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Airtel Pre-paid Airtel Post-paid Blackberry Wireless Handheld Value Added Services (VAS) The different value added

services provided by Airtel are Instant Balance Enquiry 24Hr recharge Facility Caller line identification Call divert, Call wait & Call Hold Multimedia messaging service (MMS) Airtel Live Portal SMS based Information Service Hello Tunes & Ring Tones Voice Mail Service Easy Post-paid bill collection Gifting of Ring Tones & Hello Tunes GPRS

Promotional strategy : Large scale print and video advertising. Big celebrities like SRK and Sachin are roped in to endorse the product. In 2002 Airtel got its Signature tune from A.R. Rehman, this signature tune is perhaps the most downloaded tune in India. Provides innovations such as Bollywood movie premiers, music services such as ring back tones & many more. "Friendz" pre-paid connection for youth," Ladies Special" plan, Seniors plan. Executives corporate plan(First to give prepaid in this category).

Special discounts in calling rates & sms services. Providing wallpapers and screensavers on website.

Typ Service e of Name Serv ices 543211 On @ Usag Rs6/min e 543217 - For Ring Tones and Music; On To Usag listen to e songs and downlo ad ringtone s

Description Subscription Rs36/month. Rs15/song.

How to Access

Prepaid Charge s Rs.6/mi n

Call 543211

airtel offers you the largest collection of Hindi, English & Regional songs that you can listen, download and send as message to a friend.

Just dial short code 543217

Rs. 2/min

Now express yourself and get connected with your friends On anytime Airtel Usag anywhere on Blog e Airtel Bolg .You can also follow your favorite celebrities on this blog.

*7* (75p/mi Dial *2* Retrieve the blogs of everyone you n) / *2* follow in one place. Everytime someone updates (75p/mi their blog, an update goes out to you and you can n) / then dial *2* and listen to them. *9xxxxx xxxx* Dial*9XXXXXXXXX*(your mobile no.) This is (75p/mi like the Voice page of a customer, where all the n) / updates made by an existing customer are stored and *5xxx* his/her followers can dial this and listen to their ( blogs. 75p/min , Dial*5XXX* Created for celebrities to blog, so Rs10/m that they can blog like a normal consumer.After onth) subscribed to the service you will be notified with an sms alert everytime, whenever they blog ...

Dial *7* Create your blog and make your updates in voice. Invite your friends and manage your blog.

Airtel offers a range of services right on your Airtel SIM Card. Live On Access loads of Rs 3/To download new services, choose What new option SIM Usag fun content and per on your SIM under Airtel services menu. Services e exciting services request (STK) like cricket, stocks Star Peep at the touch of a few buttons Now listen over 1.5 lacs of songs in different categories n Opti languages. Airtel onal Radio presents 30 minutes of music in just Rs30/month . Rs.30/3 0 mins of free music /30 days validity

Airtel Radio

Just Dial 543213 or *321*13# from your Airtel mobile and subscribe to Airtel Radio now.

Airtel Talkies is your multiplex on the move which provides you a complete cinematic experience on your mobile phone. It is your one stop shop to hear Bollywood Airtel Opti Blockbuster Talkies onal Flicks on your mobile phones. You will have the jest of movie in a complete, energizing, entertaining package anytime anywhere with original movie content, dialogues,

Just Call 51010(tollfree)or *321*510# (tollfree) from your airtel mobile.

Pay Rs.30/m onth for any of your favorite 4 movies .

storyline and songs. On Black Out days, all P2P SMS will be charged at Standard SMS Rates. Discounted SMS tariffs will not be On Blackou applicable. Usag t SMS e Blackout Days for Year-2013 are : 1st Jan 2013, 27th March (Holi), 2days of Diwali, New Year Eve (31st Dec 2013) On Black Out days, Voice call will be charged as Local and STD Mobile Calls at 1.5 P / sec and Local and STD Fixed line Calls at 2 P / Sec. Discounted Voice tariffs will On Blackou not be Usag t Voice applicable. e Standard ISD & Roaming Rates

On usage

Standar d rate (Re1/Lo cal SMS, Rs1.5/S TD SMS & Rs5/ISD SMS)

On Usage

Blackout Days for Year-2013 are : 1st Jan 2013, 27th March (Holi), 2days of Diwali, New Year Eve

Local and STD Mobile Calls at 1.5 P / sec and Local and STD Fixed line Calls at 2P/ Sec. Standar d ISD & Roamin g Rates

(31st Dec 2013)

This service allows you to talk to 5 people Call at the same time Confere Opti making it ideal nce onal for organising Charges events or discussing business. Convers ion from Opti Post- onal Paid to Prepaid Convert your Post-Paid subscription to Prepaid with ease.


