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Short View: Summitry LONG KimKhorn, 61283, PUC, MA.

IRs &Diplomacy July 9, 2013 The summitry is form of meeting of the leaders/ head of states/ head of governments. The idea of summitry came from the multilateralism. The history laid down the summitry format was the Concert of Europe, the rise and the fall of the Napoleon War in France, furthermore the increases of I/NGOs working throughout the world. There are three types of summit. Firstly, serial summit it is a frequent meeting on the long process to achieve goal or lay down the procedure to implement things in various complicated issues. For example, US-Russian summit, ASEAN Summit, and FrancoGerman Friendship summit. The disadvantage of serial summit is taking the long time and procedure to achieve the end goal that sometime it is late for the worse situation in foreign relation. The advantage of serial summit is complied and acceptable procedure to make thing done properly by all parties. Secondly, Ad-Hoc Summit is the urgent or emergency situation to deal on something immediately like cocaine summit and Camp David summit. It is a ceremonial than focusing on negotiation and more friendly-making relation than interest persuasion focus. The advantage of ad-hoc summit is to get symbolic approval/ agreement on something in order to proceed something else further but the disadvantage of ad-hoc summit is just the ceremonial than real negotiation so there is no exact rules or procedures have been made. Thirdly, high-level exchanged view it is a tour/ trip of countrys leader from one country to another or from region to another continent as bilateral relation to pursue interest and make friend. For example, like recent visit of Xi Jin Ping, China president, to USA and then to Latin America. Advantage of high-level exchange view is the two parties can discuss thing freely with their counterpart without concerning their other friends. The disadvantage of high-level exchange view is just kind of bilateral talk of two parties on various matters around their border in the region but it doesnt mean the other countries in the region involving in the matter agree with what the two have talked and agreed with each others. Furthermore, the big advantage of summit is making a small country can gain equal right and privilege in the summit like the super power or the big country but the big disadvantage is the small country have to agree upon with the group even

sometime they have no position to claim the right to interest or they disagree basically. -END-