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HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 3
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If theres only one thing that Hong Kong does well
Its slowing down action with administrative hell
Last week we witnessed a bureaucratic game
That saw Snowden skip town on a Moscow-bound plane
The government was in a bind, you see
Entertain him, detain him, or just set him free?
To arrest him would lead to social upheaval
Protect him and wed be lumped in with the Axis of Evil
So the government came up with a cunning plan
To get Snowden out without taking a stand
Beijing would be pleased, and the public still more
And Snowden would not be our problem anymore
So they looked at the request from the US of A
And saw there was a gambit they could totally play
To stand up to the power of the United States
We needed our best weapon: bureaucratic red tape
No one told us his travel docs had been revoked,
Your form-flling skills are a ludicrous joke!
You didnt give us his passport number and full name?
Well, what could we do but let him board that plane?
And with that, wheels up; Snowdens off to the races
And CY never had to speak about individual cases
Using our famed rule of law, it wasnt that hard
To simply declare: not in our backyard!
So next time youre transferred 10 different times
When all you want to do is pay your library fnes
Or some paper-pusher tells you that the hole in the road
Cant be fxed because you need to fll forms by the load
Before you blow your stack and scream down the phone
Take pause and thank this government drone
For providing the administrative labyrinth thats needed
To keep the worlds whistleblowers free and undefeated.
Te Power of
Red Tape
Stop! In the name of fashion
4 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Rainbow over Kai Tak
Photo by NDG
chip on Snowden
Comments on Chip Tsaos column,
We Dont Want Him Here [June 21, issue 997].
Although I normally regard your work as elitist
and snobby, I could not help but admire this
particular piece because of its honesty and wit.
I did however want to point out that the global
surveillance program disclosed by Snowden is
not run by the CIA, but by the National Security
Agency (NSA). The CIA runs spies who collect
human intelligence (HUMINT), while the NSA
uses supercomputers to collect information
known as signals intelligence (SIGINT). Both
are important to US intelligence but as you so
accurately pointed out do not always work, as
was the case in Boston. Furthermore, if reports
are true that Snowden donated to Ron Paul,
the post below is correct that he is not left-
wing but more likely a libertarian. Just thought
you should know!
christopher yang
Via website
KFC and McDonalds? I dont think an
associate consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton
would develop such bad taste. Edward
Snowden is not a left-wing liberal. In fact,
Snowden donated to and supported a
libertarian candidate, Ron Paul (who ran as
a Republican), in the 2012 election.
Mr. Tsao is a supporter of US right-wing
policies and its role as a world police, but at
what cost? It is easy for Mr. Tsao to play lip
service when he is not paying for it. I hate it
whenever the US government runs around
and does stupid things with my money (a
freaking 30 percent tax rate)! Like what! Flying
all these kid-killing drones in the Middle East
just to make a few contractors rich!
The Republicans and Democrats only
represent rhetoric from two extreme
corners of the multidimensional political
spectrum. Of course, US politicians (Obama
included) dont practice what they preach,
and quite often the opposite. Their real jobs
are to serve lobbyists and special interest
groups on a daily basis, Goldman and
Monsanto to name a couple.
The US mainstream media wants
voters to have tunnel vision and think
there are only left or right. I was expecting
intellects like Mr. Tsao to be better than
that, but this article suggested otherwise.
P.S. Mr. Murdoch is fling divorce from
Wendi Deng. Wendis tiger style didnt work.
Ming Kwan yuen
Via website
After Earth Aftermath
Our scathing review of the Will and Jayden
Smith vehicle [June 14, issue 996] seemed to
pretty much match up with the opinions of
our Facebook fans.
Will Smith has taken a big knock back for
using this movie as a platform for his son
when in fact it has probably ruined his
sons career... 100 percent pure drivel.
Wayne Kennedy
And he has been retouched in his poster
so that his son only looks a few years
younger than him
Veronica De Homersley
Make it stop
Debbie Lam
Worst movie Ive ever seen in Imax,
I was robbed!
Robert Lempriere
TELEPHONE (852) 2869 5868
Open Mondays - Saturdays
J2:00pm - 3:00pm & 6:30pm - J0:30pm
~ Reservation required ~
Michelin Star Chef Jeremy Biasiol
re-interprets classic french dishes in July
Lunch : 2 Course Menu from HK$148+
Early Bird : 3 Course Menu from HK$398+
Dinner : 4 Course Menu from HK$698+

