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We dont inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

The year of Value for Money

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
Warren Buffett


This year presented exciting new changes to Hisense South Africa. During the 1st quarter of 2013 Hisense SA opened a full-fledged regional office in Century City, Cape Town. The new office supports our long term strategy to expand its footprint throughout South Africa. The new regional office will incorporate all core business units to support the strategic and operational plan we will pursue over the next few years. All of the above will support Hisense to deliver better value and service to our channel partners, agents and customers. Now on the South African economic environment, the state of the South African economy can project different views and opinions depending on which industry you are operating within. According to Rand Merchant Bank and the Bureau for Economic Research, the retail sector has shown deterioration over the last quarter, this can be attributed to higher inflation (especially food, electricity, transportation cost). These developments have placed households under immense pressure. This presents both challenges and opportunities for our businesses as consumers are actively seeking value for money purchases. We believe that through our long term strategy we are highly geared to offer value for money. Before touching on the specifics in relation to our business being perfectly positioned to offer value for money during these challenging times, we would like to touch on another important statistic highlighted by RMB/BER. The Business Confidence Index (BCI) highlighted one particular point we would like to extract from their research. They highlighted that the BCI has seen an increase in business confidence during Q1 in 2013 almost close to the same peak seen 2 years ago. We are optimistic that trading conditions will improve over the next few quarters and support the notion that there are significant opportunities for growth. Before closing off, we would like to share an important development with you. We conducted an extensive feasibility study over the last 18 months to fully explore how we can improve the competitiveness of our business in the South African market. At the end of this study, it directed us to build a world class manufacturing plant for both our refrigerators and flat panel TVs. We then decided to go ahead and are proud to announce that we will launch the new plant on the 6 June 2013. The new plant is located in Atlantis, Cape Town. The plant covers 25 200m2 under roof. We are truly confident that the recent investment in South Africa ensures that we are in a great position to offer our channel partners, agents and customers Value for Money.

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Add unprecedented style and sophistication to any decor with the latest in home appliance technology from Hisense.
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Simply Smart
Change the way you experience television with Hisense.

ULTRA HD LED TV 3840 x 2160 Resolution


Hisense Global

ounded in 1969 as a small radio factory in China, Hisense has grown into a multi billion dollar global conglomerate with a workforce of over 60,000 employees world-wide.

In addition, Hisense has strategic partnerships with trusted global corporations such as IBM, Hitachi and Whirlpool for the development and marketing of various products and services. Technology, Quality, Integrity and Responsibility are the four elements of Hisense. Over the years, Hisense has developed energy-saving products that are environmentally friendly and has supported more than 2000 primary schools in under developed and disaster-impacted regions throughout China. Pursuing healthy operations, top quality and honesty has won the respect and loyalty of our business partners. Hisense will continue to do its best in improving humanity.

The company is a world leader in the development of flat panel TVs, household appliances and mobile communication devices. It is recognized as a global top 10 player by the business intelligence industry and research institutions alike. Hisense is a household name in China and has been the countrys market leader in flat-panel TV development for eight consecutive years since 2004. With 19 production facilities and 6 R&D centers around the globe, Hisense has positioned its regional headquarters in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. Hisenses products are sold in more than 130 countries, with sales revenues reaching US$ 12.8 billion in 2012.

Hisense R&D Center

Hisense South Africa

isense SA Development Enterprise (PTY) Ltd. entered the South African market in 1996. The company is based in Midrand, Johannesburg, and has a branch in

Hisense South African Electric and Home Appliance factory in Atlantis industrial park, Cape Town, which is geared towards producing 400 000 refrigerators and televisions per annum. Our continuous efforts over the last 16 years have helped grow Hisenses LED TV and refrigeration market share by 25% and 14% respectively. This signifies Hisenses presence in the region, being rated third in the market place, behind local brands KIC- Whirlpool and DEFY- BEKO/ARCELIK for refrigeration. Moreover, to compliments Hisense SAs existing product range, new categories were launched during 2012 that include the production of washing machines and mobile communication devices. With our Eco-friendly and energy saving product range, Hisense will continue to offer its reimagine your life products to the South African consumer.

Century City, Cape Town. Hisense SA. has a national footprint with offices in the countrys 4 major centers, allowing the company to distribute its products to over 3,000 chain stores and 500 home appliance franchise stores. In addition, its products are exported to more than 10 countries in the neighbouring regions, including Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho. The Hisense TV production base in Garankwa covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters and has a production capacity of 200,000 units per year. In July 2012, Hisense invested an additional US$ 250 million to buy and develop the

Hisense Industrial Park in Cape Town

Hisense South African Electric and Home Appliance factory. Geared towards producing 400 000 refrigerators and televisions per annum.

Hisense 55 TV ranked first in the South African market, Refrigerators maintain aggressive growth
According to the GFK report Hisense is ranked as the market leader, in terms of unit sales, in the 55 LED television brand category in South Africa. Market share for the product has increased by an impressive 23 percent from March 2012 to March 2013, eclipsing its competitors by capturing 41 percent of the market. This indicates the markets growing perception of Hisense developing into a premium brand. Hisense has pioneered television development in China. In order to continuously provide the market with improved products, we have launched our ultra HD LED screen, 4Kx2K, making the visual experience four times clearer than full HD 1080p. Another flagship product developed by Hisense is the worlds largest high definition, 110 LED TV. This has been launched in China and the USA, while South Africa is designated to be the next destination this master-piece is show cased! Hisense is proud to offer its clients cutting edge technology Hisense has also had considerable success in the refrigerator category in South Africa. The market share of Hisense refrigerators has grown from 8 percent to 14 percent from January 2012 to January 2013, ranking third only to local and top quality products at competitive prices. The features attributed to our products include touch control, frost free technology, and optional panel designs (such as red, black or mirror), enabling you to select the right size, functionality and design for your home. With our intention of offering consumers game changing technology, Hisenses vast product range is developed to suite consumers lifestyles and bring about convenience. Our offering includes our triple and double door refrigerators, as well as Hisenses premium range French door and side by side series. brands KIC and Defy. With the first half of 2013 drawing to a close, Hisense is proud to report a growth rate of 37 percent in terms of value.

Hisense VIDAA TV Unveiled

Hisense debuts VIDAA Transformative User Interface for SMART TV: encourages Leaning Back instead of Leaning In

eijing, China, April 17, 2013 With the introduction today of VIDAA, a stunningly simple, elegant and yet immensely powerful User Interface (UI) for Smart TV,

and image performance.

The four silos are designated

by a specific button on the remote, representing Live TV, Video On Demand, Media Center for personal content, and Applications. Users can easily navigate among the silos and view uninterrupted content as images slide into view. This new type of user interface was designed to align with the passive nature of the 10-foot, lean back experience, which favors consumption-friendly TV over complicated and controlled interaction. Commenting on the launch, the Chairman of Hisense Group Zhou Houjian said, Today Hisense has re-invented Smart TV. Our goal, based on comprehensive behavioral and technology research, is to simplify the act of accessing content and

Hisense is providing easy, intuitive operation of advanced Smart TV features and functionality. VIDAA simplifies and enhances a passive, lean-back consumer experience with a new simplified remote control, intuitive channel surfing and four distinct content silos that make it easier for all members of a household to access desired content. At a major launch here today, Hisense is providing the global consumer electronics community and end-users across the world with the first look at what it promises will be the best-balanced coupling of connectivity, functionality

reduce it from a complex cognitive process to almost a reflex! Statistics show that global shipments of Smart TVs exceeded 50 million sets in 2012 and are expected to increase three-fold to 150 million sets by 2015. Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Hisense believes that VIDAA is the peak of intelligence in the industry and will become the new standard for the category. VIDAA TV is an interface designed and engineered by Jamdeo, an innovative joint venture company founded by Hisense and based in Toronto, Canada. Although initially launching in China this week, all indications point to a Q1 2014 North America launch for VIDAA TV!

Marketing Network

Layout of Overseas R&D Centers Production Bases and Subsidiaries

Overseas Production Base Overseas Subsidiary R&D Center Countries and Regions of Exported Products  Sales Office
Around the world, Hisense has four production bases in South Africa, Algeria and Egypt; R&D centers in the USA and EU; and sales companies and offices in the USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. The products are exported to over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.

Hisense U-LED Debuts at 2013 CES

AS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 8 in Las Vegas, Hisense unveiled its highly-anticipated U-LED TV at CES, the worlds largest consumer

New products on display at the 2013 CES confirmed the overall acceptance and industry wide move towards TVs that are increasingly widescreen and HD as well as application systems-intelligent. Considering the inability of large-scale commercialization of super-HD OLED and UHD TVs due to the high prices, Hisenses U-LED can match OLED TVs in terms of quality at a price only slightly higher than a LED TVs. Following the 2013 CES, Hisenses U-LED will be available in Central America to meet demands of high-end users. Hisenses U-LED is expected to be honored with the Display Technology Innovation Award for Year 2012 at CES.

electronics exhibition. Building on the LED display, U-LED (the U is for Ultra, defining the displays superior contrast, definition and colour gamut, among other features) achieves unprecedented display effects through software and hardware optimization, delivering better contrast, wider colour gamut, higher definition and faster speed. At the expo, journalists found that U-LED far outperforms LED in terms of dark field, image quality and colour gamut when displaying the same content.

From the desk of Mr Johan Windt from Haas Das Audio, our Hisense Concept Store, in Mosselbay


ur business was started in 1975 in Port Elizabeth and opened in Mossel Bay in January 2004. We are very excited to be associated with the Hisense brand

During the last 6 months we could see that our Hisense sales have increased and in general so did market share for the product in our area. We are thankful for the support we received and also in the confidence that they showed in our company by investing in our showroom. We had a very successful opening function the 16th of November 2012 that was well attended. The attendees were very impressed with the products on display and all enjoyed the company of Jerry and others from Hisense.

and are very positive about our Sales and Service business activities that we have to offer. We like to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a one stop shop where the customer can purchase the product and also have the confidence in the company to also provide after-sales service and repairs.

We at Haas Das believes that even though we have tough challenges to face in the future together we can still grow and have a role to play in educating , enriching and expanding our customer base by proving good quality products and service. Hisense also helped with sponsorship for the South African

Biathlon and Biathlo championships held in Oudtshoorn on the 22nd of March 2013. Two of our staff members were placed 4th and 7th in the Biathlon and one received silver in the Biathlo.

