag map" "TF_IM_2Fort_ToWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_2Fort_ToWin" "To win a point, steal the enemies intelligence briefcase and return it to your basement" "TF_IM_2Fort_IntelStatus" " " "[english]TF_IM_2Fort_IntelStatus" "The status and location of both intelli gence briefcases can be found at the base of your screen" "TF_IM_2Fort_IntelDrop" " 60 " "[english]TF_IM_2Fort_IntelDrop" "Dropped briefcases will return to their basement in 60 seconds" "TF_IM_Gravelpit_Intro" "Gravel Pit " "[english]TF_IM_Gravelpit_Intro" "Gravel Pit is an Attack/Defend Control Point map" "TF_IM_Gravelpit_RedWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Gravelpit_RedWin" "Team RED wins by defending their Contro l Points" "TF_IM_Gravelpit_BlueWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Gravelpit_BlueWin" "Team BLU wins by capturing all control points before the time runs out" "TF_IM_Dustbowl_Intro" "Dustbowl " "[english]TF_IM_Dustbowl_Intro" "Dustbowl is an Attack/Defend Control Point map" "TF_IM_Dustbowl_ToWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Dustbowl_ToWin" "Team BLU must advance through three stages to w in" "TF_IM_Dustbowl_Stages" " " "[english]TF_IM_Dustbowl_Stages" "Each stage contains two Control Points" "TF_IM_Hydro_Intro" "Hydro " "[english]TF_IM_Hydro_Intro" "Hydro is a Territorial Control Point map" "TF_IM_Hydro_ToWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Hydro_ToWin" "A team must control all six territories to win" "TF_IM_Hydro_ToWin2" " " "[english]TF_IM_Hydro_ToWin2" "Each team starts with three territories" "TF_IM_Hydro_Stages" " " "[english]TF_IM_Hydro_Stages" "Stages will be played with two Control points a t a time" "TF_IM_Hydro_CP" " "

"[english]TF_IM_Hydro_CP" "Capture the enemy Control Point in a stage to w in the territory" "TF_IM_Well_Intro" "Well (CP) " "[english]TF_IM_Well_Intro" "Well (CP) is a Control Point map" "TF_IM_Granary_Intro" "Granary " "[english]TF_IM_Granary_Intro" "Granary is a Control Point map" "TF_IM_Badlands_Intro" "Badlands " "[english]TF_IM_Badlands_Intro" "Badlands is a Control Point map" "TF_IM_CP_ToWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_CP_ToWin" "To win, each team must own all five Control Poi nts" "TF_IM_CP_Capture" " " "[english]TF_IM_CP_Capture" "To capture a Control Point, stand within the Ca pture Zone boundaries until you own the Control Point" "TF_IM_CP_TimeAdd" " " "[english]TF_IM_CP_TimeAdd" "Time is added to the clock when a Control Point is captured" "TF_IM_CP_Locked" " " "[english]TF_IM_CP_Locked" "Control Points cannot be captured while they ar e locked" "TF_IM_Goldrush_Intro" "Gold Rush " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_Intro" "Gold Rush is a Payload map with three stages" "TF_IM_Goldrush_BlueWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_BlueWin" "BLU team wins by escorting the cart to RED team's final point before the time runs out" "TF_IM_Goldrush_RedWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_RedWin" "RED team wins by preventing the cart fr om reaching their final point" "TF_IM_Goldrush_MoveCart" " " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_MoveCart" "The cart moves along the track when BLU players are near it" "TF_IM_Goldrush_CartHeals" " " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_CartHeals" "The cart dispenses health and ammo to t he BLU team" "TF_IM_Goldrush_RollsBack" " 30 " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_RollsBack" "If the cart doesn't move for 30 seconds it will start to roll backwards" "TF_IM_Goldrush_TimeAdd" " " "[english]TF_IM_Goldrush_TimeAdd" "Time is added to the clock when the car t reaches each check point" "TF_IM_Basin_Intro" "Badwater Basin " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_Intro" "Badwater Basin is a Payload map with just one s tage" "TF_IM_Basin_BlueWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_BlueWin" "BLU team wins by escorting the cart to RED team 's final point before the time runs out" "TF_IM_Basin_RedWin" " " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_RedWin" "RED team wins by preventing the cart from reach ing their final point" "TF_IM_Basin_MoveCart" " " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_MoveCart" "The cart moves along the track when BLU players are near it" "TF_IM_Basin_CartHeals" " " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_CartHeals" "The cart dispenses health and ammo to t he BLU team" "TF_IM_Basin_RollsBack" " 30 " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_RollsBack" "If the cart doesn't move for 30 seconds it will start to roll backwards" "TF_IM_Basin_TimeAdd" " " "[english]TF_IM_Basin_TimeAdd" "Time is added to the clock when the cart reache

s each check point" "TF_IM_Arena_Intro" " Team Fortress " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_Intro" "Welcome to Team Fortress Arena" "TF_IM_Arena_RandomTeam" " " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_RandomTeam" "In Arena mode you will be randomly assi gned to a team" "TF_IM_Arena_ToWin" " ..." "[english]TF_IM_Arena_ToWin" "To win, your team must either eliminate all pla yers on the opposing team..." "TF_IM_Arena_OrCapture" "... " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_OrCapture" "...or capture the control point that wi ll be activated during the round" "TF_IM_Arena_NoDie" " " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_NoDie" "There is no respawning in Arena mode, so don't die!" "TF_IM_Arena_Losing" " " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_Losing" "Players on the losing team may have to sit out the next round if other players are waiting to play" "TF_IM_Arena_Scramble" " " "[english]TF_IM_Arena_Scramble" "The teams will be scrambled after one team reac hes the win limit" "TF_GET_TURRETKILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_TURRETKILLS_NAME" "Sentry Gunner" "TF_GET_TURRETKILLS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_GET_TURRETKILLS_DESC" "Accumulate 10 sentry gun kills with a s ingle sentry." "TF_KILL_NEMESIS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_KILL_NEMESIS_NAME" "Nemesis" "TF_KILL_NEMESIS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_KILL_NEMESIS_DESC" "Get five revenge kills." "TF_GET_CONSECUTIVEKILLS_NODEATHS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_CONSECUTIVEKILLS_NODEATHS_NAME" "Hard to Kill" "TF_GET_CONSECUTIVEKILLS_NODEATHS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_GET_CONSECUTIVEKILLS_NODEATHS_DESC" "Get five kills in a row without dying." "TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY_NAME" "Master of Disguise" "TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_GET_HEALED_BYENEMY_DESC" "Trick an opposing Medic into healing yo u." "TF_GET_HEADSHOTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_HEADSHOTS_NAME" "Grey Matter" "TF_GET_HEADSHOTS_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_GET_HEADSHOTS_DESC" "Get 25 headshots as a Sniper." "TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY_NAME" " ..." "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY_NAME" "With Friends Like these..." "TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY_DESC" " 7 " "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_FRIENDSONLY_DESC" "Play in a game with 7 or more p layers from your Friends list." "TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES_NAME" "" "[english]TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES_NAME" "Dynasty" "TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_WIN_MULTIPLEGAMES_DESC" "Win 20 games." "TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS_NAME" "Hardcore" "TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_GET_MULTIPLEKILLS_DESC" "Accumulate 1000 total kills." "TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" "Powerhouse Offense" "TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" " 2Fort "

"[english]TF_WIN_2FORT_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" "Win 2Fort with a shutout." "TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME_NAME" " " "[english]TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME_NAME" "Lightning Offense" "TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME_DESC" " 5 Well" "[english]TF_WIN_WELL_MINIMUMTIME_DESC" "Win Well in 5 minutes or less." "TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" "Relentless Offense" "TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" " Hydro" "[english]TF_WIN_HYDRO_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" "Win Hydro without giving up a c apture." "TF_WIN_DUSTBOWL_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_WIN_DUSTBOWL_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" "Impenetrable Defense" "TF_WIN_DUSTBOWL_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" " Dustbowl" "[english]TF_WIN_DUSTBOWL_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" "Successfully defend Dustbowl wi thout giving up a capture." "TF_WIN_GRAVELPIT_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_WIN_GRAVELPIT_NOENEMYCAPS_NAME" "Impossible Defense" "TF_WIN_GRAVELPIT_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" " Gravel Pit" "[english]TF_WIN_GRAVELPIT_NOENEMYCAPS_DESC" "Successfully defend Gravel Pit without giving up a capture." "TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS_NAME" "Head of the Class" "TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYCLASS_DESC" "Play a complete round with every class. " "TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP_NAME" "World Traveler" "TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP_DESC" " 2FortDustbowlGranaryGravel PitHydro Well (CP) "[english]TF_PLAY_GAME_EVERYMAP_DESC" "Play a complete game on 2Fort, Dustbowl , Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (CP)." "TF_GET_HEALPOINTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_GET_HEALPOINTS_NAME" "Team Doctor" "TF_GET_HEALPOINTS_DESC" " 25000 " "[english]TF_GET_HEALPOINTS_DESC" "Accumulate 25000 heal points as a Medic ." "TF_BURN_PLAYERSINMINIMUMTIME_NAME" " " "[english]TF_BURN_PLAYERSINMINIMUMTIME_NAME" "Flamethrower" "TF_BURN_PLAYERSINMINIMUMTIME_DESC" "30 5 " "[english]TF_BURN_PLAYERSINMINIMUMTIME_DESC" "Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds." "TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD_NAME" "First Do No Harm" "TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD_DESC" " 6 "[english]TF_MEDIC_TOP_SCOREBOARD_DESC" "Play a full round without killing any e nemies, and score the highest on a team of 6 or more players." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE_NAME" "Quadruple Bypass" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_UNDER_FIRE_DESC" "Heal a teammate who's taking fi re from 4 enemies at once." "TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE_NAME" "Group Health" "TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE_DESC" " 2 3 UberCharge" "[english]TF_MEDIC_SIMUL_CHARGE_DESC" "Work with 2 other Medics to deploy 3 si multaneous berCharges." "TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE_NAME" "Surgical Prep" "TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE_DESC" " UberCharge " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SETUP_CHARGE_DESC" "Have an berCharge ready before the Setup phase ends."

"TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE_NAME" "Trauma Queen" "TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE_DESC" " 5 3 UberCharge 5 "[english]TF_MEDIC_RAPID_CHARGE_DESC" "Deploy 3 berCharges in less than 5 minut es, and assist in 5 kills during that time." "TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE_NAME" "Double Blind Trial" "TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE_DESC" " UberCharge 8 UberCh "[english]TF_MEDIC_COUNTER_CHARGE_DESC" "Deploy an berCharge within 8 seconds of a nearby enemy Medic deploying his." "TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC_NAME" "Play Doctor" "TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC_DESC" " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SWITCH_TO_MEDIC_DESC" "In a team with no Medics, be th e first person to switch to Medic after a teammate calls for 'Medic!', and then heal 500 health." "TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE_NAME" "Triage" "TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE_DESC" " UberCharge" "[english]TF_MEDIC_SAVE_TEAMMATE_DESC" "Deploy an berCharge on a teammate less t han a second before they're hit by a critical explosive." "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER_NAME" "Preventive Medicine" "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER_DESC" " UberCharge " "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_BLOCKER_DESC" "Block the enemy from capturing a contro l point with an berCharged teammate." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC_NAME" "Consultation" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_MEDIC_DESC" "Assist a fellow Medic in killing 3 enem ies in a single life." "TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS_NAME" "Does It Hurt When I Do This?" "TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SYRINGE_SCOUTS_DESC" "Kill 50 Scouts with your syringe gun." "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS_NAME" "Peer Review" "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_MEDICS_DESC" "Kill 10 Medics with your bone saw." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG_NAME" "Big Pharma" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_LONG_DESC" "Assist a Heavy in killing 10 en emies, where neither of you die." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT_NAME" "You'll Feel a Little Prick" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT_DESC" " UberCharge 3 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SCOUT_DESC" "Assist in killing 3 enemies with a sing le berCharge on a Scout." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO_NAME" "Autoclave" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO_DESC" " UberCharge 5 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_PYRO_DESC" "Assist in burning 5 enemies with a sing le berCharge on a Pyro." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_NAME" "Blunt Trauma" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_DESC" " UberCharge 2 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_HEAVY_DESC" "Assist in punching 2 enemies with a sin gle berCharge on a Heavy." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN_NAME" " "

"[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN_NAME" "Medical Breakthrough" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN_DESC" " UberCharge 5 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_DEMOMAN_DESC" "Assist in destroying 5 enemy Engineer b uildings with a single berCharge on a Demoman." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER_NAME" "Blast Assist" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER_DESC" " UberCharge 5 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_SOLDIER_DESC" "Assist in exploding 5 enemies with a si ngle berCharge on a Soldier." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER_NAME" "Midwife Crisis" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ENGINEER_DESC" "Heal an Engineer as he repairs his sent ry gun while it's under enemy fire." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER_NAME" "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_CAPTURER_DESC" "Assist in killing 3 enemies on an enemy control point, in a single life." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS_NAME" "Grand Rounds" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS_DESC" " 200 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_CALLERS_DESC" "Heal 200 teammates after they've called for 'Medic!'." "TF_MEDIC_EXTINGUISH_TEAMMATES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_EXTINGUISH_TEAMMATES_NAME" "Infernal Medicine" "TF_MEDIC_EXTINGUISH_TEAMMATES_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_EXTINGUISH_TEAMMATES_DESC" "Extinguish 100 burning teammate s." "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES_NAME" "Doctor Assisted Homicide" "TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ASSIST_VS_NEMESES_DESC" "Assist in killing 20 nemeses." "TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED_NAME" "Placebo Effect" "TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED_DESC" " UberCharge 2 "[english]TF_MEDIC_KILL_WHILE_CHARGED_DESC" "Kill 2 enemies in a single life , while having your berCharge ready, but undeployed." "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES_NAME" "Sawbones" "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES_DESC" " 5 "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_NOMISSES_DESC" "Hit enemies with your bonesaw 5 times in a row without dying or missing." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE_NAME" "Intern" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE_DESC" " 7000 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_LARGE_DESC" "Accumulate 7000 heal points in a single life." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE_NAME" "Specialist" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE_DESC" " 10000 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_HUGE_DESC" "Accumulate 10000 heal points health in a single life." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND_NAME" "Chief of Staff" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_GRIND_DESC" "Accumulate 1 million total heal points. " "TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY_NAME" "Hypocritical Oath"

"TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_KILL_HEALED_SPY_DESC" "Kill an enemy Spy that you have been healing." "TF_MEDIC_SAVE_FALLING_TEAMMATE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SAVE_FALLING_TEAMMATE_NAME" "Medical Intervention" "TF_MEDIC_SAVE_FALLING_TEAMMATE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_SAVE_FALLING_TEAMMATE_DESC" "Save a falling teammate from dy ing on impact." "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE_NAME" "Second Opinion" "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE_DESC" " UberCharge " "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_JUGGLE_DESC" "berCharge 2 teammates at once." "TF_MEDIC_FREEZECAM_RAGDOLL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_FREEZECAM_RAGDOLL_NAME" "Autopsy Report" "TF_MEDIC_FREEZECAM_RAGDOLL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_FREEZECAM_RAGDOLL_DESC" "Provide an enemy with a freezec am shot of you taunting above their ragdoll." "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_SPY_CALLERS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_SPY_CALLERS_NAME" "FYI I am A Medic" "TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_SPY_CALLERS_DESC" " 1 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_BONESAW_SPY_CALLERS_DESC" "Use your bonesaw to kill a spy who has been calling for 'Medic!'." "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS_NAME" "Family Practice" "TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS_DESC" " 5 Steam UberCharge" "[english]TF_MEDIC_CHARGE_FRIENDS_DESC" "berCharge 5 of your Steam Community Frie nds." "TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE_NAME" "House Call" "TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE_DESC" " UberCharge" "[english]TF_MEDIC_INVITE_JOIN_CHARGE_DESC" "Join a game that one of your fr iends is in and then deploy an berCharge on him." "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER_NAME" "Bedside Manner" "TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_MEDIC_HEAL_ACHIEVER_DESC" "Be healing a teammate as he achieves an achievement of his own." "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Medic Milestone 1" "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Medic pack." "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Medic Milestone 2" "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 16 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Medic pack." "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Medic Milestone 3" "TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 22 " "[english]TF_MEDIC_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Medic pack." "TF_PYRO_KILL_MULTIWEAPONS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_MULTIWEAPONS_NAME" "Combined Fire" "TF_PYRO_KILL_MULTIWEAPONS_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_MULTIWEAPONS_DESC" "Use your shotgun to finish off 20 players you've ignited." "TF_PYRO_SIMULBURN_SCOUTS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_SIMULBURN_SCOUTS_NAME" "Weenie Roast" "TF_PYRO_SIMULBURN_SCOUTS_DESC" " "

"[english]TF_PYRO_SIMULBURN_SCOUTS_DESC" "Have 2 enemy Scouts on fire at the same time." "TF_PYRO_FORCE_WATERJUMP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_FORCE_WATERJUMP_NAME" "Baptism by Fire" "TF_PYRO_FORCE_WATERJUMP_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_FORCE_WATERJUMP_DESC" "Force 10 burning enemies to jump into w ater." "TF_PYRO_KILL_POSTDEATH_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_POSTDEATH_NAME" "Fire and Forget" "TF_PYRO_KILL_POSTDEATH_DESC" " 15 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_POSTDEATH_DESC" "Kill 15 players while you're dead." "TF_PYRO_KILL_SPIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_SPIES_NAME" "Firewall" "TF_PYRO_KILL_SPIES_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_SPIES_DESC" "Ignite 5 Spies who have a sapper on a f riendly building." "TF_PYRO_KILL_CARRIERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_CARRIERS_NAME" "Cooking the Books" "TF_PYRO_KILL_CARRIERS_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_CARRIERS_DESC" "Ignite 5 enemies carrying your intellig ence." "TF_PYRO_REVEAL_SPIES_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_REVEAL_SPIES_NAME" "Spontaneous Combustion" "TF_PYRO_REVEAL_SPIES_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_REVEAL_SPIES_DESC" "Ignite 10 cloaked Spies." "TF_PYRO_CAMP_TELEPORTERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_CAMP_TELEPORTERS_NAME" "Trailblazer" "TF_PYRO_CAMP_TELEPORTERS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_CAMP_TELEPORTERS_DESC" "Ignite 10 enemies that have rec ently used a teleporter." "TF_PYRO_CAMP_POSITION_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_CAMP_POSITION_NAME" "Camp Fire" "TF_PYRO_CAMP_POSITION_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_PYRO_CAMP_POSITION_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area." "TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_SMALL_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_SMALL_NAME" "Lumberjack" "TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_SMALL_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_SMALL_DESC" "Kill 3 people with your axe in one life ." "TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_LARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_LARGE_NAME" "Clearcutter" "TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_LARGE_DESC" " 6 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_AXE_LARGE_DESC" "Kill 6 people with your axe in one life ." "TF_PYRO_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_NAME" "Hot on Your Heels" "TF_PYRO_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_DESC" " 50 ." "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies with your flame thrower, from behind." "TF_PYRO_BURN_SPIES_AS_YOU_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SPIES_AS_YOU_NAME" "I Fry" "TF_PYRO_BURN_SPIES_AS_YOU_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SPIES_AS_YOU_DESC" "Ignite 10 disguised Spies." "TF_PYRO_BURN_SNIPERS_ZOOMED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SNIPERS_ZOOMED_NAME" "Firewatch" "TF_PYRO_BURN_SNIPERS_ZOOMED_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SNIPERS_ZOOMED_DESC" "Ignite 10 Snipers while they ar e zoomed in." "TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICS_CHARGED_NAME" " "

"[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICS_CHARGED_NAME" "Burn Ward" "TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICS_CHARGED_DESC" " 3 UberCharge " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICS_CHARGED_DESC" "Ignite 3 Medics that are ready to deploy an berCharge." "TF_PYRO_REFLECT_PROJECTILES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_REFLECT_PROJECTILES_NAME" "Hot Potato" "TF_PYRO_REFLECT_PROJECTILES_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_PYRO_REFLECT_PROJECTILES_DESC" "Reflect 100 projectiles with yo ur compressed air blast." "TF_PYRO_KILL_HEAVIES_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_HEAVIES_NAME" "Makin' Bacon" "TF_PYRO_KILL_HEAVIES_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_HEAVIES_DESC" "Kill 50 Heavies with your flamethrower. " "TF_PYRO_KILL_UNDERWATER_NAME" "B " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_UNDERWATER_NAME" "Plan B" "TF_PYRO_KILL_UNDERWATER_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_UNDERWATER_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies while you're both under water." "TF_PYRO_KILL_UBERCHARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_UBERCHARGE_NAME" "Pyrotechnics" "TF_PYRO_KILL_UBERCHARGE_DESC" " UberCharge 3 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_UBERCHARGE_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies in a single berCharge." "TF_PYRO_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_NAME" "Arsonist" "TF_PYRO_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_PYRO_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_DESC" "Destroy 50 Engineer buildings." "TF_PYRO_DEFEND_POINTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DEFEND_POINTS_NAME" "Controlled Burn" "TF_PYRO_DEFEND_POINTS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_PYRO_DEFEND_POINTS_DESC" "Ignite 50 enemies capturing one of your control points." "TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_NAME" "Firefighter" "TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_DESC" " 500 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_DESC" "Kill 500 enemies." "TF_PYRO_DAMAGE_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DAMAGE_GRIND_NAME" "Pyromancer" "TF_PYRO_DAMAGE_GRIND_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_PYRO_DAMAGE_GRIND_DESC" "Do 1 million points of total fire damag e." "TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICPAIR_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICPAIR_NAME" "Next of Kindling" "TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICPAIR_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_MEDICPAIR_DESC" "Ignite an enemy, and the Medic healing him." "TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" "OMGWTFBBQ" "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" "OMGWTFBBQ" "TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" "Kill an enemy with a taunt." "TF_PYRO_KILL_TEAMWORK_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TEAMWORK_NAME" "Second Degree Burn" "TF_PYRO_KILL_TEAMWORK_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TEAMWORK_DESC" "Kill a burning enemy who was ignited by another Pyro." "TF_PYRO_BURN_SPY_TAUNT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SPY_TAUNT_NAME" "Got A Light?" "TF_PYRO_BURN_SPY_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_SPY_TAUNT_DESC" "Ignite an enemy Spy while he's flicking a cigarette."

"TF_PYRO_DOMINATE_LEAVESVR_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DOMINATE_LEAVESVR_NAME" "BarbeQueQ" "TF_PYRO_DOMINATE_LEAVESVR_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DOMINATE_LEAVESVR_DESC" "Cause a dominated player to lea ve the server." "TF_PYRO_REFLECT_CROCKET_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_REFLECT_CROCKET_KILL_NAME" "Hotshot" "TF_PYRO_REFLECT_CROCKET_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_REFLECT_CROCKET_KILL_DESC" "Kill a Soldier with a reflected critical rocket." "TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNTERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNTERS_NAME" "Dance Dance Immolation" "TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNTERS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_TAUNTERS_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies while they're taunting." "TF_PYRO_DOUBLE_KO_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DOUBLE_KO_NAME" "Dead Heat" "TF_PYRO_DOUBLE_KO_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_DOUBLE_KO_DESC" "Kill an enemy in the same second that h e kills you." "TF_PYRO_BURN_RJ_SOLDIER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_RJ_SOLDIER_NAME" "Pilot Light" "TF_PYRO_BURN_RJ_SOLDIER_DESC" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_BURN_RJ_SOLDIER_DESC" "Ignite a rocket-jumping Soldier while h e's in midair." "TF_PYRO_FREEZECAM_TAUNTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_FREEZECAM_TAUNTS_NAME" "Freezer Burn" "TF_PYRO_FREEZECAM_TAUNTS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_FREEZECAM_TAUNTS_DESC" "Provide enemies with freezecam shots of each of your taunts." "TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_LARGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_LARGE_NAME" "Fire Chief" "TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_LARGE_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_PYRO_KILL_GRIND_LARGE_DESC" "Kill 1000 enemies." "TF_PYRO_IGNITE_FLAREGUN_NAME" "" "[english]TF_PYRO_IGNITE_FLAREGUN_NAME" "Attention Getter" "TF_PYRO_IGNITE_FLAREGUN_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_PYRO_IGNITE_FLAREGUN_DESC" "Ignite 100 enemies with the flare gun." "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Pyro Milestone 1" "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Pyro pack." "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Pyro Milestone 2" "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 16 " "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Pyro pack." "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Pyro Milestone 3" "TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 22 " "[english]TF_PYRO_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Pyro pack." "TF_HEAVY_DAMAGE_TAKEN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_DAMAGE_TAKEN_NAME" "Iron Kurtain" "TF_HEAVY_DAMAGE_TAKEN_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_DAMAGE_TAKEN_DESC" "Take 1000 points of damage in a single life." "TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_MEDIC_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_MEDIC_NAME" "Party Loyalty" "TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_MEDIC_DESC" "3 50 "

"[english]TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_MEDIC_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of the m attacking your Medic." "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_MEDIC_LARGE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_MEDIC_LARGE_NAME" "Division of Labor" "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_MEDIC_LARGE_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_MEDIC_LARGE_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies with a Medic as sisting you, where neither of you die." "TF_HEAVY_EARN_MEDIC_DOMINATION_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_EARN_MEDIC_DOMINATION_NAME" "Red Oktoberfest" "TF_HEAVY_EARN_MEDIC_DOMINATION_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_EARN_MEDIC_DOMINATION_DESC" "Earn a domination for a Medic w ho's healing you." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" "Show Trial" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" "Kill an enemy with a taunt." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_NAME" "Crime and Punishment" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies carrying your i ntelligence." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" "Class Struggle" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" "Work with a friendly Medic to k ill an enemy Heavy & Medic pair." "TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_INVULN_HEAVY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_INVULN_HEAVY_NAME" "Soviet Block" "TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_INVULN_HEAVY_DESC" " "[english]TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_INVULN_HEAVY_DESC" "While invulnerable and on defen se, block an invulnerable enemy Heavy's movement." "TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_CART_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_CART_NAME" "Stalin the Kart" "TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_CART_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_BLOCK_CART_DESC" "Block the enemy from moving the payload cart 25 times." "TF_HEAVY_RECEIVE_UBER_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_RECEIVE_UBER_GRIND_NAME" "Supreme Soviet" "TF_HEAVY_RECEIVE_UBER_GRIND_DESC" " 50 UberCharge " "[english]TF_HEAVY_RECEIVE_UBER_GRIND_DESC" "Get berCharged 50 times." "TF_HEAVY_STAND_NEAR_DISPENSER_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_STAND_NEAR_DISPENSER_NAME" "Factory Worker" "TF_HEAVY_STAND_NEAR_DISPENSER_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_STAND_NEAR_DISPENSER_DESC" "Kill 20 enemies while being rec harged by a dispenser." "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_HEAVY_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_HEAVY_GRIND_NAME" "Soviet Union" "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_HEAVY_GRIND_DESC" " 25 "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_HEAVY_GRIND_DESC" "Get 25 enemy kills where you ei ther assist or are assisted by another Heavy." "TF_HEAVY_CLEAR_STICKYBOMBS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_CLEAR_STICKYBOMBS_NAME" "0wn the Means of Production" "TF_HEAVY_CLEAR_STICKYBOMBS_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_CLEAR_STICKYBOMBS_DESC" "Remove 20 stickybombs by killin g the Demomen who produced them." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_UNDERWATER_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_UNDERWATER_NAME" "Krazy Ivan" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_UNDERWATER_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_UNDERWATER_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies while both you and your victim are underwater."

"TF_HEAVY_TAKE_MULTI_DAMAGE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_TAKE_MULTI_DAMAGE_NAME" "Rasputin" "TF_HEAVY_TAKE_MULTI_DAMAGE_DESC" " "[english]TF_HEAVY_TAKE_MULTI_DAMAGE_DESC" "In a single life, get shot, bur ned, bludgeoned, and receive explosive damage." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_DOMINATED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_DOMINATED_NAME" "Icing on the Cake" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_DOMINATED_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_DOMINATED_DESC" "Get 20 kills on players that you're dom inating." "TF_HEAVY_SURVIVE_CROCKET_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_SURVIVE_CROCKET_NAME" "Crock Block" "TF_HEAVY_SURVIVE_CROCKET_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_SURVIVE_CROCKET_DESC" "Survive a direct hit from a cri tical rocket." "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_GRIND_NAME" "Kollectivization" "TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_GRIND_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ASSIST_GRIND_DESC" "Get 1000 assists." "TF_HEAVY_UNCOVER_SPIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_UNCOVER_SPIES_NAME" "Spyalectical Materialism" "TF_HEAVY_UNCOVER_SPIES_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_UNCOVER_SPIES_DESC" "Kill or assist in killing 10 cloaked Sp ies." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_WHILE_SPUNUP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_WHILE_SPUNUP_NAME" "Permanent Revolution" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_WHILE_SPUNUP_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_WHILE_SPUNUP_DESC" "Kill 5 enemies without spinning down your gun." "TF_HEAVY_FIRE_LOTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FIRE_LOTS_NAME" "Heavy Industry" "TF_HEAVY_FIRE_LOTS_DESC" " 200,000 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FIRE_LOTS_DESC" "Fire $200,000 worth of minigun rounds i n a single life." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_CRIT_PUNCH_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_CRIT_PUNCH_NAME" "Communist Mani-Fisto" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_CRIT_PUNCH_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_CRIT_PUNCH_DESC" "Kill an enemy with a critical p unch." "TF_HEAVY_HEAL_MEDIKITS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_HEAL_MEDIKITS_NAME" "Redistribution of Health" "TF_HEAVY_HEAL_MEDIKITS_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_HEAL_MEDIKITS_DESC" "Heal 1000 damage with med-kits in a sin gle life." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_SHOTGUN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_SHOTGUN_NAME" "Rationing" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_SHOTGUN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_SHOTGUN_DESC" "Kill an enemy with your shotgun while y ou're out of minigun ammo." "TF_HEAVY_FIRST_TO_CAP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FIRST_TO_CAP_NAME" "Vanguard Party" "TF_HEAVY_FIRST_TO_CAP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FIRST_TO_CAP_DESC" "Be the first on your team to start capt uring a control point in a round." "TF_HEAVY_PAYLOAD_CAP_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_PAYLOAD_CAP_GRIND_NAME" "Pushkin the Kart" "TF_HEAVY_PAYLOAD_CAP_GRIND_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_PAYLOAD_CAP_GRIND_DESC" "Get 50 caps on payload maps." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_MIDAIR_MINIGUN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_MIDAIR_MINIGUN_NAME" "Marxman"

"TF_HEAVY_KILL_MIDAIR_MINIGUN_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_MIDAIR_MINIGUN_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies in mid-air with the minigun." "TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_CONTROL_POINT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_CONTROL_POINT_NAME" "Gorky Parked" "TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_CONTROL_POINT_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_DEFEND_CONTROL_POINT_DESC" "Kill 25 enemies while you're st anding on a control point you own." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" "Purge" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" " 15 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" "Kill 15 enemies capturing a con trol point you own." "TF_HEAVY_REVENGE_ASSIST_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HEAVY_REVENGE_ASSIST_NAME" "Lenin A Hand" "TF_HEAVY_REVENGE_ASSIST_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_REVENGE_ASSIST_DESC" "Help 5 teammates get revenge on their n emeses." "TF_HEAVY_TELEPORT_FAST_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_TELEPORT_FAST_KILL_NAME" "Five Second Plan" "TF_HEAVY_TELEPORT_FAST_KILL_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_TELEPORT_FAST_KILL_DESC" "Kill an enemy in the first 5 se conds after you exit a teleporter." "TF_HEAVY_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" "Photostroika" "TF_HEAVY_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" "Provide an enemy with a freezec am shot of you taunting while invulnerable." "TF_HEAVY_EAT_SANDWICHES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_EAT_SANDWICHES_NAME" "Konspicuous Konsumption" "TF_HEAVY_EAT_SANDWICHES_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_EAT_SANDWICHES_DESC" "Eat 100 sandviches." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_SCOUTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_SCOUTS_NAME" "Don't Touch Sandvich" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_SCOUTS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_SCOUTS_DESC" "Kill 50 Scouts using Natascha." "TF_HEAVY_KILL_HEAVIES_GLOVES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_HEAVIES_GLOVES_NAME" "Borscht Belt" "TF_HEAVY_KILL_HEAVIES_GLOVES_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_KILL_HEAVIES_GLOVES_DESC" "Kill 10 Heavies with The K.G.B. " "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Heavy Milestone 1" "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Heavy pack." "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Heavy Milestone 2" "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 16 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Heavy pack." "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Heavy Milestone 3" "TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 22 " "[english]TF_HEAVY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Heavy pack." "TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_NAME" "First Blood" "TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_DESC" "Get the first kill in an Arena match."

"TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_KILL_NAME" " 2 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_KILL_NAME" "First Blood, Part 2" "TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_KILL_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FIRST_BLOOD_KILL_DESC" "Kill 5 enemies with the First B lood crit buff." "TF_SCOUT_WELL_EARLY_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_WELL_EARLY_KILL_NAME" "Quick Hook" "TF_SCOUT_WELL_EARLY_KILL_DESC" " Well " "[english]TF_SCOUT_WELL_EARLY_KILL_DESC" "Kill a player in Well before th e round starts." "TF_SCOUT_LIFETIME_KILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_LIFETIME_KILLS_NAME" "A Year to Remember" "TF_SCOUT_LIFETIME_KILLS_DESC" " 2004 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_LIFETIME_KILLS_DESC" "Get 2004 lifetime kills." "TF_SCOUT_IRON_MAN_KILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_IRON_MAN_KILLS_NAME" "The Cycle" "TF_SCOUT_IRON_MAN_KILLS_DESC" " "[english]TF_SCOUT_IRON_MAN_KILLS_DESC" "In a single life, kill an enemy while y ou are on the ground, in the air, and in the water." "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_TELEPORTERS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_TELEPORTERS_NAME" "Closer" "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_TELEPORTERS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_TELEPORTERS_DESC" "Destroy 3 teleporter entrances. " "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_BEING_BUILT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_BEING_BUILT_NAME" "If You Build It" "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_BEING_BUILT_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_BEING_BUILT_DESC" "Destroy 3 enemy buildin gs while they are still under construction." "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_SENTRY_WITH_PISTOL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_SENTRY_WITH_PISTOL_NAME" "Gun Down" "TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_SENTRY_WITH_PISTOL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DESTROY_SENTRY_WITH_PISTOL_DESC" "Destroy an active sentr y gun using your pistol." "TF_SCOUT_DOUBLE_JUMPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DOUBLE_JUMPS_NAME" "Batter Up" "TF_SCOUT_DOUBLE_JUMPS_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DOUBLE_JUMPS_DESC" "Perform 1000 double jumps." "TF_SCOUT_ASSIST_MEDIC_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_ASSIST_MEDIC_NAME" "Doctoring the Ball" "TF_SCOUT_ASSIST_MEDIC_DESC" " UberCharge 3 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_ASSIST_MEDIC_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies while under the effects of a Medic's berCharge." "TF_SCOUT_STEAL_SANDWICH_NAME" " 1 0" "[english]TF_SCOUT_STEAL_SANDWICH_NAME" "Dodgers 1, Giants 0" "TF_SCOUT_STEAL_SANDWICH_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STEAL_SANDWICH_DESC" "Kill an enemy Heavy and take his Sandvi ch." "TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Scout Milestone 1" "TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Scout pack." "TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Scout Milestone 2" "TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 16 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Scout pack." "TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Scout Milestone 3"

"TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 22 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Scout pack." "TF_SCOUT_KILL_CHARGED_MEDICS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_CHARGED_MEDICS_NAME" "Batting the Doctor" "TF_SCOUT_KILL_CHARGED_MEDICS_DESC" " 1 UberCharge " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_CHARGED_MEDICS_DESC" "Kill a Medic that is ready to d eploy an berCharge." "TF_SCOUT_SURVIVE_DAMAGE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_SURVIVE_DAMAGE_NAME" "I'm Bat Man" "TF_SCOUT_SURVIVE_DAMAGE_DESC" " 500 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_SURVIVE_DAMAGE_DESC" "Survive 500 damage in one life." "TF_SCOUT_DOUBLEJUMP_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DOUBLEJUMP_KILL_NAME" "Pop Fly" "TF_SCOUT_DOUBLEJUMP_KILL_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DOUBLEJUMP_KILL_DESC" "Kill 20 players while double-ju mping." "TF_SCOUT_FLAG_CAP_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FLAG_CAP_GRIND_NAME" "Round-Tripper" "TF_SCOUT_FLAG_CAP_GRIND_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FLAG_CAP_GRIND_DESC" "Capture the enemy intelligence 25 times ." "TF_SCOUT_THREE_FLAGCAPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_THREE_FLAGCAPS_NAME" "Triple Steal" "TF_SCOUT_THREE_FLAGCAPS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_THREE_FLAGCAPS_DESC" "Capture the enemy intelligence 3 times in a single CTF round." "TF_SCOUT_DODGE_DAMAGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DODGE_DAMAGE_NAME" "Artful Dodger" "TF_SCOUT_DODGE_DAMAGE_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_DODGE_DAMAGE_DESC" "Dodge 1000 damage in a single life usin g your Bonk! Atomic Punch." "TF_SCOUT_KNOCK_INTO_TRAIN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KNOCK_INTO_TRAIN_NAME" "Fall Classic" "TF_SCOUT_KNOCK_INTO_TRAIN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KNOCK_INTO_TRAIN_DESC" "Cause an environmental death or suicide using the Force-A-Nature's knockback." "TF_SCOUT_KILL_STUNNED_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_STUNNED_NAME" "Strike Zone" "TF_SCOUT_KILL_STUNNED_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_STUNNED_DESC" "Kill or assist kill 50 enemies while th ey are stunned." "TF_SCOUT_STUN_INTO_TRAIN_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_INTO_TRAIN_NAME" "Foul Territory" "TF_SCOUT_STUN_INTO_TRAIN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_INTO_TRAIN_DESC" "Cause an environmental death by stunning an enemy." "TF_SCOUT_STUN_UBER_ENEMIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_UBER_ENEMIES_NAME" "The Big Hurt" "TF_SCOUT_STUN_UBER_ENEMIES_DESC" " 2 UberCharge " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_UBER_ENEMIES_DESC" "Stun 2 Medics that are ready to deploy an berCharge." "TF_SCOUT_STUN_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" "Brushback" "TF_SCOUT_STUN_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" "Stun 50 enemies while they are capturing a point or pushing the cart." "TF_SCOUT_MAX_STUNS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_MAX_STUNS_NAME" "Moon Shot" "TF_SCOUT_MAX_STUNS_DESC" " 1 "

"[english]TF_SCOUT_MAX_STUNS_DESC" "Stun an enemy for the maximum possible duration by hitting them with a long-range ball." "TF_SCOUT_STUN_SCOUT_WITH_THEIR_BALL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_SCOUT_WITH_THEIR_BALL_NAME" "Beanball" "TF_SCOUT_STUN_SCOUT_WITH_THEIR_BALL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_STUN_SCOUT_WITH_THEIR_BALL_DESC" "Stun a Scout with their own ball." "TF_SCOUT_KILL_IN_DODGE_COOLDOWN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_IN_DODGE_COOLDOWN_NAME" "Retire the Runner" "TF_SCOUT_KILL_IN_DODGE_COOLDOWN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_IN_DODGE_COOLDOWN_DESC" "Kill a Scout while they are und er the effect of Crit-a-Cola." "TF_SCOUT_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_NAME" "Caught Napping" "TF_SCOUT_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_KILL_FROM_BEHIND_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies from behind wit h the Force-A-Nature." "TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_LAST_POINT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_LAST_POINT_NAME" "Side Retired" "TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_LAST_POINT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_LAST_POINT_DESC" "Capture the last point in a CP map." "TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_THREE_POINTS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_THREE_POINTS_NAME" "Triple Play" "TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_THREE_POINTS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAPTURE_THREE_POINTS_DESC" "Capture three capture points in a row in one life." "TF_SCOUT_FAST_CAP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FAST_CAP_NAME" "Stealing Home" "TF_SCOUT_FAST_CAP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_FAST_CAP_DESC" "Start capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available." "TF_SCOUT_START_AND_FINISH_CAP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_START_AND_FINISH_CAP_NAME" "Set the Table" "TF_SCOUT_START_AND_FINISH_CAP_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_START_AND_FINISH_CAP_DESC" "Initiate 10 point captures that ultimately succeed." "TF_SCOUT_BLOCK_CAPS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SCOUT_BLOCK_CAPS_NAME" "Block the Plate" "TF_SCOUT_BLOCK_CAPS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_BLOCK_CAPS_DESC" "Block 50 point captures." "TF_SCOUT_CARRIER_KILL_CARRIER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CARRIER_KILL_CARRIER_NAME" "Belittled Beleaguer" "TF_SCOUT_CARRIER_KILL_CARRIER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CARRIER_KILL_CARRIER_DESC" "Kill an opposing player that ha s your intelligence while holding theirs." "TF_SCOUT_CAP_FLAG_WITHOUT_ATTACKING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAP_FLAG_WITHOUT_ATTACKING_NAME" "No-Hitter" "TF_SCOUT_CAP_FLAG_WITHOUT_ATTACKING_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_CAP_FLAG_WITHOUT_ATTACKING_DESC" "Steal and then capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot." "TF_SCOUT_LONG_DISTANCE_RUNNER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_LONG_DISTANCE_RUNNER_NAME" "Race for the Pennant" "TF_SCOUT_LONG_DISTANCE_RUNNER_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_LONG_DISTANCE_RUNNER_DESC" "Run 25 kilometers." "TF_SCOUT_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SCOUT_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" "Out of the Park" "TF_SCOUT_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_SCOUT_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" "Bat an enemy 25 meters." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_DOMINATED_NAME" " "

"[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_DOMINATED_NAME" "Rode Hard, Put Away Wet" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_DOMINATED_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_DOMINATED_DESC" "Jarate an enemy that you're dom inating." "TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_HAT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_HAT_NAME" "Be Polite" "TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_HAT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_HAT_DESC" "Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you doffing your hat." "TF_SNIPER_RIFLE_NO_MISSING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_RIFLE_NO_MISSING_NAME" "Be Efficient" "TF_SNIPER_RIFLE_NO_MISSING_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_RIFLE_NO_MISSING_DESC" "Get 3 kills with the Sniper Rif le without missing a shot." "TF_SNIPER_CAPTURE_FLAG_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_CAPTURE_FLAG_NAME" "Have a Plan" "TF_SNIPER_CAPTURE_FLAG_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_CAPTURE_FLAG_DESC" "Capture the flag in CTF." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_GRIND_NAME" "Kill Everyone You Meet" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_GRIND_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_GRIND_DESC" "Kill 1000 enemies." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_WEAPONS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_WEAPONS_NAME" "Triple Prey" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_WEAPONS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_WEAPONS_DESC" "In a single round, get a kill with 3 di fferent weapons." "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_SNIPERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_SNIPERS_NAME" "Self-destruct Sequence" "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_SNIPERS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_SNIPERS_DESC" "Headshot 10 enemy Snipers." "TF_SNIPER_DESTROY_SENTRYGUNS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_DESTROY_SENTRYGUNS_NAME" "De-sentry-lized" "TF_SNIPER_DESTROY_SENTRYGUNS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_DESTROY_SENTRYGUNS_DESC" "Destroy 3 Engineer sentry guns. " "TF_SNIPER_KILL_INVIS_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_INVIS_SPY_NAME" "Shoot the Breeze" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_INVIS_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_INVIS_SPY_DESC" "Kill a fully invisible Spy in a single hit." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_MIDAIR_SCOUT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_MIDAIR_SCOUT_NAME" "Dropped Dead" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_MIDAIR_SCOUT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_MIDAIR_SCOUT_DESC" "Kill a Scout in midair with you r Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman." "TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_WAVE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_WAVE_NAME" "The Last Wave" "TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_WAVE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_FREEZECAM_WAVE_DESC" "Provide an enemy with a freezec am shot of you waving to them." "TF_SNIPER_DOMINATE_SNIPER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_DOMINATE_SNIPER_NAME" "Australian Rules" "TF_SNIPER_DOMINATE_SNIPER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_DOMINATE_SNIPER_DESC" "Dominate an enemy Sniper." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_SPIES_MELEE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_SPIES_MELEE_NAME" "Kook the Spook" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_SPIES_MELEE_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_SPIES_MELEE_DESC" "Kill 10 Spies with your Kukri." "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_DEMOMAN_NAME" " "

"[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_DEMOMAN_NAME" "Socket to Him" "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_DEMOMAN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_DEMOMAN_DESC" "Headshot an enemy Demoman." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_RJER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_RJER_NAME" "Jumper Stumper" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_RJER_DESC" " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_RJER_DESC" "Kill a rocket or grenade-jumping enemy in midair with your Sniper Rifle or the Huntsman." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_OBJECTIVES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_OBJECTIVES_NAME" "Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_OBJECTIVES_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_OBJECTIVES_DESC" "In a single life, kill 3 enemie s while they are achieving an objective." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_UNSCOPED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_UNSCOPED_NAME" "Trust Your Feelings" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_UNSCOPED_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_UNSCOPED_DESC" "Get 5 kills with the Sniper Rifle witho ut your scope." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_CHARGED_MEDIC_NAME" "Uber " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_CHARGED_MEDIC_NAME" "berectomy" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_CHARGED_MEDIC_DESC" " 1 UberCharge " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_CHARGED_MEDIC_DESC" "Kill a Medic that is ready to d eploy an berCharge." "TF_SNIPER_GET_BACKSTABBED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_GET_BACKSTABBED_NAME" "Consolation Prize" "TF_SNIPER_GET_BACKSTABBED_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_GET_BACKSTABBED_DESC" "Get backstabbed 50 times." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_AT_ROUNDSTART_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_AT_ROUNDSTART_NAME" "Enemy at the Gate" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_AT_ROUNDSTART_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_AT_ROUNDSTART_DESC" "Kill an opponent within the fir st second of a round." "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_POST_INVULN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_POST_INVULN_NAME" "Parting Shot" "TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_POST_INVULN_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_HEADSHOT_POST_INVULN_DESC" "Headshot an enemy player the mo ment his invulnerability wears off." "TF_SNIPER_TOP_SCOREBOARD_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_TOP_SCOREBOARD_GRIND_NAME" "My Brilliant Career" "TF_SNIPER_TOP_SCOREBOARD_GRIND_DESC" " 6 6 10 "[english]TF_SNIPER_TOP_SCOREBOARD_GRIND_DESC" "Top the scoreboard 10 times on teams of 6 or more players." "TF_SNIPER_KILL_FAILED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_FAILED_SPY_NAME" "Shock Treatment" "TF_SNIPER_KILL_FAILED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_KILL_FAILED_SPY_DESC" "Kill a spy whose backstab attem pt was blocked by your Razorback." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_GROUP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_GROUP_NAME" "Saturation Bombing" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_GROUP_DESC" " 4 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_GROUP_DESC" "Jarate 4 enemy players with a single th row." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" "Rain on Their Parade" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" "Jarate an enemy and the Medic h ealing him." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_REVEAL_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_REVEAL_SPY_NAME" "Jarring Transition" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_REVEAL_SPY_DESC" " "

"[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_REVEAL_SPY_DESC" "Use Jarate to reveal a cloaked Spy." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_EXTINGUISH_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_EXTINGUISH_NAME" "Friendship is Golden" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_EXTINGUISH_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_EXTINGUISH_DESC" "Extinguish a burning teammate w ith your Jarate." "TF_SNIPER_BOW_PIN_HEAVY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_PIN_HEAVY_NAME" "William Tell Overkill" "TF_SNIPER_BOW_PIN_HEAVY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_PIN_HEAVY_DESC" "Pin an enemy Heavy to the wall via his head." "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" "Beaux and Arrows" "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" "Kill a Heavy & Medic pair with the bow." "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_FLAGCARRIER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_FLAGCARRIER_NAME" "Robbin' Hood" "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_FLAGCARRIER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_FLAGCARRIER_DESC" "Take down an intelligence carri er with a single arrow." "TF_SNIPER_BOW_PINCUSHION_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_PINCUSHION_NAME" "Pincushion" "TF_SNIPER_BOW_PINCUSHION_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_PINCUSHION_DESC" "Hit an enemy with 3 arrows, wit hout killing them." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_ASSISTS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_ASSISTS_NAME" "Number One Assistant" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_ASSISTS_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_ASSISTS_DESC" "Score 5 assists with the Jarate in a single round." "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_KILL_MELEE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_KILL_MELEE_NAME" "Jarate Chop" "TF_SNIPER_JARATE_KILL_MELEE_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_SNIPER_JARATE_KILL_MELEE_DESC" "Jarate and then kill 3 enemies with your Kukri." "TF_SNIPER_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" "Shafted" "TF_SNIPER_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" "Stab an enemy with an arrow." "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_WHILEDEAD_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_WHILEDEAD_NAME" "Dead Reckoning" "TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_WHILEDEAD_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SNIPER_BOW_KILL_WHILEDEAD_DESC" "Kill an enemy with an arrow whi le you're dead." "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Sniper Milestone 1" "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 5 of the achievements i n the Sniper pack." "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Sniper Milestone 2" "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 11 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Sniper pack." "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Sniper Milestone 3" "TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 17 " "[english]TF_SNIPER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 17 of the achievements


in the Sniper pack." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_SNIPERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_SNIPERS_NAME" "Triplecrossed" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_SNIPERS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_SNIPERS_DESC" "Backstab 3 Snipers in a single life." "TF_SPY_FREEZECAM_FLICK_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_FREEZECAM_FLICK_NAME" "For Your Eyes Only" "TF_SPY_FREEZECAM_FLICK_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_FREEZECAM_FLICK_DESC" "Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you flicking a cigarette onto their corpse." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISED_SPY_NAME" "Counter Espionage" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISED_SPY_DESC" "Backstab a disguised Spy." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISE_TARGET_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISE_TARGET_NAME" "Identity Theft" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISE_TARGET_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DISGUISE_TARGET_DESC" "Backstab the enemy that you're currently disguised as." "TF_SPY_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" "The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E." "TF_SPY_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" "Stab an enemy while fencing." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_HEALING_YOU_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_HEALING_YOU_NAME" "FYI I am a Spy" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_HEALING_YOU_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_HEALING_YOU_DESC" "Backstab a Medic who ha s healed you in the last 5 seconds." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENGY_SAP_BUILDING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENGY_SAP_BUILDING_NAME" "The Man with the Broken Guns" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENGY_SAP_BUILDING_DESC" " 10 3 "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENGY_SAP_BUILDING_DESC" "Backstab an Engineer, t hen sap 3 of his buildings within 10 seconds." "TF_SPY_SAP_BUILDING_BACKSTAB_ENGY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_SAP_BUILDING_BACKSTAB_ENGY_NAME" "Sapsucker" "TF_SPY_SAP_BUILDING_BACKSTAB_ENGY_DESC" " 5 "[english]TF_SPY_SAP_BUILDING_BACKSTAB_ENGY_DESC" "Sap an enemy building, then backstab the Engineer who built it within 5 seconds." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_PAIR_NAME" "May I Cut In?" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_PAIR_DESC" "Backstab an enemy and the Medic healing him within 10 seconds of each other." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_FRIENDS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_FRIENDS_NAME" "Agent Provocateur" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_FRIENDS_DESC" " Steam 10 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_FRIENDS_DESC" "Backstab your Steam Community friends 1 0 times." "TF_SPY_DOMINATE_SNIPER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_DOMINATE_SNIPER_NAME" "The Melbourne Supremacy" "TF_SPY_DOMINATE_SNIPER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_DOMINATE_SNIPER_DESC" "Dominate a Sniper." "TF_SPY_BUMP_CLOAKED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BUMP_CLOAKED_SPY_NAME" "Spies Like Us" "TF_SPY_BUMP_CLOAKED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BUMP_CLOAKED_SPY_DESC" "While cloaked, bump into an enemy cloak ed Spy." "TF_SPY_KILL_SPY_WITH_KNIFE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_SPY_WITH_KNIFE_NAME" "A Cut Above"

"TF_SPY_KILL_SPY_WITH_KNIFE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_SPY_WITH_KNIFE_DESC" "Kill a gun-wielding Spy with yo ur knife." "TF_SPY_SURVIVE_BURNING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_SURVIVE_BURNING_NAME" "Burn Notice" "TF_SPY_SURVIVE_BURNING_DESC" " 30 " "[english]TF_SPY_SURVIVE_BURNING_DESC" "Survive 30 seconds after being ignited while cloaked." "TF_SPY_BREAK_SHIELD_KILL_SNIPER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BREAK_SHIELD_KILL_SNIPER_NAME" "Die Another Way" "TF_SPY_BREAK_SHIELD_KILL_SNIPER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BREAK_SHIELD_KILL_SNIPER_DESC" "Kill a Sniper after your backst ab breaks his Razorback." "TF_SPY_KILL_WORKING_ENGY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_WORKING_ENGY_NAME" "Constructus Interruptus" "TF_SPY_KILL_WORKING_ENGY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_WORKING_ENGY_DESC" "Kill an Engineer who is working on a sentry gun." "TF_SPY_FAST_CAP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_FAST_CAP_NAME" "On Her Majesty's Secret Surface" "TF_SPY_FAST_CAP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_FAST_CAP_DESC" "Start capping a capture point within a second o f it becoming available." "TF_SPY_MEDIC_HEALING_KILL_ENEMY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_MEDIC_HEALING_KILL_ENEMY_NAME" "Insurance Fraud" "TF_SPY_MEDIC_HEALING_KILL_ENEMY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_MEDIC_HEALING_KILL_ENEMY_DESC" "Kill an enemy while you're bein g healed by an enemy Medic." "TF_SPY_KILL_CP_DEFENDERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_CP_DEFENDERS_NAME" "Point Breaker" "TF_SPY_KILL_CP_DEFENDERS_DESC" " 15 " "[english]TF_SPY_KILL_CP_DEFENDERS_DESC" "Kill 15 enemies who are standin g on a control point they own." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DOMINATING_ENEMY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DOMINATING_ENEMY_NAME" "High Value Target" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DOMINATING_ENEMY_DESC" " 3 3 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_DOMINATING_ENEMY_DESC" "Backstab an enemy who i s dominating 3 or more of your teammates." "TF_SPY_REVENGE_WITH_BACKSTAB_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_REVENGE_WITH_BACKSTAB_NAME" "Come in From the Cold" "TF_SPY_REVENGE_WITH_BACKSTAB_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_REVENGE_WITH_BACKSTAB_DESC" "Get a Revenge kill with a backs tab." "TF_SPY_KNIFE_KILL_WHILE_JARATED_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_KNIFE_KILL_WHILE_JARATED_NAME" "Wetwork" "TF_SPY_KNIFE_KILL_WHILE_JARATED_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_KNIFE_KILL_WHILE_JARATED_DESC" "Stab an enemy to death while un der the influence of Jarate." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_QUICK_KILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_QUICK_KILLS_NAME" "You Only Shiv Thrice" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_QUICK_KILLS_DESC" " 10 3 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_QUICK_KILLS_DESC" "Backstab 3 enemies within 10 se conds." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_GRIND_NAME" "Spymaster" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_GRIND_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_GRIND_DESC" "Backstab 1000 enemies." "TF_SPY_SAPPER_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_SAPPER_GRIND_NAME" "Sap Auteur" "TF_SPY_SAPPER_GRIND_DESC" " 1000 "

