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from Gary and Joyce



1705 Towanda Avenue

Bloom!ngton, Illinois 617OI


January, I98I

LEBANON, OREGON 97355 PHONE: 503.258-2865

Dear Friends:

On the side are a couple of pies to show you first what hap pened to the money you entrusted to us in 1980, and second what

1980 FIHANCIAL REPORT $27,104.49




we anticipate during 1981 , the

Lord willing. Below is a brief
financial summary.

But figures don't tell all. Inflation caught us, but praise the Lord some things still got
done. Thanks to a large gift, we called a Christian college stu
dent to work all summer i n the

Vietnamese refugee camps. He as sisted in evangelism and pre pared them for their new homes.

We pulled back from most of our work in the village of Lung Gu Taan, but started church ser vices in our home, and with the church-planting fund called a part-time Bible college student
to work ful11ime.


to your gifts,

have been able to assist the Bi

ble col lege a little duri ng i ts

first term both financially and
and with time.

We are looking forward to seasoned missionaries, Mr. & Mrs. Archie Fairbrothers j oI n I ng the field this spring. In June,
Donna Burris comes for a summer

1981 PROJECTED BUDGET $30,600.00





In August, San Jose

Bible College students will come on an evangelistic trip. Also we

are excited about Dwain and

Becky Anderson planning to join the field in August, because Becky Is Gary's cousin.





1,382.29 26,4lA.47
6l A2


$27,894.95 27,10^.^9
$ 790.46

The biggest project we are involved In now is the Compass of Truth radio program and cor respondence course.

More people live within range of our program than the total population of anyone of
127 different countries. Most


can only hear Bible messages and get Bible helps through
programs such as this.

As a result of 36 success

ful programs so far, we have

received over 130 letters from

over 80 different people, at least ^0 of whom live in China,

15 in Hong Kong and 25 in Macau. Just a year ago, we did not have one single contact inside
of China,


We plan to broadcast 104

programs during 1981 , and we anticipate receiving at least

500 letters fromat least 300 new people, 75 of which live in

China, the Lord willing.

Moreover, over 300 people have begun the Bible Correspon
dence Course of which at least 130 are still active.

l'\Ccmc i ^%62S.61

Unfortunately, unless this ministry receives more support, it wi 1 1 have to go off the air by the middle of February. It costs over $240.00 per week, I
know that the missionaries here

Fxpensej tn,0Xi


are giving as much as they can,

and several local Christians

are pushing hard

to cover as

much of the expense as possible by the local believers. t

praise God for such faith.

Finally, I had the privi lege this year of spending

$1,000 on Vietnamese refugees'

needs, thanks to International

Disaster Emergency Service. It bought 200 Bible correspon dence courses, 100 Bibles, 1,000 notebooks and pencils and paid two-weeks salary for a fulltime church worker in the camp.


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Lord's Reapers

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Joplln, MO


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from Gary and Joyce

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B1 ooniington, Illinois 61701

forwarding agentS:







PHONE: 503-258-2865

We were glad to see two fine Chinese couples, whom we've known for a long time, get married recently. Joyce made their wedding cakes, handled one of the receptions and made a bridesmaid's dress and Sandi's flower girl dress. Sandi is suppose to be the flower girl
in another wedding this month. Last week, Sandi spent one night at her school teacher's home in a low-cost gov ernment housing complex. Unlike adults, children do not seem to distinguish between wealth and poverty. The only thing that seems to matter is whether or not they are with people who care about them; a lesson we all need to take to heart.

Having services in our home has opened up many opportunities to draw close to our neighbors. My coworker Ng Fui has been a real help in this area to show me how to help Chinese to feel at ease. We are planning a neighborhood social later in this month to help all of us neighbors better appreciate each other and to testify to our faith.

Building Plans
We believe, however, that the church cannot remain in our home for very long. The church must have its own place within a year or two. Downpayment and initial costs will probably be about $20,000. Initially, the money will have to come from outside
sources, but I believe that the church wants to pay back the money into a fund that would help other churches purchase their buildings, too.

