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Volume 4, Issue 31

The Morning Calm

Weekly is
188th MPs spit lead Celebrating Asian
at Baek-Il Range
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Pacific heritage
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Officials: Incheon
shuttle to get crowded
Gunner ’s
Gunner’s By David McNally
Area II Public Affairs

Mate YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea —

With the military moving season soon to arrive, Area
A young visitor to the 2004 Annual II officials announced stricter procedures for use of
Armed Forces Day for the public at the official airport shuttle service.
the Walker Army Heliport (H-805) gets “The bottom line is that appropriated fund buses
a quick, hands-on lesson on how to are designed for official use,” said Area II Installation
operate a Humvee-mounted MK19 40 Transportation Officer Keli`i Bright.
mm grenade machine gun. This Yongsan to Incheon shuttle buses depart daily from
year’s fifth annual edition, which will the Dragon Hill Lodge taxi stand area. Each day,
be held in conjunction with the 168th hundreds of community members use the
Medical Battalion’s annual Cancer transportation as a “free trip” to the Incheon
Awareness Running Event, is slated International Airport.
for Saturday. The event is open to the Incheon is the primary way in and out of the
public. For information on activities Republic of Korea for U.S. Forces Korea
planned as part of the event, see servicemembers, civilians and their families since the
related story on Page 25. Sept. 30, 2005 cancellation of the “Patriot Express,” a
U.S. Air Force charter service from Osan Air Base.
“This year is the first summer we get to see the full

GALEN PUTNAM See Shuttle, Page 4

Coggin assumes command of Warrior Division

By Pfc. Amanda Merfeld officer, UCJG-3.
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs “These Soldiers in formation, and all
CAMP CASEY – The Second those who wear the famous 2nd Infantry
Infantry, Warrior Division Change of Division patch, have answered the call to
Command ceremony was held May 4 at duty and we cannot — we will not — fail
Indianhead Field. to meet our end of the sacred covenant
Maj. Gen. George A. Higgins passed with them, provide quality training and
the ceremonial colors to Maj. Gen. James equipment, competent and confident
A. Coggin. leadership and a vision and roadmap to
“The Soldiers of this great division the future,” Coggin said. “So, today the
represent the commitment of the United famed 2nd Infantry Division, the ‘Second
States of America to the ROK/U.S. to None’ Division, the Warrior Division
Alliance — Soldiers, serving alongside their has a new ‘Warrior 6.’
KATUSA brothers give life and credibility “He is a Soldier, like you, and he is
to the words, ‘Katchi Kapshida,’” Coggin ready to get about of [the] business of
said. Soldiering with you to ensure that we are
Coggin previously served as 2ID’s always trained and ready to answer the
assistant division commander for support. nation’s call to duty,” Coggin said.
“The other highest call to duty for me Higgins left 2ID to be the deputy G-3
will be to sustain my focus on the mission. at the Department of the Army
It is a call to duty for me to ensure Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Warrior Division Soldiers accomplish “It’s been an immense honor to serve
every assigned mission.” with all of you. Thank you. Thank you
Coggin just completed a two-year for your unwavering loyalty and support,” YU, HU SON
assignment as the United Nations Higgins said at the ceremony. Incoming 2nd Infantry Division Commander, Maj. Gen. James A. Coggin, left, accepts the 2ID
Command/Combined Forces Command/ To read Coggin’s biography, visit the 2ID colors from outgoing Commander, Maj. Gen. George A. Higgins, during a change of command
U.S. Forces Korea theater operations Web site at ceremony at Camp Casey’s Indianhead Field, May 4.
May 19, 2006 Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly

MP Blotter TF Guardian opens intern’s eyes

The following entries were excerpted
The following is a commentary destruction for the first time. are misinformed about what is
from the military police blotters. These
entries may be incomplete and do not from Robin Fulkerson, a Department David Deshotels, a contractor happening in their neighborhood
imply the guilt or innocence of any of the Army intern with the Engineer with Stanley Consultants, tried to regarding levee reconstruction. The
person. Research and Development Center prepare me for the devastation. Corps is working around the clock
Public Affairs Office. “You have to experience it with all to restore hurricane protection to
Area 2
WASHINGTON – Volunteering five senses,” he said. “You can’t all the affected areas, but not all
! Assault Consummated by Battery --
to work in public affairs for Task put it into words.” community residents are aware of
Subject 1 and Subject 2 were involved in a
Force Guardian is somewhat like Deshotels was right. As we what we are doing for them. I tell
verbal altercation that turned physical when
plunging into Lake Pontchartrain. It pulled up to the London Avenue our story in a brief newsletter,
Subject 2 grabbed Subject 1’s neck in a
immediately awakens all of ones Canal breach, I noticed the hoping it will educate residents
chocking motion. Subjects 1 and 2 then
senses, while providing instant mountains of debris and sand, and about our projects.
exchanged multiple strikes to the facial area
meaning to priorities and issues of water marks on the homes. In The newsletter serves to help
with closed fists. Subject 1 was detained
real importance. While the some places the water marks citizens of New Orleans understand
and transported to the Yongsan PMO where
experience was meant to expand exceeded my height; in others, it that the Corps has a stake in this
he/she rendered a statement admitting to
my media-relations knowledge, it’s was the sand. I couldn’t imagine restoration project too. Across the
the offense. Subject 1 was further
also schooled me in the power of the scenes getting worse but each city, residents appear to believe the
processed and released to his/her
the human spirit. stop proved me wrong. Corps just swooped in out of
supervisor. Subject 2 was transported to
As a Department of Army public Moving through the 9th Ward nowhere to take over the
Chungang University Yongsan Hospital
affairs intern, I didn’t expect to As we moved across the bridge reconstruction of the levee system.
where he/she was treated for bruising to
have the opportunity to deploy to over the Inner Harbor Navigation Locals do not realize many New
the facial area and a swollen hand. Subject
an emergency operations center. Canal (IHNC), the Lower 9th Ward Orleans District employees lost
2 then reported to the Yongsan PMO where
When the chance was offered to destruction took my breath away. their homes during Katrina.
he/she rendered a statement admitting to
work with the Corps of Engineers, Houses were pushed from their A bittersweet return
the offense. Subject 2 was further
I quickly agreed knowing the foundations and into one another. In two weeks I will return to my
processed and released to his/her
experience would challenge me Many of them were merely pieces internship in Vicksburg. It will be a
supervisor. This is a final report.
mentally, physically and scattered across the area. Some bittersweet departure from TF
Area 3
emotionally. homes even rested atop vehicles, Guardian. Not only have I grown
! Damage to Government Property,
A land far, far away picturesque of destruction seen professionally, I have also grown
Damage to Personal Property -- Subject 1
When Hurricane Katrina hit Aug. across the Midwest after a tornado personally. This deployment has
noticed a burning odor emitting from Bldg.
29 last year, it occurred in a has ripped through communities. allowed me to break down my
572, Rm. 212, that was secured and
seemingly foreign place from my Oddly, throughout the stereotypes and connect with
unoccupied. Subject 1 notified the fire
home in Kentucky. I had never destruction, some objects remained others who have experienced a
department who responded and contained
traveled to New fully intact, even catastrophic event – one that I
the fire. Fire Department stated the cause of
the fire was a lit candle on a table near other
Orleans, and the “ Everyone here is unmoved. Glass cannot fathom experiencing.
only images I had dedicated to completing bottles standing on a I have also been given the
combustible items inside the room. Damages
to the room consisted of a charred night
of the Crescent this mission by June 1 ...” cinder block table, opportunity to do something I
City were unmoved and enjoy doing – educating people
stand, one burned mattress, one charred bed
Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. unbroken by the flood, gave way to about what is happening in their
frame and minor smoke damage on the wall
But New Orleans is no longer a flashbacks of what life may have communities. Everyone here is
near the fire. Investigation continues by MPI
city throwing parties every night. It been like down in the ward prior to dedicated to completing this
and Fire Department.
is a city struggling to come back Katrina. mission by June 1 so the people of
Area 5
from the greatest natural disaster In the Lower 9th Ward, nothing New Orleans can “laissez le bon
! Civil Arrest (Driving under the influence
ever experienced in the U.S. Blue was salvageable. Many people have temps roule encore” (let the good
of Alcohol), a subject was detained at the
roofs, broken windows and debris left the area with plans to never times roll again).
inbound vehicle lane of the main gate. Subject
landscape much of the city, altering return. Others have nothing to go
was observed operating a POV erratically Send guest commentaries, letters
the images in my mind. back to but manage to smile,
while approaching post. A strong odor of to the editor, story submissions and
My second day with Task Force determined to build again.
alcohol emitted from his/her person while other items for inclusion in The
Guardian was filled with a tour of Crescent City outreach
an identification check at the main gate was Morning Calm Weekly to:
the areas hit hardest by the Experiencing the spirit and
performed. Subject 1 was transported to
hurricane. Incidentally, I was part determination of this city’s people
SFCC where he/she consented to a PBT, but Deadline for submission is close
of a public affairs team scheduled has strengthened my commitment
later verbally refused to consent to the test. of business the Friday prior to the
to present the tour to several civil to connect with them, which is
When a FST was initiated, Subject was date the item is to be published.
engineering students from the why community outreach became
unable to comply due to the level of suspected Include a POC name and telephone
University of South Carolina. Just one of my primary responsibilities.
intoxication. Subject was released to their number with all submissions.
like they would, I was seeing the Often we find that communities
family member and sponsor.

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The Morning Calm Weekly News May 19, 2006 3
Good Neighbor tour bridges cultural gap
OPSEC Classes Offered
By Pfc. Fay Jakymec
A class on Operations Security in the
8th U.S. Army Public Affairs
work area and at home -- in plain
English -- is being offered at locations As part of the Good Neighbor
across the peninsula. Attendees will Program — designed to bring
receive practical information that will servicemembers together with
be of use to all attendees to protect
operational and personal information.
members of the Korean community
A mobile training team from the Joint — 30 Korean school children and
Information Operations Center in San 10 servicemembers participated in a
Antonio will be in Korea for two weeks friendship tour Saturday.
conducting OPSEC Program Manager The tour took participants to
Training courses and mass awareness
presentations at three installations.
Cheonggyecheon and from there
The speaker, Layne Marino, is an participants walked to Insadong and
OPSEC Certified Professional and is then toured the Namsangol Hanok
well-known for his dynamic and Village and the Itaewon area.
entertaining presentations. All are Located in downtown Seoul,
welcome to attend the one-hour
presentations at the following
Cheonggyecheon until recently had
been paved over for use as highway.
locations: Tour participants learn how to play a traditional Korean game at Namsangol Hanok Village.
! Osan Air Base Theater, 3 p.m. It was profiled a short time ago in
Thursday; “Time Magazine” as an example of Seoul’s renewed interest in browsing the pottery stores.
! Camp Casey Theater, 10 a.m. May environmentalism. All the walking had stirred up
2626 May;
The reconstruction of the stream some appetites, so the tour
! Yongsan Multi-Plex Training Facility
(South Post Theater), 3 p.m. May 26. began in 2003 and opened to members stopped at a restaurant for
visitors Sept. 30. Tour members a Korean lunch buffet.
May 31 is Election Day walked the length of the stream, After lunch the tour continued
The Republic of Korea government has admired the flowers growing beside with a stop at Namsangol Hanok
designated May 31, Nationwide Local
the stream and even found a lone Village. Located on the Northern
Election Day, as a temporary public
holiday. fish making its way upstream. slope of Namsan Mountain, the
In accordance with USFK regulations, After the stroll in village contains five traditional
Korean employees of U.S. forces Korea Cheonggyecheon, participants Hanoks (traditional Korean houses).
will be released without charge to leave headed to Insadong. Widely The village also offers picturesque
or loss of pay for hte number of duty
recognized as a more traditional parks, areas set aside for cultural
hours for which they are normally
scheduled. Korean employees deemed area of Seoul, Insadong is lined with performances and a place to play
essential and required to work will be teahouses, art galleries and many traditional Korean games.
paid holiday premium pay for all hours stores selling traditional pottery. The The tour ended in Itaewon where
worked. Questions about hte holday roads are cobblestone and the the servicemembers became the tour
should be directed to the servicing
American and Korean participants at the Good crowds it attracts ranges from guides.
civilian personnel office or civilian
personnel advisory center. Neighbor tour walk across a stream at young people attending the local art
Cheonggyecheon. school to monks to older people See Neighbors
Neighbors, Page 4
AAFES Haircut Prices
to Increase June 1
Customers will pay a little more for a
haircut at AAFES facilities in Korea Catch of the Day
beginning June 1, when the price will
increase 35 cents to $7.60.
In an effort to lessen customer impact
of an increase, AAFES officials raised
the price in two steps. The first
increase came in April, when prices
rose 50 cents.
Prior to this effort, the last price
increase took effect June 1, 2004.
Since Korean barber shops are off
limits to military personnel, AAFES
uses the average price of a haircut
from 10 CONUS Market Basket
Surveyed locations less 30 percent
to establish the haircut price at
AAFES Korea barber shops.

Warrant Officer
Recruiting Team Visits
A Warrant Officer Recruiting Team will
brief on qualifications and application
procedures to applicaitons interested in
becoming U.S. Army warrant officers.
June 12 thru 24, the team will visit
Yongsan Garrison and camps
Humphreys, Carroll and Henry. For
information on Henry or Carroll, call 768- AIR FORCE STAFF SGT. MELISSA ALLAN

7154; on Yongsan Garrison, call 724-6330; Air Force Staff Sgt. Ryan Aday (far left), crash recovery, searches for a flight data recorder among F-16 wreckage salvaged from the West Sea
and at Humphreys, call 723-7598. by Navy divers. The wreckage from the March 14 crash was recovered by the U.S.S. Safeguard May 10 and will assist in the investigation.
May 19, 2006
4 The Morning Calm Weekly


A U.S. Servicemember gets on a shuttle bus to the Incheon Airport May 15 in front of Dragon Hill

Shuttle from Page 1

demand,” Bright said. “When they “The bus with the most passengers
stopped the Patriot Express, school was is usually the 6:30 a.m. bus,” he said.
already in session.” The U.S. Army buses seat 44
Bright said there are a limited number passengers. The civilian contract buses
of assets to meet the coming demand. seat only 37 passengers. Because many
“Starting in June, Area II will have servicemembers are moving, luggage
people at each shuttle departure to can stack up and make less room for
ensure the passenger precedence is passengers.
followed,” he said. “Keep your options open, and plan
Army Regulation 58-1 establishes ahead,” Bright said. “People who have
passenger precedence: orders in hand are going to be the first
! Active-duty and DoD personnel on to put their bags on the bus and board.”
official orders (Permanent Change of Bright said it is also important to
Station, Temporary Duty and Emergency remember all personnel on official
Leave) orders can be reimbursed for
! Department of Defense contractors transportation costs to and from the
performing official travel airport.
! Non-DoD federal employees on “It currently costs 12,000 Korean
official orders won to use a shuttle bus from one of
! Standby category passengers the off-post hotels,” Bright said. “Those
# Off-duty military and DoD civilians buses run every 12-17 minutes.”
# Reserve and National Guard For information on civilian hotel
members shuttle bus schedules, visit http://
# Dependents of active-duty
servicemembers The military shuttle bus takes about
# Retirees an hour to get to the airport. There are
Bright said the vast majority of six scheduled departure daily. For
passengers use the shuttle service early information on the current schedule, call
in the morning. 738-3248.

Neighbors from Page 3

“I think it was good to get out
and enjoy the city and mingle
with the Korean citizens to build
a better relationship between the
Koreans and the U.S.,” said
Spc. Jerome Lackie, 8th U.S.
Army G-6.
Before the groups separated,
many phone numbers and e-mails
were exchanged between the
sponsors and the children. “The
tour was very fantastic. I really
enjoyed it,” said Oh Hoon-young,
one of the students. “My favorite
part was the conversation with my
For information on upcoming
Good Neighbor activities, contact
the Good Neighbor Program PFC. FAY J AKYMEC

Director, Capt. Marilisse Tour participants peak into a Hanok house at

the Namsangol Hanok Village during a Good
Gonzalez, at 723-4886. Neighbor tour Saturday.
May 19, 2006 Page 5


Soldiers sit ready to receive blocks of instruction. The program saves time for battalion commanders to focus on training and less on administration.

Readiness center tailors 2ID Soldiers

By Jim Cunningaham fight tonight,” Maczko said. “It
Area I Public Affairs facilitates their in processing when
CAMP STANLEY — When they have the classes we provide here
Soldiers pack up and move out to a and their equipment.
new unit, they seldom receive in- “When you come on the ground
processing routines like Soldiers here you take one step out, then you
receive at the 2nd Infantry Division run,” she said. “In other units it takes
Warrior Readiness Center. more time to slowly in process. We
“When a Soldier leaves here he is give it to them in a nut shell.”
ready to fight tonight,” said 1st Sgt. The WRC recently moved to Camp
Mary Maczko. Stanley and their first class started
“When Soldiers arrive at the 2ID April 12.
we want to make sure when they “We are here at Camp Stanley
arrive at their assigned units, they are because the facilities are better than
ready to train,” said Capt. Re´ at Camp Mobile,” Pinkcombe said.
Pinkcombe, commander of the WRC. “The facilities are too austere at Camp
The main purpose of having a WRC Mobile; here we can offer the Soldier
is to make sure the Soldier is ready to a commissary, a movie theater, a base Capt. Re’ Pinkcombe gives instructions to Spc. Shannon Otterstad, the medical in-
train and to fight. In five days of exchange and all the other benefits a processing specialist that ensures Soldiers entering 2ID are updated on MEDPROs.
instruction the Soldier gets everything Soldier deserves. It provides an
from physical readiness training to outstanding first impression to first-
Korean culture and language training. time 2ID Soldiers. Also, we have the
He/she is trained in 2ID Warrior best medical in processing in the entire
Standards, Korean history and Army. That is something we are proud
customs, and learns about human of.
trafficking and prostitution. “What makes the WRC successful
Everything the Soldier needs to is that every unit in the 2ID
know about the 2ID will be introduced contributes Soldiers to this unit,
and taught during the five days. Very borrowed military manpower, and
important to the Soldier is medical in from there we get a very diverse mix
processing, that includes of Soldiers method of service, or a
immunizations, vision and even dental diverse mix of talents,” Pinkcombe
examinations. said.
Soldiers are given a booklet that “When they get Soldiers in their
contains all division policy letters one unit, they are not getting Soldiers lost
needs to know about the 2ID. without an ID card. They are getting
“When Soldiers come to the 2ID, Soldiers that are already acclimated to
our missions are a little different than Korea, Soldiers that are ready to fight
when they come into the 8th Army. tonight.” T h e s e S o l d i e r s a r e f r e s h o f f t h e b u s f r o m Yo n g s an a n d o n t h e i r w a y t o
There are certain prerequisites they Building 2245 on Camp Stanley for their first class at the WRC, where
have to meet before they are ready to E-mail everything the Soldier needs to know about the 2ID will be taught.
May 19, 2006 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly

Black Marketing
Black Marketing is the act of reselling
dury-free goods purchased in USFK
duty-free facilities except as provided
in applicable regulations.
What to do if you see anyone
excessively purchasing , and it looks
suspicious, get this information:
a. Location (parking lot, building
number, etc.)
b. time and date of purchase
c. description of the individual
e. license plate number, color,
model of car
f. list of items that are suspicious
g. short description of the incident
h. do not confront the individual
i. do not follow them
j. do not grab their ID card
If you witness any suspicious
activities you may contact the Black
Market hotline at 738-5188 or
You may remain anonymous.
Mandatory Annual Soldiers seeking jobs at the Camp Casey Job Fair found them at ANTEON, Kellogg, Brown and Root, SERCO, and other companies. The
Ethics Training jobs are in Korea or in the United States. The companies look for Soldiers and their family members who are transitioning out of the military.
Mandatory annual ethics training for
all U.S. Military and civilian employees
will be provided by the Judge
Advocate General office. Earliest
Soldiers find options at Job Fair
training dates and times are 2 p.m. June By Jim Cunningham attending the job fair May 2 at Camp different languages in a special school.
22 at the Camp Red Cloud Theater. Area I Public Affairs Casey. The Department of Veterans If one needs to learn Spanish, they can
CAMP CASEY — When a Soldier Affairs was present to let the Soldier speak it well in about six months. If one
Camp Mobile PX, decides to leave the Army he or she know about benefits after leaving needs to learn an Asian language, it can
Barber Shop New Hours should have some idea about military service. take two years to get to the same level,
Camp Mobile PX new hours are from employment. Some do, but most do not, “We want to remind the Soldier, after Jay said.
11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through according to Ken Schlueter, transition separation from the service, a person is “We are new here in Korea,” said
Friday and closed Saturday and services program administrator of the eligible for veterans’ benefits,” said Thomas Allen of MTC Technologies
Sunday. The Camp Mobile Barber Army Career Alumni Program. Howard Scott, Veterans Affairs Inc. “We have seen about 45 people
Shop will be open 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Many of the Soldiers we run into representative in Korea. “I am here to today, and we have three job openings
Monday through Friday and closed are undecided about their future, if I ask give them the information about how to in the computer technology field.
Saturday and Sunday. them; I find they really do not have an get the benefits. We have job openings Primarily, we do track maintenance for
idea,” Schlueter said. “Only about 15 available, but not in Korea. However, tracked vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams
Invitational Boxing Event percent have an idea of what they want there are many openings in the States main battle tank and the Bradley vehicle.
The next invitational boxing event will to do after leaving the Army. A third of available to a Soldier.” We have been here in Korea only about
be held July 1 in front of CRC Mitchell’s these Soldiers say they will attend The 2nd Infantry Division came to the two years, so we are new to the
Club in an outdoor ring. Weigh-ins and college. The job fair to talk to Soldier.”
medical exams will be from 10 a.m. to reason we are “Many of the Soldiers we run Soldiers about re- The Soldier is very familiar with the
11:30 July 1 at CRC Fitness Center. The having this job into are undecided about their enlisting. job MTC does for the Army, and Allen
boxing starts at 4 p.m. fair today is to “We have seen is looking for the ones interested in
give Soldiers and
future, if I ask them; I find they about 10 people coming to work for MTC doing what
Organizational Defense their families in really do not have an idea,” this morning,” he or she may have done for the Army.
Travel Administrator Area I an Schlueter said. said Sgt. 1st “Today we are looking for anyone
Training opportunity to Class Cecilia with a computer background to fill three
ODTS training will be held at Camp meet and discuss jobs with different Stone of the 2ID. vacancies,” Allen said. “A secret
Red Cloud in the Information Center employers. It is the only opportunity “We are here to talk to the Soldiers clearance is definitely a plus for our
Classroom, building S412. The Soldiers have in Korea. Companies rarely about re-enlisting, and we have seen company.”
schedule for these classes will be send representatives to Korea because some who have decided to do just that,” Northrop Grumman came to the job
from May 22 through 23 and May 24 of the expenses involved. This is the said Master Sgt. Randy Notestein, 2ID. fair looking for a variety of skilled
through 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The best chance a Soldier has to talk to “Some are undecided, but most are Soldiers to fill jobs outside the Army.
capacity for the classes is 16 students employers face to face.” looking to see if there are any bonuses “I have seen about 30 Soldiers this
per class. For information, call ANTEON, Kellogg, Brown and Root, and what types of jobs are available.” morning,” said Bob Bradshaw, recruiter
Hyesuk Min, budget technician, at SERCO, and other companies all have The Department of State attended to for Northrop Grumman. “We have
732-7849. jobs available either in Korea or in the find Soldiers interested in working for everything from computer technology
United States. The company them. They are especially looking for opportunities to project managers,
Operation Eager Student representatives look for Soldiers and bilingual candidates. openings in the intelligence field ... so
Memorial Day Seminars their family members who are primarily “We have seen about 50 people this we are looking for intelligence analysts
Operation Eager Student will hold transitioning out of the military. They morning interested in working for the as well. We have an office in Seoul, and
holiday seminars at CRC 9 a.m. to 5:30 want an opportunity to discuss job Department of State,” said Andy Jay we are looking to fill 12 vacancies right
p.m. May 27 and 28 at the CRC openings with the Soldier. If nothing from the U.S. Embassy in Seoul. “It now. There are thousands of positions
Education Center. Camp Stanley else, it gives the Soldier practice in taking helps if you do speak other languages open at Northrop Grumman.”
seminars begin 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. interviews and applying for jobs. than English, but if you don’t, we will According to Bradshaw, all the Soldier
May 29 and 30 at the Camp Stanley Many services and employers took teach you another language.”
Education Center. For information, the opportunity to talk to Soldiers The Department of State teaches 60 See Jobs
Jobs, Page 7
call 732-6862.
Area I
The Morning Calm Weekly
May 19, 2006 7
Area I Friendship Run
fosters understanding
By Jim Cunningham finished the 10-kilometer run first and
Area I Public Affairs second along with Korean runners.
CAMP CASEY — Many smiles “This shows a great friendship that
warmed the morning and the laughter has existed among the Korean people
of friendship filled the air on the river and the American Soldiers ever since
walk at Camp Casey May 13 for the the Korean War,” said Sally Manuelita-
Korean-American Friendship Run Hall, director of USO at Camp Casey.
Festival. “We always support the Soldier, no
“This run is part of the Good matter where he is, and we especially
Neighbor program that shows the support these events.”
collaborative effort between the Camp “We have a large number of Soldiers
Casey enclave and Dongducheon,” said running and a large number of Korean
Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, Camp Casey runners, which shows the results of a
garrison commander. great effort by Dongducheon, the USO
“The city sponsors the event and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, as
primarily for the Soldiers and the local well as Vice Mayor Lee,” Hodges said.
The run began at 8:45 a.m. and by 9 PHOTOS BY JIM CUNNINGHAM
community as a way to usher in the
springtime, but it also fosters friendship the leaders of the 5-kilometer run Lt. Col. Terry Hodges, garrison commander, Camp Casey, gives runners last-minute instructions
among the Soldiers, the Dongducheon crossed the finish line. Soldiers and before the sound of the gun during the Korean-American Friendship Run on the river walk.
community and everyone in the Casey citizens of Dongducheon finished Dongducheon Police Department and
enclave.” together. MWR.”
Two distances were in competition, After the run MWR, USO and the “This is one of the best Good
one for 5 kilometers and the other for city provided everyone with plenty of Neighbor events to come together in the
10 kilometers. picnic food, including iced watermelon, last three years that the USO always
“The vice mayor and I just finished a Korean favorite. supports,” Hall said. “It happens twice
walking the 5-kilometer distance,” “Army Community Service, a year and the USO is always there to
Hodges said. “He was out cheerleading American Red Cross, the USO and the provide public address systems and
with me and we cheered the Korean Camp Casey Garrison are all here,” canteen in support of all the Good
runners and the Soldiers. What a Hodges said. “Of course, the leader that Neighbor programs.
tremendous effort.” set this event up and runs it is our fire These youngsters prove one is never too young
Members of the Fires Brigade department from Camp Casey, the E-mail to run in the Korean-American Friendship Run.