Give in your request at the nearest ARC.


Convers ion Convert your from Opti Prepaid to PostPrepaid onal Paid subscription to with ease. Postpai d brings to you a unique offering straight from the movie industry, where users can listen to famous Dialogues of their favorite Dialogu Opti Superstar/movies ebaazi onal anytime, anywhere by just dialing the provided ShortCode. Service is available in multiple languages with dialogues from

Give in your request at the nearest ARC.

No activatio n charge, security deposit as applicab le

Users can now dial 52020 (toll free) to listen and enjoy their favourite dialogues on dialoguebazzi.


all the super-hit movies. Languages: Hindi (Bollywood), Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam. Users can dial 52020 (toll free) to listen and enjoy their favourite dialogues. Activation Mode - IVR 52020 (Tollfree) Deactivation Mode - *121*5# (Tollfree) Charging Rs 30 for 60 minutes for 30 days or Rs 100 with 200 Mins talktime and 120 days validity , Rs 75 with 150 Mins talktime and 90 days validity Simply walk into your nearest airtel retailer and pick your Opti favorite Hello onal Tunes or choose a Melodious Ring tone of your favorite Subscrip tion Rs 30/Mont h & Rs 15/Song .

Easy Music

As your nearest Retailer

song. It is as simple as recharging your phone with talktime. Hello Daily decrement On Tunes pack of Re1 per Usag at Re day for select e 1/day customers. Now you can enjoy Live Pujas/Archanas, Shabad & Kirtans from the Shrines of bangla Sahib/Tirupati/Si Opti ddhivinayak & onal Shirdi. Not only this, during the NonAarti time, you can listen to ReTelecasts of the Aartis you have missed. Now get answwers for your health, profession, matrimonial and career related Live Opti doubts. Speak Pandit ji onal live to our experienced team of Astrologists and get instant answers. Love ki Love Ki Opti dispensary is an Dispens onal in-dial portal ary which offers Segmented Dial 5512050 (toll free) Subscrip tion Pack of Re1/day .

Live Aarti

You can directly access these Aartis from these direct shortcodes: Main Portall- 55200 (tollfree) Bangla Sahib Gurudwara - 55205 (Tollfree) Shirdi Sai Baba - 55222( Tollfree) Tirupati Balaji - 55223(Toll Free) Siddhivinayak - 55201(Toll Free).

Rs5/day (entry fee- one time) , Rs2/day for one Aarti & Rs3/day for two or more Aartis

Dail 5432146 from your Airtel Mobile

Rs. 9/min

Dial 5432173 (Toll Free)

Subscrip tion: Rs10/10 days (

answers to all your love related queries by Dr.Prem and Dr.Riya. All you have to do is to call Love ki dispensary and leave your query. Experts will evaluate your query and provide you with the best elucidation. And that's not all, the application also offers Love astrology, Love Shayeri, Dedications (Personal) and Love Tips. Choose from the host of services on Mjoy - Get your favourate Hellotunes or get Missed call M-Joy Opti alerts when your 55120 onal phone was swiched off or get an unlimited internet pack or your special offer of the day. airtel MMS [Multi-media Messaging Service] turns your messages into a visual experience

30 minutes of browsin g everyda y)

Dial 55120 (toll free)

Charges as applicab le for the services

On MMS Usag e

To activate send PMMS to 170. For MMS settings send MMS to 543210 or call customer care at 121

Rs.5/M MS

MMS Pack

airtel MMS turns your messages Opti into a visual onal expirience. Get 2 MMS in just Rs 3/day

Dial *777*121# and activate the pact

Daily rental of Rs 3 for 2 MMS. Default charges of Rs 5 applicab le on 3rd MMS

For the first time in India, only on Airtel, you can listen to a Radio station on your mobile.* Airtel presents Mirchi mobile, now listen to Radio mirchi on your Airtel Mobile. Mirchi Opti Staying away call 59830 (free) to subscribe to the service and start Mobile onal from home and enjoying the service want to listen to your favourite Radio station from your home town/state? Subscribe to Mirchi mobile on Airtel today and listen to your favourite station from your home state. Get updates of all calls you miss if your phone is Missed Opti switched off or Call onal you are Alert unreachable. Next time someone tries to

