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Are you hungry? (=Ti-e foame?

Are you hungry? Are you hungry? [Shrug your shoulders and then rub your tummy.] Yes, I am. Yes, I am. [Thumbs up gesturing "yes" and/or nod your head "yes."] Here is a sandwich. Here is a sandwich. Im full. Thank you! [Pat your tummy with both hands.] Im full. Thank you!

The same for: some bread and butter, a hamburger, a yoghurt, some eggs, some fries, some cheese, some chicken, some fish, some soup, some spaghetti, some pizza, etc

New words(cuvinte noi): Are you hungry?=Ti-e foame? Some fries=niste cartofi prajiti Yes, I am=Da, mi-e foame. Here is=Iata! / Poftim! A sandwich=un sandwich Some bread and butter=niste paine cu unt A hamburger=un hamburger Some eggs=niste oua Some chicken=niste pui Some fish=niste peste Some soup=niste supa Some spaghetti=niste spaghete Some pizza=niste pizza. A yoghurt=un iaurt

In keeping with our philosophy of making the language in the songs learnable through gestures, the food we've chosen for this song are foods you can easily mime eating. You can quickly introduce the food items before singing by teaching the gestures and/or showing the flashcards of these foods. This song can be sung in a call and response format, meaning the children just listen and then repeat.

Classroom Benefits
This is a great song for teaching the phrases, "Are you hungry?" and "Yes, I am!" Also, the easy gestures make it useful even with very young learners. It's very satisfying to see pre-verbal youngsters, or children who are reluctant to speak, communicating their hunger using the gestures learned in this song. Kids learn to express, "I'm hungry" by rubbing their tummies. Or they can reply to a caretakers question, "Are you hungry?" by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Activity Ideas
This song is great for teaching a variety of foods. Don't just stick to the items in the song, think of other foods and come up with gestures for them. When you sing the song, the teacher can call out the different foods over the voice on the CD. You can work with your students to think of new gestures for different foods, or you can use sign language (American Sign Language or the sign language native to the country you live in). Look for sign language dictionaries online for ideas.

With three-year-olds and up, try playing food charades after this song. Pretend to eat some kind of food and have the children guess which food you are eating. Then have each of the children try. Show one of them a food picture, and have them mime eating that food. The other children try to guess what it is.

This is a good song to combine with "Hello!" from Super Simple Songs 2, which also discusses being hungry.

For a great food related lesson, start out with "Hello!" then sing "Are You Hungry?" "Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?" and finish up with a food related storytime book like "A Very Hungry Caterpillar," by Eric Carle.

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See our Pinterest board, "Learn About Food," for more activity, song and storytime book ideas.

Richard Millette from Rick's English House in Iwate, Japan sent along this great idea for using "Are You Hungry?" with older students: play the song as everyone sings. Then, the teacher calls out a food during the "mmmmm, a banana" line. Students draw that food as quickly as they can during the "yum yum yum" part and finish before the next verse starts. After the song, everyone shares and enjoys each other's drawings!