Golf tourney swings in friendship JOBS

has to do is give him a resume, and he can take it
from Page 6

By Jim Cunningham from there.

Area I Public Affairs “The Soldier can go to the Web site (Northrop
CAMP RED CLOUD — Heroes and legends never and apply there,” he said.
die when the hero is lauded by those who remember Lockheed Martin usually has more than 1,000
them and those who carry their spirit to new job openings year around, said the company’s local
generations. This was the spirit of the Fifth Annual Kim recruiter, George Gluzinski. “What I do when I
Yong Keun Golf Tournament held Saturday at Camp come to a job fair is pick a few job categories that
Red Cloud Golf Course. might be of interest to the local community and
“Kim Yong Keun has been a great friend of the show them what a broad spectrum we have in
American Soldier since 1976,” said Yang Pyong yong of opportunities at Lockheed Martin.”
the Camp Red Cloud garrison. “He was a key member “We have 168 jobs open outside the United States
of the Second to None Support Group. This event is a in foreign countries,” he said.
tribute to his memory. By sharing in this golf To the casual observer, no company was just
tournament Koreans and American Soldiers share fishing around to waste time; all had job openings
cultural understanding and friendship.” to offer Soldiers that were leaving military service.
Kim was a man that was born in North Korea, worked “The Department of Labor says 23 to 29 year-
on a farm and lived under communist rule until he was 37 old veterans have an unemployment rate of 15
years old, said Lt. Col. William Huber, CRC garrison percent,” Schlueter said. “Unlike the Air Force and
commander.. He decided to move south to become a free the Navy that have a lot of technical training and
man. He became a contractor and he cleaned buildings for jobs.The Army has a high ratio of combat Soldiers.
the U.S. Army. After becoming a very successful business Their skills do not translate easily to the skilled job
man, he began a construction business and contracted that openings offered by these companies.”
business with the Army also. The road to job success outside the military
“It is only fitting that we remember Mr. Kim today,” begins with creating a good resume, Schlueter said.
one Korean golfer said. “His spirit and friendship with “A good way to begin writing your resume, take
the Soldier is legendary.” the job description you want to fill and match your
Although the rain ended the tournament for some late resume with the skills required,” agreed Roger
players, all gathered at Mitchell’s restaurant for a steak Brown, employment readiness program
dinner and to remember Kim and his legacy of friendship. administrator for Area I. “We at the ACS provide
Soldiers and Korean citizens have been coming instruction in all sorts of skills a Soldier would need
together for this celebration for five years, Huber said. finding jobs outside the military.”
It strengthens the alliance that was forged in steel since “More than 40 percent of successful job seekers
the Korean War. get their jobs walking in directly at the employer’s
Col. Forrest Newton, Area I commander, tees off at the Fifth office and asking for a job,” he said. “Many Soldiers
Annual Kim Yong Keun Golf Tournament last Saturday. E-mail had that opportunity today.”
May 19, 2006 Page 9

Area II celebrates ethnic month

Event raises awareness, draws

hundreds to feast, entertainment
By David McNally
Area II Public Affairs

Heavy rain kept the sun away, but not
Area II community members wanting
to celebrate Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month.
People streamed in and out of the
Main Post Club Underground all
afternoon May 6.
“The community support is
phenomenal,” said Area II Equal
Opportunity Noncommissioned
Officer Master Sgt. Tony McClure.
“We have had at least 300 people join
us, maybe more.”
Area II Commander Col. Ron
Stephens welcomed the crowds with
opening remarks.
“Although I am from Kentucky, a
long way from both Asia and the
Pacific, I am happy to share this day
with you,” he said. “We all become
better citizens of the world by learning
Maj. Tau Laupola slices roasted pig “Samoan -style” for hundreds of Area II community members about our cultural diversity.”
May 6 at the Yongsan Garrison Main Post Club. Stephens said Asian Americans and
Pacific islanders have had a Seven-year-old Hope Meihaus demonstrates
significant impact on the United her knowledge of tae kwon do before
States. dropping to the floor to pump out push-ups.
“We acknowledge their con-
tributions by honoring them today and
throughout the month,” he said. Officials set hours for
Free food and entertainment from
across Asia and the Pacific were
Area II NEO exercise
highlights of the event. Area II Public Affairs
When the serving line opened, YONGSAN GARRISON —
people found they had food choices Area II officials announced hours
ranging from Korean kimchi to for the Yongsan Garrison
Guamanian cookies. Each ethnic Evacuation Control Center during
group offered food samples from their the ongoing noncombatant
culture. But one of the more popular evacuation operations exercise.
menu items was a whole roasted pig. The Yongsan ECC is located at
Collier Field House, and will be
Republic of Korea Army nursing cadets perform a “Samulnori” traditional Korean drum beat. See Celebrate
Celebrate, Page 12
open 24 hours daily until 6 p.m.
Specifically selected personnel
began rehearsal processing
Thursday evening.
The semiannual exercise,
known as “Courageous Channel,”
is a regularly scheduled exercise.
Officials said the exercise is
unrelated to any current or
specific events.
Each participant’s NEO packet
should be updated and reviewed
by a unit NEO warden before
Filipino dancers perform “Pandango Sailaw,” a traditional About 300 people enjoy a variety of cultural performances May 6 at the Yongsan See NEO
NEO, Page 12
dance with candles. Main Post Club.
10 May 19, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

‘Seoul Singers’
Evacuation Exercise
A noncombatant evacuation exercise
prepare for debut
is being conducted now until 6 p.m. By David McNally
Saturday at Collier Field House. All Area II Public Affairs
U.S. Forces Korea-affiliated
noncombatants in Area II are required YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II
to process. Noncombatants from community members can expect a free
Hannam Village, Camp Market and K- evening of musical entertainment 6:30
16 Air Base should report to Collier p.m. Saturday at the South Post Chapel
Field House. For information, contact as a local choir group plans a debut
your unit NEO warden. performance.
The “Seoul Singers,” made up of 35
Area II Pride Week singers from eight countries, will
The Area II community will focus on
perform classical, contemporary and
installation cleanup Monday-Friday.
“It is everybody’s responsibility to folk music in a “Captain Noah and his
take pride in their housing, work and Floating Zoo” concert.
common areas during Pride Week,” Conductor George Novinger started
said Area II Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin organizing the community choir in PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY

Witt. “Let’s make the installation January. He said the group is made up Seoul American Elementary School teacher Pamela Baisden (right) sings with the “Seoul
presentable for Memorial Day of active-duty servicemembers, family Singers” at an April 25 rehearsal. Baisden will sing a solo at the May 20 concert.
Weekend.” members, teachers, people from the
international embassy community and
AFTB Classes local Koreans.
!Level III - 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Tuesday, “I find music is a great door opener
Wednesday and Thursday. This is an
for people from different cultures to
advanced leadership skills course. The
material is important for any leader share something of beauty and deepen
and is a resume builder for those in mutual understanding,” he said.
the workforce. The performance will include
!Level I - 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. June 2. Level numbers by Bach, Mozart and gospel
I is for anyone new to the military or music. Several choir members will
for anyone who wants to expand their deliver solo performances.
knowledge of the Army. This course “It is always a challenge to get a
is an introduction to military life. choir ready for a performance,”
For information on either class, Novinger said. “When you compound
contact Reta Mills at 738-3617 or e-
this with the fact that we have singers
from eight countries singing in six Above: Seoul Singers Conductor
SOFA Stamps languages, most of whom have George Novinger leads a choir
Army Community Services will demanding day-time jobs, it is even rehearsal April 25 at the U.S. Embassy
sponsor a Staus of Forces Agreement more challenging.” Association Center.
passport stamp session May 30 at the Novinger also has a demanding day
the Yongsan ACS Building. To get a job as first secretary at the U.S. Left: School teacher Laurie Clark
SOFA stamp you must have an A-3 Embassy in Seoul. However, he brings rehearse a song. She will be in a trio
Visa in your passport. For information, with him a passion for music, and a lot performance of “Boogie Woogie Bugle
call 738-4617.
Boy of Company B” Saturday at the
Youth Bike Rodeo
See Singers
Singers, Page 12 group’s debut performance.