"[english]TF_SPY_SAPPER_GRIND_DESC" "Destroy 1000 Engineer buildings with sa ppers." "TF_SPY_SAPPER_TEAMWORK_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_SAPPER_TEAMWORK_NAME" "Joint Operation" "TF_SPY_SAPPER_TEAMWORK_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_SPY_SAPPER_TEAMWORK_DESC" "Sap an enemy sentry gun within 3 second s of a teammate sapping another." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_CHARGED_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_CHARGED_NAME" "Dr. Nooooo" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_CHARGED_DESC" " 1 UberCharge " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_MEDIC_CHARGED_DESC" "Backstab a Medic that is ready to deploy an berCharge." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_CAPPING_ENEMIES_NAME" "Is It Safe?" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_CAPPING_ENEMIES_DESC" "Backstab 50 enemies who are cap turing control points." "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENEMY_SWITCH_PYRO_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENEMY_SWITCH_PYRO_NAME" "Slash and Burn" "TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENEMY_SWITCH_PYRO_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SPY_BACKSTAB_ENEMY_SWITCH_PYRO_DESC" "Backstab an enemy, who then switches to Pyro before they respawn." "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_GRIND_NAME" "Diplomacy" "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_GRIND_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_GRIND_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies with the Ambassador." "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SNIPER_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SNIPER_GRIND_NAME" "Skullpluggery" "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SNIPER_GRIND_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SNIPER_GRIND_DESC" "Headshot 20 Snipers with the Am bassador." "TF_SPY_FEIGN_DEATH_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_FEIGN_DEATH_KILL_NAME" "Sleeper Agent" "TF_SPY_FEIGN_DEATH_KILL_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_SPY_FEIGN_DEATH_KILL_DESC" "Kill an enemy who triggered your feign death in the last 20 seconds." "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SCOUT_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SCOUT_GRIND_NAME" "Who's Your Daddy?" "TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SCOUT_GRIND_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SPY_AMBASSADOR_SCOUT_GRIND_DESC" "Headshot 3 Scouts with the Amba ssador." "TF_SPY_CAMP_POSITION_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SPY_CAMP_POSITION_NAME" "Deep Undercover" "TF_SPY_CAMP_POSITION_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_SPY_CAMP_POSITION_DESC" "While using the Cloak and Dagger, kill the same enemy 3 times, all within the same area in a single life." "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Spy Milestone 1" "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 5 of the achievements i n the Spy pack." "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Spy Milestone 2" "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 11 " "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Spy pack." "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Spy Milestone 3" "TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 17 " "[english]TF_SPY_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 17 of the achievements

in the Spy pack." "TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_PUMPKINS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_PUMPKINS_NAME" "Candy Coroner" "TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_PUMPKINS_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_PUMPKINS_DESC" "Collect 20 Halloween pumpkins f rom dead players to unlock a hat." "TF_HALLOWEEN_DOMINATE_FOR_HAT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_DOMINATE_FOR_HAT_NAME" "Ghastly Gibus Grab" "TF_HALLOWEEN_DOMINATE_FOR_HAT_DESC" " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_DOMINATE_FOR_HAT_DESC" "Dominate a player wearing the G hastly Gibus to earn your own." "TF_HALLOWEEN_KILL_SCARED_PLAYER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_KILL_SCARED_PLAYER_NAME" "Scared Stiff" "TF_HALLOWEEN_KILL_SCARED_PLAYER_DESC" " 1 " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_KILL_SCARED_PLAYER_DESC" "Kill a player scared by a ghost ." "TF_HALLOWEEN_PUMPKIN_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_PUMPKIN_KILL_NAME" "Attack o' Lantern" "TF_HALLOWEEN_PUMPKIN_KILL_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_PUMPKIN_KILL_DESC" "Cause the deaths of 5 players b y exploding nearby pumpkin bombs." "TF_HALLOWEEN_DISGUISED_SPY_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_DISGUISED_SPY_KILL_NAME" "Costume Contest" "TF_HALLOWEEN_DISGUISED_SPY_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_DISGUISED_SPY_KILL_DESC" "Kill a Spy disguised as your cu rrent class." "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Soldier Milestone 1" "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 5 of the achievements i n the Soldier pack." "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Soldier Milestone 2" "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 11 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Soldier pack." "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Soldier Milestone 3" "TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 17 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 17 of the achievements in the Soldier pack." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_GROUP_WITH_CROCKET_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_GROUP_WITH_CROCKET_NAME" "Tri-Splatteral Damage" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_GROUP_WITH_CROCKET_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_GROUP_WITH_CROCKET_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies with a s ingle critical rocket." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWO_DURING_ROCKET_JUMP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWO_DURING_ROCKET_JUMP_NAME" "Death from Above" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWO_DURING_ROCKET_JUMP_DESC" " 2 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWO_DURING_ROCKET_JUMP_DESC" "Rocket jump and kill 2 enemies before you land." "TF_SOLDIER_THREE_DOMINATIONS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_THREE_DOMINATIONS_NAME" "Dominator" "TF_SOLDIER_THREE_DOMINATIONS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_THREE_DOMINATIONS_DESC" "Get 3 dominations in a single l ife." "TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_MEDIC_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_MEDIC_NAME" "War Crime and Punishment" "TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_MEDIC_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_MEDIC_DESC" "In a single life, kill 3 enemies who ha

ve damaged a Medic that is healing you." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TAUNT_NAME" "Spray of Defeat" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TAUNT_DESC" "Use a grenade to gib a player." "TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_SENTRY_OUT_OF_RANGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_SENTRY_OUT_OF_RANGE_NAME" "Guns of the Navar0wned" "TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_SENTRY_OUT_OF_RANGE_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_SENTRY_OUT_OF_RANGE_DESC" "Kill 5 Engineer sentrie s while you are standing outside of their range." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SNIPER_WHILE_DEAD_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SNIPER_WHILE_DEAD_NAME" "Mutually Assured Destru ction" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SNIPER_WHILE_DEAD_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SNIPER_WHILE_DEAD_DESC" "Kill an enemy sniper wi th a rocket after he kills you." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_TARGET_WHILE_AIRBORNE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_TARGET_WHILE_AIRBORNE_NAME" "Wings of Glory" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_TARGET_WHILE_AIRBORNE_DESC" " 1 "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_TARGET_WHILE_AIRBORNE_DESC" "Kill an enemy s oldier while both you and the target are airborne." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ENGY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ENGY_NAME" "Engineer to Eternity" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ENGY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ENGY_DESC" "Kill an Engineer as he repairs his sent ry gun while it's under enemy fire." "TF_SOLDIER_NEMESIS_SHOVEL_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_NEMESIS_SHOVEL_KILL_NAME" "Trench Warfare" "TF_SOLDIER_NEMESIS_SHOVEL_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_NEMESIS_SHOVEL_KILL_DESC" "Kill your nemesis with a shovel ." "TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_STICKIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_STICKIES_NAME" "Bomb Squaddie" "TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_STICKIES_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DESTROY_STICKIES_DESC" "Destroy 10 sticky bombs with th e shotgun in a single life." "TF_SOLDIER_CROUCH_ROCKET_JUMP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_CROUCH_ROCKET_JUMP_NAME" "Where Eagles Dare" "TF_SOLDIER_CROUCH_ROCKET_JUMP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_CROUCH_ROCKET_JUMP_DESC" "Get the highest possible rocket jump using jump and crouch." "TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_FRIENDS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_FRIENDS_NAME" "Banner of Brothers" "TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_FRIENDS_DESC" " 5 Steam " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_FRIENDS_DESC" "Buff 5 steam friends at once with the B uff Banner." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWENTY_FROM_ABOVE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWENTY_FROM_ABOVE_NAME" "Screamin' Eagle" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWENTY_FROM_ABOVE_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_TWENTY_FROM_ABOVE_DESC" "Kill 20 enemies from ab ove." "TF_SOLDIER_SHOOT_MULT_CRITS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_SHOOT_MULT_CRITS_NAME" "Crockets Are Such B.S." "TF_SOLDIER_SHOOT_MULT_CRITS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_SHOOT_MULT_CRITS_DESC" "Shoot two non-boosted crit rock ets in a row." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEFENSELESS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEFENSELESS_NAME" "Geneva Contravention" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEFENSELESS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEFENSELESS_DESC" "Kill 3 defenseless players afte

r a single match has ended." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ON_FIRE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ON_FIRE_NAME" "Semper Fry" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ON_FIRE_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_ON_FIRE_DESC" "Kill 20 enemies while you are on fire." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_FIVE_STUNNED_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_FIVE_STUNNED_NAME" "The Longest Daze" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_FIVE_STUNNED_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_FIVE_STUNNED_DESC" "Kill 5 stunned players." "TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_GIBS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_GIBS_NAME" "Gore-a! Gore-a! Gore-a!" "TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_GIBS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_GIBS_DESC" "Provide the enemy with a freeze cam of you taunting over 3 of their body parts." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SPY_KILLER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SPY_KILLER_NAME" "War Crime Spybunal" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SPY_KILLER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_SPY_KILLER_DESC" "Kill a Spy who just backstabbed a teammate." "TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_CAP_THIRTY_TIMES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_CAP_THIRTY_TIMES_NAME" "Hamburger Hill" "TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_CAP_THIRTY_TIMES_DESC" " 30 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DEFEND_CAP_THIRTY_TIMES_DESC" "Defend a cap point 30 t imes." "TF_SOLDIER_GIB_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_GIB_GRIND_NAME" "Frags of our Fathers" "TF_SOLDIER_GIB_GRIND_DESC" " 1000 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_GIB_GRIND_DESC" "Gib 1000 people." "TF_SOLDIER_RJ_EQUALIZER_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_RJ_EQUALIZER_KILL_NAME" "Duty Bound" "TF_SOLDIER_RJ_EQUALIZER_KILL_DESC" " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_RJ_EQUALIZER_KILL_DESC" "While rocket jumping kill an en emy with the Equalizer before you land or just after landing." "TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAMMATES_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAMMATES_NAME" "The Boostie Boys" "TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAMMATES_DESC" " 15 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BUFF_TEAMMATES_DESC" "Buff 15 teammates with the Buff Banner in a single life." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEMOMAN_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEMOMAN_GRIND_NAME" "Out, Damned Scot!" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEMOMAN_GRIND_DESC" " 500 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_DEMOMAN_GRIND_DESC" "Kill 500 enemy Demomen" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_PYRO_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_PYRO_NAME" "Backdraft Dodger" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_PYRO_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_PYRO_DESC" "Kill a Pyro who has airblasted one of y our rockets in the last 10 seconds." "TF_SOLDIER_EQUALIZER_STREAK_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_EQUALIZER_STREAK_NAME" "Ain't Got Time to Bleed" "TF_SOLDIER_EQUALIZER_STREAK_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_EQUALIZER_STREAK_DESC" "Kill 3 players with the Equaliz er in a single life without being healed." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_WITH_EQUALIZER_WHILE_HURT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_WITH_EQUALIZER_WHILE_HURT_NAME" "Near Death Expe rience" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_WITH_EQUALIZER_WHILE_HURT_DESC" " 25 "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_WITH_EQUALIZER_WHILE_HURT_DESC" "Kill 20 enemies with your Equalizer while you have less than 25 health." "TF_SOLDIER_BOUNCE_THEN_SHOTGUN_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BOUNCE_THEN_SHOTGUN_NAME" "For Whom the Shell Trolls"

"TF_SOLDIER_BOUNCE_THEN_SHOTGUN_DESC" " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_BOUNCE_THEN_SHOTGUN_DESC" "Bounce an opponent into the air with a rocket and then kill them with the shotgun before they land." "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_WITH_DIRECT_HIT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_WITH_DIRECT_HIT_NAME" "Death From Belo w" "TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_WITH_DIRECT_HIT_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_KILL_AIRBORNE_WITH_DIRECT_HIT_DESC" "Kill 10 opponen ts who are airborne with the Direct Hit." "TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" "Worth a Thousand Words" "TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" "Provide the enemy with a freeze cam of your 21 gun salute." "TF_SOLDIER_DUO_SOLDIER_KILLS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DUO_SOLDIER_KILLS_NAME" "Brothers in Harms" "TF_SOLDIER_DUO_SOLDIER_KILLS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_DUO_SOLDIER_KILLS_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Soldier." "TF_SOLDIER_MVP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_MVP_NAME" "Medals of Honor" "TF_SOLDIER_MVP_DESC" " 6 6 10 MVP" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_MVP_DESC" "Finish a round as an MVP on a team of 6 or more players 10 times." "TF_SOLDIER_RIDE_THE_CART_NAME" "" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_RIDE_THE_CART_NAME" "Ride of the Valkartie" "TF_SOLDIER_RIDE_THE_CART_DESC" " 30 " "[english]TF_SOLDIER_RIDE_THE_CART_DESC" "Ride the cart for 30 seconds." "TF_SOLDIER_ASSIST_MEDIC_UBER_NAME" "S*M*A*S*H" "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ASSIST_MEDIC_UBER_NAME" "S*M*A*S*H" "TF_SOLDIER_ASSIST_MEDIC_UBER_DESC" " UberCharge 5 "[english]TF_SOLDIER_ASSIST_MEDIC_UBER_DESC" "Assist a Medic in exploding 5 e nemies with a single berCharge." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_SOLDIER_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_SOLDIER_GRIND_NAME" "Kilt in Action" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_SOLDIER_GRIND_DESC" " 500 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_SOLDIER_GRIND_DESC" "Kill 500 enemy Soldiers" "TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_WITH_MEDIC_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_WITH_MEDIC_NAME" "Tam O'Shatter" "TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_WITH_MEDIC_DESC" " UberCharge 5 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_WITH_MEDIC_DESC" "Destroy 5 enemy Enginee r buildings during a single berCharge from a Medic." "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_CLOAKED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_CLOAKED_SPY_NAME" "Shorn Connery" "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_CLOAKED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_CLOAKED_SPY_DESC" "Decapitate a cloaked Sp y." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_WITH_DIRECTPIPE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_WITH_DIRECTPIPE_NAME" "Laddy Macdeth" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_WITH_DIRECTPIPE_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_WITH_DIRECTPIPE_DESC" "Kill 50 enemies with di rect hits from the Grenade Launcher." "TF_DEMOMAN_BOUNCE_AND_KILL_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_BOUNCE_AND_KILL_NAME" "Caber Toss" "TF_DEMOMAN_BOUNCE_AND_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_BOUNCE_AND_KILL_DESC" "Bounce an enemy into the air an d kill them before they land." "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_NAME" "Brainspotting" "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_DESC" " 50 "

"[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_DESC" "Decapitate 50 enemy players." "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_FAST_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_FAST_NAME" "Left 4 Heads" "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_FAST_DESC" " 4 10 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_PLAYERS_FAST_DESC" "Decapitate 4 players wi th only 10 seconds between each kill." "TF_DEMOMAN_DUO_DEMOMAN_KILLS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DUO_DEMOMAN_KILLS_NAME" "Well Plaid!" "TF_DEMOMAN_DUO_DEMOMAN_KILLS_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DUO_DEMOMAN_KILLS_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Demoman." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_TWO_DURING_STICKYJUMP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_TWO_DURING_STICKYJUMP_NAME" "Double Mauled Scotch" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_TWO_DURING_STICKYJUMP_DESC" " 2 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_TWO_DURING_STICKYJUMP_DESC" "Kill 2 people in a sing le sticky jump." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_PLAYER_AFTER_TP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_PLAYER_AFTER_TP_NAME" "Loch Ness Bombster" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_PLAYER_AFTER_TP_DESC" " 5 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_PLAYER_AFTER_TP_DESC" "Kill an enemy player with stick y bombs within 5 seconds of them teleporting." "TF_DEMOMAN_DOMINATE_THREE_ENGINEERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DOMINATE_THREE_ENGINEERS_NAME" "Three Times a Laddy" "TF_DEMOMAN_DOMINATE_THREE_ENGINEERS_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DOMINATE_THREE_ENGINEERS_DESC" "Dominate 3 Engineers." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_BUILDING_DIRECT_HIT_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_BUILDING_DIRECT_HIT_NAME" "Blind Fire" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_BUILDING_DIRECT_HIT_DESC" " 1 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_BUILDING_DIRECT_HIT_DESC" "Destroy an Engineer bui lding that you can't see with a direct hit from your Grenade Launcher." "TF_DEMOMAN_MELEE_KILL_WHILE_STICKYJUMPING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_MELEE_KILL_WHILE_STICKYJUMPING_NAME" "The Scottish Pl ay" "TF_DEMOMAN_MELEE_KILL_WHILE_STICKYJUMPING_DESC" " 1 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_MELEE_KILL_WHILE_STICKYJUMPING_DESC" "Get a melee kil l while sticky jumping." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_ENGI_SENTRY_DISPENSER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_ENGI_SENTRY_DISPENSER_NAME" "The Argyle Sap" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_ENGI_SENTRY_DISPENSER_DESC" " 1 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_ENGI_SENTRY_DISPENSER_DESC" "Blow up an Engineer, hi s sentry gun, and his dispenser with a single Sticky bomb detonation." "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_EQUALIZER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_EQUALIZER_NAME" "Slammy Slayvis Woundya" "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_EQUALIZER_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_EQUALIZER_DESC" "Decapitate an enemy Soldier who is brandishing the Equalizer." "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_NEMESIS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_NEMESIS_NAME" "There Can Be Only One" "TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_NEMESIS_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DECAPITATE_NEMESIS_DESC" "Decapitate your nemesis." "TF_DEMOMAN_DAMAGE_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DAMAGE_GRIND_NAME" "Tartan Spartan" "TF_DEMOMAN_DAMAGE_GRIND_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DAMAGE_GRIND_DESC" "Do 1 million points of total blast dama ge." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_CAPPING_ONEDET_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_CAPPING_ONEDET_NAME" "Scotch Guard" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_CAPPING_ONEDET_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_CAPPING_ONEDET_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies capping or pushing a cart in a single Stickybomb detonation 3 separate times."

"TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_DEFENDING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_DEFENDING_NAME" "Bravehurt" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_DEFENDING_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_DEFENDING_DESC" "Kill 25 players defending a cap ture point or cart." "TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_GRIND_NAME" "Cry Some Moor!" "TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_GRIND_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_BUILDINGS_GRIND_DESC" "Destroy 50 buildings." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_HEAVIES_FULLHP_ONEDET_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_HEAVIES_FULLHP_ONEDET_NAME" "The Stickening" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_HEAVIES_FULLHP_ONEDET_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_HEAVIES_FULLHP_ONEDET_DESC" "Kill 3 Heavies from ful l health with a single sticky bomb detonation." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_SCOUTS_PYROS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_SCOUTS_PYROS_NAME" "Glasg0wned" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_SCOUTS_PYROS_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL_X_SCOUTS_PYROS_DESC" "Kill 25 Scouts and Pyros with t he Grenade Launcher." "TF_DEMOMAN_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" "Scotch Tap" "TF_DEMOMAN_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" "Glory in the slaughter of your enemies using the Eyelander." "TF_DEMOMAN_CHARGE_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_CHARGE_KILL_NAME" "The Targe Charge" "TF_DEMOMAN_CHARGE_KILL_DESC" " 1 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_CHARGE_KILL_DESC" "Charge and kill someone with your shiel d bash." "TF_DEMOMAN_CRIT_SWORD_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_CRIT_SWORD_KILL_NAME" "Beat Me Up, Scotty" "TF_DEMOMAN_CRIT_SWORD_KILL_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_CRIT_SWORD_KILL_DESC" "Use a critical swing with the E yelander to kill 5 enemy players." "TF_DEMOMAN_AIR_BURST_KILLS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_AIR_BURST_KILLS_NAME" "Something Stickied This Way Com es" "TF_DEMOMAN_AIR_BURST_KILLS_DESC" " 30 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_AIR_BURST_KILLS_DESC" "Kill 30 players with air burst sticky bombs." "TF_DEMOMAN_STICKYJUMP_CAP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_STICKYJUMP_CAP_NAME" "The High Road" "TF_DEMOMAN_STICKYJUMP_CAP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_STICKYJUMP_CAP_DESC" "Sticky jump onto a cap point an d capture it." "TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_SMILE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_SMILE_NAME" "Bloody Merry" "TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_SMILE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_SMILE_DESC" "Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of your smiling face." "TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_RUMP_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_RUMP_NAME" "Second Eye" "TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_RUMP_DESC" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_FREEZECAM_RUMP_DESC" "Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of you shaking your rump." "TF_DEMOMAN_ENVIRONMENTAL_KILL_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ENVIRONMENTAL_KILL_NAME" "He Who Celt It" "TF_DEMOMAN_ENVIRONMENTAL_KILL_DESC" " 1 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ENVIRONMENTAL_KILL_DESC" "Use the Sticky Launcher to kill an enemy player via environmental damage."

"TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_X_STICKYBOMBS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_X_STICKYBOMBS_NAME" "Robbed Royal" "TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_X_STICKYBOMBS_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_DESTROY_X_STICKYBOMBS_DESC" "Destroy 100 enemy stick y bombs with the Scottish Resistance." "TF_DEMOMAN_STICKJUMP_DISTANCE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_STICKJUMP_DISTANCE_NAME" "Highland Fling" "TF_DEMOMAN_STICKJUMP_DISTANCE_DESC" " ..." "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_STICKJUMP_DISTANCE_DESC" "Sticky jump a really long way.. ." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_DETONATION_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_DETONATION_NAME" "Pipebagger" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_DETONATION_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_DETONATION_DESC" "Kill at least three pla yers with a single detonation of sticky bombs." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILLXSAPPINGSPIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILLXSAPPINGSPIES_NAME" "Spynal Tap" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILLXSAPPINGSPIES_DESC" " 20 5 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILLXSAPPINGSPIES_DESC" "Kill 20 spies within 5 seconds of them sapping a friendly building." "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_PIPE_SETUPS_NAME" "" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_PIPE_SETUPS_NAME" "Sticky Thump" "TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_PIPE_SETUPS_DESC" " 3 "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_KILL3_WITH_PIPE_SETUPS_DESC" "Using the Scottish Resi stance, kill 3 players in separate explosions without placing new sticky bombs." "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Demoman Milestone 1" "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 5 of the achievements i n the Demoman pack." "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Demoman Milestone 2" "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 11 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Demoman pack." "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Demoman Milestone 3" "TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 17 " "[english]TF_DEMOMAN_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 17 of the achievements in the Demoman pack." "round_info_header" " " "[english]round_info_header" "Territorial Control Map" "Hydro_BLU_captured_Dam" " " "[english]Hydro_BLU_captured_Dam" "BLU has captured the Dam" "Hydro_BLU_captured_RadarDish" " " "[english]Hydro_BLU_captured_RadarDish" "BLU has captured the Radar Dish" "Hydro_BLU_captured_PowerPlant" " " "[english]Hydro_BLU_captured_PowerPlant" "BLU has captured the Power Plan t" "Hydro_BLU_captured_Warehouse" " " "[english]Hydro_BLU_captured_Warehouse" "BLU has captured the Warehouse" "Hydro_RED_captured_Dam" " " "[english]Hydro_RED_captured_Dam" "RED has captured the Dam" "Hydro_RED_captured_RadarDish" " " "[english]Hydro_RED_captured_RadarDish" "RED has captured the Radar Dish" "Hydro_RED_captured_PowerPlant" " " "[english]Hydro_RED_captured_PowerPlant" "RED has captured the Power Plan t" "Hydro_RED_captured_Warehouse" " " "[english]Hydro_RED_captured_Warehouse" "RED has captured the Warehouse"

"Hydro_attack_Dam" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_Dam" "Prepare to attack the Dam!" "Hydro_attack_RadarDish" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_RadarDish" "Prepare to attack the Radar Dish!" "Hydro_attack_PowerPlant" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_PowerPlant" "Prepare to attack the Power Plant!" "Hydro_attack_Warehouse" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_Warehouse" "Prepare to attack the Warehouse!" "Hydro_attack_BLU_base" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_BLU_base" "Prepare to attack the BLU Base!" "Hydro_attack_RED_base" " " "[english]Hydro_attack_RED_base" "Prepare to attack the RED Base!" "Hydro_defend_BLU_base" " " "[english]Hydro_defend_BLU_base" "Prepare to defend the BLU Base!" "Hydro_defend_RED_base" " " "[english]Hydro_defend_RED_base" "Prepare to defend the RED Base!" "GAMEUI_Commentary_Console_Explanation" " Valve "[english]GAMEUI_Commentary_Console_Explanation" "'Commentary nodes' cont ain commentary by the Valve development team. To start or stop a node, aim at an y balloon icon and press your PRIMARY FIRE button." "tf_Chapter1_Title" "Hydro" "[english]tf_Chapter1_Title" "Hydro" "tf_Chapter2_Title" "Gravel Pit" "[english]tf_Chapter2_Title" "Gravel Pit" "tf_Chapter3_Title" "Well" "[english]tf_Chapter3_Title" "Well" "tf_Chapter4_Title" "Granary" "[english]tf_Chapter4_Title" "Granary" "tf_Chapter5_Title" "2Fort" "[english]tf_Chapter5_Title" "2Fort" "tf_Chapter6_Title" "Dustbowl" "[english]tf_Chapter6_Title" "Dustbowl" "TF_Battlements" " " "[english]TF_Battlements" "Battlements" "TF_ControlPoint" "" "[english]TF_ControlPoint" "Control Point" "TF_CapturePoint" " " "[english]TF_CapturePoint" "Capture Point" "TF_CaptureZone" " " "[english]TF_CaptureZone" "Capture Zone" "TF_Resupply" " " "[english]TF_Resupply" "Resupply" "TF_Intelligence" "" "[english]TF_Intelligence" "Intelligence" "TF_Exit" "" "[english]TF_Exit" "Exit" "Leaderboard_BestMoments" " " "[english]Leaderboard_BestMoments" "BEST MOMENTS" "TF_Timelimit" " " "[english]TF_Timelimit" "Time per map (minutes)" "TF_WinLimit" " " "[english]TF_WinLimit" "Win limit (score)" "TF_MaxRounds" "" "[english]TF_MaxRounds" "Round limit (rounds)" "TF_TeamCount" " " "[english]TF_TeamCount" "Other players on your team" "Cannot_Be_Spectator" " " "[english]Cannot_Be_Spectator" "This server does not allow spectating" "TF_Open_Charinfo" " " "[english]TF_Open_Charinfo" "Open Character Loadout"

"TF_Open_Charinfo_Backpack" " " "[english]TF_Open_Charinfo_Backpack" "Open Backpack" "TF_Quickswitch" " " "[english]TF_Quickswitch" "Loadout Quickswitch" "Item" "" "[english]Item" "Item" "SelectedItemNumber" "#%selecteditem%" "[english]SelectedItemNumber" "#%selecteditem%" "NewItemsAcquired" " %numitems% " "[english]NewItemsAcquired" "%numitems% NEW ITEMS ACQUIRED!" "NewItemAcquired" " " "[english]NewItemAcquired" "NEW ITEM ACQUIRED!" "NewItemsCrafted" " %numitems% " "[english]NewItemsCrafted" "%numitems% NEW ITEMS CRAFTED!" "NewItemCrafted" "" "[english]NewItemCrafted" "NEW ITEM CRAFTED!" "NextItem" " \n >" "[english]NextItem" "VIEW\nNEXT >" "PreviousItem" " \n< " "[english]PreviousItem" "VIEW\n< PREV" "CloseItemPanel" " " "[english]CloseItemPanel" "OK, RESUME GAME" "CharInfoAndSetup" " " "[english]CharInfoAndSetup" "CHARACTER INFO AND SETUP" "Loadout" "" "[english]Loadout" "LOADOUT" "Stats" " " "[english]Stats" "STATS" "Achievements" "" "[english]Achievements" "ACHIEVEMENTS" "CharacterLoadout" "" "[english]CharacterLoadout" "CHARACTER LOADOUT" "EditLoadout" "" "[english]EditLoadout" "EDIT LOADOUT" "SelectClassLoadout" " " "[english]SelectClassLoadout" "SELECT A CLASS TO MODIFY LOADOUT" "NoGCNoItems" " - " "[english]NoGCNoItems" "LOADOUT NOT AVAILABLE - COULD NOT CONNECT TO ITEM SERVE R" "LoadoutChangesUpdate" " " "[english]LoadoutChangesUpdate" "NOTE: LOADOUT CHANGES WILL TAKE EFFECT ON RESPA WN." "EquipYourClass" " %loadoutclass%" "[english]EquipYourClass" "EQUIP YOUR %loadoutclass%" "Equip" " " "[english]Equip" "EQUIP" "Keep" "" "[english]Keep" "KEEP" "ClassBeingEquipped" "%loadoutclass%" "[english]ClassBeingEquipped" "%loadoutclass%" "ChangeButton" "..." "[english]ChangeButton" "CHANGE..." "DoneButton" "" "[english]DoneButton" "DONE!" "EquipSelectedWeapon" " " "[english]EquipSelectedWeapon" "EQUIP SELECTED WEAPON" "ItemSel_PRIMARY" "- " "[english]ItemSel_PRIMARY" "- PRIMARY WEAPON" "ItemSel_SECONDARY" "- " "[english]ItemSel_SECONDARY" "- SECONDARY WEAPON"

"ItemSel_MELEE" "- " "[english]ItemSel_MELEE" "- MELEE WEAPON" "ItemSel_PDA" "- PDA" "[english]ItemSel_PDA" "- PDA" "ItemSel_ITEM1" "- " "[english]ItemSel_ITEM1" "- ACCESSORY" "ItemSel_PRIMARY_MOD" "- " "[english]ItemSel_PRIMARY_MOD" "- PRIMARY WEAPON MOD" "ItemSel_HEAD" "" "[english]ItemSel_HEAD" "- HEADWEAR" "ItemSel_MISC" "- " "[english]ItemSel_MISC" "- MISC" "TF_BackCarat" "<< " "[english]TF_BackCarat" "<< BACK" "TF_CancelCarat" "<< " "[english]TF_CancelCarat" "<< CANCEL" "TF_BackToMainMenu" "<< " "[english]TF_BackToMainMenu" "<< BACK TO MAIN MENU" "TF_ResumeGame" "<< " "[english]TF_ResumeGame" "<< RESUME GAME" "InventoryCountOne" " 1 " "[english]InventoryCountOne" "(1 OTHER IN INVENTORY)" "InventoryCountMany" " %s1 " "[english]InventoryCountMany" "(%s1 OTHERS IN INVENTORY)" "CurrentlyEquipped" " " "[english]CurrentlyEquipped" "CURRENTLY EQUIPPED:" "CurrentlyEquippedCarat" " >" "[english]CurrentlyEquippedCarat" "CURRENTLY EQUIPPED >" "ItemsFoundShort" " %s1 " "[english]ItemsFoundShort" "(%s1 ITEMS IN INVENTORY)" "ItemsFoundShortOne" " 1 " "[english]ItemsFoundShortOne" "(ONE ITEM IN INVENTORY)" "NoItemsExistShort" "" "[english]NoItemsExistShort" "(NO ITEMS EXIST YET)" "NoItemsExistLong" " %loadoutclass% " "[english]NoItemsExistLong" "(NO SPECIAL ITEMS FOR %loadoutclass% EXIST YET. )" "NoItemsFoundShort" " " "[english]NoItemsFoundShort" "(NO ITEMS FOUND YET)" "NoItemsFoundLong" " %loadoutclass% " "[english]NoItemsFoundLong" "(NO SPECIAL ITEMS FOR %loadoutclass% HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED YET.)" "NoItemsAvailableTitle" "" "[english]NoItemsAvailableTitle" "AVAILABLE:" "NoItemsAvailableTitle2" " " "[english]NoItemsAvailableTitle2" "BASE INVENTORY ONLY." "ItemAcquireReason_Achievement" "" "[english]ItemAcquireReason_Achievement" "ACHIEVEMENT EARNED" "NoItemsToEquip" "" "[english]NoItemsToEquip" "YOU HAVE NO ITEMS FOR THIS LOADOUT SLOT" "QuickSwitchEquipped" " " "[english]QuickSwitchEquipped" "(equipped)" "SelectNoItemSlot" "" "[english]SelectNoItemSlot" "Empty" "BackpackTitle" "" "[english]BackpackTitle" "BACKPACK" "X_DeleteItem" "X " "[english]X_DeleteItem" "X DELETE" "X_Delete" "X " "[english]X_Delete" "X DELETE"

"X_DiscardItem" "X " "[english]X_DiscardItem" "X DISCARD" "DeleteConfirmTitle" " ?" "[english]DeleteConfirmTitle" "ARE YOU SURE?" "DeleteItemConfirmText" " " "[english]DeleteItemConfirmText" "Deleting this item will permanently des troy it. This cannot be undone." "MultiDeleteItemConfirmText" " " "[english]MultiDeleteItemConfirmText" "Deleting these items will permanently d estroy all of them. This cannot be undone." "X_DeleteConfirmButton" "X " "[english]X_DeleteConfirmButton" "X YEAH, DELETE IT" "Backpack_Delete_Item" " - " "[english]Backpack_Delete_Item" "BACKPACK - OUT OF ROOM" "DiscardExplanation" "" "[english]DiscardExplanation" "You've received this item, but you don't have r oom for it in your backpack." "DiscardExplanation2" " " "[english]DiscardExplanation2" "Delete an item below to make room or press disc ard to throw your new item away." "DeleteConfirmDefault" " ?" "[english]DeleteConfirmDefault" "Delete?" "Discarded" " " "[english]Discarded" "DISCARDED!" "ItemPanelEquipped" " " "[english]ItemPanelEquipped" "Equipped" "LoadoutSlot_Primary" "" "[english]LoadoutSlot_Primary" "Primary weapon" "LoadoutSlot_Secondary" "" "[english]LoadoutSlot_Secondary" "Secondary weapon" "LoadoutSlot_Melee" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_Melee" "Melee weapon" "LoadoutSlot_Grenade" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_Grenade" "Grenade" "LoadoutSlot_Building" "" "[english]LoadoutSlot_Building" "Building" "LoadoutSlot_pda" "PDA" "[english]LoadoutSlot_pda" "Primary PDA" "LoadoutSlot_pda2" "PDA" "[english]LoadoutSlot_pda2" "Secondary PDA" "LoadoutSlot_PrimaryMod" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_PrimaryMod" "Ammo" "LoadoutSlot_Head" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_Head" "Head" "LoadoutSlot_Misc" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_Misc" "Misc" "Backpack_SortBy_Header" " " "[english]Backpack_SortBy_Header" "Sort Backpack" "Backpack_SortBy_Type" " " "[english]Backpack_SortBy_Type" "Sort by Type" "Backpack_SortBy_Class" " " "[english]Backpack_SortBy_Class" "Sort by Class" "Backpack_SortBy_Slot" " " "[english]Backpack_SortBy_Slot" "Sort by Loadout Slot" "ItemTypeDesc" " %s1 %s2" "[english]ItemTypeDesc" "Level %s1 %s2" "of" " " "[english]of" "of" "CraftPack" "" "[english]CraftPack" "Crafting Area"

"CraftBegin" "..." "[english]CraftBegin" "Craft..." "CraftConfirm" "" "[english]CraftConfirm" "Craft!" "CraftRecipe" " " "[english]CraftRecipe" "Known Blueprints" "CraftStep1" " " "[english]CraftStep1" "Select a blueprint to use" "CraftStep2" " " "[english]CraftStep2" "Examine the Blueprint's inputs and outputs" "CraftStep3" " " "[english]CraftStep3" "Hit Craft to use this blueprint." "CraftStep3B" " " "[english]CraftStep3B" "Select the blueprint you want to use." "CraftStep4" " " "[english]CraftStep4" "Click when ready to craft" "CraftViewRecipes" " " "[english]CraftViewRecipes" "View all known blueprints" "CraftNoMatch" " " "[english]CraftNoMatch" "No matching blueprint" "CraftNoknownRecipes" " " "[english]CraftNoknownRecipes" "No blueprints known." "CraftTryYourLuck" " " "[english]CraftTryYourLuck" "Hit Craft to try your luck." "CraftReady" " \n " "[english]CraftReady" "You have the items needed for this blueprint.\nClick th e check to move the items into the craft area." "CraftUpdate_Start" "" "[english]CraftUpdate_Start" "Crafting" "CraftUpdate_Success" "" "[english]CraftUpdate_Success" "Crafting Succeeded!" "CraftUpdate_NoMatch" " \n\n " "[english]CraftUpdate_NoMatch" "Crafting failed:\n\nNo matching blueprint." "CraftUpdate_Failed" " \n\n " "[english]CraftUpdate_Failed" "Crafting failed:\n\nCraft server is unavailable ." "NewRecipeFound" " " "[english]NewRecipeFound" "New Blueprint Found!" "RT_MP_A" " %s1" "[english]RT_MP_A" "Smelt %s1" "RT_C_A" " %s1" "[english]RT_C_A" "Combine %s1" "RT_F_A" " %s1" "[english]RT_F_A" "Fabricate %s1" "RT_R_A" " %s1" "[english]RT_R_A" "Rebuild %s1" "RDI_AB" "%s1 %s2" "[english]RDI_AB" "Requires: %s1 %s2" "RDI_ABC" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]RDI_ABC" "Requires: %s1 %s2 %s3" "RDO_AB" " %s1 %s2" "[english]RDO_AB" "Produces: %s1 %s2" "RDO_ABC" " %s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]RDO_ABC" "Produces: %s1 %s2 %s3" "RI_Pi" "" "[english]RI_Pi" "of the same primary weapon" "RI_Pp" "" "[english]RI_Pp" "primary weapons" "RI_P" "" "[english]RI_P" "primary weapon"

"RI_Ic" " " "[english]RI_Ic" "items used by the same class" "RI_Wc" " " "[english]RI_Wc" "weapons used by the same class" "RI_Is" " " "[english]RI_Is" "items equipped in the same loadout slot" "RI_Ws" " " "[english]RI_Ws" "weapons equipped in the same loadout slot" "RI_Si" "" "[english]RI_Si" "of the same secondary weapon" "RI_Sp" "" "[english]RI_Sp" "secondary weapons" "RI_S" "" "[english]RI_S" "secondary weapon" "RI_Mi" " " "[english]RI_Mi" "of the same melee weapon" "RI_Mp" " " "[english]RI_Mp" "melee weapons" "RI_M" " " "[english]RI_M" "melee weapon" "RI_Hi" " " "[english]RI_Hi" "of the same piece of headwear" "RI_Hp" " " "[english]RI_Hp" "pieces of headwear" "RI_H" " " "[english]RI_H" "piece of headwear" "RD_RND" "" "[english]RD_RND" "random" "RI_Cw" " " "[english]RI_Cw" "class weapons" "RI_Ch" " " "[english]RI_Ch" "class headgear" "RI_Aw" " " "[english]RI_Aw" "primary, secondary, and melee weapon" "RI_FAC" " " "[english]RI_FAC" "of a class" "RI_Hg" " " "[english]RI_Hg" "headgear" "RI_Cs" " " "[english]RI_Cs" "class specific" "RI_CTc" ", 1 " "[english]RI_CTc" ", 1 Class Token" "RI_STc" ", 1 " "[english]RI_STc" ", 1 Slot Token" "RI_W" "" "[english]RI_W" "weapon" "RI_Mcp" " " "[english]RI_Mcp" "miscellaneous items" "RI_Mci" " " "[english]RI_Mci" "of the same misc items" "RI_CTp" " " "[english]RI_CTp" "Class Tokens" "RI_STp" " " "[english]RI_STp" "Slot Tokens" "RI_Tp" " " "[english]RI_Tp" "Tokens" "CI_Bar_A" "" "[english]CI_Bar_A" "Scrap Metal" "CI_Bar_B" "" "[english]CI_Bar_B" "Reclaimed Metal"

"CI_Bar_C" " " "[english]CI_Bar_C" "Refined Metal" "CI_Bar_Ap" "" "[english]CI_Bar_Ap" "Scrap Metal" "CI_Bar_Bp" "" "[english]CI_Bar_Bp" "Reclaimed Metal" "CI_Bar_Cp" " " "[english]CI_Bar_Cp" "Refined Metal" "TF_CraftItem" "" "[english]TF_CraftItem" "Craft Item" "CI_T_C" " " "[english]CI_T_C" "Class Token" "CI_T_S" " " "[english]CI_T_S" "Slot Token" "CI_T_C_1" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_1" "Class Token - Scout" "CI_T_C_2" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_2" "Class Token - Sniper" "CI_T_C_3" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_3" "Class Token - Soldier" "CI_T_C_4" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_4" "Class Token - Demoman" "CI_T_C_5" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_5" "Class Token - Heavy" "CI_T_C_6" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_6" "Class Token - Medic" "CI_T_C_7" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_7" "Class Token - Pyro" "CI_T_C_8" " " "[english]CI_T_C_8" "Class Token - Spy" "CI_T_C_9" " - " "[english]CI_T_C_9" "Class Token - Engineer" "CI_T_S_1" " - " "[english]CI_T_S_1" "Slot Token - Primary" "CI_T_S_2" " - " "[english]CI_T_S_2" "Slot Token - Secondary" "CI_T_S_3" " - " "[english]CI_T_S_3" "Slot Token - Melee" "CI_T_S_4" " - " "[english]CI_T_S_4" "Slot Token - Grenade" "CI_T_S_5" " - " "[english]CI_T_S_5" "Slot Token - Building" "CI_T_S_6" " - PDA" "[english]CI_T_S_6" "Slot Token - PDA" "CI_T_S_7" " - PDA" "[english]CI_T_S_7" "Slot Token - PDA2" "CI_T_S_8" " " "[english]CI_T_S_8" "Slot Token - Head" "TF_CraftItem_Token_C_Desc" " " "[english]TF_CraftItem_Token_C_Desc" "Used to specify a class in blueprints" "TF_CraftItem_Token_S_Desc" " " "[english]TF_CraftItem_Token_S_Desc" "Used to specify a loadout slot in bluep rints" "Attrib_ClipSize_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_ClipSize_Positive" "+%s1% clip size" "Attrib_ClipSize_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ClipSize_Negative" "%s1% clip size" "Attrib_UberchargeRate_Positive" "UberCharge +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_UberchargeRate_Positive" "+%s1% berCharge rate" "Attrib_UberchargeRate_Negative" "UberCharge %s1%"

"[english]Attrib_UberchargeRate_Negative" "%s1% berCharge rate" "Attrib_DamageDone_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DamageDone_Positive" "+%s1% damage bonus" "Attrib_DamageDone_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DamageDone_Negative" "%s1% damage penalty" "Attrib_HealRate_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealRate_Positive" "+%s1% heal rate" "Attrib_HealRate_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealRate_Negative" "%s1% heal rate" "Attrib_FireRate_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_FireRate_Positive" "+%s1% faster firing speed" "Attrib_FireRate_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_FireRate_Negative" "%s1% slower firing speed" "Attrib_OverhealAmount_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_OverhealAmount_Positive" "+%s1% max overheal" "Attrib_OverhealDecay_Disabled" " " "[english]Attrib_OverhealDecay_Disabled" "Overheal bonus doesn't decay" "Attrib_OverhealDecay_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_OverhealDecay_Positive" "+%s1% longer overheal time" "Attrib_OverhealDecay_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_OverhealDecay_Negative" "%s1% shorter overheal time" "Attrib_HealOnHit_Positive" " +%s1 " "[english]Attrib_HealOnHit_Positive" "On Hit: +%s1 health" "Attrib_HealOnHit_Negative" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_HealOnHit_Negative" "On Hit: %s1 health" "Attrib_CritChance_Positive" " +%s1" "[english]Attrib_CritChance_Positive" "+%s1 critical hit chance" "Attrib_CritChance_Negative" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_CritChance_Negative" "%s1 critical hit chance" "Attrib_CritChance_Disabled" " " "[english]Attrib_CritChance_Disabled" "No random critical hits" "Attrib_AddUber_OnHit_Positive" " %s1% UberCharge " "[english]Attrib_AddUber_OnHit_Positive" "On Hit: %s1% berCharge added" "Attrib_Medigun_CritBoost" "UberCharge " "[english]Attrib_Medigun_CritBoost" "berCharge grants 100% critical chance" "Attrib_DamageDoneBonus_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DamageDoneBonus_Positive" "On Hit: +%s1% damage bonus" "Attrib_CritVsBurning" " " "[english]Attrib_CritVsBurning" "100% critical hit vs burning players" "Attrib_DmgPenaltyVsNonBurning" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgPenaltyVsNonBurning" "%s1% damage vs non-burning play ers" "Attrib_NoCritVsNonBurning" " " "[english]Attrib_NoCritVsNonBurning" "No critical hits vs non-burning players " "Attrib_ModFlamethrowerPush" " " "[english]Attrib_ModFlamethrowerPush" "No compression blast" "Attrib_ModFlamethrower_BackCrits" " " "[english]Attrib_ModFlamethrower_BackCrits" "100% critical hits from behind" "Attrib_MaxHealth_Positive" " +%s1" "[english]Attrib_MaxHealth_Positive" "+%s1 max health on wearer" "Attrib_MaxHealth_Negative" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_MaxHealth_Negative" "%s1 max health on wearer" "Attrib_FistsHaveRadialBuff" " +50\n +10%" "[english]Attrib_FistsHaveRadialBuff" "On Kill: +50 health on nearby teammates \nOn Kill: +10% Crit Chance on nearby teammates" "Attrib_CritBoost_OnKill" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_CritBoost_OnKill" "On Kill: %s1 seconds of 100% critical c hance" "Attrib_Slow_Enemy_OnHit" " %s1% "

"[english]Attrib_Slow_Enemy_OnHit" "On Hit: %s1% chance to slow target" "Attrib_CloakMeterConsumeRate" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakMeterConsumeRate" "+%s1% cloak drain rate" "Attrib_CloakMeterRegenRate" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakMeterRegenRate" "+%s1% cloak regen rate" "Attrib_Spread_Negative" " %s1% " "[english]Attrib_Spread_Negative" "%s1% less accurate" "Attrib_Spread_Positive" " %s1% " "[english]Attrib_Spread_Positive" "%s1% more accurate" "Attrib_BatLaunchesBalls" " " "[english]Attrib_BatLaunchesBalls" "Alt-Fire: Launches a ball that stuns op ponents" "Attrib_DmgPenaltyVsNonStunned" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgPenaltyVsNonStunned" "%s1% damage vs non-stunned play ers" "Attrib_ZoomSpeedMod_Disabled" " " "[english]Attrib_ZoomSpeedMod_Disabled" "No move speed penalty from zoom" "Attrib_SniperCharge_Per_Sec" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_SniperCharge_Per_Sec" "+%s1% charge rate" "Attrib_SniperNoHeadshots" " " "[english]Attrib_SniperNoHeadshots" "No headshots" "Attrib_Scattergun_HasKnockback" " " "[english]Attrib_Scattergun_HasKnockback" "Knockback on the target and sho oter" "Attrib_BulletsPerShot_Bonus" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_BulletsPerShot_Bonus" "+%s1% bullets per shot" "Attrib_SniperZoom_Penalty" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_SniperZoom_Penalty" "%s1% zoom reduction" "Attrib_SniperNoCharge" " " "[english]Attrib_SniperNoCharge" "No zoom or damage charge" "Attrib_CloakIsFeignDeath" " " "[english]Attrib_CloakIsFeignDeath" "Cloak Type: Feign Death" "Attrib_CloakIsMovementBased" " " "[english]Attrib_CloakIsMovementBased" "Cloak Type: Motion Sensitive" "Attrib_NoDoubleJump" "" "[english]Attrib_NoDoubleJump" "Disables double jump" "Attrib_AbsorbDmgWhileCloaked" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_AbsorbDmgWhileCloaked" "Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked" "Attrib_RevolverUseHitLocations" " " "[english]Attrib_RevolverUseHitLocations" "Crits on headshot" "Attrib_BackstabShield" " " "[english]Attrib_BackstabShield" "Blocks a single backstab attempt" "Attrib_MoveSpeed_Penalty" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MoveSpeed_Penalty" "%s1% slower move speed on wearer" "Attrib_Jarate_Description" " \n " "[english]Attrib_Jarate_Description" "Coated enemies take mini-crits\nAlso ha ndy for putting out a fire" "Attrib_HealthRegen" " +%s1" "[english]Attrib_HealthRegen" "+%s1 health regenerated per second on wearer" "Attrib_HealthDrain" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_HealthDrain" "%s1 health drained per second on wearer" "Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Increased" "+%s1% self damage force" "Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Decreased" "%s1% self damage force" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Reduced" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Reduced" "+%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Increased" "%s1% fire damage vulnerability

on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Reduced" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Reduced" "+%s1% critical hit damage resis tance on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Increased" "%s1% critical hit damage vulner ability on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Reduced" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Reduced" "+%s1% explosive damage resistan ce on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Increased" "%s1% explosive damage vulnerabi lity on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced" "+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer" "Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Increased" "%s1% bullet damage vuln erability on wearer" "Attrib_CaptureValue_Increased" " +%s1" "[english]Attrib_CaptureValue_Increased" "+%s1 capture rate on wearer" "Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Reduced" "%s1% health from healers on wea rer" "Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Increased" "+%s1% health from healers on we arer" "Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased" "+%s1% afterburn damage bonus" "Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Reduced" "%s1% afterburn damage penalty" "Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Increased" "+%s1% afterburn duration" "Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Reduced" "%s1% afterburn duration" "Attrib_AimingMoveSpeed_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_AimingMoveSpeed_Increased" "+%s1% faster move speed while d eployed" "Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Increased" "+%s1% max primary ammo on weare r" "Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Reduced" "%s1% max primary ammo on wearer " "Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Increased" "+%s1% max secondary ammo on wea rer" "Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced" "%s1% max secondary ammo on wear er" "Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased" "+%s1% max metal on wearer" "Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced" "%s1% max metal on wearer" "Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Increased" " -%s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Increased" "-%s1% cloak duration" "Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Decreased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Decreased" "+%s1% cloak duration" "Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Increased" "+%s1% cloak regeneration rate"

"Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Decreased" "%s1% cloak regeneration rate" "Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Increased" "%s1% slower spin up time" "Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Decreased" "%s1% faster spin up time" "Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Increased" " +%s1" "[english]Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Increased" "+%s1 max pipebombs out" "Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Decreased" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Decreased" "%s1 max pipebombs out" "Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Increased" "%s1% faster power charge" "Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Decreased" "%s1% slower power charge" "Attrib_ConstructionRate_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ConstructionRate_Increased" "%s1% faster construction rate" "Attrib_ConstructionRate_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ConstructionRate_Decreased" "%s1% slower construction rate" "Attrib_RepairRate_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_RepairRate_Increased" "%s1% faster repair rate" "Attrib_RepairRate_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_RepairRate_Decreased" "%s1% slower repair rate" "Attrib_ReloadTime_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ReloadTime_Increased" "%s1% slower reload time" "Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased" "%s1% faster reload time" "Attrib_BlastRadius_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_BlastRadius_Increased" "+%s1% explosion radius" "Attrib_BlastRadius_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_BlastRadius_Decreased" "%s1% explosion radius" "Attrib_ProjectileRange_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_ProjectileRange_Increased" "+%s1% projectile range" "Attrib_ProjectileRange_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ProjectileRange_Decreased" "%s1% projectile range" "Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Increased" "+%s1% projectile speed" "Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Decreased" "%s1% projectile speed" "Attrib_OverhealAmount_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_OverhealAmount_Negative" "%s1% max overheal" "Attrib_MoveSpeed_Bonus" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MoveSpeed_Bonus" "+%s1% faster move speed on wearer" "Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Increased" "+%s1% health from packs on wear er" "Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Decreased" "%s1% health from packs on weare r" "Attrib_AmmoRegen" " 5 %s1%" "[english]Attrib_AmmoRegen" "+%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on weare r" "Attrib_MetalRegen" " 5 +%s1" "[english]Attrib_MetalRegen" "+%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on weare r" "Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker" " " "[english]Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker" "Fires laser guided rockets" "Attrib_ShovelDamageBoost" " " "[english]Attrib_ShovelDamageBoost" "Damage increases as the user becomes in jured" "Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Decreased" " %s1%"

"[english]Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Decreased" "%s1% splash damage fall off" "Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increase" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increase" "+%s1% splash damage fall off" "Attrib_StickyDetonateMode" " " "[english]Attrib_StickyDetonateMode" "Detonates stickybombs near the crosshai r and directly under your feet" "Attrib_StickyAirBurstMode" " " "[english]Attrib_StickyAirBurstMode" "Launched bombs shatter on surfaces" "Attrib_StickyArmTimePenalty" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_StickyArmTimePenalty" "%s1 sec slower bomb arm time" "Attrib_StickyArmTimeBonus" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_StickyArmTimeBonus" "%s1 sec faster bomb arm time" "Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemies" " " "[english]Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemies" "Mini-crits targets launched air borne by explosions" "Attrib_StickiesDetonateStickies" " " "[english]Attrib_StickiesDetonateStickies" "Able to destroy enemy stickybom bs" "Attrib_SpeedBoostWhenActive" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_SpeedBoostWhenActive" "%s1% speed boost while active weapon" "Attrib_ProvideOnActive" " " "[english]Attrib_ProvideOnActive" "When weapon is active:" "Attrib_MedicRegenBonus" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MedicRegenBonus" "+%s1% natural regen rate" "Attrib_MedicRegenPenalty" " -%s1%" "[english]Attrib_MedicRegenPenalty" "-%s1% natural regen rate" "Attrib_Community_Description" " " "[english]Attrib_Community_Description" "Given to valuable Community Contributor s" "Attrib_MedalIndex_Description" " No. %s1" "[english]Attrib_MedalIndex_Description" "Medal no. %s1" "Attrib_RocketJumpDmgReduction" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_RocketJumpDmgReduction" "%s1% blast damage from rocket j umps" "Attrib_Selfmade_Description" "" "[english]Attrib_Selfmade_Description" "I made this!" "Attrib_DmgVsBuilding_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgVsBuilding_Increased" "%s1% damage vs buildings" "Attrib_DmgVsPlayer_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgVsPlayer_Decreased" "%s1% damage vs players" "Attrib_LunchboxAddsMaxHealth" " +50 30" "[english]Attrib_LunchboxAddsMaxHealth" "Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds" "TF_NonUnique_Append_Proper" "(%s1)" [$!ENGLISH] "[english]TF_NonUnique_Append_Proper" "(%s1)" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Medigun1" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Medigun1" "The Kritzkrieg" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Syringegun1" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Syringegun1" "The Blutsauger" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Bonesaw1" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Bonesaw1" "The Ubersaw" "TF_Unique_Achievement_FireAxe1" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_FireAxe1" "The Axtinguisher" "TF_Unique_Achievement_FlareGun" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_FlareGun" "The Flare Gun" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Flamethrower" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Flamethrower" "The Backburner" "TF_Unique_Achievement_LunchBox" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_LunchBox" "The Sandvich" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Minigun" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Minigun" "Natascha"

"TF_Unique_Achievement_Fists" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Fists" "The Killing Gloves of Boxing" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Bat" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Bat" "The Sandman" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Scattergun_Double" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Scattergun_Double" "The Force-A-Nature" "TF_Unique_Achievement_EnergyDrink" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_EnergyDrink" "Bonk! Atomic Punch" "TF_Unique_Achievement_SniperRifle" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_SniperRifle" "The Walkabout" "TF_Unique_Achievement_CloakWatch" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_CloakWatch" "The Cloak and Dagger" "TF_Unique_Achievement_FeignWatch" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_FeignWatch" "The Dead Ringer" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Revolver" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Revolver" "The Ambassador" "TF_Unique_Backstab_Shield" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Backstab_Shield" "The Razorback" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Jar" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Jar" "Jarate" "TF_Unique_Achievement_CompoundBow" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_CompoundBow" "The Huntsman" "TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff" "The Buff Banner" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Pickaxe" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Pickaxe" "The Equalizer" "TF_Unique_Achievement_RocketLauncher" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_RocketLauncher" "The Direct Hit" "TF_Unique_Achievement_StickyLauncher" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_StickyLauncher" "The Scottish Resistance" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield" "The Chargin' Targe" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword" "The Eyelander" "TF_Unique_Blast_Boots" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Blast_Boots" "The Gunboats" "TF_Unique_SledgeHammer" "" "[english]TF_Unique_SledgeHammer" "The Homewrecker" "TF_Unique_Lunchbox_Chocolate" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Lunchbox_Chocolate" "The Dalokohs Bar" "TF_TTG_MaxGun" " " "[english]TF_TTG_MaxGun" "The Lugermorph" "TF_TTG_SamRevolver" " " "[english]TF_TTG_SamRevolver" "The Big Kill" "TF_Unique_Makeshiftclub" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Makeshiftclub" "The Pain Train" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword_Desc" "This weapon has a large melee r ange.\nGives increased speed and health\nwith every head you take." "TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Gain increased attack power by\ncharging toward your enemies." "TF_TTG_MaxGun_Desc" "\n \n "[english]TF_TTG_MaxGun_Desc" "The ultimate in semi-concealed weaponry.\nThere 's no question you need this gun,\nthe only question is: where will you keep it? " "TF_TTG_SamRevolver_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_TTG_SamRevolver_Desc" "Combines style with stopping power.\nLo ng exclusive to Freelance Police,\nnow available for other blood-thirsty mercena ries."