6th fl. 1iffan 1ower, J99 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong
1el: 2S73 7288
Letters, photos, musings, rants and raves all welcome:
Note: letters to the editor may be edited
for space and clarity.
K-Pop Konniption
Who needs democracy when the existing government
provides society with whats most urgently needed: heavily-
discounted pop concerts that coincidentally overlap with the
citys largest annual protest? Buy your ticket from a tout and
be a chump on two levels. Jul 1; whenever, wherever.
Pedal Protest
Organizers of the annual July 1
march expect numbers to swell to
400,000 strong this year, so if youre
a supporter of things like the right of
universal suffrage for all Hongkongers,
grab a placard and throw on your
protest pumps for solidarity. Jul 1;
meet at Victoria Park at 1:30pm.
Cant Stop the Broadway
Musical lovers rejoice, as Hairspray: The Broadway
Musical sings and dances its way through fve-show
run at the Cultural Centre this week. As far as we can tell,
your attendance will in no way indicate your feelings about
political protest. Through Jun 30; see Arts listings, p.32.
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 5
July 1 Distractions
Trying to stop Hongkongers from
marching with a $99 K-pop concert
(see above) is a pretty feeble move.
Pageant Porpoise
The WWF enters Ruby the Chinese
white dolphin into Miss Hong
Kong. She may have the desired
complexion, but we suspect the
swimsuit round may be problematic.
The Hong Kong
Government (!)
Our dear old government is
in everyones good books for
the frst time in a decade after
sending Snowden on his way
with a big middle fnger to the
US. Um go CY?
International Schools
HKIS is in hot water after expelling
11 students for using and selling
drugs and never informing the
police. To paraphrase HKIS alumnus/
rapper Skibs, them Hong Kong kids
dont give a fuck.
the buzz: Hong Kongs first vintage scooter retailer
set up shop at the end of May, and its has been
revving up the cool factor ever since. Founded by
longtime scooter enthusiast Chris Keith, the studio
is tucked away in Kwun Tong Industrial Centre and
packed with 1960s wheels that are begging for a test
drive. Stop by one of the open houses every Thursday
between 7 and 10pm to check out the bikes, or book
a private appointment via email.
the goods: There are about 10 original 1960s Vespas
and Lambrettas on display in this 500-square-foot
space. Though theyre all in running order, the scooters
still need to be restored to reach their full potential.
Keith will not only help you get the bike up to speed
with new parts, but hell also help you customize it and
make it your own. Prices vary, but the starting point
is about $30,000. The bikes gain 15 percent in value
every year, says Keith, so its not only a fun way to
get around, but its also an investment.
the dcor: The studio totally owns its industrial
habitat by dressing up the cement surrounds with
flashy red exposed piping, spare Vespa parts, vintage
advertisements and Italian street art. Mod and 2 Tone
classics from the likes of The Who and The Specials
play in the background, and theres a little bar where
Keith serves up Peroni and coffee. Kate Springer
8/f, unit c2, Phase 1, Kwun tong Industrial centre,
472-484 Kwun tong Rd., Kwun tong, 6019-1039,,
HK 2Stroke
friday, 6/28: City Contemporary
Dance Company Presents: Hedvig
from The Wild Duck. 8pm. Kwai Tsing
Theatre, 12 Hing Ning Road, Kwai Tsing.
$140-250 from
Saturday, 6/29: Hyejin & Rachel
in Concert. 7:15pm. Concert Hall,
Academy for Performing Arts,
1 Gloucester Rd., Wan Chai.
$120-180 from
Sunday, 6/30: Jake ShimabukuroThe
Grand Ukulele Tour. 8pm. Auditorium,
Sha Tin Town Hall, 1 Yuen Wo Road,
Sha Tin. $280-580 from
Hong Kong yachting Presents:
The Cinema Night Cruise.
6:30-10pm. Aberdeen Public Pier,
3 Aberdeen Praya Road, Aberdeen.
$450; call 2526-0151 to book a spot
on the boat.
Monday, 7/1: Handover Hallelujah
IV. 4pm-late. The Wanch, 54 Jaffe
Rd., Wan Chai. Free, with a charity
BBQ running from 6:30pm onwards
(proceeds go to The Handicapped
Children of HK School).
THE week
6 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Eddie Ho is a social worker who started
Big Boyz club (pictured), a boy band of
11- and 12-year-old students from Ma On
Shan. BBC now has 4,200 fans on Facebook.
Michelle Ho talks to Eddie Ho Chun-yin and
band members Ian Tang, Ben Chan and
Kenny Cheng about the group.
HK Magazine: So, whats Big Boyz club all about?
Eddie Ho chun-yin: We sing about injustice in society in an R&B or
hip-hop style, because more people can relate to that. It all started
three years ago with a singing group, and I thought, Why dont we
start a boy band and do something for society? As a social worker,
I want to raise kids with civil minds and critical thinking skills. We all
relate to topics such as moral issues, national education and the rich-
poor disparity, and hopefully our songs can raise public awareness .
HK: How does it feel to have more than 4,200 facebook fans?
Ben chan: Its beyond all my expectations. I joined BBC just for fun
at the beginning and, gradually, we started to get noticed. Some of
my classmates see our band as idiotic and daydreaming. Its a natural
thing I guess, because there must be good and bad feedback.
Kenny cheng: People still treat me the same way. But my sister did
say to me, with great power comes great responsibility. I guess it
means Im growing up. But Im just a regular kid after all.
EHc: Not to brag, but all the kids here are genuinely humble and dont
see themselves as celebs. As a small and independent production,
everything we do is to achieve our goal: to Voice Out. Sometimes
fans do stop by and ask for pictures or autographs.
HK: you covered Beyonds classic Great Wall for the June 4
anniversary. Do you hope to be like Beyond one day?
Bc: Beyond is legendary in Hong Kong, and our message is similar to
theirs. They had an album named Continue the Revolution and it truly
speaks to us.
Kc: On top of that, their last live show was near the June 4th
incident, and we thought it would be a good idea to sing their song to
remember the past. Hong Kongers never get bored with that song!
EHc: Im a die-hard fan of Beyond because of their commitment to
music and rock n roll. Their songs are always about peace and love,
fghting for your dreams and criticizing injustice. Its silly to compare
us with the legends. We are just trying to express ourselves through
music and somehow infuence people with positivity.
HK: What do your parents think?
Ian tang: My dad plays music and he totally supports my band.
As for my mum, she knows nothing about it. As long as I can
balance my schoolwork and BBC, Im safe.
HK: Any super-eager fans?
[Everyone looks at Kenny]
Bc: A girl fan from our primary school added Kenny on Facebook
and bombarded him with messages saying I love you, Goodnight
and heart-shaped icons. Thats a rare case in the group.
Kc: I dont know her much, so I defriended her on Facebook.
HK: What about Big Gurlz club, then?
EHc: Many fans did suggest thisbut then, what do I know about
girls? Besides, BBC and BBCJ (Big Boys Club Junior) have already taken
up a lot of our time and resources. We chose to have a boy band
in the frst place because the general public consider boy bands as
rebellious, and we wanted to change that.
HK: Eddie, do you feel like Mr. Schue in Glee?
EHc: I feel exactly like Mr. Schuester in Gleenot his hair, of course!
We both love music and our job is to nurture students with good minds
and to explore their talents, musically or in other aspects. We share ups
and downs along the journey and its nice to have brothers like him.
check Big Boyz clubs MVs and live shows at
Sat 15
Dead Panda A 5-year-old female red panda
in Ocean Park dies unexpectedly on her
birthday. A vet discovers abnormalities in the
brain, chest and heart, but the exact cause of
death cannot be determined until laboratory
results come back. Chinese sturgeon, a number
of hammerhead sharks and four penguins have
died in the theme park in the past fve years.
Sun 16
Macabre father A family goes out for dim
sum to celebrate fathers Day. the daughter
has forgotten to make a reservation, so
the family has to wait. the father grows
impatient and leaves after arguing with his
38-year-old younger daughter. the rest of the
family stays put and phones the 80-year-old
man once they are seated. When he does
not answer, the younger daughter goes back
home with relatives to check on her father.
they fnd him dead, having hanged himself
by a silk scarf in the bedroom.
Mon 17
free fall Two brothers take the elevator on the
20th foor of a public housing building in Sham
Shui Po on Sunday night. The lift starts free falling
at level 17, braking abruptly on the third foor,
causing the brothers to hit the ceiling. They are
hospitalized for minor neck injuries. Residents of
the building say the elevator continued operating
for more than six hours before being shut down.
tue 18
Bad Advice A dating adviser on a tVB
reality show teaches men to touch a
womans upper arm or back for less than
three seconds, in order to break down
barriers while getting to know each other.
A 35-year-old man, following the advice,
touches the arm of the young woman
in front of him and asks for her number.
the 19-year-old woman screams and
calls the police. He is arrested on
suspicion of sexual harassment.
Wed 19
38 Hours A 48-year-old man is rescued after
being trapped in a large stone crack for 38
hours. On Monday, the man went hiking without
his mobile in order to avoid calls from his doctor.
After falling 10 feet and breaking a leg, he was
stuck in a standing pose while sea water rose to
his chest. A man hears his calls for help in the
morning and alerts the police. His doctor says
his bone fracture will take at least a year to heal.
thurs 20
Ballsy theft A sports coach appears
in court and admits to stealing from his
students. On April 12, the 36-year-old man
took a wallet from one of his students
backpacks and stole $100 while his high
school football team was practicing on the
feld. A sports teacher saw everything and
dialed 999. the man explains that he was,
and was under a lot of fnancial stress as he
was plannig to buy a fat.
fri 21
Arson Around An adolescent is sent to a
detention center for arson. Wanting to earn
some quick money, the teenager dressed up
as the Chinese god of prosperity just before
the Lunar New Year in order to get lai see from
residents of a public housing estate. One person
refused to give him lai see, and so he set fre
to the apartments door and gate. The fats
residents had to be sent to the hospital and
63 others were evacuated.
Last Week
In Reality
They are being disingenuous
blaming dolphin-watching
activities. I dont accept that.
Janet Walker, spokesperson for the Hong Kong Dolphinwatch tours,
rejects the governments claim that dolphin watching boat tours
are in part responsible for the decline in the number of pink dolphins
in Hong Kong waters. The government adds that water quality near
the mammoth Hong Kong-Zuhai-Macau bridge project has not been
greatly affected, according to its site-monitoring records.
the Odds: 4:1 Edward Snowden
the Verdict: Well be grateful to Snowden forever for making Hong Kong
the most interesting place in the world for a couple of weeks.
Edward Snowden carmen Sandiego
In his corner
Former CIA contractor
Cleared for departure
Snazzy Mira hotel room
Fun way of learning
about geography
In her corner
Former ACME agent
Evading capture
Snazzy red trench coat
Fun way of learning
about geography
What are we auctioning?
Arcane technology, e.g. one mint-condition iPhone 3GS.
Rare vintage wine cooler.
footage of cy Leung hanging upside-down asleep
in his illegal cave structure.
Virginity. Anyone? Please?
collectible Snowden bobble-head novelties.
Going, Going, Gone
Te Big Brothers Last Showdown
Youre either with us, or against us. George
Bush Jr.s warning reverberates; Hong Kong
has defed the US, and with the backing of
Beijing, has sent Edward Snowden to Moscow
despite Washingtons demand for his arrest
and extradition.
By blatantly breaking the mutual US-Hong
Kong extradition law, many have begun to guess
at how the US could punish the ungrateful
former British colony. Some have suggested that
movements towards visa-free arrangements for
Hong Kong SAR passport-holdersan honor
extended to citizens of civilized countries in the
world such as the EU, Japan, Singapore and even
Taiwancould come grinding to a halt.
Visa application fees (non-refundable) could
be increased threefold. Hong Kong Chinese
could be made to queue up for hours in the
hot and humid 33-degree heat on Garden
Road, and then be strip-searched for security
reasons. The grandchildren of CY Leung and
Tsang Wai-hung, the police commissioner who
claimed that the US did not comply with the
legal requirements under Hong Kong law, could
one day expect their student visa applications
to be rejected on the grounds of suspicion of
intending to sneak into New York Chinatown
to join the Triads. Then of course, the right-
wing and patriotic McDonalds will kick out its
overnight Chinese lodgers who lounge around
on the chairs, taking full advantage of the fast-
food restaurants 24-hour service.
Kentucky Fried Chicken and Lawrys The
Prime Rib could launch a 30 percent discount
month to celebrate Snowdens freedom. To save
costs, it could use China-imported chicken and
beefsteakwhich could be riddled with H1N1
or palmed-off rat meatto be eaten at the
consumers own risk.
The US government could also announce
that, with remorse, it will stop all surveillance
of cyber communications in Hong Kong, leaving
China, the new upcoming big brother, to crack
down upon anti-China subversive activities,
including the evil plot of Occupy Central. Any
action of Jihad in support of Uighur justice in
Xinjiang, kicked off perhaps from a room in
Chungking Mansions, would now be beyond
control of, and not subject to, US challenge.
Then the evil three brothers of George Bush
Jr., Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld could hold
a joint press conference, recommending that the
Obama administration and Congress recognize
Hong Kong as a member of the league of
countries of China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.
This would mean that One Country, Two
Systems would be unilaterally declared void,
and strangely, not by Beijing.
This will be seen by all enemies of the US
as the last spasm of a dying empire. Hong
Kong could, of course, with full blessing of the
motherland, hit back by unpegging the $7.8
exchange rate link, and proudly declare to the
world that its currency is now independent,
thus ending the humiliation of being Americas
currency concubine. If Hong Kong and China win
the battle and slay the giant, the 21st Century,
like a piece of cake on the table, will be all ours.
chip tsao is a best-selling author, columnist and a former producer for
the BBc. His columns have also appeared in Apple Daily, Next Magazine and
cuP Magazine, among others.
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 7
with Chip Tsao
Cindy Ko
Brands love Cindiddy (,
aka Hong Kong fashion blogger Cindy Ko. Any
time a designer visits our city or a foreign
clothing brand sets up shop on our shores, Ko
is the frst one inby invite only, of course.
Burberry Prorsum and Topshop are two of the
most recent brands to ask her to preview their
collections in hopes of a favorable blog post.
Style should be a refection of who you
are and how you want to be perceived, says
Ko. Her trendsetting doesnt stop there. In
February this year, she added a food section
to her site, in which she documents and
reviews her visits to restaurants around the
world. Earlier this month she collaborated
with Yardbird owner Lindsay Jang and Nobus
executive chef Erik Idos on a one-day Filipino
street food pop-up called Pirate Kitchen.
Tania Reinert
Finance, style and travel blogging,
a sustainable fashion websitea bit of an
odd-looking LinkedIn profle, wouldnt you say?
Tania Reinert is one half of A Boy Named Sue
(, the Hong Kong-based
online retailer that brings together local and
global sustainable brands.
Born in Moscow, raised in Spain,
and having studied in London, Reinert has
settled in Hong Kong and is a fxture in our
citys fashion scene. At the end of 2011, her
blog, T Like Bubble Tea, was one of a few
notable local sites to grab the attention of UK
online shopping mecca ASOS. Nowadays, she
focuses her efforts on keeping her online
boutique stocked with the most fashionable
items from Hong Kong and around the world.
I like stylingI live vicariously through
my job. When I style a model, I style her
in a way that I would style myselfor at
least a style within me. I may not wear it
in real life, but its a cool outft.
Jolene Lin
Supserstar stylist Jolene Lin has worked
with some of the biggest fashion brands in
the business. The Hong Kong-based stylist,
art director, consultant and show producer
began her fashion career in Singapore while
on break from studying fashion in London.
Lin never planned on producing fashion
showsshe was much more interested in
styling and photographybut when she had
the chance to work with a well-known London
producer at Singapore Fashion Week she took
it. Although she still produces the occasional
fashion show, Lin is primarily a stylist and has
worked with local publications such as The Post
Magazine, Milk, Tatler and Prestige.
Personal styling is really weird to me
because it is so personal, says Lin. I wouldnt
be comfortable with someone telling me what
to wear. I want to inspire peopleI dont want
to tell people what to do.
Christing Chang
If anyone knows how to mix business with
pleasure its certainly Christing Chang. The
leggy (the blogger is famously against wearing
trousers) infuencer started her blog, Fashion
Hedonism (, in
London while she studied and worked in
fashion, before relocating herself and the blog
to Hong Kong. With fans all over the globe
asking her where she got her clothes, Chang
created her own online boutique, ChristingC
(, and only stocks it with
items she would wear herself. Nowadays
the business-minded blogger is previewing
collections, getting personal tours of about-
to-open international boutiques and meeting
world-renowned designers such as Stella
McCartney and Olivier Theyskens of Theyskens
Theory. All the while, shes mixing high- and
low-end price tags with international and local
brands for the outfts she blogs and her online
shop. But remember: no trousers.
f you havent fgured out what to wear this summer,
then let these stylish Hongkongers help you out.
After picking the brains of the citys fashion editors,
bloggers, stylists and boutique owners to get their
take on whats hot in Hong Kong right now (besides
the unbearable humidity, of course), HKs style spies
scoured the streets see how stylin females are
working the trends IRL.
8 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Grace Lam
Vogue Chinas Senior Fashion Style Editor Grace
Lam is a force to be reckoned with. The Hong
Kong-born, London-raised stylist joined Vogues
China team when they launched in September
2005. The very frst issue sold out, and they had to
order a second batch of magazines to be printed.
Since then Vogue China has grown to twice the
page count of its American counterpart.
I have enjoyed reading fashion magazines
since I was young, says Lam. So it was
natural for me to take on the challenge and
enter the fashion world. During her second
year at Londons Central Saint Martins College
of Art and Design, the young graphic design
student was picked by i-D magazine founder
Terry Jones to join his magazines internship
program. This led to her frst job out of college
as an editorial assistant for Edward Enninful,
i-Ds then fashion-editor-at-large. For two years
Lam helped Enninful on shoots for Italian,
Japanese and LUomo Vogue (the now-folded
Italian Mens Vogue), worked with industry
heavyweights such as photographer Mario
Testino and models Kate Moss and Naomi
Campbell. She has also styled catwalk shows
for Jil Sander, Topshop and Blumarine.
I have been a red lippy
girl forever, so its good
to see more ladies who
are daring enough to
bring out their sexiness.
I think red lips really suit
Chinese women.
Sick of sweating in your usual Hong Kong summer uniform? Katie Kenny meets with
local fashion experts, who dish the dirt on Hong Kongs style must-haves to keep you looking cool.
Sorry boysthis week its all about the women.
STyLe I T ouT
Meet our experts
Yes, white can be a challenge for
anyone who has a hard time getting
all their food into their mouths. But its
such a simple, versatile trend that we
strongly encourage you to grab a stain
removal stick. Check out Claudia in
her top-to-toe white sleeveless top-
and-shorts combo. Cant quite get
your head around white shoes? Grab
a pair of two-strap sandals (heels or
fats both work, see below) and show
off those perfectly painted toes.
Got a lunch date? An ultra-informal
work thing? Make like Deborah and
pair a dark lace top and matchy-
matchy espadrilles with hot pants
summer is the time to fash a bit of leg.
A smart Timothy Oulton laptop bag
shows you still mean business. Add
a smooth ponytail and a kick-ass pair
of statement shades to keep things
Invest in staple pieces that can be worn
in many different ways. It seems like once
summer comes, people shop like crazy
and buy many pairs of shorts and lots of
tops, and end up not wearing everything.
Its better to invest in a pair of shorts that
ft well and a few basic tops that you can
mix and match with different bags or
sunglasses. - Cindy
Everyone is wearing a lot of white.
I just see white on white everywhere.
It is really big this season! - christing
There are local girls who are really good
with doing the vintage or cute look with a
street twist. - Jolene
This isnt necessarily as much of a trend
as it is a style, but I really like seeing people
mix and match high-end with low-end, whether
it be vintage pieces or street style clothing
mixed with more luxury labels. Its nice to
see the acceptance of street style nowadays
and less prevalence of so many initials or
luxury brands. - cindy
People are wearing more fat shoes
and not just sandalsespadrilles and
Toms especially. Its because people have
to walk so much here. - christing
I love women in masculine styles, and I think
its diffcult to fnd fat shoes that are stylish and
cool. I see theres a trend for women to wear
more masculine styles like Oxford-style shoes
or slippers. It is a great trend, especially when
one wants to take a rest from busting out high
heels every day. - Grace
On claudia: Sunglasses, H&M; necklace,
forever 21; top, Brandy Melville; shorts,
Abercrombie & fitch; bag, coach;
shoes, a boutique in tSt.
On Deborah: Sunglasses, Karen Walker;
leather folder, timothy Oulton;
top, Zara; shorts and shoes, H&M.
Trend 1: White, but Not too Tight
Claudia Sim
SPOttED: Hollywood Road, central.
Trend 2: Power-Casual
Deborah Coimbra
SPOttED: Shin Hing Street staircase
(near Gough Street), Sheung Wan
10 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Even if youre not headed to the
gym, test-drive this comfy trend.
Puffed up wedge sneakers a la
Isabel Marant are ina big plus for
women who want a height boost
without having to teeter on a stiletto.
A goth-lite mesh top, washed denim
cutoffs and an incongruous designer
handbag completes Jeannies mix-
and-match look.
Whats inspiring style in Hong Kong now is
that many of the big designers are starting to
come overStella McCartney had an event
here and Alice + Olivia is opening a store. For
the frst time were being exposed to other
brands and styles. - christing
With the 90s trend [in Hong Kong] you see
shirts around the waist and more mixing
masculine with feminine. - christing
On Laura: top and belt, Massimo Dutti; skirt,
topshop; jewelry, custom made (some by her
husband!); bag, Louis Vuitton; shoes, Ash.
On Jeannie: top, gift (so unknown origin);
shorts, Zara; bag, chanel; watch, cartier;
jewelry, vintage, tiffanys, Louis Vuitton;
shoes, Isabel Marant.
Trend 3: Bold Stripes
Trend 4: Scrunge (Sports Luxe meets Grunge)
Laura Lisowski
SPOttED: tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan
Jeannie Chan
SPOttED: Sogo, causeway Bay.
Hong Kong is extremely fast paced
and always evolving, and the people
want to keep up this kind of attitude in
their clothing as well. Some people dont
want to stick to the same kind of clothes
all the time because it gets boring. This
kind of experimentation can be a kind of
personal style. - cindy
Stripes are never getting old, are they? I dont
think people can get sick of them. - Jolene
Style doesnt mean you must wear head-
to-toe designer gear. I think it is way better
to mix and match high-street with high-end
fashion. - Grace
Whether theyre vertical, horizontal
or diagonal, theres no escaping
the allure of bold statement stripes.
While black and white is the easiest
way to pull off this look, avoid looking
like a cartoon cat burglar with bold
colors, as worn by Laura. Her outft
stays wearable with a white tee and
updated strappy sandals.
One must need to know themselves
very well before start buying clothes that
are in trend for that season. Not every
trend will suit each individual. - Grace
12 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
pdf upload
a boutique in Melbourne
EsrA ErMIs
boutique in central.
susIE rIzA
Island (uK).
MOccASINS, Artwork
ARM cANDy, forever 21.
OXfORDS, boutique
in Mong Kok.
SLEEVELESS ButtON-uP, Hollister.
WHItE DRESS, boutique in London.
Whered you Get That?
Still looking for more ways to spice up your summer style?
Try adopting one of these fun and simple trends.
I really like how women are playing with their
shapes and that everyone is getting a bit more
daringmore shoulders going on, more nip-
tuck at the waist. - tania
I always fnd that girls here try to go for the
sweeter look. Ive seen a lot of local girls pair
stuff like a delicate foral dress with big boots.
Its a take on the grunge and I think it works in
Hong Kong. - christing
Not every trend will suit each individual.
People should use trends as rough guidelines
and not follow them completely. - Grace
As I always say, people ought to be braver by
trying something new. If one is a safe person
when it comes to shopping, then perhaps add
accessories to enhance the look. - Grace
Make it your own and really make it look like
youre wearing the trend, as opposed to it
wearing you. - tania
On Party: Sunglasses, Ray Ban; top and skirt, H&M;
watch, Burberry; bag and shoes, boutiques in Korea.
Trend 5: Accessorizing Like a Boss
Party Dez
SPOttED: Pottinger Street, central.
Its frst of all about what youre
comfortable in. I have default outfts
which work for me. You fnd your
silhouette and then you can always buy
different variations of that silhouette.
From there you can look at the trends and
fnd ones that match it. - christing
Lots of fashionistas are experimenting
with clashing several bold prints in
an outft. It works, but if you dont
think you have the attitude to carry it
off, we suggest choosing one bold
item and letting it stand out. We love
Partys patterned mini-skirt paired
with a simple white top and ultra-girly
cross-body purse. Party stops the look
from slipping into saccharine
with monochrome studded loafers.
PRINtED ScARf, J.crew;
Monaco, topshop;
Wallet, coach
Lancaster; PLAySuIt,
American Apparel
14 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Hong Kong-based author and A Pair and Spare
DIY style blogger Geneva Vanderzeil shows us
how to make Alexander Wang-inspired gladiator
sandals for a fraction of the price.
you will need:
At least fve yards of leather (or faux leather)
trim (try to match the material and width of
the straps of your fats as much as possible)
Sharp scissors
Flats (I used these simple H&M ones)
E6000 glue
6 press stud buttons
A multi-hole punch tool
Optional: some PVC or
wire to stiffen the main gladiator spine
1. Start by deciding how many strips you want
to go around your legs. I went with three to
keep it simple and almost geometric looking.
Then measure your calf in the places you
want to put the strips.
2. Cut the leather into pieces. I did three pairs
matching the different widths of my leg, and
one pair of long strips to go vertically down
the front of my leg and connect to the fat.
3. The long top piece is for the front of the leg,
while the other pieces go around the leg.
4. I then glued the long strip onto the front of
the shoe, taking it all the way down to the
edge so the materials matched up.
5. This is optional. Depending on how stiff your
leather is you may want to glue on some sort
of reinforcement to the underside of long
strip that goes up the front of the leg, just
so it doesnt bow out or bunch up. You can
use wire or a strip of PVC like I did. This isnt
absolutely necessary but may help with the
overall aesthetic.
6. Glue on the horizontal straps
7. Let them dry overnight.
8. Measuring around your leg to work out
where the stud button should go at the back,
make a hole with the hole punch.
9. Insert the screw on the underside
and attach the stud top on the right side.
10. Finally, make a hole in the other side so you
can attach the strap by pushing it on and off
the stud button.
for more DIy fashion projects check out or pick up a copy
of Genevas new book DIy fashionista,
on sale at Bookazine and
The Budget
How to:
1 3 6 7 4
Silk shirt, Madewell;
DIy cut-off shorts,
Whistles; watch,
coach; DIy
transparent satchel;
DIy gladiator fats.
(Photo credit: Lauren Engel)
16 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Fifteen things to do in Macau and not a slot
machine in sight. By HK Staff
toung Kings pigs brain
noodles. Pretty offal
Ribs clothing
Serrdura goodies
Pretty wasted drunken
shrimp from Nga tim
canidrome. Photo: Macau tourism
ure, you can have your boozy nights and
high-stakes poker rounds in Macau. But
if youre bored of shuttling from casino
to ATM to casino, HK Magazines risk-averse
staff is here for you.
1. Savor serradura
Bored of all those Portuguese tarts?
Go for Macaus other quintessential treat:
the serradura pudding (its Portuguese
for sawdust). This creamy, multi-layered
condensed milk dessert, topped with a thick
layer of biscuit shavings (that look like sawdust,
natch), is a must-try. The popular serraduras
at Serrdura (no, the missing a is not a typo)
come in all sorts of favors: original, blueberry,
fresh fruit sorbet, durian and even Oreo.
Starting at MOP15 a cup, theyre a wallet-
friendly snack.
G/f, the fok Building, 15 Avenida do coronel
Mesquita, Macau, (+853) 2833-2880.
2. Buy local threads
Graphic designers Candy Lam, Icarus Wong,
Pedro Tunho and Topman Leong founded
mens apparel label Ribs clothing in Macau,
and theyve turned it into one of the citys
most popular local brands. Besides offering
unique graphic tees designed by the four
founders, Ribs Clothing also teams up with
other venturessuch as Lai Kei, the famous
ice cream store, and Japanese designer Akinori
Oishito create collaborative shirts that sum
up Macaus street style.
Edifcio fai Ip, 10 travessa da Se, Macau,
(+853) 2835-6358.
3. Eat pigs brain
noodles in the
Burmese District
The Three Lamps district, which surrounds
the Rotunda da Carlos Da Maia, is far closer
to local Macau than the glitz of the Cotai
Strip. And its also home to a large Burmese
population, and a wealth of Macanese-Burmese
restaurants. toung King is getting on for 70
years old now, and this Burmese restaurant has
one delicious claim to fame: pigs brain noodles.
MOP25 gets you a bowl stuffed full of tender
egg noodles and a selection of pigs offal,
including creamy, unique, and delicious pigs
brain. Its the only pigs brain noodle specialist
in Macau (or Hong Kong, for that matter).
Maybe leave the squeamish ones back at the
hotel for this one.
1c Rotunda da carlos Da Maia, Macau,
(+853) 2856-0037.
4. Get a shrimp drunk
(and then eat it)
Open every day of the year, Nga tim caf
is a Portuguese-style dai pai dong that sits
just next to the So Francisco Xavier church
in Coloane. It serves up a mixed menu of
Cantonese, Portuguese and Macanese cuisine:
go for a range of seafood dishes, such as the
Portuguese seafood pot, clams cooked in white
wine or fried bacalhau (salt cod) balls. Add
perhaps an oxtail soup. But its the drunken
shrimp that puts others to shame. A dozen live
shrimps are brought in a glass bowl before you,
soaked in alcohol and herbs, and then cooked
juicily in a pot over hot coals. Wash it all down
with a couple of jugs of sangria, as you look out
on the China coast. Perfect.
8 Rua caetano, coloane, Macau,
(+853) 2888-2086.
5. Pick up some
quirky stationery
The MoD Design Store opened just over a
year ago, and its a carefully curated, sprawling
shop offering products from local and
international designers. Choose from its huge
selection of cute and quirky notebooks and
stationery, brightly colored kooky melamine
tableware, bags, T-shirts and accessories with
prints and patterns by Macanese designers,
high-end Portuguese soaps, hipster-tastic
jewelry and ceramics and more. Theres
even a station where you can design your own
greeting cards and notebooks by using their
intricate stamps.
Andar do centro de Actividades tursticas
e culturais, Runas de So Paulo, Macau,
(+853) 2835-7821,
6. Go dog racing
The canidrome was built in 1932, back in the
days when dog racing was a popular sport. Its
star may have faded some, but you can still
catch some breakneck-fast races at the only
legal greyhound racing track in Asia. There are
more than 10 races each racing daythats
Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays,
starting at 7:30pm. You can bet anywhere from
MOP10 to MOP2,000 on each race, so if youre
really missing your casinos you dont have to go
into complete withdrawl. The Canidrome also
offers box bookings for a cushy VIP experience.
Avenida General castelo Branco, Macau,
(+853) 2822-1199.
7. Turn back
time in Taipa
For something a little off the beaten path, check
out the taipa Houses Museum. Its made up
of fve 1920s-era Portuguese residences that
have been carefully restored and now house
exhibitions on Macanese culture and history.
The most interesting is the Casa Macaense,
a faithful replica of a traditional Macanese
household, complete with antique furniture
and heavy, gold-green drapes. Located down
a quiet promenade overlooking the Cotai Strip
(in decades past, these houses looked out
onto the sea) the pleasant pistachio-green
buildings are, unsurprisingly, popular for
pre-wedding photo shoots. Entry is free on
Sundays (otherwise, its a princely MOP5).
22 Avenida da Praia, taipa, Macau,
18 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
8. Have cakes with Kafa
Named after Czech writer and blower of minds
Franz Kafka, Kafka is a little sweets-and-
patisserie caf on the Rua de Braga in the heart
of Taipa. After opening its door early last year, it
quickly turned into a local gem. Try Kafkas dome-
shaped petit gateaux, a cream and mousse-
based cake that comes in four layers. The sweets
are made by Cordon-Bleu-trained chef-owner
Nicole Lei. Its also worth checking out Kafkas
bestseller, the Taj Mahal, made with an Indian
Darjeeling tea cream, delicate chocolate chips
and a smooth caramel flling. And if someone
asks if your name is Josef K., say no.
152 Rue de Braga, taipa, Macau,
(+853) 2882-0086.
9. Pick up a quirky
tea or two
Cutesy new tea shop tea time smells like
heaven. The second you step inside, youll see
jars and jars of exotic-looking tea leaves sold
in small 50-gram packets or in bags as large as
you please. Sourced from all over the world, the
tea comes in favors such as strawberry yogurt,
chocolate, and apple cake alongside more
classic varieties such as oolong and pu-erh. You
can also buy teapots and other quirky teaware.
25 Rua dos Mercadores, taipa, Macau,
(+853) 2882-5654.
10. Eat some more
Located in an awesomely crumbling two-
story building at the top of Taipas food street,
Restaurant Galo is a must-visit if youre fond
of kitsch. The space is stuffed to the gills with
mismatched retro tiles, bright blue melamine
countertops, ceramic hens, cuckoo clocks and
other bits of bric-a-brac. The menu doesnt
look the most appetizingfood photography
is clearly not their fortebut the dishes
themselves are delicious and hearty. We tried
the bacalhau potato cakes, which were lightly
crisped on the outside and not at all oily, and
the Portuguese fried rice, which comes cooked
in tomato with Portuguese chorizo and green
peppers. We recommend going for lunch and
washing it all down with a Macau Beer before
bracing yourself for an afternoon of sightseeing.
47 Rua Do cunha, taipa, Macau,
(+853) 2882-7423.
11. Swap our your wallet
Tucked between food stalls and knick-knack
stores, Nessa is a tiny boutique thats a haven
for accessory lovers. Theres a colorful array
of quality wallets and bags in all shapes and
sizes that range in price from about MOP150 to
MOP3,000, as well as a great selection of funky-
patterned espadrilles covered in everything
from owls to tie-dye.
9 Rua Do cunha, taipa, Macau,
(+853) 2882-7434,
Old House Gallery tea time
Kafka. Photo taken on the day you
awoke one morning from uneasy dreams Galo Restaurant
20 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
12. Chill out
in da Clube
Non-members can book a table at the restaurant
in the striking pink clube Militar de Macau,
for some Macanese-slash-Portuguese fare in a
fancy colonial setting. If youre a member of the
FCC in Hong Kong, reciprocal membership gets
you into the private clubs facilities, which consist
of a basement pub complete with billiard table;
a drinks bar on the ground foor; and a library for
some quality reading on the second foor.
975 Avenida da Praia Grande,
Macau, (+853) 2871-4000,
13. Get furniture
made to ft
Want a custom-made wardrobe that looks like
an 18th-century Chinese antique? Or perhaps
a giant treasure chest, or a cupboard that
leads to the magical land of Narnia? Look no
further than Old House Gallery, where you
can order almost any type of furniture you can
imagine, in any size. If you dont need anything
specifcally tailor-made for your home, you can
still browse the two-story shop for Chinese-
style paintings and quirky centerpieces.
Mystical portals not guaranteed.
19a Rua de Sao Paulo, Macau, (+853) 2835-8797.
14. Explore a
pretty pink building
This vibrant art deco-style monument stands
out from its grittier-looking nieghbors. The
Red Market was built in 1936, and is named
after the bright reddish-pink bricks used to
build it. Despite its impressive age (though its
a youngster by Macau standards), its still a
bustling wet market and is a favorite of Macau
locals. The building also contains a clock
tower and a watchtower, and lots of dead fsh.
Remember to check out the surrounding streets,
full of busy shops and fruit and veggie stalls.
corner of Avenida Almirante Lacerda and
Avenida Horta e costa, Macau.
15. Chow down on a
cheung fun pancake
We walked by Lun Kei () halfway
up the Rua do Tarrafeiro to see the owner of this
shop watching a recording of his appearance
on a TV cooking show, so we had to order his
specialty: cheung fun rice noodle rolls flled with
beaten eggs and spring onion, steamed and
rolled in front of you. Covered in both peanut
and sweet sauce, theyre an incredible mix of
rice roll and pancake. Excellent.
Rua do tarrafeiro, Macau, (+853) 2895-6563.
Nessa. OMG shoes!
Lun Keis cheung fun wizards
the pink Red Market. Photo: RabunWarna
clube-ing all day. Photo: yuki K
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 21
Selection and text by Adele Wong
22 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
A Strong
Levis has collaborated with print
specialists Liberty to create a
series of psychedelic vests, mini-
skirts, jeans and other denim
garments that take inspiration
from both brands age-old
archives. Classic cuts from Levis
are superimposed with garden
forals from a 70s Liberty print,
making the clothing pop with
colors. Defnitely do mix and
match here, unless you want to
look like a freshly picked bouquet.
Accessories such as bandanas
and travel bags are also part of
the collection.
Levis, Shop uG09,
festival Walk, 80 tat chi Rd.,
Kowloon tong, 2265-7743.
Tech | Cant be Beats Style | Floral Flair
Get a pair of Dr. Dre Beats Mixr headphones
in a variety of neon colors, from highlighter
blue to yellow, orange, green, pink and
yellow. These headphones are made for
the world-class DJ in mindno
kidding, David Guetta was the
inspiration behind them
and are both lightweight
and snug-ftting.
Available at HMV,
1/f, Style House,
the Park Lane,
310 Gloucester Rd.,
causeway Bay,
For another take on foral,
check out this digitally printed
silk dress by Italian label Marco
Visconti. The fower motifs
are bold and bright, but
balanced out with a muted
gray-blue background. Also
check out the other skirts,
pants and tops from MVs
summer collection.
$1,280. Marco Visconti,
Shop 169, Plaza Hollywood,
3 Lung Poon St., Diamond
Hill, 2110-0827.
Accessories | Fashion Victim
No, its not a torture device or a prison tracker. This
fashion-forward leather ankle cuff by Aussie designer
Ellery comes with a heavy-duty brass buckle thats
designed to look like a lock. Its the perfect accessory
for the softie goth.
$2,800. Edit, 67 Hollywood Rd., central, 2549-4999.
with Sarah Fung
24 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
A Flawless Experience
The mani-pedi world is all abuzz with the
opening of Flawless, a new day spa on Wyndham
Street. Specializing in facials, makeup and
you guessed itnails, this intimate, extremely
stylin yet very friendly space would make an
awesome venue for hen parties, thanks in no
small part to the serene terrace that looks over
Wyndham. You can even buy lunch and eat it
outside while you get your nails done. Im most
interested in checking out the makeup service,
which is a pretty neat way to provide no-muss-
no-fuss daytime or evening makeup for all kinds
of occasionsfrom weddings to balls, events or
just big nights out. The expert makeup artists can
all consult you on your makeup regime and offer
tips and tricks to help you achieve the effects at
measures fat
deposits at 12 sites
on your body, and
then ranks them in
order of concern.
The idea is that the
way in which your
body stores fat is
an indication of
your diet, stress levels and hormone inbalances.
For instance, my top problem areas were my
abdominals, which apparently indicates fat storage
as a result of prolonged, low-level body stress
such as drinking, poor sleep and work stress
(check, check and BIG CHECK) and my waist,
which indicates a diet thats too high in sugar
(also true) and an overproduction of insulin as
a result. Ross the PT, who is BioSignature certifed,
explained that many of the clients at RAW use
this system as a way to identify problems in their
lifestyles so they can make effective adjustments.
For instance, he recommended that I change my
diet, start cooking at home more and cut my carb
intake. He also stressed that the method isnt
about spot-reduction, which is impossible,
but about identifying the lifestyle adjustments
that you need to make, in order to safely and
effectively reduce your body fat percentage.
The Biosignature package cost $1,500, which
includes an initial assessment, plus fve follow-up
measurements to track your progress. If you're
having personal training at RAW, it's $1,000.
23/f, Winsome House,
73 Wyndham St., central, 2415-6233,
Dont Have a Cow
Are you simultaneously
fearful of disgusting, germy
public hand rails and your
own aging hands? Then
I have just the product for
you! $105 might seem
like an awful lot to pay for hand sanitizer,
but British brand Cowshed has a special
alcohol-free formula that simultaneously kills
bacteria and moisturizes. The opaque gel leaves
your hands clean and beautifully scented but
also gently moisturizedbut thankfully not so
much so that you cant actually grasp anything.
Available in two scents, Cow Pat (grapefruit
and coriander) and Cow Slip (sweet orange and
peppermint), its perfect for high maintenance
neurotics on the gosuch as myself, of course.
Available at the Lane crawford Home Store,
L/1, Pacifc Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty,
Email me at,
or follow me on twitter: @sarahefung.
home. Right now its doing an opening promotion
where you can get a complimentary 30-minute
massage or basic manicure when you book
a facial. The offer is valid until August 14.
4/f, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham St.,
central, 2869-5868,
Fat Chance
Rebirthing seminar leaders take note: there is
no technique more effective at tearing down
someones ego and leaving them curled up in
the fetal position, than getting a beefcake personal
trainer to measure their fat with a set of calipers.
I learned this frst-hand last week at RAW,
a Wyndham Street training studio that kindly (?)
invited me to check out their BioSignature body
analysis program. In a nutshell, the program
Get flawless makeup at flawless
Hands, feet, it's all good
Not much
fat on this guy
13.06.20_new teak_L1_op.pdf 1 6/21/13 3:30 PM
26 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
an Po Kongs not just about industrial buildings and
residential units these days. Its also a stomping ground
for local bands, and a mini-hub of cafes, local diners and
even western-style restos. Check out these popular places for a
lazy cuppa, a quick set lunch, or a full three-course meal.
Kwai Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant
Ask any San Po Konger what the most famous restaurant
around is, and theyll tell you Kwai Kee, la! This resto has
been standing in San Po Kong for more than 19 years, serving
authentic Chiu Chow dishes to the neighborhood. Hongkongers
call eating a Chiu Chow meal Da Langoriginally a Chiu
Chow term meaning to hit somebody, its now taken on a much
more delicious meaning. Da Lang is not Da Lang if there are
no marinated dishes, and Kwai Kees marinated goose is a dish
you just cant miss. The goose has rich layers of flavor and
after hours of marinating, its so tender it will almost melt in
your mouth. Its perfect with a cold beer in the heat of summer.
Another signature dish is the Chiu Chow goose intestine. Dip it
in white vinegar mixed with garlic and chili, and help yourself.
Shop 12, G/f, 32 Hong Keung St., San Po Kong, 2354-5533.
(Seen Fun Yun Ga
Sichuan Restaurant)
This small restaurant serves Sichuan dishes, slightly tweaked for
the Hong Kong palate. One of the dishes served is Sichuan-style
chicken hot pot, which is cooked with thick broth and a whole
chicken. The dish has become ever so popular in recent times,
and theres a queue out the door at this resto every evening.
Its hot pot broth is a rich brew full of spices, chili, coriander
and plenty of secret ingredients. You can choose the level of
spiciness, from micro spicy to crazily spicythis resto has
spice fends covered. Dont miss out on their must-have side
dishes, such as pork lung or steamed chicken in chili sauce.
Shop A57, G/f, San Po Kong Plaza, 33 Shung Ling St.,
San Po Kong.
Tak Lung Restaurant
Tak Lung Restaurant has stood frm in San Po Kong for
40 years, serving ancient Chinese cuisine. Even though they
serve traditional Cantonese dishes, most Hongkongers will
be surprised by unusual plates such as Tai Yeh Chicken, which
is smoked with pu-erh tea and cane sugar, or fsh intestines
baked with eggs. Menus are in Chinese only.
G/f, 25-29 Hong Keung St., San Po Kong, 2320-7020.
Aussie Cafe
Custer Lam is this takeaway shops friendly owner. He was
raised in Australia, and wants to bring healthy eating to San
Po Kong. Visit for their Aussie coffee or freshly brewed tea.
Handmade sandwiches ($18) are prepared every morning and
carefully wrapped to keep them fresh. Want something a little
more substantial? Aussie Cafe also serves takeaway pasta,
cooked with less oil and salt, and (naturally) fresh ingredients
only. Complement it with a fresh juice for a healthy lunch.
Shop 103, G/f, Rhythm Garden, 242 choi Hung Rd.,
San Po Kong, 2711-4238.