Yongsan Tax Center files

There will be a Youth Bike Rodeo 10-
11 a.m. Saturday at the Yongsan
Commissary parking lot. There will
also be a May 27 rodeo at Hannam

final return, closes for year

Village. Riders must have a full
reflective vest and approved helmet
to register. The USO will raffle youth
bicycles at each rodeo. There will be
other free giveaways and prizes. For Staff helps about 4,000 The tax center helped customers
garner nearly $3.7 million in refunds.
units. Hinshaw said they quickly
became experts.
information, call 738-3027.
taxpayers receive nearly “Those figures are consistent with “They did this day in and day out,”
USO Information
!Listen to Eagle FM 102.7 FM for free
$3.7 million in refunds last year, even though we had fewer
people,” Hinshaw said.
she said. “They used software to find
ways to maximize refunds.”
concert ticket giveaways for concerts By David McNally The center remained open Jan. 31 Mobile training teams from the
like Branford Marsalis, Korn, Chris Area II Public Affairs – May 10. Judge Advocate’s General School in
Botti and much more. YONGSAN GARRISON — After With civilian contractors, Army and Charlottesville, Va., and the Internal
! Stop by the Seoul USO Canteen helping about 4,000 U.S. taxpayers Air Force Exchange Service Revenue Service traveled to Korea
Monday – Active-duty U.S. military
this season, the Yongsan Tax Center employees and many family members, before the center opened to train the
members can have a meal at the
canteen for $1. closed its doors with a ceremony May some applying for a taxpayer staff.
10 at the Moyer Community Services identification number for the first “They taught lessons learned at
Case Worker Needed Center. time, Hinshaw said it made operations Army tax centers worldwide, as well
The Yongsan American Red Cross is “The community needs a lot of at the Yongsan Tax Center unique. as changes in the tax code,” Hinshaw
looking for a part-time, after-hours case assistance in this area,” said Yongsan “We have a diverse community said.
worker. Interested U.S. citizens may Attorney Capt. Patricia Hinshaw. here,” Hinshaw said. “We also served The staff even helped people who
apply for this paid position. For Hinshaw said her staff of 10 people from across U.S. Forces did not get refunds by helping them
information, call 738-3670. Soldiers, three civilian employees and Korea.” plan for next year.
five volunteers saved community With the facility co-located with the “But, the best thing is the smile on
Area II Web site
members more than $382,000 in tax bus station, many customers would someone’s face when you tell them
For up-to-date news and information,
visit the Area II Web site at http://
fees. get off the bus and step right into the they’re going to get a refund,” “That’s what the person would tax center. Hinshaw said.
have had to pay a civilian company to The 10 Soldiers came from all
prepare their taxes for them,” she said. different kinds of Yongsan tenant E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Area II May 19, 2006 11
Dragon Hill Lodge celebrates 16th anniversary
Armed Forces Recreation Center with some help from the 2nd Inf. Div.
throws community block party, tankers.
honors longtime employees The DHL gave prizes including a
round-trip ticket to the United States
By Pfc. Lee Yang-won and mountain bikes.
Area II Public Affairs “The most important thing for us
YONGSAN GARRISON — The is to show the Soldiers that we care
Dragon Hill Lodge celebrated its 16th about them,” Thomas said. “To treat
anniversary Saturday with the U.S. them like kings during their stay is just
military community it serves in Korea. showing how much you appreciate
Dragon Hill Lodge is an Armed what they do every day in the defense
Forces Recreation Center operated by of our country.”
the U.S. Army. Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt.
“The Army leadership had a vision Gen. David P. Valcourt gave
about 20 years ago to invest $85 million congratulatory remarks to kick off the
in nonappropriated funds to improve the official block party the night before at
life of U.S. Forces Korea community,” the Oasis Courtyard.
said DHL General Manager Jim Thomas. “The Dragon Hill Lodge has
“It’s sig-nificant because the money become well known as a landmark,
was generated from Soldiers and not happy birthday sweet sixteen,”
from taxpayer dollars.” Valcourt said. “This is the center of
The party, he said, was a significant the U.S. servicemembers and civilians
event commemorating what the who come to Korea.”
The place has always been PHOTOS BY PFC. LEE YANG-WON
Dragon Hill Lodge is all about.
“Our mission is to provide quality customer-focused, he said, serving The 2nd Infantry Division displays combat vehicles Saturday at a Dragon Hill Lodge block party.
service for the Soldiers and their family those who serve.
to enjoy themselves,” Thomas said. Different DHL restaurants served
Second Infantry Division Soldiers people with free food after the remarks.
displayed a M1A1 Abrams Main Battle “It’s a really nice place to stay,” said
Tank and M2A3 Bradley Fighting 1st Sgt. Robert Green, 8th Military
Vehicle near the hotel. Police Brigade. “They offer different
Children and adults from the Yongsan features to enjoy, like recreational
community crawled inside and all over activities.”
the military vehicles to observe and Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. David
actually handle the fighting machines E-mail Officials honor original DHL workers May 12. P. Valcourt speaks at the May 12 ceremony.
12 May 19, 2006 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly
Celebrate from Page 9
“This is Samoan style,” said Maj. Tau Bruce and about 20 others from the
Laupola, as he sliced off a large chunk Republic of Korea-Samoan Association
of juicy pork. brought things from home to represent
Laupola got the pig ready to roast in Samoa’s polynesian culture.
the early morning hours. He started the Guamanian, Filipino and Korean
fire about 2 a.m. Seven hours later, the groups also presented kiosks with
pig was ready. information about their cultures and
“People said it was delicious,” he histories.
said. “This is the first time in my three The rain may have put a damper on
years here that Area II has celebrated some of the planned entertainment, but
Asian Pacific Heritage Month like this. many groups adjusted to the change and
I think people leave an event like this performed inside.
with a better appreciation for different A group of Korean and U.S. Soldiers
ethnic groups.” from the 8th Military Police Brigade
Laupola said he was happy with the performed a “samulnori” traditional
community response. Korean drum beat, followed by a similar
“They came out even though it performance from Republic of Korea
rained,” he said. “I feel the event got Army nursing cadets.
the attention it deserved.” Various martial arts groups gave tae
McClure said “Asian-Pacific- kwon do and akido demonstrations.
American” is a common label for a vast Filipino dancers took to the stage to
array of ethnic groups. perform a traditional candle dance.
“Americans tend to lump all Asians The event closed with a performance
or Pacific islanders into a single ethnic from the Aganu’u Samoa Dancers.
group,” he said. “But, the term applies The dancers are members of the
to at least 29 different countries.” ROK-Samoan Association.
Each group has its own distinct “In our group, we share our culture,”
ethnic and cultural differences, he said. Laupola said. “We call it ‘faasamoa,’
“This is wonderful,” said American which means, the Samoan way of life.”
Samoan Easter Bruce. “It raises
awareness.” E-mail

NEO from Page 9

arriving for processing. Republic of Korea.

Noncombatants from Hannam This is a joint training exercise that
Village, Camp Market and K-16 Air Base will involve Army, Air Force, Navy and
should report to Collier Field House for Marine Corps personnel.
processing. It is mandatory for all Department
There is a specially marked NEO of Defense-affiliated noncombatants to
shuttle bus available for Hannam Village participate in the exercise. This
residents throughout the exercise. requirement includes nonemergency
The training event will test the essential U.S. government employees.
command's NEO plans and procedures For information, contact your unit
for a short-notice evacuation from the NEO warden.

Singers from Page 10

of experience. While serving in Okinawa, experience to participate in an
Japan, Novinger organized and led the ‘international’ choir,” she said. “The
“Okinawa International Chorus.” international flavor did not seem to be a
“He knows his stuff and he has very problem — the challenges were because
high expectations,” said Choir member of the various levels of musicianship.
Laurie Clark. Some members do not read music, and
Clark teaches German at Seoul some have never sung with an organized
American High School. She said joining choir.”
a community choir seemed like a great However, Novinger said the
opportunity. community can expect good music
“It was a chance to meet some from an enthusiastic and talented group.
people, other than teachers, who also “The singers have risen to the
had a passion for music,” she said. “I challenge and I’m sure the program
feel that this is another experience that quality will be quite good,” Novinger
will not soon be forgotten. said. “Children are welcome and will
Clark said she loves singing in a especially enjoy the Noah’s Ark story,”
chorus. “This has provided the he said.
opportunity,” she said. The group will also perform Sunday
Fellow SAHS teacher Patricia Boyd at a Gangnam concert hall. For
joined the group because she has been information, call 02-794-8343.
singing in church choirs for 35 years.
“I thought it would be a great E-mail

Visit the Area II Web site for more

stories and community information:
May 19, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly 13
Plasma TVs may pose PC
PCSS problems Web site puts CRM tools
By Capt. Mary A. Leavitt voltage is set properly or that you have a converter,
at Soldiers’ fingertips
Military Claims Division
if required, before plugging in the television. By Kelly Widener
Plasma screen televisions are one of the Private Insurance an Option Army News Service
most exciting consumer electronics and home The maximum amount that the Army claims FORT RUCKER, Ala. – The U.S. Army Combat
theater products to debut in the past decade. office can pay for a plasma television damaged Readiness Center launched a new design for its Web
Plasma screens are literally changing the shape of during shipment is $2,500. $2,500 is also the site May 12, making it even easier to provide essential
television to a sleek, nearly flat display that can maximum amount the claims office can pay for Composite Risk Management tools and programs to
hang on a wall. televisions on any one claim, meaning, if you have a commanders, first-line supervisors and individual
Unfortunately, these items can be easily damaged plasma television and other less expensive Soldiers.
if they are not properly packed, shipped and stored televisions and all are damaged beyond repair in the The initiative is one aspect of the Army’s ongoing
when moved. For Army personnel this fact, same shipment, the maximum you will receive for “Own the Edge” campaign, which is a critical
combined with the many PCS moves that come televisions is $2,500! component of the total Army transformation,
with a life in the military, might cause some to If the purchase price of your televisions exceeds acceleration of future force capabilities and reduction
hesitate before purchasing a plasma television. this amount, owners should consider purchasing of loss to enhance the current force.
But if the proper steps are taken, there’s no private insurance and ensure that the insurance will The USACRC, which serves as the knowledge
reason Army families can’t enjoy the benefits of cover shipping damage. center for all Army losses, focuses on sustaining
plasma screen technology, and protect themselves The bottom line is, every owner should be readiness and achieving overall reduction of these
against damaging this often-costly equipment. familiar with the manufacturer’s shipping guide (as losses. This requires an increased emphasis,
The information below provides helpful tips in part of a preventive maintenance). In addition, development and implementation of specific safety
reducing the risk of potential damage to plasma owners should consider purchasing private programs and the CRM concept via interactive Web-
televisions during shipment. insurance. based tools, said Brig. Gen. Joseph A. Smith,
Packing Plasma For information, contact the nearest Army claims USACRC commander.
Plasma televisions should be shipped in an office. On Yongsan Garrison, call 738-8219; Camp Quick links, tabbed categories and a new search
upright position in their original manufacturer’s Casey, 730-1910; Camp Red Cloud, 732-6017; engine coupled with a new structure are just a few
container/box. If you already threw the original Camp Humphreys, 753-8047; and Camp Henry, features that make the CRM tools, programs and
box out, these televisions may be packed and 768-6631. information more easily accessible on the Web site.
shipped in a container that meets the “A safety program is not successful if it does not
manufacturer’s or carrier’s specifications or in a Correction provide the means and tools for each Soldier and
third party manufactured shipping container that In the April 28 edition of “The Morning Calm civilian to participate in maintaining our combat force,”
meets the manufacturer’s or carrier’s Weekly,” an article entitled “Law Day 2006: said Smith. “Our goal with the new Web site is to
specifications. Celebrating the separation of power” was credited provide those means and tools within a few clicks,
Upon unpacking and before use, allow the to the wrong person. The author of the article was and to better serve our Soldiers.”
plasma television to warm up to room temperature Capt. James R, Abeshaus. We regret the error. For information about CRM and the tools to help
before it is turned on. In addition, ensure that the you “Own the Edge,” visit the USACRC Web site.
May 19, 2006
14 The Morning Calm Weekly

May 19-25

Failure to Failure to Mission Mission The Shaggy Dog She’s the Man She’s the Man
Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13 Impossible 3 Impossible 3 PG PG-13 PG-13
PG-13 PG-13
Failure to The Sentinel The Sentinel She’s the Man
No Show No Show No Show
Launch PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13

