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LO1 How media producers define their target audience

Media producers have many different methods to define their audience by using different types of research and techniques they do this to make sure they have a great success with their product. Media producers use a method called audience profiling this narrow downs the audience which makes is much easier for them to find their target audience. Most media producers will choose their target audience before post production and this is what you should do this helps to give everyone a clear image on what paths the product needs to take. Media producers will brainstorm marketing strategies for the new product and will consider who will get the most benefit from what they are offering. An example if a new music video is being made for a teen heart throb like Justin Bieber or One Direction they would focus on teen girls/fan girls. Ways to divide audience: Age Gender Religion Race Sexuality Education Occupation Income bracket/status Location Lifestyle

Audience Profiling Mainstreamers SEEK SECURITY, Tend to be domestic , conformist , conventional , sentimental. They favour value for money family brands. Mostly the largest group. Aspirers SEEK STATUS, Materialistic, acquisitive, orientated to image and appearance, persona and fashion. Attractive packaging more important than contents. Typically younger age range. Succeeders SEEK CONTROL , Strong goals, confident , work ethic and organisation. Supports stability. Brand choice based on self reward and quality. Typically higher management and professionals . Resigned SEEKS SURVIVAL, Rigid and authoritarian values. Interested in the past and tradition. Brand choice stresses safety, familiarity and economy. Mainly older people. Explorers SEEKS DISCOVERY , Energy, indivualism and experience. Values difference and adventure. Brand choice highlights satisfaction and instant effect. The first to try new things. Younger demographic students. Strugglers SEEKS ESCAPE , Alienated and disorganised. Few resources beyond physical skills. D and E demographic. Reformers SEEKS ENGLIGHTNMENT, Freedom of restrictions and personal growth. Social awareness and independent judgement. Anti-materialistic but aware of good taste. Has attended higher education and selects products of quality.

Another research technique is Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Qualitative reserch is based on asking for people opinions in a structured way so that you can build facts and statistics to help you through the process of making your music video. This will allow you to find a clear understanding on which type of people will watch your style music video. To do this kind of research by creating data such as surveys, polls , questionnaires etc. if you want to get a reliable statistical results it is very important to do surveys on a large group of people and to make sure they are a representative sample of your target market. Quantitative Research is another way you can find out accurate and current statistics comes from a website called this website is an official source of television viewing figures with records of up to 5 years prior this allows you to look deeper into your research that you would not be able to achieve by yourself. It also allows you to see and grasp an understanding of what music videos are the most popular, what showing times are most popular and what channels get the most views. The only downfall to this is that it doesnt allow you to have the access of being able to know what type of audience there is behind it. I will use these methods to discover my own research and allow myself to have a broader understanding on who will be watching my video and also on when my video will be most popular and estimate on how wide of an audience I will get. To achieve this I will look regularly at the website I mentioned and focus on channels like MTV, 4Music and other popular music channels. I will also create my own surveys to find out who will benefit most and enjoy my music video. As mentioned slightly at the beginning there is the socioeconomic status table this is a research tool on social statues of your audience this is split into Upper, Middle and Working class. In music videos this is mostly based on the genre of your music video for example, A grime music video with violence and boys in hoodies like the music video Giggs ft. Cashtastic Treachery this would be aimed at the working class group and not the upper class group as they would not be able to relate to the music video. Demographics also falls into this statues table it is the same type of recherch technique but broke down into more detail to create a better understanding on your social statues group. I think this research technique will be beneficial to me due to the fact my music video is based around younger people and I think they would be able to relate to it. Yet if the upper class group watched it they would not understand its visuals and find it quite boring, I also believe lower class group will not enjoy this music video and think it is a bit cheesy and unrealistic. So my music video will be based on middle class as they are more creative and likely to relate to my music video and enjoy it more. Psychographics is the Analysis of the audience lifestyles to create a detailed audience profile. Market researchers conduct psychographic research by asking consumers to agree or disagree with activities, interests, opinions statements. Results of this exercise are combined with geographic (place of work or residence) and demographic (age, education, occupation, etc.) characteristics to develop a more realistic portrait of the target audience you need for your music video.

I will use this technique as it can be good for me to use due to the fact that is known that the way some one behaves has a huge effect on the type of music they listen to. Geo-demographic focuses on the area of residence the audience is on this also looks at the population, climate , healthcare , spending patterns, leisure activities eg. For example Lily Allen or Jamie T music would be aimed at locals from London as they have a very distinctive London accent in their music.

This will definitely be a great help for me accurately understand and work out what genres of music video are most popular in what parts of the world and where it is best sold. Having a clear understanding on the size of your audience is very important, it is best to figure this out before you produce and create anything. For example a big NO.1 chart recording artist like Brittany Spears or Adele with a much larger audience compared to Artists like Ben Howard or Fred V & Graphix who have a smaller audience. The bigger more well-known artists with have a larger audience and this will allow them to create a bigger more expensive music video.