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Principles of Electronics by V. K. Mehta Radio Engineering by G. K. Mithal Circuit Analysis by Gupta Electrical Technology by Thereja Electrical Power by Star Physics of Semiconductor Devices by Sze Automatic Control System by Kuo Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics by Rao Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System by Jordan & Balmain Modern Central Engineering by Ogata Electromagnetic Waives and Field by R N Singh Control Systems Engineering by Nagrath Gopal Semi Conductor by Nagchoudhary Integrated Circuits by D. Roy Choudhary Network Analysis by Valkenbury Basic Current Analysis by Murthy Topics in Communication Theory by David Middleton Other Important Books Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg Electromagnetic by Willain H. Hayt Electrical Machinery by PS Bhimra Electrical Machines by Nagrath & Kothari Power System Engineering by Nagrath & Kothari Electric Power Systems by CL Wadhwa Automatic Control System by Benjamin C. Kuo Control System Engg. By Nagrath & Gopal Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney Integrated Electronics by Milman & Halkias; Millma & Grobel Digital Logic & Computer Design by Morris Mano Power Electronics by PS Bhimra Paper-I Electrical Circuits Electrical Circuits 1& 2 by Nasser, Schaum Series Electrical Circuits by Chakraborty Network Analysis by Vanvulkenberg Electrical Circuits by Hast & Kimberly, TMH Series. Electromagnetic Theory Field Theory by K A Gangadhar Electromagnetic Waves by Jordan & Balmian Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications Microwaves and Antennas Microwaves by Kulakarni Microwaves by Liu, PHI Publications Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications. Electromagnetic Waves by Jordan & Balmian. Analog Communication Communication Systems, 2nd Edition, by Simon Haykins. Analog and Digital Communications by K. Sam Sanmugam Analog and Digital Communications, Schaum Series Communication Systems by Kennedy. Analog Electronics Micro electronics by Milliman and Grabel. Integrated Electronics by Milliman and Halkius Pulse, Digital & Switching Waveforms by Taub abd Schilling Op-amps by Roy Chowdhury Op-Amps by Gaykwad Digital Electronics Digital Design by Morris Mano. Switching theory and Logical Design by Kohavi. Digital Electronics by R P Jain. Electrical Machines Electrical Machines by P. S. Bhimbra Generalised theory of Machines by P. S. Bhimbra Electrical Machines by Nagrath and Kothari Power electronics and electrical drives Power Elctronics by P. S. Bhimbra Power Electronics by Rushid Electrical Drives by G. K. Dubey Signals and Systems Signals and Systems by Oppenheim & Schaber Digital Signal Processing by Proakis, Maholanakis Digital Signal Processing by oppenheim & Willsky Signals and Systems, Schaum Series. Paper-II Control Systems Modern Control Systems by Nagrath and Gopal Control Systems by B C Kuo. Electrical Measurements Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments by A K Sawhney. Electronic Measurements by Cooper & etc. PHI Publications. Power System Operation & Control Power System Analysis by C L Wadhwa Power Systems by Nagrath and Kothari Power Systems by Ashfaq Hussein Modern Power System Analysis by Nagrath Power Systems by Sunil S Rao (for topics like RTU, SCADA, FACTS etc.) Power System Protection Power System Protection by Badri Ram and Vishwa Karma, TMH Publications Power Systems by C L Wadhwa Power Systems by Nagrath and Kothari Non Conventional Energy resources by G. D. Rai, Khanna Publicaions IC Fabrication and

Technology Microelectronics by Milliman and Grabel Linear Integrated Circuits by Roy Chowdhury. Radar, Satellite and TV Microwaves by Kulakarni. Communication Systems by Kennedy. Satellite Engineering by John Wiley Publications. Microprocessors 8085 Microprocessor by Ramesh S Goankar 8086 Microprocessor by Hall, TMH Publications. Fibre Optic Communications by Senior, PHI Publications Digital Communications Analog & Digital Communications by K Sam Sanmugam Analog & Digital Communications by Schum Series Digital Communications by Simon Haykin Electrical Engineering Materials Electrical Engineering Materials by Seth & Gupta Electrical Engineering Materials by Dekker. Read more at: Copyright


An Introduction to the Constitution of India D D Basu Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited by Subash Kashyap Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Courses Evelyn Pearce Know your body Reader's Digest An Evolution of Indian Economy I. C. Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co) Indian Economy Dutt & Sundaram Economic Survey of India Government of India General Principles of World Geography Charles Farro Monsoon Asia Charles Farro Physical Geography of India for VII-XII Std NCERT Good School Atlas: Oxford Ancient India for VII-XII Std NCERT Medieval India for VII-XII Std NCERT Modern India Bipin Chandra History of Modern India AC Banerjee The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers Frontline and Political & Economic weekly Periodicals Yojana & World Focus Periodicals Statistical Methods S. C. Gupta Frontline Pratiyogita Darpan The Hindu Read more at: Copyright