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Alnus glutinosa Betula alba Cannabis indica (Cann-i) (Sycotic) Cannibus sativa (Cann-s) (Malarial) Carya alba Castanea vesca (Cast-v) (Leprous) Fagus sylvatica (Fagu) (Ringworm) Hamamelis virginica Juglans cinerea (Jug-c) (Tubercular) Juglans regia (Jug-r) Myrica cerifera (Myric) (Malarial) Quercus robur Quercus robur glandium spiritus Urtica urens Ulmus procera (Ulm) (Cancer) Alder Birch Marijuana, Hashish Hemp Shagbark hickory Sweet chestnut Beech Witch hazel White walnut, butternut Nux juglans, walnut Bayberry Oak Oak acorn Small nettle Elm Betulaceae Betulaceae Cannabaceae Cannabaceae Juglandaceae Fagaceae Fagaceae Hamamelaceae Juglandaceae Juglandaceae Myricaceae Fagaceae Fagaceae Urticaceae

Closed & Heavy (oppression) vs. Light & Open

Closed, pressurized, compressed, heavy, load, limited, confined Burden, restricted, restrained, a tunnel Open, light and flying, liberated, weightless, boundless, elevated Closed, dragged down, shut in Flying and floating A soda bottle, pressurized inside bottle, to come out Passive: you dont want to move or do anything, feel depressed

Timelessness Time is an issue, it is a boundary for them Boundaries

When boundaries are not developed Neither the expansion nor the contraction feel good, they are in constant conflict Hamm Idon'thaveaboundary Ihavetoestablishthisboundary MorelikeCarbon,Nitrogen,Oxygen I feel very high with life All these ideas, I can do my art, can write my poetry I fee like king of the beasts I feel this high, when I am in this open space An open feeling, I am very very happy, completely light, no heaviness Lightness of your heart Im very happy, very thrilled Opp: a very grabbed feeling, a closed feeling, when I am not free, when I cant move freely Heaviness like lead, Closed vs. open, Heavy vs. light Lack of senses: colorless, odorless, darkness, room with no window doors and windows open, everything free light and open but this gives a feeling of insecurity

Hamamelidae cont.
the Window becomes the most important part can be opened and shut keeps you inside but also exposes you to outside when no opening vs. everything too one and there is too much stimulation Cann-I a vegetable existence, no colors, no sounds Vs. everything is louder, as if pores of his skin are wide open and ready to be stimulated The fear holds me back, its like a wall a limitation At least there is no pain inside Like a wall, better to stay inside this wall But how could I reach them, I was in another sphere, an uncertain world I did not know To break thru the open doorway seemed impossible Here I must remain, a feeling loneliness, overwhelmed me I must seek rest of family, I had to get out I hurled my body, I went on pushing myself thru resistant atmosphere I by force of will overcame it step by step Urticales Ulmaceae: Celt, Ulm. Unwillingness to be born, to corporally exist, escapist. Not in body, out of body, Formication. Conflict about worldly existence power. Borders in beginning of life.
Case 1 Passed on from one doctor to another (HG) As if no hope But doesnt get solved Go to another doctor Where are you going to send me next, hopelessness (it cannot be solved) (something I have to live with) No end to circle (HG) No outlet from circle No way to come out of this As if you are trapped in the circle I just want to rip it free and find a way out As if in dark circle, and white around it (not this is not danger, or matter of death, Im going to be finished) I cant see anything No life, no joy, no colors, no company It stops me from mixing around with people I cant live on outside, I cant break it Not allowing me to move out Like a big hoop around me, constantly moving I cant break it, no outlet What do you want to do? I want to break it, I want to move out There is no opening It is dark, confined, small space Like you are stuck in something Its heavy Not light A book is heavy Opposite is light going upwards, like a feather

Hamamelidae cont.
Heavy is downwards, light is upwards Want to be out in open space

Its lonely staying with father No companionship, just with yourself, sitting at the window looking at the sunset No stimulation, no excitement All a big weight, its all inside, all interlocked Dreams: chased by animals, being raped, being naked in public (all open ) (fearful dreams) Pleasant dreams, goes to window and sees buds of flowers and they bloom into yellow flowers, they just open up Music is to be free, no boundaries, no limits Only joy Remedy: Cann-s Forsaken feeling Isolation Desire for light Frightful dreams Vertigo, objects seem to turn in a circle DD: Cann-I and Anl Cann-I opening and shutting, am I inside or outside TV perfect to see the world without coming out of the house If too scary, you can just switch it off Anl Shrinking and expanding, getting smaller and getting bigger Everything is getting very very small Or something s getting so big, so huge I expand to fill the whole universe Almost a spiritual experience HAMMELEDEA FAMILY Tied up active Opp light like a bubble in the air Hamm Sitting in the dark very lonely Much smaller than environment around you Scared fear The environment is much stronger than me I cannot control it A lot of pressure in the head head is going down You are sitting you cannot stand up You are feeling small Being pushed down Like two hands are on the shoulder The energy on outside more than on inside Push up on that pressure You want to grow Whiteness when push up

Hamamelidae cont.
Resistance I dont want to be pressed down A lot of heaviness You cant move your limbs Bound by something bound by chains There are chains around you dont allow you to breathe Opp is freedom Running so you can feel wind on face Lightness and a lot of brightness Electrical energy moving from feet PUSH IN, PUSH OUT, WIND, MOVEMENT Delusion: alone in a dark room

Urticales Ulmaceae Family

Urticales Ulmaceae: Celt, Ulm. Unwillingness to be born, to corporally exist, escapist. Not in body, out of body, Formication. Conflict about worldly existence power. Borders in beginning of life.