Now enjoy 100 minutes of Radio at just Rs.10 per week (100 minutes expire at the end of 1 week)

Dial *321*881# to Activate Monthly Pack

Rs. 15 per month

call you while you away you will receive a SMS notification as soon as you are back in the coverage area, or when you switch on your phone. Now never Miss an Important Rs15/M call, even if your Dial 54888 onth or phone is Rs5/7Da switched Off, MCA rental to be free for period of 90 days for all Missed ys or Opti Out of Coverage prepaid cust. (except DND customers) Call Rs30/3 onal area, Busy or No start date 7th march 2012 . End date - 90 days from Alerts Months Battery. Use start date or Missed Call Rs60/6 Alerts and To deactivate offer , dial *321*883#(toll free) Months always know who missed you. Listen to Music of your region. Interseting content like music, games, Opti places to visit, onal history and more of your region. Enjoy this service from you Airtel Mobile Number

Mitti Ke Rang

Dial 543340 (tollfree) from your Airtel Mobile Number

Rent Rs. Rs 30 / 30 days / 45 tollfree minutes

Stay connected to the internet Mobile and access your 10paisa/ Office e-mail anywhere Opti Access internet anytime, anywhere. Dial *567*11# 10KB of Zero anytime on your onal for activation (Toll Free). Downlo Rental phone or on your ad Plan laptop with your mobile as a modem. On If at any time, Number Usag for any reason, Change e you would like Give in your request at the nearest ARC. NA

to change your mobile number, please let us know. We will not only change it, will try to give a number of your choice. Recharge with Paper RC and get the Benefit of Discounted SMS Rates. Recharge with Paper RC-9 and get 100 Local SMS FREE, Recharge with Paper RC-23 and get 230 Local Recharge your number from the Retailer. SMS FREE, PrePaid Recharge with All SMS packs are on auto renewal.Customer will SMS Paper RC-34 and be intimated on auto renewal 3 days prior to validity Opti Paper get 340 expiry. onal Recharg Local+National Customer if wish not to renew sms pack , can dial es SMS FREE, *777*0# to deactivate. Recharge with SMS balance will not get accumalated in case the Paper RC-62 and validity gets expired of the pack . get 1000 Local + National SMS FREE, Recharge with Paper RC88 and get 3000 Local + National SMS FREE. Validity : 30 days (all SMS packs) Both existing Premiu and non mobile m Opti owners are Number onal eligible for these s premium mobile numbers. Walk As per number tag

Discoun ted SMS Rates as applicab le on Recharg es

Give in your request at the nearest ARC.

up to the nearest ARC and check the availability of your preferred mobile numbers. Discounted SMS Packs. Rs88 with 1000 Local + STD SMS for 28 days, Available on Easy Recharge Rs62 with 700 Local + STD SMS for 28 days, Available on Easy LAPU Recharge Recharge * Discounted SMS not available on 5 Blackout Days of a year. Refer Blackout SMS for Details. Rs42 with 450 Local + STD All SMS Packs purchased from Retail counter Easy Prepaid SMS for 28 Recharge / Paper will be on Auto Renewal Opti SMS days, Available onal Packs on Easy The SMS Pack will be auto renewed a day after the Recharge validity expires Customer will be sent a pre renewal SMS before Rs34 with 340 pack expiry Local + STD Customer if wishes to deactivate the SMS Pack can SMS for 28 dial *777*0# Days, Available on Easy Recharge Rs26 with 200 Local+STD SMS for 14 Days, only on easy Recharge Rs13 with 140 Local SMS for 5 Days, only on Easy Recharge

Discoun ted SMS Rates as applicab le on Recharg es

Rs9 with 100 Local SMS for 5 Days, Available only on Paper Recharge Rs5 with 55 Local SMS for 2 Days, Available on Self Care, dial *777# Note, As per TRAI guidelines, wef 25th Nov 12, a maximum of 100 free or discounted SMS can be sent in a day, irrespective of the SMS Packs which offer more than 100 free or discounted SMS per day. 101st SMS would be charged as per the SMS base rate in the subscribers plan. All SMS offers through USSD String *777#(toll free) will be on auto renewal. The same will be communicated to customers before through SMS. Discoun Rs88 with 1000 Prepaid The customer can deactivate from auto renewing the ted SMS Local & SMS pack by dialling *777*0# Rates as Opti National SMS Packs applicab onal per Day for 28 on Discounted SMS not available on 5 Blackout Days le on Days Activation *777# of a year.Refer Blackout SMS for Details. Recharg Code *777*88# es. ** Note - As per TRAI guidelines , the same will not Rs62 with 700 be applicable on blackout days as per the list Local+National available on Website. SMS for 28 Activation Code for discounted SMS Packs

