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Flexible horizontal wrapper Pack 201

u Ideal for applications where

flexibility and fast changeovers are required.

u Proven, reliable technology uses high quality

parts, minimizing downtime.

u High sanitation level for easy cleaning and

reduced maintenance.

Mid-range, multi-purpose applications Either individually wrapped or arranged in groups

u u u u u u

Cost effective operation


Incorporates minimal parts to increase reliability, streamline maintenance, and to allow for greater adaptability.

Bakery goods Trays Bars Wafers Biscuits Non-food products

u u

Easy accessibility for sanitation, maintenance and changeover. Common interchangeable parts and software within the Pack series.

Short changeover times


High sanitation level


Easy format changes for packaging various sized products using the adjustable or quick change folding box.

A high amount of stainless steel parts are incorporated in the standard execution for a high level of sanitation (full stainless steel execution optional for harsh environments).

u u

Mechanical adjustments are easy and repeatable. Up to 20 pre-programmed recipes possible.

u u u

Infeed, finwheels and cutting head are cantilevered for sanitation. 3 sets of longitudinal sealing finwheels each built in seperate hygienic housing. Sloped guarding enables crumbs / debris to drop through.

u u u

PC based control platform operates without any moving parts. All data is stored on a Flash Card. Designed for 24 hour / 7 day per week operation.

Pack 201 HS A high speed version of the Pack 201 that increases the maximum film speed 50% up to 60 m/min. producing up to 450 ppm (3-up).

Dual film reel holder with splice table

Servo controlled powered film feed roller

Left: Optional Color Touchscreen Middle: Air reject Right: Optional finwheel pre-heat unit

Standard Features
 Basic handfed design infeed conveyor Stainless steel product contact parts  1 film reel holder with a width of 650 mm  Photocell for film registration control One exchangeable fixed folding box  Three sets of finwheels each built in a separate hygienic housing  1 set of rotating crimper jaws  Temperature control via separate controls on electrical cabinet  WinPack PC control using a Windows CE operating system and  keypad HMI u  All software and recipes on Flash Card u  Pre-programmable controls for up to 20 products u u u u u u u u u

Technical Specifications
Product Range Dimensions
Product length Product width Product height

40 mm (1.5) 12 mm (.5) 6 mm (.23)

565 mm (22.2) 250 mm (9.8) 110 mm (4.3)

Film reel
Reel diameter Reel weight Inner core diameter max. 400 mm (15.7) max.35 kgs 70/76 mm (2.8/3)

Optional Features ( HS - Standard feature on 201 HS)

u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u  Rockwell Automation (AB) ControlLogix with PV 700+ touchscreen Color Touchscreen with WinPack  Second film reel holder with manual splice table HS  Brackets for printer  Almost empty film reel detection  Automatic film splicer  Servo controlled powered film feed roller HS  Preheating between the first and second finwheels  Air evacuation device for tight packages  Flightbar transport through cross seal unit   Gusseting device  Delta hole punch  No product - no bag feature  No gap - no seal feature  Air reject of incorrect or empty packages  Adjustable folding box  Available in stainless steel execution  Gas flushing available  Powered fin foldover HS 

Film sealing
Fin seal height Cross seal width 11 mm/ 14 mm/ 20 mm (.4/ .6/ .8) 20 mm/ 25 mm (.8/ .98) Max. Cut-off Length/ mm (inches)

Number of Jaws
Head Diameter 100 mm 120 mm 150 mm 180 mm 1-up 314 (12.3) 377 (14.8) 471 (18.5) 565 (22.2) 2-up 157 (6.2) 189 (7.4) 236 (9.3) 283 (11.1) 3-up (HS only) 105 (4.1) 126 (5.0) 157 (6.2) 188 (7.4)

Pack 201 Max. Capacity (2-up) Max. Capacity (3-up) Max. Film speed 250 ppm N/A 40 mm(1,575/min) Pack 201 HS 300 ppm 450 ppm 60 m/min (2,400/min)

Standard supply Power supply Power Control circuit 208 - 240V, 3 phase 50 Hz or 60 Hz 15 amps 24 VDC

Options available only on the 201 HS

u End  of film auto splice with knife mechanism - allows higher speed splicing and improves production reliability u  Self-centering film roller - provides for faster product changeovers u  Peeling roller - improves the consistency of unwinding cold seal films u  3-up jaw configuration - increases package per minute rate

Pneumatics Color Working height min. 6 bar, 80 psi RAL 9006, FDA approved 650/ 850/ 930 mm (25.6/ 33.5/ 36.6)
4645 2000

Footprint (mm)



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