Celtis occidentalis [Celt.]

Thrilling sensation on the skin all over the body, as if pricked with the points of needles.

Ulmus procera Elm

(Jayesh) Overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities, One perceives the task as insurmountable. : Inadequacy, disillusionment, despondency, despair. Inspiration of the Higher Self enables one to receive help from others and from the spiritual world. Considered as the most general of the hamamelids. So little developed. Like as if not yet born in the hamamelid family.

Ulmus will be subject to dependence and lack of any self will. They will tend to be helpful and follow others wishes. Not really giving any importance to themselves. Can feel inside a sense of abusive suppression. Very vulnerable as they have little ability to be on their own.

Moraceae MulberryFamily

Bros, Fic... , Upa Key issues: spirituality Vs materialism. Wrong Vs right. Issues to do with humanity. Anxiety and panic attacks Purity and simplicity of purpose. Dependence and doubting their ability to be on their own. Fear and in the process of separation. Establishing their boundaries.

Brosmium gaudichaudi Mama cadela Mulberry Family

Anxious about time. Unable to judge the distance. Looses way in well known street Unfit for work Wrong every thing is. Oppression from the society. Learning new things new languages difficult Violent accidents being run over.

Ficus indica Banyan tree (Mulberry Family)

Hemorrhages. Feels as if bowels were settled down in lower abdomen Dr Sujits Proving: Theme of dependency, independency. Holding very firmly, tightly (A, Flying, floating high above Constriction, tightness, squeezed feeling. Philosophical and spiritual thinking) Sacred & Holy feeling. "Viewing everyone in same plane". " WHOLE HUMANITY. Theme of conflict between spirituality and materialism. Sensitive to suffering. Panic attacks and fears.

"To my great astonishment there occurred one hour thereafter an unusual frequent desire to urinate, I did not relish my breakfast, there was loss of appetite and sour belching; in the afternoon the urine became phosphatic and I suffered from headache; in the evening I felt an itching of the thighs, heaviness of the head, dullness of the mind, and a burning heat over the body; there was but a scanty discharge of urine during the day. "After gathering a large quantity of fruit I returned to Calcutta and made an alcoholic tincture thereof. This was distributed among nine provers and two drops of the mother tincture were taken every morning before breakfast for eight days. "As a remedy it has been used successfully in every case presenting the following conditions: Frequent, at times unsatisfactory discharge of amber-colored or phosphatic urine with discharge of seminal fluid. Headache, heaviness of the head. Itching of the limbs. Thirst. Dyspepsia. Ill humor. Irregular stool. Disturbed sleep."

Ficus religiosa Bodhitree (Mulberry Family)

Dr. Sujits Proving Main sensation and polarities are:1) Moving backward and going forward. 2) Losing contact (lost someone forever, separating from family, friends) and Meeting friends. 3) Shunning and getting together. 4) Doing something for others and useless feeling. 5) Attached and broken. 6) Friendship and alone. Strong fear of accidents and death Intense fear of Ghost and darkness, Death of Parents and relatives, Theme of Mother. Connection with ancestors. Delusion - legs are not going to support me. Delusion - legs have become brittle and they would break off.

Ficus macrophylla Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Mulberry Family)

Also known as Autralian Banyan tree MIND - Delusion, floating in air Mind - Delusion, head, patting, someone is, sensation as if; NR Mind - Delusion, large, parts of body, seem to; C Mind - Delusions murdered, mother wants to murder her; C Mind - Delusions tall he is

Upas antiaris (upa-a) The Poison Tree (Mulberry Family)

(Not to confuse with Upas tieute) [Upa-Loganiacae COMMON NAME, Deadly Upas. HABITAT, Java and islands near by. An exudation used as an arrow poison. This remedy produces CLONIC SPASMS with vomiting, diarrhoea and prostrations. It suspends both voluntary muscular action and that of the heart without causing convulsions. It produces clonic spasms, violent vomiting, diarrhea, great prostration

Cannabaceae HempFamily

Cann-i, Cann-s, Lup EXALTED INTENSELY, and in which CONCEPTIONS AND PERCEPTIONS ARE EXAGGERATED. The most wonderful hallucinations and imaginations; feels very happy and contented; or sometimes the hallucinations may be of agonizing terror and pain. Sense of proportion; or sense of time and space is lost. Mania of grandeur Vs Feels weak and all gone to nothing. Huge expansion, borders dissolving and huge contraction. Fixed ideas Vs extreme psychic mobility. Out of body, skin numbness and formication - are common "border traits that will appear in the entire family.