Days Activation Code *777*62# Rs42 with 450 Local+STD SMS for 28 days Activation Code *777*42# Rs34 with 340 Local SMS for 30 Days Activation Code *777*34# Rs26 with 200 Local+STD SMS for 15 Days Activation Code *777*26# Rs13 with 140 Local SMS for 5 Days Activation Code *777*13# applicable wef 29th March12 Rs5 with 55 Local SMS for 2 Days, Activation Code *777*5# Note - as per TRAI guidelines wef 24th Nov 12, a maximum of 100 free or discounted SMS perday can be sent irrespective of the SMS Packs which offer free or discounted SMS. 101st SMS

would be charged as per standard sms base rate of Rs1./sms for Local, Rs 1.5/sms for National & Rs5/sms for ISD. Make arrangements share moments On or just say hello, Usag text messaging is e a fast and convenient way to keep in touch. Re 1.00 for local SMS , National Rs.1.5, Internati onal Rs.5.00



Simply Dial *321*451# (toll free)and get Cricket Score Alert after every 5 hours. Cricket Contest: IPL Bonanza Offer 1Customer to be have opted for Cricket Match Alert Pack from 23rd Mar to 22nd June 12 2Customer would be charged Rs 5/match day 3Customer would need to dial USSD string Subscribe to cool *321*451# or through a Out bound dialler SMS alerts and Cricket receive alerts Prizes Score Opti (astrology, news, and onal music bollywood 1) One customer is eligible to win Harley other etc.) and updates Davidson Bike XL883L alerts on cricket scores. 2) Apple I Pad - 3 3) Apple I Phone 4S -3 4) Ride in a Luxury Car per week Terms n Condition Apply for the IPL Bonanza The Terms and Conditions of the contest can be viewed at %20IPL%20Season%20Contest.docx SMS Pack Opti onal Rs148 - Has been discontinued. NA Rs.148

For Cricket Alert Rs.5/ma tchday (India or Internati on both)

A host of services are SMS to available on 58888, On SMS. Download 57272, Usag ringtones, 52424,5 e wallpapers, 4545 logos,contests etc. and a lot more through SMS.


Rs. 3/SMS

MSC - rs 50 option 1 - 900 local sms , 30 day validity Opti Through Recharge of Rs50 on Lapu-2, customer can STV 50 (max. 200 sms / onal either choose 2G data benefit OR SMS Benefit. day ) option 2 - 1GB 2G data , 10 day validity . Learn spoken English anytime and anywhere at your On Speak convenience. A Usag English unique situation e based approach specially customised to Indian context. Stay in touch with your friends & family even while your phone is Opti switched off, out onal of coverage, busy, or when you are not in a position to take any calls


Just dial 543212050 to access the service. Choose any situation and subscribe to the service.

Subscrip tion Rs 5 for 10 Days. Call Charges of Re1 per Minute. Airtime charges as per plan. (ISD/ST D rates applicab le while roaming ) Depositi ng a voice message -Re 0.75 2.Retrivi

Voice Mail

Please contact customer care at 121.

Now add emotions to your On You can send a Voice SMS message to any mobile Voice sms by sending a Usag number in your circle by dialing * and suffixing it SMS Voice SMS. To e with the recipients mobile number (*9xxxxxxxxx) send a Voice SMS to any

mobile number in India Just prefix * to the 10-digit mobile number and call. Record your message after the beep. You can record your message maximum upto 30 sec. After recording your message just press # or disconnect the call. The system records your voice and sends it to the person for whom you have left a Voice SMS.

ng VSMS 1st time(*0 *)-Toll free 3 Retrive VSMS 2nd time onwards (*1*) Re.0.75 4. Sending reply Re. 0.75 per VSMS 5. Forward a VSMS Re.0.75

Make your mobile the most happening entertainment destination with airtel Live. Download latest ringtones, true For airtel Live activation, call customer care at 121. Content airtel On tones, games, downloa Live Usag wallpapers and To access airtel Live, Open internet browser on your d Portal e many more mobile and open wap site charges goodies. You can also get news clips, watch live TV and download full songs on your phone.