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M2M Communication & Mission-critical services over 3G The Machine to Machine communication challenge
Many businesses critical applications such as Teller Machines (ATMs), Point of Sales (PoS), Vending machines, bar code scanners and check readers, rely on leased line communication services. Although familiar and reliable, these services suffer from strong limitations in terms of provisioning and maintenance, scalability, capacity and mobility. Even more, mission-critical services based on leased lines constrain business expansion to areas with cable coverage.

Benefits of cellular services for Machine to Machine communications

The global 2G/3G coverage, the cellular network stability and maturity, together with the speeds offered by recent 3G implementations (HSDPA speeds up to 7.2 Mbps), make Wireless WAN technologies the best candidate for the implementation of secure and reliable business critical M2M (Machine to Machine communication) services worldwide in a simple and cost-effective way. With no need of land line cabled infrastructure, 3G services deliver unrestricted mobility to mission-critical applications.

Teldat 2G & 3G routers for Serial/Dialup M2M communications

Teldat's leading transaction-oriented 2G & 3G cellular routers offer fast, secure and reliable interconnectivity to business critical applications in temporal events, at remote locations or in permanent locations where unrestricted ubiquity is a must. The seamless Teldat 2G & 3G router integration with traditional mission-critical application infrastructure, and specifically for Machine to Machine communications, has proven its success worldwide. Teldat cellular 2G & 3G routers can transfer any type of serial or dial-up protocol - X.25, SNA, SDLC, etc over the IP cellular network in compliance with standards - XoT, DLSw, Modbus over TCP, etc - and at speeds which were not possible to achieve with leased line services. The vast protocol and functionality suite supplied by the business-graded Teldat Internetworking Software (CIT), not only guarantees the interoperability and a carrier-class manageability, but it also supports VPN's - with hardware accelerated data encryption -, QoS, advanced routing and many other features needed for an efficient performance of business critical solutions. The reliability in the 2G & 3G cellular Machine to Machine communications access is always guaranteed. The 2G & 3G router's external antenna delivers the best signal performance at any location. Softwaredriven cellular failure detection techniques, together with the dual SIM support, provide a rapid responsive failsafe backup over alternative cellular providers. Thanks to the per SIM dual APN attachment, the router is managed "out-of-band", in analogy to managed land line services. One Teldat router platform for all types of networks The modular router device architecture adapts Teldat 2G & 3G cellular compact routers to many types of WAN accesses - xDSL, Frame Relay, GPRS/EDGE and CDMA2000 - with a simple plug-in card replacement. This unique feature not only protects the customers investment on Teldat technology, but it also permits the enterprise to keep a homogeneous platform for heterogenous types of network accesses.

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M2M Communication Application scenario I

M2M Teller Machine, retail or lottery machine services over 3G

The Teldat G4+ 2.5G cellular router shares the cellular service between stand-alone serial / dialup payment machines and the remote office LAN PC's. The Teldat cellular router encapsulates and forwards the native Teller Machine protocol into IP and forwards the IP stream to the Central Office over 3G using standard protocols - XoT, DLSw, etc. The privacy in the machine to machine bank transactions is guaranteed with an end-to-end VPN based on IPSec. Since this approach is purely based on standards, the central serving router does not need to be a Teldat one. Click into image to enlarge

M2M Communication Application Scenario II

M2M Point of Sale (PoS) communication over 3G

The Teldat G3+ 2.5G cellular router permits the PoS (Point of Sale) dataphones (up to four at the same time) and the office LAN PC's to share a single 2G/3G network access. The router encapsulates the PoS dial-up transactions into TCP or UDP and sends them over 2G/3G. As in Scenario I, the PoS machine to machine transactions are secured with IPSec. The central office serving router performs the inverse translation to forward the PoS dialup payload to the host. See also our IP Point of Sale Transactions Service offering. Click into image to enlarge

M2M Communication Application Scenario III

M2M Telemetry communication over 3G

Thanks to the support of the most demanded SCADA protocols (Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-102) in the Teldat G4+ and G3+ celluar router serial ports, these routers can also deliver 3G services to traditional telemetry systems. In this example, the Teldat G4+ celluar router encapsulates the Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) SCADA information into TCP/IP packets and sends them over the 2G/3G network. As in the two previous scenarios, the machine to machine data encapsulation is based on standards, so the central service router does not need to be a Teldat one.

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See also the following application examples of the 2G/3G cellular router telecommunications technology: Implementation of a Network resilience solution through cellular router backup lines Implementation of Mobile 3G Wireless Broadband Router Solutions Examples of Fixed and Mobile Convergence Solutions (FMC)

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