"TF_TTG_MaxsHat_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_TTG_MaxsHat_Desc" "Expertly crafted headwear from cruelty-free far ms\nin the Philippines. Hollowed-out skull casing wicks\nmoisture away when in t he heat of battle." "TF_Wearable_Headgear" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Headgear" "Headgear" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Scout" "Batter's Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Sniper" "Tooth Belt" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Soldier" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Soldier" "Soldier's Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Demoman" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Demoman" "Fro" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Medic" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Medic" "Medic's Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Pyro" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Pyro" "Pyro's Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Heavy" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Heavy" "Football Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Engineer" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Engineer" "Mining Helmet" "TF_Unique_Headgear_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Headgear_Spy" "Spy's Helmet" "TF_Soldier_Medal_Web_Sleuth" " " "[english]TF_Soldier_Medal_Web_Sleuth" "Gentle Manne's Service Medal" "Item_Giveaway_NoItem" "..." "[english]Item_Giveaway_NoItem" "Waiting for item..." "Item_Found" "%s1 :: %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Found" "%s1 has found:: %s2 %s3" "Item_Crafted" "%s1 ::%s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Crafted" "%s1 has crafted:: %s2 %s3" "Item_BlacklistedInMatch" " %s1 " "[english]Item_BlacklistedInMatch" "Item '%s1' has been disabled in this to urnament match by the server whitelist." "community" "" "[english]community" "Community" "developer" "Valve" "[english]developer" "Valve" "selfmade" "" "[english]selfmade" "Self-Made" "TF_CheatDetected_Title" "" "[english]TF_CheatDetected_Title" "WARNING" "TF_CheatDetectedMinor" " "[english]TF_CheatDetectedMinor" "Your account has been flagged for circu mventing the item distribution system. We have removed the items that were illeg ally obtained.\n\nFuture violations will result in the loss of all your items." "TF_CheatDetectedMajor" " \n\n "[english]TF_CheatDetectedMajor" "Your account has been flagged for circu mventing the item distribution system. We have removed all items in your invento ry.\n\nFuture violations may result in your account being disabled." "TF_HonestyReward" " \n\n "[english]TF_HonestyReward" "Congratulations! Your Honesty has been rewarded with a new hat!\n\n(Some other players were less scrupulous, and have been less fortunate)" "TF_medigun_autoheal" " " "[english]TF_medigun_autoheal" "MEDIC: Medigun continues healing without holdin g down fire button." "TF_autozoom" " " "[english]TF_autozoom" "SNIPER: Sniper rifle will re-zoom after firing a zoomed

shot." "TF_autoreload" " " "[english]TF_autoreload" "Automatically reload weapons when you're not fi ring." "TF_drawviewmodel_option" " " "[english]TF_drawviewmodel_option" "Draw viewmodels." "TF_flipviewmodel_option" " " "[english]TF_flipviewmodel_option" "Flip viewmodels." "TF_viewmodelfov_option" " " "[english]TF_viewmodelfov_option" "Viewmodel field of view" "TF_ClassLimitUnder" "%s1 %s2" "[english]TF_ClassLimitUnder" "%s1 (Max %s2)" "TF_ClassLimitHit" "%s1" "[english]TF_ClassLimitHit" "%s1 (Full)" "TF_ClassLimitHit_None" "" "[english]TF_ClassLimitHit_None" "(Full)" "TF_rememberactiveweapon" " " "[english]TF_rememberactiveweapon" "Remember the active weapon between live s." "TF_rememberlastweapon" " " "[english]TF_rememberlastweapon" "Remember the 'previous weapon' between lives." "TF_colorblindassist" " " "[english]TF_colorblindassist" "Turn on colorblind mode." "TF_SpectateCarriedItems" " " "[english]TF_SpectateCarriedItems" "Show non-standard items on spectated pl ayer." "TF_UseAdvancedTourneyGUI" " HUD" "[english]TF_UseAdvancedTourneyGUI" "Use advanced spectator HUD in tournamen t mode." "TF_DisableWeatherParticles" "" "[english]TF_DisableWeatherParticles" "Disable weather effects." "TF_simple_disguise_menu_option" " " "[english]TF_simple_disguise_menu_option" "SPY: Enable Concise Disguise Me nu" "TF_CombatText" " " "[english]TF_CombatText" "Display damage done as text over your target" "TF_HealTargetMarker" " " "[english]TF_HealTargetMarker" "MEDIC: Display a marker over the player you are healing" "TF_AutoMedicCallers" " " "[english]TF_AutoMedicCallers" "MEDIC: Injured teammates automatically call out " "TF_AutoMedicCallThreshold" " " "[english]TF_AutoMedicCallThreshold" "MEDIC: Auto-call Health percentage" "TF_Hitbeeps" " " "[english]TF_Hitbeeps" "Play a hit sound everytime you injure an enemy." "TF_Arena_Team_Layout" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Team_Layout" "Your Team" "TF_Arena_F4_ChangeClass" "F4 " "[english]TF_Arena_F4_ChangeClass" "Press 'F4' to re-roll your class!" "TF_Arena_ClientDisconnect" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]TF_Arena_ClientDisconnect" "%s1 is joining team %s2 to replace %s3" "TF_Arena_ProTip" " " "[english]TF_Arena_ProTip" "Tip: Winning teams never have to sit out" "TF_Arena_Careful" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Careful" "Careful! If you lose this round you might have to sit out the next!" "TF_Arena_SitOut" " "[english]TF_Arena_SitOut" "Your team lost. You're sitting out this round b


ecause other people were waiting to play." "TF_Arena_Welcome" "Team Fortress 2 " "[english]TF_Arena_Welcome" "Team Fortress 2 Arena" "TF_Arena_NoPlayers" " " "[english]TF_Arena_NoPlayers" "Waiting for 1 more player before the round star ts." "TF_Arena_TeamSizeIncreased" " %s1 " "[english]TF_Arena_TeamSizeIncreased" "Team size is increasing to %s1 to accom modate the current player count." "TF_Arena_TeamSizeDecreased" " %s1 " "[english]TF_Arena_TeamSizeDecreased" "Team size is decreasing to %s1 to accom modate the current player count." "TF_Arena_SuddenDeathPanel" " " "[english]TF_Arena_SuddenDeathPanel" "Arena Mode!" "TF_Arena_SuddenDeathPanelReason" " " "[english]TF_Arena_SuddenDeathPanelReason" "Sit back and relax. You will ge t your chance as soon as this round ends." "TF_Arena_NoRespawning" " " "[english]TF_Arena_NoRespawning" "No respawning in Arena Mode" "TF_Arena_PlayingTo" " %s1 " "[english]TF_Arena_PlayingTo" "Playing to %s1 wins in a row" "TF_Arena_MaxStreak" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_Arena_MaxStreak" "Team %s1 reached %s2 wins! Teams are now being sc rambled." "TF_Arena_FlawlessVictory" " " "[english]TF_Arena_FlawlessVictory" "Flawless Victory!" "TF_Arena_Winpanel_DamageThisRound" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Winpanel_DamageThisRound" "Damage:" "TF_Arena_Winpanel_HealingThisRound" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Winpanel_HealingThisRound" "Healing:" "TF_Arena_Winpanel_TimeAliveThisRound" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Winpanel_TimeAliveThisRound" "Lifetime:" "TF_Arena_Winpanel_KillingBlows" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Winpanel_KillingBlows" "Kills:" "TF_Arena_Menu_Fight" " " "[english]TF_Arena_Menu_Fight" "Fight!" "TF_Arena_NoClassChange" " " "[english]TF_Arena_NoClassChange" "You can't change classes after the roun d has started." "TF_Arena_ScoreBoard_Spectator" "%s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Arena_ScoreBoard_Spectator" "%s1 player waiting to play: %s2 " "TF_Arena_ScoreBoard_Spectators" "%s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Arena_ScoreBoard_Spectators" "%s1 players waiting to play: %s 2" "TF_ServerNoSteamConn_Title" "" "[english]TF_ServerNoSteamConn_Title" "WARNING!" "TF_ServerNoSteamConn_Explanation" " "[english]TF_ServerNoSteamConn_Explanation" "The server you are playing on h as lost connection to the item server. As a result, your loadout will not be ava ilable on this server." "TF_MMO_LFG" " " "[english]TF_MMO_LFG" "Looking For Group" "TF_MMO_Quest1" " %s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_MMO_Quest1" "You must kill %s1 %s2 to complete this quest." "TF_MMO_Monster1" "" "[english]TF_MMO_Monster1" "Boars" "TF_MMO_Monster2" "" "[english]TF_MMO_Monster2" "Rats" "TF_MMO_Monster3" ""

"[english]TF_MMO_Monster3" "Bats" "TF_MMO_Monster4" "" "[english]TF_MMO_Monster4" "Wolves" "TF_MMO_Monster5" "" "[english]TF_MMO_Monster5" "Spiders" "TF_WarContribution" " " "[english]TF_WarContribution" "War Contribution" "TF_WarCountUpdate_Soldier" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_WarCountUpdate_Soldier" "%s1 has contributed %s2 Soldier kills to Th e War!" "TF_WarCountUpdate_Demoman" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_WarCountUpdate_Demoman" "%s1 has contributed %s2 Demoman kills to Th e War!" "ViewBlog" " TF2 " "[english]ViewBlog" "View TF2 Blog" "ViewUpdate" " " "[english]ViewUpdate" "View Latest Update News" "ReadAllAboutIt" " !" "[english]ReadAllAboutIt" "Read all about it!" "TF_Highlander_Mode" "\n" "[english]TF_Highlander_Mode" "Highlander\nMode" "TF_Teams_Full" " \n " "[english]TF_Teams_Full" "Teams\nAre Full" "TF_EnergyDrink" " " "[english]TF_EnergyDrink" "DRINK" "TF_playerid_object_mode" "%s1 %s3 %s2 " "[english]TF_playerid_object_mode" "%s1 %s3 built by %s2" "TF_playerid_teleporter_entrance_nomatch" " " "[english]TF_playerid_teleporter_entrance_nomatch" "No matching teleporter! " "TF_Weapon_Axe" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Axe" "Axe" "TF_Wearable_Badge" "" "[english]TF_Wearable_Badge" "Badge" "TF_ScoutWhoopee" " " "[english]TF_ScoutWhoopee" "Whoopee Cap" "TF_PyroMonocle" " " "[english]TF_PyroMonocle" "Whiskered Gentleman" "TF_MedicGoggles" " " "[english]TF_MedicGoggles" "Ze Goggles" "TF_MedicGoggles_Desc" " " "[english]TF_MedicGoggles_Desc" "Nothing" "TF_EngineerEarmuffs" "" "[english]TF_EngineerEarmuffs" "Safe'n'Sound" "TF_DemomanTricorne" " " "[english]TF_DemomanTricorne" "Tippler's Tricorne" "TF_SpyBeret" " " "[english]TF_SpyBeret" "Frenchman's Beret" "TF_SniperFishingHat" " " "[english]TF_SniperFishingHat" "Bloke's Bucket Hat" "TF_PyroHelm" " " "[english]TF_PyroHelm" "Vintage Merryweather" "TF_SoldierDrillHat" " " "[english]TF_SoldierDrillHat" "Sergeant's Drill Hat" "TF_MedicGatsby" " " "[english]TF_MedicGatsby" "Gentleman's Gatsby" "TF_HeavyDorag" " " "[english]TF_HeavyDorag" "Heavy Duty Rag" "TF_Object_Tele" " " "[english]TF_Object_Tele" "Teleporter"

"TF_Teleporter_Mode_Entrance" "" "[english]TF_Teleporter_Mode_Entrance" "Entrance" "TF_Teleporter_Mode_Exit" "" "[english]TF_Teleporter_Mode_Exit" "Exit" "TF_ObjStatus_Teleporter_Building" " ... %s1" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Teleporter_Building" "Teleporter Building... %s1" "TF_ObjStatus_Teleporter" " %s1 %s1 - %s2" "[english]TF_ObjStatus_Teleporter" "Teleporter (Level %s1 ) Health %s1 St atus - %s2" "TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Idle" " " "[english]TF_Obj_Teleporter_State_Idle" "Looking for Matching Teleporter" "Teleporter_idle" " " "[english]Teleporter_idle" "This teleporter does not have a match." "Building_hud_tele_not_built" " \n" "[english]Building_hud_tele_not_built" "Teleporter Entrance\nNot Built" "Loadout_OpenBackpack" " " "[english]Loadout_OpenBackpack" "Open your Backpack" "Loadout_OpenBackpackDesc" " %s1 " "[english]Loadout_OpenBackpackDesc" "(%s1 ITEMS INSIDE)" "Loadout_OpenBackpackDesc1" " 1 " "[english]Loadout_OpenBackpackDesc1" "(1 ITEM INSIDE)" "Loadout_OpenCrafting" " " "[english]Loadout_OpenCrafting" "Open the Crafting screen" "Loadout_OpenCraftingDesc" " \n" "[english]Loadout_OpenCraftingDesc" "CONSTRUCT NEW ITEMS BY\nCOMBINING ITEMS IN YOUR BACKPACK" "RDI_AB1" "%s1%s2" "[english]RDI_AB1" "Requires: %s1, %s2" "RDI_ABC1" "%s1 %s2%s3" "[english]RDI_ABC1" "Requires: %s1 %s2, %s3" "RDI_ABC2" "%s1%s2%s3" "[english]RDI_ABC2" "Requires: %s1, %s2, %s3" "RDO_AB1" " %s1%s2" "[english]RDO_AB1" "Produces: %s1, %s2" "RDO_ABC1" " %s1 %s2%s3" "[english]RDO_ABC1" "Produces: %s1 %s2, %s3" "RDO_ABC2" " %s1%s2%s3" "[english]RDO_ABC2" "Produces: %s1, %s2, %s3" "Attrib_EmployeeNumber" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_EmployeeNumber" "Hire Date: %s1" "Attrib_DmgAppliesToSappers" " " "[english]Attrib_DmgAppliesToSappers" "Damage removes Sappers" "Attrib_BleedingDuration" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_BleedingDuration" "On Hit: Bleed for %s1 seconds" "TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola" " " "[english]TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola" "Crit-a-Cola" "TF_Unique_TribalmanKukri" "" "[english]TF_Unique_TribalmanKukri" "The Tribalman's Shiv" "TF_Unique_BattleAxe" " " "[english]TF_Unique_BattleAxe" "The Scotsman's Skullcutter" "TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" " +25% "[english]TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" "While under the effects, +25% m ovement speed and damage done and damage taken will be mini-crits." "TF_Employee_Badge_A" " " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_A" "Grizzled Veteran" "TF_Employee_Badge_B" " " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_B" "Soldier of Fortune" "TF_Employee_Badge_C" "" "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_C" "Mercenary" "TF_Employee_Badge_Plat" " "

"[english]TF_Employee_Badge_Plat" "Primeval Warrior" "TF_ReplayIntro" "(&R)" "[english]TF_ReplayIntro" "&REPLAY MOVIE" "TF_Bot_Title_Enemy" " " "[english]TF_Bot_Title_Enemy" "Enemy " "TF_Bot_Title_Friendly" " " "[english]TF_Bot_Title_Friendly" "Friendly " "TF_Bot_Generic_ClassName" "" "[english]TF_Bot_Generic_ClassName" "Player" "TF_OSXItem" "" "[english]TF_OSXItem" "Earbuds" "TF_OSXItem_Desc" "OSX !" "[english]TF_OSXItem_Desc" "OSX represent!" "Gametype_Training" " " "[english]Gametype_Training" "Training Mode" "Tip_1_6" " "[english]Tip_1_6" "As a Scout, firing the Force-A-Nature in mid-air will k nock you back away from the direction you're aiming; you can use this to extend the range of your jumps." "Tip_1_7" " " "[english]Tip_1_7" "As a Scout, take advantage of alternative routes to fla nk enemies for surprise attacks." "Tip_1_8" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_1_8" "As a Scout, when wielding the Sandman, use %attack2% to launch a baseball at distant enemies to disable them." "Tip_1_9" " " "[english]Tip_1_9" "As a Scout, equipping the Sandman will reduce your maxi mum health. Stick with your bat if survival is a top priority." "Tip_1_10" " " "[english]Tip_1_10" "As a Scout, hitting nearby foes with the Force-A-Nature will push them away from you." "Tip_1_11" " "[english]Tip_1_11" "As a Scout, the further your Sandman baseball travels, the longer it will stun any enemy it hits - up to a maximum of 7 seconds." "Tip_1_12" " "[english]Tip_1_12" "As a Scout, the Sandman's baseball cannot stun foes at close range, but it will completely stun an enemy at max range." "Tip_1_13" " " "[english]Tip_1_13" "As a Scout, use the Bonk! Atomic Punch energy drink to traverse dangerous terrain and absorb Sentry Gun fire for teammates." "Tip_1_14" " " "[english]Tip_1_14" "As a Scout, use Mad Milk to douse flames on yourself an d on your teammates." "Tip_1_15" " "[english]Tip_1_15" "As a Scout, the Shortstop and Pistol share the same amm o reserve, so be mindful of your ammo while you have both equipped." "Tip_1_16" " "[english]Tip_1_16" "As a Scout, if you have the Candy Cane equipped, killed foes will always drop free health kits, regardless of which weapon you used." "Tip_2_5" " " "[english]Tip_2_5" "As a Sniper, a fully charged Sniper Rifle head shot can kill most classes instantly." "Tip_2_6" " 5 %att "[english]Tip_2_6" "As a Sniper, your shot will usually miss if the Huntsma n is pulled back longer than five seconds. Reset it by hitting %attack2%." "Tip_2_7" " " "[english]Tip_2_7" "As a Sniper, Jarate can reveal hidden Spies." "Tip_2_8" " " "[english]Tip_2_8" "As a Sniper, the Razorback breaks after being stabbed. Grab a new one from a resupply locker."

"Tip_2_9" " "[english]Tip_2_9" "As a Sniper, your Razorback emits a loud electric sound when a Spy attempts to backstab you. Listen for it!" "Tip_2_10" " " "[english]Tip_2_10" "As a Sniper, use Jarate to douse flames on yourself and on teammates." "Tip_2_11" " " "[english]Tip_2_11" "As a Sniper, all hits on enemies who have been doused w ith Jarate are mini-crits." "Tip_2_12" " " "[english]Tip_2_12" "As a Sniper, the Tribalman's Shiv causes your target to bleed when hit. This can be useful for tracking down Spies." "Tip_3_5" " UberCha "[english]Tip_3_5" "As a Soldier, consider damaging yourself in safe situat ions if a Medic is healing you. berCharge builds slower while you're overhealed ( except during setup time)." "Tip_3_6" " "[english]Tip_3_6" "As a Soldier, your rockets have strong knock back. Use this to jostle enemies or knock them airborne." "Tip_3_7" " "[english]Tip_3_7" "As a Soldier, use your Shotgun to conserve rockets and avoid waiting for your Rocket Launcher to reload in the middle of combat." "Tip_3_8" " " "[english]Tip_3_8" "As a Soldier, the Direct Hit's rockets have a very smal l blast radius. Aim directly at your enemies to maximize damage!" "Tip_3_9" " "[english]Tip_3_9" "As a Soldier, the Buff Banner's rage meter will reset i f you die. Don't be afraid to use it for yourself if you need to make a push or escape!" "Tip_3_10" " " "[english]Tip_3_10" "As a Soldier, activating the Buff Banner provides minicrits to you and nearby teammates, which can swiftly turn the tide of a difficul t battle." "Tip_3_11" " "[english]Tip_3_11" "As a Soldier, the Escape Plan provides a speed bonus wh en your health is low. Use it to escape dangerous areas and dodge enemy fire!" "Tip_3_12" " "[english]Tip_3_12" "As a Soldier, the Equalizer does a lot of damage when y ou're at very low health, but it deals less than the Shovel when you're at high health." "Tip_3_13" " UberCharge "[english]Tip_3_13" "As a Soldier, Medics cannot target you for healing or be rCharges while you actively wield the Equalizer. You will also be unable to call for a Medic." "Tip_3_14" " " "[english]Tip_3_14" "As a Soldier, remember that the Half-Zatoichi attacks i nstantly kill any enemy that is also wielding one!" "Tip_3_15" " "[english]Tip_3_15" "As a Soldier, the Black Box heals you whenever you dama ge an enemy with a rocket. Use it when friendly Medics and health kits are scarc e." "Tip_3_16" " "[english]Tip_3_16" "As a Soldier, the Gunboats greatly reduce health loss f rom rocket jumps. Use them when positioning and mobility are especially importan t." "Tip_3_17" " "[english]Tip_3_17" "As a Soldier, activating the Battalion's Backup provide s damage reduction and crit immunity to yourself and nearby team mates. Be mindf ul of the effect radius when protecting teammates!" "Tip_4_5" " %attack2%

"[english]Tip_4_5" "As a Demoman, you can detonate Stickybombs with %attack 2% at any time, regardless of which weapon you're currently using." "Tip_4_6" " " "[english]Tip_4_6" "As a Demoman, crouch when preparing for a Stickybomb ju mp in order to achieve maximum height." "Tip_4_7" " "[english]Tip_4_7" "As a Demoman, use your Grenade Launcher for direct comb at. Grenades detonate upon impact with an enemy unless they touch the ground fir st." "Tip_4_8" " " "[english]Tip_4_8" "As a Demoman, your Bottle does the same amount of damag e whether it is smashed open or not." "Tip_4_9" " "[english]Tip_4_9" "As a Demoman, the Scottish Resistance is great for defe nse. Place multiple groups of Stickybombs in order to defend a lot of territory. Your Stickybombs can also destroy enemy Stickybombs!" "Tip_4_10" " " "[english]Tip_4_10" "As a Demoman, when using the Scottish Resistance keep a line of sight to your Stickybombs so you can detonate them when needed." "Tip_4_11" " "[english]Tip_4_11" "As a Demoman, the Chargin' Targe's explosive and fire d amage resistance in addition to its charge ability complement the Eyelander's lo wer max health and inability to cause random critical hits." "Tip_4_12" " "[english]Tip_4_12" "As a Demoman, the Chargin' Targe's charge ability doesn 't grant a critical hit until near the end of the charge. Your weapon will glow when the time is right!" "Tip_4_13" " "[english]Tip_4_13" "As a Demoman, when using the Chargin' Targe you can't c hange direction during a charge. Try to line charges up with where an enemy will be rather than where an enemy is." "Tip_4_14" " " "[english]Tip_4_14" "As a Demoman, the Chargin' Targe's charge ability is al so perfect for quick getaways!" "Tip_4_15" " 25 "[english]Tip_4_15" "As a Demoman, your Bottle has no negative attributes wh en compared to the health reduction penalty of the Eyelander. Use your Bottle if survival is a priority." "Tip_4_16" " "[english]Tip_4_16" "As a Demoman, collect heads by killing enemies with the Eyelander. Each head increases your maximum health and also gives you a speed boost!" "Tip_5_6" " UberCharge " "[english]Tip_5_6" "As a Medic, your berCharge will build much faster during setup time." "Tip_5_7" " " "[english]Tip_5_7" "As a Medic, you cannot capture a Control Point or pick up the Intelligence while invulnerable." "Tip_5_8" " "[english]Tip_5_8" "As a Medic, heal Soldiers and Demomen at the beginning of a round in order that they can use the extra health to rocket or sticky jump across the map." "Tip_5_9" " UberCharge " "[english]Tip_5_9" "As a Medic, you can berCharge without a heal target in o rder to save yourself in dire situations." "Tip_5_10" " UberCharge " "[english]Tip_5_10" "As a Medic, it's better to use an berCharge too early th an lose it by being killed." "Tip_5_11" " UberCharge UberCharge "[english]Tip_5_11" "As a Medic, fool the enemy by using the \"berCharge read

y!\" voice command in order to pretend you have an berCharge prepared." "Tip_5_12" " " "[english]Tip_5_12" "As a Medic, you can keep multiple targets overhealed al lowing them to absorb more damage." "Tip_5_14" " "[english]Tip_5_14" "As a Medic, remember that syringes travel in arcs and h ave a travel time. Lead your targets and aim higher in order to land successful hits." "Tip_5_15" " " "[english]Tip_5_15" "As a Medic, remember that critical hits have no effect on Sentry Guns. Use the Kritzkrieg in areas full of players instead." "Tip_5_16" " Ube "[english]Tip_5_16" "As a Medic, the bersaw will still increase your berCharge meter if the enemy being hit is a Scout phasing with Bonk! Atomic Punch." "Tip_5_17" " UberCharge "[english]Tip_5_17" "As a Medic, using berCharge to be invulnerable to damage does not mean you are free from harm. Watch out for the Pyro's compression blas t and explosive knock back." "Tip_5_18" " UberCharge "[english]Tip_5_18" "As a Medic, when attacking with an berCharge, try to get Sentry Guns to target you so that your teammates can get close enough to destro y them." "Tip_5_19" " 3 "[english]Tip_5_19" "As a Medic, your default Syringe Gun automatically heal s you over time by 3 health per second compared to the Blutsauger's 1 health per second. Use the Syringe Gun when playing defensively, as the passive healing ra te will provide you with an advantage." "Tip_5_20" " UberCharge" "[english]Tip_5_20" "As a Medic, the bersaw will not increase your berCharge m eter if the enemy being hit is a disguised Spy." "Tip_5_21" " 10 "[english]Tip_5_21" "As a Medic, the Kritzkrieg's taunt heals 10 health. Use it when there are no health kits or other Medics nearby." "Tip_5_22" " "[english]Tip_5_22" "As a Medic, pay attention to other Medics on your team. Keeping multiple Medics alive will help keep the rest of the team alive, too." "Tip_6_5" " "[english]Tip_6_5" "As a Heavy, you have more health than any other class o n your team. Use this to your advantage by drawing enemy fire and allowing the o ther classes to flank the enemy." "Tip_6_6" " "[english]Tip_6_6" "As a Heavy, you don't lose momentum while spinning up y our Minigun in the air. Use this to surprise enemies around corners!" "Tip_6_8" " "[english]Tip_6_8" "As a Heavy, your fists swing faster than the Killing Gl oves of Boxing. Equip them with the Sandvich to quickly dispatch lunchtime attac kers. " "Tip_6_9" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_6_9" "As a Heavy, the Sandvich can be dropped by hitting %att ack2%. A dropped Sandvich can heal a teammate similarly to a health kit." "Tip_6_10" " "[english]Tip_6_10" "As a Heavy, be sure to get another Sandvich if you drop yours. Sandviches can be replenished from health kits, but only if your current health is full." "Tip_6_11" " 5 "[english]Tip_6_11" "As a Heavy, your Minigun's spin-up time can waste the K illing Gloves of Boxing's five-second critical buff. Carry your Shotgun with the K.G.B. in order to maximize the critical boost!" "Tip_6_12" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_6_12" "As a Heavy, the Sandvich and the Buffalo Steak Sandvich

can be dropped by hitting %attack2% and can extinguish burning teammates. Use t his to save your Medic." "Tip_7_6" " "[english]Tip_7_6" "As a Pyro, your Flamethrower can ignite an enemy Spy if he is cloaked, or is disguised as a member of your team. Spy check teammates th at look or act suspicious!" "Tip_7_7" " " "[english]Tip_7_7" "As a Pyro, utilize the bonus damage on the Axtinguisher by igniting your foes before attacking." "Tip_7_8" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_7_8" "As a Pyro, help protect an Engineer's Sentry Gun by usi ng the Flamethrower's compression blast (%attack2%) to reflect explosive project iles and check for enemy Spies." "Tip_7_9" " %attack2% UberCharge "[english]Tip_7_9" "As a Pyro, you can neutralize an berCharge by pushing th e Medic and his heal target away from each other by using the Flamethrower's com pression blast (%attack2%)." "Tip_7_10" " %attack2% " "[english]Tip_7_10" "As a Pyro, push enemies out of your way using the Flame thrower's compression blast with %attack2%." "Tip_7_11" " %attack2% " "[english]Tip_7_11" "As a Pyro, the Flamethrower's compression blast (%attac k2%) can extinguish burning teammates." "Tip_7_12" " "[english]Tip_7_12" "As a Pyro, you cannot be ignited by fire-based weapons. Use your Shotgun or melee weapons against enemy Pyros in order to counter this. " "Tip_7_13" " "[english]Tip_7_13" "As a Pyro, the Backburner is very effective when ambush ing the enemy because it inflicts critical hits when attacking from behind." "Tip_7_14" " " "[english]Tip_7_14" "As a Pyro, the Flare Gun can cause critical hits if fir ed at enemies who are already burning." "Tip_7_15" " "[english]Tip_7_15" "As a Pyro, your Flamethrower or Flare Gun will not work underwater, so rely upon your Shotgun or melee weapon." "Tip_7_16" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_7_16" "As a Pyro, use %attack2% when using the Flamethrower in order to let out a blast of compressed air. Use it to reflect incoming projecti les, put out burning teammates, or push enemies back!" "Tip_7_17" " "[english]Tip_7_17" "As a Pyro, use your Flamethrower on friendly Snipers in order to light their Huntsman arrows on fire. Flaming arrows can ignite the ene my and inflict additional damage." "Tip_7_18" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_7_18" "As a Pyro, use %attack2% to reflect projectiles back at the enemy team! This includes rockets, grenades, Huntsman arrows, Jarate and m ore!" "Tip_7_19" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_7_19" "As a Pyro, remember that the Flamethrower's compression blast (%attack2%) can use up a lot of ammo. Use it only when you need to!" "Tip_7_20" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_7_20" "As a Pyro, utilize the Flamethrower's compression blast (%attack2%) to push Stickybombs out of the way. Help out your Engineers or clea r a Control Point!" "Tip_8_9" " "[english]Tip_8_9" "As a Spy, be careful when using voice commands while di sguised. The enemy team will see them said in the text chat by whomever you're d isguised as." "Tip_8_10" "

"[english]Tip_8_10" "As a Spy, the Ambassador does not inflict critical head shots when cooling down. Make each shot precise and timed in order to inflict ma ximum damage." "Tip_8_11" " "[english]Tip_8_11" "As a Spy, try not to be hit by flames when arming the D ead Ringer, or else the flames may hit you again and reveal your location." "Tip_8_12" " " "[english]Tip_8_12" "As a Spy cloaked with the Dead Ringer, your silhouette won't appear when colliding with enemies." "Tip_8_13" " "[english]Tip_8_13" "As a Spy, pick up ammo and fallen weapons to recharge y our Cloak when using the default Invisibility Watch or the Dead Ringer." "Tip_8_14" " "[english]Tip_8_14" "As a Spy, the Cloak and Dagger will only drain if you a re moving. Stand still or uncloak in order to regain lost charge." "Tip_8_15" " "[english]Tip_8_15" "As a Spy, your silhouette can be seen if you move aroun d while cloaked with the Cloak and Dagger for too long. Find a safe spot to sit and recharge." "Tip_8_16" " "[english]Tip_8_16" "As a Spy, the Dead Ringer makes a very loud noise when uncloaking. Find a safe place away from enemies to uncloak." "Tip_8_17" " %disguiseteam% "[english]Tip_8_17" "As a Spy, disguise as your own team by hitting the %dis guiseteam% key. Use this in friendly areas or with the Dead Ringer in order to h ide your presence from the enemy." "Tip_8_18" " %lastdisguise% "[english]Tip_8_18" "As a Spy, hit %lastdisguise% while already disguised to change the weapon your disguise is holding." "Tip_8_19" " %lastdisguise% " "[english]Tip_8_19" "As a Spy, hit %lastdisguise% in order to automatically assume the last disguise you previously used." "Tip_8_20" " " "[english]Tip_8_20" "As a Spy, you can take enemy Teleporters. Surprise!" "Tip_8_21" " " "[english]Tip_8_21" "As a Spy, bumping into enemies while cloaked makes you slightly visible to everyone." "Tip_8_22" " " "[english]Tip_8_22" "As a Spy, if you're set on fire while cloaked, the enem y can see you!" "Tip_8_23" " "[english]Tip_8_23" "As a Spy, use your Revolver to pick off targets that ar e low on health, or to deal with classes that are dangerous to get near, such as Pyros." "Tip_8_24" " "[english]Tip_8_24" "As a Spy, if you are quick, you can stab an Engineer an d then sap his Sentry Gun before it turns around and shoots you." "Tip_8_25" " " "[english]Tip_8_25" "As a Spy, the Dead Ringer significantly reduces the amo unt of damage taken from all attacks while you are invisible." "Tip_8_26" " " "[english]Tip_8_26" "As a Spy, avoid taking fall damage as it will give away your location!" "Tip_8_27" " "[english]Tip_8_27" "As a Spy, your Electro Sappers sap both ends of a Telep orter. Try sapping the end that the Engineer isn't guarding." "Tip_8_28" " "[english]Tip_8_28" "As a Spy, your Dead Ringer can be used to fake your own death. Try to use it when you're weak, otherwise it may be wasted or too obviou s."

"Tip_8_29" " " "[english]Tip_8_29" "As a Spy, reloading your Revolver will mimic the reload action of the weapon carried by your current disguise." "Tip_9_7" " " "[english]Tip_9_7" "As an Engineer, help your fellow Engineers! Your Wrench can upgrade or repair their buildings as well as your own." "Tip_9_8" " " "[english]Tip_9_8" "As an Engineer, hit your buildings with your Wrench whi le they are constructing in order to make them build faster." "Tip_9_9" " %attack2% "[english]Tip_9_9" "As an Engineer, it can be useful to move your buildings forward in order to support your team. Use %attack2% to pick up your buildings and carry them." "Tip_9_10" " 3 "[english]Tip_9_10" "As an Engineer, remember to upgrade your buildings. Lev el 3 Teleporters recharge much faster, allowing your team to keep the pressure o n." "Tip_9_11" " "[english]Tip_9_11" "As an Engineer, hit either the entrance or the exit of your Teleporter with your Wrench in order to repair and upgrade both sides." "Tip_9_12" " %attack% %attack2% "[english]Tip_9_12" "As an Engineer, hit %attack2% to rotate building bluepr ints before you hit %attack% to build. Use this in order to orient Teleporters a way from walls." "Tip_9_13" " "[english]Tip_9_13" "As an Engineer, you can do more than just maintain your buildings. Use your Shotgun and your Pistol to assist in fights and to defend y our buildings." "Tip_9_14" " "[english]Tip_9_14" "As an Engineer, Sentry Guns aren't restricted to just d efensive measures. Deploy them quickly in hidden locations in order to aid in an offensive push." "Tip_9_15" " "[english]Tip_9_15" "As an Engineer, remember that disguised enemy Spies can use your Teleporter. Try not to stand on top of your Teleporter exit, especiall y when upgrading or repairing it." "Tip_9_16" " " "[english]Tip_9_16" "As an Engineer, check for Spies with your weapons if so meone suspicious approaches." "Tip_9_17" " " "[english]Tip_9_17" "As an Engineer, the Short Circuit lets you protect your buildings by eliminating incoming enemy projectiles." "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostPoints" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostPoints" "point(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostKills" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostKills" "kill(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostAssists" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostAssists" "assist(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostCaptures" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostCaptures" "capture(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDefenses" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDefenses" "defense(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDamage" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDamage" "damage" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDestruction" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDestruction" "building(s) destroyed" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDominations" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostDominations" "domination(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_LongestLife" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_LongestLife" "life time"

"TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostHealing" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostHealing" "healing" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostInvulns" "UberCharge" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostInvulns" "uber charge(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostSentryKills" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostSentryKills" "kill(s) by sentry" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostTeleports" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostTeleports" "teleport use(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostHeadshots" " " "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostHeadshots" "headshot(s)" "TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostBackstabs" "" "[english]TF_ClassRecord_Alt_MostBackstabs" "backstab(s)" "ConfirmTitle" " ?" "[english]ConfirmTitle" "ARE YOU SURE?" "ConfirmButtonText" " " "[english]ConfirmButtonText" "CONTINUE" "WelcomeBack" " , %playername%" "[english]WelcomeBack" "Welcome back, %playername%" "ChallengeTitle" "%challengeclass%" "[english]ChallengeTitle" "%challengeclass%" "ChallengeSubText" " ?" "[english]ChallengeSubText" "Why don't you give him a shot?" "ChallengeSubTextB" " ?" "[english]ChallengeSubTextB" "Why don't you give her a shot?" "ChallengeRecord" " " "[english]ChallengeRecord" "Beat this:" "ChallengeDetails" "%s1 %s2" "[english]ChallengeDetails" "%s1 as a %s2" "FriendsList" " %friendsplaying% " "[english]FriendsList" "See all %friendsplaying% friends playing" "MMenu_StartPlaying" " " "[english]MMenu_StartPlaying" "Start Playing" "MMenu_ChangeServer" " " "[english]MMenu_ChangeServer" "Change Server" "MMenu_CharacterSetup" "" "[english]MMenu_CharacterSetup" "ITEMS" "MMenu_Achievements" " & " "[english]MMenu_Achievements" "Achievements & Stats" "MMenu_NoRecentAchievements" " %currentachievements% %totalachievemen "[english]MMenu_NoRecentAchievements" "You've earned %currentachievements% of %totalachievements% achievements." "MMenu_RecentAchievements" ":" "[english]MMenu_RecentAchievements" "Your recent achievements:" "MMenu_ViewAll" " " "[english]MMenu_ViewAll" "View All" "MMenu_Tooltip_Training" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Training" "Training" "MMenu_Tooltip_NewUserForum" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_NewUserForum" "New User Forum" "MMenu_Tooltip_ReportBug" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_ReportBug" "Report a Bug" "MMenu_Tooltip_MutePlayers" "" "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_MutePlayers" "Mute Players" "MMenu_Tooltip_Commentary" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Commentary" "Developer Commentary" "MMenu_MOTD_URL" "" "[english]MMenu_MOTD_URL" "READ MORE" "MMenu_MOTD_Show" " " "[english]MMenu_MOTD_Show" "MESSAGES" "MMenu_MOTD_Hide" "X"

"[english]MMenu_MOTD_Hide" "X" "MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title" " TF2..." "[english]MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title" "Looks like it's your first time playing TF2..." "MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title2" " ..." "[english]MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title2" "Since you last played, we've ad ded training..." "MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Text" " " "[english]MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Text" "Why not take a minute and" "MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Button" " " "[english]MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Button" "PLAY A TUTORIAL" "MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Title" "..." "[english]MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Title" "If you're done with the tutoria l..." "MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Text" " " "[english]MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Text" "Why not try some" "MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Button" " " "[english]MMenu_PracticeHighlight_Button" "OFFLINE PRACTICE" "MMenu_ViewNewUserForums" " " "[english]MMenu_ViewNewUserForums" "View new user forums" "MMenu_NewUserForumHighlight_Title" " " "[english]MMenu_NewUserForumHighlight_Title" "New User Forum" "MMenu_NewUserForumHighlight_Text" " "[english]MMenu_NewUserForumHighlight_Text" "We've setup some forums for new users to talk. If you've got questions, here's a great place to ask them." "LoadoutExplanation_Title" " " "[english]LoadoutExplanation_Title" "Loadouts" "LoadoutExplanation_Text" " TF2 "[english]LoadoutExplanation_Text" "As you play TF2, you'll find new kinds of items. You can use these items by equipping them in a class loadout.\n\nTo op en a class's loadout, click on its image." "BackpackExplanation_Title" "" "[english]BackpackExplanation_Title" "Backpack" "BackpackExplanation_Text" " " "[english]BackpackExplanation_Text" "Click here to open your backpack. Your backpack contains all the items you've found while playing." "CraftingExplanation_Title" "" "[english]CraftingExplanation_Title" "Crafting" "CraftingExplanation_Text" " " "[english]CraftingExplanation_Text" "Here you're able to construct new items out of the items in your backpack." "ExplanationExplanation_Title" " " "[english]ExplanationExplanation_Title" "Missed something?" "ExplanationExplanation_Text" " " "[english]ExplanationExplanation_Text" "Clicking this button will show these po pups again." "BackpackItemsExplanation_Title" "" "[english]BackpackItemsExplanation_Title" "Backpack" "BackpackItemsExplanation_Text" " "[english]BackpackItemsExplanation_Text" "Here you'll find all your items . You can click and drag them to rearrange to your liking.\n\nItems that are equ ipped in a class's loadout will be marked as 'equipped'." "BackpackPagesExplanation_Title" " " "[english]BackpackPagesExplanation_Title" "Backpack Pages" "BackpackPagesExplanation_Text" " " "[english]BackpackPagesExplanation_Text" "Your backpack has multiple page s of items. Use these buttons to flip between them." "BackpackDeleteExplanation_Title" " " "[english]BackpackDeleteExplanation_Title" "Deleting Items" "BackpackDeleteExplanation_Text" "

"[english]BackpackDeleteExplanation_Text" "If you run out of room in your backpack, you'll need to delete an item to make room (or better yet, craft a set of items to make room).\n\nSelect an item and click this button to permanently delete it. You can select multiple items by holding down the CTRL key." "CraftingStartExplanation_Title" "" "[english]CraftingStartExplanation_Title" "Crafting" "CraftingStartExplanation_Text" " "[english]CraftingStartExplanation_Text" "Here you can construct new item s by combining items in your backpack. To successfully craft, the items you comb ine must match a blueprint." "CraftingRecipesExplanation_Title" " " "[english]CraftingRecipesExplanation_Title" "Blueprints" "CraftingRecipesExplanation_Text" " "[english]CraftingRecipesExplanation_Text" "Blueprints specify a set of ite ms to combine, and one or more items to produce. Click on this button to see the list of blueprints you've found so far.\n\nTo find additional blueprints, try c rafting other combinations of items. Once you find a new blueprint, it'll be per manently added to your Known list." "CraftingStep1Explanation_Title" " " "[english]CraftingStep1Explanation_Title" "Starting a craft" "CraftingStep1Explanation_Text" " "[english]CraftingStep1Explanation_Text" "Select two or more items from y our pack to combine. Double click or drag them into the crafting area." "CraftingStep2Explanation_Title" "" "[english]CraftingStep2Explanation_Title" "Crafting Area" "CraftingStep2Explanation_Text" " "[english]CraftingStep2Explanation_Text" "These items will be permanently destroyed if the craft succeeds, after which you'll receive the item(s) you pro duced.\n\nIf the craft fails to match a blueprint, the items will not be destroy ed." "CraftingStep3Explanation_Title" " " "[english]CraftingStep3Explanation_Title" "Known Blueprints" "CraftingStep3Explanation_Text" " "[english]CraftingStep3Explanation_Text" "If the items in the crafting ar ea match the required items for a blueprint you already know, the name of the bl ueprint will be listed here. Hold your mouse over it for a description of what i tem(s) the blueprint will produce.\n\nIf the items in the crafting area match mu ltiple blueprints, select the blueprint to use here." "DiscardItemsExplanation_Title" " " "[english]DiscardItemsExplanation_Title" "Discarding" "DiscardItemsExplanation_Text" " "[english]DiscardItemsExplanation_Text" "You've found a new item, but don't have any room in your backpack to store it. You must choose between discarding the n ew item, or deleting one of the items in your backpack." "DiscardButtonExplanation_Title" " " "[english]DiscardButtonExplanation_Title" "Discard New Item" "DiscardButtonExplanation_Text" " " "[english]DiscardButtonExplanation_Text" "To discard the new item you've received, click this button. The item will be permanently destroyed." "DiscardDeleteExplanation_Title" " " "[english]DiscardDeleteExplanation_Title" "Deleting Items" "DiscardDeleteExplanation_Text" " "[english]DiscardDeleteExplanation_Text" "To delete an item in your backp ack, select an item and click this button to permanently delete it. You can sele ct multiple items by holding down the CTRL key." "TR_TargetPractice_Goal" " " "[english]TR_TargetPractice_Goal" "Weapons Practice" "TR_Generic_WeaponFireTitle" " " "[english]TR_Generic_WeaponFireTitle" "Firing Weapons" "TR_Generic_WeaponFire" " %attack% "

"[english]TR_Generic_WeaponFire" "Press %attack% to attack with your curren t weapon." "TR_Generic_ReloadTitle" " " "[english]TR_Generic_ReloadTitle" "Reload!" "TR_Generic_Reload" " %reload% " "[english]TR_Generic_Reload" "Reload using %reload% between targets, and whenever you have a spare moment." "TR_Generic_BotIntroTitle" "" "[english]TR_Generic_BotIntroTitle" "Weapon Application!" "TR_Generic_BotIntro" " " "[english]TR_Generic_BotIntro" "Try out your weapons on a few moving targets! O pponents will move around the target range. You know what to do." "TR_Generic_BotHealth" " " "[english]TR_Generic_BotHealth" "Some enemies have more health than others. You' ll have to use more ammo to take them down!" "TR_Soldier_IntroTitle" "" "[english]TR_Soldier_IntroTitle" "The Soldier" "TR_Soldier_Intro" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Intro" "Welcome to the Soldier weapons course!" "TR_Soldier_SlotSwitchTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotSwitchTitle" "Switching Weapons" "TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch1" " %invnext% %invprev% %attack% "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch1" "Cycle through weapons using %invnext% and %invprev%. Confirm selection using %attack%. Choose a different weapon to continue. " "TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch2" " \n %slot1% \n %slot2% "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch2" "Weapons can also be directly selected:\ nPress %slot1% for ROCKET LAUNCHER\nPress %slot2% for SHOTGUN\nPress %slot3% for SHOVEL" "TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch3" " %slot1% \n %slot2% \n %slot3% "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotSwitch3" "Press %slot1% for ROCKET LAUNCHER\nPress %sl ot2% for SHOTGUN\nPress %slot3% for SHOVEL\nPress %reload% to RELOAD" "TR_Generic_QuickSwitchTitle" " " "[english]TR_Generic_QuickSwitchTitle" "Quick Switch" "TR_Generic_QuickSwitch" " %lastinv% " "[english]TR_Generic_QuickSwitch" "Taking too long to switch weapons? Use % lastinv% to swap to your previously selected weapon!" "TR_Soldier_SlotPracticeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotPracticeTitle" "Weapon Selection" "TR_Soldier_SlotPractice" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_SlotPractice" "Use the weapon called out for each targ et to destroy them at various distances." "TR_Soldier_RocketTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_RocketTitle" "Switch to ROCKET LAUNCHER" "TR_Soldier_ShotgunTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_ShotgunTitle" "Switch to SHOTGUN" "TR_Soldier_ShovelTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_ShovelTitle" "Switch to SHOVEL" "TR_Soldier_Hint_Rocket" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_Rocket" "Use ROCKET LAUNCHER" "TR_Soldier_Hint_Shotgun" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_Shotgun" "Use SHOTGUN" "TR_Soldier_Hint_Shovel" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_Shovel" "Use SHOVEL" "TR_Soldier_Hint_SplashTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_SplashTitle" "Splash Damage" "TR_Soldier_Hint_Splash" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_Splash" "Rocket explosions can damage multiple targ ets. Try hitting two targets with a single rocket." "TR_Soldier_Hint_SplashAim" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_SplashAim" "Aim here"

"TR_Soldier_Hint_Range" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Hint_Range" "Switch to SHOTGUN to finish injured enemi es at close range." "TR_Soldier_PracticeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_PracticeTitle" "Target Practice!" "TR_Soldier_Practice" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Practice" "Targets will appear at various locations. Hit t hese targets with the appropriate weapon to continue." "TR_DustGeneric_IntroTitle1" "Dustbowl" "[english]TR_DustGeneric_IntroTitle1" "Dustbowl" "TR_DustGeneric_IntroTitle2" "" "[english]TR_DustGeneric_IntroTitle2" "Control Points" "TR_DustGeneric_Intro1" " Dustbowl 0 " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Intro1" "Welcome to Dustbowl, a Control Point map. W hen the setup timer reaches zero, the round begins." "TR_DustGeneric_IntroTeamTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_IntroTeamTitle" "Red versus Blue" "TR_DustGeneric_IntroSetup" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_IntroSetup" "Setup time allows the RED team to prepare d efenses to prevent the BLU team from capturing Control Points." "TR_DustGeneric_Intro2" " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Intro2" "You are on BLU team! To win, capture both C ontrol Points. To capture a Control Point, stand on it until the capture bar is fu ll." "TR_DustGeneric_Intro3" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Intro3" "Control Point ownership is represented at the bottom of the screen as that team's color." "TR_DustGeneric_HealthTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_HealthTitle" "Health and Ammo" "TR_DustGeneric_EngTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_EngTitle" "The Engineer" "TR_DustGeneric_Eng" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Eng" "Engineers can increase the effectiveness of their buildings through construction, repair, and upgrading." "TR_DustGeneric_EngRedTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_EngRedTitle" "Sentry Guns" "TR_DustGeneric_EngRed2" " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_EngRed2" "Sentry guns have limited range. Use this t o your advantage! Destroy this sentry gun with your ROCKET LAUNCHER." "TR_DustGeneric_MedTitle" "" "[english]TR_DustGeneric_MedTitle" "The Medic" "TR_DustGeneric_Med1" " UberCharge" "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Med1" "Medics can heal friendly players. While healing, they also build up an \"berCharge\"." "TR_DustGeneric_Med2" " UberCharge " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Med2" "When the berCharge is activated by the Medic, he and his heal target become invulnerable for a short time." "TR_DustGeneric_Med3" " %voicemenu 0 0% " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Med3" "Injured? On fire? Press %voicemenu 0 0% to alert the Medic so he can help you!" "TR_DustGeneric_RoundTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_RoundTitle" "Final Round!" "TR_DustGeneric_Round" "Dustbowl " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_Round" "Dustbowl consists of three rounds. Capturing b oth Control Points advances the game to the next round." "TR_DustGeneric_FFTitle" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_FFTitle" "Friendly Fire" "TR_DustGeneric_FF" " " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_FF" "Don't worry, you cannot hurt your teammates at any time!"

"TR_DustGeneric_CapMissedTitle" "" "[english]TR_DustGeneric_CapMissedTitle" "Oops!" "TR_DustGeneric_CapMissed" " "[english]TR_DustGeneric_CapMissed" "Looks like you ran past the Control Poin t. The last point is locked until you capture the first one." "TR_Dust_Hint_ControlPoint" "" "[english]TR_Dust_Hint_ControlPoint" "Control Point!" "TR_Dust_Hint_Resupply" " " "[english]TR_Dust_Hint_Resupply" "Health and Ammo Resupply" "TR_Dust_Hint_Medic" "" "[english]TR_Dust_Hint_Medic" "The Medic!" "TR_Dust_Hint_Engineer" " " "[english]TR_Dust_Hint_Engineer" "The Engineer!" "TR_Dust_Hint_SetupGate" " " "[english]TR_Dust_Hint_SetupGate" "Setup Gate" "TR_Target_EndDialog" " "[english]TR_Target_EndDialog" "Good job! You've completed Soldier training an d unlocked Basic Training! Return to the main menu by pressing DONE and select Basic Training to explore a round of Team Fortress 2." "TR_Dustbowl_EndDialog" " %s1 \n\n "[english]TR_Dustbowl_EndDialog" "Well done! You've won a game in %s1 an d unlocked Demoman training!\n\nWant to try out other classes like the Engineer or Medic? Why not hop into an OFFLINE PRACTICE session?\n\nReady to play online against other players? Select START PLAYING at the main menu." "TF_IM_Target_Welcome" " " "[english]TF_IM_Target_Welcome" "Weapon selection and target practice!" "TF_IM_Target_WeaponSwitch" " " "[english]TF_IM_Target_WeaponSwitch" "Switch to the weapon called for and hit the targets" "TF_IM_Target_Reload" " " "[english]TF_IM_Target_Reload" "Reload often! Use lulls to completely reload w eapons" "TF_Training_SpaceToContinue" " " "[english]TF_Training_SpaceToContinue" "Press Spacebar to continue" "TF_Training_Success" "" "[english]TF_Training_Success" "Success!" "TF_Training_Completed" " " "[english]TF_Training_Completed" "You've Completed Training!" "Button_ReplayTraining" "(&R)" "[english]Button_ReplayTraining" "&REPLAY" "Button_NextTraining" " (&N)" "[english]Button_NextTraining" "&NEXT" "Button_QuitTraining" " (&D)" "[english]Button_QuitTraining" "&DONE" "TF_Training_ClassNotAvailable" " " "[english]TF_Training_ClassNotAvailable" "Not Available for Training" "TF_Training_Prompt_Title" " " "[english]TF_Training_Prompt_Title" "Start Training?" "TF_Training_Prompt" " " "[english]TF_Training_Prompt" "Are you sure you want to quit your current game and start training?" "TF_Training_Restart_Title" " " "[english]TF_Training_Restart_Title" "Change Training?" "TF_Training_Restart_Text" " " "[english]TF_Training_Restart_Text" "Are you sure you want to choose a diffe rent training course?" "TF_Training_Prompt_ConfirmButton" "" "[english]TF_Training_Prompt_ConfirmButton" "Yes Please!" "TF_Training_Prompt_CancelButton" "" "[english]TF_Training_Prompt_CancelButton" "No"

"TF_OfflinePractice" " " "[english]TF_OfflinePractice" "OFFLINE PRACTICE" "TF_OfflinePractice_Settings" " " "[english]TF_OfflinePractice_Settings" "Settings" "TF_OfflinePractice_NumPlayers" " %s1 - %s2" "[english]TF_OfflinePractice_NumPlayers" "%s1 - %s2 Suggested" "TF_Bot_Difficulty" " :" "[english]TF_Bot_Difficulty" "Difficulty:" "TF_Bot_Difficulty0" " " "[english]TF_Bot_Difficulty0" "Easy" "TF_Bot_Difficulty1" "" "[english]TF_Bot_Difficulty1" "Normal" "TF_Bot_Difficulty2" " " "[english]TF_Bot_Difficulty2" "Hard" "TF_Bot_Difficulty3" " " "[english]TF_Bot_Difficulty3" "Expert" "TF_Bot_NumberOfBots" ":" "[english]TF_Bot_NumberOfBots" "Number of Players:" "Attrib_WrenchNumber" " No.%s1" "[english]Attrib_WrenchNumber" "Wrench no. %s1" "Attrib_TurnToGold" " " "[english]Attrib_TurnToGold" "Imbued with an ancient power" "TF_Unique_Golden_Wrench" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Golden_Wrench" "The Golden Wrench" "TF_HUD_Event_GoldenWrench_C" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_HUD_Event_GoldenWrench_C" "%s1 has found Golden Wrench no. %s2!" "TF_HUD_Event_GoldenWrench_D" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_HUD_Event_GoldenWrench_D" "%s1 has destroyed Golden Wrench no. %s2 !" "TF_Revenge" " " "[english]TF_Revenge" "REVENGE" "TF_Sandwich" "" "[english]TF_Sandwich" "FOOD" "TF_playerid_object_mini" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_playerid_object_mini" "Mini-%s1 built by %s2" "TF_Weapon_Laser_Pointer" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Laser_Pointer" "Laser Pointer" "TF_Weapon_Robot_Arm" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Robot_Arm" "Robot Arm" "TF_Wrangler_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Wrangler_Desc" "Take manual control of your Sentry Gun" "Thunderm_cap_1_A" "" "[english]Thunderm_cap_1_A" "Ramp deck, Stage One" "Thunderm_cap_1_B" "" "[english]Thunderm_cap_1_B" "Main Platform, Stage One" "Thunderm_cap_2_A" "" "[english]Thunderm_cap_2_A" "Lumber Mill, Stage Two" "Thunderm_cap_2_B" " " "[english]Thunderm_cap_2_B" "The Pit, Stage Two" "Thunderm_cap_3_A" "A" "[english]Thunderm_cap_3_A" "Building A, Stage Three" "Thunderm_cap_3_B" "B" "[english]Thunderm_cap_3_B" "Building B, Stage Three" "Thunderm_cap_3_C" " " "[english]Thunderm_cap_3_C" "Tower, Final Cap" "hightower_setup_goal" " " "[english]hightower_setup_goal" "Move your cart to the top of your HighTower to win!" "hightower_cap_red" " " "[english]hightower_cap_red" "Red's HighTower"

"hightower_cap_blue" " " "[english]hightower_cap_blue" "Blue's HighTower" "Building_hud_sentry_numassists" " %numassists%" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_numassists" "Assists: %numassists%" "Building_hud_sentry_kills_assists" "%numkills% (%numassists%)" "[english]Building_hud_sentry_kills_assists" "%numkills% (%numassists%)" "Hud_Menu_Build_Unavailable" "" "[english]Hud_Menu_Build_Unavailable" "Not Available" "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" " 1" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_NAME" "Engineer Milestone 1" "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS1_DESC" "Achieve 5 of the achievements i n the Engineer pack." "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" " 2" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_NAME" "Engineer Milestone 2" "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" " 11 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS2_DESC" "Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Engineer pack." "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" " 3" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_NAME" "Engineer Milestone 3" "TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" " 17 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_ACHIEVE_PROGRESS3_DESC" "Achieve 17 of the achievements in the Engineer pack." "TF_ENGINEER_TELEPORT_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TELEPORT_GRIND_NAME" "Battle Rustler" "TF_ENGINEER_TELEPORT_GRIND_DESC" " 100 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TELEPORT_GRIND_DESC" "Teleport 100 team members into battle." "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_EXTINGUISH_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_EXTINGUISH_NAME" "The Extinguished Gentle man" "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_EXTINGUISH_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_EXTINGUISH_DESC" "Have dispensers you bui lt extinguish 20 burning players." "TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_SENTRY_KILLER_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_SENTRY_KILLER_NAME" "Revengineering" "TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_SENTRY_KILLER_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_SENTRY_KILLER_DESC" "Use a revenge crit to k ill the enemy player that destroyed your sentry gun." "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_CLOAKED_SPY_KILL_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_CLOAKED_SPY_KILL_NAME" "Search Engine" "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_CLOAKED_SPY_KILL_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_CLOAKED_SPY_KILL_DESC" "Kill 3 cloaked Spies wi th a sentry gun under control of your Wrangler." "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_KILLS_BEYOND_RANGE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_KILLS_BEYOND_RANGE_NAME" "Pownd on the Ra nge" "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_KILLS_BEYOND_RANGE_DESC" " 10 "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_KILLS_BEYOND_RANGE_DESC" "Kill 10 enemies outside the normal sentry gun range using the Wrangler." "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_ABSORB_DMG_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_ABSORB_DMG_NAME" "Building Block" "TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_ABSORB_DMG_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MANUAL_SENTRY_ABSORB_DMG_DESC" "Have a sentry shielded by the Wrangler absorb 500 damage without being destroyed." "TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_LIFE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_LIFE_NAME" "Unforgiven" "TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_LIFE_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REVENGE_CRIT_LIFE_DESC" "Kill 3 enemies with revenge cri ts without dying."

"TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SPY_TWO_SAPPERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SPY_TWO_SAPPERS_NAME" "Quick Draw" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SPY_TWO_SAPPERS_DESC" "10 2 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SPY_TWO_SAPPERS_DESC" "Kill a spy and two sapp ers within 10 seconds." "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_DISGUISED_SPY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_DISGUISED_SPY_NAME" "The Wrench Connection" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_DISGUISED_SPY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_DISGUISED_SPY_DESC" "Kill a disguised spy with your Wrench." "TF_ENGINEER_UPGRADE_BUILDINGS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_UPGRADE_BUILDINGS_NAME" "Silent Pardner" "TF_ENGINEER_UPGRADE_BUILDINGS_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_UPGRADE_BUILDINGS_DESC" "Upgrade 50 buildings built by o ther team members." "TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_SAPPERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_SAPPERS_NAME" "Fistful of Sappers" "TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_SAPPERS_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_SAPPERS_DESC" "Destroy 25 sappers on buildings built by other team members." "TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_SENTRY_W_MEDIC_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_SENTRY_W_MEDIC_NAME" "Doc, Stock, and Barrel" "TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_SENTRY_W_MEDIC_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_SENTRY_W_MEDIC_DESC" "Repair a sentry gun und er fire while being healed by a Medic." "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_LIFETIME_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_LIFETIME_GRIND_NAME" "Best Little Slaughterho use in Texas" "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_LIFETIME_GRIND_DESC" " 5000 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_LIFETIME_GRIND_DESC" "Rack up 5000 kills with your sentry guns." "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_AVENGES_YOU_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_AVENGES_YOU_NAME" "Frontier Justice" "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_AVENGES_YOU_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_AVENGES_YOU_DESC" "Have your sentry kill the enemy that just killed you within 10 seconds." "TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_NAME" "Six-String Stinger" "TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_TAUNT_DESC" "Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of your guitar playing skills." "TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_SENTRY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_SENTRY_NAME" "Uncivil Engineer" "TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_SENTRY_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_FREEZECAM_SENTRY_DESC" "Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of you and the sentry that just killed them." "TF_ENGINEER_SHOTGUN_KILL_PREV_SENTRY_TARGET_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SHOTGUN_KILL_PREV_SENTRY_TARGET_NAME" "Texas Two-Step" "TF_ENGINEER_SHOTGUN_KILL_PREV_SENTRY_TARGET_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SHOTGUN_KILL_PREV_SENTRY_TARGET_DESC" "Use your shotgu n to finish off an enemy recently damaged by your sentry gun." "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GROUP_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GROUP_NAME" "Doc Holiday" "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GROUP_DESC" " 3 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GROUP_DESC" "Have a dispenser heal 3 teammates at the same time." "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_CAPS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_CAPS_NAME" "No Man's Land" "TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_CAPS_DESC" " 25 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_SENTRY_KILL_CAPS_DESC" "Use a sentry gun to kill 25 ene

my players that are capturing a point." "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_NAME" "Trade Secrets" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_DESC" " 20 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_FLAG_CARRIERS_DESC" "Kill 20 players carrying the in telligence." "TF_ENGINEER_WASTE_METAL_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_WASTE_METAL_GRIND_NAME" "Death Metal" "TF_ENGINEER_WASTE_METAL_GRIND_DESC" " 10000 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_WASTE_METAL_GRIND_DESC" "Pick up 10,000 waste metal from pieces of destroyed buildings." "TF_ENGINEER_HELP_BUILD_STRUCTURE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HELP_BUILD_STRUCTURE_NAME" "Land Grab" "TF_ENGINEER_HELP_BUILD_STRUCTURE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HELP_BUILD_STRUCTURE_DESC" "Help a teammate constru ct a building." "TF_ENGINEER_REMOVE_SAPPER_LONG_DIST_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REMOVE_SAPPER_LONG_DIST_NAME" "Get Along!" "TF_ENGINEER_REMOVE_SAPPER_LONG_DIST_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REMOVE_SAPPER_LONG_DIST_DESC" "Manage to get to and th en remove a sapper placed on your building while you were several meters away." "TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_STICKIES_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_STICKIES_NAME" "How the Pests Was Gunned" "TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_STICKIES_DESC" " 50 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DESTROY_STICKIES_DESC" "Destroy 50 enemy stickybombs ly ing in range of friendly buildings." "TF_ENGINEER_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TAUNT_KILL_NAME" "Honky Tonk Man" "TF_ENGINEER_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TAUNT_KILL_DESC" "Smash an enemy player's head in with yo ur guitar." "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SNIPERS_SENTRY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SNIPERS_SENTRY_NAME" "Breaking Morant" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SNIPERS_SENTRY_DESC" " 10 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SNIPERS_SENTRY_DESC" "Kill 10 Snipers with a sentry g un under control of your Wrangler." "TF_ENGINEER_HELP_MANUAL_SENTRY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HELP_MANUAL_SENTRY_NAME" "Rio Grind" "TF_ENGINEER_HELP_MANUAL_SENTRY_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HELP_MANUAL_SENTRY_DESC" "Perform 50 repairs and/or reloa ds on a Sentry gun being Wrangled by another Engineer." "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SENTRY_WITH_SENTRY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SENTRY_WITH_SENTRY_NAME" "Patent Protection" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SENTRY_WITH_SENTRY_DESC" " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_SENTRY_WITH_SENTRY_DESC" "Destroy an enemy Engine er's sentry gun with a sentry under control of your Wrangler." "TF_ENGINEER_MOVE_SENTRY_GET_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MOVE_SENTRY_GET_KILL_NAME" "If You Build It, They W ill Die" "TF_ENGINEER_MOVE_SENTRY_GET_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_MOVE_SENTRY_GET_KILL_DESC" "Haul a level 3 sentry g un into a position where it achieves a kill shortly after being redeployed." "TF_ENGINEER_BUILDING_CARRY_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_BUILDING_CARRY_NAME" "Texas Ranger" "TF_ENGINEER_BUILDING_CARRY_DESC" " 1 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_BUILDING_CARRY_DESC" "Haul buildings 1 km over your c areer." "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_ASSIST_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_ASSIST_NAME" "Deputized" "TF_ENGINEER_KILL_ASSIST_DESC" " 10 "

"[english]TF_ENGINEER_KILL_ASSIST_DESC" "Get 10 assists with another Engineer wh ere a sentry gun was involved in the kill." "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GRIND_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GRIND_NAME" "Drugstore Cowboy" "TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GRIND_DESC" " 100000 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_DISPENSER_HEAL_GRIND_DESC" "Have dispensers you cre ated dispense a combined amount of 100,000 health over your career." "TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_TEAM_GRIND_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_TEAM_GRIND_NAME" "Circle the Wagons" "TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_TEAM_GRIND_DESC" " 50000 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_REPAIR_TEAM_GRIND_DESC" "Repair 50,000 damage to friendl y buildings constructed by other players." "TF_ENGINEER_TANK_DAMAGE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TANK_DAMAGE_NAME" "Built to Last" "TF_ENGINEER_TANK_DAMAGE_DESC" " 2000 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_TANK_DAMAGE_DESC" "Help a single building tank over 2000 d amage without being destroyed." "TF_ENGINEER_HEAVY_ASSIST_NAME" " " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HEAVY_ASSIST_NAME" "(Not So) Lonely Are the Brave" "TF_ENGINEER_HEAVY_ASSIST_DESC" " 5 " "[english]TF_ENGINEER_HEAVY_ASSIST_DESC" "Keep a Heavy healed with your d ispenser while he gains 5 kills." "RI_Ii" "" "[english]RI_Ii" "item" "RI_I" "" "[english]RI_I" "Item" "RI_Nd" "" "[english]RI_Nd" "Named" "RI_c" " " "[english]RI_c" ", " "Attrib_WrenchBuildsMiniSentry" " " "[english]Attrib_WrenchBuildsMiniSentry" "Replaces the Sentry with a fast building Mini-Sentry" "Attrib_SentryKilledRevenge" " \n " "[english]Attrib_SentryKilledRevenge" "When your sentry is destroyed you\ngain revenge crits for every sentry kill" "Attrib_BuildingCostReduction" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_BuildingCostReduction" "%s1 metal reduction in building cost" "TF_Unique_Sentry_Shotgun" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Sentry_Shotgun" "The Frontier Justice" "TF_Unique_Achievement_Laser_Pointer" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_Laser_Pointer" "The Wrangler" "TF_Unique_Robot_Arm" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Robot_Arm" "The Gunslinger" "TF_Unique_Combat_Wrench" "" "[english]TF_Unique_Combat_Wrench" "The Southern Hospitality" "TF_UseGlowEffect" " " "[english]TF_UseGlowEffect" "Use glow effect for Payload objectives." "TF_Training" " " "[english]TF_Training" "TRAINING" "TF_Parasite_Hat" "" "[english]TF_Parasite_Hat" "Alien Swarm Parasite" "TF_ScoreBoard_Dueling" "" "[english]TF_ScoreBoard_Dueling" "Dueling" "TF_Action" " " "[english]TF_Action" "Use Item in Action Slot" "game_scramble_onrestart" " " "[english]game_scramble_onrestart" "Auto scrambling the teams!" "TF_Weapon_Jar_Milk" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Jar_Milk" "Non-Milk Substance"

"TF_Weapon_Peppergun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Peppergun" "Peppergun" "TF_Weapon_Fish" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Fish" "Fish" "TF_Weapon_FryingPan" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_FryingPan" "Frying Pan" "Humiliation_Count" "x%s1" "[english]Humiliation_Count" "x%s1" "Humiliation_Kill" " " "[english]Humiliation_Kill" "FISH KILL!" "TF_Gift" "" "[english]TF_Gift" "Gift" "TF_Gift_EntireServer" "" "[english]TF_Gift_EntireServer" "Pile o' Gifts" "TF_Gift_EntireServer_Desc" " 23 \n" "[english]TF_Gift_EntireServer_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives a ran dom gift\nto up to 23 other people on the server!" "TF_Gift_RandomPerson" " " "[english]TF_Gift_RandomPerson" "Secret Saxton" "TF_Gift_RandomPerson_Desc" " \n" "[english]TF_Gift_RandomPerson_Desc" "When used, this Action Item gives a ran dom gift\nto a random person on the server!" "TF_UseFail_NotInGame_Title" " " "[english]TF_UseFail_NotInGame_Title" "Join A Game First!" "TF_UseFail_NotInGame" " " "[english]TF_UseFail_NotInGame" "This item can only be used from within a game." "TF_UseFail_NotOnTeam_Title" " " "[english]TF_UseFail_NotOnTeam_Title" "Join A Team First!" "TF_UseFail_NotOnTeam" " " "[english]TF_UseFail_NotOnTeam" "This item can only be used after you have joine d a team." "TF_UsableItem" "" "[english]TF_UsableItem" "Usable Item" "TF_Usable_Duel" " :!" "[english]TF_Usable_Duel" "Dueling Mini-Game" "TF_Usable_Duel_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_Usable_Duel_Desc" "Is an enemy player questioning your skills, per sonal hygiene, and/or ancestry?\nUse these stylish firearms to challenge them to a duel!\nSee the Mann Co. Catalog for full details." "TF_Duel_Request" "%initiator% " "[english]TF_Duel_Request" "%initiator% has challenged you to a duel! Will yo u defend your honor?" "TF_Duel_Challenge" "%initiator%%target% " "[english]TF_Duel_Challenge" "%initiator% has challenged %target% to a duel!" "TF_Duel_Accept" "%target%%initiator% " "[english]TF_Duel_Accept" "%target% has agreed to duel with %initiator%!" "TF_Duel_Decline" "%target% %initiator% " "[english]TF_Duel_Decline" "Cowardly %target% has rejected a duel with the Ho norable %initiator%!" "TF_Duel_Decline2" "%target%%initiator% " "[english]TF_Duel_Decline2" "%target% is afraid to duel with %initiator% and rej ects their challenge!" "TF_Duel_Decline3" "%target%%initiator% " "[english]TF_Duel_Decline3" "%target% is no match for %initiator% and refuses to duel!" "TF_Duel_Win" "%winner% %loser% %winner_score%%loser_score%" "[english]TF_Duel_Win" "%winner% defeated %loser% in a duel with a score of %winner_ score% to %loser_score%!" "TF_Duel_Win_SwappedTeams" "%loser% %winner% %loser%" "[english]TF_Duel_Win_SwappedTeams" "%winner% defeated %loser% in a duel because

%loser% changed teams." "TF_Duel_Win_Disconnect" "%loser% %winner% %loser%" "[english]TF_Duel_Win_Disconnect" "%winner% defeated %loser% in a duel because %loser% left the game." "TF_Duel_Tie" "%initiator%%target% %score%" "[english]TF_Duel_Tie" "The duel between %initiator% and %target% ended in a draw w ith %score% points each!" "TF_Duel_Refund_LevelShutdown" "%initiator% %target% "[english]TF_Duel_Refund_LevelShutdown" "The duel between %initiator% and %target% h as ended, because the level has changed. A Dueling Mini-Game owned by %initiator% has not been consumed." "TF_Duel_Refund_ScoreTiedAtZero" "%initiator% %target% "[english]TF_Duel_Refund_ScoreTiedAtZero" "The duel between %initiator% and % target% has ended, because they tied at 0-0. A Dueling Mini-Game owned by %initiat or% has not been consumed." "TF_Duel_StatusKill" " \n%initiator%: %initiator_score%\n%target%: %target_score% "[english]TF_Duel_StatusKill" "Duel Status:\n%initiator%: %initiator_score%\n%targe t%: %target_score%" "TF_Duel_StatusAssist" " \n%initiator%: %initiator_score%\n%target%: %target_score% "[english]TF_Duel_StatusAssist" "Duel Status:\n%initiator%: %initiator_score%\n%targe t%: %target_score%" "TF_Duel_StatusForChat_Kill" " - %initiator%: %initiator_score% - %target%: %targe e%" "[english]TF_Duel_StatusForChat_Kill" "Duel Status - %initiator%: %initiator_scor e% - %target%: %target_score%." "TF_Duel_StatusForChat_Assist" " - %initiator%: %initiator_score% - %target%: %targe e%" "[english]TF_Duel_StatusForChat_Assist" "Duel Status - %initiator%: %initiator_scor e% - %target%: %target_score%." "TF_Duel_Title" "" "[english]TF_Duel_Title" "Duel to the Death!" "TF_Duel_JoinCancel" " " "[english]TF_Duel_JoinCancel" "No Thanks" "TF_Duel_Cancelled" "%initiator% %target% %initiator% "[english]TF_Duel_Cancelled" "The duel between %initiator% and %target% has been cancelled. A Dueling Mini-Game owned by %initiator% has not been consumed." "TF_Duel_InADuel_Initiator" " " "[english]TF_Duel_InADuel_Initiator" "You have already challenged someone to a duel or are currently in a duel." "TF_Duel_InADuel_Target" "%target% " "[english]TF_Duel_InADuel_Target" "%target% is already in a duel." "TF_Duel_Medal_Bronze" " " "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Bronze" "Bronze Dueling Badge" "TF_Duel_Medal_Silver" " " "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Silver" "Silver Dueling Badge" "TF_Duel_Medal_Gold" "" "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Gold" "Gold Dueling Badge" "TF_Duel_Medal_Plat" " " "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Plat" "Platinum Dueling Badge" "TF_Duel_Medal_Bronze_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Bronze_Desc" "This badge tracks your duel statistics. \nIncrease its level by winning duels!" "TF_Duel_Medal_Silver_Desc" "25 \n \n "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Silver_Desc" "Earned at level 25.\nThis badge tracks your duel statistics.\nIncrease its level by winning duels!" "TF_Duel_Medal_Gold_Desc" "50 \n \n "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Gold_Desc" "Earned at level 50.\nThis badge tracks your duel statistics.\nIncrease its level by winning duels!" "TF_Duel_Medal_Plat_Desc" "75 \n \n "[english]TF_Duel_Medal_Plat_Desc" "Earned at level 75.\nThis badge tracks

your duel statistics.\nIncrease its level by winning duels!" "TF_Duel_Desc_Won" " %wins%\n %last_date%\n %last_target%" "[english]TF_Duel_Desc_Won" "Wins: %wins%\nLast Duel: You defeated %last_tar get%\non %last_date%" "TF_Duel_Desc_Lost" " %wins%\n %last_date%\n %last_target%" "[english]TF_Duel_Desc_Lost" "Wins: %wins%\nLast Duel: You lost to %last_targ et%\non %last_date%" "TF_Duel_Desc_Tied" " %wins%\n %last_date%\n %last_target% " "[english]TF_Duel_Desc_Tied" "Wins: %wins%\nLast Duel: You tied with %last_ta rget%\non %last_date%" "TF_DuelDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_DuelDialog_Title" "Challenge to a Duel" "TF_StoreBundle" "" "[english]TF_StoreBundle" "Item Bundle" "TF_Bundle_Polycount" "Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_Polycount" "Polycount Pack" "TF_Bundle_Polycount_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_Polycount_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Contest winn ing entries:" "TF_Bundle_PolycountPyro" "" "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountPyro" "The Gas Jockey's Gear" "TF_Bundle_PolycountPyro_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountPyro_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Pyro Items:" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSpy" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSpy" "The Saharan Spy" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSpy_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSpy_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Spy Items:" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSoldier" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSoldier" "The Tank Buster" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSoldier_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSoldier_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Sold ier Items:" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSniper" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSniper" "The Croc-o-Style Kit" "TF_Bundle_PolycountSniper_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountSniper_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Snip er Items:" "TF_Bundle_PolycountScout" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountScout" "The Special Delivery" "TF_Bundle_PolycountScout_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Bundle_PolycountScout_Desc" "Includes all the Polycount Scou t Items:" "TF_Scout_Hat_1_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Scout_Hat_1_Desc" "You'll be batting a thousand (skulls in) when y ou don this red piece of plastic!" "TF_Sniper_Hat_1_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_Sniper_Hat_1_Desc" "Any old sap can pull teeth from a dead crocodil e.\nIt takes a man to pull teeth from a live one." "TF_Soldier_Hat_1_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Soldier_Hat_1_Desc" "This hat does not in any way, shape, or form, promote smoking or gambling." "TF_Medic_Hat_1_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_Medic_Hat_1_Desc" "A relic from one war brought into another.\nYou r enemy will get the point." "TF_Engineer_Hat_1_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Engineer_Hat_1_Desc" "For Engineers with bright ideas." "TF_Spy_Hat_1_Desc" " "[english]TF_Spy_Hat_1_Desc" "This smooth, suave, silk-lined beauty can turn any amateur backstabber into a handsome rogue." "TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat_Desc" "

"[english]TF_Engineer_Cowboy_Hat_Desc" "Though it looks like a simple ten-gallo n hat, this modern feat of engineering actually contains more moving parts than a level 2 Sentry Gun." "TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat_Desc" " \n" "[english]TF_Heavy_Ushanka_Hat_Desc" "This hat was made of bear hands.\nThat bear was killed with bare hands." "TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Heavy_Stocking_cap_Desc" "Because when you're the toughest Mother Hubbard in the fort, nobody's criticizing your fashion sense." "TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_Soldier_Pot_Hat_Desc" "Protects cranium from bullets and shrap nel.\nAlso heats soup." "TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat_Desc" " "[english]TF_Soldier_Viking_Hat_Desc" "I kicked your ass so hard it went back in time and got me this VIKING HAT." "TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Pyro_Chicken_Hat_Desc" "It doesn't matter how much people respe ct you when they're on fire." "TF_Spy_Camera_Beard_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Spy_Camera_Beard_Desc" "You wouldn't mind if I read this top se cret document with my beard, would you?" "TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Medic_Mirror_Hat_Desc" "We can't pronounce it either." "TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Scout_Bonk_Helmet_Desc" "When drinking one radioactive beverage at a time is not enough." "TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap_Desc" "!!!" "[english]TF_Scout_Newsboy_Cap_Desc" "Extra! Extra! You're frickin' dead!" "TF_Spy_Derby_Hat_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_Spy_Derby_Hat_Desc" "For when you wish your head was a littl e taller,\nbut just as round on top." "TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Sniper_Straw_Hat_Desc" "A polite, efficient hat to wear when ki lling everyone you meet." "TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband_Desc" " "[english]TF_Sniper_Jarate_Headband_Desc" "Only a master of Jarate earns t he right to wear this once-white bandanna, stained yellow from the rigors of a h arsh training regimen." "TF_Hatless_Scout_Desc" " "[english]TF_Hatless_Scout_Desc" "Everyone knows that speed is a Scout's best friend. Why weigh yourself down with bulky hats when you can break the soun d barrier without them?" "TF_Hatless_Sniper_Desc" " \n \n \n "[english]TF_Hatless_Sniper_Desc" "His bullet was close.\nI lost my hat.\n My bullet was closer.\nHe lost his head." "TF_Hatless_Engineer_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Hatless_Engineer_Desc" "Sometimes you just need a little less h at." "TF_HonestyHalo_Desc" " "[english]TF_HonestyHalo_Desc" "Though some would stop at nothing to achieve ha ts, you remained resolute and incorruptible in your quest for head decorations. For that, you have been rewarded." "TF_Halloween_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Hat_Desc" "Brown paper never looked so mildly dist urbing." "TF_L4DHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_L4DHat_Desc" "Left 4 You." "TF_ToweringPillar_Hat_Desc" " "[english]TF_ToweringPillar_Hat_Desc" "A-ha-ha! You are as PRESUMPTUOUS as you are POOR and IRISH. Tarnish notte the majesty of my TOWER of HATS."

"TF_NobleAmassment_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_NobleAmassment_Hat_Desc" "For the Gentleman who believes even his hat deserves a hat." "TF_ModestPile_Hat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ModestPile_Hat_Desc" "Because a Gentleman is not one without one." "TF_MedicMask_Desc" " " "[english]TF_MedicMask_Desc" "Scrub in... things are about to get messy." "TF_HeavyHair_Desc" " " "[english]TF_HeavyHair_Desc" "Your opponents will be all shook up when they s ee these sweet shades and coif." "TF_SpyNobleHair_Desc" " "[english]TF_SpyNobleHair_Desc" "They say justice is blind. What they don't tell you is that justice is also invisible, and also less interested in justice than murder." "TF_EngineerWeldingMask_Desc" " "[english]TF_EngineerWeldingMask_Desc" "Mock the sun with streaks of flame as t he UV rays bounce harmlessly away from your eyeballs." "TF_ScoutBeanie_Desc" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie_Desc" "Straight outta control point." "TF_PyroBrainSucker_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PyroBrainSucker_Desc" "At least he's still telling you to burn things." "TF_SoldierSamurai_Desc" " \n \n " "[english]TF_SoldierSamurai_Desc" "A Haiku for war.\nTo defeat one's enemi es.\nHonor the crocket." "TF_SniperPithHelmet_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SniperPithHelmet_Desc" "Perfect for exploring the outback and t he inside of people's heads." "TF_ScoutWhoopee_Desc" " "[english]TF_ScoutWhoopee_Desc" "You'd have to be a jughead not to realize this cap is the pinnacle of fashion for the discerning youth." "TF_Worms_Gear" " " "[english]TF_Worms_Gear" "Lumbricus Lid" "TF_PyroMonocle_Desc" " "[english]TF_PyroMonocle_Desc" "The most distinguished tape-on fire-retardant f acial hair available, for the discerning gentleman of conflagration." "TF_EngineerEarmuffs_Desc" " "[english]TF_EngineerEarmuffs_Desc" "It gets difficult trying to calculate t he total external applied torque to a body's rotational motion through its momen t of momentum vector while the distracting sounds of gunfire and death are all a round you. Build a better, safer machine with the silence of the Safe'n'sound!" "TF_DemomanTricorne_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_DemomanTricorne_Desc" "Three sharp corners mean one sharp hat. \nDon't poke your eye out." "TF_SpyBeret_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SpyBeret_Desc" "Because real espionage is an artform." "TF_SniperFishingHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SniperFishingHat_Desc" "Gone Snipin'." "TF_PyroHelm_Desc" " "[english]TF_PyroHelm_Desc" "Pyro wears this in tribute to the many firefigh ters who have perished trying to quell his flames." "TF_SoldierDrillHat_Desc" " "[english]TF_SoldierDrillHat_Desc" "This hat is a handy replacement for pro fanity-filled ranting when you don't feel like shouting yourself hoarse." "TF_MedicGatsby_Desc" " "[english]TF_MedicGatsby_Desc" "While lacking the cachet of other hats, the Gat sby nonetheless possesses its own sartorial elegance. Its understated and affabl e charm appeals to everyone, whether playing a round of golf with friends or per forming non-elective surgery with a well-polished bonesaw."

"TF_HeavyDorag_Desc" " 12 400,000 " "[english]TF_HeavyDorag_Desc" "It costs $400,000 to wear this bandanna for 12 seconds." "TF_Parasite_Hat_Desc" " "[english]TF_Parasite_Hat_Desc" "This cute little guy was once the scourge of hu manity in another time and place. Now he's content to ride on your head and keep the sun off." "TF_TheFamiliarFez" "" "[english]TF_TheFamiliarFez" "Familiar Fez" "TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap" " " "[english]TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap" "Grenadier's Softcap" "TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_Unique_Achievement_SoldierBuff_Desc" "Provides an offensive b uff that causes\nnearby team members to do mini-crits." "TF_TheBattalionsBackup_Desc" " \n 35% ,\n "[english]TF_TheBattalionsBackup_Desc" "Provides a defensive buff that protects \nnearby team members from crits\nand blocks 35% of incoming damage.\nRage incre ases through damage taken." "TF_OlSnaggletooth" " " "[english]TF_OlSnaggletooth" "Ol' Snaggletooth" "TF_TheShortstop_Desc" " \n" "[english]TF_TheShortstop_Desc" "Mann Co.'s latest in high attitude\nbreak-actio n personal defense." "TF_TheHolyMackerel_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TheHolyMackerel_Desc" "Getting hit by a fish has got to be hum iliating." "TF_MadMilk_Desc" " 60% " "[english]TF_MadMilk_Desc" "Players heal 60% of the damage done\nto an enem y covered with milk." "TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher_Jump_Desc" " "[english]TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher_Jump_Desc" "A special no-damage rocket laun cher for learning\nrocket jump tricks and patterns." "TF_ScoutBombingRun" " " "[english]TF_ScoutBombingRun" "Bombing Run" "TF_ScoutBombingRun_Desc" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBombingRun_Desc" "Death from above!" "TF_SoldierShako" " " "[english]TF_SoldierShako" "Stout Shako" "TF_SoldierShako_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_SoldierShako_Desc" "The grand achievement of\nVictorian military fa shion." "TF_SoldierRomanHelmet" " " "[english]TF_SoldierRomanHelmet" "Legionaire's Lid" "TF_SoldierRomanHelmet_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_SoldierRomanHelmet_Desc" "An antique from the late\nImperial Gall ic period." "TF_PyroFiestaSombrero" "" "[english]TF_PyroFiestaSombrero" "Old Guadalajara" "TF_PyroFiestaSombrero_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PyroFiestaSombrero_Desc" "This hat adds spice to any occasion." "TF_PyroPlunger" "" "[english]TF_PyroPlunger" "Handyman's Handle" "TF_PyroPlunger_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PyroPlunger_Desc" "Clears all sorts of blockage." "TF_DemoInquisitor" " " "[english]TF_DemoInquisitor" "Carouser's Capotain" "TF_DemoInquisitor_Desc" " " "[english]TF_DemoInquisitor_Desc" "Suffer not a sentry to live." "TF_HeavyUmbrella" " " "[english]TF_HeavyUmbrella" "Hard Counter"

"TF_HeavyUmbrella_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_HeavyUmbrella_Desc" "You can never be too careful\nwith Jara te around." "TF_DemoStuntHelmet" " " "[english]TF_DemoStuntHelmet" "Sober Stuntman" "TF_DemoStuntHelmet_Desc" " " "[english]TF_DemoStuntHelmet_Desc" "A sticky-jumper's best friend." "TF_Seuss" "" "[english]TF_Seuss" "Dr's Dapper Topper" "TF_PyroBeanie" " " "[english]TF_PyroBeanie" "Napper's Respite" "TF_PyroBeanie_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PyroBeanie_Desc" "After a long day of burning scouts." "TF_HeavyPugilistProtector" " " "[english]TF_HeavyPugilistProtector" "Pugilist's Protector" "TF_SoldierChiefRocketeer" " " "[english]TF_SoldierChiefRocketeer" "Chieftain's Challenge" "TF_WikiCap" " " "[english]TF_WikiCap" "Wiki Cap" "TF_WikiCap_Desc" " TF2 Wiki \n" "[english]TF_WikiCap_Desc" "Given to valuable contributors to the official TF2 wiki\n" "TF_MannCoCap" " " "[english]TF_MannCoCap" "Mann Co. Cap" "TF_Polycount_Pin" "Polycount " "[english]TF_Polycount_Pin" "Polycount Pin" "TF_Polycount_Pin_Desc" " Polycount " "[english]TF_Polycount_Pin_Desc" "Awarded to participants of the Polycoun t contest." "TF_EllisHat" "Ellis" "[english]TF_EllisHat" "Ellis' Cap" "NewItemMethod_Dropped" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Dropped" "You Found:" "NewItemMethod_Crafted" "" "[english]NewItemMethod_Crafted" "You Crafted:" "NewItemMethod_Traded" "" "[english]NewItemMethod_Traded" "You Traded for:" "NewItemMethod_Purchased" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Purchased" "You Purchased:" "NewItemMethod_FoundInCrate" "" "[english]NewItemMethod_FoundInCrate" "You Unboxed:" "NewItemMethod_Gifted" "" "[english]NewItemMethod_Gifted" "You Received a Gift:" "NewItemMethod_Promotion" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Promotion" "You Received a Store Promotion Item:" "NewItemMethod_Earned" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Earned" "You Earned:" "NewItemMethod_Refunded" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Refunded" "You Were Refunded:" "NewItemMethod_Support" " " "[english]NewItemMethod_Support" "Customer Support Granted You:" "OpenSpecificLoadout" " %s1 ..." "[english]OpenSpecificLoadout" "OPEN %s1 LOADOUT..." "OpenGeneralLoadout" " ..." "[english]OpenGeneralLoadout" "OPEN LOADOUT..." "OpenBackpack" " ..." "[english]OpenBackpack" "OPEN BACKPACK..." "Armory" " " "[english]Armory" "MANN CO. CATALOG" "Loadout_OpenTrading" " "

"[english]Loadout_OpenTrading" "Open the Trading screen" "Loadout_OpenTradingDesc" "\n" "[english]Loadout_OpenTradingDesc" "TRADE ITEMS IN YOUR BACKPACK\nWITH OTHE R PLAYERS" "Loadout_OpenArmory" " " "[english]Loadout_OpenArmory" "Open the Mann Co. Catalog" "Loadout_OpenArmoryDesc" " TF2\n" "[english]Loadout_OpenArmoryDesc" "BROWSE THE ITEMS FOUND\nIN THE TF2 UNIV ERSE" "ItemSel_ACTION" "- " "[english]ItemSel_ACTION" "- ACTION" "DiscardItem" " " "[english]DiscardItem" "Permanently Discard" "BackpackApplyTool" " %s1 " "[english]BackpackApplyTool" "Select the item to apply the %s1 to:" "ApplyOnItem" "..." "[english]ApplyOnItem" "USE WITH..." "ConsumeItem" "" "[english]ConsumeItem" "USE" "CustomizeItem" "" "[english]CustomizeItem" "CUSTOMIZE" "ShowBaseItems" " " "[english]ShowBaseItems" "STOCK ITEMS" "ShowBackpackItems" "" "[english]ShowBackpackItems" "SPECIAL ITEMS" "ShowBaseItemsCheckBox" " " "[english]ShowBaseItemsCheckBox" "Show Stock Items" "ToolConfirmWarning" " " "[english]ToolConfirmWarning" "Remember, once you have used a tool, it's gone! " "ToolItemRenameOldItemName" "" "[english]ToolItemRenameOldItemName" "Current Item Name:" "ToolItemRenameNewItemName" "" "[english]ToolItemRenameNewItemName" "New Item Name:" "ToolDialogTitle" "%s2 %s1" "[english]ToolDialogTitle" "Using %s1 on %s2" "CraftAskName" " " "[english]CraftAskName" "Enter this Item's New Name:" "CraftNameOk" " " "[english]CraftNameOk" "Name It!" "CraftNameCancel" " " "[english]CraftNameCancel" "No Thanks" "CraftAskNameConfirm" "" "[english]CraftAskNameConfirm" "Are you sure you want to use this name?" "CraftAskNameWarning" " " "[english]CraftAskNameWarning" "(This name will be publicly visible and permane nt)" "CraftNameConfirm" "" "[english]CraftNameConfirm" "Yep, I'm Sure!" "CraftInvalidName" "" "[english]CraftInvalidName" "Invalid Name!" "CraftInvalidNameDetail" " " "[english]CraftInvalidNameDetail" "Only letters, numbers, and spaces are a llowed" "ToolPaintConfirm" " " "[english]ToolPaintConfirm" "Are you sure you want to paint the item this co lor?" "ToolPaintConfirmWarning" " " "[english]ToolPaintConfirmWarning" "(This color will be publicly visible an d permanent)"

"ToolDecodeConfirm" " %optional_append%" "[english]ToolDecodeConfirm" "Are you sure you want to open this crate?%optio nal_append%" "ToolDecodeInProgress" " " "[english]ToolDecodeInProgress" "Uncrating your Loot" "LoadoutSlot_Action" " " "[english]LoadoutSlot_Action" "Action" "BackpackShowDetails" " " "[english]BackpackShowDetails" "Details" "RT_M_A" "%s1" "[english]RT_M_A" "Modify %s1" "RT_Rn_A" "%s1" "[english]RT_Rn_A" "Rename %s1" "CI_T_G" " " "[english]CI_T_G" "Gadget Token" "TF_T" "" "[english]TF_T" "Tool" "TF_T_Nt" " " "[english]TF_T_Nt" "Name Tag" "TF_Tool_Nametag_Desc" "" "[english]TF_Tool_Nametag_Desc" "Changes the name of an item in your backpack" "TF_Tool_DecoderRing" " " "[english]TF_Tool_DecoderRing" "Mann Co. Supply Crate Key" "TF_Tool_DecoderRing_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_DecoderRing_Desc" "Used to open locked supply crates." "TF_SupplyCrate" " " "[english]TF_SupplyCrate" "Mann Co. Supply Crate" "TF_SupplyCrate_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SupplyCrate_Desc" "You need a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key to open th is.\nYou can pick one up at the Mann Co. Store." "TF_Tool_PaintCan" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan" "Paint Can" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" "Used to paint other items." "TF_Tool_Paint_Warning" " \n DX9+" "[english]TF_Tool_Paint_Warning" "Paint will not be visible on your compu ter.\n(DX9+ required)" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_1" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_1" "Indubitably Green" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_2" "Zepheniah's Greed" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_3" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_3" "Noble Hatter's Violet" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_4" " 216-190-216" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_4" "Color No. 216-190-216" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_5" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_5" "A Deep Commitment to Purple" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_6" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_6" "Mann Co. Orange" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_7" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_7" "Muskelmannbraun" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_8" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_8" "Peculiarly Drab Tincture" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_9" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_9" "Radigan Conagher Brown" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_10" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_10" "Ye Olde Rustic Colour" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_11" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_11" "Australium Gold" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_12" " "

"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_12" "Aged Moustache Grey" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_13" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_13" "An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_14" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_14" "A Distinctive Lack of Hue" "Econ_Revolving_Loot_List" " " "[english]Econ_Revolving_Loot_List" "This crate contains one of the followin g items:" "Econ_Revolving_Loot_List_Rare_Item" " " "[english]Econ_Revolving_Loot_List_Rare_Item" "or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item!" "TF_Set_Polycount_Pyro" "" "[english]TF_Set_Polycount_Pyro" "The Gas Jockey's Gear" "TF_Set_Polycount_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Set_Polycount_Scout" "The Special Delivery" "TF_Set_Polycount_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Set_Polycount_Spy" "The Saharan Spy" "TF_Set_Polycount_Soldier" " " "[english]TF_Set_Polycount_Soldier" "The Tank Buster" "TF_Set_Polycount_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Set_Polycount_Sniper" "The Croc-o-Style Kit" "TF_Date_GMT" " " "[english]TF_Date_GMT" " GMT" "Attrib_CannotTrade" "" "[english]Attrib_CannotTrade" "Not Tradable" "Attrib_DisguiseOnBackstab" " " "[english]Attrib_DisguiseOnBackstab" "Upon a successful backstab against a hu man target, you rapidly disguise as your victim" "Attrib_CannotDisguise" " " "[english]Attrib_CannotDisguise" "Wearer cannot disguise" "Attrib_SilentKiller" " " "[english]Attrib_SilentKiller" "Silent Killer: No attack noise from backstabs" "Attrib_DisguiseSpeedPenalty" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_DisguiseSpeedPenalty" "%s1 sec slower disguise speed" "Attrib_DisguiseNoBurn" " " "[english]Attrib_DisguiseNoBurn" "Immune to fire damage while disguised" "Attrib_AddCloakOnKill" " %s1 % " "[english]Attrib_AddCloakOnKill" "+%s1 cloak on kill" "Attrib_AddCloakOnHit" " %s1 % " "[english]Attrib_AddCloakOnHit" "+%s1 cloak on hit" "Attrib_CloakBlinkTimePenalty" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_CloakBlinkTimePenalty" "%s1 sec longer cloak blink time" "Attrib_QuietUnstealth" " " "[english]Attrib_QuietUnstealth" "Reduced decloak sound volume" "Attrib_FlameSize_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameSize_Negative" "%s1% less flame spread area" "Attrib_FlameSize_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameSize_Positive" "+%s1% more flame spread area" "Attrib_FlameLife_Negative" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameLife_Negative" "%s1% less flame distance" "Attrib_FlameLife_Positive" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameLife_Positive" "+%s1% more flame distance" "Attrib_ChargedAirblast" " " "[english]Attrib_ChargedAirblast" "Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further" "Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgFromSentryReduced" "+%s1% sentry damage resistance on weare r" "Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased" "+%s1% airblast cost"

"Attrib_AirblastCost_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_AirblastCost_Decreased" "%s1% airblast cost" "Attrib_Purchased" " " "[english]Attrib_Purchased" "Purchased: Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting" "Attrib_Promotion" " " "[english]Attrib_Promotion" "Store Promotion Item: Not Tradable" "Attrib_FlameAmmoPerSec_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameAmmoPerSec_Increased" "+%s1% flamethrower ammo consume d per second" "Attrib_FlameAmmoPerSec_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_FlameAmmoPerSec_Decreased" "%s1% flamethrower ammo consumed per second" "Attrib_JarateDuration" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_JarateDuration" "On Hit: Jarate applied to target for %s 1 seconds" "Attrib_NoDeathFromHeadshots" " " "[english]Attrib_NoDeathFromHeadshots" "The wearer cannot be killed by headshot s" "Attrib_AchievementItem" "" "[english]Attrib_AchievementItem" "Achievement Item: Not Tradable" "Attrib_CannotCraft" "" "[english]Attrib_CannotCraft" "Not Usable in Crafting" "Attrib_DeployTime_Increased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DeployTime_Increased" "%s1% longer weapon switch" "Attrib_DeployTime_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DeployTime_Decreased" "%s1% faster weapon switch" "Attrib_MinicritsBecomeCrits" " " "[english]Attrib_MinicritsBecomeCrits" "Crits whenever it would normally mini-c rit" "Attrib_HealOnKill" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_HealOnKill" "+%s1 health restored on kill" "Attrib_NoSelfBlastDmg" " " "[english]Attrib_NoSelfBlastDmg" "No self inflicted blast damage taken" "Attrib_Slow_Enemy_OnHit_Major" " 40% %s1 " "[english]Attrib_Slow_Enemy_OnHit_Major" "On Hit: Slow target movement by 40% for %s1s" "Attrib_LimitedUse" "%s1" "[english]Attrib_LimitedUse" "This is a limited use item. Uses: %s1" "Attrib_EventDate" " %s1" "[english]Attrib_EventDate" "Date Received: %s1" "Attrib_GifterAccountID" "\n %s1" "[english]Attrib_GifterAccountID" "\nGift from: %s1" "Attrib_AttachedParticle" "%s1" "[english]Attrib_AttachedParticle" "Effect: %s1" "Attrib_SupplyCrateSeries" "#%s1" "[english]Attrib_SupplyCrateSeries" "Crate Series #%s1" "Attrib_PreserveUbercharge" " %s1% UberCharge" "[english]Attrib_PreserveUbercharge" "On death up to %s1% of your stored\nberC harge is retained" "Attrib_Particle0" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle0" "Invalid Particle" "Attrib_Particle1" " 1" "[english]Attrib_Particle1" "Particle 1" "Attrib_Particle2" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle2" "Flying Bits" "Attrib_Particle3" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle3" "Nemesis Burst" "Attrib_Particle4" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle4" "Community Sparkle" "Attrib_Particle5" " "

"[english]Attrib_Particle5" "Holy Glow" "Attrib_Particle6" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle6" "Green Confetti" "Attrib_Particle7" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle7" "Purple Confetti" "Attrib_Particle8" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle8" "Haunted Ghosts" "Attrib_Particle9" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle9" "Green Energy" "Attrib_Particle10" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle10" "Purple Energy" "Attrib_Particle11" " TF " "[english]Attrib_Particle11" "Circling TF Logo" "Attrib_Particle12" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle12" "Massed Flies" "Attrib_Particle13" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle13" "Burning Flames" "Attrib_Particle14" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle14" "Scorching Flames" "Attrib_Particle15" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle15" "Searing Plasma" "Attrib_Particle17" "" "[english]Attrib_Particle17" "Sunbeams" "Attrib_Particle18" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle18" "Circling Peace Sign" "Attrib_Particle19" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle19" "Circling Heart" "TF_Unique_BattleSaw" " " "[english]TF_Unique_BattleSaw" "The Vita-Saw" "TF_TheAttendant" " " "[english]TF_TheAttendant" "The Attendant" "TF_TheMilkman" "" "[english]TF_TheMilkman" "The Milkman" "TF_ThePowerjack" " " "[english]TF_ThePowerjack" "The Powerjack" "TF_TheDegreaser" " " "[english]TF_TheDegreaser" "The Degreaser" "TF_TheShortstop" " " "[english]TF_TheShortstop" "The Shortstop" "TF_LEtranger" "" "[english]TF_LEtranger" "L'Etranger" "TF_EternalReward" " " "[english]TF_EternalReward" "Your Eternal Reward" "TF_TheBattalionsBackup" " " "[english]TF_TheBattalionsBackup" "The Battalion's Backup" "TF_TheBlackBox" " " "[english]TF_TheBlackBox" "The Black Box" "TF_SydneySleeper" "" "[english]TF_SydneySleeper" "The Sydney Sleeper" "TF_DarwinsDangerShield" " " "[english]TF_DarwinsDangerShield" "Darwin's Danger Shield" "TF_TheBushwacka" " " "[english]TF_TheBushwacka" "The Bushwacka" "TF_TheHolyMackerel" " " "[english]TF_TheHolyMackerel" "The Holy Mackerel" "TF_MadMilk" " " "[english]TF_MadMilk" "Mad Milk" "TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher_Jump" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher_Jump" "The Rocket Jumper" "TF_Unique_FryingPan" " "

"[english]TF_Unique_FryingPan" "The Frying Pan" "TF_Unique_Gloves_of_Running_Urgently" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Gloves_of_Running_Urgently" "The Gloves of Running Urgently" "TF_Soldier_Medal_Web_Sleuth_Desc" " "[english]TF_Soldier_Medal_Web_Sleuth_Desc" "Given to those few brave soldie rs whom stood guard valiantly without sleep, nourishment, or a social life." "TF_Employee_Badge_A_Desc" " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_A_Desc" "Display this on your chest proudly, sol dier. Each time you kill someone, they'll know they weren't the first." "TF_Employee_Badge_B_Desc" " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_B_Desc" "Sure, some may have been doing it longe r. But you've proven few can do it better." "TF_Employee_Badge_C_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_C_Desc" "Even though you were late to the party, you were still the life of it." "TF_Employee_Badge_Plat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Employee_Badge_Plat_Desc" "A true warrior's medal, given to those who fought before the battle even started." "Item_Traded" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Traded" "%s1 has traded for:: %s2 %s3" "Item_Purchased" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Purchased" "%s1 has purchased:: %s2 %s3" "Item_FoundInCrate" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_FoundInCrate" "%s1 has unboxed:: %s2 %s3" "Item_Gifted" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Gifted" "%s1 has received a gift:: %s2 %s3" "Item_Earned" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Earned" "%s1 has earned:: %s2 %s3" "Item_Refunded" "%s1 :: %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_Refunded" "%s1 has been refunded:: %s2 %s3" "Normal" "" "[english]Normal" "Normal" "Unique" "" "[english]Unique" "Unique" "rarity4" "" "[english]rarity4" "Unusual" "vintage" "" "[english]vintage" "Vintage" "customized" " " "[english]customized" "Customized" "TF_ShowNotificationsInGame" " " "[english]TF_ShowNotificationsInGame" "Show pop-up alerts while in-game (e.g. trade requests)" "MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Armory" "MANN CO. CATALOG" "MMenu_BuyNow" " " "[english]MMenu_BuyNow" "Buy Now" "MMenu_Notifications_Show" " (%s1)" "[english]MMenu_Notifications_Show" "ALERTS (%s1)" "MMenu_Notifications_Hide" "X" "[english]MMenu_Notifications_Hide" "X" "MMenu_Notifications_Empty" " " "[english]MMenu_Notifications_Empty" "You have no pending alerts." "ArmoryExplanation_Title" " " "[english]ArmoryExplanation_Title" "Mann Co. Catalog" "ArmoryExplanation_Text" " CEO Saxton Ha "[english]ArmoryExplanation_Text" "Here you can browse all of TF2's weapon s and tools, handily supplied by Saxton Hale, Mann Co.'s rugged Australian CEO." "TradingExplanation_Title" "" "[english]TradingExplanation_Title" "Trading"

"TradingExplanation_Text" " TF2 "[english]TradingExplanation_Text" "Here you're able to trade with other TF 2 players, swapping items in your backpack for items in theirs." "BackpackArmoryExplanation_Title" " " "[english]BackpackArmoryExplanation_Title" "Mann Co. Catalog" "BackpackArmoryExplanation_Text" " "[english]BackpackArmoryExplanation_Text" "Select an item and press the DE TAILS button to view that item in the Mann Co. Catalog. The catalog provides add itional information on how items work and how they are used." "BackpackToolsExplanation_Title" "" "[english]BackpackToolsExplanation_Title" "Using Tools" "BackpackToolsExplanation_Text" " "[english]BackpackToolsExplanation_Text" "Items that can be used in your inventory are called 'tools'. Tools can rename weapons, paint hats with a new co lor, or add special properties to your items. To activate a tool, select it and press the 'Use' or 'Use With...' button." "BackpackStockExplanation_Title" " " "[english]BackpackStockExplanation_Title" "Stock Items" "BackpackStockExplanation_Text" " "[english]BackpackStockExplanation_Text" "If you want to look at the defa ult items for each class, toggle the 'SHOW STOCK ITEMS' checkbox. Stock items ca n be modified by some tools, so if you want to rename a basic item use this chec kbox." "BackpackSortExplanation_Title" " " "[english]BackpackSortExplanation_Title" "Sorting Items" "BackpackSortExplanation_Text" " "[english]BackpackSortExplanation_Text" "As you begin to collect items, you may want to use this sort control to keep them in order. You can sort items by type, class, or loadout slot." "StoreWelcomeExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreWelcomeExplanation_Title" "Welcome to the Mann Co. Store!" "StoreWelcomeExplanation_Text" " Steam "[english]StoreWelcomeExplanation_Text" "The Mann Co. Store lets you buy items w ith funds from your Steam wallet. The store contains all of the classic TF2 item s from previous Updates as well as brand new items and features!" "StoreTabsExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreTabsExplanation_Title" "Category Tabs" "StoreTabsExplanation_Text" " "[english]StoreTabsExplanation_Text" "Category tabs group similar items by ty pe or function. Items recently added to the store are under the 'New!' tab. Tool s that modify other items, gifts, and special action items can be found under th e 'Misc' tab." "StoreItemsExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreItemsExplanation_Title" "Purchasable Item" "StoreItemsExplanation_Text" " "[english]StoreItemsExplanation_Text" "Items indicate their price and whether they are currently on sale. Selecting an item lets you add it to your cart or pr eview the item before you buy it." "StoreDetailsExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreDetailsExplanation_Title" "Item Details" "StoreDetailsExplanation_Text" " "[english]StoreDetailsExplanation_Text" "The item details window describes the i tem's specific characteristics, such as gameplay effects the item has or how it' s used." "StorePreviewExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StorePreviewExplanation_Title" "Item Preview" "StorePreviewExplanation_Text" " "[english]StorePreviewExplanation_Text" "Items with a visual effect can be previ ewed. Items that fit multiple classes can be previewed on each class but only ne ed to be bought once."

