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Man-Made Global Warming Scam (Wholesale Global Indoctrination on a Massive Scale)

Pat Regan explains how the Scientific Community has fooled the peoples of the world. - The question of alleged Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) is highly divisive to say the least. Like a vicious civil war, it regrettably sets good friends and family against each other. In the following article I shall try to dispel a few popular misconceptions in the sincere hope that greater understanding will develop. Firstly it is vitally important to clarify the crux of the argument; Is the earth's climate progressively changing due to natural causes or is it warming because of human activity? Cultures on the whole are largely emotionally dependent on the religious worldviews that have created them. When we get down to intimately analysing the psychology behind MMGW beliefs, we soon discover we are dealing with a subsidiary of biblical myth (end-time/ messianic ethos). Three quarters of those who believe in it have never identified or acknowledged the big difference between MMGW and climate change. This really is the vital crux of the matter. The big difference I highlight here has unfortunately caught out many good and caring folk who have simply been unmindful to the major difference at hand!The climate has always moved through dramatic cycles and some have been more significant than others. Today we find folks in one area of the planet crying out for drier weather, whilst others say: please send the rains this way as our land is parched and dying. This summer for instance is set to be the second wettest in the UK since records began, according to the Met Office. It never seems to stop raining here. Other lands though are seeing entire woodlands dry up and die. No one is disputing that this is occurring! The environmental advocate: eco management legislation and Jakarta Indonesia blog Do We Live On A Doomed Planet?
The big question remains - is this a man-made problem or is it the result of the planets natural evolution? If it is the latter then nothing we can do will modify it because Gaia/Mother Nature is far too dominant, certainly far too commanding for science to find a solution. People who place all their faith in the great God of Science (like most people these days) hold onto their sacred MMGW views like religious fundamentalists hold onto their apocalyptic, Armageddon

position. In effect, many Christians believe in both theories of course and unite with the proposal that man is ethically accountable for the demise of the planet through MMGW by his sinful activities.

There is of course, an argument which says that biblical prophecy of the destruction of the earth by fire which has consistently been injected into the minds of nominal Christians makes the idea of 'MMGW' somehow more unconsciously expected. By believing in MMGW millions of Christians throughout the world are confirming the accuracy and validity of their particular religious belief by having science confirm their worst fears. Of course, old Satan gets the blame herein as can be expected. The Horned fellow has misled mankind, they cry, into destruction and this helps to support their messianic faith regarding an anticipated Second Coming following a satanic fall How ironic this is when you consider that, with the man-made global warming model, modern science which normally despises religion as superstitious extraneous nonsense, is actually reinforcing the Christian world-view and finding it a bulwark of support for MMGW ideas! Climate will change yet again when Nature wishes it to do so, regardless of mankinds fruitless hopes and fears. Mankinds subconscious guilt complex, over a naturally changing climate phenomenon, will not modify what is occurring on a grand scale. Humanity may wish it to be different but because we are puny in contrast with the enormous natural forces which power the planet we have to learn, to adapt and improvise towards the new situation at hand. Pretending science can do something about it is a complete illusion but a nice bandwagon for unnecessary funding for the hundreds of thousands of scientists being churned out by the educational system. The earth, like the greater cosmos, is constantly changing and we must learn to change too. We will never ever have power over the climate or the planet because we are typically reliant upon it for our very survival. Science is deviant and supercilious in many instances. Until the alarmists realise their thinking uses a bankrupt philosophy they will never actually access the entire truth. In many ways this is the core of the matter at hand. I advocate care and respect for the ecosystem and have been happy to defend it at all cost many times. I have also discovered that most genuine new-age people realise that Nature is in control of the climate (not man). Pseudo-scientific esoteric misinformation on Global warming has trapped many otherwise first-class people in a deceptive world of guilt, wherein man is generally considered to be immoral and a stain on the planet. Yes agreed, humankind is most certainly not without blame when it comes to outrageous commercial destruction of the environment for profit but individuals cannot be expected to change what cannot be changed, via a wasteful reliance upon the God of Science.