(Handmade Ramen Kitchen)
The Sichuanese Mrs. Lam, owner of the store, insists that every
group of diners must order a set of xiao long bao dumplings
($30 for fve) before even looking at the menu. Some celebrities
dine here and say that our xiao long bao are much more juicier
than those from Din Tai Fung, she boasts. Other signature
dishes include bean sheets with shredded chicken ($30),
dressed with roasted sesame sauce and sliced cucumbers.
Terrifed of spicy Sichuan? Check out their handmade dan dan
noodles instead ($30). A restaurant that emphasizes freshness,
good taste and better value: no wonder people line up every
night to support this humble shopboasts notwithstanding.
G/f, ying Hing Building, 48 ying Hing St., San Po Kong,
noble House
Owner Kelly Lee used to run a French private kitchen,
but shes expanded into this cozy French caf in the area.
The convenient location (just next to the Mikiki Mall) attracts
office ladies and couples eager for a bit of French romance.
Noble House serves up dishes such as Norwegian salmon
filets ($158), and crispy-skinned, oven-roasted whole
chicken ($158). Stopping by for a quick bite? Try its
Caesar salad for $48.
G/f, 61 King fuk St., San Po Kong, 6626 5011.

(Sun Yee Gor Yunnan noodles)
Nothing goes with rice vermicelli better than sour-spicy soup.
Here you can have a big bowl of the stuff for just $30,
with any extra ingredients of your choice. The restaurant
recommends ordering pork belly especially to go with the
noodles, which are soft, deeply marinated, and the perfect
match to the powerful soup. They also provide noodles
made with potato starch, if you like your noodles to be
slightly healthier.
G/f, 57 King fuk St., San Po Kong, 2669-9426.
629 Egg Wafes
Hidden down a narrow alley, you can just follow your nose
to this little gai daan zai (egg waffles) store. Theyre all
made to order, and on top of the traditional flavors,
629 Egg Waffles has a few more unusual options, such as
sesame, chocolate and even garlic. The owner especially
recommends the corn and egg or peanut and egg waffles:
I boil the corn fresh every day. The peanuts are pan-fried and
then baked to give them a really good smell and taste.
For just $12 or so, youll be served the perfect Hong Kong-style
egg waffle: crunchy on the outside, marshmallow-like on
the inside.
Shop c, G/f, 73 tseuk Luk St., San Po Kong.
San Po nom
San Po Kong is a foodie haven full of quirky gems, if you
just know where to look. By Siu Sun and Michelle Ho.
Getting to
San Po Kong
from the north: Go to Diamond Hill
MtR station, Exit B. Walk straight
for fve minutes and turn right at
the footbridge: youll see a small
path leading to choi Hung Road.
Alternatively Minibus 85 from festival
Walk goes straight to the Mikiki Mall
complex, and buses run up
Prince Edward Road East.
Noble House
tak Lung Restaurant Xiao Long Bao at Handmade Ramen Gday, Aussie cafe 629 Egg Waffles
Kwai Kee chiu chow Restaurant
with Adele Wong
Saturday, 6 July 2013, 3pm
(Doors open at noon)
A 19th Century
Copper Tea Kettle
HK$4,000 - 6,000
28 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Watch Out For
Looks like Shore group is determined to
take over Kowloon. Hot on the heels of
their Spanish eatery Pico, in TST, theyve
now opened a New York-style gastropub
called Eastside tavern (Shop G30-33
& 49-51, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Rd.,
Tsim Sha Tsui East, 2367-8770). Hearty
fare like ribs, burgers, steaks and pizzas
will take center stage, but there will also
be quirky treats such as Peking duck rolls
on offer. Craft beers, foosball tables, dart
boards, live sports broadcastsEastside
Taverns got every nitpicky and ADHD-
prone diner covered.
Looking to host a dinner party,
but not enough room in your fat?
Check out Spark Studios (3/F, Unit
308, Westlands Centre, 20 Westland Rd.,
Quarry Bay, 2682-3411), a new private
function space that comes with a fully
equipped kitchen, dining and lounging
section, and outdoor terrace. Spark
Studios provides cooking and etiquette
classes predominantly for kids, but
occasionally offers baking sessions
for adults too. For more info about the
classes and how to book the space,
call the number above.
Talk of the Town
Organic resto
Wild Grass (1/F,
8 Arbuthnot Rd.,
Central, 2812-
1826) has come
up with a colorful
summer menu
to conquer the
heavy heat. Dig into some delicate baked
goats cheese feuiletts (puff pastries),
a zesty and refreshing tuna amberjack
carpaccio, a hearty casserole of John
Dory with noisette potatoes, or a fve-
spice grilled piri piri chicken for mains,
then end with a sweet summer pudding
drenched under a thick veil of mixed
wild berry sauce. The above were dishes
I tried, but the menu also includes grilled
organic rib-eye steaks, salmon salads and
nose-to-tail dishes such as ox tongue,
veal kidney and beef shin. To enjoy these
delightful new dishes without feeling like
a stuffed turkey at the end of the meal,
remember to bring a large group along.
The dishes are all meant for sharing,
so the more the merrier.
Try Tis At Home
The Association of Polish Butchers
and Producers of Processed Meat
of the Republic of Poland (try saying
that three times) has been aggressively
promoting their sausages and other
meaty European produce in Hong Kong
in our pages, no less. Apparently, they
REALLY want to let Hongkongers know
all about the awesomeness of pork,
beef and poultry from eastern Europe,
so I thought Id share one of their recipes
for an impressive-looking goose breast
dish that you can cook up for your next
dinner party. The goose can be purchased
from classic fine foods (Unit 201, Kerry
Warehouse, 4-6 Kwai Tai Rd., Kwai Chung,
2612-2066), or you can even substitute
duck breasts (IMHO), which you can order
(they sell the French variety).
Email me at
or follow me on twitter: @adele_hklife.
Spark Studios
Goose breast with fennel,
lentils and cranberry sauce
(serves 4)
2 goose breasts1 bunch of fresh
marjoram1 fennel200ml orange
juice200g lentils3 carrots
200g celery 1 onion1 pack
82% fat butter2 peaches in syrup
200ml cranberry juice 200g
cranberries1 pomegranate
saltcoarsely ground pepper
1. Marinate the goose breast
in salt, pepper and marjoram
for 24 hours.
2. Fry the breast, then place in
an oven at 90 degrees Celsius
for half an hour.
3. Slice the fennel and simmer
it in orange juice in a pan.
4. Soak the lentils and cook them
with fnely chopped carrots and
celery. Strain after cooking.
5. Slice the onion fnely and fry it
quickly. Add in the pack of butter
and the lentils with vegetables.
6. Dice the peaches, then candy
them in butter and sugar in a pan.
7. Boil the cranberry juice, then
add in cranberries, pomegranate
seeds and lemon juice and cook to
condense. Add 5 grams of butter.
8. Put the breast onto a blank plate
and pour the cranberry juice
around the plate. Garnish with
candied peaches, fennel, onions
and lentils.
Price Guide
$ Less than $200
$$ $200-$399
$$$ $400-$599
$$$$ $600-$799
$$$$$ $800 and up
Price per person, including one drink, appetizer, main course
and dessert. Prices do not include bottles of wine unless stated.
Never. Again.
Completely forgettable
Pretty good
Our Policy
Reviews are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants. Reviews are
included at the discretion of the editors and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are
those of HK Magazine and our super-sneaky team of hungry reviewers. Menus, opening hours and prices change and
should be checked. New restaurants are not reviewed within one month of their opening. Reviews are written from a
typical diners perspective. A dining experience includes more than just food; ratings are also based on service, atmos-
phere and fun. Ratings are awarded in accordance with the type of restaurant reviewed, so the citys best wonton noodle
stall could earn a Unbelievable rating while a fancy French restaurant could be Completely forgettable.
Japanese. Shop 1-2, 1-5 Elgin St., central, 2546-8008.
Ramen joints are a dime a dozen in Central, but Torimen
opened by the owners of Edo & Bibostands out from the
crowd as a superb resto for both delicious and good value
dishes. We ventured there on a weeknight for dinner. The
dcor is spacious, with tables to share or a bar facing the open
kitchen. With overpriced yakitori being all the rage these days,
we were pleasantly surprised to fnd that Torimens offerings are
reasonably pricedand most of them are meant for sharing, rather than just a single serving of
some meat on a stick. We went for oysters wrapped in bacon, and duck breast infused with red
wine as starters. Granted, the former only came with two tiny pieces, but the contrast of bacon
and oyster works very well, the seasoned meat cutting through the fshy aftertaste. Eight thinly
cut slices of duck breast came next. Perfectly marinated, they practically melt in the mouthand
we eagerly scoffed them down. For mains, ramen: one in spicy miso soup and the other with
butter and sweet corn. You can choose the level of spiciness on a scale of one to fvewith
three being normal, while fve is uber-hot. We chose three, but could have gone spicier. The butter
ramen smelled irresistible and tasted even betterand the noodles were soft and just right.
We felt there could have been a bit more pork in both bowls, though. Servers were incredibly
attentive and polite, and we dont have much to complain about except the $60 bottle of still
water, which we werent aware of until the bill came. Its just a little bit ridiculous when your water
costs more than your ramen. Open Mon-Wed noon-11pm, Thu-Sat noon-1am. $$
nicos Spuntino
Italian. 49 Elgin St., central, 2978-3949.
Fat Angelos on Elgin Street may be long gone, but Nicos
Spuntino, the casual Italian joint that took its place, is a welcome
addition to the restaurant-packed strip. With a casual bar area
as you walk in and proper seating tucked away to the leftnot
to mention the charcuterie and gelato bar to the righttheres
a lot to take in. We were delighted when the waitress came
around with a platter of salami and mini cheese cubes for us
to trysomething for free? In SoHo???but they couldnt
rinse out the taste of the strawberry and basil cocktail which was far, far too sweet. Lucky for
us, the friendly and accommodating waiter graciously swapped it for a glass of wine. To start,
we bypassed the spuntinoitalian tapas, if you willand went for the signature hog and
fg pizza: an impossibly thin crust topped with slender slices of cured wild boar, caramelized
fgs, truffe oil, and scarlet cressthough we found that last ingredient a little overpowering
in an otherwise impeccable dish. One of our mainsa Parma ham, artichoke and parmesan
risottowas mouthwatering, flling and extremely tasty, but a single serving is too rich and salty
for one diner. Better to order it in a group and savor a dollop each. The beef tenderloin we cant
faultserved as a big hunk of red, juicy steak with spinach and blanched cherry tomatoes,
it was a paleo dieters dream. Well defnitely return at happy hour to check out the enticing
small platesnot least because dinner for two off the full menu stung us for 875 buckscall us
cheap but thats a little steep for a weeknight, even if it is standard in SoHo. Open Mon-Sat
11:30am-late, Sun and public holidays 10am-late. $$$
Mediterranean. 1/f, 1-5 Elgin St., central, 2555-6065.
For a cozy night out in SoHo, Enomod defnitely does the trick.
Yet another warm, bright industial-chic space with bar tables,
low tables and large communal tables scattered throughout,
Enomod is, strangely, not exactly your typical dining destination.
Although it markets itself as a social dining experience (though
were not sure which restaurants would consider themselves
anti-social), the restos more a place where you come for a glass
of wine straight out of the barrel (get the easy-to-drink Aussie
shiraz), and then order some sharing platters as an afterthought. The menu is superfcially
Mediterranean, dominated by a mishmash of bar-friendly comfort foods that are separated into
wood, stone, copper and ceramic categories, according to the tableware the dishes are served in.
These tapas were hit-or-miss, with a juicy, carefully charred saffron chicken topped with lemon,
chili and mint yogurt followed by underwhelming cinnamon beef tenderloin tips in Marsala sauce.
Points for the creativity, but the result was a not-quite-savory, not-quite-sweet dish of cubed meat
that exhibited only a weak hint of exotic favor. We werent crazy for the rather boring Roman-
style pizzas, even though we could appreciate the quality of the toppings, from the Parma ham to
the fresh buffalo mozzarella. The pastas perked us up: both the tagliatelle with creamy, peppery
walnut carbonara sauce and the tangy penne with chorizo, cherries and orange zest were a
delightful injection of carbs. We were amused by the absinthe spicy tiramisu dessert and curious
about the ricotta cheesecake with crushed pistachio and candied orange peel, and ordered them
to follow. We have seriously sweet tooths so were looking for something more intense, but were
still satisfed with the rather mild cheesecake and the surprisingly light tiramisu. Well be back,
but probably more for snacks and drinks than a full-on dinner. Open daily noon-midnight. $$$

