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Subsea Trees

FMC Technologies is the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of subsea production systems, including a complete range of subsea trees. With our commitment to meeting customer challenges, FMC offers a wide range of vertical and horizontal subsea tree solutions for pressures up to 15,000 psi and water depths up to 10,000 ft.

Deepwater Enhanced Horizontal Trees (EHXT)

The primary benefits of the EHXT system are related to the tubing hanger and tree cap. The traditional pressure containing internal tree cap has been eliminated, and the pressure barriers have been moved to the tubing hanger. The result is the most cost effective and reliable horizontal completion system available. Eliminating internal tree cap installation via the landing string can save days of expensive rig time. It also permits other operational efficiencies that further reduce installation time, like installing the ROV Tree Cap outside of critical rig path time.

15K Enhanced Horizontal Tree (EHXT)

FMC offers the Enhanced Horizontal Subsea Tree (EHXT) in two ratings: 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi. The 5-inch by 2-inch, 15,000 psi system is based on the widely field-proven 10,000 psi EHXT system and FMCs extensively qualified 15,000 psi EVXT system, currently in service in the Gulf of Mexico since 2003. The technology from both systems has been merged to produce a modular design that retains the best features of both. The design can easily be configured to satisfy project specific design requirements.

10K Enhanced Horizontal Tree (EHXT)

Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Trees (EVDT)

Based upon the widely field proven 10K vertical tree and 15K EVXT, and in response to a growing worldwide demand for reduced total life of field cost, FMC has incorporated the latest technological advancements in the EVDT system. The key advantage of the EVDT is the ability for the tubing hanger to either be installed directly in the subsea wellhead or in a tubing head spool. The in-wellhead completion complements the FMC 13-5/8 UWD-10 Slimbore Wellhead. This permits a well to be drilled and completed without having to retrieve the subsea BOP back to the surface to install either the tubing spool or horizontal tree spool. The EVDT system features FMCs proven flow module which provides maximum configuration and flexibility. The flow module can project specific variances such as production vs. water injection service, potentially eliminating the need for spare tree systems. Future configurations for subsea boosting and gas compression technologies are also available. The standard EVDT is fully rated up to 10,000 ft (3,000 m) water depth and a -50 to 250F (-45 to 120C) temperature range. The system may also be configured for up to 350F (175C). The EVDT allows for up to eleven (11) downhole functions typically allocated as nine (9) hydraulic, and two (2) electrical or fiber optic lines.

15k Enhanced Vertical Tree (EVXT)

Enhanced Vertical Trees (EVXT)

FMCs 15,000 psi, 350F (175C), EVXT is a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) subsea completion system representing the most technically advanced oil and gas solution in the world. The trees are modular so they can be reconfigured to meet customer requirements. With numerous successful installations in the Gulf of Mexico, FMC is the dominant supplier of HPHT subsea systems. In designing these systems, FMC incorporates field proven materials and technology. Materials such as Novolastic HT, a silicone rubber-based insulation, help prevent wellbore fluids from congealing at the sea floor. The EVXT also utilizes a best in class workover riser and control system for quick disconnect and fail-safe functions.

Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree (EVDT)

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