Yet, after the way services in our home have increased our fellowship with our neigh
bors, I think I would want to continue home Bible studies and children's clubs in our home

even after the church had its own place.

This school term, I'm privileged to be teaching about six hours on leadership and ad ministration in the Chinese Christian Seminary, which is the evening Bible college started
by our coworkers.

Opening A Church In China ?

We have received as many letters from China in response to the Compass of Truth Radio
Program during the past six weeks as we did during the first six months. Each day I read letters of heartfelt appreciation from listeners. I'll admit, I love this work. Thanks to you and some generous publishing companies, I'm able to give away daily Bibles and

Christian books to people who really want them. What could be more fun? And answering the often profcund questions about faith and life that they send in is exciting and stimulating.
Two letters stand out right now: A well-educated 70 year old man writes:

"I am a ZhA^tiavL ujko bttlzveJi in tke. Lo^d, tibz^aXion, eipec-to.^^^ duAXng the. the gang ^ouA, aie. Azceivzd a g^zat do-oX pc/uzcutcon. ThU 6-lt~ uation ought to aVizady 6e clza/i to you, 60 I won't vjcUitz tone eoAfiying on about -it. My lAjhote {^aniity a/iz bzLieven^. Jn the^z my {^tnat yzoA^, I'vz aga^n had thz
ol tUtznlng to thz teachings o^ thz Lo^d and Kzading i>acfizd book^. I have toitzd o^ thz g^acz o^ thz Lo/id. Vu/iing thz cuttufiaZ Kzvolution ouK chuAch 0*04 dz6t/ioyzd. Wow thz^z a^z A.zpoAt6 that thz authofiitiz^ uiitt Kzito^z -it, I hopz {^oa it day and night. Right a^tzh.

ChfiUitmcU) ouA old chuAck

A 47 year old mother writes:

6t<vU&d mze^ting-i and a BZbZe 6tudy agaZn.

gfitatly nte.d youJi help, too


cou/LAe, toe o/ie Allying on tke, LoA,d'6 h&tp, but

"Mow? thoAt -U ih.zzdom tvoAyiokvit {^oK hztCcvz/u. So my lokolt {^amlly, bZg and matt, tikz ZcitenXng to youJi pfiogfiam, and ate willing to join ou/uel.v<ii, to Je6a6. Some jJ^enc/4 m.nt to al&o, but oi yet have not. Why? Becaoie tke,y have not yat met you, Ou^ whole, family li^tcn^ togetheA to youA pAog/iam. SomeXimeJi ^Aiendi come and

listen, too. it ii, ovQA, we diJ>Cii66 it and I zlaboAcutz on it. But my ^Aizndi iiay, 'Sz<ung ii> beltzving.' I have told them that eventually they witl i>uJiely meet

you ^ac.e to ^ace. IjJ you would come, then many would heaA the gospel. In ^act, i^ I had the means, I peA^onalZy would open a chapel that wouldpoint the way to tAuth.
My ^Aiend6 6ay thxt then many would attend and tUten. wWi help " I only hope that the Lo^d The sad thing however is that is it not easy to get into these areas and there is just not enough material to send them in the simplified Chinese script. Those who have only learned the simplified writing have a great deal of difficulty reading the tradi

tional script. All of the Christian books in the simplified script take up less than one foot on my bookshelf. There is no concordance, Bible handbook or dictionary, no books
verifying Christianity, no Sunday school curriculum. No textbooks and no commentaries. We want to do something about this, but publication costs in Hong Kong are high. So we are working out arrangements with Alan Bemo, a missionary among the Chinese of Thai land at a cost of about $2,000, so that they can type the text of materials to be print ed for Mainland China. We are seeking God's guidance in worki ng out all of these arrangements, financing these projects, and preparing the materials for publication and
later distribution.

Finally, we hope you will pray for Mr. and Mrs. Archie Fairbrothers and for Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Anderson who plan to come to the field as new missionaries this year.