Mission Mission Mission Failure to Failure to She’s the Man She’s the Man
Impossible 3 Impossible 3 Impossible 3 Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13 PG-13 PG-13
PG-13 PG-13 PG-13
The Sentinel 16 Blocks Running Scared No Show No Show No Show No Show
PG-13 PG-13 R

Ultraviolet Mission Ultraviolet Failure to Mission The Shaggy Dog Failure to

PG-13 Impossible 3 PG-13 Launch PG-13 Impossible 3 PG Launch PG-13
PG-13 PG-13
Ultraviolet She’s the Man She’s the Man No Show No Show No Show Larry the Cable Guy
PG-13 PG-13 PG-13

Mission Imposible 3 The Sentinel -- Goal! The Dream Ultraviolet -- (Milla She’s the Man -- Failure to Launch --
(Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames) (Michael Douglas, Kiefer Begins -- (Kuno Becker, Jovovich, William Fichtner) (Amanda Bynes, Channing (Sarah Jessica Parker,
Super-spy Ethan Hunt has Sutherland) Stephen Dillane) Set in the late 21st century, a Tatum) Matthew McConaughey)
retired from active duty to Pete Garrison is the most As an underprivileged subculture of humans has Viola Johnson had her own A thirtysomething man who still
trains new IMF agents. But he decorated agent in the history Mexican-American immigrant emerged with a genetic good reasons for disguising lives with his parents falls in
is called back into action to of the Secret Service - the growing up in the poor section mutation causing enhanced herself as her twin brother love with the woman of his
confront the toughest villain president’s last line of of Los Angeles, Santiago speed, incredible stamina Sebastian and enrolling in his dreams and begins to
he’s ever faced - Owen defense. But now, wrongly Munez seemed destined to and acute intelligence. As place at his new boarding suspect she has been hired
Davian, an international suspected of targeting the follow his father’s path in life: more people are infected and school. She was counting on by his parents as a way to get
weapons and information president for assassination, laboring at menial jobs to earn the government becomes Sebastian being AWOL from him out of the house.
provider with no remorse and Garrison has become the just enough money to support increasingly terrified of their school as he tried to break
no conscience. Hunt Service’s worst nightmare. his family. Naturally gifted, his growing power, those with the into the music scene in
assembles his team - his old As he uses his formidable amazing talent on the soccer mutation are treated as London. What she didn’t
friend Luther Strickell, skills to try and prove his field was wasted in recreation outcasts, subjected to count on was falling in love
transportation expert Declan, innocence and find the real league games while he could terrifying tests and put into with her hot roommate, Duke
background operative Zhen, assassin, Garrison is tracked only dream of playing on the quarantine. The government , who in turn only has eyes for
and fresh recruit Lindsey - to by his equally adept former world stage of professional sets out to destroy them, but the beautiful Olivia.
travel the globe pursuing protégée. soccer. one woman is determined
Davian and rescue Hunt’s love, that that doesn’t happen: ultra-
Julia. beautiful, ultra-lethal Violet.

16 Blocks No Show Freedomland R Running Scared No Show No Show No Show

PG-13 R

Goal! The Dream Ice Age 2 Goal! The Dream Failure to Failure to She’s the Man She’s the Man
Begins PG-13 PG Begins PG-13 Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13 PG-13 PG-13

Mission She’s the Man Failure to The Shaggy Dog She’s the Man No Show Goal! The Dream
Impossible 3 PG-13 Launch PG-13 PG PG-13 Begins PG-13
Failure to Failure to She’s the Man She’s the Man No Show Goal! The Dream The Shaggy Dog
Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Begins PG-13 PG
Goal! The Dream Goal! The Dream Goal! The Dream Failure to Failure to Running Scared Running Scared
Begins PG-13 Begins PG-13 Begins PG-13 Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13 R R

Aquamarine The Shaggy Dog Curious George G Ultraviolet Ultraviolet Big Momma’s Big Momma’s
PG PG PG-13 PG-13 House 2 PG-13 House 2 PG-13

Something The Shaggy Dog Curious George Annapolis Annapolis Failure to Failure to
New PG-13 PG G PG-13 PG-13 Launch PG-13 Launch PG-13

U.S.IDCardHoldersEnjoyFreeMoviesCourtesyof ArmyMWRatU.S. ArmyInstallationsinKorea.

May 19, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly 15
Putting the will of God before your own
By Chaplain (Capt.)Frank G. Ciampa welcome change (even bad change)
and become bitter because their have). So if you find yourself becoming a
498th Combat Support Brigade when it benefits them.
supervisor wanted to change the way negative, strong-”don’t” person, take a

ave you ever been accused they did a task? These people tend to be They may call themselves “strong- moment to pray and to ask yourself
of being a “strong-willed very strong-willed against change, when willed” but they are really strong- “why am I so upset?” and ask yourself
person?” Maybe you were change means more work for them. Even ”won’t” or strong-”don’t” people who do you really care about the mission and
“born that way.” Perhaps it was your if this extra work greatly benefits others, are building a foundation of selfishness about your fellow Soldiers/co-workers or
upbringing. It could be that others only they don’t care. They will say and laziness. are you just resisting change for your
perceive you that way. something like, “We’ve never done it Some won’t even put God first, own selfish reasons? Are you putting
Being strong-willed can be a blessing that way before.” because they are so focused on their yourself first over your family, friends
or a curse. It may get you ahead in life, However, when the supervisor own will and because God demands and co-workers?
or it could be your greatest downfall. suggests a change that means less work, sacrifices and change of us. When in doubt about whether you
In the end, those of us who are these same people will say, “That’s a Unfortunately denying God means are a strong-willed person or a strong-
strong-willed people have to admit that great idea” — even if it is really a terrible they deny themselves all the won’t person, follow God’s will, which
far too often we are strong-”won’t” or idea. strength and comfort of God’s Word is to do good works for others — even
strong-”don’t” people instead. We don’t In short, some people tend to fight at and promises. They lose sight of the if it means some self-sacrifice – and
put other people first and sometimes work and at home when it comes to fact God demands only a little, but when you do this your life will be
have a tendency towards negativity. doing things differently (“strong- gives a lot. fuller, more blessed and less stressful.
For example, have you ever won’t”), especially if it involves more It is easy for any one of us to fall into In the long run you will help yourself,
witnessed someone at work fight, argue work for them, but on the other hand, this trap from time to time (I know I by helping others.

Area II Worship Services

Catholic Mass Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel 9:30 a.m. 121 Hospital Chapel Lutheran Sunday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel
11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel 9:30 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Multipurpose
Tuesday 12:05 p.m. 121 Hospital Chapel (Korean) Training Facility
Mon.-Wed., 10:30 a.m. K-16 Community Latter-Day Saints For information on services, call 738-3011
Thur.-Fri. 12:05p.m. Memorial Chapel Chapel
Area II Chaplains
Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel
Jewish Friday 6 p.m. South Post Chapel noon South Post Chapel Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James King
Protestant Services (Gospel) or 738-3011
Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Sunday 10 a.m. South Post Chapel
Chaplain (Maj.)Samuel Cabrera
United Pentecostal Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 6 p.m. South Post Chapel
Korean Thursday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel 725-2955
Church of Christ Church International
Sunday 2 p.m. South Post Chapel KCFA 2nd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Chaplain (Maj.)Eric J. Albertson
Collective Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel 3rd Tues. 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel 738-3009

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May 19, 2006
16 The Morning Calm Weekly

188th MP Co. spits lead at Baek-Il Range

By Steven Hoover
Area IV Public Affairs
BAEK-IL RANGE – The Soldiers
of the 188th Military Police Company
spent the first week of May at Baek-il
Range, about a 30 minutes drive from
Gwangju, firing and qualifying on all
of their assigned weapons.
“The benefit of training at Baek-il
Range is that it is a consolidated range
complex that allows the company to
train on all of it weapons at one
location,” said Capt. Joseph Bilbo,
then-188th MP Co. commander and
range officer in charge.
During the week, the Soldiers
qualified on the MK-19, M249, M4/
M16, M203 and M9.
While waiting for opportunities to
fire their weapons, they conducted
Close Quarters Marksmanship
training, also known as Reflexive Fire
“CQM is a specialized aspect of
military marksmanship developed to
ensure accurate direct fire and
confidence during close quarters
combat, emphasizing proficiency in
reflexive fire, target discrimination, 188th Military Police Company Soldiers conduct Close Quarters Marksmanship training while waiting their turn on one of the ranges at Baek-il Range.
stress shooting and night operations,”
Bilbo said. “This training is a building
block to teach the Soldiers about
CQM, or MOUT (Military Operations
on Urban Terrain).”
Each Soldier qualified with their
respective weapon during the week.
Capt. Elsa Bullard took command
of the company from Bilbo May 12.

Pfc. Samantha Lecznar, 188th MP Co., Chaplain (Capt.) Steve H. Shin, 728th Military
prepares to fire the MK-19 Crew Served Police Battalion, was on hand to provide
Grenade Launcher May 3 during a week of services and counseling when the 188th
weapons qualifications at Baek-il Range. Soldiers weren’t on a range or training.

Checking targets for zero was a familiar site to Soldiers from the 188th Military Police
Staff Sgt. Kory D. Illenye guides one of the 188th’s Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army
Company during a weeklong range at Baek-il.
Soldiers through reflexive fire training, May 3, at Baek-il Range.
May 19, 2006
18 The Morning Calm Weekly