We just want to use this opportunity to again thank HISENSE and in particular Mr. Jerry Liu and Mr. Tony Shi for their sponsorship this contribution elevated the championships to another level. On behalf of SA & SWD Biathlon we again want to say thank you!
- Thank You Letter from Dave van der Walt (Vice President SA Biathlon)


Hisense Dazzles at the World Largest Fair with a Focus on Smart and Ultra High Definition Technologies

n April 15th, Hisense showed a variety of the latest products at the 113th Canton Fair including its U-LED TV, UHD TV, Smart Air conditioner, Large Capacity

Hisense has always focused on technology and innovation. With the relentless pursuit of technology and product quality, Hisenses market share has been ranked first for nine consecutive years in China. In the global market, Hisense has achieved excellent results. In the first quarter of 2013, the sales revenue of Hisense branded products in Australia has increase by 51.77% while Hisense TVs and refrigerators both rose more than 60%. In the European market, Hisense sales have increased by 45.11%. In particular, Hisenses TV sales revenue has increased by several folds in the Spanish market. Hisense also achieved significant growth in other markets. Dr. Lin Lan also said that Hisense will firmly seize the opportunities and changes of the household appliance industry and improve the competitiveness of Hisense products so that the Hisense brand will be ranked as a TopThree brand in the global market within the next three years.

Refrigerator, and other exciting products. These new products attracted the attention of many visitors by its fine quality and user-friendly experience. Dr. Lan Lin, the Vice President of Hisense who is in charge of overseas markets, stated that there are two major trends in the home appliance industry that are inevitable: larger screens and high definition of TVs; and Smart operating systems. Hisense has made tremendous efforts to strengthen its R&D capabilities and technological innovation while also actively cooperating with many overseas professional teams. Hisense has released its UHD and U-LED TVs to meet the high-end consumer needs. Meanwhile, Hisense has also developed Smart refrigerator and Smart air conditioner to promote Hisense Smart Strategy.


Hisense donates an energy efficient, Eco-friendly fridge to the penguins

ith 300 baby penguins in need of assistance and a refrigerator on the brink of collapse, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of

Hisense Director, Jerry Liu said Hisense South Africa is glad to have this opportunity to be a donor for this worthy cause. Our factory in the Western Cape has been established, which will improve local employment rates and our Eco-friendly and energy saving products will contribution to the preservation and protection of the environment. We are the leader in inventor technology and this fridge model is part of our signature Eco-friendly range, supporting greener lifestyles. This event is just the start for us; Hisense will continue to support SANCCOB and other worthy organisations in the future. Nils Flaatten, Wesgro CEO said Wesgro was passionate about creating a sustainable environment and creating real impact in the communities in which the organisations worked. By facilitating a good corporate like Hisense, we can improve the Western Capes overall competitive edge in terms of attracting and retaining investors, clients and employees in the long term. We are privileged to be in a position to inspire collaborations between the private and public sectors. Guests in attendance participated in a tour of the SANCCOB facility after the official handover.

Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) put out an appeal for assistance. Wesgro, the Western Cape Tourism Trade and Investment Agency, put out feelers into their network of businesses and Hisense South Africa, a global leader in home appliance technology, came to SANCCOBs rescue with a brand new energy efficient, Eco-friendly 730L double door fridge. On Wednesday, Councilor Kenneth Kempthorne, Chair Energy and Climate Change Committee, City of Cape Town and Jerry Liu, the Director of Hisense South Africa, handed over the fridge to SANCCOB, at their Tableview premises. Executive Director for SANCCOB, Margaret Roestorf said: As a non-profit organization, SANCCOB often relies on inkind donations to keep our doors open 365-days a year. Without the assistance from kind-hearted organisations like Wesgro and Hisense, our conservation and rehabilitation efforts would not have been possible. With our old fridge breaking down, we were ecstatic when the management team at Hisense answered our public call for a replacement.


CAD Fund and Hisense jointly Invest in South Africa Appliance Industrial Park

China-Africa Development Fund

the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation on the November 4th , 2006. It is a fund which aims to support Chinese companies to develop the cooperation with Africa and enter the African market. On June 26th , 2007, CADFund hold the opening ceremony as the first fund which was announced to set up by Chinese President and cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony by the leaders of State Council. Also it is the first fund focused specially on investing to Africa with the biggest scale among PE funds. The Chinese government officially approved the establishment of the CADFund, with first-phase funding, USD 1 billion, provided by China Development Bank, and will eventually reach USD 5 billion.

he China-Africa Development Fund (CADFund) is one of the Eight Measures which was announced by Chinese President Hu Jintao at the Beijing Summit of

CADFund independently operated and based on market economy principles. Under a standardized corporate governance structure, CADFund will appoint a specialized team to manage CADFund. China Development Bank (CDB), the shareholder, has a great wealth of experience in project review and management and is backed up with sound expert resources. Having invested in five funds and three specialized fund management companies, the bank has developed sophisticated fund management and risk control systems. CDB has accumulated profound experience vis-vis investing in Africa through its Going Global initiative. CDB, by virtue of its overall resources and advantages, will provide a high level of professional support for CADFund.