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from Gary and Joyce

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On March 9th, 1965, Martin Luther King led that historic inarch through Montgomery, Alabama, in protest of racism. Sixteen years later, on that same day, we weren't in Mont gomery and the issue wasn't segregation, but Sandi became probably the first white child to sit for an entrance exam at any local elementary school in Tuen Mun, this city of over
140,000 people.

Praise God that her attendance in a Chinese school system has not caused any hos

tility, but rathW caused an outpouring of Chinese kindnessand generosityT For example^ as I walked Sandi to school that day, she was understandably nervous, but a father and his two pre-teen daughters out jogging were obviously delighted to see her and said, "Hi, Sandi." I asked her, "Sandi, who were they?" "I don't know," she said. Later I commented to Joyce that that seemed to happen a lot. After school on the way home, a neighbor cou ple asked her to go to lunch with them. Even as I write this, three or four fifth-graders are out in the living room arguing over who is going to get to bring her home from school.

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) is the major Christian broadcaster to China. During 1980 it received 9,320 letters from China. An impressive number until we realized that that rate is only 20 times greater than what the Compass of Truth (COT) radio pro gram is receiving, eventhough FEBC's monthly expenditure is over 68 times greater than
COT's and FEBC is on the air over 300 times longer each week than COT.

Frankly, we praise the Lord that the response to COT has been so phenomenal. At the beginning of this year, I thought we might receive about 500 listeners' letters during 1981, but we have already received over 250. It now looks like the response will be well
over 1,000.

So much could not have been done with so little means had it not been for the Lord's

blessing, especially through many generous people. Several people donate many hours every week to do this work. The space for the studio is donated, even most of the Bibles-and
Christian books we send out are donated by various publishing companies.

COT hopes to enhance what they are broadcasting this year, and to prepare more Bible study helps to send out, and to initiate several trips into China to encourage Christians. But these plans are not without formidable oppositions. China officially re
iterated again this week that "Foreign missionaries no longer operate in China Nor are Bibles and Christian literature printed overseas permitted to enter." Almost as if to em phasize this point, we received four letters this week from listeners who said that what we sent them didn't get through. We hope you will pray to the Lord on their behalf.

Living across the street from a beach as we do, it seems only natural to have baptisms thereuntil a few weeks ago when the government declared their waters too pol
luted to enter. So--we're in the process of having a portable, fiberglass baptistry built To build one would cost $1500. To build ten would cost $540 a piece. So we're also look ing for other churches among Hong Kong's 700 churches that have the same need as us.

_ ]fle have decided to begin the process of incorporating Tuen Mun Christian._ CJiurch, now meeting in our home, under Hong Kong's "Societies and Associations Ordinance." So a constitution is now being worked out with the congregation. Thus the church has a frame work for progressing toward its Christian objectives in an orderly manner, eliminating undue confusion and misunderstanding. Of all institutions on earth, the church ought to have a clear idea of where it's going and how it's going to get there, rather than
wallowing around in the whims of the moment.

Here we are serving the Lord on the field where we believe he wants us. We wouldn't be anywhere else, but we hear of great suffering and need somewhere else, what should we
do? When I read about the famine in Northeast Africa, I was troubled. I looked at our

money. We had set aside an amount for benevolence. Now that Vietnamese refugees were well taken care of in Hong Kong, surely I could send some of this to No. Africa. But to who? I wanted it to go where I knew that not only the lives of people would be saved but

also their souls, I did know of one dedicated couple in the area, Dick and Jane Hamilton. And yes, they were feeding starving people. But what I could give seemed like so little. "Lord, what should I do," "Tell your brethren in Christ." So I told Tuen Mun Christian Church and to my amazement they agreed to give everything in their offering beyond what

they needed each month for their own expenses. One of them shared it with Tuen Mun Baptist Church and they wanted to give a large sum. Then Mong Kok Church of Christ asked to give
some more, too.
of the world."