Youth bowler rolls 300 game

By Thomas Bruce
MWR Marketing
YONGSAN GARRISON – Perfection. It is a
standard many aspire to, but few ever achieve.
Seoul Singers Yongsan Garrison kegler Allen Wagner got a taste of
The “Seoul Singers,” a group of perfection recently, when he bowled his first 300
military, embassy and Korean singers, game.
will present their international chorus A senior at Seoul American High School and
debut concert “Captain Noah and his regular member of the Yongsan Lanes youth bowling
Floating Zoo” 6:30 p.m. Saturday, at the league, Wagner bowled his ‘300’ during league play
South Post Chapel. May 6. Wagner has been a member of the Yongsan
Admission is free. Selections include Youth Bowling Program for six years and averages
classical and folk music. For over 200.
information, call 02-794-8343.
His skill has earned him membership in the Junior
Gold Bowling Program along with the most elite
Win a Trip to the States
youth bowlers in the United States and International
Participants may win a round-trip
ticket to the United States, or an LG
laptop computer, simply by The day of his 300 game, Wagner play started out
registering in MWR’s RecTrac at any as anything but perfect. He caught a few bad breaks
sports and fitness, recreation center, in his first game, resulting in a score of 176.
arts & crafts center or automotive After working out the kinks and getting lined up,
Wagner went for broke in the second game — THOMAS BRUCE
skills center. The winner will be
chosen on American Forces Network rolling 12 consecutive strikes to capture the elusive Youth bowler Allen Wagner practices his form at Yongsan Lanes.
- Korea during the last week of June. perfect game. Pressure mounted as he entered his game for a 699 scratch series
For information on RecTrac or the 10th frame; he needed three more strikes. Wagner represented the Far East Military Zone in
drawing, call 723-3730. After striking with his first and second balls in the 2005 Junior Gold National Championships in St
the frame, the usually noisy Yongsan Lanes became Louis. Enroute to his appearance at the prestigious
Swim Instructor Sought still and quiet and all eyes turned toward Wagner. As 2005 Junior Gold National Championships, Wagner
A Child and Youth Services swim the remaining 10 pins fell under his last strike ball, swept three major Far East youth events in 2005 at
instructor is being sought for the the bowlers and spectators erupted in applause and Yongsan Lanes and earned $850 in college
Yongsan area. The job is a NF-03 cheering. scholarships.
position with a salary ranging form When asked how he felt, Wagner simply said His championships include 2005 Korea Youth
26K-34K per year. Applicants must “Finally!” His day wasn’t over, though, and he Masters, 2005 Korea Youth Bowling Championships
submit resume and NAF application continued his hot streak by rolling a 223 in his third and 2005 Far East Military Zone.
DA Forms 3433-1 and 3433-2.
Additionally, local applicants in Korea
must complete a Local Applicant Soldiers strut their stuff at B OS
OSSS fashion show
Questionnaire. MWR Marketing started, and during intermission. Female 1st, Sgt. Tamar Bains,
Resumes may be sent via e-mail to Special to The Morning Calm Weekly For Competing Soldiers participated in Yongsan; Female 2nd, Pfc. Kieya
information, call 738-2311. Six male and five female Soldier/ the categories of Casual and Sports, Evans, Camp Casey; Mr Personality,
models from throughout Korea Business, and Formal Attire. Five Sgt. Henry Olukotun, Camp Henry,
BOSS Beach Blast competed during The 12th Annual judges evaluated, based on originality and; Ms Personality, Sgt. 1st Class
The Better Opportunities for Single KORO Better Opportunities for of attire, stage presence, accessory Myra Watson, Yongsan.
and unaccompanied Servicemembers Single and unaccompanied coordination, and style. The special Judges’ Award
program is planning a weekend Servicemembers Fashion Show, Awards were presented in each winners were Spc. Kevin Edge and
getaway to the Song-Jung Beach June held at the Yongsan Moyer category for male and female Spc. Sharon Footes, both of
3-4. The two-day event will include Recreation Center Theatre Saturday. runners-up and first place winners. Yongsan Garrison.
bodybuilding and karaoke It was a night full of elegance, Mr. and Ms. Personality and Judges’ Spc. Charlene Burey, AFN Radio,
competitions as well as a barbecue style, and entertainment. The 8th awards were also presented, and Spc. Kenneth Loper, KORO
and beach activities. Army U.S. Army Band Style including: BOSS Representative, emceed the
The Beach Blast is just one of many Ensemble provided fabulous sounds Casual and Sports: Male 1st event. The evening was enjoyed by
events organized by MWR, which and entertainment to get the evening Place, Sgt. Punit Sangar, Yongsan an enthusiastic crowd of 100 BOSS
give single and unaccompanied Garrison; 2nd Place, Sgt. Henry and fashion supporters from
servicemembers the opportunity to Olukotun, Camp Henry; Female 1st, throughout Korea. Sponsors—The
explore some parts of the country
Sgt Tamar Bains, Yongsan; PosOne Model Agency, The
beyond the gates. Contact local CACs
Female2nd, Pfc. Kieya Evans, Camp Veterans of Foreign Wars (Korea
or call 725-6070 for information.
Casey; Business, Male 1st, Region), and The 8th U.S. Army
TMCW Submissions
Sgt. Kenneth Richardson, Camp Band -- provided awards, giveaway
To have an event featured in The Carroll; Male 2nd, Capt. Dwayne items, door prizes and
Morning Calm Weekly, e-mail Murray, Camp Carroll; Female 1st, entertainment. It was an event that
pertinent information to Sgt. 1st Class Myra Watson, Soldiers overwhelmingly enjoyed, as Yongsan; Female 2nd, Spc. Spc. evidenced by the smiling faces of
Submissions should include the basic Breanna Randol, Yongsan; Formal, spectators and participants alike as
who, what, when and where Male 1st, Sgt. Henry Olukotun, the evening ended.
information regarding the event, and Camp Henry; Male 2nd, Sgt. BOSS is an MWR program which
at least one point of contact name and Kenneth Richardson, Camp Carroll; dedicated to enhancing the quality of
telephone number. Sgt. Tamar Bains, 121st General Hospital, life for single or geographically
Deadline for submission is close of competes in the Formal Attire category during single soldiers by providing them an
business the Friday prior to the date the 2006 KORO BOSS Fashion Bash, at effective voice at the installation
the item is to be published. All Yongsan Garrison’s Moyer Theatre Saturday. where they serve. For information
submissions are subject to editing.
Bains received first place awards among on BOSS, contact your local CAC
For information, call 738-3355.
females in two of the competition’s events. or call 725-6070.
May 19, 2006 Page 21

Small company fills big ammo orders

By Susan Barkley ammunition-related tasks.
Area III Public Affairs “The 52nd Ordnance Company is a
CAMP HUMPHREYS – About 60 wartime host-nation support unit
personnel, a mixture of U.S. and designated to operate with the
KATUSA Soldiers and Korean and U.S. assistance of the ROK Army and host-
civilian employees, who make up the nation support,” he said.
52nd Ordnance Company, 6th The 52nd Ord. Co. is one of four
Ordnance Battalion located at Camp ammunition companies on the
Humphreys, support 173 units located peninsula. The companies work at
in Areas II and III. ammunition depots, ammunition
Monday, elements of the company storage points and pre-positioned
were at a Republic of Korea Army storage points across the peninsula.
ammunition depot a short distance from The 52nd is projected to grow as
Camp Humphreys. The Soldiers and the Army transforms in Korea and as
civilians were executing a retrograde Camp Humphreys expands. Chief
ammunition shipment to move Warrant Officer Donald R. Clippinger,
ammunition from the peninsula to the company accountable officer, said they
United States and/or other areas of are scheduled to support 213 units by
operations. the end of 2007. Currently the company
“The Army routinely requests the accountable officer is signed for $1.83
shipment of various types and quantities billion of ammunition which equates to
of ammunition,” said Capt. Anthony 120,000 short tons of ammunition.
Cerella, commander, 52nd Ord. Co., 6th The 52nd Ord. Co. also routinely
Ordnance Battalion. “Sometimes the executes ammunition requests,
ammunition requested is located in inventories, issues and turn-ins for
Korea, so we plan and execute supported units. “The company
retrograde operations.” routinely inventories stored ammunition
During retrogrades, the actual to verify quantities, ensure
loading and packing of ammunition serviceability and verify storage
is handled by the ROKA Soldiers. locations.” Clippinger added.
The ordnance company is responsible When units need ammunition
for ensuring all regulatory guidelines support they coordinate through the
are followed and verifying the proper company headquarters and complete
installation of blocking and bracing the appropriate paperwork. The unit
that hold the ammunition in place. then drives to the 52nd issue point and
“Our soldiers and civilians are picks up the requested ammunition.
checking to see that everything is The job of the 52nd doesn’t end Jung Yong-hui, (left) and Ho Sang-chin, both with the 52nd Ordinance Company’s surveillance
done safely and to standard,” said once they have issued ammunition to section, check spent ammunition to insure that there are no live rounds before sending them to
Cerella. the customer. Clippinger noted the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office for processing and disposal.
According to Cerella, ammunition supported units have a certain amount according to Clippinger. Soldiers and company is to provide timely and
operations in Korea are non-doctrinal of time to turn in ammunition residue civilians from the 52nd carefully inspect effective armistice ammunition support
and operate under the Single and to reconcile their ammunition residue to insure there are no live while preparing to execute ammunition
Ammunition Logistics System-Korea paperwork with the 52nd Ord. Co. rounds among the spent ammunition. support during contingency operations
agreement that defines the exact roles Turning in spent ammunition is The brass is then collected and sent to on the Korean peninsula.
for both the ROK and U.S. military important since anything that can be the Defense Reutilization and Marketing The 52nd Ordnance Company is a
including labor requirements, re-used, reclaimed, and put back into Office for processing and disposal. subordinate unit of the 6th Ordnance
ammunition storage and other the inventory cuts down on Army costs The overall goal of the ordnance Battalion based at Camp Carroll.

Soldiers at a Republic of Korea Army base ammo depot a short distance from Camp Humphreys, ready a retrograde ammunition shipment for movement from Korea to the United States. The
Shipment will be blocked and braced into shipping containers before being loaded onto rail cars and moved to Chinhae for shipment onward.
May 19, 2006
22 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly

AAFES Closures
Area III AAFES facilities will close
for their Annual Organizational Day
the following days: Thursday, the
Humphreys Main PX, Food Court,
MCSS, SSSC, Theater and all
concession facilities; June 5, the
Suwon BX; and June 9, the Suwon
Snack Bar. Taxis will operate
regular hours on all days.
Memorial Day (lfrom left) Joe Barrientes, project engineer, Pyeongtaek Resident Office, Army Corps of Engineers Far East District; Jesse Haydon, chief,
Observances Buildings and Grounds Division, Directorate of Public Works; Lt. Col. John F. Loefstedt, deputy commander, ACE, FED; Dave Watson, director,
A multi-media presentation “duty, Directorate of Morale, Welfare and Recreation; Daniel J. Ahern, Installation Management Agency - Korea Region Office, MWR Division; Col. Michael
honor, country” production “In J. Taliento Jr., commander, Area III Support Activity; Oh Do-hoon, managing director, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Company; Jim
memory of Fallen Comrades” will Howell, Area III sports director; Greg Reiff, resident engnieer, Pyeongtaek Resident Office, ACE, FED.
be shown at 1 p.m. May 29 at the
Post Theater. For information, call
Billie Spearman at 753-8804 Fitness center off to running start
Maj. Mike Endres is looking for By Susan Barkley pool with hot tub, indoor track, climbing commander, Army Corps of Engineers,
volunteers to read the names of Area III Public Affairs wall, combative room, aerobics rooms, Far East District, called the fitness center
those servicemembers lost in Iraq
CAMP HUMPHREYS – Ground cardiovascular area, circuit area, free “a diamond on the peninsula,” and “one
and Afghanistan in a Memorial Day
was broken for the 150,802-square-foot, weight room, handball and racquetball more link in the transformation of Camp
ceremony to take place at the
three-level community fitness center for courts, saunas and steam rooms, lounges, Humphreys.”
parking lot beside the PX,
Camp Humphreys Monday. The $18 snack bar, game room, and more. A four- Lee Man-young, vice president, Hanjin
beginning at 8 a.m. Volunteers will
million project is being built by Hanjun level parking garage is included in the Heavy Industries and Construction Co.,
read for about five minutes each.
Heavy Industries and Construction Co. contract and will be connected to the said his company will “invest hard work
Uniform is Class As for all active-
and is scheduled to be completed in facility by a skywalk. and energy” to “build a better life in Korea
duty personnel and appropriate
January 2008. It will feature an indoor Lt. Col. John F. Loefstedt, deputy for freedom fighters and Soldiers.”
civilian attire for all others. Contact
Maj. Endres at

Fuel Point Closure Sisterhood

Camp Humphreys gas station will
be closed Saturday May 27 Due to
a scheduled power outage.
Cho Ki-hung, president of Pyeongtaek
Bank Closure University, and Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr.,
The Community Bank will be closed commander, Area III Support Activity sign a
Saturday, in lieu of this past sisterhood agreement between the university
Monday’s opening for military and Camp Humphreys at the university May
payday and closed May 31, for 8. Both sides agreed to work together to
Korean National Election Day. increase understanding and enhance the
ROK-U.S. alliance by holding cultural and
Goad Estate exchange events and by investigating the
Claims Sought possibility of an intern program.
Anyone having a claim against the COURTESY PHOTO
estate of Staff Sgt. Alan R. Goad,

Humphreys obser ves The National Day of Prayer

(420-02-9048) should contact
Capt. Ryan Cryer at 753-3875 or
By F. Neil Neeley the Anjung-Ri Pastor’s Association joined Camp Humphreys and the Anjung-Ri
Area III PCS-Fest Set Area III Public Affairs keynote speaker Chaplain (Col.) Samuel Pastor’s Association for the National
A combination flea market and CAMP HUMPHREYS – Approx- J.T. Boone, United Nations Command/ Day of Prayer” said Chaplain (Maj.)
street party will be held May 27- imately 230 Soldiers, airmen and United States Forces Korea/8th U.S. Raymond Robinson Jr., Area III
28. Tables are available for $5 each civilians from the Area III community Army command chaplain, in prayers for chaplain. “It’s a good community
Car Sales Area $10. There will be observed The National Day of Prayer the United States, Korea and the relations event but it’s more than that
games, food and entertainment. with a prayer breakfast here May 3 at continued strong alliance between the because it’s bringing us together
For information, call 753-8825 or the Community Activities Center. countries. spiritually to focus on that which helps
stop by the Community Activities Area III chaplains and pastors from “This is a joint venture between us to be effective as a community.”
Center. “I’m very honored and pleased to be
here today for this rare opportunity for
Correction communal prayer,” said Reverend Kim
On page 23 of the March 5 edition Kyong-ho. “It’s God’s will that we pray
of “The Morning Calm Weekly” together.”
we incorrectly named Joe Brown “I hope that the alliance between the
as the Scoutmaster of Troop 203. U.S. and Korea will continue,” said
Brown is actually the district Reverend Ahn Byeong-pal. “Being
manager for Korea District. We together here today and joining you in
also mischaracterized a statement prayer is very pleasant.”
by him as a direct quote. We The Gospel Service Choir from the
apologize for any misunderstanding COURTESY PHOTO Camp Humphreys Chapel and the
our error may have caused. Civilian reverends join Army chaplains and chaplain assistants at Camp Humphreys in observance Christian rock band “Home Word
of The National Day of Prayer May 3. Bound” provided music for the event.
May 19, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly Area III 23
Assist team visits peninsula dining facilities
By Susan Barkley responsible for evaluating all of the
Area III Public Affairs equipment in the dining facility; and, a
CAMP HUMPHREYS – A six- noncommissioned officer specializing in
member team from the Army Center of the automated food management
Excellence from the Quartermaster information system.
Corps, Fort Lee, Va., visited the 23rd “We are the eyes and ears of the
Area Support Group dining facility May quartermaster general on food service,”
8, for an assist visit. Montiel said. “Our mission is to assist
In addition to visiting all seven dining in raising the quality of installation food
facilities in Area III, the assist team service programs and increasing the
visited all Installation Management effectiveness by identifying programs
Agency-Korea Region Office dining that are function and those that may
facilities peninsula wide. require improvement.”
“We are the food management The Camp Humphreys dining facilities
assistance team,” said Chief Warrant were recognized for having a good
Officer Arnoldo Montiel, chief of the variety of Korean ethnic foods, but
management assistance division. “Our received some tips for improvement in
mission is visiting dining facilities and other areas.
assess their food preparation, dining “They’re giving us some good stuff,”
facility operations and food program said Sgt. 1st Class William Moore, 557th
management.” Military Police Company, and senior
The team consisted of a senior food operations sergeant of the 23rd
noncommissioned officer to track food Area Support Group dining facility.
preparation; a systems analyst to check “Things we should be doing, things that F. N N EIL EELEY

the food program management; a we are doing right and things that we Master Sgt. Steven Primeau, (right) HHC, 266th Quartermaster Battalion, Fort Lee, Va., gives tips
facilities and equipment engineer should take a hard look at.” on deep frying chicken to Pvt. Summer Sepeda, 568 Medical Company.

Humphreys commissary outscores them all

By Susan Barkley manager, Kim Ae-ran. “You are all to be commended “Out of 12 categories we asked our patrons to
Area III Public Affairs for your outstanding work and exceptional attention evaluate; only two of them were given an overall
CAMP HUMPHREYS – Wednesday, April 26, to detail. I would ask Michelle [Frost] to provide this rating below a 4.8,” stated the report. “Patrons
2006, became more than the normal workday at the report to all in DeCA West as an example of excellence showed they really treasure their commissary as the
Camp Humphreys commissary when a Defense in execution and leadership!” bottom line satisfaction rating received from them
Commissary Agency Inspector General commissary Nancy O’Nell, public affairs officer, Defense was a 5.0! One patron enthusiastically commented
compliance inspection team arrived from Fort Lee, Commissary Agency West, said the highest inspection ‘Best commissary that I have shopped in. Keep up
Va., for an unannounced inspection. score of 98.2 percent was earned by Alconbury, U.K, the great work.’ Another patron shared the same
According to the inspection report dated May 11 in 2005. sentiments stating, ‘Outstanding commissary, the best
signed by John T. Maffei, inspector general, the Having had two previous inspections, Kim knew in Korea’.”
Humphreys commissary achieved an overall score of she could be visited at any time and In reference to the fact only two
97.4 percent. The results of the inspection were based her philosophy was to be prepared. missing tags were found in a shelf
on reviews of documents, employee interviews and She arrived at Camp Humphreys just label inspection, the report said “This
observations on site. The report noted that the last a year ago, only two months after notable achievement can be
inspection occurred in fiscal year 1997 when the the new commissary, about three attributed to the coordinated efforts
commissary received an overall score of 91.7 percent. times the size of the old facility, on a daily basis between the admin
“Congratulations on the absolutely outstanding IG opened. support clerk and the grocery
Inspection! This is the very best score I have ever “We didn’t do anything special to department manager and her staff.
seen recorded in DeCA!” said Richard S. Page, director, prepare for this inspection,” she said. “Grocery items that we tested
DeCA West, in an e-mail to Humphreys commissary “We just followed the regulations had no pricing errors,” continued
every day. We always have our the report. “This was commendable
paperwork in order. We keep it and demonstrated control of pricing
updated daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Kim Ae-ran accountability in the grocery
That way, we are always ready no matter what.” department. As a result, the commissary earned
Kim credits the whole commissary staff for the inspection credit.
high score. “The store manager exhibited strong leadership
“First of all our Camp Humphreys employees are attributes and had molded her management and
all a good team. Like Area III’s motto, ‘one team, one employee staff into an efficient and smooth-running
fight,’ we have one team, one work,” she said. “Second team,” stated the report. “Operationally, the staff was
thing, our customers all try to cooperate. They try to performing their jobs very well with respect to this
help us and we try to give them 100 percent key result area.”
satisfaction. That’s our key to success.” Personnel and assets management received
“An outstanding key result area compliance score accolades. “[An] after-inspection credit was given,
of 100 percent was achieved. Inspection credit was because we found no out-of-date coupons accepted
earned because we found no pricing errors on resale by cashiers, a key result area compliance score of
items tested, and only two items of over 7,000 carried 110.0 percent was earned, an extraordinary
had a missing shelf label,” stated the report when it accomplishment.”
addressed patron satisfaction. “Patrons gave the store Turning to command and special interest issues,
very high ratings in the 12 service category we asked the report stated, “We found 183 not-in-stock items
about during interviews. Overall store satisfaction against a stock list of 7,807 line items. The start of
received a maximum 5.0 score. day in-stock rate on April 26 was an excellent 97.7
PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY According to the report, five patrons rated the percent.”
No Yong-hun, a commissary employee for four years works in commissary with a highest 5.0 score in all satisfaction The report also noted that in the 13 months that
the produce department to keep the selections fresh and areas during customer service interviews conducted the new commissary has been in operation, sales have
appetizing. April 26. increased 44 percent.
May 19, 2006 Page 25

Armed Forces Day open house slated for Saturday

Cancer Awareness Running close at 4 p.m. Visitors can get an up-close look at
the MIM-104 Patriot Missile Air Defense System,
Event also set for Saturday M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer, M992 field
artillery ammunition service vehicle, M2A2 Bradley
Area IV Public Affairs Fighting Vehicle, M998 high mobility multi-purpose
CAMP WALKER – The Area IV Support wheeled vehicle and the transportable satellite
Activity will host its 5th Annual Armed Forces Day broadcast manager.
Celebration for the public along with the 168th Rotary wing aircraft on display include the U.S.
Medical Battalion’s Cancer Awareness Running Army’s Boeing CH-47D Chinook, Sikorsky UH-60A
Event at the Walker Army Heliport (H-805) here Black Hawk, and the Boeing AH-64D Longbow
Saturday. Apache. Each display includes English and Hangul
The Armed Forces Day Celebration features language information boards and subject matter
numerous static displays of U.S. Army aircraft, experts to answer questions and a Korean
tactical vehicles and equipment; a variety of Augmentation to the U.S. Army Soldier to translate
entertainment; children’s games; and food. It is for visitors.
preceded by the CARE events, that have been part For the third consecutive year, the 168th Medical
of the day-long activities for the past three years. Bn. will showcase its chemical and biological
Registration for the CARE 10-kilometer, five- protective shelter, which uses an advanced filter
kilometeter and two-kilometer run or walk will be and air pressure system to create a safe
held from 5:45 to 7:30 a.m. at the heliport. The run/ environment for patient care in a contaminated area.
walk events begin at 7:30 a.m. and will be followed Back again by popular demand are military
by the awards presentation at 9:40 a.m. The police working dog demonstrations at 11:30 a.m.
battalion will also have a display and literature about and 2 p.m. In addition, Soldiers from the 728th
cancer awareness. Military Police Battalion will have Special
The opening ceremony for the Armed Forces Reaction Team equipment and weapons on
Day Celebration begins at 10 a.m. with the playing display throughout the day.
of the Korean and American national anthems by the GALEN PUTNAM A variety of activities will also be available to
Republic of Korea’s 50th Homeland Reserve Members of the Second Republic of Korea Army Honor Guard keep children entertained. The Better Opportunities
Division Band, followed by opening remarks by perform during the 2004 Armed Forces Day/Cancer Awareness for Single and unaccompanied Soldiers organization
Col. Donald J. Hendrix, the Area IV Support Running Event at the Camp Walker Heliport (H-805). is sponsoring the Red Dragon and tunnels
Activity commander. Other opening activities Korea Army Honor Guard. The ROK Army’s 201st inflatables. Visitors can also ride around the heliport
include a performance by the 50th Homeland Special Commando Brigade will give a martial arts on the children’s Happy Valley train provided by the
Reserve Division Band, and precision drill and demonstration at 1 p.m.
ceremonies performed by the Second Republic of Static displays open to the public at 10 a.m. and See AFD/CARE
AFD/CARE, Page 28

Road, parking lot

work under way
Area IV Public Affairs
Support Activity Directorate of Public
Works advises motorists that it will be
Exterior Dining Bowling closing portions of several streets on

More upgrades in the works at Camp Carroll

Camp Walker for resurfacing work
starting Monday.
Also, drainage and parking lot work
By Steven Hoover The new bowling center will have 12 and Army-wide,” said Lt. Col. John F. at the Area IV Consolidated Mail Room,
Area IV Public Affairs lanes, as compared to four lanes at the Loefstedt, deputy commander, USACE- Bldg. 1107 on Camp Henry, started May
CAMP CARROLL – Groundbreaking current facility, two game rooms and a FED. “The Far East District is 11. Included will be the removal of the
for a $10.1 million project including a new casual dining facility with both indoor committed to working with Samkye concrete pad and the installation of
bowling center, casual dining facility, and outdoor seating. Total cost for the Construction, the installation and the drainage pipes. In addition, the parking
swimming pool and multi-purpose field bowling center project is $5.2 million. Area IV staff, and our MWR customer area in front of the building will be
upgrade, were held here May 4. The renovation of Storey Field into a to deliver the Soldiers of Camp Carroll resurfaced with asphalt.
Personnel from the U.S. Army Corps multi-purpose venue, costing about $2.7 the quality project they deserve.” On Camp Walker, construction
of Engineers Far East District, various million, will add a synthetic turf system He went on to say that when viewed involving scraping the old asphalt one
Area IV Support Activity organizations featuring a baseball and softball field, in conjunction with the soon to be day and resurfacing the next will begin
and construction contractor Samkye dugouts and a combination football/ completed lodge, completed Crown near the corner of Rhode Island Avenue
Construction Company, Ltd., cut the soccer field. Jewel Fitness Center, numerous and Village Green (the street where the
ribbon and dug the first ceremonial The new pool will include six 25- barracks upgrade projects either Post Office and Kelly Fitness Center are
shovel of earth. meter lanes, a bathhouse, slide and a completed or on-going, it results in a located). This will be done on the
“This is significant,” said Col. Donald sand volleyball court. The pools’ depth Camp Carroll where Soldiers can work, portion of the road running from Soldier
J. Hendrix, Area IV Support Activity will range from 3.5 to 12 feet. The cost live and recreate in some of the finest Memorial Chapel towards the Fire
commander. “When you look around at for this part of the project is $2.2 million. facilities the Army has to offer. Station. One lane will remain open
the changes at Camp Carroll you can “This project is one more tangible step The entire project, funded by Non- throughout the construction period.
get a feel for it … great things continue in the transformation of Camp Carroll Appropriated Fund dollars, is expected DPW expects all work to be finished by
to happen at Camp Carroll.” into an assignment of choice in Korea to be completed in April 2007. May 31.
May 19, 2006
26 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