30 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Jsenses_all_375x265_2.pdf 1 20/6/13 4:59 PM
32 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
McCrooning McCrary
You wouldnt say Howard McCrarys musical career began humbly.
After initially touring with the Jackson 5 as a part of The McCrarys
his familys gospel bandhe moved on to a Grammy-nominated
career in both gospel and secular music, working with big names like
Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, and yesMJ himself. The seasoned genre-
hopper now focuses on exclusively jazz, and moved his operations
to our side of the pond a few years back with the aim of becoming
Hong Kongs Frank Sinatra. He begins his reign as King of the Croon
in this debut Cultural Centre performance entitled Peace & All That
Jazz, where hell fuse the classics with standards, supported by his
talented orchestra. July 9-10, 8pm. Concert Hall, Cultural Centre,
10 Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui. $220-680 from
Milos concierto de Aranjuez
While its beyond a shadow of doubt that
Spain contributed much to the spread of midday
napping, some fairly simple Googling uncovers
a long history of Spain contributing a sizeable
amount to classical music, too. Go fgure. Joana
Carneirowho is Portuguese rather than
Spanishconducts guitarist Milo Karadaglic
and the HK Phil as they play pieces from Verdi,
Rimsky-Korsakov, and Spaniards Rodrigo and
Falla. Jun 28-29, 8pm. Concert Hall, Cultural
Centre, 10 Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui.
$140-400 from
champions in concert
The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra likes a winner.
Who doesnt? In this one-night-only performance,
four major award-winning musical acts will take
the stage together for the frst time, in what
promises to be a memorable night for classical
lovers. Check this ace roster: Sun Huang, frst
prize winner of 12 national erhu competitions in
China will be playing, as will Su Chang (pictured),
winner of three major zheng competitions in
China; holding the baton will be Sun Peng, winner
of the worlds frst Hong Kong International
Conducting Competition for Chinese Music
in 2011. Not to be outdone, World Harmonica
Festival winners the Kings Harmonica Quintet
will play a piece by Esesco. Winning. Jul 13, 8pm.
Concert Hall, Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Rd.,
Tsim Sha Tsui. $150-300 from
Le crazy Horse Paris: forever crazy
Im slightly embarassed to admit that the frst
time I was told that Crazy Horse was coming
to town, I heard Crazy Whores instead.
No worriesregardless of the reason you
buy a ticket, youre in for a heck of a night.
The legendary dancers put on a breathtaking,
groundbreaking stage show that is much more
Cirque du Soliel than it is burlesque. Sep 11,
8pm; Sep 12-19, 10:15pm, 7:45pm. Lyric Theatre,
Academy for Performing Arts, 1 Gloucester Rd.,
Wan Chai, 2584-8500. $690-1,290 from
the taming of the Shrew
Dust off that old monologue skull; Shakespeares
back. The playwrights most controversial
comedywhich, I believe, is now referred to
in crustier theater circles as 10 Things I Hate
About Shrewis coming to the APA, and its
arrival marks the frst time that Londons Globe
Theatre has sent their legendary company to
Hong Kong. When two wealthy sisters in Padua
need to be married off, the lovely Bianca has
no shortage of suitors. Katherina, on the other
hand, has got a mean streak, and itll take all
of the gold-digging Petruchios bullish might
to drag her to the altar. Starring Heath Ledger,
kinda. Sep 25-29, 7:30pm; Sep 28-29, 2:30pm.
Lyric Theatre, Academy for Performing Arts,
1 Gloucester Rd., Wan Chai, 2584-8500.
$295-695 from
Architecture in Motion
Are you the type of person who likes watching
people attempt awesome feats? Then you
should go on YouTube right now and cue up
some fail montages. Should you prefer to see
people actually succeed at awesomeness,
Id recommend checking out the Diavolo
Dance Theatera group of acrobat/gymnast/
dancers that perform breathtaking stunts on,
in, around and under enormous structures in
their impressive stage show. Bring your kids,
and every time the crowd gasps at yet another
death-defying leap, lean down and whisper,
I bet those guys dont spend all day playing
with their iPhones. Jul 5-7, 7:30pm; Jul 6-7,
3pm. Grand Theatre, Cultural Centre,
10 Salisbury Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui. $140-380
Romeo et Juliette
Ahh, Romeo and Juliet. Whats not to love?
The romance, the sacrifce, the balcony scene,
the pirouettewait, what? Sergei Prokofevs
famed balletRomeo and Julietis the most
notable inspiration for this stage adaptation from
director Joelle Bouvier and the Geneva Ballet,
who have borrowed three orchestral suites from
the original composition to portray Shakespeares
timeless tale of love and loss between the
warring Capulets and Montagues. I guess if Baz
Luhrmann is allowed to do a version, why not
ballerinas? Jul 19-20, 8:15pm; Jul 21, 2:30pm.
Grand Theatre, Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Rd.,
Tsim Sha Tsui. $160-460 from
Stand-up at takeOut comedy
Seinfeld, Carlin, Pryor, Chappelle, Rock, Louie
at this point, does America even have a close
challenger as the worlds epicenter of stand-up
comedy? Well, just in time for Independence
Day, TakeOut owner Jami Gong (a New Yorker,
no less) is tipping his hat to the red, white
and blue, with a night of exclusively American
comedians, featuring Pete Grella (pictured),
Ryan Hynek, Garron Chiu, and many more.
Chances are that at least one of those people
is a Canadian wearing a fake mustache, right?
Jul 4, 9pm. TakeOut Comedy, B/F, 34 Elgin St.,
Central, 6220-4436. $50-100; reserve tickets
at or buy at the door.
Hairspray: the Broadway Musical
Face Productions brings Hairspray to Hong
Kong, but lets be clearthis is a presentation
of the 2002 Tony Award-winning Broadway
musical, which was adapted from the 1988
John Waters flm, Hairspray. It is NOT a stage
adaptation of the 2007 flm starring John Travolta
called Hairspray, which is actually a flm
adaptation of the stage play and not a remake
of the original flm. Confused? Me too. Set in
1960s Baltimore, the story follows the plump
teenager Tracy Turnblads road to overnight fame
after landing on a TV dance program. You cant
stop the beat. Jun 27-30, 8pm; Jun 30, 3pm.
Studio Theatre, Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Rd.,
Tsim Sha Tsui. $280-380 from
Edited by Sean Hebert
theater & Arts
Urbtix (credit cards) 2111-5999
Urbtix (enquiries) 2734-9009
HK Ticketing 3128-8288
HK Arts Centre 2582-0200
Fringe Club 2521-7251
HK Cultural Centre 2734-2009
need to Know
HK City Hall 2921-2840
HK Academy for Performing Arts 2584-8500
Kwai Tsing Theatre 2408-0128
LCSD Music Programme Office 2268-7321
LCSD Dance/Multi-Arts Office 2268-7323
LCSD Theatre Office 2268-7323
34 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
UPCLOSE Le Crazy Horse Dancers
VA Bene HK Magazine_210 x 275mm.Page 1 22/6/2013 10:42:56:AM
Since 1951, the famed Le crazy
Horse dancers have been dazzling
audiences from stages in Paris and
around the globe with their impressive
dance numbers and scant clothing.
This fall, the girls take over APA
Theatre for a 17-show run, and so
they sat down with Sean Hebert
to tell Hongkongers exactly
what they should expect from
the performances.
HK Magazine: Le crazy Horse is an
established name in Paris with a long history,
but abroad, many people might think french
cabaret and immediately think of Moulin
Rouge. Are the two similar?
yufa yemala: Theyre totally different. The Moulin
Rouge is an old, traditional French show with the
can-can, the big feathers, and with both girls and
guys on stage. Ours is nothing like that. Its small,
intimate, features only girls, and our costumes are
hardly anything because our lighting dresses us.
taina de Bermudes: Crazy Horse is really
about the fne detailthe soles of your shoes,
the tips of your fngers, the precise make-up.
In Moulin Rouge, they give you everything all the
time, with a million people on stage wearing the
biggest, best, most sparkly things they can fnd.
Daizy Blu: We are not just parts of a group at
Crazy Horse, because we each have our own
personalities, and the audience needs to read
that on the bodies of the girls and how we act.
We are each unique.
HK: tell me about being nude on stage in
front of an audience. Was that a challenge
when you frst started?
tB: Its more of a challenge from a technical
point of view: getting the clothes off in the right
time with the music, and getting your character
across. In terms of being naked, its not really a
problem because we feel dressed by the lights.
When you see the show, youll see that even
when we are nude, the audience doesnt really
know what theyre seeing. Its always kind of an
illusion. For example, at the end of the striptease
number, the whole stage is dark but there is one
red light that comes down the middle of the
body like a fickering fame, if you can imagine.
You cant really tell what youre seeing.
Loa Vahina: Its sensual, not sexual. When you
start, you think of everything but nuditythe wigs,
the shoes, the make-up, the choreography.
HK: Does it help to have stage names?
tB: Defnitely. Its like being another person or
character, and you can step into that role when
you go on stage. We use them religiously: a lot
of us dont even know each others real names.
HK: Where do your stage names come from?
tB: We are given a stage name just before we go
on stage for the very frst time at Crazy Horse.
During the rehearsal process, they see what kind
of person you are and what your personality is
like, and so the management decides on a name
for you and it stays for your whole Crazy Horse
career. Its like a baptism, really.
HK: What sort of experience or training does one
need in dance to be in Le crazy Horse?
tB: Everyone at Crazy Horse is classically
trained, so I did that. Afterwards, I did three
years of professional training in dance and
musical theater, which encompasses a number
of styles of dance and also singing and acting.
It wasnt until age 18 or 19 that I saw some
cabaret shows, and that inspired me to try it.
DB: I originally wanted to be a ballet dancer.
I studied dance in an academyjazz,
contemporary, classical. Until I was 22, I studied
dance in a junior company, and then I started
to work in cabaret. Theres many roads you can
take to get to Crazy Horse.
HK: How has being a crazy Horse dancer
changed your life?
LV: Your self-esteem as a woman is lifted
because of what they teach you.
tB: Defnitely. You go through a transformation
when you start at Crazy Horse. Often, its
from a girl to a woman. You fnd something
in yourself, and the show managers help you
to fnd that something and they work with it.
Everyones different, obviously, but I personally
felt a change in maturity. In French they say
assumerto accept yourself, to have the
confdence in yourself, and to be sure of who
you are. Thats what we bring to the stage.
for dates and ticketing info for Le crazy Horses
Hong Kong run, see Arts listings, p.32.
36 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Danielle tay: the Important Bits
Over the past three years, the young
Singaporean artist Danielle Tay has seen her
works displayed in far-off places like Moscow
and London, and she can also boast of being
a fnalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize.
The Important Bits marks her frst solo
exhibition in Hong Kong, wherein she uses
primarily paper collage to explore the tensions
and harmonies of urban landscapes, and how
people perceive and navigate cityscapes. The
exhibition space is laid out in a manner that
forces guests to follow a specifc path through
the works, in what I assume is a metaphor for
her subject matter. That, or she really freakin
loves IKEA. Through Jul 17. Artify Gallery,
10/F, Block A, Ming Pao Industrial Centre,
18 Ka Yip St., Chai Wan, 2140-9386.
Restrictive Motivation
Local artists Scott Chan and KS are interested
in the way that exterior space impacts
a persons inner identity, and they freely admit
that Hong Kong is a city lacking in open, public
spaces. Its truewere rats in this concrete
maze, restricted in all directions by the
monied and powerful, syphoned into narrow
passageways and forced to become more aware
of our limitless internal space. But if the outside
affects the inside, where does that leave our
inner selves? We become passive followers,
say the artists. Lemmings. Well, thats depressing.
What are we talking about again? Oh, right:
art. Go see their art. Through Jul 28. Future
Industries Gallery, 21 Square St., Sheung Wan,
Work In Progress: Street Art Exhibition
There is a certain HK Mag readership demographic that I assume just skips right over my art exhibition
listings every week, scoffng at how The Man has co-opted creative expression and relegated it to
the wealthy, libertine sects of Hollywood Road high society. Well put down your copies of Adbusters,
conscientious objectors of Hong Kong, and get your asses to Quarry Bay, because this takeover of
an offce space by local and international street artists is one of the coolest fucking things to hit our
art scene this year. Hit up Work in Progress anytime before 7pm during the run and take in the
diverse muralsweekend visitors will also be treated to special flm screenings, tours, and live
paintings. Bonus: you might even spot Banksy there! (You wont.) Through Jul 7. 13/F, Somerset House,
TaiKoo Place, 979 Kings Rd., Quarry Bay.
yuichi Sugai
In a very roundabout way, Japanese artist Yuichi
Sugai has been preparing for this exhibition
for nearly 50 years. First making a name for
himself in the 70s around the Tokyo gallery
scene as a minimalist painter, he began studying
printmaking before opening a print studio in
the 80s that allowed him to work with dozens
of international artists. He spent two decades
teaching printmaking in the United States,
before deciding in 2009 to produce art again.
Mixing painting and printmaking techniques
on Kimono fabric, this is Sugais portrayal of
childhood nostalgia. In a word, awesome.
Through Jul 20. Art Statements Gallery, Factory
D, 8/F, Gee Chang Hong Centre, 65 Wong Chuk
Hang Rd., Wong Chuk Hang, 2696-2300.
capturing tai O
From the stalls stocked with seafood to the
stunning sunset, Lantau Islands Tai O fshing
village is a photographers dream. Often dubbed
the Venice of Hong Kong, Tai O is perhaps
best known for the pang uk (stilt homes) that
line its charming waterway, but there is also
a checkered history that involves robust
industry, smuggling, and most recently, natural
and man-made disasters. In this exhibition,
eight professional and freelance photographers
explore the simplicity and tranquility that are
the essence of this local treasure. Peruse the
pictures, and then spend an afternoon on
Lantau yourself, seeing if you and your DSLR
have what it takes to go pro. Through Jul 31.
3/F, The Landmark, 15 Queens Road Central,
Le Petit Journal:
Murder, mayhem and other catastrophes
Le Petit Journal was launched in 1863 as
Frances frst mass-circulated daily, and thanks
to its miniscule per-issue price, sensationalism
and appeal to the lower classes, the tabloid
was selling over one million copies by 1890.
Photographer Michael Wolf began collecting
old issues at fea markets while living in Paris,
fascinated by the dramatic cover illustrations:
a woman being gored by a polar bear, a baby
being scooped from her mothers arms by
a massive eagle, or a woman struck by lightning
at a dance party. This exhibition displays
50 of em in their ridiculous, memorable glory,
shedding some light on how early tabloids sold
themselves to mass audiences. Paying attention,
Eastweek? Through Sep 1. Michael Wolf Studio,
5/F, Unit 504-506, Kailey Industrial Building,
12 Fung Yip St., Chai Wan.
Summer Show
The annual summer exhibition at Amy Jos Co
(thats what her friends call her, anyways) pulls
pieces from the gallerys line-up of acclaimed
artists. On display this time around are new
photographs by Chinese artist Liu Xiaofang,
new works from the 365 series by Konstantin
Bessmertny, selected paintings by funky
Australian landscape artist Chris Langlois, new
resin, acrylic and gold chrome sculptures by
Korean artist Hyojin Park, and more.
One artist is spotlighted each week and
the works will be rotated regularly through
September, so pop in the next time youre
strolling down Hollywood. Through Sep 7.
Amelia Johnson Contemporary, G/F,
6-10 Shin Hing St., Central, 2548-2286.
38 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Edited by Andrea Lo
Twitter: @AndreaS_Lo
Suzanne Vega
For the frst time ever, alt-rock-folk singer-
songwriting legend Suzanne Vega will be
performing in Hong Kong. Fun fact: her a
capella song Toms Diner was the track
used to perfect the MP3 format. Jul 25,
8pm. Musiczone, KITEC, 1 Trademart Drive,
Kowloon Bay. $480-680; ticket outlet TBA.
the xx
Critically lauded band The xx (no capitals,
people) has been dominating the indie
scene since its 2009 debut album, which
was pretty much the best of the year.
Its ambient indie pop that even your dad
will dance to, although you should ignore
him if he does. Jul 31, 7pm. Star Hall, KITEC,
1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay. $600-780
carly Rae Jepsen
Great news for teeny boppers: theCall Me
Maybe hitmaker will perform in Hong Kong
in August. After taking part in Canadian
Idol in 2007, Carly Rae Jepsen burst on
to the scene in late 2011 with her catchy
hit, which topped charts across the globe.
A Justin Bieber protg, she continues
to please fans of bubblegum pop, having
collaborated with the likes of Owl City as
well as the Biebs himself. See her, maybe.
Aug 9, 8pm. Venue and ticketing details TBA.
Air Supply
Air Supply must really love it out here.
Following a concert in Macau late last year,
the soft-pop-rock duo is back again to
perform at AsiaWorld-Expo. Aug 11, 8pm.
Hall 10, AsiaWorld-Expo, Chek Lap Kok.
$480-880 from
the Smashing Pumpkins
Corgan et. al. are set to take to the stage
this summer at AsiaWorld-Expo. The
Chicagoan four-piece was established in
the late 1980s and plays an eclectic mix of
genres ranging from heavy metal to gothic
and punk rock. Theyve just started writing
their new album, so you might even get a
sneak preview or two. Aug 13, 8pm. Hall 10,
AsiaWorld-Expo, Chek Lap Kok. $580-780
thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher (no relation to Michael)
is a techno DJ who also likes to occasionally
branch out and experiment with electro and
house beats. And race fast cars. Wait, thats
Michael again. His DJ gig at Fly is supported
by local talents Frankie Lam, Lukas and AKW.
Jun 28, 10pm. Fly, G/F, 24-30 Ice House St.,
Central, 2810-9902. Free before 12:30am;
$150 thereafter, including a drink.
La fte Jaune
by Stephane Pompougnac
At this event at Kee, French house DJ Stephane
Pompougnac will be spinning while Veuve
Clicquot champagne keeps you refreshed
all night long. Or at least until you fall down.
Jun 28, 11pm. Kee Club, 6/F, 32 Wellington St.,
Central, 2810-9000. $200 in advance from or $300 at the door.
carpe Diem Night
Since moving to Hong Kong eight years ago, DJ
Samir has been spinning at clubs around the
South China region. He will be playing at this
event at Japanese restaurant Aka. The dress
code is party chic, so dont show up in your
unfashionable party wear. Jul 6, 10pm. Aka
Japanese Cuisine & Lounge, M/F, LKF Tower, 55
DAguilar St., Central, 2840-0007. $250 at the
door, including two standard drinks.
fierce Angel
A record label set up by the man behind
Hed Kandi, Fierce Angel hosts club nights
galore, playing Ibiza-style house tunes and
club classics to get the crowd moving. Close
your eyes and you could almost be on the
Balearic Island. Except no ones throwing up
on your shoes. Jul 18, 10pm. Play, 1/F,
On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central.
Rihanna in Macau
Rihannaneed we say more? Yes? Okay. The singer is set to perform at the Venetian in
Macau in September as part of her Diamonds World Tour. Ri Ri released her frst album
in 2005, but it wasnt until 2007 that Good Girl Gone Bad really put her on the map
what with the lead single Umbrella (feat. her mentor Jay-Z) taking over charts across
the world for an entire summer. She may be just as well known for her antics and saucy
Instagram pics (and the offce is fercely divided on the Ri Ri vs. Beyonc issue), but shes
continued to drop chart-toppers all along. Its Ri Ri time. Sep 13, 8pm. The Venetian, Estrada
da Baa de N. Senhora da Esperana, Taipa, Macau, (+853) 2882-8888. $280-1,780 from
Photo Credit: MTF Photography
HK Magazines 1,000th issue is coming soon,
and we want you to celebrate with us. Simply tell us
why you love Hong Kong for a chance to be featured in
our 1,000th issue cover story. You might even score an
invite to our awesome 1,000th issue party on July 12!
Be a part of HK history.
Email us at
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Reason No. 553
The oohs and aahs of
Freddy the Weatherman
There are 1,000 reasons to love Hong Kong.
Whats yours?
40 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Hong Kong Junk fest
Planning on junking during the three-day
weekend? Aiming to take over the ocean
(or at least Hong Kong waters), this party is
a fotilla-style gathering of multiple junks at
once. With a 50-person capacity per junk, the
organizers have promised to get as many boats
as needed. All the junks will set sail towards
a secret beach and anchor there for the rest
of the day. Junks will be equipped with a buffet,
unlimited drinks, a DJ zone as well as plenty of
aquatic activities. Jun 30, 9:30am. Pier 9, Central.
$500 in advance from
Volume Beat Presents: twink city
Volume Beat celebrates the July 1 public holiday
with a party featuring Malaysian DJ Young Eddie,
as well as infamous drag diva La Chiquitta.
Jun 30, 10pm. Volume Beat, LG/F, 62 Jervois St.,
Sheung Wan, 2857-7683. Free.
canada Day Boat Party
Most people know July 1 as HKSAR
Establishment Day (and a public holiday),
but lets not forget its also Canadas birthday.
Shes 146 young... In honor of this this special
(read: drunk) day, this boat party is calling all
participants to come dressed in red and white.
Canucks: if you see people marching that day,
dont assume its all for you. Jul 1, 9:30am.
Pier 10, Central. $600 in advance; email or WhatsApp
9211-2580. Tickets include food and drink.
Visit for more info.
Handover Hallelujah
Now in its fourth year, the annual Handover
Hallelujah music festival returns to The Wanch.
Taking place over the three-day weekend, over
50 bands will take the stage, playing every genre
under the sun: from classic and hard rock, to
blues, funk, folk and more. Expect to see new
faces as well as old faves. Jun 28-Jul 1, 8pm. The
Wanch, 54 Jaffe Rd., Wan Chai, 2586-1621. Free.
the Lovesong Summer 2013
The guitarist of hardcore punk and emo band
the Lovesong is back in town this month
and as such, his bandmates have decided to
get together with fellow emo band Ponyboy,
and shoegaze indie-pop four-piece the White
Wave (pictured), to perform. Jun 29, 9pm.
Beating Heart, Unit A2, 8/F, Cheung Fat Building,
7-9 Hill Rd., Shek Tong Tsui, 5190-1851. $100 at
the door, including a free beer.
Linkin Park
Ah, the early 2000s, when Linkin Park ruled the
nu-metal world. Shinoda and co. have won two
Grammys and sold over 50 million albums to
dateand theyre still going. Their Hong Kong
concert is at AsiaWorld-Arena, and the profts
are being partially donated to the Music For
Relief charity in aid of disaster recovery.
Who ever said that in the end, it didnt even
matter? Aug 15, 8pm. AsiaWorld-Arena,
Sky Plaza Rd., Chek Lap Kok, 3606-8828.
$288-788 from
Owl city
Owl City, also known as Adam Young, got his
frst taste of stardom when he began uploading
videos of his performances to Myspace from
his parents basement in Minnesota. Two indie
albums later, he was picked up by record label
execs, and a full-length electropop album was
released in 2009. His hit Firefies reached
no.1 across US, UK and Canadian charts.
So thats one good thing to come out of
Myspace. Aug 22, 7pm. Rotunda 2, KITEC,
1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay. $380 from
Britpop-slash-alt-rockers Suede reformed
in 2010, and released their new album in March.
Theyre back, and theyre stronger than ever.
Led by frontman Brett Anderson, theyll take
to the stage at AsiaWorld-Expo in September,
and will showcase tunes from the new album
as well as old faves from back in the day. Sep 29,
8pm. Hall 10, AsiaWorld-Expo, Chek Lap Kok.
$580-780 from
Dirty Boogie Rockabilly festival
Get your pomade ready and your neckerchiefs
tied. At this flthy 50s festival at the Fringe Club,
acts featured include Sugar Lady, the Boogie
Playboys, the Bembol Rockers and DJ Marc
Steady. Jul 20, 8pm. Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert
Rd., Central, 2525-1032. $200 in advance from
Fringe Club or $220 at the door.
nightlife Events
1930s Shanghai Night
Step back in time to 1930s Shanghai at Bisous.
Pay tribute to one of the most glamorous eras
in the citys history, where the rich and famous
focked to play, the arts and nightlife scene
fourished, gangsters drove fast cars, and
beautiful women flled jazz clubs. Basically,
the stuff of legends. Jun 28, 10pm. Bisous, 9/F,
LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St., Central, 2501-0002.
$150 at the door, including a drink.
Molokini Beach Sunday
Honi Honis Beach Sunday is a newly launched
event which will take place every two weeks.
Various drink promotions are in place;
$95 will get you four cocktails. Free food
is served between 5-7pm. If it all gets a bit too
much, you can always hop in the bars outdoor
shower. Monokinis optional. Jun 30, 3pm.
Honi Honi Tiki Lounge, 3/F, Somptueux Central,
52 Wellington St., Central, 2353-0885.
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 41
LKf Beer & Music fest
Celebrate and worship the beer god at this
annual LKF street party. Marking its 10th
anniversary, the festival extends for the frst
time to Wo On Lane and the amphitheater.
The party begins at 1pm with beer from more
than 100 breweries offering pints for $20 and
up. New additions include a craft beer street
and organic beers. Try out pizzas, dim sum,
roasted oyster and tacos starting from $20.
There will also be live music performances
at the Wo On Lane amphitheater, interactive
games and drinking competitions to keep the
party going. Jul 13-14, 1pm. Lan Kwai Fong,
Central. Free.
Belgian National Day Beer tasting
You say Belgian National Day, we say an
excuse to drink beer. Frites Quarry Bay branch
is hosting a beer and food tasting to celebrate
the day (which actually takes place a few days
before on July 21), featuring eight gourmet
beers paired with dishes. Jul 24, 6pm. Frites,
G/F, Oxford House, Taikoo Place, 979 Kings Rd.,
Tai Koo, 2250-5188. $350 at the door.
yalun tu is a columnist for HK Magazine. you can reach him at or @yaluntu on twitter.
HK Magazine Editor-in-Chief Zach Hines and
I have given Schnurrbart, the restaurant/bar
in LKF, a hard time recently. This stemmed from
an unpleasant lunchtime experience. We have
received a series of emails, notes, and
a hand-signed letter inquiring about this.
So Id like to tell you: heres what happened.
Zach and I met for lunch in Central.
Obviously we hadnt decided where to go so
were just wandering aimlessly and looking for
a lunch spot for less than $300 that doesnt suck,
even though we know the truth about Central
lunches. Were sweating, angry, and heading to
this Indian place we always go to.
So Zach decides that nowell go
somewhere new. Well somewhere weve never
been, have a new experience, and believe in the
power of new food again. I tell Zach I got burned
the last three times I went somewhere new, but
hey, lifes short and how many times do I want
to eat the same mutton curry?
Ahead: Schnurrbart, a popular restaurant/
bar I know nothing about. I always think thats
a funny name, when I walk by, which is much
better than my usual why are there so many
drunk English guys in the afternoon? thought.
I think it looks German and sausage-y. In the
back of my mind I remember somebody told
me it was good but I might have just made that
up like any of the numerous lies I tell myself
to justify my decisions.
Were going to Schnurrbart, I tell Zach.
OK, he says. Waitwhat?
Schnurrbart, I say confdently. We walk in.
There is some expat guy reading a paper and
a waitress ignoring us. Otherwise there are zero
people there.
I clear my throat. The waitress looks up and
gives us a table. Zach is holding a coffee. You
cant have a coffee in here the expat says. Ill
fnish it now, Zach says. The guy stares at us. No.
I look at the menu. Theres a set lunch that
includes a coffee. Hey, how about we both order
the set lunch that includes a coffee so were still
both paying for a coffee? I say. Zach nods. No
