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When did God appoint some Muslims as His litigators on earth, that they consider those who reject

Child Marriage clause as apostates? SMH And I have moron on my list who declared me apostate only because I don't bear an Arabic name. So, I don't want to do this, but some people from the up north have actually stereotyped the rest of us who are not from Dan Fodio's lineage as subaltern Muslims whose only understanding of Islam was powered by Google. They don't know your history, they don't want to know that in the 90's to 2000's you were Class Captain at a Qur'anic school comprising Ustazai like Idris Muhammad.... Doesn't matter that you have learnt Qur'an by heart in those days, and that you were your mullah's favourite! Alright, Dan Fodio's grand children, we hear your verdicts on our religious status. Nonsense!
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Taufiq Kay Ibrahim don't mind all those fanatics Lawal Kola Bakare Thanks Gimba for sharing this Folake 'A-star' Oyetosho Of people who are more catholic than the Pope or better still, of muslims who know the Quran better than the Prophet. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 5 Umar Muhammad @Gimba, u just haf to do ur things and forget the way sum ppl think. We haf them all over. There are sum of them that when u don't dress the way they dress, they will see u as sumtin different. They haf forgotten that Islam is for all. 5 hours ago Like 2 Petra Akinti Onyegbule Arrant nonsense! 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Muhammad Adamu Islam is been reduced to a name of a cult which all its members will bear a long Arabic name, grow beards and dress like the 6th century beduine arabs. anything short of this will label u a 2nd class muslim. about 3 of my "friends" unfriend and block me on facebook just because I dnt belieave in their dogmas and blind following of their mullahs. I am not a ROBOT that will bend to any nonsensical dogma. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 11 Kolo Kenneth Kadiri And I have an arabic name. I carry one of the names of Allah, not even named as his messanger. That should make alot of difference, yeah? *cycles away* 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Usman Abubakar Hmmm funny 5 hours ago via mobile Like Zahrah Buba Atare To make things worse they will claim they are fasting! Quick to Judge and point fingers but commit slander and backbiting and all sorts of atrocities behind close doors. Subhana! So so so sad and disappointing. May God say us all! 5 hours ago via mobile Like 3 Ibrahim B. Maisango Gimba, should have no cause to worry, after all, Kakanda's witches are descendants of Danfodi lineage, so I heard fa 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Emmanuel Odia Okokoni Kimba,you are amongst the generation of a rare breed that God has given a brain so that we can leave him alone with.Cos no sane God or Allah would santion Child marriage...stay on are blessed. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1

Petra Akinti Onyegbule I love you Muhammad Adamu. And those dogmas exist in Christianity too, we should see our fanatics in action. Lord have mercy! 5 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Folake 'A-star' Oyetosho I wonder what the self righteous bigots think of Yoruba muslims then. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Olajide Michael Calling a whole Uztas an apostate because he objects the half-bent reasoning of those whose thinking are shallow enough to support Child Marriage is what I called arrant folly. They are pro-Yerima apostles. Shior! 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Adedayo Fatoki Haa...So "Gimba" is not a muslim name! Yeepa!!! 5 hours ago Like 2 Bashiru Hassan Folake are you moron?stop talking about islam,none of the world creations know,discern or mastered Qur-an like the holy prophet. 5 hours ago via mobile Like Aliyu A Suleman lols 5 hours ago via mobile Like Aliyu Nura Ashafura nupe land is part of sokoto khalifhat but ur Problem Gimba is........... ya kamata kasan cewa ba komi ne marubuci zai iya magana akai ba, kowa ya kamata ya tsaya a fannin da yafi kwarewa maganan addini akeyi bawai adabin turanci ba, kaga yawanci a rubuce rubucen ka kana kawo reference da wasu manyan masana adabi saboda field dinka ne amma kuma tunda ka fara magana akan wannan batu baka kawo aya ko hadisi as reference ba abin kunya ma wai saika dauko wani rubutu da wani christer Benjamin yayi wai a matsayin hujjanka! kaga ya nuna cewa kana da karancin ilmin addini, akwai manyan marubuta akan addini to kabar su da wannan batu amma gaskiya wannan ba fannin daka fi kwarewa bane, don Allah ka tsaya a inda kafi kwarewa amma wannan batu na manyan masana ilmin addini ne ba adabin turanci ba 5 hours ago via mobile Edited Like 3 Ehikioya Hilary Ehikioya I wish. I just wish. May you live long Mr. Gimba Kakanda. Preach on please. 5 hours ago Like 3 Fatima Binta Kadiri exactly,,so quick to jujde and place the second class muslim label on someone because you dont believe in their fanatical brand of islam.. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 4 Folake 'A-star' Oyetosho @ Bashiru Hassan, thanks for revealing yourself. It is people like you that we've been speaking of. You're educated but not schooled. You're fasting, yet you've the temerity to use the word " moron ". Is that permissible during this holy month and in the tenets and practise of Islam? Close your mouth and open your closed mind. Say hello to Yerima, your mentor. 5 hours ago via mobile Edited Like 5 Petra Akinti Onyegbule "Say hello to Yerima, your mentor." Packed punch! Love you, sis. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Nasiru Musa Ayuba You can't ride on your own reasoning without quoting references from quran and Hadith partaining anything related to islam. Mr,Gimba do not vex,it is just the truth, the best philosopher we recognize is prophet Mohd s.a.w. 5 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Afeezy Kolawole Aheeb If U Ustaz Gimba Kakanda is a 2nd class Muslim....den I a Yoruba will be tagged an INFIDEL niyen ke.....Mallam Ashafura how come U write in Hausa? Hmmm ojoro don enter am be dat oooo 5 hours ago Like 2 Suleiman AK Akabu Heart speaks better, neither name nor talks. Do not judge by appearances--appearances can be misleading. Anybody who says your name does not bear an Arabic name, the person is going deep the wrong way. In summation, is an act of "sheer" folly! 5 hours ago via mobile Like 4 Safiya S Musa Gimba Kakanda, possible to interpret Aliyu's comment please? I don read am tire...Shukran. 4 hours ago Like 2