So far it has come to $840, mostly from Chinese Christians. Jane Hamilton

wrote, "We were overwhelmed, as were our Africa National Christians to see money coming, not only from the Western work where it is expected, but from churches in other parts


Living Expenses Salary

Mission Expenses $1,479.97

115.01 58.73
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Travel abroad fund Research & Books Business travel

276.93 33.76 199.99 29.95 194.11 69.28 597.06 307.70 923.07

Tax & Social Security

Medical Child, School

Office supplies



Phone, Post. & Teleg. Church planting

China Evangelism (COT)

Building Fund




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Lord's Reapers
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from Gary and Joyce

Mak. Chia Payobi. To



Bloomington. Illinois 61701

2 Castle Peak Court 1/F.,
18i A05 miles miico Castle Peak rco^ ^uau Road New Territories, HONG KONG

May, 1981

mr. * mus. hoon wymoue

iBtAMON, 400 Hiuview OlIOON wtvE97355 phone> 503-25s-2M5


We've all been expecting water rationing to start soon, but we weren't ready last Thursday night when the water stopped one hour before eight Chinese couples and their
children descended on our house for their first Mexican meal, hot sauce and all. I hurried to the supermarket and looked for the cheapest drinks they had. They turned out to be car

tons of apple juice.

So I started loading fifty of them into my shopping basket. One lady

watched me for a minute and then asked, "Are they really that good?"
"I don't know," I said, "but the water was just shut off at our house, and we're sup posed to have a party tonight,"

"I understand," she said. "Last week we invited friends over to watch movies, and the electricity went off."

I got back home just as the first guests arrived back onl?

and just as the water came

At Home In Church
Easter Sunday we had about 100 people in our home for the kick-off to our Sunday School, and the response has continued pretty good. Last Sunday 32 were in Sunday School
and 22 in worship.

After the past few harried weeks of this, Joyce and I asked ourselves how the New Testament Christians coped with house-churches. It didn't take long to realize that their homes were designed differently -- bigger, furnishings were less cluttered, and they had
servants to help with housework.

Homes in Hong Kong just aren't like that. In my opinion, a church cannot survive long
there. This is not to belittle the tradition of starting churches in homes. Sometimes

that's the only place we've got. But there's also a long and reasonable tradition of sep arating one's place of work from one's place for family life, including a long tradition of churches having their own quarters -- to the glory of God. However, land prices continue to soar here. While, paradoxically, airline tickets continue to drop; so much so that it is now possible for me to make a round-trip to America for less than it would cost to buy three square feet of floor space in any one of a number of apartment buildings going up around us ($400).

Last week, Anita, a 16-year-old believer who has been attending services in our home
for several weeks was also the first baptism in our home. We designed and ordered two

fiberglass baptistries especially for the space problems in Hong Kong. The baptistries ar^ 27" wide, 74" long and 36" high. A 5-foot-tall man can baptize a 6'4"-tan man in it with out any difficulty, using only 55 gallons of water. We had hoped to make others and sell
them to other churches but this became financially unfeasible, much time away from the ministry. and it was taking too

China: Open And Shut

A few weeks ago one of our coworkers was going into a part of China where we knew of many believers and one preaching elder in particular that we wanted to meet, so we gave our coworker their name and addresses. At the border, soldiers had him empty everything out of his pockets and even empty his wallet. When they saw the list of names and addres ses, they confiscated them, much to our dismay.
So last week, we were a bit apprehensive when one of the Bible college students from the Chinese Christian Seminary, let's call him "Mike", went into another district of China
intending to find the believers we knew of.

In our March newsletter, we quoted a letter from a 70-year-old believer in China, about the church that was soon to open in his area. Mike went to visit him. Mike reported how he rode the bus to the county seat of that area, and met a man riding a bicycle to the

village where the elderly Christian lived. taking turns peddling while the other rode.

He rode with the man to the village, each one It was a two-hour ride.