"StorePreviewToggleExplanation_Title" " / " "[english]StorePreviewToggleExplanation_Title" "Details / Preview Toggle" "StorePreviewToggleExplanation_Text" " " "[english]StorePreviewToggleExplanation_Text" "These tabs toggle the info disp lay between details and preview mode." "StoreAddToCartExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreAddToCartExplanation_Title" "Add to Cart" "StoreAddToCartExplanation_Text" " "[english]StoreAddToCartExplanation_Text" "If you find an item you want to buy, select it and press the ADD TO CART button." "StoreCartStatusExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreCartStatusExplanation_Title" "Cart Status" "StoreCartStatusExplanation_Text" " "[english]StoreCartStatusExplanation_Text" "You can view the status of your shopping cart here. If you want to remove an item, click the shopping cart icon . You are also told how much empty backpack space you have. You need one empty s lot for each new item you buy." "StoreCheckoutExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreCheckoutExplanation_Title" "Checkout" "StoreCheckoutExplanation_Text" " Ste "[english]StoreCheckoutExplanation_Text" "Press the checkout item to buy the items in your cart! This button will bring up the Steam overlay to guide you through the checkout process." "StoreHelpExplanation_Title" " " "[english]StoreHelpExplanation_Title" "Missed something?" "StoreHelpExplanation_Text" " " "[english]StoreHelpExplanation_Text" "Clicking this button will show these po pups again." "StoreTitle" "" "[english]StoreTitle" "MANN CO. STORE" "Store_Headgear" "" "[english]Store_Headgear" "Hats" "Store_Weapons" "" "[english]Store_Weapons" "Weapons" "Store_Misc" "" "[english]Store_Misc" "Misc" "Store_Tools" "" "[english]Store_Tools" "Tools" "Store_Crafting" "" "[english]Store_Crafting" "Crafting" "Store_Special_Items" "" "[english]Store_Special_Items" "Tools" "Store_New_Items" " " "[english]Store_New_Items" "New!" "Store_Home" " " "[english]Store_Home" "Home" "Store_Bundles" " " "[english]Store_Bundles" "Bundles" "Store_OK" "" "[english]Store_OK" "OK!" "Store_CANCEL" "" "[english]Store_CANCEL" "Cancel" "Store_NowAvailable" " " "[english]Store_NowAvailable" "NOW AVAILABLE" "Store_Welcome" " " "[english]Store_Welcome" "Welcome!" "Store_BaseDesc" " "[english]Store_BaseDesc" "Select an item to see a description, and a list of classes that can use it. Click on a class icon to see a preview!" "Store_ClassFilter_None" ""

"[english]Store_ClassFilter_None" "All Items" "Store_ClassFilter_AllClasses" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_ClassFilter_AllClasses" "All-class Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Scout" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Scout" "Scout Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Sniper" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Sniper" "Sniper Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Soldier" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Soldier" "Soldier Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Demoman" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Demoman" "Demoman Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Medic" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Medic" "Medic Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_HWGuy" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_HWGuy" "Heavy Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Pyro" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Pyro" "Pyro Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Spy" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Spy" "Spy Items (%s1)" "Store_Items_Engineer" " (%s1)" "[english]Store_Items_Engineer" "Engineer Items (%s1)" "Store_FilterLabel" " " "[english]Store_FilterLabel" "Show:" "Store_ClassImageMouseover" " %s1 " "[english]Store_ClassImageMouseover" "This item can be used by the %s1." "Store_ClassImageMouseoverAll" " " "[english]Store_ClassImageMouseoverAll" "This item can be used by all classes." "Store_ClassImageMouseoverBundle" " %s1 " "[english]Store_ClassImageMouseoverBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by the %s1." "Store_ClassImageMouseoverAllBundle" " " "[english]Store_ClassImageMouseoverAllBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by all classes." "Store_Cart" "(%s1)" "[english]Store_Cart" "(%s1)" "Store_Checkout" "" "[english]Store_Checkout" "Checkout" "Store_AddToCart" " " "[english]Store_AddToCart" "Add to Cart" "StoreViewCartTitle" " " "[english]StoreViewCartTitle" "Your Shopping Cart" "Store_ContinueShopping" " " "[english]Store_ContinueShopping" "Continue Shopping" "Store_CartItems" "%s1 " "[english]Store_CartItems" "%s1 Items" "Store_EstimatedTotal" " " "[english]Store_EstimatedTotal" "estimated total" "Store_WAStateSalesTax" " " "[english]Store_WAStateSalesTax" "sales tax will be calculated for WA sta te residents" "Store_TotalSubtextB" " TF2 " "[english]Store_TotalSubtextB" "all TF2 items will be added to your backpack af ter purchase" "Store_Remove" "" "[english]Store_Remove" "Remove" "Store_CartIsEmpty" " " "[english]Store_CartIsEmpty" "You have no items in your cart." "Store_Wallet" "Steam $%s1 $%s2" "[english]Store_Wallet" "Steam Account Balance: $%s1 ($%s2 left after cart)" "Store_Wallet_EmptyCart" "Steam $%s1"

"[english]Store_Wallet_EmptyCart" "Steam Account Balance: $%s1" "Store_FeaturedItem" " " "[english]Store_FeaturedItem" "Featured item!" "Store_PreviewItem" " " "[english]Store_PreviewItem" "Preview" "Store_DetailsItem" " " "[english]Store_DetailsItem" "Details" "Store_FreeBackpackSpace" "%s1" "[english]Store_FreeBackpackSpace" "Empty Backpack Slots: %s1" "StoreUpdate_Loading" " ..." "[english]StoreUpdate_Loading" "Loading the Mann Co. Store..." "StoreUpdate_NoGCResponse" " " "[english]StoreUpdate_NoGCResponse" "The Mann Co. Store is currently closed. " "StoreUpdate_NewPriceSheetLoaded" " " "[english]StoreUpdate_NewPriceSheetLoaded" "The product list has been updat ed to the latest version." "StoreUpdate_ContactSupport" " Steam " "[english]StoreUpdate_ContactSupport" "Please contact customer support to have your Steam wallet configured." "StoreUpdate_OverlayRequired" " Steam TF2 "[english]StoreUpdate_OverlayRequired" "You must enable the Steam Community ingame and restart TF2 to use the Mann Co. Store." "StoreUpdate_SteamRequired" " Steam" "[english]StoreUpdate_SteamRequired" "A connection to Steam is required to us e the Mann Co. Store." "StoreCheckout_NoItems" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_NoItems" "Your shopping cart is empty!" "StoreCheckout_TooManyItems" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_TooManyItems" "You have too many items in your shoppin g cart!" "StoreCheckout_Loading" "..." "[english]StoreCheckout_Loading" "Checking out..." "StoreCheckout_Unavailable" "" "[english]StoreCheckout_Unavailable" "Checkout unavailable at this time." "StoreCheckout_Canceling" "..." "[english]StoreCheckout_Canceling" "Canceling..." "StoreCheckout_Fail" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_Fail" "The Mann Co. Store is currently closed." "StoreCheckout_InvalidParam" " "[english]StoreCheckout_InvalidParam" "A programmer messed up! An invalid para meter was passed to the game coordinator. Try the purchase again." "StoreCheckout_InternalError" " "[english]StoreCheckout_InternalError" "There seems to have been an error initi alizing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or cont act support for assistance." "StoreCheckout_NotApproved" " Steam " "[english]StoreCheckout_NotApproved" "The game coordinator was unable to appr ove your transaction with Steam. Please try the purchase again later." "StoreCheckout_NotLoggedin" " Steam " "[english]StoreCheckout_NotLoggedin" "You must be logged in to Steam in order to complete a purchase." "StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency" "This transaction's currency doesn't mat ch your wallet currency." "StoreCheckout_NoAccount" " Steam " "[english]StoreCheckout_NoAccount" "Your Steam account is currently unavail able. Please try this purchase again later." "StoreCheckout_InsufficientFunds" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_InsufficientFunds" "You do not have enough funds to

complete the purchase." "StoreCheckout_TimedOut" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_TimedOut" "This transaction has timed out. Please try the purchase again." "StoreCheckout_SteamAccountDisabled" " Steam " "[english]StoreCheckout_SteamAccountDisabled" "Your Steam account is disabled and cannot make a purchase." "StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase" " Steam " "[english]StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase" "Steam wallet transactions have been disabled on this account." "StoreCheckout_OldPriceSheet" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_OldPriceSheet" "Your local product list is out of date. Requesting a new one." "StoreCheckout_TransactionNotFound" " ID " "[english]StoreCheckout_TransactionNotFound" "This transaction's id wasn't fo und by the game coordinator. Please try the purchase again." "StoreCheckout_TransactionCanceled" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_TransactionCanceled" "Transaction canceled. You have not been charged." "StoreCheckout_TransactionCompleted" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_TransactionCompleted" "Transaction completed! Enjoy yo ur loot!" "StoreCheckout_CompleteButUnfinalized" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_CompleteButUnfinalized" "Unable to confirm success. If s uccessful, your items will be delivered at a later date." "StoreCheckout_NotEnoughRoom" " "[english]StoreCheckout_NotEnoughRoom" "You don't have enough room in your back pack to buy that many items. Purchase a Backpack Expander to increase your capa city." "Store_NextWeapon" "" "[english]Store_NextWeapon" "Weapon" "Store_StartShopping" " " "[english]Store_StartShopping" "START SHOPPING" "Store_IntroTitle" " " "[english]Store_IntroTitle" "THE STORE IS NOW OPEN!" "Store_IntroText" " Saxton HaleCEO "[english]Store_IntroText" "Hello, little boy and/or girl! I'm Saxton Hale, CEO of Mann Co.--the #1 weapons, munitions, and war-themed fashion accessory ma nufacturer in the Greater Badlands area!\n\nBLU? RED? As long as your money's gr een, I WILL sell you items you can use to MAKE THEM PAY! And ancillary items you can wear, so you'll look CLASSY AS ALL HELL doing it! Kill whoever you like. I won't judge you!\n" "Store_Promotions" " " "[english]Store_Promotions" "SPECIAL OFFERS!" "Store_Promotion_SpendForGift" " %s1* \n " "[english]Store_Promotion_SpendForGift" "GET A SURPRISE BONUS ITEM\nFOR EVERY %s 1* YOU SPEND!" "Store_Promotion_SpendForGift_Sub" "* " "[english]Store_Promotion_SpendForGift_Sub" "*In a single purchase" "Store_Promotion_FirstPurchaseGift" " \n " "[english]Store_Promotion_FirstPurchaseGift" "GET A FREE HAT\nWITH YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!" "Store_Promotion_FirstPurchaseGift_Sub" " " "[english]Store_Promotion_FirstPurchaseGift_Sub" "Limited Time Only!" "Store_CEOMannCo" " CEO" "[english]Store_CEOMannCo" "CEO, Mann Co." "TR_ClassInfo_Soldier" " "[english]TR_ClassInfo_Soldier" "The Soldier is a good offensive and defensive c lass whose primary weapon is the rocket launcher. He can do a large amount of d amage in a short period of time but has to remember to keep his rocket launcher

loaded at all times or be caught off guard." "Notification_CanTrigger_Help" " [ %cl_trigger_first_notification% ] \n [ %cl_ st_notification% ] " "[english]Notification_CanTrigger_Help" "Press [ %cl_trigger_first_notification% ] to VIEW.\nPress [ %cl_decline_first_notification% ] to CLOSE." "Notification_Remove_Help" " [ %cl_decline_first_notification% ] " "[english]Notification_Remove_Help" "Press [ %cl_decline_first_notification% ] to CLOSE." "Notification_AcceptOrDecline_Help" " [ %cl_trigger_first_notification% ] \n line_first_notification% ] " "[english]Notification_AcceptOrDecline_Help" "Press [ %cl_trigger_first_notifi cation% ] to ACCEPT.\nPress [ %cl_decline_first_notification% ] to DECLINE." "Notifications_View" " " "[english]Notifications_View" "View" "Notifications_Accept" "" "[english]Notifications_Accept" "Accept" "Notifications_Decline" " " "[english]Notifications_Decline" "Decline" "Notifications_Present" " " "[english]Notifications_Present" "You have pending alerts! Go to the Main Menu to view them." "TF_Notification_Trigger" " / " "[english]TF_Notification_Trigger" "View/Accept the topmost alert." "TF_Notification_Decline" "/ " "[english]TF_Notification_Decline" "Remove/Decline the topmost alert." "TF_UseItem_Title" "" "[english]TF_UseItem_Title" "Use Item?" "TF_UseItem_Text" "%item_name% %uses_left% "[english]TF_UseItem_Text" "Are you sure you want to use %item_name%? It ha s %uses_left% use(s) before it will be removed from your inventory." "TF_UseItem_Success" " " "[english]TF_UseItem_Success" "The item in the action slot was used successful ly!" "TF_UseItem_GiftNoPlayers" " " "[english]TF_UseItem_GiftNoPlayers" "There are no other players present in y our current game to receive your gift!" "TF_UseItem_Error" " " "[english]TF_UseItem_Error" "There was an error trying to use the item in yo ur action slot." "TF_UseItem_MiniGameAlreadyStarted" " " "[english]TF_UseItem_MiniGameAlreadyStarted" "That mini-game has already been started." "TF_GiftedItems" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_GiftedItems" "%s1 has given a gift to %s2!" "TF_GifterText_Random" " %giver% " "[english]TF_GifterText_Random" "%recipient% was selected at random to receive a g ift from %giver%!" "TF_GifterText_All" "%giver% " "[english]TF_GifterText_All" "%giver% has given out a bunch of gifts!" "TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom" " " "[english]TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom" "Show Trade Requests From:" "TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_FriendsOnly" " " "[english]TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_FriendsOnly" "Friends Only" "TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_FriendsAndServer" " " "[english]TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_FriendsAndServer" "Friends and In-Game Pla yers" "TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_Anyone" "" "[english]TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_Anyone" "Anyone" "TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_NoOne" " " "[english]TF_ShowTradeRequestsFrom_NoOne" "No One"

"TF_Trading_StatusTitle" " " "[english]TF_Trading_StatusTitle" "Trade Status" "TF_Trading_Timeout_Title" " " "[english]TF_Trading_Timeout_Title" "No Response" "TF_Trading_Timeout_Text" " " "[english]TF_Trading_Timeout_Text" "There was no response from the server." "TF_Trading_TimeoutPartyB" " " "[english]TF_Trading_TimeoutPartyB" "There was no response from the other pl ayer." "TF_Trading_TimeoutPartyB_Named" "%other_player% " "[english]TF_Trading_TimeoutPartyB_Named" "There was no response from %oth er_player%." "TF_Trading_WaitingForPartyB" " " "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForPartyB" "Waiting for the other player to respond ." "TF_Trading_WaitingForPartyB_Named" " %s1 " "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForPartyB_Named" "Waiting for %s1 to respond." "TF_Trading_WaitingForServer" " " "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForServer" "Waiting for a response from the server. " "TF_Trading_WaitingForTrade" "" "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForTrade" "Trading Items" "TF_Trading_WaitingForStart" " " "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForStart" "Offer to trade accepted, now waiting fo r server." "TF_Trading_WaitingForCancel" "" "[english]TF_Trading_WaitingForCancel" "Canceling trade." "TF_Trading_JoinTitle" "" "[english]TF_Trading_JoinTitle" "Want to Trade?" "TF_Trading_JoinText" "%initiator% " "[english]TF_Trading_JoinText" "%initiator% wants to trade with you!" "TF_Trading_JoinCancel" " " "[english]TF_Trading_JoinCancel" "No Thanks" "TF_Trading_DeclinedText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_DeclinedText" "The other player has declined the trade request." "TF_Trading_VACBannedText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_VACBannedText" "You do not have trading privileges." "TF_Trading_VACBanned2Text" " " "[english]TF_Trading_VACBanned2Text" "The other player does not have trading privileges at this time." "TF_Trading_BusyText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_BusyText" "The other player is currently busy trading with someone else." "TF_Trading_DisabledText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_DisabledText" "Trading items is currently disabled." "TF_Trading_NotLoggedIn" " " "[english]TF_Trading_NotLoggedIn" "The other player is not available for t rading." "TF_Trading_TooSoon" " 30 " "[english]TF_Trading_TooSoon" "You must wait at least 30 seconds between trade requests." "TF_Trading_TooSoonPenalty" " "[english]TF_Trading_TooSoonPenalty" "You have made too many trade requests a nd must now wait 2 minutes before initiating any more trades." "TF_Trading_CanceledText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_CanceledText" "The trading session has been canceled." "TF_Trading_ErrorText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_ErrorText" "There was a problem completing the trade." "TF_Trading_StaleInventoryText" " "

"[english]TF_Trading_StaleInventoryText" "The trade was cancelled, becaus e some items do not belong to you or the other player." "TF_Trading_UntradableText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_UntradableText" "The trade was cancelled, because some i tems are not allowed in trading." "TF_Trading_NoItemsText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_NoItemsText" "The trade was cancelled, because there were no items to trade." "TF_Trading_TradedText" "" "[english]TF_Trading_TradedText" "The trade was successfully completed!" "TF_TradeWindow_Title" "%recipient%" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Title" "Trading with %recipient%" "TF_TradeWindow_Step1" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step1" "Select Items from your Backpack" "TF_TradeWindow_Step1Desc" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step1Desc" "Drag items to Your Offerings to include them in the trade." "TF_TradeWindow_Step2" "" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step2" "Your Offerings" "TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc" "" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc" "These are the items you will lose in th e trade." "TF_TradeWindow_Step3" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step3" "Their Offerings" "TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc" "" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc" "These are the items you will receive in the trade." "TF_TradeWindow_Step4" "" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step4" "Showcase Area" "TF_TradeWindow_Step4Desc" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step4Desc" "These items will NOT be traded." "TF_TradeWindow_WaitingForTrade" "\n ..." "[english]TF_TradeWindow_WaitingForTrade" "Waiting for both parties\nto be ready..." "TF_TradeWindow_TradeNow" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_TradeNow" "TRADE NOW!" "TF_TradeWindow_Trading" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Trading" "Waiting for other party" "TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis2" "." "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis2" "." "TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis3" ".." "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis3" ".." "TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis4" "..." "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Ellipsis4" "..." "TF_TradeWindow_MyNOTReady" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_MyNOTReady" "CLICK when ready to trade" "TF_TradeWindow_NotReady" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_NotReady" "NOT ready to trade" "TF_TradeWindow_Ready" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Ready" "READY to trade" "TF_TradeWindow_Verifying" " ..." "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Verifying" "Offer changed, waiting..." "TF_TradeWindow_ChatPrompt" "" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_ChatPrompt" "Chat :" "TF_TradeWindow_WarnPassword" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_WarnPassword" "Never tell your password to anyone." "TF_TradeWindow_Tip_1" " " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Tip_1" "Click on the other player's avatar to the right of their name to view their profile and verify their identity." "TF_TradeStartDialog_Title" ""

"[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_Title" "Trading" "TF_TradeStartDialog_Select" "..." "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_Select" "Find a trading partner from..." "TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectFriends" "" "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectFriends" "Friends List" "TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectServer" " " "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectServer" "Current Server" "TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectProfile" "Steam " "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_SelectProfile" "Steam Profile" "TF_TradeStartDialog_Friends" " " "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_Friends" "Select a friend to trade with:" "TF_TradeStartDialog_FriendsNone" "TF2." "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_FriendsNone" "None of your friends are\ncurre ntly playing TF2." "TF_TradeStartDialog_Server" " " "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_Server" "Select a player to trade with:" "TF_TradeStartDialog_ServerNone" " \n" "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_ServerNone" "There are no other players\non your server." "TF_TradeStartDialog_Profile" " Steam URL" "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_Profile" "Enter the URL of a steam profile:" "TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileGo" " " "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileGo" "Send Trade Request" "TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileHelp" "URL \n< >" "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileHelp" "The URL should be in one of the se two formats:\n<profile name>\nhttp://steamcommun<profile number>" "TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileFail" "\n URL \n "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileFail" "Failed to find player.\nYour UR L may be incorrect,\nor the player may not be running TF2." "TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileLookup" " ..." "[english]TF_TradeStartDialog_ProfileLookup" "Searching for the account..." "ArmoryFilter_AllItems" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_AllItems" "All Items" "ArmoryFilter_Weapons" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Weapons" "Weapons" "ArmoryFilter_Headgear" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Headgear" "Headgear" "ArmoryFilter_MiscItems" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_MiscItems" "Misc Items" "ArmoryFilter_ActionItems" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_ActionItems" "Action Items" "ArmoryFilter_CraftItems" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_CraftItems" "Craft Items" "ArmoryFilter_Tools" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Tools" "Tools" "ArmoryFilter_AllClass" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_AllClass" "All-Class Items" "ArmoryFilter_Scout" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Scout" "Scout Items" "ArmoryFilter_Sniper" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Sniper" "Sniper Items" "ArmoryFilter_Soldier" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Soldier" "Soldier Items" "ArmoryFilter_Demoman" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Demoman" "Demoman Items" "ArmoryFilter_Medic" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Medic" "Medic Items" "ArmoryFilter_Heavy" " "

"[english]ArmoryFilter_Heavy" "Heavy Items" "ArmoryFilter_Pyro" "" "[english]ArmoryFilter_Pyro" "Pyro Items" "ArmoryFilter_Spy" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Spy" "Spy Items" "ArmoryFilter_Engineer" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Engineer" "Engineer Items" "ArmoryFilter_ItemSets" "%s1" "[english]ArmoryFilter_ItemSets" "Items in %s1" "ArmoryButton_Wiki" " ..." "[english]ArmoryButton_Wiki" "Item Wiki Page..." "ArmoryButton_SetDetails" " " "[english]ArmoryButton_SetDetails" "Examine Set" "ArmoryButton_Store" " " "[english]ArmoryButton_Store" "View in Store" "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnHit" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnHit" "This weapon has an ON HIT attribute. The effect of this attribute is applied each time the weapon damages an enemy. Enemy Spies disguised as one of your team mates are an exception: they will not trigg er the application of this effect, even if they receive the damage." "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnKill" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnKill" "This weapon has an ON KILL attribute. The effect of this attribute is applied each time the weapon lands the final blow o n an enemy." "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnWearer" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_OnWearer" "This item has an ON WEARER attrib ute. The effect of this attribute is applied to a player whenever this item is i n their loadout, even when this item is not their actively wielded weapon." "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_CloakType" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_CloakType" "This item modifies the SPY CLOAK. When this item is equipped in a Spy's loadout, the cloak changes its behavior t o the cloak type listed in the attribute description." "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_NoCrits" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_NoCrits" "This weapon cannot perform RANDO M CRITICAL HITS. Normal weapons have a chance to perform critical hits randomly, but this one does not. Other items and effects that cause critical hits to occur , like The Kritzkrieg, can still force this weapon to perform critical hits." "TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_Bleed" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Attrib_Bleed" "This weapon causes enemies hurt by it t o BLEED. Bleeding players will lose health every second for the specified amount o f time. Bleeding will stop if the bleeding player is healed in any way." "TF_Armory_Item_HolidayRestriction" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_HolidayRestriction" "Usage of this item is restricted to a specific holiday event. It can only be equipped in a class loadout during the specified holiday." "TF_Armory_Item_AchievementReward" " '%s1' " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_AchievementReward" "This item is an Achievement Rewa rd for completing the '%s1' achievement." "TF_Armory_Item_InSet" "%s1 "[english]TF_Armory_Item_InSet" "This item is part of %s1 item set. Some item sets provide extra bonuses when the entire set is worn at the same time. The %s1 set will provide this Item Set Bonus:\n" "TF_Armory_Item_Type_TauntEnabler" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Type_TauntEnabler" "This Action Item plays a Custom Ta unt when used." "TF_Armory_Item_Class_ClassToken" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Class_ClassToken" "This item is a Class Token. It's used in crafting recipes to specify which class's items should be crafted. For e xample: putting a Soldier class token into a recipe will ensure only Soldier ite ms will be produced by the craft."

"TF_Armory_Item_Class_SlotToken" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Class_SlotToken" "This item is a Slot Token. It's u sed in crafting recipes to specify which loadout slot's items should be crafted. For example: putting a Primary slot token into a recipe will ensure only items equipped in the Primary loadout slot will be produced by the craft." "TF_Armory_Item_Class_CraftItem" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Class_CraftItem" "This item is a Craft Item. It's o nly used inside crafting recipes, where it can be combined with other items to c reate more valuable items." "TF_Armory_Item_Class_Tool" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Class_Tool" "This item is a Tool. It can be used on it s own or be applied to another item in your backpack, and is consumed in the pro cess. Click the 'Use' or 'Use With...' button in the backpack to start the proce ss of applying it." "TF_Armory_Item_StockItem" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_StockItem" "This item is a Stock Item. Stock items ar e the default weapons for a player class, and are considered 'special' items in that they cannot be destroyed, and take up no space in your backpack. You can st ill customize them with tools, and doing so will create a customized clone of th e Stock Item." "TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAllBundle" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAllBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by all classes." "TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageBundle" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageBundle" "This bundle contains items that can be used by the: " "TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAll" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsageAll" "This item can be used by all classes." "TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsage" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_ClassUsage" "This item can be used by the: " "TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageAll" " %s1" "[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageAll" "This item is equipped in the %s1 loadout slot." "TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClassHeader" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClassHeader" "This item is equipped as follow s: " "TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClass" "%s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Armory_Item_SlotUsageClass" "in the %s1 loadout slot by the %s2" "TF_Armory_Item_ToolUsage" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_ToolUsage" "The following tools can be used on this item: " "TF_Armory_Item_Bundle" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Bundle" "This bundle contains the following item s: " "TF_Armory_Item_Action" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Action" "This item is an Action Item. Click on the backpack's 'Use' button to use it. Alternatively, equip it in the Action slot o f a class loadout and press the 'Use Item in Action Slot' key, which can be bound in the Keyboard Settings." "TF_Armory_Item_Duel_Medal" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Duel_Medal" "This item keeps track of lifetime dueli ng statistics and the results of the last duel. For every 10 duel wins, it will increase in level by 1 (up to level 100), earning you a new Dueling Mini-Game and a free item. Every 25 levels it will be upgraded to the next tier." "TF_Armory_Item_Duel" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Duel" "This Action Item enables the Dueling Mini-Game. Whe n used, it allows you to challenge a player on the opposite team to a duel. If t hey accept, the duel begins. This item will not be consumed if the other player refuses the duel.\n\nAt the end of the round, whoever has more duel points wins. Kills and assists against your opponent are worth 1 point.\n\nThis item will no

t be consumed if the server changes level or the score is tied 0-0 at the end of the round." "TF_Armory_Item_Supply_Crate" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Supply_Crate" "This crate contains one of the items list ed in its description. To unlock the crate and retrieve the item, you must use a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, which can be purchased inside the Mann Co. Store. Thes e crates contain one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game, so cross your fingers before you unlock them!" "TF_Armory_Item_Key" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Key" "This Key can be used to open one Mann Co. Supply C rate. When opened, you will receive one of the items on the Supply Crate's item lis t." "TF_Armory_Item_NameTag" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_NameTag" "This Name Tag can be used to permanently modify the name of a single item. Other players will see the name you choose ins tead of the original name." "TF_Armory_Item_PaintCan" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_PaintCan" "This Paint Can can be used to permanently change the color of a single item. Not all items are paintable, so if you're pu rchasing an item to paint it, ensure the details of that item lists 'Paint Cans' as tools that can be used on it." "TF_Armory_Item_Gift1" " " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Gift1" "This Action Item gives a random item to a single other player on your server." "TF_Armory_Item_Gift24" " 23 "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Gift24" "This Action Item gives a random item to e very other player on your server, up to a maximum of 23 other players." "TF_PassiveAttribs" " " "[english]TF_PassiveAttribs" "Current on-wearer attributes:" "TF_PassiveAttribs_None" "" "[english]TF_PassiveAttribs_None" "None" "TF_SelectPlayer_Select" "..." "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_Select" "Find a player from..." "TF_SelectPlayer_SelectFriends" "" "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_SelectFriends" "Friends List" "TF_SelectPlayer_SelectServer" " " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_SelectServer" "Current Server" "TF_SelectPlayer_Friends" " " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_Friends" "Select a friend:" "TF_SelectPlayer_FriendsNone" "\n TF2 " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_FriendsNone" "None of your eligible friends are\ncurr ently playing TF2." "TF_SelectPlayer_Server" " " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_Server" "Select a player:" "TF_SelectPlayer_ServerNone" " \n " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_ServerNone" "There are no other eligible players\non your server." "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Title" " " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Title" "Favorite last Server?" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Text" " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Text" "Save the server you were just o n in your Favorites list so you can easily return to it again?" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Opt_Out" " " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Favorite_Opt_Out" "Never ask about Favoriting agai n" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Title" " " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Title" "Blacklist last Server?" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Text" " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Text" "Add the server you were just on to your Blacklist so you never see it again?"

"TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Opt_Out" " " "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Blacklist_Opt_Out" "Never ask about Blacklisting ag ain" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_Yes" "" "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_Yes" "Yes" "TF_Serverlist_Ask_No" "" "[english]TF_Serverlist_Ask_No" "No" "TF_Weapon_Gloves" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Gloves" "Boxing Gloves" "TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Title" "Deliver a Gift" "TF_DemomanPirate" " " "[english]TF_DemomanPirate" "Rimmed Raincatcher" "TF_DemomanPirate_Desc" " \nARR " "[english]TF_DemomanPirate_Desc" "Because there's no alliteration\nlike a lliteration with an 'ARR!'" "TF_loadoutrespawn" " " "[english]TF_loadoutrespawn" "Automatically respawn after loadout changes in respawn zones." "RefurbishItem" " " "[english]RefurbishItem" "RESTORE" "RefurbishItem_RemovePaintTitle" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_RemovePaintTitle" "Remove Paint?" "RefurbishItem_RemovePaint" " %confirm_dialog_token% "[english]RefurbishItem_RemovePaint" "Remove the custom color %confirm_dialog _token% from this item, restoring its original color?\n\n(Paint will be discarde d)" "RefurbishItem_RemoveNameTitle" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveNameTitle" "Remove Name?" "RefurbishItem_RemoveName" " \n\n "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveName" "Remove the custom name from this item, restoring its original name?\n\n(Name Tag will be discarded)" "RefurbishItem_Yes" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_Yes" "Yes, Wipe It" "RefurbishItem_No" " " "[english]RefurbishItem_No" "No, Leave It" "ToolGiftWrapConfirm" " " "[english]ToolGiftWrapConfirm" "Are you sure you want to gift wrap this item?" "ToolGiftWrapInProgress" "" "[english]ToolGiftWrapInProgress" "Wrapping your Gift" "Craft_Untradable_Title" "" "[english]Craft_Untradable_Title" "Warning" "Craft_Untradable_Text" " "[english]Craft_Untradable_Text" "At least one item you are attempting to craft is not tradable. As a result, any crafted items will also be not tradable . Are you sure you want to continue?" "RI_Sh" " " "[english]RI_Sh" "set headgear" "RI_SIc" "1 " "[english]RI_SIc" ", 1 Set weapon" "RO_SH" " " "[english]RO_SH" "specific piece of Set headgear" "TF_Tool_Giftwrap" "" "[english]TF_Tool_Giftwrap" "Gift Wrap" "TF_Tool_Giftwrap_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_Giftwrap_Desc" "Used to wrap other items for gifting." "TF_Tool_Gift" "" "[english]TF_Tool_Gift" "A Carefully Wrapped Gift" "Econ_Set_Bonus" "" "[english]Econ_Set_Bonus" "Item Set Bonus:"

"Attrib_InUse" "" "[english]Attrib_InUse" "Currently In Use" "Attrib_SpecialItem" "" "[english]Attrib_SpecialItem" "Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting" "Attrib_ReferencedItem" "%s1" "[english]Attrib_ReferencedItem" "Contains: %s1" "TF_Armory_Item_Gift_Wrap" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Gift_Wrap" "This Gift Wrap can be used to package an item as a gift for another player. Wrapped gifts can be delivered to offline pla yers. Items that are normally not tradable can be wrapped and gifted using gift wrap." "TF_Armory_Item_Gift" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Gift" "This is a Wrapped Gift. The person who wrapped it can deliver the gift to someone or another player can open it and receive the i tem inside." "TF_HasNewItems" "" "[english]TF_HasNewItems" "You have new items!" "Attrib_Renamed" " \n%s1" "[english]Attrib_Renamed" "This item has been renamed.\nOriginal name: \"% s1\"" "TF_TradeWindow_Tip_2" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Tip_2" "Avoid making deals that involve more than a sin gle trade. Scammers may not follow through on the successive trades." "TF_TradeWindow_Tip_3" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Tip_3" "Verify that the items you're trading for aren't renamed items masquerading as rare items. Inspect each item carefully. Renamed items will have quotation marks around their names." "TF_TradeWindow_Scam_MaxTrade" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Scam_MaxTrade" "Scam warning: never make deals that inv olve more than a single trade. Scammers will vanish after the first trade is com pleted!\n" "TF_TradeWindow_Scam_Renamed" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Scam_Renamed" "Scam warning: the other person is offer ing an item that has been renamed to look like a higher quality item!\n" "TF_TradeWindow_Change_Added" "%s1 %s2\n" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Change_Added" "%s1 added: %s2\n" "TF_TradeWindow_Change_Removed" "%s1 %s2\n" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Change_Removed" "%s1 removed: %s2\n" "TF_TradeWindow_Change_Name" "%s1 ( %s2)" "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Change_Name" "%s1 (a renamed %s2)" "TF_NoiseMaker" "" "[english]TF_NoiseMaker" "Noise Maker" "TF_NoiseMaker_CrazyLaugh" " " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_CrazyLaugh" "Noise Maker - Crazy Laugh" "TF_NoiseMaker_Werewolf" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Werewolf" "Noise Maker - Werewolf" "TF_NoiseMaker_BlackCat" " " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_BlackCat" "Noise Maker - Black Cat" "TF_NoiseMaker_Banshee" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Banshee" "Noise Maker - Banshee" "TF_NoiseMaker_Witch" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Witch" "Noise Maker - Witch" "TF_NoiseMaker_Gremlin" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Gremlin" "Noise Maker - Gremlin" "TF_NoiseMaker_Stabby" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Stabby" "Noise Maker - Stabby" "TF_NoiseMaker_Exhausted" "" "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Exhausted" "You have used all of your Noise Maker's charges." "TF_Party_Favor" " "

"[english]TF_Party_Favor" "Party Favor" "TF_Armory_Item_Type_NoiseMaker" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Type_NoiseMaker" "Plays a themed sound when used. Equip this item in your action slot and use it during a game. A charge will be consumed when the item is used." "TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker" "Noise Maker Bundle" "TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker_Desc" " 25 "[english]TF_Bundle_HalloweenNoiseMaker_Desc" "Includes one of each Halloween Noise Maker. Each Noise Maker has 25 charges." "TF_Halloween_Head" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Head" "Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head" "TF_Halloween_Head_Desc" " ..." "[english]TF_Halloween_Head_Desc" "He had one all along..." "TF_Domination_Hat_2011" "" "[english]TF_Domination_Hat_2011" "Ghastly Gibus" "TF_Domination_Hat_2011_Desc" " "[english]TF_Domination_Hat_2011_Desc" "Elegant simplicity and old-world charm combined with the heady aromas of mould and grave dust." "TF_Worms_Gear_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Worms_Gear_Desc" "" "TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap_Desc" "" "[english]TF_TheGrenadiersSoftcap_Desc" "" "TF_Weapon_StickyBomb_Jump_Desc" " "[english]TF_Weapon_StickyBomb_Jump_Desc" "A special no-damage stickybomb launcher for learning stickybomb jump tricks and patterns." "TF_Cadavers_Cranium" " " "[english]TF_Cadavers_Cranium" "Cadaver's Cranium" "TF_Horrific_Headsplitter" " " "[english]TF_Horrific_Headsplitter" "Horrific Headsplitter" "TF_Halloween_Skullcap" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Skullcap" "Spine-Chilling Skull" "TF_Halloween_Skullcap_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Skullcap_Desc" "Express your undying hatred for the liv ing." "TF_Halloween_Voodoo" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Voodoo" "Voodoo Juju" "TF_Halloween_Voodoo_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Voodoo_Desc" "Only the finest leather hats come with tattoos and piercings." "TF_Halloween_Mask_Scout" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Scout" "Scout Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Sniper" "Sniper Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Soldier" "" "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Soldier" "Soldier Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Demoman" "" "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Demoman" "Demoman Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Medic" "" "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Medic" "Medic Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Heavy" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Heavy" "Heavy Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Spy" "Spy Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Engineer" " " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Engineer" "Engineer Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_Pyro" "" "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_Pyro" "Pyro Mask" "TF_Halloween_Mask_SaxtonHale" "Saxton Hale " "[english]TF_Halloween_Mask_SaxtonHale" "Saxton Hale Mask"

"TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_NAME" "Sleepy Holl0WND" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_DESC" "Kill the Horseless Headless Horsemann." "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_MELEE_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_MELEE_NAME" "Gored!" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_MELEE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_KILL_MELEE_DESC" "Collect the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Haunted Metal." "TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_GOODY_BAG_NAME" "" "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_GOODY_BAG_NAME" "Masked Mann" "TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_GOODY_BAG_DESC" " Mann Manor " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_COLLECT_GOODY_BAG_DESC" "Collect the Haunted Halloween G ift in Mann Manor." "TF_HALLOWEEN_CRAFT_SAXTON_MASK_NAME" "Sackston Hale" "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_CRAFT_SAXTON_MASK_NAME" "Sackston Hale" "TF_HALLOWEEN_CRAFT_SAXTON_MASK_DESC" " Saxton Hale " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_CRAFT_SAXTON_MASK_DESC" "Craft the Saxton Hale Mask." "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_DEATHCAM_NAME" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_DEATHCAM_NAME" "The Horseless Headless Horseman n" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_ANNOUNCE_VICTIM" "%s1 " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_ANNOUNCE_VICTIM" "%s1 is IT!" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_WARN_VICTIM" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_WARN_VICTIM" "YOU ARE IT! MELEE HIT AN ENEMY TO TAG THEM IT!" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_ANNOUNCE_TAG" "%s1 %s2 " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_ANNOUNCE_TAG" "%s1 tagged %s2 as IT!" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_WARN_AGGRO" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_WARN_AGGRO" "You have angered the Horseless Headless Horsemann!" "TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_LOST_AGGRO" " " "[english]TF_HALLOWEEN_BOSS_LOST_AGGRO" "You are no longer IT." "WrapGift" "" "[english]WrapGift" "WRAP GIFT" "UnwrapGift" " " "[english]UnwrapGift" "UNWRAP GIFT" "DeliverGift" " " "[english]DeliverGift" "DELIVER GIFT" "NoAction" "" "[english]NoAction" "NO ACTION" "RefurbishItem_RemoveDescTitle" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveDescTitle" "Remove Desc?" "RefurbishItem_RemoveDesc" " \n\n "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveDesc" "Remove the description from this item, restoring its original description?\n\n(Description Tag will be discarded)" "ToolItemRenameOldItemDesc" "" "[english]ToolItemRenameOldItemDesc" "Current Item Desc:" "ToolItemRenameNewItemDesc" "" "[english]ToolItemRenameNewItemDesc" "New Item Desc:" "CraftDescribeOk" "" "[english]CraftDescribeOk" "Describe It!" "ToolGiftUnwrapInProgress" " " "[english]ToolGiftUnwrapInProgress" "Unwrapping the Gift" "TF_UnwrapGift_Title" " " "[english]TF_UnwrapGift_Title" "Unwrap a Gift" "TF_UnwrapGift_Text" " " "[english]TF_UnwrapGift_Text" "Are you sure you want to unwrap this gift?" "RI_HHg" " " "[english]RI_HHg" "Haunted Headgear"

"TF_Haunted_Metal" " " "[english]TF_Haunted_Metal" "Haunted Metal Scrap" "TF_Haunted_Metal_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Haunted_Metal_Desc" "This is metal scrap taken from the Hors eless Headless Horsemann. It whispers faintly...'heads'..." "RI_Mask" "9 " "[english]RI_Mask" "Requires: 9 Unique Halloween Masks" "RO_Mask" " 1 Saxton Hale " "[english]RO_Mask" "Produces: 1 Saxton Hale Halloween Mask" "RT_SaxtonMask" " Saxton Hale " "[english]RT_SaxtonMask" "Fabricate Saxton Hale Halloween Mask" "TF_T_Dt" " " "[english]TF_T_Dt" "Description Tag" "TF_Tool_Desctag_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_Desctag_Desc" "Changes the description of an item in your back pack" "Attrib_CustomDesc" " " "[english]Attrib_CustomDesc" "This item has a user written description:" "Attrib_Halloween_Item" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_Halloween_Item" "This is a special Halloween %s1 item" "TF_Weapon_StickyBomb_Jump" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_StickyBomb_Jump" "The Sticky Jumper" "TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe" " " "[english]TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe" "The Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker" "TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe_Desc" " " "[english]TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe_Desc" "Cursed by dark spirits similar to\nthos e that dwell within the Eyelander." "Item_GiftWrapped" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]Item_GiftWrapped" "%s1 has wrapped a gift:: %s2 %s3" "Store_Halloween" " " "[english]Store_Halloween" "Halloween" "Store_HalloweenSale" " 117 "[english]Store_HalloweenSale" "This ghostly Halloween sale lasts until Novembe r 7th. Some of these items will no longer be available once the sale ends!" "TF_Armory_Item_DescTag" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_DescTag" "This Description Tag can be used to perma nently modify the description of a single item. Other players will see the descr iption you choose instead of the original description. A custom description can be added to items that don't normally have one." "TF_Armory_Item_Limited" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Limited" "This item is only available in the stor e for a limited time! This item is not currently available as a loot or crate dr op." "TF_HalloweenItem_Reserved" " "[english]TF_HalloweenItem_Reserved" "A Haunted Halloween Gift has mysterious ly appeared somewhere, placed just for you. Go and find it!" "TF_HalloweenItem_Granted" "%recipient% " "[english]TF_HalloweenItem_Granted" "%recipient% found the Haunted Halloween G ift!" "TF_Halloween_Boss_Appeared" " \n" "[english]TF_Halloween_Boss_Appeared" "The Horseless Headless Horsemann has appe ared!\n" "TF_Halloween_Boss_Killed" " \n" "[english]TF_Halloween_Boss_Killed" "The Horseless Headless Horsemann has been defeated!\n" "TF_Halloween_Boss_Killers" "%s1 \n" "[english]TF_Halloween_Boss_Killers" "%s1 has defeated the Horseless Headless H orsemann!\n" "TF_Wearable_Glasses" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Glasses" "Glasses"

"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" "Gift Delivery" "TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success" " " "[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success" "The gift has been delivered!" "TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Fail" " " "[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Fail" "Unable to deliver the gift." "TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_VAC" " " "[english]TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_VAC" "The recipient does not have pri vileges to receive a gift." "TF_Duel_Refund_Kicked" "%initiator% %target% "[english]TF_Duel_Refund_Kicked" "The duel between %initiator% and %target% h as ended, because a player has been kicked. A Dueling Mini-Game owned by %initiat or% has not been consumed." "TF_ItemExpiration" " %s1 " "[english]TF_ItemExpiration" "This item will expire on %s1." "TF_KF_Pyro_Mask" "" "[english]TF_KF_Pyro_Mask" "Foster's Facade" "TF_KF_Pyro_Tie" " " "[english]TF_KF_Pyro_Tie" "Stockbroker's Scarf" "TF_Horrific_Headsplitter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Horrific_Headsplitter_Desc" "When wearing such a piece of he adgear it is best to keep an open mind." "TF_TTG_PokerVisor" "" "[english]TF_TTG_PokerVisor" "Dealer's Visor" "TF_TTG_PokerVisor_Desc" " Sasha " "[english]TF_TTG_PokerVisor_Desc" "Do not try to bluff Sasha." "TF_TTG_Glasses" " " "[english]TF_TTG_Glasses" "Dangeresque, Too?" "TF_TTG_Glasses_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TTG_Glasses_Desc" "Splash the pot with all you got." "TF_TTG_Badge" " " "[english]TF_TTG_Badge" "License to Maim" "TF_TTG_Badge_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TTG_Badge_Desc" "And kill, and break, and smash, and bite. Mainl y maim, though." "TF_Portal2_Pin" " " "[english]TF_Portal2_Pin" "Companion Cube Pin" "CraftUpdate_Denied" " ." "[english]CraftUpdate_Denied" "You do not have sufficient privileges to craft. " "TF_WinterCrate" " " "[english]TF_WinterCrate" "Festive Winter Crate" "TF_WinterCrate_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_WinterCrate_Desc" "This crate is unusually festive.\nIts contents are unknown and\nnormal keys don't fit the lock.\n\nYou'd better hold onto it.\n There will probably be a way to open it later." "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor_Desc" "Used to paint other items the c olor of your current team." "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor" "Team Spirit" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_15" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_15" "Pink as Hell" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_16" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_16" "A Color Similar to Slate" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_17" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_17" "Drably Olive" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_18" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_18" "The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_19" " "

"[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_19" "The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_20" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_20" "Dark Salmon Injustice" "TF_Unique_Prepend_Proper" "" [$ENGLISH] "[english]TF_Unique_Prepend_Proper" "The " "TF_NonUnique_Prepend_Proper" "" [$ENGLISH] "[english]TF_NonUnique_Prepend_Proper" "A" "TF_TreasureHat_1" "" "[english]TF_TreasureHat_1" "Bounty Hat" "TF_TreasureHat_2" " " "[english]TF_TreasureHat_2" "Treasure Hat" "TF_TreasureHat_3" " " "[english]TF_TreasureHat_3" "Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect" "TF_TreasureHat_1_Desc" "Steam 5 " "[english]TF_TreasureHat_1_Desc" "Earned by completing 5 objectives in 'T he Great Steam Treasure Hunt'" "TF_TreasureHat_2_Desc" "Steam 15 " "[english]TF_TreasureHat_2_Desc" "Earned by completing 15 objectives in ' The Great Steam Treasure Hunt'" "TF_TreasureHat_3_Desc" "Steam 28 " "[english]TF_TreasureHat_3_Desc" "Earned by completing 28 objectives in ' The Great Steam Treasure Hunt.' Beware the Cephalopod padlock." "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_ContactSupport" "There was an error with your transactio n. Please contact support for assistance." "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Title" "" "[english]StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Title" "Warning" "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Btn" " " "[english]StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Btn" "Contact" "TF_Armory_Item_Winter_Crate" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Winter_Crate" "This crate contains an item, but it isn 't clear what. The crate will disappear at the end of the year, so you should op en it before it's gone!" "TF_Weapon_Crossbow" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Crossbow" "Crossbow" "TF_Weapon_StickBomb" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_StickBomb" "Stick Bomb" "TF_Weapon_GardenRake" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_GardenRake" "Garden Rake" "TF_MapToken" " " "[english]TF_MapToken" "Map Stamp" "TF_Bundle_ExcessiveBundle" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ExcessiveBundle" "A Bargaining Manne's Bundle of Bargains " "TF_Bundle_ExcessiveBundle_Desc" " Polycount "[english]TF_Bundle_ExcessiveBundle_Desc" "Includes all items from the Pol ycount Pack and the Winter Update Pack:" "TF_Bundle_WinterUpdate" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_WinterUpdate" "Winter Update Pack" "TF_Bundle_WinterUpdate_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_WinterUpdate_Desc" "Includes all of the Winter Update class set items:" "TF_Bundle_MedievalMedic" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MedievalMedic" "The Medieval Medic" "TF_Bundle_MedievalMedic_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MedievalMedic_Desc" "Includes these medieval themed Medic it ems:" "TF_Bundle_HibernatingBear" "" "[english]TF_Bundle_HibernatingBear" "The Hibernating Bear" "TF_Bundle_HibernatingBear_Desc" " "

"[english]TF_Bundle_HibernatingBear_Desc" "Includes these Heavy items:" "TF_Bundle_ExpertsOrdnance" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ExpertsOrdnance" "The Expert's Ordnance" "TF_Bundle_ExpertsOrdnance_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ExpertsOrdnance_Desc" "Includes these Demoman items:" "TF_Bundle_FancyHats" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_FancyHats" "Box of Fancy Hats" "TF_Bundle_FancyHats_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_FancyHats_Desc" "Contains a variety of incredibly fancy hats:" "TF_Bundle_MapTokens" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MapTokens" "Map Stamps Collection" "TF_Bundle_MapTokens_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MapTokens_Desc" "Includes one a stamp for each community made map." "TF_FlippedTrilby" " " "[english]TF_FlippedTrilby" "Flipped Trilby" "TF_GermanGonzila" " " "[english]TF_GermanGonzila" "German Gonzila" "TF_BuckaroosHat" "" "[english]TF_BuckaroosHat" "Buckaroos Hat" "TF_MadameDixie" "" "[english]TF_MadameDixie" "Madame Dixie" "TF_DetectiveNoir" " " "[english]TF_DetectiveNoir" "Dtective Noir" "TF_CoupeDisaster" " " "[english]TF_CoupeDisaster" "Coupe D'isaster" "TF_PartyPhantom" "" "[english]TF_PartyPhantom" "Le Party Phantom" "TF_ColoredLights" " " "[english]TF_ColoredLights" "Industrial Festivizer" "TF_ExquisiteRack" "" "[english]TF_ExquisiteRack" "Exquisite Rack" "TF_DefiantSpartan" " " "[english]TF_DefiantSpartan" "Defiant Spartan" "TF_FestiveTree" " " "[english]TF_FestiveTree" "A Rather Festive Tree" "TF_TavishCrown" " " "[english]TF_TavishCrown" "Prince Tavish's Crown" "TF_MagnificentMongolian" " " "[english]TF_MagnificentMongolian" "Magnificent Mongolian" "TF_LarrikinRobin" " " "[english]TF_LarrikinRobin" "Larrikin Robin" "TF_BlightedBeak" "" "[english]TF_BlightedBeak" "Blighted Beak" "TF_PyromancersMask" " " "[english]TF_PyromancersMask" "Pyromancer's Mask" "TF_PrancersPride" " " "[english]TF_PrancersPride" "Prancer's Pride" "TF_BerlinersBucketHelm" " " "[english]TF_BerlinersBucketHelm" "Berliner's Bucket Helm" "TF_ScotchBonnet" " " "[english]TF_ScotchBonnet" "Scotch Bonnet" "TF_ScotchBOnnet_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ScotchBOnnet_Desc" "Don't let those ninnies take yer good eye!" "cp_fastlane_authors" "Arttu 'SK' Mki" "[english]cp_fastlane_authors" "Arttu 'SK' Mki" "ctf_turbine_authors" "Flobster" "[english]ctf_turbine_authors" "Flobster" "cp_steel_authors" "Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson\nDan 'Irish Taxi Driver' Merboth

\nFLOOR_MASTER" "[english]cp_steel_authors" "Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson\nDan 'Irish Taxi Driver' Merboth\nFLOOR_MASTER" "cp_egypt_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "[english]cp_egypt_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "cp_junction_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "[english]cp_junction_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "arena_watchtower_authors" "Joshua 'JoshuaC' Shiflet" "[english]arena_watchtower_authors" "Joshua 'JoshuaC' Shiflet" "pl_hoodoo_final_authors" "Tim 'YM' Johnson\nJeroen 'Snipergen' Dessaux\nW ade 'Nineaxis' Fabry\nDrew 'Oxy' Fletcher" "[english]pl_hoodoo_final_authors" "Tim 'YM' Johnson\nJeroen 'Snipergen' De ssaux\nWade 'Nineaxis' Fabry\nDrew 'Oxy' Fletcher" "arena_offblast_final_authors" "Magnar 'insta' Jenssen" "[english]arena_offblast_final_authors" "Magnar 'insta' Jenssen" "cp_yukon_final_authors" "Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland\nJoachim 'Ace gikmo' Holmr" "[english]cp_yukon_final_authors" "Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland\nJoac him 'Acegikmo' Holmr" "koth_harvest_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "[english]koth_harvest_final_authors" "Sean 'Heyo' Cutino" "cp_freight_final1_authors" "Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson\nMitch 'ol' Robb" "[english]cp_freight_final1_authors" "Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson\nMitch 'ol' Robb " "cp_coldfront_authors" "Eric 'Icarus' Wong\nDavid 'Selentic' Simon\nAeon 'Void' Bollig\nTim 'YM'Johnson" "[english]cp_coldfront_authors" "Eric 'Icarus' Wong\nDavid 'Selentic' Simon\nAeo n 'Void' Bollig\nTim 'YM'Johnson" "cp_mountainlab" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain" "[english]cp_mountainlab" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain" "cp_manor_event_authors" "Tim 'YM' Johnson\nAlex 'Rexy' Kreeger" "[english]cp_manor_event_authors" "Tim 'YM' Johnson\nAlex 'Rexy' Kreeger" "TF_Contributed" " %playername% " "[english]TF_Contributed" "Thanks %playername% for supporting this map!" "TF_DuelLeaderboard_Title" " " "[english]TF_DuelLeaderboard_Title" "Top Duel Wins This Season" "TF_MapAuthors_Community_Title" " " "[english]TF_MapAuthors_Community_Title" "A Community Map Made By" "TF_MapDonators_Title" " ( %s1)" "[english]TF_MapDonators_Title" "Supporters (%s1 Worldwide!)" "TF_WorldTraveler" "" "[english]TF_WorldTraveler" "World Traveler's Hat" "TF_WorldTraveler_Desc" " " "[english]TF_WorldTraveler_Desc" "Given to generous souls who have donate d to community map makers. The effect will only be visible while on a map that h as been donated towards!" "TF_Egypt" "Egypt" "[english]TF_Egypt" "Egypt" "TF_MapToken_Egypt" " - Egypt" "[english]TF_MapToken_Egypt" "Map Stamp - Egypt" "TF_MapToken_Egypt_Desc" " \n\n Sean 'Heyo' Cutino \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Egypt_Desc" "An Attack/Defend Control Point Map\n\nM ade by Sean 'Heyo' Cutino\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Egypt community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Coldfront" "Coldfront" "[english]TF_Coldfront" "Coldfront" "TF_MapToken_Coldfront" " - Coldfront" "[english]TF_MapToken_Coldfront" "Map Stamp - Coldfront" "TF_MapToken_Coldfront_Desc" " \n\n Eric 'Icarus' WongDavid 'Selentic' Si BolligTim 'YM'Johnson \n\n Coldfront "

"[english]TF_MapToken_Coldfront_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Eric 'Ic arus' Wong, David 'Selentic' Simon, Aeon 'Void' Bollig, and Tim 'YM'Johnson\n\nP urchasing this item directly supports the creators of the Coldfront community ma p. Show your support today!" "TF_Fastlane" "Fastlane" "[english]TF_Fastlane" "Fastlane" "TF_MapToken_Fastlane" " - Fastlane" "[english]TF_MapToken_Fastlane" "Map Stamp - Fastlane" "TF_MapToken_Fastlane_Desc" " \n\n Arttu 'SK' Mki \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Fastlane_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Arttu 'S K' Mki\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Fastlane comm unity map. Show your support today!" "TF_Turbine" "Turbine" "[english]TF_Turbine" "Turbine" "TF_MapToken_Turbine" " - Turbine" "[english]TF_MapToken_Turbine" "Map Stamp - Turbine" "TF_MapToken_Turbine_Desc" " \n\n Flobster \n\n Turbine "[english]TF_MapToken_Turbine_Desc" "A Capture the Flag Map\n\nMade by Flobs ter\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Turbine communi ty map. Show your support today!" "TF_Steel" "Steel" "[english]TF_Steel" "Steel" "TF_MapToken_Steel" " - Steel" "[english]TF_MapToken_Steel" "Map Stamp - Steel" "TF_MapToken_Steel_Desc" " \n\n Jamie 'Fishbus' MansonDan 'Iris OOR_MASTER \n\n Steel " "[english]TF_MapToken_Steel_Desc" "An Attack/Defence Control Point Map\n\n Made by Jamie 'Fishbus' Manson, Dan 'Irish Taxi Driver' Merboth and FLOOR_MASTER \n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creators of the Steel community m ap. Show your support today!" "TF_Junction" "Junction" "[english]TF_Junction" "Junction" "TF_MapToken_Junction" " - Junction" "[english]TF_MapToken_Junction" "Map Stamp - Junction" "TF_MapToken_Junction_Desc" " \n\n Sean 'Heyo' Cutino \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Junction_Desc" "An Attack/Defend Control Point Map\n\nM ade by Sean 'Heyo' Cutino\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Junction community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Watchtower" "Watchtower" "[english]TF_Watchtower" "Watchtower" "TF_MapToken_Watchtower" " - Watchtower" "[english]TF_MapToken_Watchtower" "Map Stamp - Watchtower" "TF_MapToken_Watchtower_Desc" " \n\n Joshua 'JoshuaC' Shiflet \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Watchtower_Desc" "An Arena Map\n\nMade by Joshua 'JoshuaC ' Shiflet\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Watchtowe r community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Hoodoo" "Hoodoo" "[english]TF_Hoodoo" "Hoodoo" "TF_MapToken_Hoodoo" " - Hoodoo" "[english]TF_MapToken_Hoodoo" "Map Stamp - Hoodoo" "TF_MapToken_Hoodoo_Desc" " \n\n Tim 'YM' JohnsonJeroen 'Snipergen' xis' FabryDrew 'Oxy' Fletcher \n\n Hoodoo "[english]TF_MapToken_Hoodoo_Desc" "A Payload Map\n\nMade by Tim 'YM' Johns on, Jeroen 'Snipergen' Dessaux, Wade 'Nineaxis' Fabry and Drew 'Oxy' Fletcher\n\ nPurchasing this item directly supports the creators of the Hoodoo community map . Show your support today!" "TF_Offblast" "Offblast" "[english]TF_Offblast" "Offblast" "TF_MapToken_Offblast" " - Offblast" "[english]TF_MapToken_Offblast" "Map Stamp - Offblast"

"TF_MapToken_Offblast_Desc" " \n\n Magnar 'insta' Jenssen \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Offblast_Desc" "An Arena Map\n\nMade by Magnar 'insta' Jenssen\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Offblast co mmunity map. Show your support today!" "TF_Yukon" "Yukon" "[english]TF_Yukon" "Yukon" "TF_MapToken_Yukon" " - Yukon" "[english]TF_MapToken_Yukon" "Map Stamp - Yukon" "TF_MapToken_Yukon_Desc" " \n\n Patrick 'MangyCarface' MulhollandJoac Holmr \n\n Yukon " "[english]TF_MapToken_Yukon_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland and Joachim 'Acegikmo' Holmr\n\nPurchasing this item di rectly supports the creators of the Yukon community map. Show your support toda y!" "TF_Harvest" "Harvest" "[english]TF_Harvest" "Harvest" "TF_MapToken_Harvest" " - Harvest" "[english]TF_MapToken_Harvest" "Map Stamp - Harvest" "TF_MapToken_Harvest_Desc" " \n\n Sean 'Heyo' Cutino \n\n "[english]TF_MapToken_Harvest_Desc" "A King of the Hill Map\n\nMade by Sean 'Heyo' Cutino\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Harve st community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Freight" "Freight" "[english]TF_Freight" "Freight" "TF_MapToken_Freight" " - Freight" "[english]TF_MapToken_Freight" "Map Stamp - Freight" "TF_MapToken_Freight_Desc" " \n\n Jamie 'Fishbus' MansonMitch 'ol' Robb "[english]TF_MapToken_Freight_Desc" "A Control Point Map\n\nMade by Jamie 'F ishbus' Manson and Mitch 'ol' Robb\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creators of the Freight community map. Show your support today!" "TF_MountainLab" "Mountain Lab" "[english]TF_MountainLab" "Mountain Lab" "TF_MapToken_MountainLab" " - Mountain Lab" "[english]TF_MapToken_MountainLab" "Map Stamp - Mountain Lab" "TF_MapToken_MountainLab_Desc" " \n\n Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain \n\ "[english]TF_MapToken_MountainLab_Desc" "An Attack/Defence Control Point Map\n\n Made by Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of the Mountain Lab community map. Show your support today!" "TF_ManorEvent" "Mann Manor" "[english]TF_ManorEvent" "Mann Manor" "TF_MapToken_ManorEvent" " - Mann Manor" "[english]TF_MapToken_ManorEvent" "Map Stamp - Mann Manor" "TF_MapToken_ManorEvent_Desc" " \n\n Tim 'YM' JohnsonAlex 'Rexy' Kre "[english]TF_MapToken_ManorEvent_Desc" "An Attack/Defend Control Point Map\n\nM ade by Tim 'YM' Johnson and Alex 'Rexy' Kreeger\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creators of the Mann Manor community map. Show your support today !" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Bronze" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Bronze" "Bronze:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Silver" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Silver" "Silver:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Gold" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Gold" "Gold:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Platinum" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Platinum" "Platinum:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Diamond" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Diamond" "Diamond:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium1" "12K " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium1" "12-karat Australium:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium2" "18K "

