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Training Package: Qualification: BSB07 BSB20107 Certificate II in Business



BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers

Employability Skills Selfmanagement Teamwork Initiative and enterprise Planning and organising Learning Problem solving Communication Technology Cross-cultural understanding

Task Name Deliver a service to customers #1

Date handed out Assessment Date/Due


TASK 1 see Appendix A for details Prepare a one page outline of an organisation (where you completed work placement or one that you have researched) that you can use when a client asks for information on your chosen organisation. Task 2 see Appendix B for details Read the scenario contained in and complete a list of effective customer service requirements for Mascot Magnets. Task 3 see Appendix C for details
Oral report and written guidelines for new customer service employees on how to present themselves to your customers.

Time Instructions to Students Tools & Equipment OH&S requirements Context of and specific resources for assessment (from Part B of syllabus) xxx HS

Class time over 3 weeks Complete all three tasks and submit by the due date Telephone, office equipment, resources as supplied by teacher Follow OH&S principles in all activities Assessment must ensure access to: a real or simulated work environment access to office equipment and resources examples of customer complaints and policies relating to customer service
BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1 V1 2011



1. Establish contact with customers

1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5

Deliver a service to customers

PERFORMANCE CRITERIA Acknowledge and greet customer in a professional, courteous and concise manner according to organisational requirements. Maintain personal dress and presentation in line with organisational requirements. Communicate using appropriate interpersonal skills to facilitate accurate and relevant exchange of information Maintain sensitivity to customer specific needs and any cultural, family and individual differences. Establish rapport/relationship with customer and express a genuine interest in customer needs/requirements Use appropriate questioning and active listening to determine customer needs. Assess customer needs for urgency to identify priorities for service delivery. Provide customer with information about available options for meeting customer needs and assist customer to identify preferred option/s Identify personal limitations in addressing customer needs and seek assistance from designated persons where required Provide prompt customer service to meet identified needs according to organisational requirements. Provide information regarding problems and delays, and follow up within appropriate timeframes as necessary. Communicate with customers in a clear, concise and courteous manner. Identify opportunities to enhance the quality of service and products, and take action to improve the service whenever possible. Promptly recognise customer feedback and handle sensitively according to organisational requirements. Accurately record any feedback and communication between customers and the organisation according to organisational standards, policies and procedures. Identify any unmet customer needs and discuss suitability of other products/ services. Support customers to make contact with other services according to organisational policies and procedures.

Identify customer needs

2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

Deliver service to customers

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

Process customer feedback

4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

This unit should be assessed in conjunction with other units of competency in the qualification being undertaken. This unit underpins and has linkages to other competencies and combined training and assessment with those units may be appropriate.

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BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

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V1 2011


REQUIREMENTS OF THE UNIT OF COMPETENCY Assessor Name BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers

The candidate was able to demonstrate specific knowledge during portfolio Activity/Task: Tasks 1-3 Could the candidate:
Demonstrate all stages of customer service interactions Respond to customer feedback Demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills Show knowledge of relevant legislation Communicate clearly , concisely and coherently Use culturally appropriate communication skills to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and abilities Communicate with customers about product knowledge using literacy skills Interpret customer requirements using numeracy skills to meet customer needs Use problem solving skills to deal with customer enquiries and complaints




xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011



SYDNEY REGION 90307 Student Name: Assessment Date/Due Training Package: Qualification: BSBCUS201A BSB07 BSB20107 Certificate II in Business Deliver a service to customers Assessors Name:

The candidate was assessed as Satisfactory FEEDBACK FOR FUTURE ACTION Overall performance:


Gaps in Performance:

Strategies for further improvements

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BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011


Appendix A Task 1: Research report Liaise with your teacher to select an appropriate organisation to research. You could use your work placement host, part-time work employer or another organisation you research. Prepare an information sheet which includes the following: Nature of the business Type of industry Type of business activity Ownership Size Structure of the organisation (include a flow chart if possible) Description of the work conducted in different sections or areas of the organisation Personnel list and every employees responsibility Submit your information sheet labelled with you name, the date and BSBCU201A Deliver a service to customers Task 1.

xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011


Appendix B Task 2: Case Study and Scenario response Read the case study, Policies and Procedures and the following scenario. Submit your answers labelled with you name, the date and BSBCU201A Deliver a service to customers Task 2.
CASE STUDY You are the office assistant for Mascot Magnets, a company specialising in the design and supply of industrial magnets. The company is owned by Mark Kapa, the managing director. The company employs Basil Jones (the manager), Bernadine Tressider (a designer), Olivia Matchett (the sales and marketing manager), Jane Bitcon (the accountant) Jim Anderson (the office administrator), an office assistant (you) and 10 store persons. As well as supplying magnets, the company also offers a free design service and a comprehensive instruction workshop on how to achieve the best results with their products. It has a show room, offices and a despatch depot. Promotional and informative material includes a company brochure, product catalogue and a price list. Mascot Magnets Policies and Procedures Answering the telephone Good morning/afternoon, mascot magnets. This is (YOUR NAME) speaking How can I help you? Greeting visiting clients Greet all visiting clients politely and promptly. Do not leave a client waiting. If a client has to wait, ask them to sit down and offer them tea or coffee. Handling difficult clients If a client is difficult or complaining, be polite. Ask the client what they want. Ask the client to wait in the waiting area. Contact Mark Kapa (ext. 64) or Basil Jones (ext.15) Contacting staff members To contact staff members, use the staff extension list. Redirect enquiries immediately to the relevant staff member. Take a message if the staff member is unavailable. Confidential information Home telephone numbers are NOT to be given to clients. Promotional material End the Mascot Magnets information package of promotional material to everyone who calls asking for general information. Courier Morgan Swiftdelivery Tel: 9865 7770 Fax: 9865 6666 xxx HS 6/11

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011

xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011


Scenario As the office assistant, you deal with both internal and external clients. Your job is to answer client queries, redirect queries to the right people if you cant answer them and supply promotional and informational material to clients. The following are situations occur during the week at Mascot Magnets. Write a list of what you would do in each situation to provide prompt and courteous service to your customers, help improve the service and fulfil the customer service requirements of Mascot Magnets.

1. A potential client ( Eloise Hope) telephones and asks for information about the types of magnets your company supplies 2. A potential client ( Alex Bingle) asks for information about a specific industrial magnet. He also asks for advice on how long it would take to deliver the magnet if he orders one 3. Your supervisor Jim, asks you to get this months sales figures 4. A client telephones to query an account. Jane is on the telephone when you try to redirect the client to her 5. A client (Belinda Harris) who is designing a new factory, visits the office. She is annoyed that the magnets she was advised to use are not suitable. She explains the situation and demands to see someone immediately. 6. A client (Nelson Yates) arrives for an appointment with Basil Jones. Basil had to leave unexpectedly five minutes earlier 7. At 11am a customer visits to ask someone about industrial magnets. Ms Tressider is talking to another client and will not be available until 11.30am 8. You receive the days mail. There are three letters asking for information on the products and services offered by Mascot Magnets. One is from Mr Birchall inquiring about flexible magnets and asking if he can see some designs; one is from Mr. Mason asking about a price list; one is from the local club asking for a brochure about the use of magnets in the security areas of their premises 9. Your supervisor asks you to contact the Chinese supplier to see why the business has not received a delivery as promised. Jim wants to know as soon as you find out 10. A client Bruce Barclay needs a copy of his supply contract of ferrite magnets as soon as possible

xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011


Appendix C Task 3 Oral report and written guidelines for new customer service employees Prepare and present a 2-3 minute talk covering the points listed below Prepare a set of guidelines regarding the points covered, using information from both your own oral report and that of other students. Include your name, the date and BSBCU201A Deliver a service to customers Task 3. Part 1 ~ Oral report You have been asked to give a 2-3 minute talk to four new customer service employees on how to present themselves to your organisations customers. You need to emphasise the importance of making a positive impression so as to develop an ongoing relationship with all the customers with which the organisation deals.
Use your textbook and access the internet to assist your research. The following may be of assistance.

Make sure your presentation covers the following points: How to acknowledge and greet customers Dress standards The importance of establishing good customer relations/rapport Interpersonal skills for effective communication and rapport, especially when dealing with customers with different cultural backgrounds, abililities, family differences, individual differences Requirements of prompt customer service to meet needs The importance of providing accurate and relevant information on the products and/or services of the organisation Communicating in a clear, concise and courteous manner Communicating with customers regarding problems and delays How to provide a feedback report for complaints The legislation relevant to the workplace/organisation Part 2 ~ Written guidelines Prepare a 2 x A4 page guidelines document which addresses as many of these points as possible. Present in the form of a reference booklet. Use both your own information and points you have heard from other presentations. Include your name, the date and BSBCU201A Deliver a service to customers Task 3.
xxx HS
BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1 V1 2011


STUDENT FEEDBACK SHEET: Business Services Oral report BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers Student Name: Date: Working Towards Highly Developed 4 Not Evident

Satisfactory 2

Checklist of elements required

Marks Outlines how to acknowledge and greet customers Describes dress standards Identifies the interpersonal skills needed for effective communication mentioning the needs for customers with different cultural backgrounds and abilities Evaluates the importance of providing accurate and relevant information for products and services of an organisation Provides an example of a feedback report for complaints Refers to the relevant legislation for customer service Prepared Clear voice projection and tone Use visual aids and engage audience Timing


xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011


Developed 3

xxx HS

BSBCUS201A Deliver a service to customers #1

V1 2011