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Schafer House, 168-182 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3HZ United Kingdom Tel: +447711966660, EDUCATION
2010-2013 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON (UCL), School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) London, PhD in Energy Economics UK The aim of the thesis is to examine the factors that influence the innovation activities of renewable energy companies operating in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia Supervisor: Professor Slavo Radosevic UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, Judge Business School Cambridge, MPhil in Management, June 2010 UK Degree Classification: Distinction Core Courses: Accounting and Finance, Strategic Management, Business Economics, Information Systems, Organisational Analysis, Quantitative Techniques for Management Elective Courses: Management Consulting Project, Financial Reporting, Capital Markets, Strategic Valuation UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, St Antonys College Oxford, MSc in Russian and East European Studies, June 2009 UK Areas of concentration: Economics of Transition (Distinction awarded), Eastern European Politics (Distinction awarded), History of the Soviet Union, Cultural Studies in Russian and Eastern Europe Thesis on the relationship between ownership and innovation in the Russian energy sector (Distinction awarded) Seminars on Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation at SAID Business School UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON (UCL), School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) London, BA in Economics and Business with East European Studies, June 2008 UK Degree Classification: First Class Major in Economics (Emerging Market Economics, Industrial Economics, Growth Economics, Money and Banking, Corporate Finance, and Economics of Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics) Minor in Politics (Political Economy of Russia and the EU, Political Theory and Political Philosophy) Completed Thesis on the innovation path and potential of the Russian Federation (Distinction awarded) MGIMO, Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian MFA (Year Abroad Programme) Moscow, Degree Classification: Excellent Russia Major in Energy Economics (Economics of Pipelines, Energy Economics, Russian Energy Policy) Minor in Politics (Contemporary Russian Politics, Philosophy of Politics) Thesis on Geopolitics of Pipelines as part of a placement in the Hellenic Embassy in Moscow





2010-2012 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON (UCL), School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant Introduction to Economics (1st year undergraduate course) Topics in Microeconomics (2nd year undergraduate course) European Macroeconomics (2nd year undergraduate course) Industrial and Corporate Change with reference to Central and Eastern Europe (3rd year undergraduate course) LONDON METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY, Business School Lecturer Introduction to Microeconomics (1st year undergraduate course) Introduction to Macroeconomics (1st year undergraduate course) Economics for Business (1st year undergraduate course) International Business Strategy (Post-Graduate level course) MA Dissertation Supervisor for students in Economics, and International Business QUEEN MARY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, School of Business and Management Lecturer Financial Institutions (2nd year undergraduate course) UNIVERSITY of WALES, TASMAC London School of Business Dissertation Supervisor Supervised 6 MBA students specialising in Finance London, UK


London, UK

October 2010 2010-2011

London, UK London, UK

The Time Varying Nature of Diffusion Determinants, July 2012, Working Paper An investigation into the determinants of diffusion of wind power, paper presented at DRUID 2012, February 2012, available at The Diffusion of wind power in Central and Eastern Europe, March 2012, Presentation The Relationship between Ownership and Innovation in the Russian Energy Sector, MSc thesis, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford, June 2009, available at gy_Sector Transition towards a Knowledge Based Economy: the case of the Russian Federation, June 2008, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Department of Social Sciences, University College London, available at _Federation

April-June 2010 UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, Centre for Energy Studies Project Title: Innovation and Privatisation of State-owned Oil Companies Project Leader: Dr S. Zyglidopoulos Analysed Oil companies balance sheets for a 20 year period using STATA in search for the factors influencing their productivity DUISENBERG SCHOOL OF FINANCE Project Title: The Implications of the Greed Debt Crisis on Greek Businesses Project Leader: Professor N. Hertz Responsible for composing a draft paper describing the reasons that led to the Greek Debt Crisis from a macro and micro perspective NATIONAL HELLENIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION RESEARCHER Participated in the research project The Activities of Greek Merchants in the Sea of Azov in the 19th Century Conducted research in the Russian archives and worked with 18th and 19th century scriptures Acted as translator to the Greek Delegation during a three-day conference in the Russian Academy of Sciences Organised the trip of the Greek Delegation in Rostov Cambridge, UK

May 2010

London, UK

Summer 2009

Rostov, Russia


December 2012 November 2012 June 2012 June 2012 March 2012 December 2010 December 2010 November 2010 Workshop on Institutional Analysis organised by the Ronald Coase Institute Globelics 2012 Shale Gas and Renewable Energy: Reducing Central and Eastern Europes Dependency on Natural Gas Imports DRUID 2012 Central and East European Energy Strategies: Creating a Sustainable Energy Future within the EU Annual Parliamentary review of developments in Energy technology and climate change Offshore Wind and other Renewable Energy Infrastructure Financing 2010: Bridging the funding gap Privatisation in Russia, 1991-1997: Decisions and outcomes Santiago, Chile Hangzhou, China London, UK Copenhagen, Denmark Glasgow, UK London, UK London, UK Oxford, UK

2011-2013 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, SCHAFER HOUSE V.WARDEN Responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of around 600 students Duties included communication with officials and conflict resolution among students Fire-Marshall and First-Aid Responsibilities ABOCA (Multinational Pharmaceutical Company) Intern in the SALES DEPARTMENT Involved in the formulations of the companys strategy for 2008/9, focused on the geographical expansion of the company Analysed the productivity of salesmen and suggested remuneration packages PROCTER AND GAMBLE - EUROPEAN FINANCIAL SEMINAR Represented the Greek office in the Financial Seminar Head of the M&A team responsible for the valuation of an acquisition of an Italian competitor Member of the Strategic Planning Regional Unit drafted the companys global strategy for the upcoming financial year HELLENIC EMBASSY Intern in the PRESS OFFICE Worked directly with the manager of the office on issues of Energy cooperation between Russia and Greece and the academic affairs between Greek and Russian Universities Produced a paper on the economics and political implications of Burgas Alexandroupolis Project HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. Intern in the DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES Conducted research on the credit risk rating in East European Countries, which I later presented to the divisions director Compiled a report for subsidiaries employees performance, as well as the companies monthly and semester financial statements Executed market research on the pricing of storage tankage HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. - Intern in the DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES Examined economic and financial indicators, assessing macroeconomic and structural policies in Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria Investigated regulatory, micro and macroeconomic and investment developments in East-European countries London, UK

Summer 2008

Athens, Greece

May 2007

Athens, Greece

Sep 2006 May 2007

Moscow, Russia

Summer 2006

Athens, Greece

Summer 2005

Athens, Greece

Summer 2003

BP - Intern in the DEPARTMENT OF LOGISTICS Analyzed and composed presentation on an oil company in Russia that the company was interested in acquiring Produced a guide for presentations Participated in day-to-day administrative procedures Member of UKERC National Energy Research Network Sustainable Development Research Network Energy Institute Carbon Trust SPARKS Network

Athens, Greece

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Language Skills: Greek (native), English (native fluency), French (proficient), Russian (Advanced), Chinese Mandarin (lower intermediate) Leadership Positions and Awards: UCL SSEES PhD Scholarship 2010-2013, Oxford University REES Studentshipdiscretionary funding during my MSc studies, "Hellenic Petroleum studentship"-discretionary funding for each year of my undergraduate studies, "Aristion"-award for academic excellence, awarded by the Greek Ministry of education upon completion of my secondary education President of the UCL Hellenic Society(2007-08), Elected Representative of Art and Cultural Societies in UCL Union (2007-08), Elected Student Representative in the University of Oxford (2008-09) References: Available Upon Request