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Base Year: April 2011 to 2012 (FY 12) Market Forecast: FY 12 to FY 17 Currency: Rs. The market has been classified as below E-Learning Market Categorization

Market Categorization

Formal Education
K12 Higher Education

Online Education Multimedia and ICT

Non Formal Education

Preschool Multimedia in Private Schools ICT in government schools Coaching Class Vocational Training Books

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Section 1 & 2

Section 1: Background
Scope of this Research Research aim and objectives

Research methodology

Section 2: Indian Education Sector

Market structure / categorization Government spend on education as a % of GDP (India vs. Global Market) Macro Overview of the Indian Education System Market Size Private Education System Market Share by category All India Number of Schools & Colleges in India State-wise Number of Schools in India All Indian number of students enrolled in India (Private vs. Public) State-wise number of students enrolled (Private vs. Public)

Major Players active in each Category

Market Share of the major players active in the market Market Drivers & Challenges (broad level) Market forecast (Overall)

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Section 3

Section 3: Indian E-Learning Market

Market Structure & Characteristics Value Chain

All India Market Size

Key Players Market share of the Key Players Market Drivers and Challenges Market Forecast

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Report Cost
Electronic Copy (PDF format): INR XXX+ Service Tax Electronic Copy (PPT format) : INR XXX + Service Tax

100% payment in advance

The report will be delivered in 10 days from the day of placing order No of pages: 30 (approx.)

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