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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Questions

Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 What is the difference between risk and uncertainly? Which tool can be used to calculate volatility of a stock? What is measure used by William Sharpe to estimate the sensitivity and how to estimate the sensitivity? Briefly explain the term tracking error and estimating technique? Why the NSE data is more valid rather BSE? Define the price spread between NSE and BSE? What is the proxy required to estimate the asset price? What is the value of market beta? What is risk free return? Why 91 days T-bill is used as bench mark risk free return? Write the expansion of TAA What is applied form CAPM model and explain why? Write a short note on residual risk. What is the limitation of Markowitz Portfolio risk estimation? What is the contribution of Stephen Ross ? Give the applied form of APT model?

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Explain the difference between theoretical odel and applied model. Explain the difference between single index model and CAPM model? Who were the scholars published paper on three factor model using micro economic variable? What is actually predicted by measure R2 Using Graham and Piotroski models what analysis could be done? Efficient Market Hypothesis is nothing but Random Walk Why What is the role of correlation in SAPM? What is the superiority of auto correlation? What kind of data it should be to use autocorrelation? Expand CRISIL Expand CARE Expand ICRA How many credit rating agencies as of now operating in India? What is actually rated by those agencies in terms of companies? Explain the term free float capitalization. Briefly explain the term securitization.

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Why the NSE index is called S&P CNX Nifty? State any four reasons for NSE being superior than BSE Can you say price difference which is charged by the investment bank between IPO and FPO? Explain the difference between actively and passively managed funds? What do you mean by the term rupee cost average? Why the tool covariance is used in beta estmation?What does actually the covariance perform? What is the utility of GARCH model in portfolio research? Which is the popular market for GDR issue? State any three financial institutions from which companies are getting ECBs. The applicability of CAPM in any market is proved that the Alpha return is zero. Explain the same with equation. Why duration is most significant in bond price volatility? How can you overcome the limitations of modified duration? P/E ratio a popular ratio in company analysis has got its own limitation. Comment Which measure is popularly used in stock market instead the P/E ratio? Explain the difference between fund based activities and fee based activities in banking companies.

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What are the key indicators that Warren Buffet uses to select value stocks?

What is enterprise value, how to estimate it? Why Sharpes performance measure is better than Treyners? Explain the Jensens Alpha measure with equation and how it is used in semi strong form efficiency testing What is special application of M2 model in performance appraisal?