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The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) will be bringing you the Comprehensive Training Course on Sustainable Agriculture,

a series of presentations and farm tours running from July-September, 2013. This is a course for farmers and gardeners as well as consumers. Participation is FREE and open to the public. These are great opportunities to tap into the extensive knowledge-base we have right here in our state and strengthen sustainable farming practices on your farm and in your community. Those interested in attending the presentations may do so either live in person or via video-conference at any MSU Extension county office per advance request and conference room availability (be it for one or all of the sessions). Each session is made up of 4-5 20 min. presentations on a wide range of topics (see reverse side). There will be a short Q&A following each session for participants to engage the presenters. All farm tours are also free and open to the public with no advance registration required for the Mississippi tours. Those interested in attending the two-day Alabama farm tours must pre-register via email.

July 15 July 29 August 5 August 19

@ Bost Extension Center, Room 409 Starkville, MS @ Central MS R&E Center, Room 151 Raymond, MS

July 14

Native Son Farm (Tupelo , MS) Yokna Bottoms Farm (Oxford, MS) Alabama Farm Tours* Amorphous Gardens (Canton, MS) Frances Flowers (Pickens, MS) Two Run Farm (Vaughan, MS)

8-11 AM 1-4 PM

August 10-11 August 26 September 9 September 16 September 23 September 8

8-10:30 AM 11 AM-1:30 PM 2-4:30 PM

All sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 4-6 PM and can be viewed live in person or via video-conference at any MSU Extension county office

September 29 Black Creek Farm (Columbus, MS) 8-10:30 AM Beaverdam/High Hope Farms (Cedar Bluff, MS) 11 AM-1:30 PM Bountiful Harvest Farm (Starkville, MS) 2-4:30 PM *Transportation, food, and lodging provided for AL tours only; must pre-register.

See reverse side of flyer for full The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) supports healthy farms and communities to listing of course topics. develop economically and ecologically responsible local food systems throughout Mississippi.

What is Sustainable Agriculture? Industrial vs Traditional Methods of Production (Jim Ewing, NCAT) Regenerative Models for Ecological Balance: Soil, Water, & Habitat Conservation and Management (Billy Kingery, MSU) Whole Systems Planning: Permaculture Principles in Small Farm Production (Benjamin Koltai, Mississippi Ecological Design) A Sense of Place: Cultivating Relationships Between Culture and the Environment Through Food and Farming (Joe Witt, MSU) Race, Class, & Gender - Patterns of Agricultural Exploitation in Rural Communities (John Green, UM Center for Pop. Studies)

Finding and Acquiring Good Farm Land & Soil Tests (Steve Depew, NRCS) Soil Health and Farm Fertility: Animal Fertilizers, Natural Amendments, Cover Crops, & Green Manure (Will Reed, Native Son Farm) Sourcing Seed, Seed Starting, Transplanting, & Seed Saving (Jonathan Picarsic, Amorphous Gardens) Branding, Social Media, and Alternative Marketing/ Direct Sales : Farmers Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, and Buying Clubs (Ali Fratesi, Beaverdam Fresh Farms) Pastured Pork and Poultry for Profit (Dustin Pinion, Beaverdam Fresh Farms)

Invasive Weeds, Persistent Diseases, Common Pests, and Sustainable Solutions (Charles Cantrell, USDA & Alan Henn, MSU Extension) Bee Keeping and Honey Production (Jeff Harris, MSU) The Organic Orchard: Perennial Selection, Propagation, & Production (Donna Yowell, MUFC) Rainwater Harvesting , Dry Farming, and On-Farm Irrigation Options (Bob Brzusze, MSU)

Questions? Contact For more information visit us online at

Herbs and Native Medicinals (Mandi Sanders & Lindsey Wilson, Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary) Seasonal Planning for Intensive and Diversified Crop Production (Nelly Neal, GardenMama) Utilizing Horse Power in the 21st Century (Joe Massey, MSU) Producing and Using Compost and Compost Teas (Sam McLemore, Bountiful Harvest Farms) Many Miracles of Mushroom: Identification, Cultivation, &Education in Mississippi (Leilani Steward, Shroomdom, Inc)

The Return of the Complete Small Farm: Our Agricultural Heritage (Allan Nation, Stockman Grass Farmer) Free-range and Grass-fed (Allen Williams, Livestock Management Consultants) Goats, Sheep and Small Ruminants (Charlie Mumford, Two Run Farm) Running A Small Scale Dairy Milk, Cheese, Butter and More (TBD) Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture: Management and Markets for Fresh and Saltwater Farming (Stephanie Showalter Otts, UM School of Law)

Year Round Production & High Tunnel Season Extension (Bill Evans, MSU) Labor and Alternative Models (volunteers, profit sharing, equity building, work share, apprenticeships) & Small Farm Equipment (Doug Davis, Yokna Bottoms Farm) Food and Agricultural Policy 101 (Jody Holland, UM and Nathan Rosenberg, Delta Directions) Certification Options & Assistance: USDA Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, Food Alliance, Animal Welfare Approved and More (Felicia Bell, NCAT) On-Farm Renewable Energy Initiatives (John Logan, Brinson Farms/Eagle Green Energy)

Financial Management, Record Keeping, & Business Planning (Velma Oliver, Alcorn State) Aggregation, Food Hubs, and Cooperative Marketing (David Watkins, Soul City Hospitality) Agri-tourism: Making Your Farm a Destination (Jolynn Mitchell, Mitchell Farms) Farm to School and Institution (Sunny Young, EduFood) Sustainable Community Design Growing Food in Transition Towns and NetZero Cities (Billy Lilly, Village Green Builders)

Food Quality and Human Health: Why Sustainable Methods Matter to Consumers (Nancy Woodruff, WCSHC & MFPC) Preserving Traditions and Value Added Products (Marion Sansing, Southern Cultured) Food Safety, Good Handling Practices, and Product Liability (Shelly Johnstone, Hernando Farmers Market) GMOs From a Farmers Perspective (Ernest Flint, MSU)

All above sessions are FREE and held on Monday evenings from 4-6 PM All sessions available live in person (see location below) and via video-conference through MSU Extension Program state-wide; please contact your local county extension office to reserve the video-conference room for desired dates.

July 14 August 10-11 September 8 September 29 MS Hill Country Alabama Central MS MS Golden Triangle

Blue = Bost Extension Ctr, Room 409 (Starkville, MS) Orange = Central MS R&E Ctr, Room 151 (Raymond, MS)