Ethiopia Leather Factory invested by CAD Fund

Africa World Airlines sponsored by CAD Fund

Cotton plant in Malawi project Invested by CAD Fund

Premium Brand Hisense escalates activity with Dion Wired and Hirschs

fter more than two years spent developing the local market, Hisense is experiencing considerable growth in the uptake of their products. Our success has

Due to the excellent collaboration, Hisense and Hirschs have teamed up to run promotions in celebrating the opening of Hisenses new factory in Cape Town. As one of our strategic partners, Hisense looks forward to growing the volume of business done with Hirschs. Hirschs currently stocks our television, refrigeration and small home appliance range.
MAIN PICTURE: General Manager for Hisense South Africa, Mr Jerry Liu, Accepts the award for Exceptional Sales and Profit Growth from Dion wired as part of the groups Blue Carpet event. BOTTOM RIGHT: Allan and Margeret Hirsch of Hirschs.

been as a result of our ability to deliver service and product excellence. Two retailers that have experienced this growth first-hand are Dion Wired and Hirschs. Hisense entered the Dion Wired group in 2011, listing the Hisense pigeon pair refrigeration and a 60L bar fridge, which marked the beginning of what was to be an exceptionally fruitful relationship. Our growth to the end of 2012 with the group has been a resounding 171.8% for the Hisense brand! The group now carries Hisense televisions and white goods in addition to our high-end refrigeration range. Hisense also joined the Hirschs family in 2012, by entering its Cape Town based Milnerton store. Because of the synergies between the brands, there has been a snowball effect transpiring in Hisense being rolled out in Hirsch stores nationally. Currently, Hisense is stocked in four of their Gauteng stores, two in Kwazulu Natal and one in Cape Town, with the vision of having a presence in all of their stores by the end of July 2013.


Hisense Shows & Expos

s we continued from where we had left off in the year 2012 we touched the road running with our cutting edge state of the art stand that blew off the roof top

one of the most unique Brands. Not only that but our Smart products e.g. the cell phones and the TVs where a great Candy to the consumers including the Premier of Western Cape Hellen Zille who spent some time on our stand admiring the innovation and the Great Giant steps we have taken in Changing the lives of the South African people. That also presented a great Platform for us to show her all that Hisense products can do. Our Cell Phones seems to be taking the market by storm as many people admired and purchased them and they are looking forward to have all the ranges in all the outlets for easy access for them. This was the tipping point for us to show the Consumers that we are relevant to the Market needs and we are very aggressive in making sure that they get the best value for their money without compromising the standard. The refrigerators are always doing well in sales and with the fact that we are not scared to break the norm and giving our consumers a variety of choices in colour and making sure we have a LIFE RE- Imagined for them.

at the Home Makers show, which was held at the Coca cola Dome south of Gauteng. Having to scoop the Golden Award which was a first an exhibition stand has ever archived in our Hisense South Africa shows which we have attended this far, out of the over 300 stands that where exhibiting. This achievement boosted our spirits to say we on the right track and therefore we are taking our rightful place being the market leaders. The great layout of our products made this a talking point for all the consumers that attended the show. This year in all our Major shows we are in collaboration with the Hirsch brand which has given us an opportunity to solidify our top end accreditation for those consumers that seek to furnish their Homes with the Hisense Brand. The year 2013 has been great this far as we saw Hisense getting a certificate of excellence award from Decorex Cape town and making us


Hisense and Mercedes Benz join to promote mega brands

oppy and her two sons arrived at Mercedes Benz Menlyn at 11:30 on Friday the 25th of January 2013. You could feel the excitement in the air. This was truly

from October 2012 December 2012, and entailed that any participant spending over R5000 on Hisense products would stand the chance of winning the Mercedes Benz C200 valued at R400 000! While Hisense made a difference to Poppy Kungwanes life via the Mercedes Benz, the eight weekly winners received a share of the cash prize valued at R250 000. We would like to thank all our partners for making this dream a reality for the Kungwane family, and once again congratulate all of our winners!

a dream-come-true for the Kungwane family. The moment Poppy saw her Mercedes Benz C Class parked on the floor she burst out in tears. With our passion to continuously add value to peoples lives, Hisense recently partnered with Mercedes Benz to roll out its lucky draw competition. Hisense also teamed up with the likes of Game, Hi-Fi Corporation, Hirschs and Pick n Pay to market the promotion nationally. The campaign, which ran


Entertainment Redefined


Introducing the Hisense XT900 110, the Worlds Largest UHD LED TV.


Its MUCH BIGGER than me!

Visit for more information.

Terms and conditions apply.


Here co Heavy



4Kx2K High definition 3840x2160 Resolution 3D LED TV SMR400Hz Smart TV WIFI Dongle Built in DLNA Compliance (DMP) Connected TV 2D TO 3D conversion Active Glasses Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio Crystal Design Energy Saving Swivel Stand Super Clear LED panel Enhanced Colour Imaging 3D Digital Comb Filter Sleep Timer USB 2.0x3 HDMI 1.4a Input x 4 Five-band Equalizer

me the Hitters


FULL HD 3D SMART LED TV - XT780 & K610 Series


Full High definition 1920 x 1080 Resolution 3D LED TV SMR400Hz Smart TV WIFI Dongle Built in DLNA Compliance (DMP) Connected TV 2D TO 3D conversion Active Glasses Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio Crystal Design Energy Saving Swivel Stand Super Clear LED panel Enhanced Colour Imaging 3D Digital Comb Filter Sleep Timer USB 2.0 x 3 HDMI 1.4a Input x 4 Five-band Equalizer

Hisense launches Sero 7 LT and NVIDIA Tegra 3-Powered Sero 7 PRO Android Tablets exclusively at Walmart


Hisense today entered the tablet marketplace with the Sero 7 Series, delivering category-leading battery performance, stunning screen quality and exceptional

value. The Hisense Sero 7 PRO ($149) and the Sero 7 LT ($99) are available in Walmart stores and on on May

NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 7 inch, 1280 x 800 IPS display 1GB of RAM 8GB of on-board memory 2.0MP front camera  5.0MP rear camera with flash and auto-focus Mini HDMI, SD, and USB ports 10-hour battery life - Twonky Beam, which allows users to share local and Internet resources with other equipment via a DLNA network  Built-in NFC (Near Field Communications) to share pictures, playlists and videos clips Bluetooth enabled, providing secure transmission of data to and from devices

Hisense is proud to introduce cutting-edge tablet technology that is accessible to the broadest demographic, with unmatched performance in the current market landscape, said Jonathan Frank, Vice President of Marketing, Hisense USA. Our new Hisense Sero 7 tablets provide Walmart customers with an attractive, robust and highly powerful entertainment, communication and productivity tool. In addition to being Google Play certified which provides users with an almost-endless array of apps, games and more, the Hisense Sero 7 tablets come preinstalled with VUDU,,, Nook eReader, Pandora Internet Music, Facebook and NVIDAs TegraZone applications. Tegra 3s quad-core processor and fifth battery saver core deliver outstanding performance and amazing battery life, said John Lonergan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Americas, NVIDIA. The Hisense Sero 7 PRO, powered by Tegra 3, functions effortlessly with battery-saving technology and brilliant graphic capabilities, providing an amazing experience at a fantastic price for consumers. Driven by enthusiastic, technology-loving consumers combined with dynamic and progressive app stores, the tablet has quickly evolved from a standalone computing device into a highly connected, eminently-useful component of the home ecosystem. As one of the largest and most advanced true CE manufacturers with offerings in entertainment, communication, HVAC and white goods its fitting that Hisense makes a strong showing in the tablet sector and todays introduction of Sero 7 comprehensively achieves this goal! concluded Frank. Source:


Technically Brilliant
Experience the latest in mobile technology with Hisense Smart Phones


Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) 5.0 QHD Multi-touch Screen Qualcomm Quad Core, 1.2GHz Processor 3D Accelerate for fast gaming 4GB on board memory, Extended Memory Optional (SD card slot Support s up to32G) 2250mAH battery 8.0M HD Camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash Front 0.3M (FF) Camera WIFI 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 3.0

50, 42, 39,& 32 LED TV

U 909
Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) 4.0 Multi- touch Screen Qualcomm Dual Core, 1.2GHz Processor 3D Accelerate for Fast Gaming 4GB on-board Memory , Extended Memory Optional (SD card slot Supports up to32G) 1630mAH durable battery 5.0M HD Camera with Auto Focus and LED flash Front 0.3M (FF) Camera

U 820
Ginger Bread (Android 2.3.6) 3.5 Full Touch Screen Qualcomm 1G Hz Processor 3D Accelerate for Fast Gaming 512MB plus a 4GB Extended Memory (SD slot supports up to 32G ) 1430mAH Durable Battery 2.0M Camera WIFI 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 2.1 + EDR + A2DP, GPS


50, 42, 39,& 32 LED TV

U 950
Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) 4.0 Multi- touch Screen Qualcomm Dual Core, 1.2GHz Processor 3D Accelerate for Fast Gaming 4GB on-board Memory , Extended Memory Optional (SD card slot Supports up to32G) 1630mAH durable battery 5.0M HD Camera with Auto Focus and LED flash Front 0.3M (FF) Camera WIFI 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 3.0, GPS

Android Ginger Bread (Android 2.3.6) 3.5 Multi- touch Screen Qualcomm 800 MHz Processor 3D Accelerate for Fast Gaming 512MB plus a 4GB Extended Memory (SD slot supports up to 32G ) 1630mAH durable battery 3.0M Camera WIFI 802.11 b/g/nBluetooth 2.1 + EDR + A2DP


Stylish freshness with an Eco-friendly twist.

Hisense H730SMI

Multi Air Flow system LED Display with Touch Button control Movable Twist Ice-maker

3 Door Refrigerator

Computer Control with LED Screen Multi Air flow System Fast Freeze Multifunction Fashionable Optional Glass Panel Energy Saving


4 Door Refrigerator

Multi Preset Function Foldable Glass Shelf LED Display with Touch Button Control Multi Air Flow System 2 Separate Easy-slide Freezer Drawer Design


A+++ Refrigerator

European A+++ Energy class, energy saving Multi Air Flow System Slide temperature adjustable room inside the fridge compartment, flexible storing option for meat, ice-cream or vegetable. Multiple mode to suit different refrigeration need, i.e. super freeze, holiday mode


Comfortable living
Keep cool with Hisense Air Conditioning

HPSC Technology

SEED Initiative
With the world already feeling the effects of climate change; Hisense supports a greener lifestyle.
isense has always been concerned with social responsibility. Over the years the company has made large contributions to education as well as Furthermore we are also proud to be in partnership with the UNEP seed awards. The UNEP works with modeling centers world-wide, the UNEP provides leadership and encourages partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations. With our A-energy rating, consumers can effortlessly contribute towards a brighter future, together with Hisense.

multiple charitable organizations spanning the globe, as an organization, continuous efforts are made to help were we can, therefore our next step was to leave our green footprint with our energy efficient technology. Green technology is opening up several doors for the public to adapt the habit of a greener lifestyle and reduce their ecological footprint while saving energy and cost. Our mission is to design household technology that both meets consumer demand and address the climate crisis; therefore we made it easy for the consumer to choose from our sophisticated and elegant energy efficient product range.