coffee, the expat says. The waitress tries to pull
the coffee out of Zachs hands. Stop, Zach says.
She keeps yanking at his coffee.
Ill hold your coffee in the back, she says.
Thats a good plan, I say. Take a one third cup
of coffee and put it in a back room because
afterwards Im sure it will be delicious and well
want to drink it. She keeps going for the cup,
not understanding sarcasm. How about we go
somewhere else? I say. The expat says something
to us, which is probably swear words in a foreign
language. We leave. The restaurant stays empty.
And thats the problem with service in Hong
Kong: there are often rules that make no sense,
which are enforced by people who are mean for
no reason. You shouldnt bring other F&B to a
restaurant but if its empty and you were drinking
a coffee and youre going to buy a coffee, why
not? We would have ordered their lunch set but
instead we left and had mutton curry.
But Im ready to bury the hatchet.
Why dont we bring two huge Starbucks lattes
to Schnurrbart and well order a lunch set AND
a coffee? What do you say, guys?
So Heres the Deal
With That Schnurrbart Thing
with Yalun Tu
Edited by Sean Hebert
42 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
To Te Wonder
(uSA) Drama. Directed by terrence Malick. Starring Ben Affeck, Olga Kurylenko,
Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams. category IIB. 113 minutes. Opened Jun 20.
During a radio broadcast in 1939, Winston Churchill described Russia as a riddle wrapped in a
mystery inside an enigma; his own version of that old expression used to describe a problem
whose solution is beyond comprehension. That, to me, is Terrence Malick. With just six films under
his belt since 1973, the famously reclusive filmmaker is a puzzle, hailed by some critics as a genius
auteur and chided by others for his openly self-indulgent style that alienates the casual viewer.
The Texan-born writer/director thrust himself back into cinephile consciousness in 2011
when his film Tree of Life took the Palme dOr at Cannes and landed a Best Picture nod at
the Academy Awards, despite the fact that the drama inexplicably moves between images of
American childhood to shots of asteroids wiping out the dinosaurs. Love it or hate it, it was all
signature Malick: a non-linear narrative structure that sacrifices plot in favor of breathtaking visual
lyricism; a reverential portrayal of natural landscapes; fragmented, vague voice-over in place of
dialogue; waves of transcendent classical music; and most important, an obsessive struggle with
the ineffable. Its a style thats determined and divisive, and audiences shouldnt expect much else
from To The Wonder.
While Tree of Life was (to me) a contemplation on the parallels between the birth of the
universe and an individuals childhood, this latest picture is (again, to me) a meditation on loss
of faith, of the Earth we walk on, and most importantly, of love. In the opening scenes, though,
we watch love flourish between An American Man (Ben Affleck) and A French Woman (Olga
Kurylenko), as Malick and his gifted cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki use their steadicam
as a window into the seemingly endless beauty on offer from the world when youre hopelessly
infatuated. These visuals are breathtaking, and the new lovers stroll and spin through the
crystalline cobblestones of Paris, and then swoon and twirl across the picturesque French island
of Mont Saint-Michel, pirouetting in the mud as the tide rolls out.
The Man then takes The Woman back to the vast plains of Oklahoma, where she relocates
to swirl about with her daughter and her beau. The American heartland is just as striking through
Malicks lens, though just as we see industrial toxins seep into farmland soil and poison the local
community, their love begins to die away. The Woman goes back to a now drab Paris while The
Man falls for Another Woman (Rachel McAdams), who has an affinity for twirling in fields full of
corn and wild buffalo. Seriouslythis guy likes chicks who dance outdoors. Between these vague,
disconnected scenes, were treated to another storyline involving A Priest (Javier Bardem), who
finds himself at a crossroads with his love affair with God. There is no twirling here, sadly.
Thats enough for plot summary. Just know that The Woman becomes unhappy, The Priest
seems unhappy, Another Woman is made unhappy, and eventually, were unhappy too. Between
the fleeting looks and sweeping classical selections from Bach and Wagner and Grecki, the self-
assurance of the opening drama slows to a glacial pace and then crumbles into tedium. Malicks
greatest gift is reductionism, but only when the simplicity amplifies beauty and meaning. It becomes
his greatest weakness when it obscures the driving force of the film so much that we lose interest
in the characters. That is precisely when it starts to feel like were watching the worlds longest
movie traileror the worlds highest-budget audition tape for a jewelry or perfume commercial.
The enjoyment you derive from this film will not rely on the strength of the performances or
the logic of the script, but rather, on how broad your definition of tasteful cinema is. For Malick,
cinema is poetry rather than prose, and for the evolution of the medium it is important that an
enigma like Terrence Malick exists to wrap his beautiful riddles in mystery. But I cant help but feel
that To The Wonder is an exercise in pleasing anyone who wishes to appreciate it for the artistic
value alone. If, on the other hand, you go to the theater to be entertained, then entertain the
thought of seeing something else instead. Sean Hebert
Coming Soon
Blind Detective
(Hong Kong) I cant remember too many
times when an upcoming flm leaves me
both utterly excited and hopelessly confused
(the only other examples that come to mind
are all Keanu Reeves movies), but the latest
serial-killer mystery/crime thriller/rom-com/
slapstick comedy (huh?) from trigger-happy
local director Johnnie To fts that bill. This
light-hearted genre-hopper about a brilliant
former Hong Kong detective who has lost his
sight may not win over audiences like Tos
Drug War did this spring, but the seventh
on-screen pairing of Andy Lau and Sammi
Cheng will likely be enough to get butts on
seats. Opens Jul 4. BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
Despicable Me 2
(uSA) Using a yellow army of cute to
turn a US$69 milion budget into US$543
million in worldwide grosses, Illumination
Entertainments Despicable Me was one
of the biggest surprises of 2010. In turn, we
can expect to see a lot more of the reformed
supervillian Gru (Steve Carell) and his wee
minions, wholl star in their own spin-off in
2014. This sequel has the loving father Gru
ripped from his happily domesticated life by
Anti-Villain League head Silas Ramsbottom
(Steve Coogan) and the trusty league agent,
Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig). Seems theres
a new nemesis to be dealt with, more 3D
glasses to distribute, and more money to be
wheelbarrowed out of theaters. Opens Jul 4.
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 43
Greetings from tim Buckley
(uSA) Before his legendary cover of
Leonard Cohens Hallelujah was widely
used for dramatic montages on American
television, the late Jeff Buckley was the
son of a musician who had yet to fnd his
own voice. Set in 1991, this flm is a lightly
fctionalized biopic that follows young Jeff
(Penn Badgley) as he prepares to play a few
coversin what would be his frst ever live
musical performanceat a tribute concert
for his estranged father in Brooklyn. As
he struggles to embrace the legacy of the
paternal ghost he never knew, Jeff builds
a friendship with Allie (Imogen Poots), an
enigmatic Tim Buckley fan. Opens Jul 4. GC.
Badges of fury
(china/Hong Kong) After Hong Kong
is shaken by three grisly murders, the
buffoonish detective Wang (Wen Zhang)
declares it the work of a serial killer with
attachments to the gorgeous young actress
Liu (Liu Shishi). With his responsible and
veteran partner Wong Fei-hung (Jet Li, who
else) at his side to kung fu the shit out of
anyone who gets in their way, Wang goes
undercover as Lius lover to lure out the
murderer. An Asian martial arts star in a
cop comedy opposite an underqualifed,
ridiculous partner? Sounds like Rush Hour
without black people. Opened Jun 27. BC,
(uSA) See review, p.36. Opened Jun 27.
Man of Steel
(uSA) After a decade of treating us to
superhero flms as a summer staple,
Hollywood is fnally putting out a modern
Superman origin story (though with TVs
Smallville and Bryan Singers 2006 flm
Superman Returns, its not as if we havent
had our chance to see Americas Greatest
Superhero on screen). 300 director Zack
Snyder brings Kal-El off Krypton and to
Earth, where Jonathan and Martha Kent
(Kevin Cosner and Diane Lane) name their
talented adoptee Clark (Henry Cavill).
Struggling with his power, the reclusive hero
is forced to don his legendary S when
Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon)
threatens to destroy mankind. Opened Jun
27. BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
Midsummers Equation
(Japan) Masaharu Fukuyama reprises
his role from 2008s Suspect X, playing
the physicist-cum-detective Manabu
Yukawa. The scientist-sleuth arrives in an
oceanside town to speak on a panel. But
when a man turns up dead outside the
inn where hes staying, Yukawa begins to
unravel the connections that tie the victim
to the activist daughter of the innkeepers.
Its a Sherlock Holmes mystery with an
environmental twist, and one that should
please fans of a classic whodunnit. Opened
Jun 29. BC, AMC, GH, GC.
A Wedding Invitation
(china) Qiaoqiao (Bai Baihe) and Lixing
(Eddie Peng) are a young couple who go their
separate ways to pursue alternate careers,
but they both agree to reunite if they fnd
themselves single fve years down the road.
Fast forward half a decade, and a jealous
Qiaoqiao receives a wedding invitation from
her former beau. BC, GH, MCL, GC.
After Earth
(uSA) M. Night Shyamalan directs this
big-budget Smith family pet project, where
Will and his boy Jaden play mercenaries
who crash land on a now-abandoned Earth
and are forced to fght mega-mammals to
survive. Its boring, poorly acted, but will
perhaps hold up as a great example for
why Hollywood shouldnt apply like father,
like son to superstardom. P BC, AMC, UA,
American Dreams in china
(china/Hong Kong) Three Chinese
dudes (Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao
and Tong Dawei) in the 1980s dream of
fnding superstardom in America, only to
become wealthy and famous back home
by building an English tutoring empire. This
is melodrama served with a sizeable side
of sap, so prepare to have your eyes either
tear-up or roll out of their sockets. PP BC,
(Sweden/finland/Iraq) Armed with only
navet and a donkey, two young Kurdish
orphans dream of visiting America, so they
set out across a bygone era Iraq still held
under the harsh rule of Saddam Hussein.
Writer/director Karzan Kader uses his own
childhood escape from Iraq as inspiration,
and the result is a sentimental, uplifting little
crowd-pleaser. BC.
Dead Man Down
(uSA) Victor (Colin Farrell) is right-hand man
to the violent mob boss Alphonse (Terrence
Howard), whos scrambling to hunt down
the traitor killing members of his gang. Enter
Valentine (Noomi Rapace), a beautiful but
battered crime victim seeking retribution for
her injuries. PPP BC, UA, MCL, GC.
fast & furious 6
(uSA) Does your brain hurt? Thisll help.
Turn it off for two hours, because this movie
only wants to squeeze impossibly large,
penis-shaped men into muscle cars and
dial up the ridiculous so high that your face
explodes. And thats why its the best action
franchise in Hollywood today. PPP BC,
the Hangover Part III
(uSA) The Wolfpack leaves Bangkok
behind, returning Phil (Bradley Cooper)
and Stu (Ed Helms) to Vegas after a botched
intervention for Alan (Zach Galifanakis)
leaves their buddy Doug (Justin Bartha)
kidnapped. Its hilarious, if your defnition
of hilarity is animal cruelty, murder, phoned-
in performances and a largely humorless
script. P BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
the Haunting in connecticut 2:
Ghosts of Georgia
(uSA) Chad Michael Murray plays a father
who moves his spirit-seeing wife and
daughter (Abigail Spencer and Emily Alyn
Lind) into a house where slaves were
tortured and killed while attempting escape
via the Underground Railroad. Lets keep
our fngers crossed that they all end up
dead. The flmmakers, I mean. BC, UA, GH,
Miracle in cell No. 7
(South Korea) A wrongly convicted
mentally disabled mans (Ryoo Seung-ryong)
only wish is to see his six-year-old daughter
(Gal So-won) before hes executed, and the
other kindly death row inmates are happy to
help him keep his secret when she suddenly
arrives to his cell in a box! Despite rules
that Robert Downey Jr. laid out clearly in
Tropic Thunder, this Korean box-offce hit
manipulates its way into the heart. BC, AMC,
44 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
(uSA) Animation/Adventure. Directed by chris Wedge. featuring Amanda Seyfried,
Josh Hutcherson, colin farrell, christoph Waltz. category I. 102 minutes. Opened Jun 27.
Want to make an animated film? Do what most animation studios do these days and use
The Lion King Formula: choose a protagonist, give him/her a tragic backstory, add a dash
of harrowing circumstance that requires our hero to prove themselves, throw in a slice of
romance and characters meant for pure comic relief, and voil! Blockbuster, baby.
While this animate-by-numbers system is safe for the studios, it can be a burden on
moviegoers who seek novel entertainment. Predictable storylines paired with predictable
characters leaves us mentally checking off tired tropes, and Blue Sky Studios latest flick Epic
certainly brings with it that element of big screen dj vu. Is it epic? Not quite, but what it lacks
in Pixar-caliber concept, it makes up for in quality gags and stunning 3D visuals thatll keep the
youngster next to you fully satisfied.
The movie, an adaptation of William Joyces book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs,
opens up with No. 1: the protagonist Mary Katherine, aka M.K. (Amanda Seyfried), and No. 2: her
tragedymoving in with a previously absent and rather peculiar father, Professor Bomba (Jason
Sudeikis). His paternal presence is rarely felt as he shirks his fatherly duties to search for tiny
people called Leaf Men, who he believes drive the local forests ecosystem. M.K. tries to run away,
gets miniaturized Honey I Shrunk the Kids style, and then No. 3: is tasked with helping the Leaf
Men in their perilous fight against the evil Boggans, who are hell-bent on destroying the forest
behind their leader, Mandrake (Christoph Waltz).
If youre smelling whiffs of Avatar or even an updated Fern Gully, youre astutethe
comparisons are self-evident. But the five-man screenwriting army wasnt content with just
straightforward enviro-preaching, so a number of other plotlines invade to inject even more star-
power into the cast. A relationship between Forest Queen Tara (Beyonc Knowles, herself a Queen
in real life) and Leaf Men leader Ronin (Colin Farrell) is initially compelling, but then fizzles out and
is largely ignored for the rest of the film. Same goes for half of the requisite No. 4: the very forced
(and limited) eye-batting between M.K. and the hunky young Leaf Man, Nod (Josh Hutcherson).
Thankfully, theres a Timon and Pumbaa to yuk it up and steal the filmin this case, a pair of
fat slugs played by Aziz Ansari and Chris ODowd. They fight and flirt and stumble about to the
great delight of the theater, but the antics are often used to counterbalance or lighten up dicey
escapes or gripping encounters. Watching director Chris Wedge repeatedly introduce and then
under-develop plot points and character arcs almost makes you suspect it was intentional, giving
the audience little to invest in beyond the jokes, and thus forcing the film to come off as a carefree
romp. In that case, calling the not-so-epic proceedings Epic is a case of false advertising. Why not
just call it Slug Slapstick?
The only conceivable justification for the lofty title would be as a descriptor for the undertaking
by the animation team, who has done meticulous work creating a breathtaking, colorful world for
the characters to play in. Watching airborne battles over picturesque landscapes on the big screen
is what the 3D format was designed for, and the execution here is effective enough to warrant a
recommendation. But its one made with reservations.
As far as summer animated fare goes, Blue Sky Studios has given us a quality popcorn flick:
fun, beautiful and forgettable. So take the kids or bring a date, but put your brain on pause at the
same time you pop those 3D glasses on. Its enjoyable, but its no Lion King. Lisa Huang
Now you See Me
(uSA) A group of Vegas magicians comes
under the watch of an FBI agent (Mark
Ruffalo) when they pull off a trick wherein
they legit rob a European bank from
on-stage. When the group leader Atlas
(Jesse Eisenberg) insists its bona-fde magic,
the feds turn to famed magic debunker
Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman) to unravel
the mystery. Sadly, the only heist this flm
believably pulls off is stealing two hours of
your life. P BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
(france) A young, scrappy secretary
named Rose (Dborah Franois) trains
with her charismatic boss Louis (Romain
Duris) in 1950s Normandy to become
the worlds best speed typist. While the
competition scenes are surprisingly fun,
the forced rom-com elements come off as
pretty contrived. PP BC, AMC, UA, GC.
(uK) Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly and
Pauline Collins play a trio of former opera
singers who are pressured to perform at
an annual gala to raise the funds needed
to keep their retirement home open. Its all
made more intriguing by the arrival of their
former collaborator, Jean (Maggie Smith).
Old Brits and Scots fghting off dementia
with sassiness? Sign me up! BC, GC.
the Sapphires
(Australia) Four Aboriginal women (Deborah
Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens,
Miranda Tapsell) in 1960s Australia form a
soul-singing girl group under the guidance
of an alcoholic (read: Irish) talent scout,
Dave Lovelace (Chris ODowd). When The
Sapphires get shipped off to perform for the
troops in Vietnam, the flm leans heavily on
the upbeat music instead of the depressing
politicsfor better, or worse. PPP UA.
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 45
World War Z
(uSA) Its a Chanel No. 5 ad with zombies.
United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad
Pitt) is forced to leave his family and hop
around the globe to help stop a global
pandemic that is seeing the agile undead
topple governments. More action and thriller
than horror, this one is entertaining, exciting,
and a fresh take on the oft-revived zombie
epic. PPP BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
A Late Quartet
(uSA) First Quartet and now this: two movies about aging musical quartets in Hong Kong
theaters simultaneously? Where has this trend come from? In the cultural circles of New York
City, a decorated cellist (Christopher Walken) from a world-renowned string quartet announces
his departure from the group, leaving his fellow players (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine
Keener among them) to deal with competing egos, suppressed emotions and the question
of their legacy while preparing for a fnal gig. With strong performances and music fnely
interwoven into the drama, this one willahemstrike a chord. PPP BC, GC.
Ernest & celestine
(france/Belgium) This acclaimed French-
language fick about a downtrodden, vagrant
bear who fies in the face of a prejudicial
world by befriending a mouse looks both
heart-warming and beautifully animated, but
I warn you before you take the kidsits only
subtitled into English, rather than dubbed. So
save it for a date, or start teaching your kids
French. Like, now. AMC, MCL, GC.
Searching for Sugar Man
(Sweden/uK) Sometimes truth is far
stranger than fction, and case in point is
this inspiring tale of a bootleg album, a long-
forgotten musician, a rumored on-stage
suicideand unexpected stardom on the
other side of the globe. Winner of this years
Academy Award for Best Documentary
Feature, dont miss this rare opportunity to
see Rodriguezs inspiring story on the big
screen. PPPP BC.
So young
(china) In this mainland mega-hit, young
Wei (Yang Zishan) tries and fails to get
admitted into a college with her childhood
friend Jing (Han Geng), whom she has
feelings for. Studying abroad instead, Wei
meets Hao-Zheng (Mark Chao) and they fall
in love, only to be ripped apart by distance.
When both men appear in her life a decade
later, she must decide where her heart truly
lies. BC, AMC, UA, MCL, GC.
(china) Espionage is one of Hollywoods
go-to themes, but its so rarely seen in
Chinese flms. Judging by the fact that Andy
Laus spy thriller is hitting theatres a year
late due to censorship concerns, perhaps
we understand why so few mainland
flmmakers dare to explore the subject. Lau
plays a Chinese agent attempting to recover
a national artistic treasure from a dastardly
multi-national corporationwasnt that
essentially the plot of Jackie Chans CZ12? I
fnd it interesting that the CCP loves to allow
movies where other countries are guilty of
destroying Chinas ancient relics. I hope the
ending of this flm is just a soldier staring at
the audience and waving a pocketwatch,
repeating: the Cultural Revolution didnt
happen the Cultural Revolution didnt
happen BC, AMC, UA, GH, MCL, GC.
to the Wonder
(uSA) See review, p.34. BC, GC.
Limited Release
the Act of Killing
(Norway/uK/Denmark) Joshua
Oppenheimer directs this powerful,
unprecedented documentary about the brutal
death squad executioners who killed nearly
a million of their own countrymen during
Indonesias 1965 military coup. The men are
celebrated as heroes today, and the flm
follows their efforts to recreate their mass
slaughter on-camera, in the style of American
gangster movies. Its a chilling portrait inside
the minds of those capable of unimaginable
evil, and shouldnt be missed. PPPPP
free daily showings of the Act of Killing
take place until July 17 at 10:00, 12:45 and
15:30 at Osage Kwun tong, 5/f, Kian Dai
Industrial Building, 73-75 Hung to Rd.,
Kwun tong, 2793 4817.
100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies
Do you have a Jackie Chan poster on your
wall, but never got the chance to see Police
Story on the big-screen? Is your DVD copy
of Once Upon a Time in China all worn
out from over-use? Immerse yourself in the
citys proud cinematic history and catch the
Hong Kong Film Archives screenings of local
classics. The mid-nineties selection on offer
in July provide a perspective on the then-
looming handover, including Fruit Chans
drama Made in Hong Kong and Peter
Chans Comrades, Almost a Love Story.
Screenings take place at the Hong
Kong film Archive or at Broadway
cinematheque. through 2014; visit for showtimes and
ticketing information.
46 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
First Person
When I was young, my friend introduced me
to a job at the [former] Repulse Bay Hotel.
At that age, you remember when to go to work
but you never remember when to get off work.
At one point, I was working from 8am to
2am. For eight years, I didnt have a single day
off. One Christmas I had to do outside catering
for eight places in one night. I wouldnt be
able to do one nowadays, let alone eight.
I was only making $1,000 dollars, and
I spent the majority of it on cooking lessons.
I also spent four years learning English. You
forget your English if you dont use it often.
the best things I make are salad as
a starter and oxtail soup.
the cow is an Angus cattle. Its not just any
old cow. I drew the outline myself. I knew the
Angus is fat and has shorter legs.
the cow has been there for 30 odd years
and everybody knows about it. It cost me
more than $30,000. People were saying to
me, Wow, youre so generous!
the Buildings Department says that I have
to take it down. Theyre saying I have an illegal
structure. But the people who make these
signs have all passed away, so if it gets taken
down, no one will be able to make another.
At the moment there are a lot of media and
legislators alike who dont want to see the sign
gone. Its a landmark of the Western District.
Chinese and westernerstouristsused to ask,
Where is Sammys Kitchen? Sai Ying Punwhere
is that? No one knew where Sai Ying Pun was.
Nowadays there are a lot more
westerners living in the area, so they know.
But the [former] Tourist Association would
tell people, Walk down Queens Road West,
and youll see a cow. Thats where Sammys
Kitchen is.
Ive been providing outside catering for
more than 40 years. Government offcials,
legislators and consuls got me to do all their
catering. I have done it for every governmental
department, except the Observatory.
A lot of people who do it nowadays dont
know how to do it properly. Its a mess. To do
outside catering, it has to be well-presented
and hygienic, and your service has to be good.
When I come to your house to work, I treat
it as if it is my home. I look after the guests.
During British rule, I worked for the
government through four governors
I worked from the time Murray MacLehose
was in power up until Chris Patten left.
the American consulate had its own
restaurant, [but when the consuls threw
parties at home] they always asked me to
do the cateringeven for their July 4 parties.
Why do they all come to me? Say the
American consul has a party and invites
the other consuls in Hong Kong, they ask
[the host] who did the catering. They tell
them, Sammys Kitchen.
to this day, every time former Governor
David Wilson comes to Hong Kong, he gets
me to do his catering.
When high-ranking offcials come to dine
here, I wouldnt dare ask, say, MacLehose to
be in a photo with meunless they were to
ask me frst. Yes, I am the restaurants boss.
But when they are dining here I am a server,
offering them my service.
Lady Margaret thatcher appreciated me.
She loved my lamb saddle. I use Australian
lamb, which I marinate with tons of garlic.
She said, Sammy, your lamb is wonderful.
She asked me how I cooked it. I told her it
was a combination of French and Chinese
marinating methods, left overnight and then
roasted the next morning for her to enjoy.
Of course it was delicious. It combined
Chinese and western cooking.
Working in this industry, you have
a responsibility to be skillful. I tell my
children that they shouldnt think, Im not
the one eating it. When you are cooking for
a customer, what they are eating is no
different from what you are eating. Chefs
who think they can do what they want with
the food that they are not eating are failures.
to be in this industry, you have to really
know it. You have to understand the market
and the economic environment in order to
succeed. Some people who have a lot of
money open a restaurant, hire a manager and
think others can do the rest. But you have
to be there and watch what is happening.
Im really lucky. Things have been good
since I opened up Sammys Kitchen. In the
past few years, however, there hasnt been
much proft in this. Costs are going up,
but I dont want to put up my prices, because
this is such an old neighborhood. People
who come to Sammys Kitchen nowadays
are giving me face, really.
Im 83 years old and semi-retired. Im just
counting down the days. I have two sons and
a daughter and they are going to take after me.
check out Sammys Kitchen and its famous
cow sign for yourself at 204-206 Queens Rd.
West, Sai ying Pun, 2548-8400.
People who come
to Sammys Kitchen
nowadays are giving
me face, really.
Sammy yip is the founder and owner of Sammys Kitchen, the longstanding
restaurant that is famed for the neon cow sign (below) erected proudly outside.
The cow, which has become a local landmark, is due to be taken down later this year.
The 83-year-old tells Andrea Lo the story behind the cow, reminisces about
the past, and fondly remembers the time Margaret Thatcher asked him for his recipe.
US_Beef_HKMag_28062013_B.pdf 1 18/06/2013 11:25 AM
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 49
50 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
To:____________________________________ _ Date:____________________________
Fr:____________________________________ _ Time:____________________________
Please proof read your ad which will appear in _______________________________ issue.
Please fax back to 2543 4088 in 24 hrs/half day/asap.
If we receive no fax from you by the deadline shown, we will take that as the confirmation
and the ad will appear as it is. Thanks.
OK. The ad looks fine. Please go ahead Please go ahead after making the following changes. Confirmed by _________________
1st proof 2nd proof final proof

