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1)Digital signature Digital signature is applying to specific information certain specific technical processes Four type representation sinning writings serve Digital signature Signer Authentication a digital signature Attribute Digital signature are created and verified by Cryptography The most widely Accepted format for digital certificate is defined by The CCITTX.509 2. Tally F1 Alt+F1 F2 Alt+F2 Alt+F3 F3 F4 Alt+F4 F5 F6 F7 Alt+F7 To select company or open company To close company in current list To change the date of voucher To change the period of company To create a company To open the company in current list To create backup of a company for security purpose To restore the backup To create payment voucher To create receipt voucher To create journal voucher To create stock journal voucher for stock transfer

F8 F9 F10 Alt+F10 F11 F12 F4 Alt+D Alt+C Alt+X Ctrl+N Ctrl+M Ctrl+R Alt+P Ctrl+A Alt+A Alt+F12

To create sales voucher To create purchase voucher To create memorandum voucher To create Physical voucher To set the features in tally To change/configure the setting of company To create contra voucher in voucher entry To delete the voucher entry/ledger, stock item, group etc To create new ledger/groups online and online calculation through calculator/to add new column in any report To cancel the voucher entry To open calculator To close calculator and activate gateway of tally To repeat the narration in next voucher entry of same voucher type To print any report To accept voucher entry directly To move from any Account to voucher entry directly For setting up any condition in any report

Default financial year in Tally is 1/4/1996 to 31/3/1997 Default two ledgers created by tally are cash and p&l A/c Tally vault option is used for security mechanism Currency symbol option is available during company creation Default stock category is primary Default stock godown is main location Default no. of voucher types is 16 Default no. of ledger group is 28 There are three users in tally Administrator, owner and Data entry.

3. Excel
Extension of Excel workbook is .XLS Ms Excel is spreadsheet software Default document name in Excel is Book 1, 2, 3.N Workbook is collection of worksheet A worksheet is a spreadsheet Ctrl+G is used for Go to command Clear-All: Removes all cell contents and formatting, including comments and hyperlinks, from selected cells. The Text Import Wizard is used to import text files. The chat wizard is used to create and edit charts. The tip wizard is used to suggest hints for doing a task. The pivot Table Wizard used to build an Interactive table from data existing on sheets. The convert text to columns wizard separates contents in a cell into different cells. A spreadsheet is a gird of rows and columns and is called as a worksheet.

Ms Excel is open in an application window while the workbook is open in a document window. Cell reference is column label followed by row number. Text files, lotus1-2-3, Quattro pro, X base files can be opened in Excel. In Excel, absolute cell reference is represented by a dollar sign before the column label and row number. Today () function is used to show the current system date. In excel, the dates that are stored as sequential numbers known as serial values. The function wizard is used to select the function and assemble the arguments correctly. Specific parts of information required by functions to perform certain tasks are called as arguments Following belongs to the formula category in excel environment are financial, Date & Time, Math & trig, Statistical, lookup & Reference, Database, Text, Logical, Information. Concatenate function is used to join cell vales together in a single cell. Count if function used to count all the valued that meet specific criteria. Pmt function is used to calculate the payment for specific loan terms.

4. Visual basic
VBRED or VBGREEN are the property values of a BACKCOLOR of any object F4 key- PROPERTY WINDOW

Microsoft visual basic is a RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT tool. ADDITEM method is used to add an item in a COMBOBOX LOADPICTURE method is used to load picture during runtime in an image control. Using a data control, a record is saved to a RECORDSOUND object using update method of a RECORDSET object. FONTUNDERLINE property of a textbox control is set to true to underline a text The properties of various controls can be set using PROPERTIES window. A method RGB(255,0,0) will generate red color DBENGINE object is used to access the database and also to manage the data in the database. Dim keyword is used to declare a variable To display a message in the run time MSGBOX() function is used To populate a directory list box with a file list box file1. Path= dir1. Path statement is used RECORDCOUNT is a property of a RECORDSET object which counts the number of rows in a RECORDSOURSE OBJECT Using a data control, a record can be added from the last record. Adding a new record is only possible using ADDNEW method of a RECORDSET object. Using a data control, to navigate to the previous record MOVEPREVIOUS method of a RECORDSET object is used. FORECOLOR is a property of a textbox control to set a color of a text.

The interval property of a timer control is given in one thousandth of a second VBINFORMATION, VBCRITICAL, VBEXCLAMATION are the values of VBMSGBOXSTYLE in a MESSAGEBOX function. Which closing a form unload event of a form object is triggered earlier to terminate event. A form is a container object. To display text on a label object capital property is used When a checkbox control is checked value property is automatically assigned with 1 The explorer view of a project is displayed in project explorer VAL () is a method to convert a string into ledger. In a shape control, a VB statement gives shape1.shape=2. What type of shape should we get? FONTSIZE property of the LISTBOX control counts the number of items in the list. INPUTBOX () is a function which displays a message and it also allows the user to enter values in a form object. Using a data control, DBOPENDYNASET is a RECORDSET type which allows to add a new record and also to update existing record in a RECORDSOURCE object To give a BLACKCOLOR or to bring in a picture to a command button can only be done if we set the style property to graphical A0020 method RGB (255,255,255) will generate white color. If a user uses a shortcut key Ctrl+R project explorer window becomes visible. When a textbox control receives the focus GOTFOCUS events is triggered.

When a form object appears on the screen activate event is triggered.