UNEP, Hisense & SEED Symposium Stresses Need to Support grassroots Entrepreneurs in Green Economy Transition

help tackle Energy, Agriculture and Food Security challenges and support the transition to a green economy. The occasion celebrated outstanding grassroots social and environmental businesses in Africa and other regions. Participants in the symposium included SEED Awards winners, representatives from the United Nations, the government, Hisense and other business sector reps, civil society and academia. With the growing interest in looking beyond traditional business models towards those that incorporate social, environmental and economic benefits, the focus has been placed largely on bigger businesses and corporations such as Hisense, which, due to their sheer size and global reach, can undoubtedly be major players in shifting towards a green Economy. Their innovation, concern about pollution, food security, energy and greenhouse gases and interests in improving conditions at the level potentially make them influential actors in mitigating carbon emissions, facilitating adaptation to climate change and moving towards sustainable business models. Hisenses relationship with UNEP on the SEED Award initiative compliments these principles. Hisense has taken a step to actively make a difference in promoting green innovations and to support small and medium enterprises with in Africa and around the world. Hisense SA is proud contribute to the well-being of Africa, our dream is to give back to the community, ensure economic wellbeing, develop and improve the standard of living and quality of life for all who are part of this diverse continent The role of the Green Economy in development and poverty alleviation was underlined by UN Resident Coordinator and UNEP Representative in South Africa Agostinho Zacarais; United Nations continues to offer support to countries that want to strengthen national green economy efforts and to support them by aligning them with poverty eradication efforts and other national priorities. The key strategic and policy issues that UN pursues in regard to this endeavor are: shaping the shift to a global pro-poor green economy paradigm; measuring success of a pro-poor green economy with macro indicators; supporting implementation through aid coordination and improved development effectiveness and strengthening the interface between research and policy making. Lucy Morrassutti, National Sales Director for Hisense, South Africa, which is the SEED Awards corporate sponsor on this occasion said: Hisense has a deep appreciation for small businesses and especially their development, having itself started off as a small radio factory in 1969. Now we are a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate. But we have always remembered where we came from. Hisense has welcomed the opportunities provided by the South African government to enhance the lives of the unemployed and under- privileged, ultimately developing the otherwise lost sectors of society. Its a privilege to be part of these SEED Winners growth and development and to see them already giving back to their communities and the environment. Each SEED winner has received a package of individuallytailored support for their business that includes access to relevant expertise and technical assistance, building their networks, helping with developing business plans and identifying sources of finance.

he message delivered at the SEED Symposium held in Pretoria, South Africa, was a call to action to Support small-scale, environmental entrepreneurs that can


Its Coffee Time at Hisense!

company that ensures its employees are subjected to a healthy stimulating environment, has a happy and productive workforce. These are some of the principals that

form part of the foundation that will sustain successful growth. Here at Hisense we often have fun activities to ad some spice and variety to the every-day hum drum of the office. Coffee time is one of the those activities. The activity entails purchasing coffee brands from around the world and doing a tasting of each. Employees are then asked to complete a rating card at the end of the tasting to ascertain which coffee bean is the favourite amongst the would be coffee connoisseurs. The event takes place every Friday right in the office. I table is set up with a flagship Hisense coffee machine that grinds and brews some a mean cup of java. The favourite of the bunch is then used to entertain guests and clients as well as to quench their thirst for coffee at tea time. This activity brings all staff members together and sets a good platform for socializing with other staff members in a caffeine fuelled frenzy. The exercise also gives employees the opportunity to interact with some of Hisenses products. All feedback is taken into consideration as we strive to produce quality electronics for every day use in both home and commercial use. Work and business-based training commonly concentrates on process, rules, theory, structure and logic, all of which tend to develop and use the left-side of the brain. However, modern successful organizations rely just as heavily on their people having well-developed soft skills and attributes, such as selfmotivation, confidence, initiative, empathy and creativity, which all tend to use the right-side of the brain.


At Hisense we try to introduce these principals into our place of work and the way we go about it, as well as try and create a sense of family that not only makes its employees feel welcome, but to ensure that they feel valued as an integral part of the the company and its growth. Having these fun activities allows us all to unwind and interact with staff from various departments and to help staff member farmiliarise themselves with all members part of the Hisense family. As the company grows, we hope our employees grow with us, and that we grow together for many years to come.

Hisense Attend Dubai Gitex Show

rom 3rd April to 6th April, GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) was carried our in Dubai World Trade Center. Dubai government is the major sponsor,

and the exhibition was started from 1980s, twice one year, in spring and autumn. The spring exhibition mostly focuses on shopper, each brand showed the best offer to the customers, it is the best chance to penetrate the market. The exhibition scale of this year is the biggest one, compared to the all of the previous exhibitions in spring, total area is around 13,500 sqm, all of the power retailers joint the exhibition. Samsung, black berry and HP established their own booth for the promotion. Hisense, As a new company in UAE, collaborated the power retailers, Sharaf DG, Plugins and E-City, had provided much more competitive offer to the customers. This is the 2nd time for Hisense to participate the Gitex, in this exhibition, partners of hisense has been increased, the promotions were much more competitive, and the brand image has been improved definitely. All of these enhanced performance and hisense penetration rate in UAE market.

Hisense whole range of products engaged Geant Big Brand Promotion

From 1st April to 10th April, the 3rd biggest chain hypermarket Geant in UAE, engaged a big promotion named Big Brand Promotion. This is the 1st time for UAE hisense that all of the products lines, panels, refrigerators and mobiles, have been promoted at one time. In order to emphasize the brand popularity and reputation, under the support from Geant, hisense issued a full page to advertise Hisense Brand, and also displayed Hisense products island in store. The perception about Hisense brand from local consumers has been enhanced through this promotion, and more confidence has been given to the consumers. Finally, The sales has been improved directly.