Rentals & Sales Expat Housing Search
Corporate Relocations Property Management
: (+852) 2155 3138
: 13/F, Gaylord Commercial Bldg., 118 Lockhart Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Agency License: C-020545
To:____________________________________ _ Date:____________________________
Fr:____________________________________ _ Time:____________________________
Please proof read your ad which will appear in _______________________________ issue.
Please fax back to 2543 4088 in 24 hrs/half day/asap.
If we receive no fax from you by the deadline shown, we will take that as the confirmation
and the ad will appear as it is. Thanks.
OK. The ad looks fine. Please go ahead Please go ahead after making the following changes. Confirmed by _________________
1st proof 2nd proof final proof

Rentals & Sales Expat Housing Search
Corporate Relocations Property Management
: (+852) 2155 3138
: 13/F, Gaylord Commercial Bldg., 118 Lockhart Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Agency License: C-020545
Pacic View
HK$75,000 Excl. / HK$ 35M
Gross: 2,054 sf. / Net: 1,717 sf.
Fully Furnished
Grandview Tower
HK$38,000 Excl. / HK$ 14.5M
Gross: 910 sf. / Net: 795 sf.
Brand New Renovation, Firework View
Open Kitchen
North Point Apartment
HK$13,500 All incl. / HK$ 4.3M
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Fully Furnished
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HK$65,000 Excl. / HK$ 38M
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Brand New Apartment &
Full Sea View
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All our apartments are stylishly
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throughout with modern Kitchen
and Household appliances.
Size from 250s.f. to
Rentals from HK$12,000
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Apartments to rent long and short term leases in
Lan Kwai Fong, Hollywood Road,
Wanchai and Western District
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Villa Tre Archi

UrbanCube Causeway Bay
Serviced Studios $5,500 - $8,500. Newly
constructed, fully furnished, & really clean.
Individual bathrooms, a/c, internet, TV,
electricity, water, management fees, weekly
housekeeping included. Near Times Square
& MTR.