"[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium2" "18-karat Australium:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium3" "24K " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Australium3" "24-karat Australium:" "TF_MapDonationLevel_Unobtainium" " " "[english]TF_MapDonationLevel_Unobtainium" "Unobtanium:" "medieval_setup_goal_red" " " "[english]medieval_setup_goal_red" "Capture and hold the final Control Poin t to win the game!" "medieval_setup_goal_blue" " " "[english]medieval_setup_goal_blue" "Open the gate and capture the final Con trol Point to win the game!" "medieval_cap_a" " " "[english]medieval_cap_a" "the Town" "medieval_cap_b" " " "[english]medieval_cap_b" "the Cliffside" "medieval_cap_c" " " "[english]medieval_cap_c" "Red's Keep" "TF_MedievalAttackDefend" " " "[english]TF_MedievalAttackDefend" "Medieval Attack / Defend" "TF_Tool_WinterKey" " " "[english]TF_Tool_WinterKey" "Festive Winter Crate Key" "TF_Tool_WinterKey_Desc" " \n 20101231 "[english]TF_Tool_WinterKey_Desc" "Used to open unusually festive locked w inter crates.\nAfter 12/31/2010 this will turn into a normal key." "TF_Tool_BackpackExpander" " " "[english]TF_Tool_BackpackExpander" "Backpack Expander" "TF_Tool_BackpackExpander_Desc" " 100 \n 2000 " "[english]TF_Tool_BackpackExpander_Desc" "Add 100 extra slots to your bac kpack!\n(2000 spaces maximum)" "TF_Set_Medieval_Medic" " " "[english]TF_Set_Medieval_Medic" "The Medieval Medic" "TF_Set_Hibernating_Bear" "" "[english]TF_Set_Hibernating_Bear" "The Hibernating Bear" "TF_Set_Experts_Ordnance" " " "[english]TF_Set_Experts_Ordnance" "The Expert's Ordnance" "Attrib_GestureSpeed_Increase" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_GestureSpeed_Increase" "+%s1% faster taunt speed on wearer" "Attrib_AimingMoveSpeed_Decreased" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_AimingMoveSpeed_Decreased" "%s1% slower move speed while de ployed" "Attrib_MapDonation" "%s1 - %s2" "[english]Attrib_MapDonation" "%s1 - %s2" "Attrib_FiresHealingBolts" " " "[english]Attrib_FiresHealingBolts" "Fires special bolts that heal teammates and deal damage based on distance traveled" "Attrib_EnablesAOEHeal" " " "[english]Attrib_EnablesAOEHeal" "On Taunt: Applies a healing effect to a ll nearby teammates" "Attrib_ChargeTime_Increase" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_ChargeTime_Increase" "%s1 sec increase in charge duration" "Attrib_DropHealthPackOnKill" " " "[english]Attrib_DropHealthPackOnKill" "On Kill: A small health pack is dropped " "Attrib_HitSelfOnMiss" " " "[english]Attrib_HitSelfOnMiss" "On Miss: Hit yourself. Idiot." "Attrib_DmgFromRanged_Reduced" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgFromRanged_Reduced" "%s1% damage from ranged sources while a ctive" "Attrib_DmgFromMelee_Increased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_DmgFromMelee_Increased" "+%s1% damage from melee sources

while active" "Attrib_BlastDamageToSelf_Increased" "+%s1% " "[english]Attrib_BlastDamageToSelf_Increased" "+%s1% damage to self" "Attrib_Particle20" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle20" "Map Stamps" "TF_UllapoolCaber_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_UllapoolCaber_Desc" "High-yield Scottish face removal.\nA so ber person would throw it..." "TF_BuffaloSteak_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_BuffaloSteak_Desc" "While under the effects, move speed is increase d,\ndamage done and taken will be mini-crits,\nand the player may only use melee weapons.\n\nWho needs bread?" "TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix_Desc" "Can't overheal.\nMove at the sp eed of any faster heal target." "TF_SacredMedicine_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_SacredMedicine_Desc" "While under the effects, damage done\na nd damage taken will be mini-crits.\nYou will also move much faster." "Store_Maps" " " "[english]Store_Maps" "Maps" "Store_Price_New" "" "[english]Store_Price_New" "NEW!" "Store_Price_Sale" "" "[english]Store_Price_Sale" "SALE!" "Store_MapsDesc" " () "[english]Store_MapsDesc" "When you purchase a map stamp, all the proceeds (net of any applicable tax) will go directly to the creators of the map.\n\nIn addition, you'll also receive this nifty World Traveler's Hat for free! Not only does it track your contributions, but also a special particle effect will be vi sible when you play on a map you've contributed towards." "Store_IntroTitle_Winter1" " " "[english]Store_IntroTitle_Winter1" "Happy Australian Christmas!" "Store_IntroText_Winter1" " "[english]Store_IntroText_Winter1" "Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Non-Occas ional Get-Together at Ayn Rand's House? Whatever you're celebrating this year, w e'll be here, open twenty-four hours a day, every day! That's right! We are read y to take your money. This weekend the Mann Co. Store is having deep discounts on our Polycount Pack items, weapons, hats and more. Buy them now, before the a ccountants realize what we're doing!\n\nHurry, because this offer ends soon!" "Store_IntroTitle_Winter2" "Team Fortress " "[english]Store_IntroTitle_Winter2" "Team Fortress Kritzmas Sale!" "Store_IntroText_Winter2" " "[english]Store_IntroText_Winter2" "The Mann Co. Store is having another sa le! In honor of the holiday season, for a limited time, the prices on a staggeri ng number of hats are UNREASONABLY LOW! Why wait until prices are reasonable ag ain?\n\nWe're cleaning out the entire Team Fortress inventory, from H to Ha! Fin ally, give yourself the hat you always wanted but could never afford (even thoug h it was sensibly priced)." "Store_IntroTitle_Winter3" " " "[english]Store_IntroTitle_Winter3" "Final Cold Weather Sale!" "Store_IntroText_Winter3" " "[english]Store_IntroText_Winter3" "It's the final sale of the decade, poss ibly, and that means we're selling all the stuff we were prevented from selling. .. at LUDICROUS PRICES! That's right the European Union Paint Sale Treaty of 200 1 has finally expired, and the European Union Paint Sale Treaty of 2011 has yet to be ratified.\n\nGrab these items now, before the fat cats in Brussels get win d of it!" "Notification_System_Message" " %message%" "[english]Notification_System_Message" "System Message: %message%" "TF_UseBackpackExpander_Title" " "

"[english]TF_UseBackpackExpander_Title" "Expand Backpack?" "TF_UseBackpackExpander_Text" " %new_size% %item_name% "[english]TF_UseBackpackExpander_Text" "Are you sure you want to expand your ba ckpack to %new_size% slots? (%item_name% has %uses_left% use(s) before it will b e removed from your inventory)" "TF_UseBackpackExpanderFail_Title" " " "[english]TF_UseBackpackExpanderFail_Title" "Cannot Expand!" "TF_UseBackpackExpanderFail_Text" " " "[english]TF_UseBackpackExpanderFail_Text" "Your backpack has already been expanded to maximum capacity." "ArmoryFilter_Donationitems" " " "[english]ArmoryFilter_Donationitems" "Map Stamp Items" "TF_Armory_Item_Class_BackpackExpander" " "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Class_BackpackExpander" "This item is a Backpack Expander. When used, it will expand the size of your backpack and be consumed in the process. Click the 'Use' button in the backpack to start the process of appl ying it." "TF_Armory_Item_MapToken" " () "[english]TF_Armory_Item_MapToken" "When this item is purchased, all the pr oceeds (net of any applicable tax) will go directly to the community members who made the map.\n\nMembership level for a map will increase for every 25 map stam ps.\n\nA World Traveler's Hat will also be given out the first time any map stamp has been purchased." "TF_Armory_Item_BackpackExpander" " 100 "[english]TF_Armory_Item_BackpackExpander" "When this item is used, it will add 100 extra slots to your backpack. Note that there is a maximum of 2000 slo ts." "IT_Title" " " "[english]IT_Title" "Item Testing" "IT_CurrentlyTesting" " " "[english]IT_CurrentlyTesting" "Currently Testing:" "IT_ClassUsage" " " "[english]IT_ClassUsage" "Testing Classes:" "IT_Classes_All" " " "[english]IT_Classes_All" "All classes" "IT_Ok" " " "[english]IT_Ok" "Apply Test Items" "IT_Apply" " " "[english]IT_Apply" "Apply" "IT_TestingSlot_Weapon" "" "[english]IT_TestingSlot_Weapon" "Weapon:" "IT_TestingSlot_Headgear" " " "[english]IT_TestingSlot_Headgear" "Headgear:" "IT_TestingSlot_Misc1" " 1" "[english]IT_TestingSlot_Misc1" "Cosmetic 1:" "IT_TestingSlot_Misc2" " 2" "[english]IT_TestingSlot_Misc2" "Cosmetic 2:" "IT_TestingSlot_Empty" "<none>" "[english]IT_TestingSlot_Empty" "<none>" "IT_BotAddition_Title" " " "[english]IT_BotAddition_Title" "Bots:" "IT_Bot_AutoAdd" " " "[english]IT_Bot_AutoAdd" "Auto-add" "IT_Bot_Add" "" "[english]IT_Bot_Add" "Add a:" "IT_Bot_RemoveAll" " " "[english]IT_Bot_RemoveAll" "Remove all bots" "IT_BotControl_Title" " " "[english]IT_BotControl_Title" "Bot Controls:" "IT_BotAnim_Title" " "

"[english]IT_BotAnim_Title" "Bots should:" "IT_BotAnim_Idle" "" "[english]IT_BotAnim_Idle" "Stand" "IT_BotAnim_Crouch_Idle" "" "[english]IT_BotAnim_Crouch_Idle" "Crouch" "IT_BotAnim_Run" "" "[english]IT_BotAnim_Run" "Run" "IT_BotAnim_Crouch_Walk" " " "[english]IT_BotAnim_Crouch_Walk" "Crouch walk" "IT_BotAnim_Jump" " " "[english]IT_BotAnim_Jump" "Jump" "IT_BotAnim_ForceFire" " " "[english]IT_BotAnim_ForceFire" "Fire weapons" "IT_BotAnim_Turntable" " " "[english]IT_BotAnim_Turntable" "Rotate on the spot" "IT_BotAnim_ViewScan" " " "[english]IT_BotAnim_ViewScan" "Look around" "IT_BotAnimSpeed_Title" "" "[english]IT_BotAnimSpeed_Title" "Anim speed:" "IT_ExportLoadout" " " "[english]IT_ExportLoadout" "Save Test Setup" "IT_ImportLoadout" " " "[english]IT_ImportLoadout" "Load Test Setup" "IT_ImportLast" " " "[english]IT_ImportLast" "Load most recent" "IT_TestingFiles" " *.itf" "[english]IT_TestingFiles" "Item Testing files (*.itf)" "IT_Item_Add" "" "[english]IT_Item_Add" "Add" "IT_Item_Edit" " " "[english]IT_Item_Edit" "Edit" "IT_Item_Remove" "X" "[english]IT_Item_Remove" "X" "IT_Title_0" " " "[english]IT_Title_0" "Test Weapon" "IT_Title_1" " " "[english]IT_Title_1" "Test Headgear" "IT_Title_2" " 1" "[english]IT_Title_2" "Test Cosmetic 1" "IT_Title_3" " 2" "[english]IT_Title_3" "Test Cosmetic 2" "IT_YourModel" "" "[english]IT_YourModel" "Your New Model:" "IT_MDL_Files" "*.mdl" "[english]IT_MDL_Files" "Model files (*.mdl)" "IT_NoModel" "<none selected>" "[english]IT_NoModel" "<none selected>" "IT_SelectModel" " " "[english]IT_SelectModel" "Select Model" "IT_ItemType" " " "[english]IT_ItemType" "Item Type:" "IT_ItemReplaces" " " "[english]IT_ItemReplaces" "Replaces:" "IT_Bodygroups" " " "[english]IT_Bodygroups" "Geometry to hide:" "IT_Bodygroup_Hat" "" "[english]IT_Bodygroup_Hat" "Hat" "IT_Bodygroup_Headphone" " " "[english]IT_Bodygroup_Headphone" "Headphones (Scout)" "IT_Bodygroup_Medals" " "

"[english]IT_Bodygroup_Medals" "Chest Medals (Soldier)" "IT_Bodygroup_Grenades" " " "[english]IT_Bodygroup_Grenades" "Chest Grenades (Soldier)" "IT_OtherOptions" " " "[english]IT_OtherOptions" "Other Options:" "IT_PerClassSequences" " " "[english]IT_PerClassSequences" "Set sequence to match player class" "IT_PaintTitle" "" "[english]IT_PaintTitle" "Painted with:" "IT_PaintNone" "" "[english]IT_PaintNone" "Nothing" "IT_ItemReplaced_Select" " " "[english]IT_ItemReplaced_Select" "Select item" "IT_ItemReplaced_Invalid" " " "[english]IT_ItemReplaced_Invalid" "These classes have no shared weapons" "IT_Explanation_SelectModel" " \n\n "[english]IT_Explanation_SelectModel" "Hit this button, and select your new mo del.\n\nBased on the type of item you've chosen, the dialog will start in the ap propriate directory. Your model should be in that directory, or within a sub dir ectory below it." "IT_Explanation_Bodygroups" " "[english]IT_Explanation_Bodygroups" "Select geometry pieces on the player mo del that should be hidden. Most hats need to hide the base hat." "IT_Explanation_PerClassSequences" " "[english]IT_Explanation_PerClassSequences" "If you have an item worn by mul tiple classes, but you'd like it attached differently on each class, check this option. Then, add 9 single frame, looping animation sequences to your model, cor responding to: scout, sniper, soldier, demo, medic, heavy, pyro, spy, and engine er." "SystemMessage_WinterCrateWarning_2Hour" " "[english]SystemMessage_WinterCrateWarning_2Hour" "Festive Winter Crates w ill disappear soon! You have less than two hours to open yours!" "SystemMessage_WinterCrateWarning_30Minute" " "[english]SystemMessage_WinterCrateWarning_30Minute" "Festive Winter Crates w ill disappear soon! Only thirty minutes until they are gone forever!" "TF_Duel_Refund_ForceTeamSwap" "%initiator% %target% "[english]TF_Duel_Refund_ForceTeamSwap" "The duel between %initiator% and %target% h as ended, because a player has been switched to another team. A Dueling Mini-Gam e owned by %initiator% has not been consumed." "TF_Duel_CannotUse" " " "[english]TF_Duel_CannotUse" "Cannot initiate a duel at this time." "TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons" "Pile of Nasty Weapons" "TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_NastyWeapons_Desc" "An assortment of particularly nasty wea pons:" "TF_BigChief" " " "[english]TF_BigChief" "The Big Chief" "TF_Tool_ChristmasKey2010" " " "[english]TF_Tool_ChristmasKey2010" "Stocking Stuffer Key" "TF_Tool_ChristmasKey2010_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_Tool_ChristmasKey2010_Desc" "Someone left this key in your b est pair of fightin' socks.\nIt looks like it will open any festive or normal cr ate." "TF_Unique_Logo_Shield" " " "[english]TF_Unique_Logo_Shield" "The Heraldic Targe" "TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix" " " "[english]TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix" "The Quick-Fix" "TF_Unique_BleedingSocketItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_BleedingSocketItem" "Leakium"

"TF_Unique_BulletResistItem" " " "[english]TF_Unique_BulletResistItem" "Bulletproofium" "TF_Unique_FireResistItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_FireResistItem" "Fireproofium" "TF_Unique_BlastResistItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_BlastResistItem" "Blastproofium" "TF_Unique_HealthRegenItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_HealthRegenItem" "Firstaidium" "TF_Unique_SpeedBoostItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_SpeedBoostItem" "Sprintium" "TF_Unique_MetalRegenItem" " " "[english]TF_Unique_MetalRegenItem" "Harvestine" "TF_Unique_CloakRegenItem" " " "[english]TF_Unique_CloakRegenItem" "Invisine" "TF_Unique_CloakConsumeItem" " " "[english]TF_Unique_CloakConsumeItem" "Longvisine" "TF_Unique_RepairRateItem" " " "[english]TF_Unique_RepairRateItem" "Wrenchine" "TF_Unique_ConstructionRateItem" "" "[english]TF_Unique_ConstructionRateItem" "Constructine" "TF_Iron_Curtain" " " "[english]TF_Iron_Curtain" "The Iron Curtain" "TF_TTG_Watch" " " "[english]TF_TTG_Watch" "The Enthusiast's Timepiece" "TF_Amputator" "" "[english]TF_Amputator" "The Amputator" "TF_CrusadersCrossbow" " " "[english]TF_CrusadersCrossbow" "The Crusader's Crossbow" "TF_UllapoolCaber" " " "[english]TF_UllapoolCaber" "The Ullapool Caber" "TF_LochNLoad" " " "[english]TF_LochNLoad" "The Loch-n-Load" "TF_BuffaloSteak" "" "[english]TF_BuffaloSteak" "The Buffalo Steak Sandvich" "TF_GatlingGun" " " "[english]TF_GatlingGun" "The Brass Beast" "TF_WarriorsSpirit" "" "[english]TF_WarriorsSpirit" "The Warrior's Spirit" "TF_CandyCane" "" "[english]TF_CandyCane" "The Candy Cane" "TF_Jag" " " "[english]TF_Jag" "The Jag" "TF_Claidheamohmor" " " "[english]TF_Claidheamohmor" "The Claidheamh Mr" "TF_BackScratcher" "" "[english]TF_BackScratcher" "The Back Scratcher" "TF_BostonBasher" " " "[english]TF_BostonBasher" "The Boston Basher" "TF_FistsOfSteel" " " "[english]TF_FistsOfSteel" "The Fists of Steel" "TF_Weapon_RiftFireAxe" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_RiftFireAxe" "RIFT Fire Axe" "TF_Weapon_RiftFireMace" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_RiftFireMace" "RIFT Fire Mace" "TF_Wearable_Apparel" "" "[english]TF_Wearable_Apparel" "Apparel" "TF_Homefront_Blindfold" " " "[english]TF_Homefront_Blindfold" "Hero's Hachimaki" "TF_MNC_Hat" " " "[english]TF_MNC_Hat" "The Athletic Supporter"

"TF_MNC_Hat_Desc" "[ ]" "[english]TF_MNC_Hat_Desc" "[Insert Favorite Regional Team Here]" "TF_MNC_Mascot_Hat" " " "[english]TF_MNC_Mascot_Hat" "The Superfan" "TF_MNC_Mascot_Outfit" " " "[english]TF_MNC_Mascot_Outfit" "The Essential Accessories" "plr_nightfall_authors" "Aaron 'Psy' Garcha\nPaul Good" "[english]plr_nightfall_authors" "Aaron 'Psy' Garcha\nPaul Good" "pl_frontier_authors" "Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland\nArhurt" "[english]pl_frontier_authors" "Patrick 'MangyCarface' Mulholland\nArhurt" "koth_lakeside_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain" "[english]koth_lakeside_authors" "Valentin '3DNJ' Levillain" "TF_Nightfall" "Nightfall" "[english]TF_Nightfall" "Nightfall" "TF_MapToken_Nightfall" " - Nightfall" "[english]TF_MapToken_Nightfall" "Map Stamp - Nightfall" "TF_MapToken_Nightfall_Desc" " \n\nAaron 'Psy' GarchaPaul Good "[english]TF_MapToken_Nightfall_Desc" "A Payload Race Map\n\nMade by Aaron 'Ps y' Garcha and Paul Good\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creators o f the Nightfall community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Frontier" "Frontier" "[english]TF_Frontier" "Frontier" "TF_MapToken_Frontier" " - Frontier" "[english]TF_MapToken_Frontier" "Map Stamp - Frontier" "TF_MapToken_Frontier_Desc" " \n\nPatrick 'MangyCarface' MulhollandArh "[english]TF_MapToken_Frontier_Desc" "A Payload Map\n\nMade by Patrick 'Mangy Carface' Mulholland and Arhurt\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the cre ators of the Frontier community map. Show your support today!" "TF_Lakeside" "Lakeside" "[english]TF_Lakeside" "Lakeside" "TF_MapToken_Lakeside" " - Lakeside" "[english]TF_MapToken_Lakeside" "Map Stamp - Lakeside" "TF_MapToken_Lakeside_Desc" " \n\nValentin '3DNJ' Levillain\ "[english]TF_MapToken_Lakeside_Desc" "A King of the Hill Map\n\nMade by Valen tin '3DNJ' Levillain\n\nPurchasing this item directly supports the creator of th e Lakeside community map. Show your support today!" "Tournament_Countdown_Sec" "%s1 ...'F4'" "[english]Tournament_Countdown_Sec" "Starting in %s1 second... 'F4' to cance l" "TF_GENERAL_KILL_ENEMIES_AFTER_TELEPORTING_NAME" "Rift " "[english]TF_GENERAL_KILL_ENEMIES_AFTER_TELEPORTING_NAME" "Riftwalker" "TF_GENERAL_KILL_ENEMIES_AFTER_TELEPORTING_DESC" " 5 "[english]TF_GENERAL_KILL_ENEMIES_AFTER_TELEPORTING_DESC" "Kill an enemy w ithin 5 seconds of you traveling through an Engineer's teleporter." "TF_Tool_ClaimCode_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Tool_ClaimCode_Desc" "This item will grant you one claim code ." "TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimCode" "RIFT " "[english]TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimCode" "RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code" "TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimCode_Desc" " , Rift "[english]TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimCode_Desc" "This item will grant you a code to receive a hat in Rift. Use it from your backpack to claim the code." "TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimType" "RIFT " "[english]TF_RIFT_SpiderHat_ClaimType" "RIFT Well Spun Hat" "Attrib_SetDamageType_Ignite" " " "[english]Attrib_SetDamageType_Ignite" "On Hit: target is engulfed in flames" "Attrib_Minicrit_Vs_Burning_Player" " " "[english]Attrib_Minicrit_Vs_Burning_Player" "100% minicrits vs burning playe rs" "TF_Unique_RiftFireAxe" " "

"[english]TF_Unique_RiftFireAxe" "Sharpened Volcano Fragment" "TF_Unique_RiftFireMace" "" "[english]TF_Unique_RiftFireMace" "The Sun-on-a-Stick" "TF_RiftFireAxe_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_RiftFireAxe_Desc" "Improves upon Mother Nature's original\ndesign for volcanos by increasing portability.\nModern science is unable to explain exa ctly\nwhere the lava is coming from." "TF_RiftFireMace_Desc" " " "[english]TF_RiftFireMace_Desc" "Spiky end goes into other man." "rarity1" " " "[english]rarity1" "Genuine" "MMenu_ShowPromoCodes" " " "[english]MMenu_ShowPromoCodes" "View Promotional Codes" "TF_UseClaimCode_Title" " " "[english]TF_UseClaimCode_Title" "Claim Code?" "TF_UseClaimCode_Text" " %claim_type% " "[english]TF_UseClaimCode_Text" "Are you sure you want to claim this code: %clai m_type%? The claim code will be permanently attached to your account." "TF_TradeWindow_PartnerIsTyping" "%s1 " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_PartnerIsTyping" "%s1 is typing a message." "GameUI_CrosshairNone" " " "[english]GameUI_CrosshairNone" "Default" "Attrib_Particle16" " " "[english]Attrib_Particle16" "Vivid Plasma" "TF_Weapon_SoldierSashimono" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_SoldierSashimono" "Sashimono" "TF_Weapon_Gunbai" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Gunbai" "Gunbai" "TF_Weapon_Kunai" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Kunai" "Kunai" "TF_Weapon_SoldierKatana" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_SoldierKatana" "Katana" "TF_Tool_Gift_Desc" " "[english]TF_Tool_Gift_Desc" "This item is a wrapped gift. You can give to so meone if you wrapped it, or unwrap it if you received it!" "TF_NoiseMaker_Shogun" " - " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Shogun" "Noise Maker - Koto" "TF_Bundle_ShogunPromoComplete" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ShogunPromoComplete" "The Emperor's Assortment" "TF_Bundle_ShogunPromoComplete_Desc" " \n \n . . "[english]TF_Bundle_ShogunPromoComplete_Desc" "Get all eight items.\nThis haik u is not lying.\nGet. All. Eight. Items:" "TF_SoldierSashimono" " " "[english]TF_SoldierSashimono" "Concheror" "TF_SoldierSashimono_Desc" " "[english]TF_SoldierSashimono_Desc" "With buff, some damage\nDished out by n earby teammates\nComes back as healing" "TF_Gunbai" " " "[english]TF_Gunbai" "Fan O'War" "TF_Gunbai_Desc" " Gravel Pit \n \n " "[english]TF_Gunbai_Desc" "Winds of Gravel Pit\nScout brings on his fan!\n You are marked for death" "TF_Kunai" " " "[english]TF_Kunai" "Conniver's Kunai" "TF_Kunai_Desc" " \n \n " "[english]TF_Kunai_Desc" "Start off with low health\nKill somebody with t his knife\nSteal all of their health" "TF_SpyOniMask" "" "[english]TF_SpyOniMask" "Noh Mercy" "TF_SpyOniMask_Desc" " \n \n"

"[english]TF_SpyOniMask_Desc" "Chain-smoking Frenchman\nSkulks in shadows, the n attacks \nTerrifying mask" "TF_MedicGeishaHair" " " "[english]TF_MedicGeishaHair" "Geisha Boy" "TF_MedicGeishaHair_Desc" " \n \n " "[english]TF_MedicGeishaHair_Desc" "Frog leaps into pond\nLotus blossoms fa ll to earth\nMedic has girl's hair" "TF_HeavyTopknot" " " "[english]TF_HeavyTopknot" "Dread Knot" "TF_HeavyTopknot_Desc" " \n \n " "[english]TF_HeavyTopknot_Desc" "Crybabies cower\nAt the approach of fat man\nWi th terrible hair" "TF_SoldierKatana" " " "[english]TF_SoldierKatana" "Half-Zatoichi" "TF_SoldierKatana_Desc" "\n \n" "[english]TF_SoldierKatana_Desc" "Soldiers and Demos\nCan duel with katan as\nFor a one-hit kill" "TF_DemoKabuto" "" "[english]TF_DemoKabuto" "Samur-Eye" "TF_DemoKabuto_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_DemoKabuto_Desc" "One-eyed Scottish drunk\nDons his helmet for ba ttle\nBlacks out, misses war" "Gametype_AttackDefense" " /" "[english]Gametype_AttackDefense" "Attack / Defense" "ShowDuplicateItemsCheckbox" " " "[english]ShowDuplicateItemsCheckbox" "Show Duplicate Items" "Attrib_TradableAfterDate" "\n %s1 " "[english]Attrib_TradableAfterDate" "\nTradable After: %s1" "Attrib_Store_TradableAfterDate" "" "[english]Attrib_Store_TradableAfterDate" "Becomes Tradable After a Few Da ys" "Attrib_Store_Purchased" "" "[english]Attrib_Store_Purchased" "Will Not Be Tradable or Usable in Craft ing" "Attrib_Sanguisuge" " " "[english]Attrib_Sanguisuge" "On Backstab: Absorbs the health from your victi m." "Attrib_Honorbound" " " "[english]Attrib_Honorbound" "Honorbound: Once drawn cannot be sheathed until it kills." "Attrib_MarkForDeath" " "[english]Attrib_MarkForDeath" "On Hit: One target at a time is marked for deat h, causing all damage taken to be mini-crits" "Attrib_RestoreHealthOnKill" " %s1% " "[english]Attrib_RestoreHealthOnKill" "On Kill: Restores you to %s1% health" "IT_ExistingItem" " " "[english]IT_ExistingItem" "Or an existing item:" "TF_call_vote" " " "[english]TF_call_vote" "Call vote" "TF_Chat_Coach" "* * %s1 %s2" "[english]TF_Chat_Coach" "*COACH* %s1 : %s2" "TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator" "The Detonator" "Achievement_Group_2000" " (%s1 %s2)" "[english]Achievement_Group_2000" "Replay Update (%s1 of %s2)" "Backpack_SortBy_Rarity" " " "[english]Backpack_SortBy_Rarity" "Sort by Quality" "Attrib_NewUsersHelped" "%s1" "[english]Attrib_NewUsersHelped" "New Users Helped: %s1" "TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator_Desc" " "


"[english]TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Detonator_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Detonate flare." "TF_Unique_BattleSaw_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Unique_BattleSaw_Desc" "Allows you to see an enemy's health." "TF_SaveReplay" "" "[english]TF_SaveReplay" "Save a replay of your current or last life" "TF_ToggleReplayDirections" " " "[english]TF_ToggleReplayDirections" "Toggle replay tips" "TF_freezecam_replay" "[%s1] " "[english]TF_freezecam_replay" "[%s1] Create a replay!" "Replay_Download" " " "[english]Replay_Download" "Download" "Replay_Delete" " " "[english]Replay_Delete" "Delete" "Replay_Save" "" "[english]Replay_Save" "Save" "Replay_NameYourReplay" " " "[english]Replay_NameYourReplay" "NAME YOUR REPLAY" "Replay_Untitled" "%s1" "[english]Replay_Untitled" "Untitled %s1" "Replay_EnterYourName" " " "[english]Replay_EnterYourName" "Enter a name here to help you identify this Rep lay later." "Replay_StartDownloadAuto" " " "[english]Replay_StartDownloadAuto" "Start download automatically when Repla y file is available on server." "Replay_NeverShowAgain" " " "[english]Replay_NeverShowAgain" "Never show this again!" "Replay_NameYourTake" " " "[english]Replay_NameYourTake" "NAME YOUR TAKE" "Replay_NameFinePrint" " " "[english]Replay_NameFinePrint" "Enter a name here to help you identify this tak e later." "Replay_Discard" "X " "[english]Replay_Discard" "X DISCARD" "Replay_SavePerformance" "" "[english]Replay_SavePerformance" "SAVE" "Replay_GotoTickTitle" " " "[english]Replay_GotoTickTitle" "Jump to Time" "Replay_GotoTickRewindText" "%time% " "[english]Replay_GotoTickRewindText" "Jump back to %time%? It will take a mom ent to rewind the replay." "Replay_GotoTickFastForwardText" " %time%" "[english]Replay_GotoTickFastForwardText" "Jump forward to %time%?" "Replay_DiscardTitle" "" "[english]Replay_DiscardTitle" "Discard changes?" "Replay_DiscardChanges" "\n\n "[english]Replay_DiscardChanges" "You have unsaved changes. Discard?\n\n NOTE: You can save by clicking the menu button in the top left and selecting SAV E or SAVE AS." "Replay_ExitEditorTitle" "" "[english]Replay_ExitEditorTitle" "Done?" "Replay_BackToReplays" " " "[english]Replay_BackToReplays" "This will take you back to your replays." "ReplayBrowserDlg_Downloaded" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Downloaded" "Downloaded" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Rendered" "" "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Rendered" "Rendered" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Deletion" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Deletion" "Time Remaining" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Filename" ""

"[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Filename" "Filename" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Map" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Map" "Map" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Server" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Server" "Server" "ReplayBrowserDlg_RecordTime" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_RecordTime" "Recorded" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Length" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Length" "Length" "ReplayBrowserDlg_Size" "MB" "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_Size" "Size (MB)" "ReplayBrowserDlg_NoDemos" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_NoDemos" "No demos to display." "ReplayBrowserDlg_ShowAll" " " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_ShowAll" "Show All" "ReplayBrowserDlg_XMoreReplays" "%s1 " "[english]ReplayBrowserDlg_XMoreReplays" "%s1 more!" "Replay_MyReplays" " " "[english]Replay_MyReplays" "REPLAYS" "Replay_Replay" " " "[english]Replay_Replay" "REPLAYS" "Replay_Connecting" " " "[english]Replay_Connecting" "CONNECTING" "Replay_RecordingInProgress" " " "[english]Replay_RecordingInProgress" "RECORDING IN PROGRESS" "Replay_Error" " " "[english]Replay_Error" "ERROR" "Replay_Downloading" " " "[english]Replay_Downloading" "DOWNLOADING" "Replay_UnrenderedReplays" " (%s1)" "[english]Replay_UnrenderedReplays" "TEMPORARY REPLAYS (%s1) :" "Replay_SavedMovies" "(%s1)" "[english]Replay_SavedMovies" "SAVED MOVIES (%s1) :" "Replay_ConversionWarning" " "[english]Replay_ConversionWarning" "These are temporary, and unless saved, may be lost with the next game update." "Replay_RenderAll" "..." "[english]Replay_RenderAll" "SAVE ALL..." "Replay_StartRecord" " " "[english]Replay_StartRecord" "The server is ready to capture replays." "Replay_EndRecord" " " "[english]Replay_EndRecord" "The server is no longer capturing replays. Any replays saved are now ready for download." "Replay_ReplaysAvailable" " " "[english]Replay_ReplaysAvailable" "Replays from the previous round are now ready for download." "Replay_ReplaySavedAlive" " " "[english]Replay_ReplaySavedAlive" "Your Replay will begin downloading afte r this life." "Replay_ReplaySavedDead" " " "[english]Replay_ReplaySavedDead" "Your Replay has been saved and will beg in downloading momentarily." "Replay_AlreadySaved" " " "[english]Replay_AlreadySaved" "Replay already created! Click REPLAYS in the m ain menu to watch it." "Replay_NotEnabled" " " "[english]Replay_NotEnabled" "Replay is currently disabled on this server." "Replay_NotRecording" " " "[english]Replay_NotRecording" "The server is not capturing replays right now." "Replay_ConnectRecording" " \n [ %s1 ]

"[english]Replay_ConnectRecording" "This server is replay capable.\nPress [ %s1 ] at any time to create a replay for your current life.\n\nNote: If done wh ile spectating, your previous life will be used." "Replay_ReplaySaveContext" " [ %s1 ] "[english]Replay_ReplaySaveContext" "Press [ %s1 ] at any time to create a r eplay for that life. If done while spectating, your previous life will be saved ." "Replay_HideThisMessage" "[ %s1 ] " "[english]Replay_HideThisMessage" "[ %s1 ] to hide this message" "Replay_DefaultServerError" " " "[english]Replay_DefaultServerError" "The server encountered an error in proc essing Replays for the last round." "Replay_NoReplays" "\n [ %s1 ] " "[english]Replay_NoReplays" "Currently you have no replays.\nPress [ %s1 ] d uring a game to create one." "Replay_NoMovies" "\n\n "[english]Replay_NoMovies" "Currently you have no saved movies.\nYou can sa ve replays into movies and share them\nwith your friends." "Replay_NoCuts" " <SPACE> "[english]Replay_NoCuts" "Currently you have no takes. Click the watch b utton below, then once the replay loads, press <SPACE> to enter the replay edito r." "Replay_Kills" " " "[english]Replay_Kills" "KILLS" "Replay_KilledBy" " " "[english]Replay_KilledBy" "Killed by:" "Replay_OnMap" " " "[english]Replay_OnMap" "ON MAP" "Replay_Life" " " "[english]Replay_Life" "LENGTH" "Replay_None" "<NONE>" "[english]Replay_None" "<NONE>" "Replay_RenderTime" " " "[english]Replay_RenderTime" "RENDER TIME" "Replay_DefaultDetailsTitle" "<click to edit title>" "[english]Replay_DefaultDetailsTitle" "<click to edit title>" "Replay_Watch" " / " "[english]Replay_Watch" "WATCH / EDIT" "Replay_YouTubeUpload" " YOUTUBE" "[english]Replay_YouTubeUpload" "YOUTUBE IT" "Replay_YouTube" "YouTube" "[english]Replay_YouTube" "YouTube" "Replay_YouTubeView" "YouTube " "[english]Replay_YouTubeView" "View on YouTube" "Replay_YouTubeShareURL" " URL" "[english]Replay_YouTubeShareURL" "Copy URL" "Replay_CopyURL_Title" "URL " "[english]Replay_CopyURL_Title" "Copied URL!" "Replay_CopyURL_Text" " YouTube URL " "[english]Replay_CopyURL_Text" "The movie's YouTube URL has been copied to your clipboard." "Replay_ClickToEdit" " " "[english]Replay_ClickToEdit" "CLICK TO EDIT" "Replay_PlayedAs" " " "[english]Replay_PlayedAs" "Played as:" "Replay_LifeLength" " " "[english]Replay_LifeLength" "Length:" "Replay_NoKiller" " " "[english]Replay_NoKiller" "No killer" "Replay_SaveThisLifeMsg" "[%s1]"

"[english]Replay_SaveThisLifeMsg" "Press [%s1] to save a Replay of this li fe!" "Replay_DownloadComplete" "... " "[english]Replay_DownloadComplete" " complete! Click REPLAYS in the MAIN MENU to view your replay." "Replay_DownloadFailed" "... " "[english]Replay_DownloadFailed" " failed!" "Replay_NoKeyBoundNoReplays" " \n -> -> "[english]Replay_NoKeyBoundNoReplays" "You have no key set up for saving repla ys! Go to\nOptions -> Keyboard -> Miscellaneous to set one up." "Replay_NoScreenshot" " " "[english]Replay_NoScreenshot" "NO SCREENSHOT" "Replay_GenericMsgTitle" "" "[english]Replay_GenericMsgTitle" "Replay" "Replay_SearchText" "" "[english]Replay_SearchText" "Search" "Replay_RenderAdvancedOptions" " " "[english]Replay_RenderAdvancedOptions" "Show Advanced Options" "Replay_RenderSetting" " " "[english]Replay_RenderSetting" "Movie Quality:" "Replay_RenderSetting_Low" "" "[english]Replay_RenderSetting_Low" "Draft" "Replay_RenderSetting_Medium" " " "[english]Replay_RenderSetting_Medium" "Standard" "Replay_RenderSetting_High" "" "[english]Replay_RenderSetting_High" "High" "Replay_RenderSetting_Max" "" "[english]Replay_RenderSetting_Max" "Maximum" "Replay_RenderEstimate_Time" " %s1 %s2" "[english]Replay_RenderEstimate_Time" "Estimated Time To Render: %s1 to %s2" "Replay_RenderEstimate_File" " %s1 kb" "[english]Replay_RenderEstimate_File" "Estimated File Size: %s1 kb" "Replay_NextX" "%s1" "[english]Replay_NextX" "Next %s1" "Replay_PrevX" "%s1" "[english]Replay_PrevX" "Previous %s1" "Replay_Stat_Label_0" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_0" " " "Replay_Stat_Label_1" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_1" "SHOTS HIT" "Replay_Stat_Label_2" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_2" "SHOTS FIRED" "Replay_Stat_Label_3" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_3" "KILLS" "Replay_Stat_Label_4" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_4" "DEATHS" "Replay_Stat_Label_5" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_5" "DAMAGE" "Replay_Stat_Label_6" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_6" "CAPTURES" "Replay_Stat_Label_7" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_7" "DEFENSES" "Replay_Stat_Label_8" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_8" "DOMINATIONS" "Replay_Stat_Label_9" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_9" "REVENGE" "Replay_Stat_Label_10" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_10" "SCORE" "Replay_Stat_Label_11" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_11" "DESTRUCTION"

"Replay_Stat_Label_12" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_12" "HEADSHOTS" "Replay_Stat_Label_13" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_13" "PLAYTIME" "Replay_Stat_Label_14" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_14" "HEALING" "Replay_Stat_Label_15" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_15" "INVULNS" "Replay_Stat_Label_16" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_16" "KILL ASSISTS" "Replay_Stat_Label_17" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_17" "BACKSTABS" "Replay_Stat_Label_18" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_18" "HEALTH LEACHED" "Replay_Stat_Label_19" "" "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_19" "CONSTRUCTION" "Replay_Stat_Label_20" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_20" "SENTRY KILLS" "Replay_Stat_Label_21" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_21" "TELEPORTS" "Replay_Stat_Label_22" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_22" "FIRE DAMAGE" "Replay_Stat_Label_23" " " "[english]Replay_Stat_Label_23" "BONUS POINTS" "Replay_NewRecord" " " "[english]Replay_NewRecord" "NEW RECORD!" "Replay_NoNewRecord" " " "[english]Replay_NoNewRecord" "No record earned this time. Try harder!" "Replay_SingleWordDateAndTime" "%s1 @ %s2" "[english]Replay_SingleWordDateAndTime" "%s1 @ %s2" "Replay_DateAndTime" "%s1 %s2%s3 @ %s4" "[english]Replay_DateAndTime" "%s1 %s2, %s3 @ %s4" "Replay_Date" "%s1 %s2%s3" "[english]Replay_Date" "%s1 %s2, %s3" "Replay_Today" "" "[english]Replay_Today" "Today" "Replay_Yesterday" "" "[english]Replay_Yesterday" "Yesterday" "Replay_DeleteEditConfirm" " " "[english]Replay_DeleteEditConfirm" "This take will be permanently deleted." "Replay_DeleteReplayConfirm" " " "[english]Replay_DeleteReplayConfirm" "This replay and all accompanying takes will be permanently deleted." "Replay_DeleteMovieConfirm" " " "[english]Replay_DeleteMovieConfirm" "This movie will be permanently deleted. " "Replay_RoundInProgress" " " "[english]Replay_RoundInProgress" "WAITING FOR SERVER" "Replay_RenderEllipsis" " ..." "[english]Replay_RenderEllipsis" "SAVE TO MOVIE..." "Replay_RenderReplay" "" "[english]Replay_RenderReplay" "RENDER REPLAY" "Replay_RenderReplays" "" "[english]Replay_RenderReplays" "RENDER MOVIES" "Replay_OlderMovies" "" "[english]Replay_OlderMovies" "OLDER MOVIES:" "Replay_Rendered" "" "[english]Replay_Rendered" "MOVIES" "Replay_Go" " " "[english]Replay_Go" "GO!"

"Replay_HighestVideo" " " "[english]Replay_HighestVideo" "Render with highest video settings" "Replay_QuitWhenDone" "" "[english]Replay_QuitWhenDone" "Quit when done" "Replay_EnableAntiAliasing" " " "[english]Replay_EnableAntiAliasing" "Enable Antialiasing" "Replay_EnableVoicePlayback" " " "[english]Replay_EnableVoicePlayback" "Record voice playback" "Replay_OverrideFov" " " "[english]Replay_OverrideFov" "Override FOV:" "Replay_DeleteDenialTitle" " " "[english]Replay_DeleteDenialTitle" "Can't delete Replay" "Replay_DeleteDenialText" " " "[english]Replay_DeleteDenialText" "You must delete all rendered movies ass ociated with this replay before you can delete it." "Replay_Title" " " "[english]Replay_Title" "Title" "Replay_ConfirmQuitTitle" "" "[english]Replay_ConfirmQuitTitle" "Really Quit?" "Replay_TakeMeToReplays" " " "[english]Replay_TakeMeToReplays" "Take me to the replays" "Replay_YesReallyQuit" "" "[english]Replay_YesReallyQuit" "Yes, really quit" "Replay_ConfirmQuit" "\n " "[english]Replay_ConfirmQuit" "You have temporary replays that may be lost\nif you quit before saving them as movies." "Replay_CancelRenderTitle" "" "[english]Replay_CancelRenderTitle" "Cancel render?" "Replay_ConfirmCancelRender" " " "[english]Replay_ConfirmCancelRender" "Are you sure you want to cancel renderi ng?" "Replay_Yes" "" "[english]Replay_Yes" "Yes" "Replay_No" "" "[english]Replay_No" "No" "Replay_CancelRender" "X " "[english]Replay_CancelRender" "X CANCEL" "Replay_Cancel" "" "[english]Replay_Cancel" "CANCEL" "Replay_RenderPreview" " " "[english]Replay_RenderPreview" "Enable preview (slower)" "Replay_RenderNow" " " "[english]Replay_RenderNow" "Save movies now, then quit" "Replay_DontShowThisAgain" " " "[english]Replay_DontShowThisAgain" "Don't show this message again" "Replay_RenderEditTitle" " " "[english]Replay_RenderEditTitle" "Shot Settings" "Replay_RenderEditFov" " " "[english]Replay_RenderEditFov" "Camera field of view" "Replay_RenderEditCamMoveSpeed" " " "[english]Replay_RenderEditCamMoveSpeed" "Camera move speed" "Replay_RenderEditCamRotSpeed" " " "[english]Replay_RenderEditCamRotSpeed" "Camera rotation speed" "Replay_AspectRatio" " " "[english]Replay_AspectRatio" "Aspect Ratio" "Replay_Reset" "" "[english]Replay_Reset" "Reset" "Replay_ReplayIntroTitle" " " "[english]Replay_ReplayIntroTitle" "replay - read this!" "Replay_ConfirmDisconnectFromServer" " "

"[english]Replay_ConfirmDisconnectFromServer" "This will end your current game ." "Replay_FirstPerson" " " "[english]Replay_FirstPerson" "First-person" "Replay_Chase" " " "[english]Replay_Chase" "Chase" "Replay_Free" " " "[english]Replay_Free" "Free" "Replay_Pause" " / " "[english]Replay_Pause" "Pause/unpause" "Replay_SlowMo" " " "[english]Replay_SlowMo" "SLOW-MO" "Replay_RenderOverlayText" "..." "[english]Replay_RenderOverlayText" "Saving movie..." "Replay_RenderOverlay_TimeLeft" " %s1 (%s2)" "[english]Replay_RenderOverlay_TimeLeft" "Time: %s1 (%s2 left)" "Replay_UseStartMovie" " TGA's/WAV" "[english]Replay_UseStartMovie" "Export raw TGA's/WAV" "Replay_UseQuickTime" " QuickTime " "[english]Replay_UseQuickTime" "Use QuickTime encoder" "Replay_AccelMin" "" "[english]Replay_AccelMin" "Less" "Replay_AccelMax" " " "[english]Replay_AccelMax" "More" "Replay_SpeedMin" " " "[english]Replay_SpeedMin" "Slower" "Replay_SpeedMax" " " "[english]Replay_SpeedMax" "Faster" "Replay_FreeCam" " " "[english]Replay_FreeCam" "FREE-CAM" "Replay_FovMin" " " "[english]Replay_FovMin" "Narrower" "Replay_FovMax" " " "[english]Replay_FovMax" "Wider" "Replay_RotFilterMin" " " "[english]Replay_RotFilterMin" "Unfiltered" "Replay_RotFilterMax" " " "[english]Replay_RotFilterMax" "Filtered" "Replay_Accel" "" "[english]Replay_Accel" "Acceleration:" "Replay_Speed" "" "[english]Replay_Speed" "Speed:" "Replay_Fov" " " "[english]Replay_Fov" "Fov:" "Replay_RotFilter" " " "[english]Replay_RotFilter" "Rotation Filter:" "Replay_Original" "" "[english]Replay_Original" "Original:" "Replay_Performances" " " "[english]Replay_Performances" "Takes:" "Replay_Warning" "" "[english]Replay_Warning" "Warning" "Replay_Tip" "" "[english]Replay_Tip" "Tip" "Replay_NukePerformanceChanges" " \n\n "[english]Replay_NukePerformanceChanges" "Changes after the current time will be discarded if you choose to proceed.\n\nAny new changes made from this po int will be recorded in their place." "Replay_UseQuickTimePlayer" " QuickTime " "[english]Replay_UseQuickTimePlayer" "It is recommended that you use QuickTim

e to view saved movies." "Replay_ThanksIWill" " " "[english]Replay_ThanksIWill" "Thanks, I will" "Replay_SaveAs" " ..." "[english]Replay_SaveAs" "Save As..." "Replay_Exit" " " "[english]Replay_Exit" "Exit Replay Editor" "Replay_MotionBlur" " " "[english]Replay_MotionBlur" "Motion blur quality" "Replay_MotionBlur_Low" "" "[english]Replay_MotionBlur_Low" "Low" "Replay_MotionBlur_High" "" "[english]Replay_MotionBlur_High" "High" "Replay_MotionBlur_Enabled" " " "[english]Replay_MotionBlur_Enabled" "Enable Motion Blur (will increase rende ring time)" "Replay_Codec" " " "[english]Replay_Codec" "Video Codec" "Replay_Codec_H264" " H.264" "[english]Replay_Codec_H264" "Slower, Best Quality (H.264)" "Replay_Codec_MJPEGA" " MJPEG-A" "[english]Replay_Codec_MJPEGA" "Faster, Larger File (MJPEG-A)" "Replay_Quality" " " "[english]Replay_Quality" "Render Quality" "Replay_Quality_Low" "" "[english]Replay_Quality_Low" "Low (affects file size)" "Replay_Quality_High" "" "[english]Replay_Quality_High" "High" "Replay_ExportMovie" " " "[english]Replay_ExportMovie" "Export" "Replay_FindExportMovieLocation" " " "[english]Replay_FindExportMovieLocation" "Exported Movie Filename" "Replay_ExportMovieError_Title" " " "[english]Replay_ExportMovieError_Title" "Error" "Replay_ExportMovieError_Text" " " "[english]Replay_ExportMovieError_Text" "Unable to export the movie to the locat ion specified. Please ensure that there is enough disk space and that you have s ufficient permissions." "Replay_ExportMovieSuccess_Title" "" "[english]Replay_ExportMovieSuccess_Title" "Success" "Replay_ExportMovieSuccess_Text" " " "[english]Replay_ExportMovieSuccess_Text" "The movie has been exported suc cessfully!" "Replay_MovieFiles" "QuickTime " "[english]Replay_MovieFiles" "QuickTime Movie" "Replay_PerfTip_EnterPerfMode" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_EnterPerfMode" "To enter the replay editor, press space ." "Replay_PerfTip_ExitPerfMode" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_ExitPerfMode" "To exit the replay editor and unpause, press space." "Replay_PerfTip_ExitFreeCam" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_ExitFreeCam" "To release the mouse cursor, left-click ." "Replay_PerfTip_EnterFreeCam" " \n "[english]Replay_PerfTip_EnterFreeCam" "To rotate the camera, left-click in the viewport and move the mouse.\nTo move around horizontally, use the 'W' / 'A' / 'S' / 'D' keys.\nFor vertical movement, use 'Z' and 'X'." "Replay_PerfTip_InPointSet" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_InPointSet" "In point set."

"Replay_PerfTip_InPointRemoved" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_InPointRemoved" "In point removed." "Replay_PerfTip_OutPointSet" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_OutPointSet" "Out point set." "Replay_PerfTip_OutPointRemoved" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_OutPointRemoved" "Out point removed." "Replay_PerfTip_NowRecording" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_NowRecording" "Recording started." "Replay_PerfTip_Snip" "**" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Snip" "*SNIP*" "Replay_PerfTip_Saved" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Saved" "Take saved successfully." "Replay_PerfTip_SaveFailed" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_SaveFailed" "Take failed to save!" "Replay_PerfTip_EndOfReplayReached" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_EndOfReplayReached" "End of replay reached." "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word0" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word0" "enter" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word1" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word1" "exit" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word2" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word2" "press space" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word3" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word3" "left-click" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word4" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word4" "unpause" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word5" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word5" "rewind" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word6" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word6" "out point" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word7" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word7" "snip" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word8" "'W'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word8" "'W'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word9" "'A'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word9" "'A'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word10" "'S'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word10" "'S'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word11" "'D'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word11" "'D'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word12" "'Z'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word12" "'Z'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word13" "'X'" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word13" "'X'" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word14" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word14" "move the mouse" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word15" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word15" "in point" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word16" "" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word16" "PLAY" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word17" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word17" "fast forward" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word18" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word18" "shift" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word19" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word19" "alt" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word20" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word20" "first person" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word21" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word21" "third person"

"Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word22" " " "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_Word22" "free camera" "Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_NumWords" "23" "[english]Replay_PerfTip_Highlight_NumWords" "23" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_InButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_InButton" "in point - sets the start point for the take" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_RwHardButton" " \n "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_RwHardButton" "rewind to the beginning of the take, or\nthe in point if one is set" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_RwButton" " 10 " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_RwButton" "rewind 10 seconds" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_PlayButton" "" "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_PlayButton" "PLAY" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfButton" " - \n * Shift \ "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfButton" "fast forward - click and hold t he left mouse button\n * hold shift to fast forward slowly\n * hold alt to fast forward quickly" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfHardButton" " \n "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfHardButton" "fast forward to the end of the replay or the\nout point, if one is set" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_OutButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_OutButton" "out point - sets the end point for the take" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_FirstPersonButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FirstPersonButton" "first person camera" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_ThirdPersonButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_ThirdPersonButton" "third person camera" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_FreeCamButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FreeCamButton" "free camera" "Replay_ClientSideDisabled" " " "[english]Replay_ClientSideDisabled" "Replay has been disabled due to unexpec ted server behavior." "Replay_ClientSideEnabled" " " "[english]Replay_ClientSideEnabled" "Replay has recovered from unexpected se rver behavior." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_NoSessionName" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_NoSessionName" "No session name in session info file." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_ReplayNotFound" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_ReplayNotFound" "Replay not found in session inf o file." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidReplayStatus" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidReplayStatus" "Invalid replay status in sessio n info file." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidOrder" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidOrder" "Invalid block order in session info file." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed" "The session info file failed to download." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_Unknown" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_Unknown" "The session file failed to download and process due to an unknown error." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_BlockReadFailed" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_BlockReadFailed" "Could not read from downloaded session block buffer." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_NotEnoughData" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_NotEnoughData" "The session info file downloade d but did not have enough data to constitute a header."

