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Chapter 1

Background Information of the Project: The project that the team is doing is an integrated health management system, which addresses the critical requirements of hospitals. It is a powerful, flexible and easy to use application designed and developed to convey real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics which reduce the papers overload; the computer based system can be accessed by three account types. Which is the Administrator, Receptionist and the Cashier. The Project streamlines the flow of information across the hospital that helps effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration/management and streamline financial accounting in an optimized and efficient manner. Since its a user oriented management system, it can be easily customized to the requirements of the hospital.

General Objectives of the Project: The main objectives of the proposed system can help in Efficient Management of the Hospital and Enhance Patient Care. To Improve work efficiency, Patients are easily allocated to the doctors. Doctors Search is possible and todays patient list helps doctors to search their patients.

Specific Objective: The objective of the project titled Hospital Management System It will provide an easy and effective way of storing information about hospital premises. It has forms that capture the details of doctors, patients, payments details and search. This project helps the hospital management to know about the available doctors, payments for in-patients and out-patients.

Scope and Limitations of the Project: This project aims to determine the hospital variables relating to the concerns in environment and create a system model that can represent the current situation based on the data gathered in the research. The data would be limited to the Hospital settings and the information gathered by the local environment concerning the Hospital population and its environmental impact in the area.

The limitations of this project are: The time factor/duration available to carry out the work. Financial constraints to cover the research work, programming and other analysis. There is limited literature in ratio to automation in the country.

Definition of Terms:

Technical MySQL is the acronym used for My Structured Query Language it is a relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases IDE: Integrated Development Environment SRS: Software Requirement Specification. UML Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical language for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system. Architecture: how a system is designed; includes how the components are connected to and operate with each other

Operational Efficiency - As utilized in the system, the term is described as the capability of the system to achieve a stable level of performance using a specific amount of system resources Functionality - As used in the system, the term is defined as the presence and overall behavior of system functions in accordance to system specifications. Maintainability - As utilized in the system, the term is defined as the capacity of the system to handle modifications as new corrections and improvements are introduced.

Portability - Based on the system, this term describes the capability of the system to be transferred and implemented on different platform and browser environments and combinations.

In the proposed system, the laboratory reports and billing details can be easily maintained in this system. This project will help to smoother the process of the hospital activities, such as the storage of the information of the entire patients that are registered on the system, the display and printing of the Patients bill, scheduling of Appointments and The list of services and available Doctors.

The company used manual on saving and monitoring the data of all the patients and employees of the Hospital. They only used computerized based system for billing. Other than that everything is manual. Some of the problems are lack of security of data, time consuming, consumes large volume of paper work and Manual work.

History of the Hospital The DR. E. Zarate General Hospital Inc was founded by group of doctors and businessmen in 1982 and was originally located in Golden Acres Talon Village Las Pias City, With the initial bed capacity of 25, the management and staff continued to work towards improving and reaching for its goals to meet the increasing demands for quality health care and become the best health care provider in the city of Las Pias.

Mission of the Company: To Glorify God, by providing the sick and the needy of the community with healing of Infirmities Alleviation of pain and suffering Employing a Holistic approach to total Healthcare with the highest degree of professional competence and compassion; that through us, People may know and experience the healing power and blessings of the Almighty God.

Vision of the company: Dr. E. Zarate General Hospital envisions and upgrade and expansion into a medical facility beyond what is expected of a secondary hospital. These developments shall be in terms of the following aspects and scope of services: Diagnostic and d monitoring system Medical specialty services such as Endoscopy and Renal Dialysis Occupancy to include a charity wing Surgical specialties; Laparospic surgery Physical Rehabilitation

A secondary hospital capable of rendering most if not all the services that can be done only in tertiary hospitals, eliminating the necessity to transfer patients. Through perseverance, relentless dedication and faith in God the giver and provider of all, within the next 10years, all these can and shall be done.

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