In the village he was able to find the Christians, since it was a small village of only 300 people. They told him how decades ago a German missionary had come and severalhad accepted Christ. Now there were about 10 remaining believers, all in their seventies. They met regularly in the home of one woman who led them in Bible study and worship. She had their only Bible, a very worn one, and their only hymnal, that was so old that Mike had difficulty reading the archaic Chinese. They were very glad to get the books we sent

along with him.

(So far, books that we have mailed to them have not gotten through.)

The church building that the government had intended to reopen, has indeed been re opened, but it is in the county seat, an arduous journey for these elderly believers, but
they still keep contact with it.

They constrained Mike to have supper with them. Finally it was getting late and he had to get back. But the journey that had taken two hours in the daylight, now took five
hours in the dark.

Without any other incident, Mike was able to return home.

willingness and determination.

We praise the Lord for his

Visas For Newcomers

It is not as easy as it used to be to get a visa to be a missionary in Hong Kong. We now have to prove to this nonChristian government that the missionary is coming to fill a job that needs to be filled, and that it is not a job that a Chinese could fill. We would appreciate your prayers for this. Still , it is good for us to ask ourselves these ques
tions, to be the best stewards possible fo what God has given us.

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from Gary and Joyce

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July, 1981

#2 Castle Peak Court 1/F.,

18i miles Castle Peak Road New Territories, HONG KONG



PHONE; 503-258.2865

Hong Kong's tropical climate is ideal for plants, but its asphalt jungle makes a lit tle greenery a prized possession. In fact, an apartment is hardly a home without plenty of
potted plants.

I was standing on a back street in the city waiting for a bus recently, when I looked up at the old building across the street. There on the third floor was an ordinary window box, but out of it was growing a lush, green tree! The tree had three or four main limbs that shot up at least 12 feet and extended out over at least one lane of traffic. The apartment seemed abandoned. I wondered whether the tree had taken over, and the owner had
to flee God's love is like that: it falls into the most cement-hard hearts and

cultures to take root and grow and grow until the former masters must flee

And Hong Kong has many masters, particularly in education. From this September until August, 1982, while Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rees are on furlough, I will be the acting Superintendent of the Hong Kong Church of Christ kindergarten. Yet, naive foreigner that I am, I only recently realized what goes on in Hong Kong's schools. Most schools may not be run primarily to educate. Each school has its own ulterior motives. Education is not strictly an end, but a means to attaining another end,
not always self-evident.

For example, the Catholics operate schools in hopes of making more Catholics, the
Protestants similarly, and the Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianists, Communists, Taiwanese, etc., and quite a few schools operate as investment opportunities to clear a profit!

Anita, who was recently baptized in our home, attends a Catholic high school. She said that at her school, if a student does something wrong, the punishment may be to kneel for a half hour or more before a statue of Mary asking for forgiveness or repeating Hail Mary's. Shortly after Anita was baptized, a teacher tried for two hours to convince her of the fallacies of Christianity. Anita told me, "Before I became a Christian, it was only
natural that I should become a Catholic since I was attending a Catholic school, but I no ticed that many who became Catholic later slipped away, often becoming Christians, but seldom did a Christian later become a Catholic. I wondered why. Now I know."

Catholic Maoist-Christian
When Sandi applied for kindergarten, the forms were to be sent to the offices of the Queen of Heaven cult. So I called and asked, "Just who is running this school?"
They said, "It's privately run." "Isn't it run by the Queen of Heaven Society?" I asked.
"Oh, no," they said.

She started school and the textbooks gave no indication of a bias. Even the Christmas

story was pretty good.

Then I noticed Crucifixes hanging in each room.

But they were

Later on,

her teacher told us it was a Catholic school.

low-key that it seemed

harmless. One day, I was walking with a Chinese friend to pick up Sandi from school. When the school bell rang, the friend said, "Well, now they will either sing a song or say their prayers." The next week, I learned how Sandi's class daily stands for prayer
and then cross themselves.

ted that she was white, from a Christian home, and the preferences of schools from one lo
five. She took her entrance exam to the first school and failed, so the govern

Most recently, Sandi applied to enter elementary school.