"Replay_DL_Err_SI_CouldNotCreateCompressor" " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_CouldNotCreateCompressor" "Session info downloader could not create the specified compressor because it was invalid." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidUncompressedSize" " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_InvalidUncompressedSize" "The session info downlo aded specified an invalid uncompressed payload size." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_PayloadDecompressFailed" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_PayloadDecompressFailed" "Session info payload de compression failed." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_PayloadHashFailed" " Hash " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_PayloadHashFailed" "Session info payload hash was i nvalid." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_Unknown_Session" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_Unknown_Session" "The downloaded server index ref ers to a session that doesn't exist on the client." "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_ZeroLengthFile" "" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_ZeroLengthFile" "Zero length file" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_ConnectionClosed" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_ConnectionClosed" "Connection closed" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_InvalidURL" " URL" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_InvalidURL" "Invalid URL" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_InvalidProtocol" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_InvalidProtocol" "Invalid protocol" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_CantBindSocket" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_CantBindSocket" "Couldn't bind socket" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_CantConnect" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_CantConnect" "Couldn't connect" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_NoHeaders" " " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_NoHeaders" "No headers" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_NonExistent" "" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_NonExistent" "Non existent file" "Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_Prefix" " %err%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_HTTP_Prefix" "Replay download failed for the followin g reason: %err%" "Replay_Err_Report_Prefix" " \n\n" "[english]Replay_Err_Report_Prefix" "One or more replay errors have occurred :\n\n" "Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadSessionName" " " "[english]Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadSessionName" "Bad session name in ses sion info." "Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadDumpInterval" " " "[english]Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadDumpInterval" "Bad dump interval in se ssion info." "Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadCurrentBlock" " " "[english]Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadCurrentBlock" "Bad block index in sess ion info." "Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadStartTick" " " "[english]Replay_Err_SessionInfo_BadStartTick" "Bad start tick in session info. " "Replay_Err_Recon_Fail" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_Fail" "Reconstruction failed. Unable to play replay." "Replay_Err_Recon_BadSession" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_BadSession" "Replay points to a non-existent session ." "Replay_Err_Recon_NotEnoughBlocks" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_NotEnoughBlocks" "Not enough blocks for reconstru ction." "Replay_Err_Recon_BlocksNotDLd" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_BlocksNotDLd" "Not all session blocks were dow

nloaded." "Replay_Err_Recon_NonContinuous" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_NonContinuous" "Non-continuous list of reconstr uction indices." "Replay_Err_Recon_BlockDNE" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_BlockDNE" "One or more session blocks do not exist on disk." "Replay_Err_Recon_ZeroLengthBlock" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_ZeroLengthBlock" "Zero-length session block." "Replay_Err_Recon_OutOfMemory" "" "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_OutOfMemory" "Ran out of memory." "Replay_Err_Recon_FailedToRead" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_FailedToRead" "Failed to read session block." "Replay_Err_Recon_FailedToWrite" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_FailedToWrite" "Failed to write the final recon structed replay to disk." "Replay_Err_Recon_Alloc" "" "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_Alloc" "Ran out of memory." "Replay_Err_Recon_Decompression" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_Decompression" "Failed to decompress block." "Replay_Err_Recon_OpenOutFile" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_OpenOutFile" "Failed to open output file for reconstr uction." "Replay_Err_Recon_DecompressorCreate" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_DecompressorCreate" "Failed to create decompressor." "Replay_Err_Recon_UncompressedSizeIsZero" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Recon_UncompressedSizeIsZero" "Uncompressed size is in valid." "Replay_Err_Load_BadBlockHandles" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Load_BadBlockHandles" "A recording session was not loa ded properly because block handle range was invalid." "Replay_Err_Load_CouldNotFindSession" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Load_CouldNotFindSession" "A recording session block refer red to a recording session which could not be found." "Replay_Err_Load_BadOwnerSession" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Load_BadOwnerSession" "Owning session for replay could not be found." "Replay_Err_Render_ReconstructFailed" " " "[english]Replay_Err_Render_ReconstructFailed" "Can't save replay as movie - fa iled to reconstruct replay from session blocks." "Replay_Err_User_FailedToPlayReplay" " " "[english]Replay_Err_User_FailedToPlayReplay" "The replay failed to load. Ple ase see the console for details." "Replay_Err_User_FailedToPlayTake" " " "[english]Replay_Err_User_FailedToPlayTake" "The take failed to load. Pleas e see the console for details." "Replay_NoUnrenderedReplays" " " "[english]Replay_NoUnrenderedReplays" "All temporary replays have already been saved as movies." "Replay_NeedQuicktimeNewer" " QuickTime "[english]Replay_NeedQuicktimeNewer" "In order to save movies, you need to up grade to the latest version of QuickTime. If you've just installed QuickTime an d are seeing this message, reboot and try again." "Replay_NeedQuicktime" " QuickTime QuickTime "[english]Replay_NeedQuicktime" "In order to save movies, you must first install QuickTime. If you've just installed QuickTime and are seeing this message, reb oot and try again." "Replay_QuicktimeTitle" "QuickTime" "[english]Replay_QuicktimeTitle" "QuickTime" "Replay_Err_QT_FailedToLoad" "QuickTime QuickTime

"[english]Replay_Err_QT_FailedToLoad" "QuickTime failed to load. If you've ju st installed QuickTime and are seeing this message, reboot and try again." "Replay_OverwriteDlgTitle" "" "[english]Replay_OverwriteDlgTitle" "Overwrite existing?" "Replay_OverwriteDlgText" " " "[english]Replay_OverwriteDlgText" "A take already exists with the given na me. Would you like to overwrite it?" "Replay_ConfirmOverwrite" "" "[english]Replay_ConfirmOverwrite" "Yes, Overwrite" "Replay_NotAllVideoModesAvailable" "* "[english]Replay_NotAllVideoModesAvailable" "* Not all video modes are avail able at your current resolution. You can fix this by moving to a higher screen resolution in OPTIONS -> VIDEO." "Replay_Res_480p" "480p (720 x 480 x 23.976)" "[english]Replay_Res_480p" "480p (720 x 480 x 23.976)" "Replay_Res_720p" "720p (1280 x 720 x 23.967)" "[english]Replay_Res_720p" "720p (1280 x 720 x 23.967)" "Replay_Res_1080p" "1080p (1920 x 1080 x 23.976)" "[english]Replay_Res_1080p" "1080p (1920 x 1080 x 23.976)" "Replay_Res_Web" " (320 x 240 x 15)" "[english]Replay_Res_Web" "Web (320 x 240 x 15)" "Replay_Res_iPhone_Horizontal" "iPhone 960 x 640 x 23.976" "[english]Replay_Res_iPhone_Horizontal" "iPhone Horizontal (960 x 640 x 23.976)" "Replay_Res_iPhone_Vertical" "iPhone 640 x 960 x 23.976" "[english]Replay_Res_iPhone_Vertical" "iPhone Vertical (640 x 960 x 23.976)" "Month_1" "" "[english]Month_1" "January" "Month_2" "" "[english]Month_2" "February" "Month_3" "" "[english]Month_3" "March" "Month_4" "" "[english]Month_4" "April" "Month_5" "" "[english]Month_5" "May" "Month_6" "" "[english]Month_6" "June" "Month_7" "" "[english]Month_7" "July" "Month_8" "" "[english]Month_8" "August" "Month_9" "" "[english]Month_9" "September" "Month_10" "" "[english]Month_10" "October" "Month_11" "" "[english]Month_11" "November" "Month_12" "" "[english]Month_12" "December" "Replay_MovieRenderInfo" "%res%\n %framerate%\n %motionblurq ialiasing%\n %rendertime%\n TGA WAV%raw%" "[english]Replay_MovieRenderInfo" "Resolution: %res%\nFramerate: %fram erate%\nMotion blur quality: %motionblurquality%\nCodec: %codec%\nEncoding q uality: %encodingquality%\nAntialiasing: %antialiasing%\nRender time: %ren dertime%\nRaw TGA's/WAV: %raw%" "Replay_Enabled" "" "[english]Replay_Enabled" "Enabled" "Replay_Disabled" "" "[english]Replay_Disabled" "Disabled" "Replay_RenderInfo" ""

"[english]Replay_RenderInfo" "RENDER INFO" "Replay_RewindWarningTitle" "" "[english]Replay_RewindWarningTitle" "REWIND" "Replay_RewindWarningMsg" " "[english]Replay_RewindWarningMsg" "Rewinding may take a moment or two. Al though you may experience dizziness, you will not lose any changes you've made. This message will not appear again." "YouTube_LoggingIn" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_LoggingIn" "Logging into YouTube" "YouTube_Uploading" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_Uploading" "Uploading Movie to YouTube" "YouTube_UploadProgress" "%s1% - [ %s2 / %s3 kB ]" "[english]YouTube_UploadProgress" "%s1% - [ %s2 / %s3 kB ]" "YouTube_UploadFinishing1" " " "[english]YouTube_UploadFinishing1" "Finishing Upload" "YouTube_UploadFinishing2" " ." "[english]YouTube_UploadFinishing2" "Finishing Upload." "YouTube_UploadFinishing3" " .." "[english]YouTube_UploadFinishing3" "Finishing Upload.." "YouTube_UploadFinishing4" " ..." "[english]YouTube_UploadFinishing4" "Finishing Upload..." "YouTube_FileAlreadyUploaded" " " "[english]YouTube_FileAlreadyUploaded" "This movie has already been uploaded. A re you sure you want to upload it again?" "YouTube_LoginResults_Title" " " "[english]YouTube_LoginResults_Title" "Login Failed" "YouTube_LoginResults_CouldNotConnect" " \"youtube_http_proxy\" "[english]YouTube_LoginResults_CouldNotConnect" "Please check your your internet connection settings or set the \"youtube_http_proxy\" convar if you are behind an http proxy and try again." "YouTube_LoginResults_Forbidden" " " "[english]YouTube_LoginResults_Forbidden" "Please verify that your usernam e and password are correct and try again." "YouTube_LoginResults_Failure" " Internet " "[english]YouTube_LoginResults_Failure" "Please check your internet connection s ettings and try again." "YouTube_LoginResults_Cancel" " "[english]YouTube_LoginResults_Cancel" "Login cancelled. If there appears to be a problem, please check your internet connection settings or set the \"youtube_ http_proxy\" convar if you are behind an http proxy and try again." "YouTube_LoginDlg_Title" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_LoginDlg_Title" "Log into YouTube" "YouTube_LoginDlg_UserName" " " "[english]YouTube_LoginDlg_UserName" "Username" "YouTube_LoginDlg_Password" " " "[english]YouTube_LoginDlg_Password" "Password" "YouTube_LoginDlg_Register" "" "[english]YouTube_LoginDlg_Register" "Register" "YouTube_LoginDlg_Login" " " "[english]YouTube_LoginDlg_Login" "Login" "YouTube_Upload_Title" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_Upload_Title" "YouTube Upload" "YouTube_Upload_Success" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_Upload_Success" "Movie uploaded to YouTube successfully! " "YouTube_Upload_Failure" " " "[english]YouTube_Upload_Failure" "There was a problem uploading the movie . Please check your internet connection settings and try again." "YouTube_Upload_InvalidChars_Title" "'<>''&' " "[english]YouTube_Upload_InvalidChars_Title" "The characters '<', '>', or '&'

are not allowed in the title." "YouTube_Upload_InvalidChars_Desc" "'<>''' " "[english]YouTube_Upload_InvalidChars_Desc" "The characters '<', '>', or '&' are not allowed in the description." "YouTube_UploadDlg_Title" " YouTube" "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_Title" "YouTube Upload" "YouTube_UploadDlg_MovieTitle" " " "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_MovieTitle" "Title" "YouTube_UploadDlg_MovieDesc" "" "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_MovieDesc" "Description" "YouTube_UploadDlg_Disclaimer" " YouTube "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_Disclaimer" "By clicking 'Upload,' you will upload t o your own YouTube channel. You hereby confirm that your movie complies with th e YouTube Terms of Service." "YouTube_UploadDlg_Terms" "YouTube T.O.S." "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_Terms" "YouTube T.O.S." "YouTube_UploadDlg_Upload" " " "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_Upload" "Upload" "YouTube_UploadDlg_Unlisted" " " "[english]YouTube_UploadDlg_Unlisted" "Unlisted (users will need the URL to vi ew the video)" "YouTube_Stats" "%s2 \n%s3 \n%s1 " "[english]YouTube_Stats" "%s2 view(s)\n%s3 like(s)\n%s1 favorited" "YouTube_PrivateVideo" "YouTube " "[english]YouTube_PrivateVideo" "YouTube video is set as private." "YouTube_NoStats" "N/A" "[english]YouTube_NoStats" "N/A" "YouTube_CouldNotRetrieveStats" "" "[english]YouTube_CouldNotRetrieveStats" "Not Found" "YouTube_EmailSubject" " Team Fortress 2 " "[english]YouTube_EmailSubject" "Watch my Awesome Team Fortress 2 Video!" "MMenu_Replays" " " "[english]MMenu_Replays" "Replays" "MMenu_Tooltip_Coach" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Coach" "Be a Coach" "MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title3" " ..." "[english]MMenu_TutorialHighlight_Title3" "You might want to practice with some other classes..." "MMenu_ResumeGame" " " "[english]MMenu_ResumeGame" "Resume Game" "MMenu_CallVote" " " "[english]MMenu_CallVote" "Call Vote" "MMenu_MutePlayers" " " "[english]MMenu_MutePlayers" "Mute Players" "MMenu_RequestCoach" " " "[english]MMenu_RequestCoach" "Request Coach" "MMenu_ServerBrowser" " " "[english]MMenu_ServerBrowser" "Browse All Servers" "TR_DistanceToStudent" "%s1 30 " "[english]TR_DistanceToStudent" "Distance: %s1 (must stay within 30)" "TR_DistanceToObject" " %s1 %s2" "[english]TR_DistanceToObject" "Distance to %s1: %s2" "TR_DistanceTo" "%s1" "[english]TR_DistanceTo" "Distance: %s1" "TR_Completed" " " "[english]TR_Completed" "TRAINING COMPLETED!" "TR_Not_Completed" "" "[english]TR_Not_Completed" "NOT COMPLETED" "TR_ClassInfo_Demoman" " "[english]TR_ClassInfo_Demoman" "As a master of explosives he can use bouncing g

renades to indirectly attack targets, use sticky bombs to lay traps for the enem y or destroy well defended sentry positions." "TR_ClassInfo_Spy" " "[english]TR_ClassInfo_Spy" "Spies operate differently from other classes pr eferring stealth and surprise as opposed to head to head combat. Their role oft en revolves around killing key targets such as Medics or destroying sentry posit ions." "TR_ClassInfo_Engineer" " "[english]TR_ClassInfo_Engineer" "Using sentry guns, teleporters to move teammates quickly to the front lines, and dispensers providing health and ammo, the Engineer is an integral part of any team." "TR_Locked_Demo" " " "[english]TR_Locked_Demo" "Unlocked after completing Basic Training." "TR_Locked_Spy" " " "[english]TR_Locked_Spy" "Unlocked after completing Demoman training." "TR_Locked_Engineer" " " "[english]TR_Locked_Engineer" "Unlocked after completing Spy training." "TR_Eng_IntroTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_IntroTitle" "The Engineer" "TR_Eng_Intro" " " "[english]TR_Eng_Intro" "The Engineer can construct buildings that assist your team in different ways." "TR_Eng_WeaponTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_WeaponTitle" "Weapons and Gear" "TR_Eng_Weapon" " "[english]TR_Eng_Weapon" "The Engineer is equipped with a SHOTGUN, PISTOL, WRE NCH, BUILD TOOL, and a DEMOLISH TOOL. The last two are used for building constructio n." "TR_Eng_MetalTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng_MetalTitle" "Metal" "TR_Eng_Metal" " "[english]TR_Eng_Metal" "Engineers expend metal to construct , repair, and upgrade build ings. Metal is displayed near your ammo count." "TR_Eng_MetalCollect" " "[english]TR_Eng_MetalCollect" "Collect more metal by running over ammo pickups . Dropped weapons from fallen enemies are also a great source of metal." "TR_Eng_BuildTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng_BuildTitle" "Building Construction" "TR_Eng_Build" "%slot4% %attack%" "[english]TR_Eng_Build" "Press %slot4% to bring up your BUILD TOOL. Select the dispe nser and place it with %attack%." "TR_Eng_DispenserTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_DispenserTitle" "The Dispenser" "TR_Eng_DispenserBuild" " %slot3% "[english]TR_Eng_DispenserBuild" "Buildings will construct themselves ove r time. To speed up construction, select the WRENCH with %slot3% and hit the buildi ng with it." "TR_Eng_DispenserDesc" " "[english]TR_Eng_DispenserDesc" "A dispenser provides health, ammo, and for Engineers, metal. The gauge on the front displays the amount of ammo available." "TR_Eng_DispenserUpgradeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_DispenserUpgradeTitle" "Upgrading Buildings" "TR_Eng_DispenserUpgrade" " 1 2003 " "[english]TR_Eng_DispenserUpgrade" "It requires 200 metal per level to upgrade a building. Hit the building with the wrench to upgrade it to level 3." "TR_Eng_SentryTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_SentryTitle" "The Sentry Gun" "TR_Eng_Sentry" " %slot4% "[english]TR_Eng_Sentry" "The sentry gun is a powerful defensive building. Bring up the build tool by pressing %slot4% and build a sentry on the indicated p

osition. Upgrade it to level 3." "TR_Eng_SentryBuilt" " 3 "[english]TR_Eng_SentryBuilt" "Upgrade the sentry to level 3 by hitting it with your wrench. You can also get metal from dropped weapons or ammo boxes!" "TR_Eng_SentryHint" " " "[english]TR_Eng_SentryHint" "Build Sentry Here" "TR_Eng_SentryErrorTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng_SentryErrorTitle" "Woops!" "TR_Eng_SentryErrorPos" "%attack2% "[english]TR_Eng_SentryErrorPos" "Place the building in the position indi cated. Stand near your building and press %attack2% to pick it up and reposition it. Place it down using %attack%." "TR_Eng_SentryErrorAng" " %attack2% %a "[english]TR_Eng_SentryErrorAng" "The sentry is facing the wrong way. Pi ck up your sentry using %attack2%. Match the silhouette's position and place the sentry back down with %attack%." "TR_Eng_SentryAttackTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng_SentryAttackTitle" "Defend!" "TR_Eng_SentryAttack" " "[english]TR_Eng_SentryAttack" "The Red team is about to attack your position. U se your sentry for cover by hiding behind it to stay safe. Move there now befor e the attack begins." "TR_Eng_SentryAttackBegin" " " "[english]TR_Eng_SentryAttackBegin" "The Red team is attacking. Use your se ntry as cover to stay alive." "TR_Eng_RepairTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_RepairTitle" "Damaged Buildings" "TR_Eng_Repair" " " "[english]TR_Eng_Repair" "Repair buildings the same way as upgrading. Hit them with the WRENCH. This will also replenish ammo to the sentry." "TR_Eng_MoveTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng_MoveTitle" "Building Placement" "TR_Eng_Move" "%attack2% "[english]TR_Eng_Move" "Move buildings by standing near them and using %attack2%. Pick up the dispenser and move it near the sentry now. Place it down using %attack %." "TR_Eng_MovePlacement" " "[english]TR_Eng_MovePlacement" "Keeping a dispenser nearby your sentry will pro vide you with health and metal when under attack." "TR_Eng_MoveHint" " " "[english]TR_Eng_MoveHint" "Place Dispenser Here" "TR_Eng_TeleTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng_TeleTitle" "The Teleporter" "TR_Eng_TeleEntrance" " %slot4% "[english]TR_Eng_TeleEntrance" "Teleporters are useful to help your teammates g et to the front lines quickly. Press %slot4% to bring up the BUILD TOOL and constru ct a teleporter entrance." "TR_Eng_TeleExit" " %attack2% "[english]TR_Eng_TeleExit" "Now build the exit. You can rotate the directi on that people exit the teleporter by using %attack2% and taking note of the arrow on the blueprint." "TR_Eng_TeleUpgrade" " "[english]TR_Eng_TeleUpgrade" "Upgrading a teleporter upgrades both the entran ce and the exit at the same time. Each level reduces the time between teleports ." "TR_Eng_TeleEntranceHint" " " "[english]TR_Eng_TeleEntranceHint" "Build Entrance Here" "TR_Eng_TeleExitHint" " " "[english]TR_Eng_TeleExitHint" "Build Exit Here" "TR_Eng_EndTitle" ""

"[english]TR_Eng_EndTitle" "Breakdown" "TR_Eng_End" " " "[english]TR_Eng_End" "If traveling long distances it may be more effective to break down your buildings as opposed to moving each one." "TR_Eng_EndDestroy" " %slot5% " "[english]TR_Eng_EndDestroy" "Press %slot5% to bring up the DESTROY TOOL and dest roy all your buildings to conclude Engineer training." "TR_Eng_EndDialog" " \n\n "[english]TR_Eng_EndDialog" "Congratulations, you've completed Engineer trai ning.\n\nThis concludes your training. Try OFFLINE PRACTICE to continue honing your skills or try new classes.\n\nIf you're ready to play online, START PLAYING at the main menu." "TR_Demo_IntroTitle" "" "[english]TR_Demo_IntroTitle" "The Demoman" "TR_Demo_Intro" " " "[english]TR_Demo_Intro" "The Demoman is versatile class with weapons that allow him to defend objectives or go on the offensive destroying sentry position s." "TR_Demo_WeaponTitle" "" "[english]TR_Demo_WeaponTitle" "Weapons" "TR_Demo_Weapon" " " "[english]TR_Demo_Weapon" "Demomen are equipped with a GRENADE LAUNCHER, STIC KY BOMB LAUNCHER, and a BOTTLE." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot1Title" " " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot1Title" "Grenade Launcher" "TR_Demo_TargetSlot1" "%slot1% "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot1" "Equip the GRENADE LAUNCHER by pressing %slot1% and destroy the targets. Grenades explode on contact with opponents if they don't bou nce first." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot1Bounce" " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot1Bounce" "Grenades can bounce around corners, beh ind obstacles, etc. Destroy the target which is partially protected by bouncing a grenade near it." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot1BounceHint" " " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot1BounceHint" "Obscured Target" "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Title" " " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Title" "Sticky Bombs" "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2" " %attack2 "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2" "Well done. The STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER can be used to place multiple sticky bombs that can be remotely detonated using %attack2%." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Delay" "%slot2% "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Delay" "Press %slot2% to select the STICKY BOMB LA UNCHER. After firing there is a short delay before the sticky bomb is armed and ca n be detonated using %attack2%." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Use" " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Use" "Destroy a few targets with sticky bombs t o continue. Sticky bombs will stick to almost any surface, except moving object s or players." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Multiple" " 8 "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Multiple" "To continue, destroy all five targets at the same time. A maximum of 8 sticky bombs can be placed at any given time." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2AnySlot" " %attack2% "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2AnySlot" "Sticky bombs can be detonated at any ti me using %attack2% even if you are using other weapons." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2RangeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2RangeTitle" "Long Range Sticky" "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Range" " %attack% %attac "[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Range" "Launch sticky bombs further by holding % attack% to build up charge and release %attack% to fire." "TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Range2" " %attack%

"[english]TR_Demo_TargetSlot2Range2" "Destroy the target at long range to con tinue. Remember to hold %attack% and release it to launch the sticky further." "TR_Demo_EndDialog" " \n\n "[english]TR_Demo_EndDialog" "Good job! You've completed Demoman training!\n \nSpy training is now unlocked! Select the TRAINING icon at the main menu to gi ve him a try.\n\nReady to play online against other players? Select START PLAYIN G at the main menu." "TR_Spy_IntroTitle" " " "[english]TR_Spy_IntroTitle" "The Spy" "TR_Spy_Intro" " "[english]TR_Spy_Intro" "Spies operate differently from other classes preferring st ealth and surprise as opposed to head to head combat." "TR_Spy_IntroRole" " UberCharge "[english]TR_Spy_IntroRole" "Their role often revolves around killing key ta rgets, such as berCharge ready Medics or destroying Engineers defensive positions." "TR_Spy_WeaponsTitle" "" "[english]TR_Spy_WeaponsTitle" "Weapons" "TR_Spy_Weapons" " "[english]TR_Spy_Weapons" "The Spy's weapons consist of a REVOLVER and BUTTER FLY KNIFE. The BUTTERFLY KNIFE is capable of a lethal backstab from behind." "TR_Spy_CloakTitle" " " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakTitle" "Cloak" "TR_Spy_Cloak" " %attack2% " "[english]TR_Spy_Cloak" "Activate cloak at any time using %attack2%. This renders y ou completely invisible to the enemy for a short time." "TR_Spy_CloakMeter" " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakMeter" "Keep an eye on your watch when cloaked, if it run s out, you'll be visible! Picking up ammo or remaining uncloaked will recharge the c loak meter." "TR_Spy_CloakPracticeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakPracticeTitle" "Cloak Application" "TR_Spy_CloakPractice" " %attack2% "[english]TR_Spy_CloakPractice" "Cloak using %attack2% to sneak by the sentry and hide behind the crates out of sight. A friendly Spy will demonstrate." "TR_Spy_CloakPracticePlayer" " %attack2% "[english]TR_Spy_CloakPracticePlayer" "The barrier has been lowered. Cloak us ing %attack2% and sneak by the sentry. Make your way to the indicated spot behind the crates." "TR_Spy_CloakSuccess" " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakSuccess" "Well done. Note when cloaked you cannot attack. R emain out of sight of the sentry for now, you'll need a disguise to approach it." "TR_Spy_CloakSentryHint" " " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakSentryHint" "Sentry Gun" "TR_Spy_CloakMoveHint" " " "[english]TR_Spy_CloakMoveHint" "Move Here" "TR_Spy_DisguiseTitle" " " "[english]TR_Spy_DisguiseTitle" "Disguises" "TR_Spy_Disguise" " %slot4% " "[english]TR_Spy_Disguise" "To disguise yourself as the enemy, switch to your DISGUISE KIT or press %slot4%." "TR_Spy_DisguiseNote" " "[english]TR_Spy_DisguiseNote" "Select a class to disguise as. It takes a brie f moment to complete the disguise. The status of the disguise is displayed in t he bottom left of your screen." "TR_Spy_SapTitle" " " "[english]TR_Spy_SapTitle" "Electro-Sapper" "TR_Spy_Sap" " %slot2% " "[english]TR_Spy_Sap" "The sapper is an important tool used for disabling and destr oying buildings. Select it now using %slot2% to continue." "TR_Spy_SapBuildingTitle" " "

"[english]TR_Spy_SapBuildingTitle" "Destroy the Sentry" "TR_Spy_SapBuilding" " %attack% "[english]TR_Spy_SapBuilding" "While disguised and with the sapper selected, appro ach the sentry and attach the sapper to the sentry with %attack%." "TR_Spy_SapHint" " " "[english]TR_Spy_SapHint" "Place Sapper" "TR_Spy_BackstabTitle" "" "[english]TR_Spy_BackstabTitle" "The Backstab" "TR_Spy_Backstab" " %slot3% " "[english]TR_Spy_Backstab" "When used from behind, the BUTTERFLY KNIFE can inst antly kill enemies. Select it now using %slot3%." "TR_Spy_BackstabPractice" " "[english]TR_Spy_BackstabPractice" "Backstab these enemies. Your arm will rai se when in position behind them. Note that if still disguised, it will be lost when you strike." "TR_Spy_EscapeTitle" "" "[english]TR_Spy_EscapeTitle" "The Escape" "TR_Spy_Escape" " " "[english]TR_Spy_Escape" "With less health than other classes, the Spy wi ll often flee from a fight by cloaking and hiding behind cover." "TR_Spy_EscapeSetup" " " "[english]TR_Spy_EscapeSetup" "To practice this, return behind the crates to t he indicated position. The Red team will set up on the opposite side." "TR_Spy_EscapeBegin" " %attack2% "[english]TR_Spy_EscapeBegin" "Disguise as the Red team and backstab an opponent. Cloak immediately after the attack using %attack2% to escape and return behind the cr ates." "TR_Spy_EscapeBeginRetry" " "[english]TR_Spy_EscapeBeginRetry" "Try again. Remember to cloak immediately after killing the target to disengage from combat and run out of line of sight. " "TR_Spy_EscapeEnd" " " "[english]TR_Spy_EscapeEnd" "Backstab the remaining opponent with the same met hod to conclude Spy training." "TR_Spy_EndDialog" " \n\n "[english]TR_Spy_EndDialog" "Well done! You've completed Spy training and u nlocked Engineer training!\n\nWant to try out the Spy in a game? Why not try OF FLINE PRACTICE.\n\nReady to play online? Click START PLAYING at the main menu." "TR_DemoRush_IntroTitle" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_IntroTitle" "Payload Game Mode" "TR_DemoRush_Intro" " Goldrush "[english]TR_DemoRush_Intro" "Welcome to Goldrush! For training only the fir st stage of three stages will be played and there is no time limit." "TR_DemoRush_IntroDescription" " "[english]TR_DemoRush_IntroDescription" "In Payload maps Blue escorts a cart thr ough checkpoints to the final goal to win. Each checkpoint awards Blue addition al time." "TR_DemoRush_IntroPush" " "[english]TR_DemoRush_IntroPush" "To move the cart stand next to it. In addition to supplying health and ammo, it will move faster with more players nea rby." "TR_DemoRush_SentryTitle" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_SentryTitle" "Destroy the Sentries" "TR_DemoRush_Sentry" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_Sentry" "The STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER is ideal for destroyin g the sentry guns that lie ahead blocking your team's path." "TR_DemoRush_SentryMultiple" " %attack2% "[english]TR_DemoRush_SentryMultiple" "Use the STICKY BOMB LAUNCHER to place s everal bombs near a sentry gun. Detonate them using %attack2%." "TR_DemoRush_SentryEngineer" " "

"[english]TR_DemoRush_SentryEngineer" "By detonating several STICKY BOMBS simu ltaneously it negates an Engineer's ability to repair their buildings." "TR_DemoRush_SentryDoor" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_SentryDoor" "The doors will now open and allow you a nd your team to push the cart to victory!" "TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1Title" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1Title" "Grenade Tip" "TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1" " "[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint1" "The GRENADE LAUNCHER can be aimed upwar ds to fire grenades further or from behind cover." "TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2Title" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2Title" "Sticky Bomb Tip" "TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2" " %attack2% "[english]TR_DemoRush_CombatHint2" "Remember STICKY BOMBS can be detonated at any time with %attack2%. Place stickies where you think enemies will be and surprise them!" "TR_DemoRush_TipSentryTitle" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipSentryTitle" "Sentry Tip" "TR_DemoRush_TipSentry" " 3 " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipSentry" "Three STICKY BOMBS will usually destroy a level 3 sentry gun when detonated at once." "TR_DemoRush_TipGrenadeTitle" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipGrenadeTitle" "Grenade Tip" "TR_DemoRush_TipGrenade" " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipGrenade" "Grenades can be useful in different sit uations to destroy sentries by being bounced or rolled towards a hard to reach l ocation." "TR_DemoRush_TipPathTitle" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipPathTitle" "Alternate Routes" "TR_DemoRush_TipPath" " "[english]TR_DemoRush_TipPath" "Try an alternate route if one is blocked by ene mies or players. This may give you a better angle on a well entrenched enemy." "TR_DemoRush_HintCart" " " "[english]TR_DemoRush_HintCart" "Payload Cart" "TR_DemoRush_EndDialog" " %s1 \n\ "[english]TR_DemoRush_EndDialog" "Excellent! You've helped your team win the first stage in %s1 and completed Demoman training!\n\nSpy training is now u nlocked! Select the TRAINING icon at the main menu to give him a try.\n\nReady to play online against other players? Select START PLAYING at the main menu." "TR_Eng1_IntroTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_IntroTitle" "Defend the Point" "TR_Eng1_Intro" " Dustbowl " "[english]TR_Eng1_Intro" "Welcome to Dustbowl. You are defending the sec ond Control Point on the RED team." "TR_Eng1_DefenseTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_DefenseTitle" "Established Defense" "TR_Eng1_Defense" " "[english]TR_Eng1_Defense" "The Engineer helps their team with various stru ctures providing defense, health, ammo, and transportation to the front lines!" "TR_Eng1_TeleTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleTitle" "The Teleporter" "TR_Eng1_Tele" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_Tele" "A teleporter can help your team attack or defend by mov ing teammates to the front lines quickly." "TR_Eng1_TeleBuild" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleBuild" "Build a teleporter entrance near the spawn at t he indicated position to continue." "TR_Eng1_TeleBuildHint" "" "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleBuildHint" "Place Entrance Here" "TR_Eng1_TeleBuildHintExit" ""

"[english]TR_Eng1_TeleBuildHintExit" "Place Exit Here" "TR_Eng1_TeleExit" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleExit" "A teleporter always needs a corresponding exit or entrance. Build an exit in the indicated position to continue." "TR_Eng1_TeleUpgrade" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleUpgrade" "Upgrade the teleporter to level three to contin ue. When upgrading a teleporter it affects both the entrance and exit." "TR_Eng1_TeleFinishTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleFinishTitle" "Additional Buildings" "TR_Eng1_TeleFinish" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_TeleFinish" "Add a dispenser and sentry gun in the indicated positions. Upgrade these to level three to continue." "TR_Eng1_StickyTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_StickyTitle" "Sentry Defense" "TR_Eng1_Sticky" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_Sticky" "STICKY BOMBS are extremely effective against bu ildings. Demomen can deploy several to destroy buildings instantly." "TR_Eng1_StickyShoot" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_StickyShoot" "Try shooting the sticky bombs to destroy them t o buy yourself some time." "TR_Eng1_DemoTipTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_DemoTipTitle" "The Demo Problem" "TR_Eng1_DemoTip" " "[english]TR_Eng1_DemoTip" "A Demoman is very hard to counter as a lone Eng ineer. Use the loss of the sentry as an opportunity to build one in a new locat ion to surprise the opposition!" "TR_Eng1_DemoRelo" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_DemoRelo" "Build a fully upgraded level three at the indic ated position to continue." "TR_Eng1_SpyTitle" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_SpyTitle" "The Spy" "TR_Eng1_Spy" " " "[english]TR_Eng1_Spy" "A Spy's cloak and disguise abilities make it less obvio us where the attack is going to be coming from." "TR_Eng1_SpyAttack" " "[english]TR_Eng1_SpyAttack" "An enemy Spy will attempt to sap the friendly E ngineer's buildings. Disguised Spies assume names of the opposing team." "TR_Eng1_SpyRemoveTitle" "" "[english]TR_Eng1_SpyRemoveTitle" "Sapped Buildings" "TR_Eng1_SpyRemove" " "[english]TR_Eng1_SpyRemove" "When a sapper is attached to a building it beco mes disabled and slowly takes damage. Knock the sapper off by hitting the build ing with the WRENCH." "TF_IM_TargetDemo_Sticky" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetDemo_Sticky" "Multiple sticky bombs can be deployed a nd detonated" "TF_IM_TargetDemo_Distance" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetDemo_Distance" "Aim upwards to arc grenades further" "TF_IM_TargetSpy_Intro" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetSpy_Intro" "The Spy has several unique abilities in cluding cloaking and disguises!" "TF_IM_TargetSpy_Cloak" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetSpy_Cloak" "Cloak renders spies invisible to their enemies" "TF_IM_TargetSpy_Disguise" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetSpy_Disguise" "Disguise as the opposing team and infil trate their defenses" "TF_IM_TargetSpy_Sap" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetSpy_Sap" "Use the sapper to disable and destroy Engineer buildings"

"TF_IM_TargetSpy_Backstab" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetSpy_Backstab" "Deliver a lethal blow by stabbing oppon ents from behind!" "TF_IM_TargetEng_Intro" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetEng_Intro" "Welcome to Engineer training!" "TF_IM_TargetEng_Construct" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetEng_Construct" "The Engineer can construct buildings us ing metal to assist his team" "TF_IM_TargetEng_Metal" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetEng_Metal" "Use metal to construct and upgrade the different buildings" "TF_IM_TargetEng_Tele" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetEng_Tele" "Teleporters can be used to move your team to th e front line quickly" "TF_IM_TargetEng_Repair" " " "[english]TF_IM_TargetEng_Repair" "To upgrade or repair your buildings hit them with your wrench" "TF_Coach_StudentCommands" " " "[english]TF_Coach_StudentCommands" "To Give Directions to Your Student" "TF_Coach_AttackDesc" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AttackDesc" "Attack" "TF_Coach_DefendDesc" "" "[english]TF_Coach_DefendDesc" "Defend" "TF_Coach_Slot1Label" "[%slot1%]" "[english]TF_Coach_Slot1Label" "[%slot1%]" "TF_Coach_Slot2Label" "[%slot2%]" "[english]TF_Coach_Slot2Label" "[%slot2%]" "TF_Coach_Slot1Desc" "" "[english]TF_Coach_Slot1Desc" "Look At" "TF_Coach_Slot2Desc" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Slot2Desc" "Go Here" "TF_Coach_StudentHasDied" " " "[english]TF_Coach_StudentHasDied" "Your student has died!" "TF_Coach_AttackThis" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AttackThis" "Attack This" "TF_Coach_AttackHere" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AttackHere" "Attack Here" "TF_Coach_DefendThis" " " "[english]TF_Coach_DefendThis" "Defend This" "TF_Coach_DefendHere" " " "[english]TF_Coach_DefendHere" "Defend Here" "TF_Coach_LookAt" "" "[english]TF_Coach_LookAt" "Look At" "TF_Coach_LookHere" " " "[english]TF_Coach_LookHere" "Look Here" "TF_Coach_GoToThis" "" "[english]TF_Coach_GoToThis" "Go To" "TF_Coach_GoHere" " " "[english]TF_Coach_GoHere" "Go Here" "TF_Coach_AddCoach_Title" "" "[english]TF_Coach_AddCoach_Title" "Volunteer?" "TF_Coach_AddCoach_Text" " \nTeam Fortress 2 "[english]TF_Coach_AddCoach_Text" "Would you like to volunteer to coach ot her players and teach them how to play\nTeam Fortress 2?" "TF_Coach_RemoveCoach_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_RemoveCoach_Title" "Stop Coaching?" "TF_Coach_RemoveCoach_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_RemoveCoach_Text" "Would you like to remove yourself from the list of coaches?" "TF_Coach_AskStudent_Title" " "


"[english]TF_Coach_AskStudent_Title" "Want Coaching?" "TF_Coach_AskStudent_Text" " \n "[english]TF_Coach_AskStudent_Text" "Would you like assistance from another player in your current game?\nNote: there may be issues if you are hosting a gam e behind a firewall." "TF_Coach_AskStudent_DoNotShowAgain" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AskStudent_DoNotShowAgain" "Do not ask me again" "TF_Coach_NotInGame_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_NotInGame_Title" "Not in a Game" "TF_Coach_NotInGame_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_NotInGame_Text" "You must be in a game to be coached." "TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Title" "Coaching" "TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyBeingCoached_Text" "You are already being coached!" "TF_Coach_AlreadyCoaching_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyCoaching_Title" "Coaching" "TF_Coach_AlreadyCoaching_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyCoaching_Text" "You are coaching someone, so yo u cannot request a coach!" "TF_Coach_StudentRetry_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_StudentRetry_Title" "Retry?" "TF_Coach_StudentRetry_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_StudentRetry_Text" "No coach was found at this time. Would you like to try again?" "TF_Coach_AddedCoach_Title" "" "[english]TF_Coach_AddedCoach_Title" "Success!" "TF_Coach_AddedCoach_Text" " "[english]TF_Coach_AddedCoach_Text" "You have been added to the list of coac hes. You can continue playing and later you may be matched with a student." "TF_Coach_RemovedCoach_Title" "" "[english]TF_Coach_RemovedCoach_Title" "Success!" "TF_Coach_RemovedCoach_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_RemovedCoach_Text" "You have been removed from the list of coaches." "TF_Coach_AskCoach_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AskCoach_Title" "Start Coaching?" "TF_Coach_AskCoach_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AskCoach_Text" "A player has accepted your offer to coa ch them. Are you ready to start?" "TF_Coach_AskCoachForFriend_Text" "%friend% Team Fortress 2 "[english]TF_Coach_AskCoachForFriend_Text" "%friend% wants you to be their coach and help them become better at Team Fortress 2! Will you help %friend%?" "TF_Coach_FoundCoach_Title" "" "[english]TF_Coach_FoundCoach_Title" "Success!" "TF_Coach_FoundCoach_Text" " %coachname% " "[english]TF_Coach_FoundCoach_Text" "%coachname% has been asked to join your game." "TF_Coach_FoundCoachLike_Text" " %coachname% \n(%numlikes% "[english]TF_Coach_FoundCoachLike_Text" "%coachname% has been asked to join your game.\n(%numlikes% players like their coaching)" "TF_Coach_JoinFail_Title" "..." "[english]TF_Coach_JoinFail_Title" "Unfortunately..." "TF_Coach_JoinFail_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_JoinFail_Text" "There was a problem joining the game." "TF_Coach_Yes" "" "[english]TF_Coach_Yes" "Yes" "TF_Coach_No" "" "[english]TF_Coach_No" "No" "TF_Coach_Timeout_Title" " "

"[english]TF_Coach_Timeout_Title" "No Response" "TF_Coach_Timeout_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Timeout_Text" "There was no response from the server. Please try again later." "TF_Coach_LikeCoach_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_LikeCoach_Title" "Recommend Coach?" "TF_Coach_LikeCoach_Text" " "[english]TF_Coach_LikeCoach_Text" "Was your coach helpful? We will use thi s information to help match them with other players." "TF_FindCoachDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_FindCoachDialog_Title" "Find a Coach" "TF_FindCoachDialog_Match" " " "[english]TF_FindCoachDialog_Match" "Any Available" "TF_Coach_CoachSearching" " " "[english]TF_Coach_CoachSearching" "Searching for the best coach available. " "TF_Coach_AskingFriend" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AskingFriend" "Asking your friend to be your coach." "TF_Coach_JoiningStudent" " " "[english]TF_Coach_JoiningStudent" "Joining the student's game." "TF_Coach_WaitingForServer" " " "[english]TF_Coach_WaitingForServer" "Waiting for a response from the server. " "TF_Coach_ControlView" " " "[english]TF_Coach_ControlView" "Press to Change View" "TF_Coach_Student_Prefix" "%s1" "[english]TF_Coach_Student_Prefix" "Student: %s1" "TF_Coach_Coach_Prefix" " %s1" "[english]TF_Coach_Coach_Prefix" "Coach %s1" "TF_Coach_LikeCoach" "[F7] " "[english]TF_Coach_LikeCoach" "[F7] Rate Coach" "TF_Coach_KickCoach" "[F8] " "[english]TF_Coach_KickCoach" "[F8] Remove Coach" "TF_Coach_RequestCoach" " " "[english]TF_Coach_RequestCoach" "Request a coach at the start of the gam e." "TF_Coach_Denied_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Denied_Title" "Request Denied" "TF_Coach_Denied_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Denied_Text" "The request has been denied." "TF_Vote_Title" " " "[english]TF_Vote_Title" "Vote Setup" "TF_vote_yes_binding" "%s1" "[english]TF_vote_yes_binding" "Yes: %s1" "TF_vote_no_binding" " %s1" "[english]TF_vote_no_binding" "No: %s1" "TF_vote_yes_tally" "" "[english]TF_vote_yes_tally" "Yes" "TF_vote_no_tally" " " "[english]TF_vote_no_tally" "No" "TF_vote_server_disabled_issue" " " "[english]TF_vote_server_disabled_issue" "Server has disabled that issue. " "TF_vote_requires_valid" "" "[english]TF_vote_requires_valid" "Requires valid player." "TF_vote_kick_player_other" "%s1\n()" "[english]TF_vote_kick_player_other" "Kick player: %s1?\n(no reason given)" "TF_vote_kick_player_cheating" "%s1\n()" "[english]TF_vote_kick_player_cheating" "Kick player: %s1?\n(accused of cheating )"

"TF_vote_kick_player_idle" "%s1\n( )" "[english]TF_vote_kick_player_idle" "Kick player: %s1?\n(accused of being id le)" "TF_vote_kick_player_scamming" "%s1\n( )" "[english]TF_vote_kick_player_scamming" "Kick player: %s1?\n(accused of scamming )" "TF_vote_kick_player" "%s1" "[english]TF_vote_kick_player" "Kick player: %s1?" "TF_vote_passed_kick_player" "%s1..." "[english]TF_vote_passed_kick_player" "Kicking player: %s1..." "TF_vote_restart_game" " " "[english]TF_vote_restart_game" "Restart the map?" "TF_vote_passed_restart_game" " ..." "[english]TF_vote_passed_restart_game" "Restarting the map..." "TF_vote_changelevel" " %s1" "[english]TF_vote_changelevel" "Change current level to %s1?" "TF_vote_nextlevel" " %s1" "[english]TF_vote_nextlevel" "Set the next level to %s1?" "TF_vote_passed_changelevel" " %s1..." "[english]TF_vote_passed_changelevel" "Changing level to %s1..." "TF_vote_passed_nextlevel" " %s1..." "[english]TF_vote_passed_nextlevel" "Next level set to %s1..." "TF_vote_passed_nextlevel_extend" " " "[english]TF_vote_passed_nextlevel_extend" "Extending the current level" "TF_vote_nextlevel_choices" " " "[english]TF_vote_nextlevel_choices" "Vote for the next map!" "TF_vote_scramble_teams" " " "[english]TF_vote_scramble_teams" "Scramble the teams?" "TF_vote_passed_scramble_teams" " " "[english]TF_vote_passed_scramble_teams" "Teams will be scrambled." "TF_vote_scramble_next_round" " " "[english]TF_vote_scramble_next_round" "Teams are already set to be scrambled." "TF_vote_should_scramble_round" " " "[english]TF_vote_should_scramble_round" "Scramble teams next round?" "TF_vote_passed_scramble" " " "[english]TF_vote_passed_scramble" "Vote passed: Teams scrambled next round ." "TF_VoteKickReason" "" "[english]TF_VoteKickReason" "Kick Reason:" "TF_VoteKickReason_Other" "" "[english]TF_VoteKickReason_Other" "No Reason Given" "TF_VoteKickReason_Cheating" "" "[english]TF_VoteKickReason_Cheating" "Player is Cheating" "TF_VoteKickReason_Idle" " " "[english]TF_VoteKickReason_Idle" "Player is Idle" "TF_VoteKickReason_Scamming" " " "[english]TF_VoteKickReason_Scamming" "Player is Scamming" "IT_Bot_BlueTeam" " " "[english]IT_Bot_BlueTeam" "BLU Team" "IT_Customizations" " " "[english]IT_Customizations" "Customization:" "ScoreBoard_Coach" "%s1 %s2" "[english]ScoreBoard_Coach" "%s1 coach: %s2" "ScoreBoard_Coaches" "%s1 %s2" "[english]ScoreBoard_Coaches" "%s1 coaches: %s2" "TF_NoiseMaker_Charity_Bell" " " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Charity_Bell" "Noise Maker - Bell" "TF_NoiseMaker_Charity_Tingsha" " " "[english]TF_NoiseMaker_Charity_Tingsha" "Noise Maker - Gong" "TF_SelectPlayer_DuelClass" " %s1"

"[english]TF_SelectPlayer_DuelClass" "Class Restriction: %s1" "TF_SelectPlayer_DuelClass_None" "" "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_DuelClass_None" "None" "TF_SelectPlayer_Duel_AnyClass" " " "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_Duel_AnyClass" "You and your opponent can compe te using any class." "TF_SelectPlayer_Duel_PlayerClass" " %s1" "[english]TF_SelectPlayer_Duel_PlayerClass" "You and your opponent must comp ete using your current class: %s1." "TF_Duel_Request_Class" "%initiator% %player_class% "[english]TF_Duel_Request_Class" "%initiator% has challenged you to a %playe r_class% Class-Locked Duel! Will you defend your honor?" "TF_Duel_Challenge_Class" "%initiator% %target% %player_class% " "[english]TF_Duel_Challenge_Class" "%initiator% has challenged %target% to a %pl ayer_class% Class-Locked Duel!" "TF_Duel_WrongClass" " %player_class% " "[english]TF_Duel_WrongClass" "You must be playing as %player_class% to accept a Class-Locked Duel!" "TF_Bundle_JapanCharity" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_JapanCharity" "Japan Charity Bundle" "TF_Bundle_JapanCharity_Desc" " () "[english]TF_Bundle_JapanCharity_Desc" "Limited-edition hats and noisemakers! A ll proceeds (net of applicable taxes) go directly to the American Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan." "TF_CharityHat_A" " " "[english]TF_CharityHat_A" "Humanitarian's Hachimaki" "TF_CharityHat_B" " " "[english]TF_CharityHat_B" "Benefactor's Kanmuri" "TF_CharityHat_C" "" "[english]TF_CharityHat_C" "Magnanimous Monarch" "TF_CharityHat_Desc" "" "[english]TF_CharityHat_Desc" "Supporting Japanese disaster relief" "TF_Charmers_Chapeau" " " "[english]TF_Charmers_Chapeau" "Charmer's Chapeau" "TF_Charmers_Chapeau_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Charmers_Chapeau_Desc" "It really is a chapeau. It's just in di sguise." "TF_HonchosHeadgear" " " "[english]TF_HonchosHeadgear" "Honcho's Headgear" "TF_HonchosHeadgear_Desc" " \n( "[english]TF_HonchosHeadgear_Desc" "This hat has mean written all over it.\ n(Note from Legal: This hat has nothing written on it.)" "TF_Reggaelator" " " "[english]TF_Reggaelator" "Reggaelator" "TF_Reggaelator_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Reggaelator_Desc" "Every little thing is gonna be alright." "TF_GooglyGazer" "" "[english]TF_GooglyGazer" "Googly Gazer" "TF_GooglyGazer_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_GooglyGazer_Desc" "Keep one eye on your enemy and\nthe other one o n everything else." "TF_Private_Eye" " " "[english]TF_Private_Eye" "Private Eye" "TF_Private_Eye_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Private_Eye_Desc" "A select style for the scrutinizing sleuth." "TF_SoreEyes" "" "[english]TF_SoreEyes" "Sight for Sore Eyes" "TF_SoreEyes_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SoreEyes_Desc" "Humorously vellicating vitreous." "TF_TeddyRoosebelt" " "

"[english]TF_TeddyRoosebelt" "Teddy Roosebelt" "TF_TeddyRoosebelt_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_TeddyRoosebelt_Desc" "A cute, plushy pocket buddy.\nAw, he ev en has his own hat!" "TF_ProfessorHair" " " "[english]TF_ProfessorHair" "Professor's Peculiarity" "TF_ProfessorHair_Desc" " "[english]TF_ProfessorHair_Desc" "I think I can safely say that nobody un derstands quantum mechanics. Bullet mechanics? Well now that's a different thing entirely." "TF_MountainCap" " " "[english]TF_MountainCap" "Medic's Mountain Cap" "TF_MountainCap_Desc" " ' '" "[english]TF_MountainCap_Desc" "The men in his unit called him 'The Bavarian Bu tcher'" "TF_BigCountry" " " "[english]TF_BigCountry" "Big Country" "TF_BigCountry_Desc" " ." "[english]TF_BigCountry_Desc" "It'd be a damn shame to hide hair this handsome ." "TF_GrimmHatte" "" "[english]TF_GrimmHatte" "Grimm Hatte" "TF_GrimmHatte_Desc" " \n "[english]TF_GrimmHatte_Desc" "Ye hae ne'er glympsed a hatte whych be\nas grim m as yonder hatte ye glympse upon." "TF_Resurrection_Associate_Pin" " " "[english]TF_Resurrection_Associate_Pin" "Resurrection Associate Pin" "TF_PotatoHat" " " "[english]TF_PotatoHat" "Aperture Labs Hard Hat" "TF_PotatoHat_Desc" " \n\n " "[english]TF_PotatoHat_Desc" "Produce-powered personal illumination and crani al safety apparatus.\n\nNOT FOR USE OUTSIDE OFFICIAL APERTURE FACILITIES." "Econ_Style_Desc" " %s1" "[english]Econ_Style_Desc" "Style: %s1" "TF_StovePipe_Style0" " " "[english]TF_StovePipe_Style0" "Tasteful and Refined" "TF_StovePipe_style1" " " "[english]TF_StovePipe_style1" "Garish and Overbearing" "TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastly" "" "[english]TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastly" "Ghastly" "TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastlier" "" "[english]TF_Gibus_Style_Ghastlier" "Ghastlier" "TF_Gazer_Style0" " " "[english]TF_Gazer_Style0" "Mad Science" "TF_Gazer_Style1" "" "[english]TF_Gazer_Style1" "Machine in the Man" "TF_Pyromancer_Style1" "" "[english]TF_Pyromancer_Style1" "Original" "TF_Pyromancer_Style2" "" "[english]TF_Pyromancer_Style2" "Full Color Paint" "TF_Pyromancer_Style3" " " "[english]TF_Pyromancer_Style3" "Stylish Paint" "TF_ScoutBeanie_Style0" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie_Style0" "New School" "TF_ScoutBeanie_Style1" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie_Style1" "Old School" "TF_ScoutBeanie_Style2" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie_Style2" "Older School" "TF_ScoutBeanie_Style3" "" "[english]TF_ScoutBeanie_Style3" "Oldest School"

"TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_NAME" " " "[english]TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_NAME" "Ready for Duty" "TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_DESC" " " "[english]TF_COMPLETE_TRAINING_DESC" "Complete each class to unlock the next. " "NoSteamNoItems_Refresh" " " "[english]NoSteamNoItems_Refresh" "Loadout not available. Contacting Item Server." "Store_Sale_Items" "* *" "[english]Store_Sale_Items" "* Sale *" "Store_Zoom" " " "[english]Store_Zoom" "Zoom" "Store_Team" " " "[english]Store_Team" "Team" "Store_Paint" " " "[english]Store_Paint" "Test Paint" "Store_NoPaint" "" "[english]Store_NoPaint" "Unpainted" "Store_NextStyle" " " "[english]Store_NextStyle" "Style" "TR_Eng_SentryAmmoHint" " " "[english]TR_Eng_SentryAmmoHint" "Ammo Box" "TF_Coach_ServerFull_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_ServerFull_Title" "Server Full" "TF_Coach_ServerFull_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_ServerFull_Text" "Cannot request a coach at this time, be cause your server has the maximum number of players." "TF_Coach_Training_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Training_Title" "In Training" "TF_Coach_Training_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_Training_Text" "You cannot request a coach while in tra ining." "TF_Coach_AlreadyRatedCoach_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyRatedCoach_Title" "Coach Rating" "TF_Coach_AlreadyRatedCoach_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_AlreadyRatedCoach_Text" "You have previously rated this coach." "TF_Trading_TradeBannedText" " " "[english]TF_Trading_TradeBannedText" "Your trading privileges have been remov ed temporarily. Please contact Customer Support." "TF_Trading_TradeBanned2Text" " " "[english]TF_Trading_TradeBanned2Text" "The other player does not have trading privileges at this time." "TF_Armory_Item_Charity" " () "[english]TF_Armory_Item_Charity" "When this item is purchased, all the pr oceeds (net of applicable taxes) will go directly towards the American Red Cross , marked for disaster relief in Japan." "Vote_notification_title" " " "[english]Vote_notification_title" "Vote Called" "Vote_notification_text" "%initiator% " "[english]Vote_notification_text" "%initiator% wants to call a vote" "Vote_notification_view" " " "[english]Vote_notification_view" "View" "TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar" "" "[english]TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar" "Moustachium Bar" "TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_MoustachiumBar_Desc" "Pure moustachium, harvested fro m all-natural sources deep within the Australian outback." "TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragmentType" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragmentType" "Fishcake Fragment"

"TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragment" "\" \"" "[english]TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragment" "'Fish'" "TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragment_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_FishcakeFragment_Desc" "It's packed with protein." "TF_SpaceChem_PinFragmentType" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_PinFragmentType" "Pin Fragment" "TF_SpaceChem_PinFragment" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_PinFragment" "Spacemetal Scrap" "TF_SpaceChem_Pin" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_Pin" "SpaceChem Pin" "TF_SpaceChem_Pin_Desc" "<no employment record found>" "[english]TF_SpaceChem_Pin_Desc" "<no employment record found>" "TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake_Type" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake_Type" "Fishcake" "TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake" " " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake" "Fishcake" "TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake_Desc" "Vossler " "[english]TF_SpaceChem_Fishcake_Desc" "Vossler Industries All-Natural Artifici al-Fish-Derived Food Product" "TF_PolishWarBabushka" " " "[english]TF_PolishWarBabushka" "Hetman's Headpiece" "TF_PolishWarBabushka_Desc" " " "[english]TF_PolishWarBabushka_Desc" "Cossacks and war go together like gobki a nd wdka." "TF_JanissaryHat" " " "[english]TF_JanissaryHat" "Janissary Ketche" "TF_JanissaryHat_Desc" " "[english]TF_JanissaryHat_Desc" "The first standing army to wear uniforms wanted to make damn sure everyone else knew it." "TF_BucketHat" " " "[english]TF_BucketHat" "Brain Bucket" "TF_BucketHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_BucketHat_Desc" "Zombie tested, braaaains approved." "TF_TrafficCone" "" "[english]TF_TrafficCone" "Dead Cone" "TF_TrafficCone_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TrafficCone_Desc" "You'll stop them dead wearing this stylish traf fic cone." "Replay_Waiting" "" "[english]Replay_Waiting" "WAITING" "Replay_NoListenServer" " " "[english]Replay_NoListenServer" "Replay is not supported on listen serve rs." "Replay_LockWarning" " " "[english]Replay_LockWarning" "WARNING: Locking your computer while rendering may corrupt your movie!" "Replay_ExportRaw" " TGA's/WAV" "[english]Replay_ExportRaw" "Export raw TGA's/WAV" "Replay_Glow_Enabled" "" "[english]Replay_Glow_Enabled" "Enable Glow Effect" "Replay_ExportMovieNoFile_Text" " " "[english]Replay_ExportMovieNoFile_Text" "Unable to export the movie, bec ause the movie file could not be found." "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_UnknownError" " %url%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_UnknownError" "The session info file f ailed to download: Unknown error. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_ZeroLengthFile" " %url%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_ZeroLengthFile" "The session inf o file failed to download: Zero length file. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_ConnectionClosed" " %url

"[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_ConnectionClosed" "The session inf o file failed to download: Connection closed. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_InvalidURL" " %url%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_InvalidURL" "The session info file f ailed to download: Invalid URL. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_InvalidProtocol" " %url "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_InvalidProtocol" "The session inf o file failed to download: Invalid protocol. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_CantBindSocket" " "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_CantBindSocket" "The session inf o file failed to download: Can't bind socket. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_CantConnect" " %url%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_CantConnect" "The session info file f ailed to download: Can't connect. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_NoHeaders" " %url%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_NoHeaders" "The session info file f ailed to download: No headers. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_FileNonExistent" " %u "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_DownloadFailed_FileNonExistent" "The session inf o file failed to download: File non-existent. URL: %url%" "Replay_DL_Err_SI_Prefix" " %err%" "[english]Replay_DL_Err_SI_Prefix" "Replay session info file failed to down load the following reason: %err%" "TF_Crocleather_Slouch_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Crocleather_Slouch_Desc" "Made from Australia's only natural reso urce." "TF_LargeLuchadore_Desc" " " "[english]TF_LargeLuchadore_Desc" "Wrestling's real, and now you can prove it." "TF_Doctors_Sack_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Doctors_Sack_Desc" "For when you've got that healin' fever." "TF_Ol_Geezer_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Ol_Geezer_Desc" "Get off mah land!" "TF_FuriousFukaamigasa_Desc" " " "[english]TF_FuriousFukaamigasa_Desc" "You can't tell, but he's furious." "TF_Connoisseurs_Cap_Desc" "..." "[english]TF_Connoisseurs_Cap_Desc" "You're today's theme ingredient..." "TF_VillainsVeil_Desc" "" "[english]TF_VillainsVeil_Desc" "The good, the bad, and the dead." "TF_TeamCaptain_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TeamCaptain_Desc" "Our lawyers say 'YES! YES!'" "TF_BlightedBeak_Style1" "" "[english]TF_BlightedBeak_Style1" "Yersinia Pestis" "TF_BlightedBeak_Style2" "" "[english]TF_BlightedBeak_Style2" "Vibrio Cholerae" "TF_VillainsVeil_Style2" " " "[english]TF_VillainsVeil_Style2" "Trained Killer" "TF_REPLAY_SAVE_REPLAY_NAME" "" "[english]TF_REPLAY_SAVE_REPLAY_NAME" "That's a Wrap" "TF_REPLAY_SAVE_REPLAY_DESC" "" "[english]TF_REPLAY_SAVE_REPLAY_DESC" "Save your very first replay." "TF_REPLAY_PERFORMANCE_MODE_NAME" "" "[english]TF_REPLAY_PERFORMANCE_MODE_NAME" "We Can Fix It In Post" "TF_REPLAY_PERFORMANCE_MODE_DESC" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_PERFORMANCE_MODE_DESC" "While watching a replay, press space bar to enter the editor." "TF_REPLAY_BROWSE_REPLAYS_NAME" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_BROWSE_REPLAYS_NAME" "Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hal e" "TF_REPLAY_BROWSE_REPLAYS_DESC" " "

"[english]TF_REPLAY_BROWSE_REPLAYS_DESC" "Render a replay into a movie." "TF_REPLAY_EDIT_TIME_NAME" "" "[english]TF_REPLAY_EDIT_TIME_NAME" "Star of My Own Show" "TF_REPLAY_EDIT_TIME_DESC" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_EDIT_TIME_DESC" "Spend some time editing a replay." "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER1_NAME" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER1_NAME" "Home Movie" "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER1_DESC" " 100 YouTube " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER1_DESC" "Achieve 100 YouTube views for yo ur movie." "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER2_NAME" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER2_NAME" "Local Cinema Star" "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER2_DESC" " 1000 YouTube " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER2_DESC" "Achieve 1000 YouTube views for y our movie." "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER3_NAME" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER3_NAME" "Indie Film Sensation" "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER3_DESC" " 10000 YouTube " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_TIER3_DESC" "Achieve 10,000 YouTube views for your movie." "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_HIGHEST_NAME" " " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_HIGHEST_NAME" "Blockbuster" "TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_HIGHEST_DESC" " 100000 YouTube " "[english]TF_REPLAY_YOUTUBE_VIEWS_HIGHEST_DESC" "Achieve 100,000 YouTube views fo r your movie." "TF_TauntEnabler_Replay" " " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_Replay" "Taunt: The Director's Vision" "TF_TauntEnabler_Replay_Desc" " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_Replay_Desc" "Equip this item in your Action Slot and press the Action button to tell your victims you are making a Replay of their p athetic demise to share with everyone." "Replay_ReplayMsgTitle" "" "[english]Replay_ReplayMsgTitle" "REPLAY" "Replay_YouTubeURL" "YOUTUBE URL" "[english]Replay_YouTubeURL" "YOUTUBE URL" "Replay_Category" " " "[english]Replay_Category" "CATEGORIES" "Replay_Contest_Category0" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category0" "Most Inventive Kill" "Replay_Contest_Category1" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category1" "Best Mid-air Murder" "Replay_Contest_Category2" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category2" "Biggest Massacre" "Replay_Contest_Category3" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_Category3" "Funniest Replay" "Replay_Contest_Category4" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_Category4" "Best Getaway" "Replay_Contest_Category5" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category5" "Best Revenge" "Replay_Contest_Category6" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category6" "Most Pwnage" "Replay_Contest_Category7" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_Category7" "Most Heroic" "Replay_Contest_Category8" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category8" "Best Set Design" "Replay_Contest_Category9" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category9" "Best Team Costume" "Replay_Contest_Category10" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category10" "Best Original Soundtrack" "Replay_Contest_Category11" " 30 "

