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mx/search/label/diccionario This CD contains the Engineering Equation Solver (Limited Academic Version) soft ware. Double-click on the file SETUP_EES_LAV_White7.exe to install the software to your computer. An installation wizard will walk you through the process. This Limited Academic Version of EES is provided with the text: Heat and Mass Transfer, Fundamentals and Applications, Fourth Edition by Yunus A. engel and Afshin J. Ghajar McGraw-Hill, 2011 ISBN: 007-3398128 The Limited Academic version of EES will solve any of the problems on the CD. I n addition, new problems having up to 50 equations can be entered and solved. H owever, the Copy, Paste, Save, and Print commands are disabled. The fully-funct ional academic version of EES allows up to 6000 equations and it provides full s upport for Copy, Paste, Save and Print. The fully-functional version is provide d to academic departments that adopt the Cengel Heat Transfer text or other sele cted texts. Viewing completed example problems is one way to learn the capabilities provided in EES. Problems for the book, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fundamentals and Applic ations are available from the Cengel & Ghajar 4/e menu at the rightmost position of the menu bar. These problems are organized by chapter. There are also many example problems from various disciplines in the Examples sub-directory accessib le from the Open command in the File menu. A commercial version of EES can be obtained from: F-Chart Software email Web

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