On her form it indica

ment assigned her to a Taoist school. The Taoists are the main practicers of fortune-tel ling, soothsaying and necromancy in Hong Kong. In that school she would have to daily
memorize passages from the Taoist sacred writings.

So we asked the principal of a Salvation Army school if there was any way Sandi could go there, but he would not help for fear of angering other principals. Finally, another Christian school principal welcomed her, and she is to attend there this fall. Until these things happened, we had no real empathy for what other parents and chil
dren in Hong Kong go through.

Donna Burn's, a senior at Puget Sound College of the Bible, just arrived to spend the
summer with us, and a busy summer it will be, too.

Peter Fong, a senior at San Jose Bible College arrives in three days for a two-month

The Wayfull Jew family go on furlough in five days.

Four more interns and professor A1 Hammond from San Jose Bible College will arrive on
July 28th for a couple of weeks of learning.

Please Pray
...Donna's father, Dan, entered the hospital shortly before she left the states, to
check out his heart.

...Al Hammond's wife, Eleanor, just had cancer surgery.

...Dwain and Becky Anderson need to join the mission team here the first of August, but they are still several hundred dollars short in monthly support.
...That Tuen Mun Christian Church will continue to thrive and grow.

...That funds will be raised to purchase better facilities than our home for Tuen Mun
Christian Church. Eastview Christian Church has given us permission and encouragement to

seek to borrow $100,000 from you, our supporters, for the purpose of purchasing facilities You may have already received a letter from me about this, or may soon receive one.

...As of August first, the rent on Mong Kok Church of Christ facilities will jump
from about $415 per month to nearly $1,000 per month.

Below is a photo of all the missionaries we now work with in Hong Kong. At the end of May we held our first joint retreat. It was a good beginning step in coordinating our ef

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POSTMASTER Send adOreSS lo Ihe Eastview Christum Clurch 1705 Towanda Ave Bloominglon. Ill 61701



Gary and Joyce Anderson


2 Castle Peak Court 1/F., I8V2 miles Castle Peak Road,

New Territories, Hong Kong.

je(: 0-804774






1705 Towanda Avenue




HILLVIEW DRIVE 503-258-2865

Bloomington, Illinois 61701



.. .INTERN...
WOWl Where did the summer go!?l The highlight of the
summer was hosting six Bible college interns and a chaperone from the States.

Our trip to China was quite an experience.
We were able to visit

First, Donna Burris from Puget Sound College of the

Bible stayed 11 weeks with us. Donna came in order to

gain an understanding of Hong Kong


culture and mission

with a couple of Chinese pastors there and better

understand their situation.

work, to take a swing at Christian service in this cul

ture, to help us in our work and to fulfill her college

This is a popular form of student internship. It can be a priceless maturing experience for the right student without being an undue burden on the missionary if work schedule and financial responsibilities are clearly spelled out and diligently adhered to just as if they
were in any other job. Then there will be a real sense

At least five churches

have been publicly reopened within range of our radio program besides countless preaching poi.nts. Since
these churches are all run

of achievement and still plenty of time for fun.

ning at capacity, it is ex pected that the government will pay for therennovation and reopening of at
least 4 more within the

.. Short-term. ..
Peter Fong of San Jose Bible College spent seven weeks here on a similar internship. Being a ChineseAnerican however there was the added interest of return

ing to the city of his early boyhood. He also came part ly to fulfill a specific job need at Green Meadows Work
er's Lounge. He was hardly any trouble at all, since his relatives took excellent care of him, and Dave and Lynn Poling supervised much of his work. Coming to the field for a set time to do a specific short-term job is an excellent opportunity for many skilled people, preachers and Bible-college professors. Besides accomplishing a worthwhile job, their understand ing is broadened to sympathize with another people dif
ferent than themselves.