"[english]Replay_Contest_Category11" "Best 30 Second Trailer" "Replay_Contest_Category12" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category12" "Best Coordinated Combat" "Replay_Contest_Category13" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category13" "Most Dramatic" "Replay_Contest_Category14" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category14" "Best Cinematography" "Replay_Contest_Category15" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category15" "Best Editing" "Replay_Contest_Category16" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category16" "Most Epic Fail" "Replay_Contest_Category17" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category17" "Most Extreme Stunt" "Replay_Contest_Submit" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_Submit" "SUBMIT" "Replay_Contest_SubmitEntry" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_SubmitEntry" "SUBMIT ENTRY" "Replay_Contest_Details" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Details" "DETAILS" "Replay_Contest_Title" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Title" "THE SAXXYS" "Replay_Contest_Info" "\n519" "[english]Replay_Contest_Info" "SUBMISSION DEADLINE\nMay 19th" "Replay_Contest_Over" " \n" "[english]Replay_Contest_Over" "CONTEST CLOSED\nFor Submissions" "Replay_Contest_Waiting" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Waiting" "Submitting entry, please wait." "Replay_Contest_StatusTitle" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_StatusTitle" "Submission Result" "Replay_Contest_SubmitFormDirections" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_SubmitFormDirections" "SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO ENTRY" "Replay_Contest_ChooseCategory" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_ChooseCategory" "Please choose a category." "Replay_Contest_EnterURL" " YouTube " "[english]Replay_Contest_EnterURL" "Please enter a valid YouTube URL." "Replay_Contest_StatusSuccess" "" "[english]Replay_Contest_StatusSuccess" "Your entry was submitted successfully!" "Replay_Contest_StatusFailure" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_StatusFailure" "There was a problem with your submissio n. Please check to make sure the URL is valid." "IT_UnusualTitle" "" "[english]IT_UnusualTitle" "Unusual effect:" "IT_UnusualNone" "" "[english]IT_UnusualNone" "Nothing" "TF_Crocleather_Slouch" " " "[english]TF_Crocleather_Slouch" "Crocleather Slouch" "TF_CameraHelm" " " "[english]TF_CameraHelm" "Frontline Field Recorder" "TF_CameraHelm_Desc" " " "[english]TF_CameraHelm_Desc" "I'm the writer, the director, and the star." "TF_LargeLuchadore" "" "[english]TF_LargeLuchadore" "Large Luchadore" "TF_EngineerTopHat" " " "[english]TF_EngineerTopHat" "Western Wear" "TF_EngineerTopHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_EngineerTopHat_Desc" "The old West never saw this kind of cla ss." "TF_Doctors_Sack" "" "[english]TF_Doctors_Sack" "Doctor's Sack" "TF_Ol_Geezer" ""

"[english]TF_Ol_Geezer" "Ol' Geezer" "TF_FuriousFukaamigasa" " " "[english]TF_FuriousFukaamigasa" "Furious Fukaamigasa" "TF_Connoisseurs_Cap" " " "[english]TF_Connoisseurs_Cap" "Connoisseur's Cap" "TF_VillainsVeil" " " "[english]TF_VillainsVeil" "Villain's Veil" "TF_PotatoHatStyle_Classified" "[]" "[english]TF_PotatoHatStyle_Classified" "[classified]" "TF_PotatoHatStyle_Logo" " " "[english]TF_PotatoHatStyle_Logo" "Aperture Logo" "TF_TeamCaptain" " " "[english]TF_TeamCaptain" "The Team Captain" "TF_HottiesHoodie" "" "[english]TF_HottiesHoodie" "Hottie's Hoodie" "TF_HottiesHoodie_Desc" "\n "[english]TF_HottiesHoodie_Desc" "If you've got it, flaunt it.\nIf you do n't, hide it under this discreet hoodie." "TF_VillainsVeil_Style0" " " "[english]TF_VillainsVeil_Style0" "Hired Gun" "TF_VillainsVeil_Style1" " " "[english]TF_VillainsVeil_Style1" "Smooth Assassin" "Style" " " "[english]Style" "SET STYLE" "TF_Item_SelectStyle" " " "[english]TF_Item_SelectStyle" "SELECT STYLE" "RefurbishItem_RemoveCraftIndexTitle" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveCraftIndexTitle" "Remove Craft Number?" "RefurbishItem_RemoveCraftIndex" " " "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveCraftIndex" "Remove the unique crafted numbe r from this item?" "RefurbishItem_RemoveMakersMarkTitle" "" "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveMakersMarkTitle" "Remove Crafter Name?" "RefurbishItem_RemoveMakersMark" " " "[english]RefurbishItem_RemoveMakersMark" "Remove the crafter's name from this item?" "TF_TauntEnabler" " " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler" "Special Taunt" "Attrib_MakersMark" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_MakersMark" "Crafted by %s1" "HTTPError_ZeroLengthFile" "" "[english]HTTPError_ZeroLengthFile" "Zero length file" "HTTPError_ConnectionClosed" " " "[english]HTTPError_ConnectionClosed" "Connection closed" "HTTPError_InvalidURL" " URL" "[english]HTTPError_InvalidURL" "Invalid URL" "HTTPError_InvalidProtocol" " " "[english]HTTPError_InvalidProtocol" "Invalid protocol" "HTTPError_CantBindSocket" "" "[english]HTTPError_CantBindSocket" "Couldn't bind socket" "HTTPError_CantConnect" " " "[english]HTTPError_CantConnect" "Couldn't connect" "HTTPError_NoHeaders" " " "[english]HTTPError_NoHeaders" "No headers" "HTTPError_NonExistent" "" "[english]HTTPError_NonExistent" "Non-existent file" "HTTPError_Unknown" " " "[english]HTTPError_Unknown" "Unknown error" "Replay_Contest_Rules" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Rules" "RULES"

"YouTube_Upload_MissingFile" " YouTube " "[english]YouTube_Upload_MissingFile" "Unable to upload to YouTube, because th e movie file could not be found." "TF_Wearable_Medallion" " " "[english]TF_Wearable_Medallion" "Medallion" "ShowInBackpackOrderCheckbox" " " "[english]ShowInBackpackOrderCheckbox" "Show In Backpack Order" "TF_ScoutSword" " " "[english]TF_ScoutSword" "Three-Rune Blade" "TF_ScoutHair" " " "[english]TF_ScoutHair" "Hero's Tail" "TF_ScoutHair_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ScoutHair_Desc" "Possibly the result of pigmentation loss due to horrible experiments. Possibly a mop of some kind." "TF_ScoutMedallion" " " "[english]TF_ScoutMedallion" "Sign of the Wolf's School" "TF_ScoutMedallion_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ScoutMedallion_Desc" "One wolf, no moon. Collect all three!" "Replay_Saving" "" "[english]Replay_Saving" "Saving" "Replay_CantExport" " " "[english]Replay_CantExport" "CAN'T EXPORT" "Replay_CantUpload" " " "[english]Replay_CantUpload" "CAN'T UPLOAD" "Replay_YesCancel" "" "[english]Replay_YesCancel" "Yes, cancel" "YouTube_Upload_MovieIsRaw" " \"TGA's/WAV "[english]YouTube_Upload_MovieIsRaw" "There is no movie file associated with this saved replay because it was created using the \"Export raw TGA's/WAV\" opti on." "MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Title" "TF2 " "[english]MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Title" "TF2 Advanced Options" "MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Text" " "[english]MMenu_OptionsHighlightPanel_Text" "Once you've played the game a b it, take a look at the advanced options. There's a lot of useful settings in the re to help you tune TF2 to work just the way you like it." "TFAdvancedOptions" "TF2 " "[english]TFAdvancedOptions" "TF2 Advanced Options" "Tooltip_EnableHUDMinMode" " HUD HUD \ "[english]Tooltip_EnableHUDMinMode" "Minimal HUD mode uses a smaller, denser HUD so that you can see more.\n\nSome explanatory information is removed as wel l, so you should be familiar with the standard HUD before you turn on Minimal HU D." "Tooltip_classautokill" " \n\n "[english]Tooltip_classautokill" "If set, then you'll immediately kill yo urself whenever you change class while out in the field.\n\nIf unset, you'll cha nge to your new class the next time you respawn." "Tooltip_loadoutrespawn" " "[english]Tooltip_loadoutrespawn" "If set, then you'll respawn immediately whenever you change your loadout while inside a respawn zone.\n\nIf unset, your loadout changes will take effect the next time you respawn." "Tooltip_medigun_autoheal" " "[english]Tooltip_medigun_autoheal" "If set, your Medic's medigun will stay locked onto your heal target until you press the fire button again.\n\nIf unset, you'll be required to hold the button down to keep the medigun locked on." "Tooltip_autozoom" " "[english]Tooltip_autozoom" "If set, the Sniper's sniper rifle will automati cally zoom back in after it reloads, if you were zoomed in when you shot." "Tooltip_autoreload" " "[english]Tooltip_autoreload" "If set, you'll automatically reload your weapon

whenever you're not firing, if the weapon needs reloading and you have ammo." "Tooltip_takesshots" " " "[english]Tooltip_takesshots" "If set, you'll automatically have a screenshot taken of the final scoreboard at the end of every map you play." "Tooltip_rememberactiveweapon" " "[english]Tooltip_rememberactiveweapon" "If set, you'll respawn holding the same weapon you were holding when you died (assuming you still have it equipped in y our loadout)." "Tooltip_rememberlastweapon" " \n\n "[english]Tooltip_rememberlastweapon" "If set, respawning won't affect the wea pon you'll switch to when you hit your 'previous weapon' key.\n\nIf unset, your 'previous weapon' will always be set to be your secondary weapon when you respaw n." "Tooltip_drawviewmodel_option" " " "[english]Tooltip_drawviewmodel_option" "If unset, the first person view of your active weapon won't be drawn." "Tooltip_flipviewmodel_option" " "[english]Tooltip_flipviewmodel_option" "If set, the first person view of your a ctive weapon will be drawn on the left hand side of the screen, instead of the r ight." "Tooltip_DisableSprays" " " "[english]Tooltip_DisableSprays" "If set, you won't see other player's sp raypaint images." "Tooltip_colorblindassist" " "[english]Tooltip_colorblindassist" "If set, several in-game effects that ar e harder for colorblind players to see will use alternate, more visible effects. " "Tooltip_DisableHTMLMOTD" " HTML" "[english]Tooltip_DisableHTMLMOTD" "If set, you won't be shown HTML version s of server's Message Of The Day welcome screens." "Tooltip_SpectateCarriedItems" " " "[english]Tooltip_SpectateCarriedItems" "If set, you'll be shown the loadout ite ms being used by the player you're spectating." "Tooltip_UseAdvancedTourneyGUI" " HUD 6v6 "[english]Tooltip_UseAdvancedTourneyGUI" "The Advanced Spectator HUD is u sed in tournament mode only, and is designed to show you more information in 6 v 6 matches." "Tooltip_DisableWeatherParticles" " "[english]Tooltip_DisableWeatherParticles" "If set, you won't see particle effects marked as 'weather' by the level designer who created the map you're on. This can help your rendering performance on levels with effects like rain or sn ow." "Tooltip_simple_disguise_menu_option" " "[english]Tooltip_simple_disguise_menu_option" "The Concise Disguise Menu for t he Spy is an alternate menu that requires more keypresses in the disguising proc ess, but only uses the number keys 1 through 4." "Tooltip_CombatText" " " "[english]Tooltip_CombatText" "If set, you'll see damage amounts appear over t he heads of enemies whenever you damage them." "Tooltip_Hitbeeps" " " "[english]Tooltip_Hitbeeps" "If set, you'll hear a 'hit sound' that's played whenever you damage an enemy." "Tooltip_HealTargetMarker" " "[english]Tooltip_HealTargetMarker" "If set, a marker will be displayed abov e the friendly target that you're currently healing with your medigun." "Tooltip_AutoMedicCallers" " "[english]Tooltip_AutoMedicCallers" "If set, you'll receive an automatic req uest for assistance from any nearby team mates when their health falls below a t hreshold." "Tooltip_AutoMedicCallThreshold" " "

"[english]Tooltip_AutoMedicCallThreshold" "The threshold at which your tea m mates will automatically request assistance." "Tooltip_UseGlowEffect" " "[english]Tooltip_UseGlowEffect" "If set, the Payload carts and CTF intel ligence briefcases will use glow effects to highlight their locations in the map ." "Tooltip_UseSteamCloud" " TF2 Steam " "[english]Tooltip_UseSteamCloud" "If set, your TF2 configuration files wi ll be stored on the Steam Cloud." "Tooltip_ShowNotificationsInGame" " "[english]Tooltip_ShowNotificationsInGame" "If set, you'll receive in-game notification popups for various events, like trade requests.\n\nIf unset, the no tifications will only be visible when you return to the main menu." "Tooltip_Multiplayer_Decal_Limit" " "[english]Tooltip_Multiplayer_Decal_Limit" "The maximum number of decals th at can exist at once. Decals are used for visual effects like bullet impacts. Hi gher numbers will result in more persistent decals, at the expense of performanc e." "Tooltip_viewmodelfov_option" " "[english]Tooltip_viewmodelfov_option" "The Field-of-View to use when drawing t he first person view of your active weapon. Larger values will make the weapon s maller onscreen." "TFOption_httpproxy" "HTTP " "[english]TFOption_httpproxy" "HTTP Proxy:" "Tooltip_httpproxy" "HTTP Youtub "[english]Tooltip_httpproxy" "If you're behind a HTTP proxy, you'll need to s pecify it here, or you won't be able to upload movies to YouTube." "TFOption_replay_enableeventbasedscreenshots" " " "[english]TFOption_replay_enableeventbasedscreenshots" "Take event-based screen shots during replays" "Tooltip_replay_enableeventbasedscreenshots" " "[english]Tooltip_replay_enableeventbasedscreenshots" "If set, screenshots wil l automatically be taken, during replays, whenever something interesting happens (you kill an enemy, you deploy an berCharge, etc). On some graphics cards this c an cause rendering hitches." "TFOption_replay_screenshotresolution" " " "[english]TFOption_replay_screenshotresolution" "Take high-resolution replay scr eenshots" "Tooltip_replay_screenshotresolution" " "[english]Tooltip_replay_screenshotresolution" "If set, replay screenshots will be taken in high resolution. On some graphics cards this can cause rendering hi tches." "TFOption_replay_maxscreenshots" " " "[english]TFOption_replay_maxscreenshots" "Max screenshots per replay" "Tooltip_replay_maxscreenshots" " " "[english]Tooltip_replay_maxscreenshots" "If event-based screenshots are enabled, this is the maximum number of screenshots that'll be taken for a single replay." "TFOption_mintimebetweenscreenshots" " " "[english]TFOption_mintimebetweenscreenshots" "Min time between screenshots" "Tooltip_mintimebetweenscreenshots" " "[english]Tooltip_mintimebetweenscreenshots" "If event-based screenshots are enabled, this is the minimum amount of time after one is taken before another is taken (in seconds)." "TFOption_postdeathrecordtime" " " "[english]TFOption_postdeathrecordtime" "Post-death replay record time" "Tooltip_postdeathrecordtime" " " "[english]Tooltip_postdeathrecordtime" "This is the amount of time, in seconds, to continue recording your replay after you've died." "TF_OptionCategory_Combat" " "

"[english]TF_OptionCategory_Combat" "Combat Options" "TF_OptionCategory_HUD" "HUD " "[english]TF_OptionCategory_HUD" "HUD Options" "TF_OptionCategory_ClassSpecific" " " "[english]TF_OptionCategory_ClassSpecific" "Class Specific Options" "TF_OptionCategory_Performance" " " "[english]TF_OptionCategory_Performance" "Performance Options" "TF_OptionCategory_Misc" " " "[english]TF_OptionCategory_Misc" "Miscellaneous Options" "TF_OptionCategory_Replay" " " "[english]TF_OptionCategory_Replay" "Replay Options" "TF_Saxxy" " " "[english]TF_Saxxy" "The Saxxy" "Replay_Err_NotEnoughBlocksForReconstruction" " " "[english]Replay_Err_NotEnoughBlocksForReconstruction" "Not enough blocks for r eplay reconstruction." "TF_LessThan" "<" "[english]TF_LessThan" "<" "TF_GreaterThan" ">" "[english]TF_GreaterThan" ">" "TF_Select" " " "[english]TF_Select" "SELECT" "TF_Hype" " " "[english]TF_Hype" "HYPE" "TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher" " " "[english]TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher" "Beta Pocket Rocket Launcher" "TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher2" " 2 " "[english]TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher2" "Beta Pocket Rocket Launcher 2" "TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher3" " 3 " "[english]TF_BetaPocketRocketLauncher3" "Beta Pocket Rocket Launcher 3" "TF_BetaPocketShotgun" " " "[english]TF_BetaPocketShotgun" "Beta Pocket Shotgun" "TF_BetaSplitEqualizer1" " 1 " "[english]TF_BetaSplitEqualizer1" "Beta Split Equalizer 1" "TF_BetaSplitEqualizer2" " 2 " "[english]TF_BetaSplitEqualizer2" "Beta Split Equalizer 2" "TF_BetaSniperRifle1" " ( 1 )" "[english]TF_BetaSniperRifle1" "Beta Sniper Rifle 1" "TF_BetaSniperClub1" " " "[english]TF_BetaSniperClub1" "Beta Sniper Club 1" "TF_ConjurersCowl" " " "[english]TF_ConjurersCowl" "The Conjurer's Cowl" "TF_ConjurersCowl_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ConjurersCowl_Desc" "I put on my wizard's hat." "TF_RFAHammer" " " "[english]TF_RFAHammer" "The Maul" "TF_RFAHammer_Desc" " " "[english]TF_RFAHammer_Desc" "Packs a devastating punch with a hint of Mars d ust." "TF_MedicMtGHat" " " "[english]TF_MedicMtGHat" "The Planeswalker Helm" "TF_MedicMtGHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_MedicMtGHat_Desc" "If anyone asks, tell them the tusks qualify you for veterinary work." "TF_ScoutMtGHat" " " "[english]TF_ScoutMtGHat" "The Planeswalker Goggles" "TF_ScoutMtGHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_ScoutMtGHat_Desc" "No more bugs in your eyes as you blaze across t he map." "TF_TowerHardhat" "Lo-Fi "

"[english]TF_TowerHardhat" "The Lo-Fi Longwave" "TF_TowerHardhat_Desc" "" "[english]TF_TowerHardhat_Desc" "Can't stop the signal." "TF_SpiralSallet" " " "[english]TF_SpiralSallet" "The Spiral Sallet" "TF_SpiralSallet_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SpiralSallet_Desc" "Little known fact: knights in chess travel over other pieces by rocket jumping." "Gametype_OfflinePractice" " " "[english]Gametype_OfflinePractice" "Offline Practice" "Gametype_Quickplay" "" "[english]Gametype_Quickplay" "Random" "TF_Spectator_TargetID_Location" " ID" "[english]TF_Spectator_TargetID_Location" "Spectator Target ID Location" "TF_Spectator_Default" " " "[english]TF_Spectator_Default" "Default" "TF_Spectator_Bottom_Left" "" "[english]TF_Spectator_Bottom_Left" "Bottom Left Corner" "TF_Spectator_Bottom_Center" "" "[english]TF_Spectator_Bottom_Center" "Bottom Center" "TF_Spectator_Bottom_Right" "" "[english]TF_Spectator_Bottom_Right" "Bottom Right Corner" "Selection_ShowBackpack" " " "[english]Selection_ShowBackpack" "View Entire Backpack" "Selection_ShowSelection" " " "[english]Selection_ShowSelection" "View Valid Items" "Craft_SelectItemPanel" " " "[english]Craft_SelectItemPanel" "SELECT ITEM TO USE IN CRAFT" "Craft_Recipe_Inputs" "" "[english]Craft_Recipe_Inputs" "Will consume:" "Craft_Recipe_Outputs" "" "[english]Craft_Recipe_Outputs" "Will Create:" "RecipeFilter_Crafting" "" "[english]RecipeFilter_Crafting" "Crafting Items" "RecipeFilter_CommonItems" "" "[english]RecipeFilter_CommonItems" "Common Items" "RecipeFilter_RareItems" "" "[english]RecipeFilter_RareItems" "Rare Items" "RecipeFilter_Gambles" "" "[english]RecipeFilter_Gambles" "Try Your Luck" "RecipeFilter_Special" "" "[english]RecipeFilter_Special" "Special" "RI_T" " " "[english]RI_T" "Token" "Attrib_ShovelSpeedBoost" " " "[english]Attrib_ShovelSpeedBoost" "Move speed increases as the user become s injured" "Attrib_WeaponBlocksHealing" " " "[english]Attrib_WeaponBlocksHealing" "Blocks healing while in use" "Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterBodyshot" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterBodyshot" "On Scoped Bodyshot: Rifle charg e rate increased by %s1%" "Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterMiss" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterMiss" "On Scoped Miss: Rifle charge ra te decreased by %s1%" "Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterHeadshot" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultSniperChargeAfterHeadshot" "On Scoped Headshot: Rifle charg e rate increased by %s1%" "Attrib_MultDmgBonusWhileHalfDead" " <50% %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultDmgBonusWhileHalfDead" "%s1% increase in damage when he

alth <50% of max" "Attrib_MultDmgPenaltyWhileHalfAlive" " >50% %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultDmgPenaltyWhileHalfAlive" "%s1% decrease in damage when he alth >50% of max" "Attrib_Medigun_MegaHeal" "UberCharge 300% " "[english]Attrib_Medigun_MegaHeal" "berCharge increases healing by 300% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects" "Attrib_MedicKilledRevenge" " \n 2 " "[english]Attrib_MedicKilledRevenge" "When the medic healing you is killed yo u\ngain 2 revenge crits" "Attrib_MedicKilledMiniCritBoost" " \n %s1 "[english]Attrib_MedicKilledMiniCritBoost" "When the medic healing you is k illed\nyou gain mini-crit boost for %s1 seconds" "Attrib_MedicHealedDamageBonus" " \n %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MedicHealedDamageBonus" "While a medic is healing you,\n this weapon's damage is increased by %s1%" "Attrib_MedicHealedDeployTimePenalty" " \n %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MedicHealedDeployTimePenalty" "While not being healed by a med ic,\nyour weapon switch time is %s1% longer" "Attrib_MinigunNoSpinSounds" " " "[english]Attrib_MinigunNoSpinSounds" "Silent Killer: No barrel spin sound" "Attrib_UberchargeRate_ForHealer" " UberCharge +%s1%\n "[english]Attrib_UberchargeRate_ForHealer" "+%s1% berCharge rate for the med ic healing you\nThis effect does not work in the respawn room" "Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased_While_Healed" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased_While_Healed" "%s1% faster reload time while being healed" "Attrib_SaxxyAward" " %s1 %s2\n" "[english]Attrib_SaxxyAward" "Winner: %s1 %s2\n" "TF_Weapon_BetaBonesaw" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_BetaBonesaw" "Beta Bonesaw" "TF_Weapon_BetaSyringeGun" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_BetaSyringeGun" "Beta Syringe Gun" "TF_Weapon_BetaSyringeGun_Desc" "UberCharge 10%" "[english]TF_Weapon_BetaSyringeGun_Desc" "Ubercharge percentage increases movement speed by up to 10%" "TF_BetaBonesaw_Desc" " " "[english]TF_BetaBonesaw_Desc" "Allows you to see an enemy's health." "Replay_TimeScaleMin" " " "[english]Replay_TimeScaleMin" "Slow-mo" "Replay_TimeScaleMax" " " "[english]Replay_TimeScaleMax" "Time-lapse" "Replay_Scale" " " "[english]Replay_Scale" "Scale:" "Replay_SetDefaultSetting" "" "[english]Replay_SetDefaultSetting" "RESET" "Replay_ResetTimeScale" "" "[english]Replay_ResetTimeScale" "RESET" "Replay_TimeScale" " " "[english]Replay_TimeScale" "TIME SCALE" "Replay_EditorButtonTip_TimeScaleButton" " " "[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_TimeScaleButton" "slow down or speed up t ime" "Replay_Contest_Category10000" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category10000" "Player's Choice" "Replay_Contest_Category10001" " " "[english]Replay_Contest_Category10001" "Best Overall Replay" "MMenu_NewGame" " " "[english]MMenu_NewGame" "New Game" "MMenu_BrowseServers" " "

"[english]MMenu_BrowseServers" "Browse Servers" "MMenu_AdvOptions" " " "[english]MMenu_AdvOptions" "Adv. Options" "MMenu_Tooltip_Achievements" " " "[english]MMenu_Tooltip_Achievements" "View Achievements" "MMenu_Shop" "" "[english]MMenu_Shop" "SHOP" "MMenu_Play" " " "[english]MMenu_Play" "PLAY" "MMenu_Customize" " " "[english]MMenu_Customize" "CUSTOMIZE" "MMenu_Create" "" "[english]MMenu_Create" "CREATE" "TR_AttackDefense" " " "[english]TR_AttackDefense" "BASIC TRAINING" "TR_PracticeModeSelectTitle" " " "[english]TR_PracticeModeSelectTitle" "SELECT A PRACTICE MODE" "TR_PracticeMapSelectTitle" " %gametype% " "[english]TR_PracticeMapSelectTitle" "SELECT A %gametype% MAP" "TR_AttackDefense_Description" " Dustbowl\n "[english]TR_AttackDefense_Description" "Continue Soldier training in a round of Dustbowl, an Attack/Defend style\nControl Point map, where the blue team tries to take the Control\nPoints from the defending red team." "TR_Locked_AttackDefense" " " "[english]TR_Locked_AttackDefense" "Unlocked after completing Soldier train ing." "TR_Primary" "" "[english]TR_Primary" "Primary" "TR_Secondary" "" "[english]TR_Secondary" "Secondary" "TR_Melee" " " "[english]TR_Melee" "Melee" "TR_StandardWeaponSet" "" "[english]TR_StandardWeaponSet" "STANDARD WEAPON SET" "TR_Soldier_LookTitle" "" "[english]TR_Soldier_LookTitle" "Looking Around" "TR_Soldier_Look" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Look" "To look around the environment, move the mouse." "TR_Soldier_MoveTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_MoveTitle" "Movement" "TR_Soldier_Move" " %+forward% %+back% %+moveleft% %+moverig "[english]TR_Soldier_Move" "Use %+forward% to move forward, %+back% to move bac kwards, and %+moveleft% or %+moveright% to move side to side." "TR_Soldier_MoveOut" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_MoveOut" "Leave this room and proceed to the firing range ." "TR_Soldier_DuckTitle" "" "[english]TR_Soldier_DuckTitle" "Crouching" "TR_Soldier_Duck" " %+duck% " "[english]TR_Soldier_Duck" "Use %+duck% to crouch under the doorway and move to the indicated position." "TR_Soldier_JumpTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_JumpTitle" "Jump" "TR_Soldier_Jump" " %+jump% " "[english]TR_Soldier_Jump" "Use %+jump% to jump onto the cart and move toward s the firing range." "TR_Soldier_JumpHint" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_JumpHint" "Jump Up Here" "TR_Soldier_RangeTitle" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_RangeTitle" "Firing Range"

"TR_Soldier_Range" " " "[english]TR_Soldier_Range" "Well done. Navigate to the firing range to con tinue." "TR_Progress" " %s1%" "[english]TR_Progress" "%s1% Completed" "TR_ProgressDone" "" "[english]TR_ProgressDone" "Completed" "TR_ContinueTitle" " " "[english]TR_ContinueTitle" "Continue?" "TR_ContinueMsg" " 2 " "[english]TR_ContinueMsg" "Continue from the start of part 2 or start over ?" "TR_Continue" " " "[english]TR_Continue" "CONTINUE" "TR_StartOver" " " "[english]TR_StartOver" "START OVER" "TF_Training_SelectMode" " " "[english]TF_Training_SelectMode" "GET STARTED" "TF_Training_Title" " " "[english]TF_Training_Title" "SELECT A TRAINING MODE" "TF_Training_Desc_BasicTraining" " " "[english]TF_Training_Desc_BasicTraining" "Learn the ins and outs of a cla ss." "TF_Training_Desc_OfflinePractice" " " "[english]TF_Training_Desc_OfflinePractice" "Sharpen your skills on bots." "TF_Training_StartTraining" " " "[english]TF_Training_StartTraining" "START TRAINING" "TF_StartPractice" " " "[english]TF_StartPractice" "START PRACTICE" "TF_OfflinePractice_Players" "" "[english]TF_OfflinePractice_Players" "Players:" "TF_Event_Saxxy_Deleted" "%owner% %category% " "[english]TF_Event_Saxxy_Deleted" "%owner% has destroyed their Saxxy, awar ded for %category%!" "TF_Event_Saxxy_Awarded" "%year% \n%category%\n \n\n%winne "[english]TF_Event_Saxxy_Awarded" "And the %year% Saxxy for \n%category%\ngo es to: \n\n%winners%\n\nWatch the video now?" "TF_MM_WaitDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_MM_WaitDialog_Title" "Searching for the Best Available Server " "TF_MM_GenericFailure_Title" " " "[english]TF_MM_GenericFailure_Title" "Error" "TF_MM_GenericFailure" " Steam Steam "[english]TF_MM_GenericFailure" "There was a problem communicating with the Stea m servers. Make sure you are signed on to Steam and try again later." "TF_MM_ResultsDialog_Title" " " "[english]TF_MM_ResultsDialog_Title" "Search Results" "TF_MM_ResultsDialog_ServerNotFound" " " "[english]TF_MM_ResultsDialog_ServerNotFound" "There are no available game ser vers that meet your search criteria. Please try again." "TF_Quickplay_PlayNow" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_PlayNow" "Play Now!" "TF_Quickplay_Title" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_Title" "Start Playing" "TF_Quickplay_NumGames" " %s1" "[english]TF_Quickplay_NumGames" "Game servers meeting search criteria: % s1" "TF_Quickplay_LetsGo" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_LetsGo" "Let's Go!" "TF_Quickplay_Favorites" " "

"[english]TF_Quickplay_Favorites" "Favorite Servers Only" "TF_Quickplay_Refresh" "" "[english]TF_Quickplay_Refresh" "Refresh" "TF_Quickplay_StopRefresh" "" "[english]TF_Quickplay_StopRefresh" "Stop Refreshing" "TF_Quickplay_PleaseWait" " ..." "[english]TF_Quickplay_PleaseWait" "Retrieving server information, please w ait..." "TF_Quickplay_NoServers" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_NoServers" "No Servers Available At This Time" "TF_Quickplay_Complexity1" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_Complexity1" "Recommended For All Skill Levels" "TF_Quickplay_Complexity2" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_Complexity2" "Recommended For Advanced Players" "TF_Quickplay_Complexity3" " " "[english]TF_Quickplay_Complexity3" "Recommended For Expert Players" "TF_GameModeDesc_Training" " Team Fortress 2 " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_Training" "Learn the basics of Team Fortress 2 by completing the training courses!" "TF_GameModeDesc_OfflinePractice" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_OfflinePractice" "Practice and hone your skills b y playing offline with computer controlled opponents!" "TF_GameModeDesc_Quickplay" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_Quickplay" "We'll match you into the best game we c an find." "TF_GameModeDetail_Quickplay" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_Quickplay" "We'll match you into the best game we c an find, regardless of the game type." "TF_GameModeDesc_CTF" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_CTF" "And by flag we mean a glowing briefcase." "TF_GameModeDetail_CTF" " \n\n "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_CTF" "To win a point, steal the enemy's intel ligence briefcase and return it to your base.\n\nYou should also prevent the opp osing team from taking your intelligence briefcase to their base." "TF_GameModeDesc_AttackDefense" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_AttackDefense" "BLU wins by capturing all point s. RED wins by stopping them." "TF_GameModeDetail_AttackDefense" " "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_AttackDefense" "Blue team wins by capturing the Control Points on each stage before the time runs out.\n\nRed team wins by prev enting all the points from being captured." "TF_GameModeDesc_CP" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_CP" "Capture all points to win." "TF_GameModeDetail_CP" " \n\n "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_CP" "To win each team must own all Control Points.\n \nSome Control Points will be locked until others are captured." "TF_GameModeDesc_Escort" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_Escort" "BLU pushes the cart down the track. RED needs to stop them." "TF_GameModeDetail_Escort" " "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_Escort" "Blue team wins by escorting the payload cart to the enemy base. Stand near the payload to make it move.\n\nRed team win s by preventing the payload cart from reaching the heart of their base.\n\nEnemi es can block the payload by getting close to it." "TF_GameModeDesc_EscortRace" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_EscortRace" "Two teams. Two bombs. Two tracks. Hilar ity ensues." "TF_GameModeDetail_EscortRace" " \n\n "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_EscortRace" "Escort your payload cart to the finish line before the opposing team can deliver theirs.\n\nStand near the cart to make

it move." "TF_GameModeDesc_Koth" " " "[english]TF_GameModeDesc_Koth" "One team must control a single point until time runs out." "TF_GameModeDetail_Koth" " \n\n "[english]TF_GameModeDetail_Koth" "Capture the Control Point and defend it until your team's timer runs out.\n\nThe Control Point cannot be captured while locked.\n\nIf the enemy team captures the Control Point, your team's timer will pause until you recapture the point." "TF_Armory_Item_InSet_NoBonus" "%s1\n\n" "[english]TF_Armory_Item_InSet_NoBonus" "This item is part of the %s1 item set.\n\n " "TF_vote_td_start_round" " " "[english]TF_vote_td_start_round" "Start the current round?" "TF_vote_passed_td_start_round" " ..." "[english]TF_vote_passed_td_start_round" "Starting the round..." "TF_Weapon_Medigun_Prototype" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_Medigun_Prototype" "Medi Gun Prototype" "TF_Weapon_SyringeGun_Prototype" " " "[english]TF_Weapon_SyringeGun_Prototype" "Syringe Gun Prototype" "TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh" " " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh" "Taunt: The Schadenfreude" "TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh_Desc" " " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh_Desc" "Share a good natured laugh with everyon e except that one guy you just shot." "TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose" " " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose" "Taunt: The Meet the Medic" "TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose_Desc" " "[english]TF_TauntEnabler_MedicHeroicPose_Desc" "Remind those ungrateful bastard s how valuable your Medic skills are by striking a heroic pose accompanied by an angelic choir, beams of divine light, and a flock of doves." "TF_ArmoredAuthority" " " "[english]TF_ArmoredAuthority" "Armored Authority" "TF_FancyDressUniform" " " "[english]TF_FancyDressUniform" "Fancy Dress Uniform" "TF_Mantreads" " " "[english]TF_Mantreads" "The Mantreads" "TF_DisciplinaryAction" " " "[english]TF_DisciplinaryAction" "The Disciplinary Action" "TF_Overdose" " " "[english]TF_Overdose" "The Overdose" "TF_Overdose_Desc" " UberCharge 10%" "[english]TF_Overdose_Desc" "Movement speed increases based on berCharge perc entage to a maximum of +10%" "TF_Weapon_Riding_Crop" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Riding_Crop" "Riding Crop" "TF_Wearable_Uniform" "" "[english]TF_Wearable_Uniform" "Uniform" "TF_SodaPopper" " " "[english]TF_SodaPopper" "The Soda Popper" "TF_SodaPopper_Desc" " " "[english]TF_SodaPopper_Desc" "Builds Hype as you run. When the Hype Meter is full, unleash mini-crits!" "TF_Winger" " " "[english]TF_Winger" "The Winger" "TF_Atomizer" "" "[english]TF_Atomizer" "The Atomizer" "TF_BonkBoy" "" "[english]TF_BonkBoy" "Bonk Boy" "TF_CosaNostraCap" " "

"[english]TF_CosaNostraCap" "Cosa Nostra Cap" "TF_CosaNostraCap_Desc" " "[english]TF_CosaNostraCap_Desc" "If looks could kill, this dapper fellow would make your head an accomplice to murder." "TF_Enforcer" " " "[english]TF_Enforcer" "The Enforcer" "TF_BigEarner" " " "[english]TF_BigEarner" "The Big Earner" "TF_MadeMan" " " "[english]TF_MadeMan" "The Made Man" "TF_MadeMan_Desc" " " "[english]TF_MadeMan_Desc" "A gentleman always has a flower handy to drop o n an opponent's grave." "TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter" "Scout Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_ScoutStarter_Desc" "Start causing trouble in style with the se Scout items:" "TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter" "Soldier Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_SoldierStarter_Desc" "Don't go to war without these e ssential Soldier items:" "TF_Bundle_PyroStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PyroStarter" "Pyro Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_PyroStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_PyroStarter_Desc" "Burn the house down with these starter Pyro items:" "TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter" "Demoman Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_DemomanStarter_Desc" "Transform into an honorable Dem oknight with this starter kit:" "TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter" "Heavy Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_HeavyStarter_Desc" "A big man needs a big gun and a big mea l. Find both in this starter pack:" "TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter" "Engineer Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_EngineerStarter_Desc" "Expand your options with these essential Engineer items:" "TF_Bundle_MedicStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MedicStarter" "Medic Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_MedicStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MedicStarter_Desc" "Provide your team with enhanced support with these key Medic items:" "TF_Bundle_SniperStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_SniperStarter" "Sniper Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_SniperStarter_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_SniperStarter_Desc" "Raise your professional standards with these critical Sniper items:" "TF_Bundle_SpyStarter" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_SpyStarter" "Spy Starter Pack" "TF_Bundle_SpyStarter_Desc" "" "[english]TF_Bundle_SpyStarter_Desc" "Quality field work depends on quality t ools:" "TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday" "Mobster Monday Bundle"

"TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MobsterMonday_Desc" "Load up on these Mafia themed items for the Heavy and Spy:" "TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday" "Timbuk-Tuesday Bundle" "TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday_Desc" " "[english]TF_Bundle_TimbukTuesday_Desc" "Load up on these (mostly) Mid-Eastern t hemed items for the Sniper, Scout, and Demoman:" "TF_Bundle_WarWednesday" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_WarWednesday" "World War Wednesday Bundle" "TF_Bundle_WarWednesday_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_WarWednesday_Desc" "Load up on these military themed items for the Soldier:" "TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic" "Meet the Medic! Bundle" "TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_MeetTheMedic_Desc" "Load up on these items celebrating the Meet the Medic video:" "TF_Bundle_Uber" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_Uber" "The Uber Update Bundle" "TF_Bundle_Uber_Desc" " " "[english]TF_Bundle_Uber_Desc" "Get every new item in the Uber Update in one ma ssive bundle:" "TF_HelpedNewUserHat" " " "[english]TF_HelpedNewUserHat" "Professor Speks" "TF_HelpedNewUserHat_Desc" " " "[english]TF_HelpedNewUserHat_Desc" "Give your teacher the gift of insight, paper clip and rubber band included." "TF_CaponesCapper" " " "[english]TF_CaponesCapper" "Capo's Capper" "TF_CaponesCapper_Desc" " " "[english]TF_CaponesCapper_Desc" "This dashing number will help you commi t crimes of all kindsexcept against fashion." "TF_DesertMarauder" " " "[english]TF_DesertMarauder" "Desert Marauder" "TF_PocketMedic" "" "[english]TF_PocketMedic" "Pocket Medic" "TF_PocketMedic_Desc" "" "[english]TF_PocketMedic_Desc" "Keep little healing man close." "TF_JumpersJeepcap" " " "[english]TF_JumpersJeepcap" "Jumper's Jeepcap" "TF_LoyaltyReward" " " "[english]TF_LoyaltyReward" "Proof of Purchase" "TF_LoyaltyReward_Desc" " " "[english]TF_LoyaltyReward_Desc" "From another era." "TF_SplendidScreen_Style1" " " "[english]TF_SplendidScreen_Style1" "Classic" "TF_SplendidScreen_Style2" " " "[english]TF_SplendidScreen_Style2" "Spike" "TF_SplendidScreen_Style3" "" "[english]TF_SplendidScreen_Style3" "Arrow" "TF_SplendidScreen_Style4" " " "[english]TF_SplendidScreen_Style4" "Spike And Arrow" "TF_TrialNeedSpace_Title" " " "[english]TF_TrialNeedSpace_Title" "Need more space?" "TF_TrialNeedSpace_Text" " "[english]TF_TrialNeedSpace_Text" "Your inventory is completely full. Purc hase any item from the Mann Co. store and your account will be upgraded giving y ou an additional 250 inventory slots!" "TF_TrialNeedSpace_Store" ""

"[english]TF_TrialNeedSpace_Store" "To the Store!" "TF_TrialNeedSpace_No" " " "[english]TF_TrialNeedSpace_No" "Delete Stuff" "ItemTypeDescNoLevel" " %s1" "[english]ItemTypeDescNoLevel" "Level %s1" "ItemTypeDescKillEater" "%s1 %s6 %s2 - %s4 %s5%s3" "[english]ItemTypeDescKillEater" "%s1 %s6 %s2 - %s4 %s5: %s3" "KillEaterRank0" "" "[english]KillEaterRank0" "Strange" "KillEaterRank1" "" "[english]KillEaterRank1" "Unremarkable" "KillEaterRank2" " " "[english]KillEaterRank2" "Scarcely Lethal" "KillEaterRank3" " " "[english]KillEaterRank3" "Mildly Menacing" "KillEaterRank4" " " "[english]KillEaterRank4" "Somewhat Threatening" "KillEaterRank5" "" "[english]KillEaterRank5" "Uncharitable" "KillEaterRank6" " " "[english]KillEaterRank6" "Notably Dangerous" "KillEaterRank7" "" "[english]KillEaterRank7" "Sufficiently Lethal" "KillEaterRank8" " " "[english]KillEaterRank8" "Truly Feared" "KillEaterRank9" "" "[english]KillEaterRank9" "Spectacularly Lethal" "KillEaterRank10" " " "[english]KillEaterRank10" "Gore-Spattered" "KillEaterRank11" " " "[english]KillEaterRank11" "Wicked Nasty" "KillEaterRank12" "" "[english]KillEaterRank12" "Positively Inhumane" "KillEaterRank13" " " "[english]KillEaterRank13" "Totally Ordinary" "KillEaterRank14" " " "[english]KillEaterRank14" "Face-Melting" "KillEaterRank15" " " "[english]KillEaterRank15" "Rage-Inducing" "KillEaterRank16" " " "[english]KillEaterRank16" "Server-Clearing" "KillEaterRank17" " " "[english]KillEaterRank17" "Epic" "KillEaterRank18" " " "[english]KillEaterRank18" "Legendary" "KillEaterRank19" "" "[english]KillEaterRank19" "Australian" "KillEaterRank20" " " "[english]KillEaterRank20" "Hale's Own" "Craft_PremiumRecipe" " " "[english]Craft_PremiumRecipe" "Your free account is unable to use this Premium blueprint." "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor2" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor2" "Operator's Overalls" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor3" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor3" "Waterlogged Lab Coat" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor4" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor4" "Balaclavas Are Forever" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor5" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor5" "An Air of Debonair"

"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor6" " " "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor6" "The Value of Teamwork" "TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor7" "" "[english]TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor7" "Cream Spirit" "TF_Set_Desert_Sniper" " " "[english]TF_Set_Desert_Sniper" "Lawrence of Australia" "TF_Set_Desert_Demo" " " "[english]TF_Set_Desert_Demo" "One Thousand and One Demoknights" "TF_Set_Clinical_Trial" " " "[english]TF_Set_Clinical_Trial" "Clinical Trial" "TF_Set_Airborne_Armaments" "" "[english]TF_Set_Airborne_Armaments" "The Airborne Armaments" "TF_Set_Black_Market" " " "[english]TF_Set_Black_Market" "Black Market Business" "TF_Set_Bonk_Fan" " " "[english]TF_Set_Bonk_Fan" "The #1 Fan" "TF_Set_General" " " "[english]TF_Set_General" "The General's Formals" "TF_Set_Gangland_Spy" " " "[english]TF_Set_Gangland_Spy" "The Man of Honor" "Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemiesDeploy" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemiesDeploy" "Mini-crits airborne targets for %s1 seconds after being deployed" "Attrib_CritWhileAirborne" " " "[english]Attrib_CritWhileAirborne" "Deals crits while the wielder is rocket jumping" "Attrib_MultSniperChargePenalty" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_MultSniperChargePenalty" "Base charge rate decreased by % s1%" "Attrib_MedicKilledMarkedForDeath" " \n "[english]Attrib_MedicKilledMarkedForDeath" "When the medic healing you is k illed\nthe killer becomes marked for death" "Attrib_RageOnHitPenalty" " %s1% " "[english]Attrib_RageOnHitPenalty" "%s1% rage lost on hit" "Attrib_RageOnHitBonus" " %s1% " "[english]Attrib_RageOnHitBonus" "%s1% rage gained on hit" "Attrib_RageDamageBoost" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_RageDamageBoost" "Gains a damage bonus as rage increases, up to %s1%" "Attrib_ChargeTurnControl" "+%s1% " "[english]Attrib_ChargeTurnControl" "+%s1% increase in turning control while charging" "Attrib_NoChargeImpactRange" " " "[english]Attrib_NoChargeImpactRange" "Can deal charge impact damage at any ra nge" "Attrib_ChargeImpactDamageIncreased" "+%s1% " "[english]Attrib_ChargeImpactDamageIncreased" "+%s1% increase in charge impact damage" "Attrib_ChargeRechargeRateIncreased" " +%s1%" "[english]Attrib_ChargeRechargeRateIncreased" "+%s1% increase in charge rechar ge rate" "Attrib_AirDashCountIncreased" " 10 " "[english]Attrib_AirDashCountIncreased" "Grants Triple Jump: The third jump deal s 10 damage when used" "Attrib_SpeedBuffAlly" " " "[english]Attrib_SpeedBuffAlly" "On Hit Ally: Boosts both players' speed for sev eral seconds" "Attrib_DamageForceReduction" " %s1%" "[english]Attrib_DamageForceReduction" "%s1% reduction in push force taken from damage"


"Attrib_CloakRate" " %s1 " "[english]Attrib_CloakRate" "%s1 sec increase in time to cloak" "Attrib_AmmoBecomesHealth" " " "[english]Attrib_AmmoBecomesHealth" "All ammo collected becomes health" "Attrib_BootsFallingStomp" " 3 " "[english]Attrib_BootsFallingStomp" "Deals 3x falling damage to the player y ou land on" "Attrib_SeeEnemyHealth" " " "[english]Attrib_SeeEnemyHealth" "Allows you to see enemy health" "TF_Shahanshah" " " "[english]TF_Shahanshah" "The Shahanshah" "TF_BazaarBargain" " " "[english]TF_BazaarBargain" "The Bazaar Bargain" "TF_BazaarBargain_Desc" " \n \n "[english]TF_BazaarBargain_Desc" "Each scoped headshot decreases the weap on's charge time.\nA scoped body shot or miss reduces the bonus.\n" "TF_PersianPersuader" "" "[english]TF_PersianPersuader" "The Persian Persuader" "TF_Ali_Babas_Wee_Booties" " " "[english]TF_Ali_Babas_Wee_Booties" "Ali Baba's Wee Booties" "TF_SultansCeremonial" " " "[english]TF_SultansCeremonial" "Sultan's Ceremonial" "TF_SplendidScreen" " " "[english]TF_SplendidScreen" "The Splendid Screen" "TF_MarketGardener" " " "[english]TF_MarketGardener" "The Market Gardener" "TF_ReserveShooter" " " "[english]TF_ReserveShooter" "The Reserve Shooter" "TF_LibertyLauncher" " " "[english]TF_LibertyLauncher" "The Liberty Launcher" "TF_Tomislav" " " "[english]TF_Tomislav" "Tomislav" "TF_RussianRiot" " " "[english]TF_RussianRiot" "The Family Business" "TF_EvictionNotice" " " "[english]TF_EvictionNotice" "The Eviction Notice" "TF_SolemnVow" "" "[english]TF_SolemnVow" "The Solemn Vow" "TF_SolemnVow_Desc" "" "[english]TF_SolemnVow_Desc" "'Do no harm.'" "TF_Weapon_Bust" "" "[english]TF_Weapon_Bust" "Bust of Hippocrates" "strange" "" "[english]strange" "Strange" "MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Title" "" "[english]MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Title" "Items and Loadouts" "MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Text" " "[english]MMenu_LoadoutHighlightPanel_Text" "You have new items! Click on th e Items button to go to the loadout screen, where you'll be able to equip the it em on one of your character classes.\n\nYou can also trade items with other play ers, craft new items from your unwanted items, and browse the Mann Co. Catalog t o see what other items you can collect." "MMenu_StoreHighlightPanel_Title" "" "[english]MMenu_StoreHighlightPanel_Title" "Mann Co. Store" "Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems" "%s1%s2 " "[english]Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems" "Empty Backpack Slots: % s1 (%s2 items in cart)" "Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems_WithUpgrade" "%s1 + %s3%s2 "[english]Store_FreeBackpackSpace_WithCartItems_WithUpgrade" "Empty Backpack Slots: %s1 + %s3 (%s2 items in cart)"

"Store_FreeTrial_Title" " " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Title" "GET MORE GEAR!" "Store_FreeTrial_Desc" " " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Desc" "Your first Mann Co. Store Purchase upgrades you to a Premium account:" "Store_FreeTrial_Point1" "300" "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Point1" "More Backpack space (300 slots)" "Store_FreeTrial_Point2" "" "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Point2" "Find rarer and cooler items" "Store_FreeTrial_Point3" " " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Point3" "Better Trading: give items to your frie nds" "Store_FreeTrial_Point4" " " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Point4" "More crafting blueprints" "Store_FreeTrial_Bonus" " " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_Bonus" "BONUS!" "Store_FreeTrial_BonusText" " "[english]Store_FreeTrial_BonusText" "Get a free Mann Co. hat with your first purchase. Plus get a surprise bonus item for every %s1 you spend (in a single p urchase)." "TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled" " %weapon_name% %rank_nam "[english]TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled" "Your %weapon_name% has reached a new rank: %rank_name%!" "TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled_Chat" "%s1 %s2 %s3" "[english]TF_HUD_Event_KillEater_Leveled_Chat" "%s1's %s2 has reached a new ran k: %s3!" "TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Title" "Upgrade Today!" "TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Text" " "[english]TF_Coach_FreeAccount_Text" "As a free account holder, you are not e ligible to be a coach. Purchase any item in the store to upgrade!" "TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Title" " " "[english]TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Title" "Coaching" "TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Text" " " "[english]TF_Coach_SessionEnded_Text" "The coaching session has ended. You are now in Spectator mode." "TF_Trading_FreeAccountInitiate" " " "[english]TF_Trading_FreeAccountInitiate" "Only premium accounts may initi ate trades." "TF_Trading_SharedAccountInitiate" " " "[english]TF_Trading_SharedAccountInitiate" "Only individual accounts may in itiate trades." "TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc_FreeTrial" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step2Desc_FreeTrial" "Free accounts cannot trade away any items. Purchase any item in the store to upgrade!" "TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc_FreeTrial" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Step3Desc_FreeTrial" "The other player has a free acc ount and cannot trade you any items." "TF_TradeWindow_Warning_KillEater" " "[english]TF_TradeWindow_Warning_KillEater" "Warning: the other person is of fering an item that has been tracking player kills. The kill counter will reset when traded!\n" "TF_Vote_Column_Issue" "" "[english]TF_Vote_Column_Issue" "Vote Issue" "TF_Vote_Column_Name" " " "[english]TF_Vote_Column_Name" "Vote Target" "TF_Vote_Column_Properties" " " "[english]TF_Vote_Column_Properties" "" "TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Title" " !" "[english]TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Title" "Need Training!"

"TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Text" " 10 "[english]TF_Trial_PlayTraining_Text" "As a free account holder, you must play at least 10 minutes of Training or Offline Practice before playing online with others." "TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Title" " " "[english]TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Title" "Upgrade Today!" "TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Text" " " "[english]TF_Trial_CannotTrade_Text" "Free accounts cannot initiate trades. U pgrade now and you'll be able to trade!" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Soldier" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Soldier" "This is the Mann Co. store! The re are many deadly items inside of it endorsed by ME! There are also hats and th ey are LOVELY! Go! SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Heavy" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Heavy" "This is Mann Co. store. Buy, do n't buy, Heavy does not care. Hat would help your tiny baby head not look so stu pid maybe. But not Heavy's problem." "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Spy" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Spy" "Gentlemen. You work hard. You deserve t o look your best. Why not treat yourself to quality items befitting a charming r ogue of your stature?" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Medic" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Medic" "The Hippocratic Oath states 'Fi rst, do no harm.' Many people forget the next line: 'Second, buy a hat at the Ma nn Co. Store.'" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Pyro" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Pyro" "MMMPH-MPH-MMMMMPHMMPH-MANN CO. STORE! MMMMMPH-MMMMPH-MMHPMMPH-HATS! MMMPH-MPH-MMMPH-MPH-ITEMS! MMMMMHPMMPH-MMMP H-MPHMMPHMMPH-FIRE!" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Demoman" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Demoman" "Ach! Do ye not know enough to p ut a hat on your noggin? Your great bald head is an embarrassment, lad! For God' s sake, get ye to the Mann Co. Store!" "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Scout" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Scout" "I know what yer thinkin'. 'That there is one beeyootiful man. Where does he shop?' The Mann Co. Store, dummy. N o money? Get a job and come back." "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Sniper" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Sniper" "Why not go on walkabout to the Mann Co. Store? Take a gander at those beaut items, mate! " "TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Engineer" " "[english]TF_Trial_MainMenu_Upsell_Engineer" "I ain't gonna buffalo ya, this here's the real deal. Cowboy up and go buy somethin' at the Mann Co. Store. Son, you will not regret it." "TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Title" " !" "[english]TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Title" "Thank Your Friend!" "TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Text" " Team Fortress 2 "[english]TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Text" "Who referred you to Tea m Fortress 2 or helped you the most? You can add friends by bringing up the Ste am overlay." "TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Retrieving" " " "[english]TF_Trial_SelectMostHelpfulFriend_Retrieving" "Retrieving list of frie nds" "TF_Trial_Alert_SelectFriend" " Team Fortress 2 "[english]TF_Trial_Alert_SelectFriend" "Here's your opportunity to thank the pe rson who referred you to Team Fortress 2 or helped you the most!" "TF_Trial_Alert_ThankedBySomeone" " %thanker% " "[english]TF_Trial_Alert_ThankedBySomeone" "You were thanked by %thanker%! Keep up the good work!" "TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Title" " !"

"[english]TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Title" "Thanks!" "TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Text" " " "[english]TF_Trial_ThankSuccess_Text" "Your friend has been thanked and may re ceive an item for their good work." "TF_Trial_Converted_Title" " " "[english]TF_Trial_Converted_Title" "Premium Account" "TF_Trial_Converted_Text" " " "[english]TF_Trial_Converted_Text" "Your account has been upgraded to premi um status!" "TF_Trial_UpgradeItem" "Team Fortress 2 - " "[english]TF_Trial_UpgradeItem" "Team Fortress 2 - Upgrade to Premium" "TF_Trial_Upgrade" " " "[english]TF_Trial_Upgrade" "Upgrade!" "TF_Trial_StoreUpgradeExplanation" " " "[english]TF_Trial_StoreUpgradeExplanation" "To upgrade to a Premium account , buy any item from the Mann Co. Store!" "TF_AdvancedOptions" "TF2 " "[english]TF_AdvancedOptions" "TF2 Advanced Options" "TF_Wearable_Spurs" "" "[english]TF_Wearable_Spurs" "Spurs" "TF_StatelySteelToe" " " "[english]TF_StatelySteelToe" "Stately Steel Toe" "TF_CopGlasses" " " "[english]TF_CopGlasses" "Security Shades" "TF_TamOShanter" " " "[english]TF_TamOShanter" "Tam O' Shanter" "TF_RoguesColRoule" " " "[english]TF_RoguesColRoule" "Rogue's Col Roule" "TF_HeelBiters" " " "[english]TF_HeelBiters" "Prairie Heel Biters" "TF_CopHelmet" " " "[english]TF_CopHelmet" "Copper's Hard Top" "TF_SteelJaw" " " "[english]TF_SteelJaw" "Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun" "TF_SteelJaw_Desc" " \n " "[english]TF_SteelJaw_Desc" "Wee! It's summer! We're having fun!\nAH GOD IT'