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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:12:31 -0700
From: »rje, Rajesh" <>*
T°: '""' <dmarcus@9-1 1 commission. gov>^, '""'
<sdunne@9-1 1 commission. gov>^
C°: "Vde@9-1'" <rde@9-1 1 commission. gov>4f'
Subject: research
Part(s): [U 2 Burnett.pdf application/octet-stream 1776.76 KB g
H 3 NY Case Management Order.pdf application/octet-stream 276.44 KB J
|H 4 NY Joint Status Report.pdf application/octet-stream 43.07 KB |j|
H| 5 Mariani.pdf application/octet-stream 239.87 KB

Dan and Steven

Good news -- the powers that be at the firm finally gave me the green light
this afternoon to start doing work for the Commission- I've started looking
into the legal landscape regarding T/lln and here is some helpful
information that I've been able to find (although I have yet to read through
all of iti I wanted to pass it along to you):

Firstn a very helpful collection of T/ll related cases can be found at:
http: //news -findlaw-com/legalnews/us/terrorism/cases/civil- h t m l - I strongly
suggest that you check out this link to get a good sense of what is out
there •

Secondi please find attached the third amended complaint in the DC case
against the Saudis-i etc- (Burnett)- Alsoi here are some helpful articles re
this case:

http : //www- suit/

http://www-msnbc- com/modules/expor ts/ct_emai 1 -aspf/news/flD7flSfl-asp

http : //www- msnbc • com/modules/exports/ct_emai l-aspf/news/IDlBED-asp

T h i r d n also attached are the case management order and joint status report
for the cases consolidated in New York- You will notice that these cases
have been consolidated and docketed in two groupsn In re September 11
Litigation and In re World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigation- The case
management order provides a useful overview of the nature of the two
mattersn and the joint status report provides a very helpful listing of the
universe of lawyers i n v o l v e d - The SDNY website is also very useful:

http : //www- n y s d - u s c o u r t s - g o v / S e p t l l L i t i g a t i o n - h t m

Fourtrn attached is the Mariani complaintn which Dan had requested (I

b e l i e v e n though I am not yet positive-i that this case is among those
consolidated in NY).

I've just started looking into the issues of third-party discovery and
l i t i g a t i n g authority! so hopefully I can have something to report soon-
Alsoi I w i l l be at the Commission tomorrow morning for the Team 1 b r i e f i n g n 5/1/03
. icscaiuu

so if you are available I will stop by to see you both then. Talk to you


«Burnett • pdf» «NY Case Management O r d e r . p d f » «NY Joint S t a t u s

R e p o r t . p d f » «riariani • pdf »

Rajesh De
O'Melveny a Myers
555 13th S t - n N.LJ.-, Suite SDQy
Washington! D - C . SQDQL4
S02-3fl3-550b (tel)
2DS-3fi3-SmM (fax) (e-mail)

> This message and any attached documents contain information from the law
> firm of O'Melveny & Myers LLP that may be confidential and/or p r i v i l e g e d .
> If you are not the intended recipientn you may not readn copyi distribute!
> or use this information- If you have received this transmission in errorn
> please notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail and then delete this
> message-

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