Hisense Shines at ZAGZOOGs First Suburban Store

AGZOOGs first suburban store opened on March 23rd in Saudi Arabia and Hisense is certainly excited. The store is located in the Jeddan suburban neighborhood about 30


kilometers from downtown and has a total area of 300 square meters. The store has a specific area for a large range of Hisense products including Hisense refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and more. Hisense has also set up a high-end Smart TV experience room for customers. The Hisense showroom, which occupies nearly one third of the entire store, has attracted many customers. The representative from Hisenses local agent ZAGZOOG pointed out that the establishment of a suburban store is convenient for consumers and also reduces the cost of logistics. This has brought a new way to attract customers to the ZAGZOOG store and to shop for Hisense products. After the opening ceremony, a customer who experienced Hisense products stated that the store conveniently allows consumers to experience and buy Hisense products. Representatives from ZAGZOOG, the Deputy Director of Hisense Middle East and Africa, Ody Liu, and other Hisense team members participated in the opening ceremony. In January of 2013, Hisnse displayed all lines of products, including the TV, Refridgerator, Air Conditioning and Cellular in B-A class mall. The most products are advanced in the market, Hisense set different forms like face painting, 3D gaming and free gifts lots of customers showed great interesting our products


Hisense celebrates its 5 Years in Saudi arabia

n September 16th, Hisense held an event together with its local Saudi Arabian agency, the Zagzoog Company, to commemorate the 5-Year Anniversary of Hisenses business operations in Saudi Arabia. The event was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and it celebrated Hisenses achievements and developments over those five years in the country.

Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Consul Wang Yong Deputy General Manager of Hisense International,Henry Liu,Deputy General Manager of Hisense Kelon Guangdong Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. Dr. Wang Zhigang, and GM of Hisense Middle East-Africa Holdings Co.,Ltd Alex Zhu all attended the event. Hisense also invited more than 80 local dealers and representatives from the Jeddah government, chambers of commerce, and local banks to this distinguished event.

Inspiring talented golfing youth, Catherine Lau

T was only after Catherine Lau battled her way to a final

last two years, she placed fourth in the World Championships. This year, Lau finished third at the HSBC China Junior Open in January, was crowned the Woodhill Jm1ior Club Champion and came second in the Pecanwood College High School Championship in February. Last month she won Best Nett in the Woodhill Ladies Club Championships at her home course and placed second in the gross competition. When Hisense discovered these young talented kids, they

round 76 in wet and windy conditiolns at Selbome Golf Club on Wednesday that the 12-year-old Woodhill golfer discovered

she was in the running for the SA Nomads Rose Bowl 54-Hole Girls Championship title. Earlier rounds of 69 and 76 left Lau in a tie for third with Centurions Magda Kruger, one shot behind Ji Sun Kang from Atlantic Beach and two shots adrift of overnight leader, defending champion Kelly Erasmus Lau had set the clubhouse target at five-over-par 221 with her final round 76, but she had a tense wait in the clubhouse to see if one of the three leading players would match or beat her score. The Woodhill golfer was convinced that she had spoiled her chances after bogeys at the lOth, 14th, 15th and 16th and a double at the 17th, but the Gauteng North golfer was still in the title chase when it became apparent that the leading pack was also struggling with the inclement weather conditions. Although no-one was more surprised than Lau to win the prestigious junior title, her podium finish has been coming for a few years now. Lau has mainly competed in Little Kids Golf tournaments over the last eight years. In 2009 she won both the US Kids Golf European Championship and US Kids World Championship at the age of eight and for the

decided to help them achieve their goals in the sporting arena. Catherine Laus story is only the beginning of many more successful contributions to come in the near future. Hisense continues to support South Africas sporting youth and development and encourages grassroot sporting initiatives.



Social Responsibility
Bridgeman Development Center

isense strives to unlock opportunities in assisting and developing communities. Ingrained in our culture is the obligation to uplift the communities within which value to their lives, Hisense recently made a considerable donation to the Bridgman Center, Soweto. The provision of financial assistance was utilised to educate and nourish the children associated with the Bridgman Center, while fridges and small home appliances were donated for daily use.

we are present. With this in mind, Hisense has embarked on a number of projects in order to play a role in the lives of the homeless, under privileged and elderly. In an attempt to add

Hisense invests in Atlantis Secondary

Charles Marthinusen said the sponsors took him by surprise when they contacted him. They first interviewed the school management. The company recently moved into the building previously occupied by Tedelex. Deputy General Manager Ebrahim Khan of Hisense stated: Responsibility and integrity are the fundamental principles that make up the company. We want to build a sustainable relationship. Short-term solutions won;t help us with feasible projects.

he electronics company, Hisense, gave back to the community by means of providing computer monitors to the Atlantis Senior Secondary School. Principal Khan said the monitors are a form of investing in the education of the pupils as some of them may become potential employees of Hisense. We believe in this area, the location and the people of Atlantis. We want to create the right opportunities for people who can gainfully capitalise on what is on offer. Khan concluded that the international company is making a commitment to the school and this is only the beginning of the relationship. Atlantis Secondary is also part of the Adopt a School and Industrial Cooperation project where the school will be renovated and upgraded soon. Only 18 schools were chosen in the country. The project starts later this year.