Part of our trip was by bus through farmland, so we saw every phase of rice fanning: fallow fields, fields being plowed by wa
ter buffalo, seed beds be

ing sown by hand, young shoots coming up, seedlings being taken from the beds and replanted by hand, har vesting the ripened grain with handsickles, threshing it right in the fields with treddle-run threshingmachines about the size of

A1 Hammond, mission professor at San Jose Bible Col lege, was to chaperone the last group of interns here, but now that his wife Eleanor is taking chemotherapy, we all agreed it was best he stay with her. So Don Byers, minister and former missionary to Thailand, filled in on short notice as an excellent chaperone, who kept their trip on a high spiritual plane.

3 apple crate, bundling the straw, drying it for fuel for cooking, whinnowing and drying the grain on the whinnowing floor, and covering it with plastic sheets to keep it dry. We visited the
home and memorial

of Dr.

Sun Yat Sen,

least as much

revered at
as we revere

They were only here 19 days, so it is hardly an in ternship but only a tour, yet it still had excellent value. They had time to put on 8 programs, personally
see all the churches and a brief overview of the history

George Washington by Chi

nese the world over as the Founder of modern China.

of Chinese missions and spend four days inside Ccmmunist


As Don Byers wrote: "I believe what this internship program was intended to accomplish was accomplished in the lives of these four young people. ... They experi enced the frustration of seeing masses seemingly content of people satisfied with their paganism, of missionary families struggling with living in one of the most expen

What is sometimes forgotten is that the greatachievements of his l i f e and the lives of his wife and her

sive living places in the world, of receptive people

turning away from the Lord because of family pressures, the physical discomforts of heat, high humidity, and questionable food. But they also caught the confidence and faith of missionaries...and laughed, played, and worshipped with Christian young people. Friendships were established that will last a long time..."And they fully

sister, Madame Chiang Kai Shek, sprang from their firm belief in God and the digni ty of man as taught in the

We also went up the Pearl River to Guangzhou

(Canton) by hoovercraf t. I
have never seen so many shipsand oil tankers be

paid their own way at a cost of less than $900 each.

This is an excellent type of tour for: a. b. c.

The missions leader of a congregation consider ing supporting this field in a major way. The major supporters of our missions. Anyone considering promoting some major project
in this area. Someone committed to full-time Christian service

We saw thousands of peo

ple, but only a half-dozen cats, a couple of dogs and 'not one single wild bird-not
so much as one sparrow.
These had to be eliminated survival.

but having difficulty deciding where.

because they ate food essen

When Dwain and Becky Anderson join us on the field
at the end of October, the Lord willing, we will be helping with another type of internship, "apprentice

tial for human

Starvation is now
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ship", because they are already committed to the field and only want help getting their feet on the ground be fore they strike out on their own. We hope we can help them get well-adjusted as quickly as possible so that they will not get discouraged and give up.

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ONLY $92,339 TO GO
With Donna's help we've been able to send out more than 400 letters to many of you on our mailing list for personal loans. The building fund now stands at

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$7,661 so there's still quite a ways to go.

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Gary and Joyce Anderson


2 Castle Peak Court 1/F., I8V2 miles Castle Peak Road, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel: 0-804774




(Nov. 13, 1981): The


1705 Towanda Avenue

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PHONE: 503-258-2B65

applications to take over the running of a kindergarten in one of Hong Kong's major
housing complexes, Choi Hung Estate.

Hong Kong

Housing Authority





Gary is acting superintendent of the Hong Kong Christian School Kindergarten owned by Christian Education Association of the Orient. So on their behalf, he is now investigating this opportunity and preparing to submit application before the November
27th deadline.

organization they choose will have to take over February 1st, 1982.

the organization it feels will do the best job of operating the kindergarten.

After that, the Housing Authority will weigh the merits of each application and select


Operating such a kindergarten is a rare and valuable opportunity because the premises can be used for church activities whenever kindergarten is not in session. We
are particularly interested in this place for the following reasons: 1. It has an area of over 4,700 sq. ft.; 70% larger than the largest facility of any

of any of our 5 congregations!

opening a new one, much of the headache of acquiring proper furnishings is eliminated.
members in that area that might form a nucleus.

