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Danica C.

Frilles DICMT 1-1 Irregular

Wheres The Patis? By Carmen Guerrero Nakpil Filipinos love traveling. They love dreaming about going abroad. The short story Wheres The Patis talks about Filipinos in other countries. It tells about the struggles they endure during their times in those countries. We, Filipinos always dream about those kinds of things. We love to imagine a future in those places but only we fail to think about the consequences that come along with those futures we tend to act on. The story is about Filipinos in other countries who find comfort with things that are close to the memories of their native land. Some Filipinos are very ambitious when it comes to going abroad. We, Filipinos are so fond of other countries that sometimes, we imitate their way of living. Today, we can see lots of youth imitating some Hollywood actresses or actors. I have nothing against it but I think its a little clich. I think if we continue imitating other countries well lose our dignity. Some Filipinos are still not contented with just imitating them that they even want to be one of them. Its a shame but a big percentage of Filipinos migrated to other countries. Some are permanent migrants, temporary migrants, and irregular migrants. Whatever reasons they have its still not reasonable enough for them to leave their country behind.

He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination. from the Tagalog quote, Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan. This is quoted by our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal which is translated in English. There are some Filipinos immigrants who not only left their country behind but also betrayed it. From experience, I already encountered lots of them. There was once in the news, a boy, Filipino immigrant, who threw bad words to his fellow man. What he didnt know is that by what he did he also threw bad words to himself. I dont know if there is someone whos much worse than him. Hes a hypocrite for saying those words. My cousin and her family went abroad to travel and enjoy themselves. She told me about her experience out there. She said that she was so excited on going there but when they reached their destination, all she wanted to do is to go home. She said it was boring. They had to stay inside a hotel and then do nothing at all. And the next day, they went to Disneyland but she told me it was hard going there because almost all of the people in that place cant speak English. She said they almost regret going there. They barely eat anything because almost all the food there were composed of green stuffs they could hardly tell what its composed of. The people there dont eat rice so when they bought some it cost a big amount of money. In general, no matter how hard our life in this country, we must always love it. We must give importance to it because this is where we were born. Just imagine how many lives were risked just to save it. Reference: