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1. The smoke was so thick that no one came to class. (such)

2. I am sure they were in Mexico last year. (have)

3. He is so short that he can’t play basketball. (enough)

4. Heavy rains washed the bridge away. (The bridge ... )

5. How long have you been waiting for me at this bus stop? (when)

6. Most writers prefer using a word processor to a type writer. (would rather)

7. The class will probably finish earlier. (likely)

8. Their 10th wedding anniversary is on April 1st. (By April 1st their ... )

9. George and Alan haven’t finished University yet. (George and Alan are ... )

10.Nobody heard Sheila’s cry for help. (Sheila’s )

11.Many teachers would rather go on holiday in the summer than work for extra money.


12.Wouldn’t it be marvellous to live in a house like that? (wish)

13.We enjoyed ourselves in the mountains despite the bad weather. (although)

14.I applied for the job because my father encouraged me. (If)

15.Elizabeth’s children didn’t go to school yesterday because they had flu. (prevented)

16.“Is it still raining?” Susan asked. (Susan wanted to know ... )

17.The house was much bigger that Jill had thought. (realised)

18.John said he wouldn’t pay the bill. (refused)

19.You’ll feel sick if you keep eating that cake. (unless)

20.The last time we saw her was three years ago. (We haven’t ... )

21.I haven’t been to the theatre for ages. (It’s ages ... )

22.He doesn’t have enough money to buy a new bike. (if)

23.They arrived late because their car broke down. (if)

24.It’s a pity I’ve lost my wallet. (wish)

25.Her mother made her come home early on Saturday. (Her mother didn’t ... )

26.The children went to the cinema and then caught a bus home. (after)

27.“I’ve been taking a great course” she said. (She said she ...)

28.It was important that you phoned and cancelled the appointment. You did not do this. (You


29.She went to University to study Chemistry. (interested)

30.I don’t want you to photograph me in a bikini. (I don’t want to ...)

31.The people who had attended the revision class will have no trouble with the exam.


32.Robinson was the only physicist who didn’t complete his research. (all)

33.The laboratory technician will probably examine the rocks. (likely)

34.Excuse me. Is somebody serving you, sir? (are you)

35. I think we should go home now. (time)

36.The painters painted our house last month. (had)

37.It’s a pity that Charles is always complaining. (wouldn’t)

38.Someone will meet you at the airport. (be)

39.People think that train-robber Smith has escaped. (have)

40.“Don’t forget to buy some bread, mum”, said Paul. (reminded)

41.Have you received your salary yet? (been)

42.I think I will manage to finish the letter by four. (get)

43.My parents made me study every night. (was)

44.I expect we will get there by five if there isn’t too much traffic. (should)

45.Is it necessary for me to bring my passport? (have)

46.I am sure that the cat is in the house somewhere. (be)

47.I am certain that Tom will be late. (bound)

48.All students should be here next class. (are)

49.What time does the next train leave? (tell)

50.I think you should sell the car. (would)

51.What’s your advice? (should)

52.Let’s go for a pizza. (going)

53.I am sorry, I am to blame. (my)

54.Thank you very much for your help. (am)

55.Is it all right if you take care of the children? (mind)

56. I am sorry I’ve broke your bike. (apologize)

57.Can you give me directions for the station? (how)

58.I am sure that Jack hasn’t left home yet. (have)

59.There is one problem here and that’s the weather. (only)

60.I haven’t been here before. (time)

61.A lot of wine is drunk in France. (French)

62.If you drive faster it is more dangerous. (the)