Cannabis sativa MarijuanaHempFamily

Cannabis indica may have a CBD:THC ratio 45 times that of Cannabis sativa. The effects of sativa are well known for its cerebral high, hence used daytime as medical cannabis, while indica are well known for its sedative effects and preferred night time as medical cannabis.[5] Generally, the sativa plant is a taller and lankier variety, characterised by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear-like flower clusters that can be extremely resinous. The primary effects of sativas are on the mind and emotions. These benefits can be particularly helpful for the psychological aspects of many illnesses, giving people an increased sense of well-being. Due to the stimulating nature of sativas, they are generally better for daytime use. Cann Sativa: Urinary infections, asthma and acute inflammation-pains. Asthma > sitting erect, standing. Urethritis and CYSTITIS with burning pain, spasmodic CLOSURE of sphincter vesicae and CONSTRICTION of rectum AT CLOSE OF URINATION. Strong sexual desire

Cannabis indica


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Humulus lupulus (lup)CommonhopHempFamily

Syn.: Lupulus humulus Morbid vigilance. Highly excited. Painful erections. Emissions, DEPENDING ON SEXUAL WEAKNESS AND AFTER Orgasm. Sleep-provoking effect passes into delirium and stupefaction. Fear: general: airplanes.

Urtica urens

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Hamamelidales Family

Hamamelis Platanus
Small vs. big. Here or there. Clings, Find my strength, my importance. Formication, blood vessels.


From Greek word meaning at the same time Feeling that she ought to be reverenced by all around her and have great respect paid to her opinions. Quick perception of anything out of shape or disproportioned. Tightness and exploding of the blood vessels. Laxity and want of tone in the blood vessels. Passive haemorrhages.

Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore tree)

The tincture, applied topically, has been used for tarsal tumors (tumors on the rim of the eyelid), both acute and old, neglected cases. It restored to practically normal conditions areas where destruction of tissue occurred and scar tissue caused marked deformity. Ichthyosis. Must be used for some time; acts best in children



Jug-c, Jug+, Carya

Limited. Not doing Confused, Cannot cope. Weak\strong. Power or powerless. Liver, spleen.

Juglans cinera (Butternut or White Walnut)

Want to be alone; do not want to do anything but eat and sleep. The sharp, OCCIPITAL HEADACHE, usually associated with liver disturbance, is very characteristic. Could neither sit nor lie with any comfort on account of eruption. Eruption upon body, face and arms; painful itching causing an irresistible inclination to tear off the crusts. Pemphigus. Chronic eczema of hands, one attack hardly subsiding before a fresh crop made its appearance

Juglans regia (Persian Walnut) (Walnut Tree)

Looking for Freedom from limiting influences, courage to follow one's own path and destiny People who are unable to muster the strength to make a break with the past and with the ideas of others. *Bach flower essence. "Indicated in girls growing too fast during puberty, suffering from frontal headache & heaviness and confusion. Excessive thirst for cold water, even in winter. Dark, clotted haemorrhage [from the uterus] consisting of nothing but black clots.

Myrica cerifera (Myric) (Wax myrtle)

Searching for his power Feels he has no place, no power, limited, not doing. Long-lasting, profuse catarrhal discharges, offensive, tenacious and difficult to detach. Leucorrhea, bronchorrhea intestinal catarrh, pharyngeal catarrh, stomatitis. Nasal obstruction, post-nasal catarrh which often accompanies disordered liver. Indifference to everything - even to friends. [Hale] M Irritable, with constant desire to find fault. He thinks himself better than any one else. Yet: Condemned himself for imaginary faults. [Hale] "Great depression of mind, irritable, do not want to speak or be spoken to." [Allen] Worse After eating. Better Rapid walking.

Its common names include (Southern) Wax myrtle, (Southern) Bayberry, Candleberry, Bayberry tree, and Tallow shrub. It sees uses both in the garden and for candlemaking, as well as a medicinal plant.



Fagales:Alnus, Betu. Carp, Castan, Fagus, Ost. Quercus. Support, take responsibility without the required strength. Acting causes exhaustion or despair & feeling of failure. Find personal expression. Rigidness in acting. Confusion of role

Alnus glutinosa

(Piramidal Black Alder)

Observed: Leucorrhoea, with erosions of cervix, bleeding easily. Amenorrhoea, with burning pains from back to pubis.

Castanea v

Woke from dreams of efforts at stool, and voiding stool, fouling clothing

Fagus purpura

Excessive adrenal function causing the patient to be 'Yang' orientated. Suits 'rootless', restless people even those who seemingly work hard: Anxious that their life will be over before they are ready or before they have achieved anything worthwhile. Slow growth rate: poor progress. The patient may have had to withstand great pressures and adversity, carrying great burdens, through many years of their lives, often leaving them angry, resentful, bitter, lonely and world weary. it has been shown to be a useful remedy for structural problems of the skeletal system. For example arthritis or twisted / distorted joints especially in older age