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I do Hereby state oath as under we complaint in the case. here , we know the facts of case. Hence it is prayed that honourab'ble court to be pleased to allow compensation as claimed with accrued interest oh holding liable the respondent & be paid to deponent in the interest of justice. Hence this affidavit

I , swear in the name of god that name, signature & context in the affidavit are true with my knowledge & belief

Place; Gulbarga


IN THE COURT OF DISTIC CONSUMER FORUM AT GULBARGA C.NO 1) Kalavati w/o Sidramaya Math H.No # 5-1-80 Rajeevagar, At,Po,Tq: Afzalpur Dist: Gulbarga 2) Mallikarjun S/o Sidramayya. Math H.No # 5-1-80 Rajeevagar, At,Po,Tq: Afzalpur Dist : Gulbarga




V/S 1) EXECUTIVE OFFICER (EO) Pattanpanchayat Afzalpur At,PO,Tq: Afzalpur Dist: Gulbarga


2) Clerk Concerned to Transfer & Mutation Pattanpanchayat Afzalpur At,PO,Tq: Afzalpur Dist: Gulbarga . RESPONDENT

COMPLAINT U/SEC12 OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT Your Honour, That complaint submit as under: We, Kalavati w/o Sidramayya Math & Mallikarjun S/o Sidramayya. Math legal heir of Late Sidramayya.B.Math owner of site bearing no 5-1-618 located at Afzalpur For Delibartely,misguided,lack of service, Of PattanaPanchayat Afazalpur tortured mentally & finally causing the loss of amount approximately RS 50000(FIFTY THOUSAND RS ) to us & conspired in the re-sale of same site. We write the facts along date wise , How PattanaPanhatayat, Afzalpur Authority deliberately misguided, shown negligence & defective service , mentally tortured us & finally causing the financial loss of amount of RS 50000 (FIFTY THOUSAND RS ) .

!)Late Sidramayya b.Math was purchased vacant site bearing no 5-1-618 situated in the Afzalpur in The year 1993-1994. at the same year it resisted & transferred in the name of Sidramayya Math. It is issued certificate in this regard in the same year In the year 2006 may 23, Sidramayay Math expired . after the death, we approached the pattana panchayat Afzalpur & requested to transfer all possession & property in the name of Sidramayya math to his legal heirs. After taking death certificate & family succession certificate of Sidramayya Math & wide affidavit of Kalavati & consent of family members Submit the pattanPanchayat Afzalpur to request the transfer site 5-1-618 n to her son Mallikarjun..S.Math in the Month of sep 2006 After submitting all the necessary documents for transfer site 5-1-618 in the name of mallikarjun at Pattanatpanchayat Afzalpur in the month of sept 2006.

But concerned clerk of transfer & Mutation section of PattanPanchayat Afzalpur deliberately post phoned our request & every time told to us that EO was not there, we put off your request in general meetingetc But EO was totally ignorant about this case, he was not aware of what his sub-ordinates doing.

In the meantime, concerned clerk informed the original site owner the site is still in the name of her in the registered book in PattanaPanchayat. we came to known that concerned cleark(Yellappa) in the year 1993-1994 by mistake not striked-out owner name & not enter the purchaser name but issued transfer certificate to Sidramayya math. He was died in the year 2003 taking this advantage the concerned clerk conspired with owner & resale to another person in the year 2007 june & it registered in panchayat in the month of August 2007. Finally , PattanaPanchayat Afzalpur had given endorsement letter in the month July 2009 mention that the site 5-1-618 was transfer to another person ie Srikant in the month of August 2007. My strong objection is that why did they take so much time ( Nearly 2 years ) to give this endorsement letter? If they had any problems related to transfer site to legal heir of Sidramayya.Math , they would inform to us immediately, we could resolve it

In the meantime without our our mistake , I wander to Bangalore to submitted case to Lokayukta & DC Gulbarga & spent lot of amount. Finally , I appointed counselor at fee of Rs10500 to handle the case. Without my mistake ,I spent lot of amount . So prey to honorable court compensate amount from these persons. Prayer:- Therefore it is prayer that you Honor court pleased to allow the complaint & respondent to be directed to pay compensation of RS 50000(FIFTY THOUSAND RS ) in the interest of justice. Teach a lesson to these person not to indulge such activities in feature for small handful of amount.

Place: Gulbarga Date: