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SWOT analysis

STRENGTHS Well-known brand by consumers Qualified employees High degree of loyalty A six in one product Easy to carry Differentiated product WEAKNESSES You dont have all the cosmetics Production far from the market


OPPORTUNITIES New segment New technologies such as Internet New market New distribution channels Changing customer tastes Carried out market research Customer involvement No competitors

THREATS Financial crisis Already established brands in the segment Price wars with competitors Changing customer tastes High price Recession global market decline




There are many positive and negative factors affecting the project internally and externally. The SWOT analysis will develop them and show if the benefices exceeds the harmful effects. The strengths overcome the weaknesses due to the fact that even though you dont have all the possible cosmetics in the Olay Multipen you have six of them, which are the most used ones by women when making-up, and the fact that its easy to carry makes it even a more wanted product by consumers since you havent got to carry around six or seven different cosmetics. And when talking about the production, about its distance from the market, we can say that since Olay its a well-known brand and its well positioned in the market, with high quality products and loyal customers the extra costs from producing far from the market and the transportation costs arent that high and not only due to this but also

because the price of the Olay Multipen is settled up in order to cover costs and have a margin for profit. From another part, when talking about the external factors we talk about the opportunities and the threats. The factors that have the greatest impact are the financial crisis, the recession and the global market decline since the economy as a whole depends on them. And Olay its also influenced by this because it can lead to a decrease in sales and this is due to the fact that individuals will have less purchasing power and less money in order to buy, so theyll stop buying products which arent of primary necessity. And the idea of a price war with competitors can also have a great impact because it can lead to an excessive reduction in the price of the product until it reaches the point where costs arent covered and losses are made. But the opportunities are also very interesting and have a high impact in the market. Olay Multipen is entering a new market and a new segment which means that there are no competitors and it can establish itself in the market as a unique brand for a certain period of time. The fact that market research was carried out means that the company has known how to adapt to the changing of customers tastes and develop a product which will be desired by all the consumers. And not only this, it also involved customers in the decisions and it used new technologies such as the Internet in order to make it known and noticed by many individuals. So, having seen and analysed all of the factors that can affect the product in the different ways we can say that the positive factors exceed the negative ones because the strengths and opportunities overcome the weaknesses and threats. So, the SWOT analysis concludes with the idea that the project should be continued and transformed into a real one.