5. Ms- Word
Default pages orientation is portrait Default top and bottom margin is 1 Default left and right margin is 1.25 In office clipboard 24 copies saved at a time in XP version and 12 copies in 2000 version Ctrl+A to select all the content of the document Ctrl+F find the text in document Ctrl+H to replace the text in current document Default view in MS WORD is normal By default two toolbar are Automatically opened when ms word is open these are standard and formatting Header and footer is a different section of any document Default margin of header and footer is 0.5 Default zoom size is 100% and range is 10-500 Default section in a document is 1 Default font size is 12 and default font is times new roman in ms word and default font face is Arial in internet explorer To view the document in a web format then use web layout view To save the document in web format use save as web page If you can insert page no. date time and other headings at the top and bottom of the page then use- header and footer If select any picture or object- 8 small square available on the boundary of the object

If we use cropping tool from picture toolbar if we want to crop the picture. Using text box- we draws a text box with horizontal text direction where you click or drag. Text boxes help you arrange text and add text to graphics. Word art option is used to insert any heading with special effects. Using auto shape option we can create any pre defined shapes. Using picture organization chart (insert menu) option we can insert a Microsoft organization chart object into our presentation, document, or worksheet. Ctrl+ K to insert hyperlink Ctrl+2 to insert double line space in a paragraph Ctrl+5 to insert 1.5 line space in a paragraph For highlighting the specific part of the document. We use bullets and numbering (format menu) for Adds bullets or numbers to selected paragraphs and modify the bullets and numbering format. Maximum no. of column in a document is 12 Default tab position is 0.5 If we want to clear all the tab settings we use clear all option in tab option. Tab alignments are left, right, center, decimal and bar Drop cap option is used in paragraphs F7 is used to spell and grammar Thesaurus is a online dictionary with MS WORD Shift+F7 is used for Thesaurus option Macro is recorded using visual basic language

Auto correct option is automatically correct the specified mistake in spellings After creating a table curser blink or flash in the first cell Tab key is use to inserting new row at end of the table Window split only in two parts The increase and decrease indent is used for quickly setting paragraph indentations using the mouse. Word art is text with special effects. Auto shapes in word can be created by accessing the drawing toolbar. The dialog box that is used to determine the documents margins is page setup from file menu. Border is a box surrounding a page on all sides or a line that sets off a paragraph on one or more sides. Ctrl+M key are used to indent a paragraph. Ctrl+shift+f key are used to change the fort from the current position in a document. Ctrl+shift+S key are used to change the style of the document that is from normal to heading1 or heading2 to other document styles. Text box that separates text from the document and allows it to behave like an independent object The header and footer object is used that is used to provide information like the title of the book, name of the chapter, page number etc. The chat objects that helps us analyzing data statically To highlight certain parts of a page to set it apart from the rest of the page we make use of the shading feature.

To clear all the tabs in a document, the clear all option is clicked from the tabs dialog box. The picture bullet dialog box is used to incorporate picture bullets into our documents or web pages. Auto shapes an object that composes of set of tools which helps to create and work on different shapes like rectangles, circles, flowcharts etc. Alt+F8 key used to active the macro dialog box. Microsoft outlook is a software for sending and receiving e-mail messages HTML is the coding system used to create web pages. The internet is a network that makes information easily accessible across various networks. 6. POWERPOINT Identify the position button to be used to show a personal secretary of the managing director. (Assistant) The menu option that helps in setting, effect and chart effects in a presentation is ________. (custom animation) While creating an organization chart, I want to show the technical members under a team leader the position button to be used is _________. ( subordinate) Identify the feature that prompts for a title slide and then the presentation category to provide an outline presentation. (auto content wizard) Identify the tab in chart options dialog box which determines the x and y labels display. (axes)

Identify the view that displays all the slides of a presentation as thumbnails. (sorter view) The master layout of printed presentations is __________. (handout master) You can have audio, movies, pictures on the slides of your presentation using the _________. (insert menu) During a presentation the speaker can move to a slide using the _________. (slide navigator) Identify the chart options tab that helps to display table of data used to create the chart. (data table) Identify the tool by which basic shapes can be drawn on the slides. (Auto shapes) The highlighted points of one or more slides to be used by a presenter are written on the___________. (notes page) The setting of automating the display of slides in a presentation is done with__________. (rehearse timings) The wizard in PowerPoint that creates the pngsetup.exe files is_______. (pack and go) This provides a color scheme, background and font style for all your slides. (template) Choose the chart type that can graphically represent the contribution of each value to the total. (pie chart) The landscape and portrait are the choices for________. (layout options) The master that applies the format for all the slides of the presentation except the title slide is ________. (slide master) The options New Slide, slide layout and Apply Design are part of the toolbar________... (common tasks)

The __________... Contains the sample data for a chart. (Datasheet)

7. FUNDAMENTAL ASCII-8 codes are 256. Full form of BIOS is basic input output system. Array of inexpensive hard disks linked together are RAID devices. The collection of wires to carry signals in a system is called a bus. In octal number system, the base is 8. The processing speed of a computer is measured in MHz Magnetic disk types are floppy disk and hard disk. ROM is Firmware. Fastest memory type is L1 cache. Cache memory is a special memory between CPU and main memory. SAM is provides sequential access to data. Solid state storage device is electronic A gigaflop is 1 billon floating point arithmetic operations per second Workstation is commonly used for computer aided design Palmtop computer can also be called as picocomputer Magnetic disks were introduce in second generation The answers from many arithmetic operations are stored temporarily in Accumulator before being put out to the computers memory. Extension of pages files on a windows machine is swp. System bus connects the CPU and the system memory.

AGP is a 32 bit bus with a clock rate of 66MHz The width of VESA local bus is 32 bits Microsofts natural keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard. Opto mechanical mice use optical sensors to detect the motion of the ball A 32 bit color scanner can represent 2^ 32 colors MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition Monochrome monitors display 2 colors Resolution means how density of the pixels Dot matrix printers create characters by striking pins against an ink ribbon Line printers is an example of impact printer