2. 3.

In regards to both transportation and population, it is ideally located. Since in this case an existing kindergarten is being taken over rather than The only two of our five congregations which is fully self-governing both have

5. The Compass of Truth Correspondence Course has several hundred students and
former students in that area.

the school.' We also pray that if God should deign to grant us this responsibility, then Ho will mightily strengthen us to rise to the occasion.

Since operating such a kindergarten is a rare opportunity, churches and community groups throughout Hong Kong will be submitting applications. Competition is stiff. SO we urgently pray, and hope you will too, that the best group in God's opinion will get

We dare not underestimate the need to rely on God by means of prayer.
and with Aaron and Hur went to a hilltop to meet God.


Amalek attacked the Hebrews in the wilderness (Ex. 17:8-13), Joshua grabbed his sword and with select men went out to meet Amalek in battle. Moses grabbed the staff of God

Joshua, the Bible says, overwhelmed Amalek with the sword, but only as Moses held

his hand up, indicating their dependence on God, did Israel prevail. Joshua was strong and young - about thirty. He and his warriors belonged in the thick of the battle, not on a hilltop. Moses, Aaron and probably Hur were in their


They did not belong in the battle. They belonged on a hilltop - where God

used them to defeat Amalek.

Chinese missions need many more able workers who are willing to put ^their

livelihood, their lives and even their faith within a sword's-stroke of destruction in the

struggle against evil. But even more it needs warriors of faith who are vigilant in prayer. If you or a friend would like to know how you can help, please write me!


See how God has already worked among those who have depended on Him in prayer;

Four years ago, the Hong Kong Christians with whom we work, had little clear

understanding of brethren in China. But now, over 43 visits have helped bridge that gap. And this week, our Compass of Truth Radio Program (16 months old) just received
its 1,000th letter from Chinese listeners. Moreover, the 552nd person started the

Compass of Truth Bible Correspondence Course and the 348th child started the Playground of Truth Correspondence Course through our office. The past three weeks have seen record attendances at Tuen Mun Christian Church in our home, eventhrough one of our main families has been sick, and another main family gave birth to a healthy baby girl Sunday morning. Although the highest attendance at any one service was only 21 last Sunday, a total of 55 different people attended at least
one service, and the Building Fund just broke $10,000. In China, there was hardly a single open church four years ago.
Now there are

over 50 publicly open.

Connected to some of these churches are dozens of house

-.churches, not to mention hundreds of house churches that are not connected to anything.

They call themselves just "Christians", and since they come from a variety of doctrinal stances, generally allow freedom of practice according to how one honestly understands
the Bible.

For example, they may either be immersed or sprinkled.

Yet, according to

reports we've seen, most are immersed, seemingly to feel that this is the more Christian
Also, thanks to the Chinese government and several publishing companies over the

past few years, about one million more Chinese Bibles and New Testaments are now in use in China. Still, probably only one in ten active believers has his own Bible. A rapidly growing need is for top-notch Bible helps. There is no substitute for reading the Bible, but it's all the better with added helps, just as food is better when properly cooked. Many parts of the Bible will not be easily understood without help.
Even a well-educated man like the national treasurer of Ethiopia said, "How can I

understand it unless someone guides me?" (Acts 8:30) Please pray that this need will be met. Ben Rees is now writing a correspondence course on "How to Study the Bible" that
we hope will be published by Februarv.

Dwain and Becky Anderson and their two children, Sara and Mark, made it safely to the field on October 25th. We enjoyed their stay with us until November 13th, when

their apartment was furnished enough for them to move in.

4/f Bong Hing Bldg, Apt. E,
6-20 Sui On Street,

Their address is:

Tai Po Market, New Territories, Hong Kong

Telephone No:


Most of their first two years will be spent learning the language and culture.


present, they're having difficulty finding a kindergarten vacancy for Sara and day care for Mark. Please pray that everything will work out so that they can effectively serve

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