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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region VIII Division of Samar District of Motiong BAYOG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Motiong


Name: EVELYN C. PACANAN_____ Position: _________ESP -1_________

Rating Period: __2012-213___

ITEMS A. Planning and organizing work, getting work done at specified time. (Maximum pts. 30) Targets : a. Increase NAT Result at least 45% of Grade III pupils b. Increase School Readiness Assessment SREA by 70% of Grade 1Entrants passes c. Increase District Achievement Test/Post Test by 20% MPS Result d. Provide opportunities of teachers for promotion e. AIP/SIP will be properly implemented Accomplishments: a. 25 out of 30 pupils NAT III having an MPS of 86.82% from 79.6% MPS b. 100% of the Grade I Entrants passed the School Reading Assessment (SREA) c. Increase of District Pre/Post Test was able to achieve. d. Out of five teachers one teacher was promoted to Master Teacher 1 and one teacher promoted to Teacher III e. Almost 90% of the AIP/SIP is now fully implemented.


B. Utilization / allocation of resources (maximum pts. 10) Explanatory Statement: Utilizing of MOOE / SBM funds and other donation to the things being stated in School Operating Budget and reporting to the teachers during school meeting

C. Promptness and accuracy in submission of require reports / statistics, budget proposals. (Maximum pts. 10) Explanatory Statement: Submitted documents/reports before the due date such as: 1. DTR 2. Form 2 3. List of Teachers 4. BEIS D. Problem Analysis and Decision Making ( Maximum pts. 15) Explanatory Statement: Was able to solve problem such as 1. Pupils Behavior on Classroom 2. Stealing of teachers belonging inside the classroom. E. Leadership and Personal Management (Maximum pts. 25) Explanatory Statement: The school principal show professionalism and personal characteristics to her subordinates. Can performed managed and lead to her school as well her staff. F. Public Relations and Community involvement (Maximum pts. 10) Explanatory Statement: Conducted regular monthly meeting of GPTA and SCG to keep inform of the DepEd school projects and program. Attended / participated community assemblies and fiesta celebration. Conducted visitation to parents TOTAL

PLUS FACTOR Explanatory Statement: Conducted fund raising to be used in making concrete school stage.




SUMMARY OF RATINGS A. Planning and Organizing Work B. Utilization/ Allocation of Resources C. Promptness and Accuracy in Submission of Required Reports D. Problem Analysis and Decision Making E. Leadership and Personal Management F. Public Relations and Community Involvement __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________


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Numerical Rating__________________ Descriptive Rating_________________

Rater /s ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

Shown to me ___________________________ Ratee

Reviewed and Approved by: ______________________________ Rating Official

Key to Descriptive Rating: 87 73 53 35 34 or below 100 86 72 52 Outstanding Very Satisfactory Satisfactory Fair Unsatisfactory