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QB:902 Full Marks: 40

YOUTH COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE Branch: MALLARPUR Paper-II (Excel, VFP)Exam No: MLT/11/09/02 Duration: 1 hr 15 Mins


9. What does an electronic spreadsheet consist of? a. Rows b. Columns c. Cells d. All of the above 10. Which command is used to rearrange a Table(VFP) a) Sort b) Replace All c) List

N.B: Dont make any rough calculation on question paper & return it on time to the Examiner. Group A ( Answer any 3 out of 4 questions. Five Marks each) 1. What is the use of Filter in Excel? 2. Explain Three popular datatype using to design a Table in Visual Foxpro? 3. How many types of Views are there in Power Point? Write short notes about each of them. 4. What is Chart in MS-Excel? What are the components of a Chart? Name the type of three basic charts and write the details about its working area. Group A (Answer All Questions below. One Marks each) B. True/False Statement. 101=10 1) There are 16384 rows and 240 columns in one worksheet. 2) Excel provides you the facilities to insert rows or columns into the existing worksheet easily. 3) PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics Package 4) Slides are the invidual Pages of your presentation. 5) To save the presentation, Press Ctrl+S 6) One selected it is not possible to change the slide layout 7) To move to the starting cell (first cell) in EXCEL press, CTRL+END 8) Bulleted lists are used to group related information on a slide 9) In Excel chart can be moved in the worksheets. 10) Chart type option in Excel is available in the view TAB C. Multiple Choice 101=10 1. The order in which slides are displayed can be altered using the (1) Template (2) Slide Show (3) Slide Sorter (4) All of the Above 2. To open the existing presentation, press (1) CTRL + L (2) CTRL + N (3) CTRL + A (4) None of the above 3. The first cell in Excel worksheet is labelled as (1) AA (2) .AI (3) .Aa (4) .A0 4. MS- Excel can be used to automate (a) Financial Statements, Business Forecasting (b) Transaction registers, Inventory Control (c) Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable (d) Any of the above 5. We can save and protect workbook by a. Protection password b. Write reservation password c. Read-only Password d. Any of the above 6. To obtain Marks (%) the suitable function is (a) Round (b) Average (c) If (d) Median 7. Power point is using in a) Education,Training b) meeting, seminars c) Knowledge, Information d) All of these 8. To represent data graphically exact software is a) Ms Word b) Ms Excel c) Ms Paint d) Ms PowerPoint Continued..

d) Locate

D. Fill up the blanks. 1) To display VFP table as spreadsheet form command is ___________ 2) The full form of DBS is ________________. 3) Each worksheets contains ___________ rows. 4) The formula in Excel starts with ____________. 5) To save and close file in VFP program editor short cut is ctrl +____

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