Haven of Rest


isense also plays an active role at The Haven of Rest community center. The institution offers a wide range of services to the Tongaat community in after the needs of the children. The money is used for food, clothing and medical care. The orphanage is also at liberty to purchase inputs for their clothing manufacturing activities. Hisense continues to support the initiative recently, two big screen TVs as well as air conditioners were donated to be utilised in the class rooms.

Kwazulu Natal, including but not limited to the provision of an orphanage, a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, a health care center, and an old-age home. Hisense sponsors the orphanage R10 000 per month to look

Hisense donates electronics to Wachizungu

achizungu is a social movement, comprising of South Africans (and members of the international community from regions such as Luxembourg, followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and have 52 genuine foreign ambassadors as supporters (See www. Hisense SA has joined hands with Wachizungu and donated

Tasmania, Kazakhstan and Indonesia) who aim to contribute towards a better society in Southern Africa. They are involved in a range of projects aimed at bettering the lives of those less fortunate. Wachizungu has more than 2000 followers world-wide. One such project that the team is engaged in is the annual Put Foot Rally. This rally starts in Cape Town on the 18th June, 2013 and 62 crews travel through Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, ending in Mozambique. In the run-up and during the rally the crews collect donations for The Put Foot Foundation. The Put Foot Foundation uses the money to purchase SA-made, leather school shoes for under-privileged children. Since having gained entry into the rally, Wachizungu has already collected more than R870000 towards this purpose, more than what all previous rallies have as a collective been able to raise in the recent years. They have more than 1500 appliances such as washing machines, televisions and fridges to the value of R50000 to the Put Foot Foundation. Managing Director Jerry Liu was at the Hisense office in Midrand on 2013/5/13 to hand over the donation to the Put Foot Foundations Mike Sharman. The Wachizungu crew joined in the celebration.

Kwenamopalo High School

wenamopalo High School based in Lanseria is another example of an institution benefitting from Hisenses generosity. result achieved for a subject was 70%, also making her an ideal candidate for the scholarship. As a global leader in the development of technology, Hisense relies on the skills and training of engineers to stay on the cutting edge of their trades, says Mr Jerry Liu, Managing Director of Hisense South Africa. It stands to reason that Hisense should provide opportunities for young people to pursue such career, especially in a market where there exists a shortage of chemical engineers.* * Source:

Last year, Kegomoditswe Mogomotsi was the recipient of an annual scholarship granted to the school by Hisense. The donation enables one student per year from Kwenamopalo to access a tertiary education at a university of their choice. Based on her exceptional academic profile, Kegomoditswe was awarded a scholarship worth R32 000.00 in order that she may further her studies in the chemical engineering field. School principal, Thamatshira Maligana, expressed the schools pride in their student, indicating that the lowest


Service Department
Hisense SA shines with exceptional service

the country is covered by 3rd party service agents. Our 4 repair centers offer repair while youre there which is unique to Hisense. This gives our customers the opportunity to bring their TVs directly to one of our 4 centers while relaxing in the comfort of our reception area and enjoy a cup of coffee, while their unit is attended to on the spot. This after sales service sets Hisense apart from other leading electronic brands within South Africa, and has resulted in positive appraisals from customers and stores alike.

he Hisense Service Department in South Africa is made up of 3 dynamic service centers, situated in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. The remaining regions of

Our customer care consultants are divided by Province and handle all queries in their designated regions. This personal attention given leads to great business relationships and friendships have developed between our consultants and customers. Our biggest advantage of our service is that we offer a 3 year warranty on most of our products.

Once promised, forever honoured.

For any inquiries please contact us on

0860 447 3673

To improve our delivery service to our clients we established four DCs to cover the whole of South Africa. Our biggest on is in Johannesburg, Gauteng therefore we cover Gauteng, Free State, North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Durban is well in progress and as soon as we establish this we will cover the whole of Kwazulu Natal from that DC. In the beautiful Western Cape we have a DC in Cape Town which covers Eastern and Western Cape, and one in Port Elizabeth to cover the Easter Cape.

For any inquiries on deliveries please contact:

Gwenath +27 10 221 9633 Victor Liu +27 10 221 9635


Hisense South Africa

Inquiry: TV: Fridge: Appliances: Cell Phone: Sales Support: Service: 010 211 9600 010 211 9604 / 9645 021 250 0888 ext.1819 021 250 0888 ext.1809 010 221 9625 010 221 9642 0860 447 3673

Living Legacy
Founded in 1969 in China, Hisense S.A. Development Enterprise (Pty) Ltd. entered the South African market in 1996, is based in Midrand Johannesburg and a branch in Century City Cape Town. In July 2012, Hisense invested R250 million to buy and build up the Hisense South African Electric and Home Appliance Factory in Atlantis Industrial Park, Cape Town. This site is expected to produce 400 000 refrigerators and 400 000 televisions per annum.

Ensuring a

We believe a sustainable, more environmentally conscious way of manufacturing is possible without compromising on our exceptional quality.

We dont inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Reduce you energy consumption with our range of



20% 40% 60% 80%

With our refrigerators your consumption will be brought down by 80%, saving you money and helping the environment.


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Hisense times designed and produced in South Africa. Hisense South Africa Johannesburg Office 71 Tsessebe Crescent Sage Corporation Park South Midrand Tel: 010 221 9700 Fax: 001 314 8444 / Hisense South Africa Cape Town Office Second Floor East Wing Business Connexion Building Century City Cape Town Tel: 021 250 0888 /