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Medicines Banned All Over The World

In our country we have only 515 medicines, which are sold by 3000 different names. These medicines are banned in all of the countries of the world and the production and selling of those is considered as a crime. Doctors and Scientists have said that these medicines are dangerous and can produce paralysis, cancer, blindness, and produce many other dangerous sickness. This medicine makes the immune system of the man weak and the man can die.Here are names of some of the medicines which are banned all over the world but are sold here without any restriction. NAME OF THE MEDICINE




By taking a small amount of this medicine the Oxyfin Botazon, intestine get Oxypoz, Larjesic, small Punctures Neurojesin, Sungril, and can cause Oxyzen, Parabutazon, Britain, Japan, Germany,Sweden, Finland, blood 01. Kliocvinal, Phynil America, Italy,Bangladesh, Australia,Maylasia, cancer.These Butazon, Actimal, Israel, Jordan medicines have Aljiril, Aristopyrin, taken more than Butacartidan, 15000 lives. It Butaproxyvan, has been given 'B' where it is banned Ambkvinal, Eliqueen, Embijayam Fort, Emicure, Emicleen, Paralysis in legs, Emigil Plus, blindness Choloropectiden, Because of Dyedoqueen, Japan, Norway, Sweden,Germany, Denmark, 02. these10000 Introgyem, Aydojol, Nepal,Bangladesh, Spain, France,Sri Lanka people got Aydocyclin, paralysed in Metaqueen, Japan Neutrojyem, Aydohydroxyqueen, Queenijol, Analjin, It destroys the White Blood Cells in the body Beralgun Buskapan, of the human Butaljin Farjesic Australia, Austria, Belgiun,Billi, Denmark, body due to it the Marlajin Oxypoz France,Grease,Israel,Italy,Japan,Korea,Mexico, structure of the 03.[04/07/2013 2:23:16 PM]

Medicines Banned All Over The World

Sinaljesic Jimaljin Altrajin Finoljin Pamajin

Nepal,Sweden,America,Britain,Germany, Denmark, Nepal,

bones and the muscles of the human beings gets effected and can cause death of a person If it is given to a pregnant woman then makes the child handicap .It also effect in the production of the white blood Cells in the body of the human It effects the immune system of the body and the person soon dies They effects the liver of the humans The Vitamin present in these medicines only increase the cost of the medicine and nothing other than that. The colour of the teeth of the children gets brown and gives severe damage to the body

A.T.Fort, Mayestrojanfort, Orosekronfort, Orgalotin, Ostron, Australia, Austria, Belgiun, Denmark, Greece, S.G.Fort, Italy,New Zealand, Norway,South Africa, 04. Cholorostrap, Cuper Thailand, Britain, Singapore,America, Strap, holoromfenical Germany, Bangladesh and Straptamysin, Introstrap, Intestostrap, Straptophinakle, Drooling Drooling, Dekadyurabolin, Brufen, Ivabolin, Bangladesh, Britain and many of the country 05. Novaljin, Aspirin, of the world Kaimer, Kaimoral, Kaimoral Fort, Alfapsin,

Acetophenetidin, Fenasitin, Acromycin, Docabolin, Histaprade, Canada, Chili, Cyprus, Denmark etc 06. Pericart, Parydron, Irgofen, Mygril, Mygrenil, Stiptoment,

Tetracyclene Thoron Bangladesh, Denmark, Italy, Jayen, New Trynarjick Restil 07. Zealand, Peru,Greece, Italy, Norway, Kamaslip Placidox 2 Spain,Venezuela, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. Placidox 10 Plasidox 5[04/07/2013 2:23:16 PM]