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Brand Management

Deepak Sonpar

Myth: Brand Management consists of only the below

Brand Identity Brand Personality Brand Positioning and Re-positioning Brand Image Brand Extensions Brand Equity Brand in Indian Contexts

Provide an appreciation of the role of branding in consumers daily experiences, in addition to creating shareholder value Increase fluency with the core principles underlying a consumer-centric approach to brand planning Create familiarity with research tools that illuminate the meaning and strength of any particular brand Augment students ability to think creatively and critically about the strategies and tactics involved in building, leveraging, defending, and sustaining inspired brands

Encourage the application of branding principles to oneself, to help be deliberate in communicating ones personal and professional reputation

Scoring system and assignment details

Attendance- 10 Marks (1/lec) Class Participation/Cases 10 Marks Individual Assignments 10 Marks Brand Audit Group Project 20 Marks
Final Report and Presentation Mid Sept 13 Presentation only Three weeks

Written Examination 50 Marks

Reference Books
Kevin Kellers Strategic Brand Management, Kapferer's New Strategic Brand Management. David Aaker's
Managing Brand Equity, Building Strong Brands and Brand Leadership (with Erich Joachimsthaler),

Lehmann and Winer's Product Management,

Davis Brand Asset Management, Scott Bedburys A New Brand World

Scope of the course

Broadly, divided into four parts:
1. 2. 3. 4. Understanding Brand Crafting Brand Measuring Brand Managing Brand

Detailed scope of the course

Introduction to Brand and Brand Management Brand and Branding Concepts Strategic Brand Management Process Customer Based Brand Equity Brand Positioning and Values Brand Audit Building Brand Equity
Elements, Marketing Programs, IMC, Co-branding

Measuring sources of Brand Equity Capturing Market Performance Brand Portfolio Strategy, New Products and Extensions Developing systems and managing brands over time

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Brands and Branding, Holt 03 How Harley Davidson revs its brand, Rifkin, 97 How to brand sand? Hill, McGrath and Dayal, 98 What do brands mean to us? Rindell, 08 The trouble with Brands, Gerzema and Lebar 09 Brand Extensions, the benefits and pitfalls, Juda 07 Brands as Patterns, Shillum 11 Harley Davidson Posse Ride, Fournier 00 Beyond Brand Management, Rawlinson Brand Archetypes The brand called YOU, Tom Peters 00

Special Instructions
Cell Phones and Laptops not allowed in class