850 (S.F.A.) One-Bedroom
Harbour View Mini. 2-week rental
Fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment with hotel
services, along MTR East Rail. Tolo Harbour view. Ensuite
bathroom, built-in wardrobes and homestyle facilities.
Outdoor pool & whirlpool, gym, steam & sauna.
Carpark. Rental from HK$23,800 for 2 weeks. Call
3723-1234. No agency fee.

Delightful Homes 3 BRS
The Arcadia 1,256 to 1,378 s.f. (M.F.A.) /
899 to 965 s.f. (S.F.A.) in Kowloon.
Renowned schools network nearby. Covered
car parking space, swimming pool & sauna.
Rental from $30,000/mth incl. Leasing
Enquiry: 8207-7608. No agency fee.

For Rent
Rare Terraced Apartment Next to
Mid Levels Escalator on Robinson Road
680 sq ft + 600 sq ft wrap around terrace,
1 Big Bedroom Rent: HK$ 42,000 inclusive.
Please call us for immediate viewings
Tel: 2858-1406
For Rent For Rent For Rent
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 51
HK Readers LOVE property
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Talent Property Professional services
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Transportation available! Call 8177-7778, Climate Control.
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9551.
***Tai Hang Road G1600 N1265
3b/r (master) full stadium view,
carpark $50,000. ***CAUSEWAY BAY
PatersonStreet G1600' Net1205
3bedrooms (master), full seaview,
$39Kup. ***Chancery Lane G500 N380
Studio/1 bedroom Walk up $10,800up
***Condouit Road Sky cliff G1113 N800
3bedrooms (master) Very nice condition,
new bathroom & kitchen $45K*** TST
G1800'Net1270 3bedrooms, 2baths,
fully furnished, nice decoration $36K Tel:
9486-6489 LOTUS BLOSSOM. (C019285).
Rent / Sale (Mainly Mid-Levels, G:Gross
N:Net Ter:Terrace Bal:Balcony New-D:
New decoration 2X: 2 Bedrooms S/V
Seaview F/F Fully Furn Rentals: A) Under
20K -1)Cough St Lowrise G400 N300 +
Ter New D 13K 2)Cartwright GDN G538
N346 + 110 Ter 16K Golden Pavilion
G497 N315 1x 15K 3)Wilton Place
G383 N290 Nice M/V 15K 4)Seymour
Rd Lowrise N604 new-D 19.8K 5)Gilman
Bazaar G380 N300 New-D 9.8K 6)
Over20K-1) Ying Fai Court 602 N495 F/F
S/V Quiet New-D 21K 2) Chi Koo Terrace
G580 N420 Open Kit, P/F, Quiet 19K
3)Tim Po Court G812 N510 3X 21K 4)
Vantage Park G547 N428 M/V 2X Near
Escalator 21K(Sale 8.5M) 5) Tai Shing
MSN G1000 N675 Big Bedrooms 24K
6)Dragon Court 865 N615 3X 2toilets
23K 7)Scenic Height G703 N601 C/P
New-D Large B/R 27K 8)Panorama Gdn
G880 N712 2 Large Ensuite T/V 29K 9)
Kenyon Court G1154 N850 New Open
Kit S/V 3X+Maid/R 40K 10)Robinson
Rd Lowrise G1500 N1000+Ter 35K 11)
Golden Court (Robinson Road) G1650
N1359 3R + Maids Open view V
43KC)Sale:1)King Ho Bldg G521N403
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Located in the all-encompassing landmark development comprising two international hotels, trendy PopCorn
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An All New Stylish Suite Hotel
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Integrated Development
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starting from $23,200
Summer Promotion
52 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
(June 21-July 22): In order to swim one takes off all ones clothes,
said 19th-century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. In order to aspire to
the truth one must undress in a far more inward sense, divest oneself of all
ones inward clothes, of thoughts, conceptions, selfishness, etc., before one is
sufficiently naked. Your assignment in the coming week, Cancerian, is to get
au naturel like that. Its time for you to make yourself available for as much of
the raw, pure, wild truth as you can stand.
LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Gertrude Stein was an
innovative writer. Many illustrious artists were her
friends. But she had an overly elevated conception
of her own worth. Think of the Bible and Homer,
she said, think of Shakespeare and think of me.
On another occasion, she proclaimed, Einstein
was the creative philosophic mind of the century,
and I have been the creative literary mind of the
century. Do you know anyone like Stein, Leo?
Heres the truth, in my opinion: To some degree,
we are all like Stein. Every one of us has at least
one infated idea about ourselvesa conceited
self-conception that doesnt match reality. It was
my turn to confront my egotistical delusions a
few weeks ago. Now would be an excellent time
for you to deal with yours. Dont be too hard on
yourself, though. Just recognize the infation, laugh
about it, and move on.
VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): When I close my
eyes, I get a psychic vision of you as a kid playing
outside on a warm summer day. Youre with
friends, immersed in a game that commands your
full attention. Suddenly, you hear a jingling tune
wafting your way from a distance. Its the ice cream
truck. You stop what youre doing and run inside
your home to beg your mom for some money.
A few minutes later, youre in a state of bliss,
communing with your Fudgsicle or ice cream cone
or strawberry-lime fruit bar. I have a feeling that
you will soon experience an adult version of this
scene, Virgo. Metaphorically speaking, either the ice
cream man or the ice cream woman will be coming
to your neighborhood.
LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22): During the past ten
months, you have been unusually adventurous.
The last time you summoned so much courage
and expansiveness may have been 2001.
Im impressed! Please accept my respect and
appreciation. Youve had a sixth sense about
knowing when its wise to push beyond your
limitations and boundaries. You have also had a
seventh sense about intuiting when to be crafty
and cautious as you wander through the frontiers.
Now heres one of your assignments for the next
12 months: Distill all youve learned out there in
the borderlands and decide how you will use your
wisdom to build an unshakable power spot back
here in the heart of the action.
ScORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): Michael
Faraday (1791-1867) was one of the most
infuential scientists in history. He produced
major breakthroughs in both chemistry and
physics. Have you ever used devices that run on
electricity? You can thank him for playing a major
role in developing that wonderful convenience.
And yet unlike most scientists, he had only the
most elementary grasp of mathematics. In fact,
his formal education was negligible. I propose that
we name him your role model of the week. Hes a
striking example of the fact that you can arrive at
your chosen goal by many different paths. Keep
that in mind if youre ever tempted to believe that
theres just one right way to fulfll your dreams.
SAGIttARIuS (Nov 22-Dec 21): The only
thing that we learn from history, said the
German philosopher Georg Hegel, is that we
never learn anything from history. Im urging you
to refute that statement in the coming weeks,
Sagittarius. Im pleading with you to search your
memory for every possible clue that might help
you be brilliant in dealing with your immediate
future. What have you done in the past that you
shouldnt do now? What havent you done in the
past that you should do now?
cAPRIcORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): According
to my analysis of the astrological omens, now
would be a pretty good time to talk about things
that are hard to talk about. I dont necessarily
mean that youll fnd it easy to do. But I suspect
it would be relatively free of pain and karmic
repercussions. There may even be a touch of
pleasure once the catharsis kicks in. So try it if
you dare, Capricorn. Summon the courage to
express truths that have previously been hard
to pin down. Articulate feelings that have been
murky or hidden. For best results, encourage
those you trust to do the same.
AQuARIuS (Jan 20-feb 18): Are you familiar
with Quidditch? Its a rough sport played by
wizards in the fctional world of Harry Potter.
All seven books in the series mention it, so its
an important element. Author J.K. Rowling says
she dreamed up the sport after having a quarrel
with her boyfriend. In my deepest, darkest soul,
she reports, I would quite like to see him hit
by a bludger. (In Quidditch, a bludger is a big
black ball made of iron.) I bring this up, Aquarius,
because I suspect that you, too, are in position
to use anger in a creative and constructive way.
Take advantage of your raw emotion to make a
lasting improvement in your life.
PIScES (feb 19-Mar 20): In his erotic
poem Your Sex, Joe Bolton exults: My heart
simplifed, I touch the bud of happinessits
in season. And whatever grief I might have felt
before simply dies inside me. You might want
to write that down on a slip of paper and carry
it around with you this week, Pisces. According
to my understanding of the astrological omens,
the bud of happiness is now in season for you.
You have good reason to shed the undertones
of sadness and fear you carry around with you.
Ill tell you the last lines of Boltons poem,
because they also apply: Sometimes I think its
best just to take pleasure wherever we want and
can. Look: the twilight is alive with wild honey.
(The full poem:
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): To know when to
stop is of the same importance as to know when
to begin, said the painter Paul Klee. Take that to
heart, Aries! You are pretty adept at getting things
launched, but youve got more to learn about the
art of stopping. Sometimes you fnish prematurely.
Other times you sort of disappear without
offcially bringing things to a close. Now would
be an excellent time to refne your skills.
tAuRuS (April 20-May 20): The problem
with quotes on the Internet is that its hard to
determine whether or not they are genuine.
So said Joan of Arc back in 1429, right before
she helped lead French troops in the battle of
Patay. JUST KIDDING! Joan of Arc never had the
pleasure of surfng the Web, of course, since it
didnt exist until long after she died. But I was
trying to make a point that will be useful for you
to keep in mind, Taurus, which is: Be skeptical of
both wild claims and mild claims. Stay alert for
seemingly interesting leads that are really time-
wasting half-truths. Be wary for unreliable gossip
that would cause an unnecessary ruckus.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): French
Impressionist painter Claude Monet loved to paint
water lilies, and he did so over and over again
for many years. Eventually he created about 250
canvases that portrayed these foating fowers.
Should we conclude that he repeated himself too
much? Should we declare that he was boringly
repetitive? Or might we wonder if he kept fnding
new delights in his comfortable subject? Would
we have enough patience to notice that each
of the 250 paintings shows the water lilies in a
different kind of light, depending on the weather
and the season and the time of day? I vote for the
latter view, and suggest that you adopt a similar
approach to the familiar things in your life during
the coming weeks.
Homework: Each of us has a
secret ignorance. can you guess
what yours is? What will you do
about it?
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 53
body, mind & sPirit
teXt AD ForM
Classifieds Category: Buy&Sell Category:
Property Category: for rent flatshare for sale office space
overseas property serviced apartment / studio
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Cardholders name:
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Working with singles and couples of
all sexual orientations and persuasions.
or call Nikki Green M.Ed.Psych.
9104-1667. Free on-line relationship
Alcoholics Anonymous If you want
to drink that's your business.
If you want to stop we can help.
There are no dues or fees for
AA membership. (852) 9073-6922
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9560.

Call 2523 8979 Now for AppoiNtmeNt
Serving the Community over 35 years. A Member Agency of The Community Chest
DRUG PROBLEM ? Call Hong Kong
Narcotics Anonymous 24H Hotline:
9332-2679. Anonymous & confidential.
Problems with Children? Children
affected by divorce, bereavement,
learning difficulties, asynchronous
development, being gifted or autism,
blended family? Contact Lora Lee
MSc., MA (U.K.), Qualified Child
Psychotherapist +852-6215-8031
Reach Hong Kongs most affuent
and outgoing demographic.
Call our sales department at 2850-5678
Drinks! Film!
VCDT is a quick, simple and painless
way to help eradicate these and other
issues without medication. Visit or call
2537-1373 for for more information.
All levels of Reiki, Karuna Reiki
and other courses taught to
highest international standards
since 1997. Private or group
tuition. Healing sessions and
Tarot readings also available.
Please call 9501-0478 or
Under pressure? Depressed?
Stressed? Call The Samaritans
at 2896-0000 or email
The Samaritans has been listening
to people for almost 40 years,
providing emotional support in
times of need. We offer absolute
confidentiality twenty-four hours
a day, every day of the year.
We are always here.
CALL 2534 9552
To place your text ads in HK BackPage.
54 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
* Awarded the Best SME Partner Award by HSBC,
Hang Seng and Standard Chartered Bank
* Awarded Caring Company
by Hong Kong Council
of Social Service
Reliable Professional Services in Hong Kong and China
www. i n d i a n c p a . h k
Google: Indian CPA in Hong Kong
First Floor, Mau Lam Commercial Building, 16-18 Mau Lam Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2312 0148 | Fax: (852) 2375 6513 | Email:
Company Formation in Hong Kong, China & Offshore Jurisdictions
Assisting in WFOE and SDE
(For Diamonds and Jewelry Trading in China)
Accounting, Audit Arrangements & Taxation Services
Assisting in Banking Facilities & Credit Limits
Secretarial and Registered Address Services
Handling of Commercial Papers e.g. Banking and
Shipping Documents (I/E Declaration)
Hong Kong Immigration Services
(Employment, Investment and Quality Migrant)
Trade Mark Registration in Hong Kong
Emergency & After Hours contact:
If you are facing a criminal charge or in need of immediate legal assistance outside
of regular office hours please call the following number: +852 9840 8833.
Units B&C, 10th Floor, Sun House, 181 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

+852 8100 6200 +852 8200 4838
Barry Chin, Principal
Chin & Associates, Solicitors
Hong Kong Legal Practice, established in 2001

Hong Kong, PRC & Offshore Company Formation
Assistance of Opening Company Bank Accounts
Annual Company Secretarial &
Registered Address Services
Nominee & De-Registration Services
Accounting, Auditing & Taxation Services
in Hong Kong & China
Due Diligence, Tax Investigation Services
& Tax Consultancy
Liquidation & Insolvency Services
Trademark Registration in Hong Kong
& China
Visa Applications
Contact Us:
: 2199 7656 : 2199-7306
: :
: 8/F., Richmond Commercial Building, 109 Argyle Street,
Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 55
We provide account, audit and tax
planning services at competitive prices.
Good English and efficient. 24 hours
Hong Kong
Immigration Services
(managed by Ex-Immigration Offcial)
Call Now For A Free Consultation



Defacto Partner

Capital Investment

Lloyden Consultancy Limited

88 Lockhart Road


2151 8082
Need to lodge your Australasian
Tax Return? If you are an expat
or collect rental from Australian
property, you must lodge an
annual return. Let us do it for you
here in Hong Kong. Australasian
Taxation Services.
PH 3571-8700.
Companies + Bank A/C
in ONE DAY $6800up
* Nominee Services
* Private Bank Account
* Offshore Banking License, Trust,
Foundation & Mutual Fund License
* China Rep Office + Bank Account
Please contact Lydia for Enquiry.
Tel: (852) 2547-7910 / 2547-7916
Fax: 2581-1788
Free and independent advise
and assistance in arranging or
improving your Australia property
finance loans. Borrow upto 100%
of purchase price for expats and
80% for foreign investors. Let us
do it for you here in Hong Kong.
Specialist Mortgage.
PH 3571-8700.
Big 4-trained accountant in charge
Accounting, Auditing, Tax planning,
Company Secretary. Specialized
in SME. Efficient company
incorporation. Excellent English.
Employment and investment visa.
Fixed and reasonable price. Please
Contact Ms. Chu at 9279-6283
Worldwide Medical (option on Maternity & Dental).
Home including High Value Jewellery Worldwide.
Competitive Motor Premiums.
Call Christian +852 3110 2330,
Medical, Motor, Home
Specialize in US & HK tax preparation
and planning. Comprehensive
financial planning services: estate,
gift, trust, insurance and retirement
planning, US Certified Public
Accountant and Certified Financial
Planner with over 17 years
of experience. Contact Kelvin:
2902-6190 / San: 3796-3392
Managed by a CPA, VisaPro
has helped people from over
55 countries to come to HK
Money-Back Guarantee*
FREE Initial Assessment
Flat fee / No hidden cost
Tel : (852) 3749 7899
Email :
Website :
* terms and conditions apply
All inclusive
Starting from $2,800
Computer Doctor On-site Software /
Hardware installation, consultation,
repairs. No job is too small. Please call
Conrad 9101-4474
Call 2534-9552 to place your text ads in
HK BackPage.
coMPuter / Web
Quick and professional tax return
preparation by CPA at competitive
price. Contact Jackson at 9268-9371 /
Need a shared office in a prime location
and secure environment?
Large open plan, comprehensive office
facilities, inclusive of all utilities and
Wifi. Flexible lease options, from single
to multiple desks.
Serviced workspace and offices in Central Wyndham Street,
Address: 8A Winning Centre, 46-48 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: 2530 0012
starting at
HK$ 2,500
design your website, logo and / or
advertisement? Experienced graphic
designer available, with expertise
in all of the above and more, including
3D graphics. Please email Bob at or call 6496-8480.
Managed by Registered Migration Agent & CPA
Free Initial Assessment
Hong Kong Visas Australian Immigration & Visa
Investor Skilled
Entrepreneur Spouse / Partner
Work Permit Resident Return
Business / Investment
Other services: USA EB-5, CANADA, UK, NZ & Portugal
HOTLINE : 2529 3798 (10 lines)
* MRN: 9358538
Hospitalization, Clinical Out-Patient.
Maternity, Dental - World-wide coverage.
Individual or Group. Phone/Email Karen.
Ph: 2893-3344, Fax: 2838-0654,
shop floor or in your office is what
SilentLean can help you with! Send your
inquiry or RFQ to:
COACHING What's next? In these
competitive times, the possession of
qualifications alone is no longer enough.
Helping develop your true potential
by providing personalized, practical
and professional services in Executive
and Life Coaching.French,German,
English. Call: 6165-4100, Evolusense.
SilentLean can help you with! Send your
inquiry or RFQ to:
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9560.
Work Permits / Visas
Incorporations /
Bank Accounts
Registered Offices
Nominee Services
Temporary Offices
Contact: Mr. Martin/
Mr. Chan/ Ms. Leung
Tel: +(852) 3106-3332
56 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Bonus Chapters:Banking / Business,
Health & Beauty.Over 16 years experience
inteaching Chinese /Cantonese to corporate
& private tuition. Children welcome. For
details about the book and lessons. Tel:
hk, email:
at your home / North Point
classroom by native Swiss-
German. Children / teenagers
to maintain / achieve better
school results. Spice up your
revision a bit? GCSE / IGCSE /
GSIS. Adults any levels,
business - leisure - crash courses.
Choose your own level with our
modular photography course.
Whether you want to sharpen
your photographic skills, or start
a new career, this course will give
you the artistic and professional
tools and techniques for both art
and commercial photography.
Call 2527-2244 or email for details.
Mandarin and Cantonese for
Children and Aduits, Language
tuition at all levels. All tutors
Master Degree Qualified, instruction
quality is guaranteed. Central center
2544-6979. Causeway Bay Branch
2151-1791. IB / GCSE
Learn from an experienced, native
English instructor. Improve your listening
and speaking. Gain confidence. Office in
Central. Reasonable rates 3405-8715.
and further information on Box Ads. Call
June Promotion-Small Open Group
20% off Standard Mandarin & Cantonese hourly rates
Register Now to Enjoy Early-bird Special Offer:
HK$ 120 / hr
Address: 19/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
TEL: (852)-3182 7384
Our Favorite
Smart Aleck
Answers Your

HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 57
Mobile DJ Service for private, corporate
parties, wedding. Offering disco,
club, R&B, hip-hop, oldies. DJ mixer
provided. Enquiry 9215-8022,
DJ Music
Daytime / Evening
Group classes / Private
*HK$85.5 per hour up
*Cozy coffee corner w/sea view
*Next to Wan Chai MTR station
Contact us for a free assessment
Herman Lam Dance Studio. Salsa,
swing, Latin, Zumba, Argentina
Tango, Ballroom and wedding
dances. Detail, professional
instruction, friendly, small classes,
elegant space, come & youll dance.
Arts & crAFts
For serious belly dancers, teachers and
hobbyists wanting to be trained to the
highest specifications of Egyptian oriental
style. Clean technique and cutting-edge,
original choreography. For classes, shows
and prime studio space rental, contact /
Adult Modern Jazz classes at HK
Parkview Club. Complete workout,
exhilarating music & choreography. / OR Rgine
9320-9442/ Alexandra 6077-4109
All day classes for Salsa, Ballet, Yoga,
Pilates, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tango, Ballroom,
ZUMBA and more! See the schedule @ now!
+852 9634-9770
BELLY DANCE OASIS - Egyptian style,
Turkish, Tribal and much more!
Hawaiian, Gypsy, Bollywood, Jazz.
Corporate Events, Children's Parties
and Hen Nights Ph. 2522-6698
Initial Dance Studio in Taikoo provides
a wide variety of Dance and Fitness
Classes, including Slimming Dance, Jazz
Funk, Sexy Dance, Belly Dance, MV
Dance, Street Dance, Ballroom, Combat,
Yoga, Pilates, Kids Dance, etc. Please call
us on 3153-2197 for a trial class or visit for details.
DAnce & yogA clAsses
We are a boutique Yoga Studio
in Sheung Wan offering classes
in Hot Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga,
Yin, Candlelight Yin, Vinyasa,
Gentle Flow, Yoga for the core,
Sun Salutation, Pre-natal, "Kids
Yoga" and Pilates. Come and try 1
free trial class now. Tel: 2544-8398.
Hong Kongs most experienced sailing
school accredited to run Crew and
Skipper courses with Hong Kong Sailing
Federation Certificates. 5-day courses
including lunch, HK$5,000. English and
Chinese instruction, Gift Certificates for
Christmas etc. Visit our website
TRAINER U.S. Certified Professional.
Stroke production and match play. All
ages & levels. Call Larry 9013-8344 /
British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)
60th Anniversary
For ages 18 up:
For ages 12 up:
If you join our Club in 2013
Intestine healing for Constipation,
Diarrhea, Headache, weak lower
body, Irregular eating pattern,
very little physical movement.
With Master Healer Shine at Central.
Please call for appointment!
Tel: 3104-1156
Cosmic Dance -Indian Dance Classes
for all levels and ages, choreography,
performances in BharataNatyam,
Fusion, Bollywood dance styles.
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9560.
Mr. Know-It-All is here to answer your questions and quell
your urban concerns every week. Send your queries to
Mr. Know-It-All, HK Magazine, GPO Box 12618, Hong Kong or
All questions received are subject to publication and are selected based on
appropriateness and space availability. Personal answers will not be provided.
All questions are published using pseudonyms.
cert. / Dip. courses
short courses / International
Classes in English available
Intensive Class / Private Tuition /
Group Classes
Team Building Workshops,
Corporate Training &
Consultancy Services
Hotline: 2882 1832
Hong Kong Branch :
15/F, Hennessy Plaza, 164-166 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, HK
Kowloon Branch :
8/F, Lokville Commercial Building,
25-27 Lock Road, TST, Kln
Fri 8:30-10pm (Beg.)
Sat. 5-6:30pm (Imp.)
Sunshine 94864984 Keith 91045307
Amanda 62499534
22/F, No. 230 Wanchai Rd, HK
$699 / 1 month or
$1,580 / 10 tickets
Private $650/h
$2,998 5wks
Cha Cha Cha
Friday 7-8:30pm
Suitable for filmmakers and
photographers, beginners and
advanced amateurs. This 2-day
workshop is taught in English by a
Director/Cameraman. July Weekend
Group: 6-7 July 2013 (Sat & Sun)
July Weekday Group: 9-10 July 2013
(Tue & Wed) Day 1: 10am to 7:30pm,
Day 2: 10am to 6pm DETAILS: 9385-7329
Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I am visiting Hong Kong at the moment, and
have some time to explore ideas for a back-at-home
project which I must undertakethat is, remodeling
my kitchen. I am interested in knowing if there is
a general area in Hong Kong where one might find
many kitchen remodeling stores, where one can
view models and appliances. thank you in advance
for your response.
Lurking Around
Youre in luck. Our city happens to have various streets
lined with shops selling particular kinds of products. Visit
Wan Chais Lockhart Road, lined with tons of kitchen
shops. Since you cant really bring a whole kitchen
home with you, if youre looking for utensil then visit
Shanghai Street in Ya Ma Tei. You will find kitchen-quality
equipment and tools for both Western and Chinese
cooking. Asia Stainless Steel Engineering Ltd.
(302 Shanghai St., Yau Ma Tei) is a popular choice, as
staff are knowledgeable and happy to speak in English
about the products. For a real Chinese-style chopping
board, head to Man Kee (341 Shanghai St., Yau Ma Tei,
2332-2784,, which has been open for
more than 50 years and is the last of its kind in the city.
Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
My girlfriend and I are relocating to Switzerland
early next year, and really dont want to leave
our neurotic dachshund behind. Are there any
reputable pet moving companies in Hong Kong
that will be able to help us with this?
Repatriating Rover
Moving can be extremely stressful and disorientating
especially for mans quadruped best friend. Try ferndale
Kennels (SX-2031, Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Country
Park, 2791-1776,, run by Stacy
Tucker, who is qualified in animal husbandry. Helping
you minimize your poochs traveling trauma, their dog
relocation service has a worldwide reach, and in most
cases can provide door-to-door services between
countries. In addition, Ferndale promises to handle all
transportation services including licenses and flights.
Contact them with your specifications to get a quote.
58 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
HeaLtH & beaUty
Want to reach our health and
beauty conscious readers?
Call our sales department
We love the
Call for detail
English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin OK.
TEL 2890-1511
No. 1 Whitening
No. 1 Pimple Care
Come anytime
as much as you want
for only $398/ month.
E/S Skin Labo & Saloon
21/F, Fortune Centre, 44-48 Yun Ping Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Closed on Mondays
Japanese Ethetetic Saloon
for women & men
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 59
Only Available Upon Presentation of This Voucher
* All terms and conditions are finalizes by Barely Beauty
Enquiry and Reservation 5162 7880
Room 1106, 11/F Commercial House, 35 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
Want to be confidently sexy?
Brazilian Waxing $298
Laser bikini hairs all off only
only $698
50% off Eyelashes Perming Trial
50% off GM Collin Demo
Purifying Facial Treatment
HeaLtH & beaUty

Our Japanese therapist Ms. Keiko

skilled in unique Jing Luo ()
Massage and Lymphatic Drainage
releases you fromstresses
accumulated over weeks at a
Cozy and Private roomin Central.
Suitable for those who can not
bear overly strong massage.
Ladies Only Open 10am- 8pm
Phone: 9163 8032
By Appointment Only
Address 1: 9-13 Shelley St, A1/F, Soho Tel: 9177 1466
Address 2: 23 Elgin St, M/F Soho Tel: 9203 5879/ 3483 4779
Thai Massage
Uses deep tissue
Pressure Point and
Stretching technique
to reduce stress and
relieve muscle soreness
Aroma oil massage
to help regulate the
functioning of lymph
gland and blood
circulation addition-
ally relieve all tension
relieve muscular ache
and stiff
Sawasdee Thai Massage
Unit A 13/F On Loong Comm Bldg 276-278 Lockhart Rd Wanchai, Hong Kong
Luxurious & Stylish Private Retreat
Man to Man Massage
Swedish & Aromatherapy massage, Body scrub & mask,
Sport deep tissue massage, Chinese Acupressure massage, Body re-alignment
10am - 11pm Daily & Out call service available
By appointment call Wing 9888 9499
1/F Lan Kwai House, 5-6 Lan Kwai Fong,
Central, Hong Kong
Business Hour : 12:00 Noon - 12:00 Midnight
Reservation : 2234 9322
Thai Traditional Massage
Traditional Massage HKD 188 (extra 60 mins)
Essential Oil Massage HKD 238 (60 mins )
HKD 218 (extra 60 mins)
Advertise your services to the health conscious
readers of HK Magazine!
Call our sales department at 2850-5678
We like to
feel good!
Advertise your services to the health conscious
readers of HK Magazine!
Call our sales department at 2850-5678
We like to
feel good!
Regular Manicure Trial$88 Express
Pedicure Trial$168 Shellac Gel $150
Please Call for Appointment: 2810-7779.
15B Siu Ying Commercial Building, 151-155 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
T: 2736-5168 / 2866-9282
For Men
Prince Spa
Men to men massage

Spa . Massage . Bath
Tel: 2573 0233/ 2573 0344
Business Hours: 12:00 - 01:00
Unit D, 4/F., Harvard Commercial
Building, 105-111 Thomson Road,
Wan Chai, H.K.
( MTR-Wan chai Station A3 Exit )
Acupressure looses the knot releases the pain
30 years of experience in HK & UK
Neck pain is a widespread complaint amongst adults,
especially those who sit at desk for prolonged periods.
Many office workers experience stiffness and pain in
their neck muscles. In more severe cases, they may feel
pain and numbness in their arms, or even hands. This
pain could be caused by many factors, all of which result
in the weakening of Qi (energy) around the neck. This
results in knots forming in the muscles around the neck.
For details, please visit
2581 3803
32 Hollywood Rd, Central
Hey, guess what?
New LED system dries in
30 seconds, gives long lasting
color. Super glossy finishes and
matte finishes for your selection.
Tel: 2840-0660
60 HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013
Excellent Service-No Job Is Too Trivial, no
task too difficult. From hanging pictures
to moving / decorating full house, we
are your choice. Painting, Shelf & Ceiling
Fan Installations, Electrical repairs. More
details on website
Tel: 2525-0055
UK Tradesman. Fast, tidy & reliable. Call:
Residential & Commercial
*** FREE professional advise for
design & budgeting
** Hotline: 9733-7328
Over 30 years experienced. Colorwash
or plain walls finish, wallpapering and
borders. Fast clean professional service
call Colin Golding 9074-5231 Email:
and bathroom specialists: Painting, Tiling,
Carpentry, Water-proofing, Water-Heater,
Electrical, Plumbing, Air-conditioning
& handyman jobs welcome. Call
9870-0456. All areas.
Home and office, Window blinds,
curtain. New made, repair, alteration.
Discount available me et your budget.
Free Quotation. Tel: 2421-5791, Email:
OzURE DESIGN LTD. Residential &
Commercial Interiors. Complimentary
Design & Budgeting Advice. Tel: 2123-1400 Email:
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9560.
TEL: 3791-1272
***Licensed Plumbers****
to solve blockage & leakage,
install toilet / pipeline
***Drainage Treatment***
to desludge septic / grease tank,
clean drain by hydrojetting / rooter,
inspect drain by CCTV
***Licensed Electricians & Handyman***
Keep our contact and you will find it
useful one day
24/7 EmErgEncy
We provide leather care services
including cleaning, repairing and color
restoration of any leather items such
as handbag, jacket, shoes, sofa.
Call 8120-0155 or visit
Call 2534-9552 to place your text ads in
HK BackPage.
FK Concept
Interior Design & Construction Services
For enquiry:
2882 4007
Email: Hotline: 91439318
Residential & Commercial
Interior Design
Convenient and relaxing for you and your
pet. 24/7 service, the vet comes to you. Tel: 9860-5522
Horizon Plaza, Unit 1013
2 Lee Wing Street
Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Every Sunday
AD_hkmag6x8.3cm.pdf 1 1/7/12 9:00 PM
Pets & vets
Reservations: 2470-6928
Premier Hotel Training Day Care
Lovin your dog like you do!!
T 2768-8428
~ We Build Quality in Life ~
Regular Dating Events
For You to Find
The One
A Smart and Fast Way to Lasting Love
Coffee Matching
Tel. 8208-5152
Find the Savage Lovecast (my weekly podcast) every Tuesday
HK MAGAZINE FRIDAY, June 28, 2013 61
everytHing eLse
MASSAGE FOR MAN Man to man massage
by Dave. Experienced, muscular &
handsome Asian masseur. Reservation
only: 9133-4407 Location: Tsimshatsui Also
provide outcall service.
Massage For Man. Man to Man Massage
by Tony. Professional, muscular &
handsome. Asian masseur. Reservation
only: 9347-5207 Location: Casuseway
Bay. Also provide outcall service.
For rates and more information on Box
Ads for HK BackPage, call 2534-9560.
Oil Massage $1,000 / 60min
***Call out massage available***
By appointment.
PhotogrAPhy entertAinMent
Looking for dance show? Show Time
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I am a married 54-year-
old postmenopausal
woman. My libido
has diminished
significantly, and it
takes me much longer
to climax. My husband
gets tired sooner and
is unable to maintain
an erection as long
as he used to; this
makes it even more
difficult for me to
climax. I have taken up an activity I did in my
20s when I was single: giving myself enemas.
the enema-induced orgasms are fantastic. Its
not an obsessive habit. Ill sometimes do it
four times in one week and then go a month
without one. Am I doing any harm to my body?
Will a doctor be able to tell what Ive been up
to when its time for a colonoscopy? I would
die if a doctor figured it out.
frustrated Lady Earnestly Enquires today
Women need to understand that our sexualities
change throughout life, says Dr. Leah Torres, a general
obstetrician/gynecologist with a special focus on
family planning. What once was will not always be.
That said, menopause can be tricky, but one can adapt
to changes that may occur. There are medications and
lubricants and all sorts of tricks.
Yeah, yeahbut what about the freakin
enemas, doc?
The enemas are not harmful as long as they
are not painful, though this practice may change the
balance of bacteria that normally live in the colon and
may make one more susceptible to changes in bowel
movements, says Dr. Torres.
As for your fear of being discovered, FLEET,
Dr. Torres says you should be able to rely on your
docs professionalism. I have not seen many
colonoscopies, so I would not know a physicians
ability to determine a persons level of enema activity,
says Dr. Torres. But as a physician who prides herself
in building trust with patients, I would never disclose
my knowledge of sexual activities that may make my
patient uncomfortable or embarrassed unless there is
a concern for her health or it directly affects her care.
If it would really and truly kill you if your doc
figured it out, FLEET, how about a face-and-rump-
saving white lie? Mention the fact that youre
administering enemas to yourself, leaving the
masturbate-as-you-expel bit out, and ask your
doc if thats a problem. She can ask her doctor an
innocent question such as When I feel constipated,
I give myself an enema. Is that dangerous? says Dr.
Torres. No need to mention masturbation, and the
doctors answer may allay her other concerns.
My mother cannot find her clit. Im serious.
Shes 80 years old, quite fit, and otherwise
anatomically correct, but she noticed about
a week back that she couldnt find her clit.
She went to her gyno and told him, and
he didnt seem shocked. She isnt sexually
active, but shed like to keep as many of her
original parts as she can. I searched online
and couldnt find much about missing clits.
Ive told her that no news is good news,
but you try living with a clitless mother!
Help My Mother find Her clit
It is normal for the vagina, and the parts within
and around the vagina, to atrophy with age, says
Dr. Torres. And women who have gone through
menopause have very little estrogen. For the lady
parts, estrogen is crucial in upkeeping the healthy,
youthful appearance of vaginal and labial tissues as
well as for the laxity of the vagina.
But theres one thing that doesnt happen
during menopause.
Women do not lose their clitorises, says Dr.
Torres. The majority of the clitoris is located inside the
body, but women recognize the clitoral glans as the
clitoris. This may become smaller with age, making it
seem as though the clitoris has disappeared. But let
me be clear: The clitoris never goes away.
So your mom isnt clitless, HMMFHC. Her clit is
down there somewhere. Its just smaller and grayer
than it used to bejust like your mom.
My husband and I both hit 40 this year. We
are one of those straight couples that have
been together since high school. We were
kinky right from the start, became involved in
the BDSM community in our 20s, and found
ourselves in a poly relationship before we
even knew that was an option. After years of
struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome,
I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago,
and Ive had a hard time getting regulated
with hormone replacement. there was a
lot of extra bodily trauma with my surgery,
and Ive been trying to be patient in getting
back into my sexual self, but its been a
struggle. Im mostly happy with other parts
of my life, but I have no interest anymore in
kink, especially D/s, and Im having a hard
time wrapping my head around how I could
go from being a pain slut to not even liking
to have my hair pulled. I wouldnt say that
Ive totally lost interest in sex, but I dont
have the driving need for it that I used to.
I havent had luck talking to my ob-gyns. If
Im not having hot flashes, in their opinion,
I shouldnt mess with it. My boyfriend has
been supportive, but Im having a hard time
talking to my husband, since his girlfriend is
menopause age and as much of a nympho as
ever. He sees my lack of interest in sex as a
lack of interest in him. too young to Be Old
Society makes talking about sex taboo, and that
taboo can invade the clinic room and adversely affect
the doctor-patient relationship, says Dr. Torres.
Dr. Torres is a professional and shes being
politeprofessional courtesy and like that. Allow me
to translate: The doctor is saying that your current
ob-gyns suck santorum-smeared donkey balls, TYTBO.
If your docs are unwilling to discuss and prioritize your
sex lifeand your sexual fulfillment and your sexual
relationshipsyou need to get new ob-gyns.
If a patient comes to me with changes in
sexual function that concern her and she wants
addressed, Dr. Torres continues, it is the same
as if she came to me with it hurts right here, doc.
It is something that needs investigating. Having a
hysterectomy often includes removing the ovaries,
which is equivalent to inducing menopause. No
ovaries = no estrogen = menopause. Even if you still
have your ovaries, their function may be affected by
a hysterectomy. This can affect the libido or it may
have no effect whatsoever. Everyone is different.
Also, after major surgery, particularly after a difficult
and prolonged recovery, people may not enjoy sex
the same way they used to for a variety of reasons.
For this woman, pain may now be associated with
the struggle to recover as opposed to what it used
to be associated with: orgasm.
So what does the doctor recommend?
There are options other than female hormone
replacement therapy for treating hypoactive sexual
desire, says Dr. Torres, and it may be a good idea to
consult a specialist in sexual health.
Dr. Torres is a superstar on Twitter, where she
regularly posts about womens health issues and
smacks down anti-choice trolls @LeahNTorres.
She also blogs at
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Know their industry and their competitors. Find out as much
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A lot of times, it goes a long way when the interviewer can see that you have put time and
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