Korean/English Speech
Contest Scheduled By Steven Hoover
The Area IV Korean/English Speech Area IV Public Affairs
Contest will be 1 – 5 p.m. June 2 at the CAMP HENRY – A week-long

Camp Henry Theater. The Korean anti-terrorism exercise, featuring
portion of the contest is open to U.S. several scenarios, was held May 8 –
Soldiers, while the English portion is 12 to test the Daegu enclaves’
open to Korean students who are being defense and emergency response

taught English by U.S. Soldiers through procedures.
school/unit partnerships. Units are Area IV Support Activity conducts
encouraged to invite and register this annual exercise to train specific
students from their adopt-a-school tasks and to organize and react to
English language programs. The multiple crisis scenarios, according to
competition is for individuals only. Frank W. King, Area IV antiterrorism
Speeches must focus on one of the
officer. The exercise took place in and
following subjects: improvement of
around Daegu installations and
ROK-U.S. friendship; the blending of
involved all first responder agencies,
mutual nation cultures; or fortifying
combined unit cohesion. Speech length augmentation forces and the Korean
should be five to 10 minutes. Winners, National Police host nation liaison.
two Soldiers and one student, advance For the first time, the exercise also
to the 8th U.S. Army competition to be involved the local Korean Special CPL. PARK KWANG-MO

held at Yongsan’s Balboni Theater June Weapons and Tactics unit and the (left to right) Spc. Eduardo Jaramillo, Sgt. Wayne
20. For information and to register, call Korean Defense Security Unit. The Williams and Pfc. Jang Se-min, 188th Military
Rodney Sanders at 768-8698 or Dennis DSU, located at K-2 Air Base, worked Police Company, and (background) Special
Bue at 768-8339. hand-in-hand with the 20th Military Agents Nicole Maxey and Frank Demma,
Police Detachment (Criminal Daegu Military Intelligence Detachment, observe
NEO Exercise Investigative Division) during the as an Area IV Support Activity fireman renders
U.S. Forces Korea is conducting hostage scenerio. first aid to a simulated casualty.
Courageous Channel 06-01, a
noncombatant evacuation operations
exercise through Sunday. Participation
for all Department of Defense-
affiliated noncombatants is mandatory.
Exercise participants are requested to
process through their local Evacuation
Control Center as early as possible.
For more information, contact your
designated unit NEO warden or the
19th Sustainment Command
(Expeditionary) NEO representative
Master Sgt. Orville Lyttle at 768-7171
or 011-9680-5846. STEVEN HOOVER
Playing the role of terrorists are Cpl. Kim Jung-
Army Birthday Ball kyun and Spc. Christopher Crum, Headquarters
Members of “Team Daegu” are invited
and Headquarters Company, Area IV Support
to celebrate at the 231st Army Birthday
STEVEN HOOVER Activity, during the anti-terrorism exercises May
Ball, starting with a social at 6 p.m.
First on the scene, Spc. Ricardo Segarra and Pfc. Jang Se-min, 188th Military Police Company, 11. Also from the unit, Pfc. Jun Chun-hoo was
June 15 at the Inter-Burgo Hotel in
Daegu. All military community assess the situation while awaiting further orders during exercise activities May 11. one of several individuals taken hostage.
members are welcome. Military dress
is: mess dress/dress blue or class A
uniform with white shirt and bow tie.
Formal attire for civilians is required.
Tickets are $45. For information or to
purchase tickets, call Sgt. Maj. Louis
Velez at 768-6322 or Sgt. Maj. Carey
Grant at 768-8363.

Theater Matinees
The Camp Henry Theater is now offering
Sunday matinees, at 3 p.m. Sunday’s
matinee is “Glory Road” and “Nanny
McPhee” will play May 28. For information,
call Yi Hye-kyong at 768-8670.

Case Lot Sale Set
T h e Ta e g u a n d C a m p C a r r o l l
commissaries will host case lot sales
Saturday and Sunday. The Taegu
Commissary’s sale will be 9 a.m. – 5
p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
S u n d a y. T h e C a m p C a r r o l l
Commissary’s sale will be 11 a.m. –
4 p.m. both days. For information,
call Lito Miraflor, Area IV store STEVEN HOOVER
director, at 764-5310. Members of the Korean Special Weapons and Tactics unit move slowly toward the building where simulated hostages are being held.
They were delivering a telephone so negotiations with the terrorists could begin.
The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV May 19, 2006 27
Camp Hialeah honors its ‘Good Neighbors’ for the final time
By Kevin Jackson Korean National Police for 22 years, ensure the safety of all USFK members said in perfect English. “Technically, this
Area IV Public Affairs spending his last six months with the and installation security. He was cited for award is given to me, but it’s also given
CAMP HIALEAH – The energy BMPA Foreign Affairs Division. He was working closely with all U.S. military law to all Busan area Korean National Police.”
radiating from the packed room at the cited for his role in the security of Camp enforcement agencies and for helping to “While these awards were presented
Pusan Pub here May 12 gave nary a hint Hialeah during the Asian Pacific resolve Status of Forces Agreement for this year, in many instances the
of the impending closure of this cozy Economic Cooperation summit in investigations involving Soldiers. Nam honorees have been longtime and even
installation as the U.S. military November and for meeting regularly also bore responsibility for the security lifelong supporters of not only the U.S.
community gathered to recognize its with the Camp Hialeah Garrison of Camp Hialeah during the APEC Army in Busan, but also the Republic of
good neighbors for the last time. commander to summit. Moreover, Korea and United States alliance. Our
Area IV Support Activity-Busan “Good discuss security he was credited with alliance is what it is today in no small
Neighbor Awards” were presented to Kim issues. Kim was sacrificing his part because of their goodwill and
Hee-seok, senior superintendent for the appointed the Attaché personal time on generosity,” said Lt. Col. Roger R.
Busan Metropolitan Police Agency Foreign to the Korean many occasions to Dansereau, the event host and Camp
Affairs Division; Kim Jong-han, president Consulate General in perform his duties. Hialeah and Pusan Storage Facility
of the Korean Freedom League Busan Chicago in March. “I have tried to commander.
Dong District; Nam Young-tae, assistant Kim Sang-yong contribute to Dansereau also acknowledged
inspector for the BMPA Foreign Affairs accepted the award improving friendship several other local citizens and
Division; and Park Moon-jo, senior for him. between Korea and organizations for their goodwill. He
policeman for the BMPA Foreign Affairs As the leader of America, but I have presented Area IV Support Activity –
Division in front of a standing room only the KFL Busan Dong not expected this Busan certificates of appreciation to
crowd of about 140 people. District, Kim Jong- prize,” he said in Song Soo-tae, senior superintendent for
Each of the recipients received a han has been a staunch advocate of English after receiving the award. the Busan-jin Police Station; Jang Seung-
specially mounted and framed certificate freedom and democracy. He entered the Park has been a KNP liaison officer to bok from the Busan Metropolitan City
with a commander’s coin for excellence. KFL soccer team in the Republic of the U.S. military law enforcement Civil Parks Planning Office; and to the
“Your steadfast commitment and Korea – United States Alliance Week organizations in Busan since he began United National Memorial Cemetery –
dedication to the betterment of humanity, festivities at Camp Hialeah in April. Kim working at the BMPA Foreign Affairs Korea.
and your tireless support are truly noble was also actively involved with planning Section nearly five years ago. He was cited U.S. Forces Korea announced last
endeavors. Thank you for all that you the annual Korean War Memorial for working to establish joint KNP and June that Camp Hialeah will close this
have done in building these everlasting Ceremony each June. Additionally, he military police patrols in Busan, and helping summer under the amended Land
friendships – you have truly made a routinely took younger KFL members to mitigate potentially negative impacts of Partnership Plan. The Camp Hialeah
difference to the U.S. military to Camp Hialeah to help them learn about SOFA investigations. Park also played an Garrison commander has recognized
community in Busan and we will miss the USFK mission and about American integral role in the security of Camp Hialeah 14 Korean citizens and organizations
you,” said Col. Donald J. Hendrix, Area culture. during the APEC summit. from South Gyeongsang Province
IV Support Activity commander. For the past two years, Nam has “I’m really honored to be here and to with Good Neighbor Awards the past
Kim Hee-seok was a member of the worked closely with USFK personnel to receive this significant award,” Moon four years.

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May 19, 2006
28 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

AFD/CARE from Page 25

the U.S. Army Materiel Support Center – Korea.
McGruff the Crime Dog will also be on hand
throughout the day to entertain the children.
The American Forces Network – Korea Daegu
affiliate will provide music between 9:30 a.m. and
2:30 p.m. during its live remote broadcast from
the event.
Other entertainment includes performances by
t h e D i r e c t o r a t e o f M o r a l e , We l f a r e a n d
Recreation-sponsored American band “Vision,”
that will play rock music at 2:30 p.m. Vision will
be followed at 4:30 p.m. by Mustang Sally, a
seven-member American all-woman musical
group based in Nashville, Tenn. The group,
which plays contemporary country and Southern
Rock music, is a popular headliner at fairs and
festivals, and has performed at military bases
around the world.
Units participating in the Armed Forces Day
Artist’s rendition of the two-story, 26,200-square-foot building being constructed on the school’s former athletic field. Open House include Headquarters and
H e a d q u a r t e r s C o m p a n y, 1 9 t h S u s t a i n m e n t
TAS expansion bringing new look to campus Command (Expeditionary); 36th Signal
Battalion; 168th Medical Battalion; 307th Signal
Battalion; 728th Military Police Battalion;
Area IV Public Affairs The new two-story building, being constructed on
USAMSC-K and the 2nd Battalion, 1st Air
CAMP GEORGE – With the commitment to “our the school’s former athletic field, will measure 26,200
Defense Artillery Regiment from Gwangju Air
children being the future of our nation” Taegu American square feet. It will house classrooms, computer rooms,
Base. ROK Army units include the Second ROK
School and Department of Defense Dependent School music classrooms and music practice rooms.
A r m y, 5 0 t h H R D , a n d t h e 2 0 1 s t S p e c i a l
officials, along with those from Area IV Support One section of the building will be devoted to the
Commando Brigade.
Activity and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Far East JROTC program. Offices for faculty and cadet cadre,
Visitors with valid Department of Defense
District, broke ground April 25 on a $6.4 million an armory housing drill weapons and related items,
identification cards should enter the heliport via
expansion project. and a simulated firing range are among the planned
Gate 9 near the Camp Walker Fire Station.
This project, scheduled for an August 2007 features.
Contact the Area IV Support Activity at 764-
completion, will result in more classroom space, a The existing gymnasium will be expanded by 2,900
4345 or 768-8072 for information about the Armed
larger gymnasium and new quarters for the school’s square feet. That space will house a weight training
Forces Day Celebration and the 168th Med. Bn. at
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program. room, multipurpose room and storage room.
764-4589 for the CARE.

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The Morning Calm Weekly
May 19, 2006 29
May 19, 2006
30 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly

Learn Korean Easily

Chee-mee-gah mu-oe-shim-nee-gah?

Language Instructor
Kwon Min-sook

Word of the week :

The phrase of the week :
“My hobby is hiking.”

Jeh chee-mee-nun deung-sahn-eem-nee-dah.

My hobby - is hiking

Conversation of the week

What do you do on the
Hyou-ell-eh moe-ha-seh-yo? holidays?

I go hiking.

Do you like hiking?



Let’s go together next time.

Dah-um-eh ga-chee

All right.


Dragon Hill Lodge
celebrates 16th anniversary