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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday | LinkedIn

Ilya Pozin
Founder of Ciplex. Columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn. 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.

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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday

May 15, 2013

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Forget about your job title or profession everyone is looking for ways to be more productive at work. Its time to set down your gallon-sized container of coffee, toss out your three-page to-do list, and put an end to those ridiculously long emails youve been sending. Experiencing a highly productive workday can feel euphoric. But contrary to popular belief, simply checking tasks off your to-do list isnt really an indication of productivity. Truly productive people arent focused on doing more things; this is actually the opposite of productivity. If you really want to be productive, youve got to make a point to do fewer things. Recently I spoke with project management and productivity genius Tony Wong to find out the secret to a more productive workday. He provided me with some excellent insight into what he and other like-minded productive individuals do during their work week. Harness your productivity by taking note of these eight things: 1. Create a smaller to-do list. Getting things accomplished during your workday shouldnt be about doing as much as possible in the sanctioned eight hours. It may be hard to swallow, but theres nothing productive about piling together a slew of tasks in the form of a checklist. Take a less-is-more approach to your to-do list by only focusing on accomplishing things that matter. 2. Take breaks. You know that ache that fills your brain when youve been powering through tasks for several hours? This is due to your brain using up glucose. Too many people mistake this for a good feeling, rather than a signal to take a break. Go take a walk, grab something to eat, workout, or meditate give your brain some resting time. Achieve more productivity during your workday by making a point to regularly clear your head. Youll come back recharged and ready to achieve greater efficiency. 3. Follow the 80/20 rule. Did you know that only 20 percent of what you do each day produces 80 percent of your results? Eliminate the things that dont matter during your workday: they have a minimal effect on your overall productivity. For example, on a project,

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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday | LinkedIn

systematically remove tasks until you end up with the 20 percent that gets the 80 percent of results. 4. Start your day by focusing on yourself. If you begin your morning by checking your email, it allows others to dictate what you accomplish. Set yourself in the right direction by ignoring your emails and taking the morning to focus on yourself, eat a good breakfast, meditate, or read the news. 5. Take on harder tasks earlier in the day. Knock out your most challenging work when your brain is most fresh. Save your busy work if you have any for when your afternoon Search... slump rolls in. Home Profile Network Jobs Interests 6. Pick up the phone. The digital world has created poor communication habits. Email is a productivity killer and usually a distraction from tasks that actually matter. For example, people often copy multiple people on emails to get it off their plate don't be a victim of this action. This distracts everyone else by creating noise against the tasks theyre trying to accomplish and is a sign of laziness. If you receive an email where many people are CC'd, do everyone a favor by BCCing them on your reply. If your email chain goes beyond two replies, its time to pick up the phone. Increase your productivity by scheduling a call. 7. Create a system. If you know certain things are ruining your daily productivity, create a system for managing them. Do you check your emails throughout the day? Plan a morning, afternoon, and evening time slot for managing your email. Otherwise, youll get distracted from accomplishing more important goals throughout the day. 8. Dont confuse productivity with laziness. While no one likes admitting it, sheer laziness is the No. 1 contributor to lost productivity. In fact, a number of time-saving methods take meetings and emails for example are actually just ways to get out of doing real work. Place your focus on doing the things that matter most as efficiently and effectively as possible. Remember, less is more when it comes to being productive during the workday. Whats your secret to productive workdays? About Ilya Pozin: Founder of Ciplex. Columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn. Gadget lover, investor, mentor, husband, father, and '30 Under 30' entrepreneur. Follow Ilya below to stay up-to-date with his articles and updates!


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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday | LinkedIn

Aneesha Watve 1st Graphic Design and Visualisation Expert Thanks for this. Also loved this one
Like 2m

Donna L. Manager Great insight.

Like 13m

Amit G. Recruiter at Idhasoft Great Article, Thanks for Sharing

Like 23m

Poonam P. Manager - Product & Business development good way to be more productive...
Like 4h

Lena L. Marketing Manager at PT. Malya Optima Indonesia A very good articles. But I have to review one thing that quite bothering my brain :Follow the 80/20 rules. Does it really really happen lately in this business world and social media? I mean, 20% you've done daily produced 80%? But I agree with one thing for sure, it's picking up the phone. In Indonesia it called 'silaturahmi'. We working on our emails that sometimes it doesn't read by others and kind of annoying. We text message our customer, reply notification like it such a very good way of communication. Try other thing, call them and make a lunch time schedule. One touch on the skin sometimes better than 100 word in letters.
Like 7h

Kathirvel Murugan R. Founder & Chief Surveillance Engineer at Lab2life Solutions Very practical approach. Thanks for sharing
Like 7h

Pete V. VP, Group Copy Supervisor at ICC Lowe Insightful and helpful. Thanks!
Like 10h

Tree V. Creative Director of FunDubMentals and Music Business student at Full Sail University Excellent work. It seems strange and yet also effective.
Like 11h


Like 11h

Bettina B. -I may be doing something right then based on the 8 things you mentioned. All I know is it's good to have balance, a good perspective, self analysis and common sense.
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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday | LinkedIn

Mumana I. Owner & Interior Designer, Kamranga Designs Ltd. I guess that was a productive reading, I just did.
Like 14h

Anwar A. Chief Job Evaluation Analyst at Kuwait Gulf Oil Company Good one Dear
Like 17h

Otvio A. Supervisor Manufatura Well said. Even with all technology, I carry on my pocket, one small notebook to write important things, during and the end of day, I check to see the evolution
Like 18h

Imad H. MSc,CIPT,CISCM,CISM Freelance Trainer secret is energy and enthusiasm

Like 18h

JoAnne V. Office Manager/Accounting Certified Bookkeeper, A/R, A/P, bank reconciliations, bank deposits, and payroll. Great article, I stopped reading emails before departing home 2 mos ago, it helps focus the mind on my priorities. Also, followed suggestion of another post, Email, just say No! Not there yet, (May never be). Thank you for posting this article, the more we read, the more we will believe, & hopefully become more productive!
Like 20h

Arash A. R&D Thank you for this nice and fruitful article! My dear friends and colleagues, I recommend you to read it, you'll like it too.
Like 23h

Yadav, Veeraiah D. SAP BI Consultant/Analyst at Samsung SDS Very Good article

Like 1d

Gabriel D. Customer Service Manager en Stanhome World Good article

Like 1d

Sarah S. Quality Manager Good article, really focusses the mind!

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Scott B. R. Account Executive for Forbo Flooring I AM IN!

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8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday | LinkedIn

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