Candid Ogbonna Honestly, i had a very negative understanding of Islam having lived in Kano State for almost 20 years. Then i had opportunity to live in UAE from 2001-2003, & I discovered i was wrong & also that some muslims are those painting Islam black. Tanx Gimba. 4 hours ago via mobile Like 11 Safiya S Musa Yeah Candid, but I believe you mean Dubai and probably Abu Dhabi right? The other Emirates aren't as liberal as the two mentioned. The UAE laws still aren't favourable to women. Recently, an expat who reported she was raped in Dubai, was sentenced to 1... S ee M ore 4 hours ago Edited Like 7 Ahmad Tswata Kay Ibrahim...does having a diffrent view from yours makes another muslim a fanatic?Gimba,I laffed when I saw that comment that said u don't have an Islamic name but Nupe,I just couldn't hold back my laughter ,some people are funny sha!!! 4 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Nura Algombawiyy Abubakar Aliyu's comment is d best I hv read. Bcos he jst gave a good advice to Gimba. 4 hours ago via mobile Edited Like Danjuma Abdullahi As Muslims we need to stop contradictn ourselves and try organize to help solve health, educational challenges facing the Ummah. 4 hours ago via mobile Edited Like Bashiru Hassan Folake i called you moron because of your attempt to trangress or blaspheme by saying some muslim understand Quran better than the noble prophet.As per as islam is concern,no body dere understood or will understand any thing religious like the holy prophet let alone passing him.Therefore if you believed some muslim understand Quran like him or better than him you are Moron. 4 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Saka Aliyu True, I never noticed. what dear ustaz Gimba is your muslim name? 4 hours ago Like Mustapha Abubakar Folks, I am human (news!). I find it profoundly difficult to act otherwise. I am no robot; I am not programmed to follow blindly; I am not a product of a java scripted computer code which executes a command as was written by the author. My author, creator, made me perfect. In this perfection is a will, a mind and a brain. These are arsenals that have been duly provided to me to ensure my survival in this unforgiving environment called earth. My survival and that of my kind is directly correlated to how well I think, transform, and respond to changing times (and now, even changing climate, lol). It is enough tragedy that my forefathers were either cajoled, killed in battles, or enslaved to have them internalize certain belief systems. This was the fate of my ancestors, and quite frankly, this was gory (think about it). I would not however, in this day and age, have or condone anybody bullying, harassing or intimidating me into not having an opinion. It shouldn't happen --and it wouldn't happennot to me or to Gimba Kakanda. We must encourage healthy, unscripted, and meaningful discussions. What is happening in Egypt is a lesson for us all to see and learn from. Egypt is ~95% Muslim (almost all Sunnis) yet even among these are varied ideologies and opinions. It only tells us that we as humans-- can never all see things from the same narrow prism. No matter what! 4 hours ago Like 8 Folake 'A-star' Oyetosho @ Bashir Hassan, I'll implore you to be properly educated before you speak on public fora. If you're fasting today, consider it a hunger strike by virtue of your repetitive choice word " moron ". By all standards known to mankind, you're bigoted and incoherent in your views. Your argument presented is banal and totally out of place. Go acquire some knowledge and then and then only, will I engage you in intellectual discourse. Still say hello to your mentor, Yerima. 3 hours ago via mobile Edited Like 1 Petra Akinti Onyegbule Mustapha: Kai! I retrieve my love for Muhammad Adamu and give to you ten times over. What's the essence of a brain, if it won't be put to optimal use? The brain isn't a mere anatomical appendage to the body, IT IS THE BODY. Times change, and our beliefs must conform with the times else, they become (a) threat(s) to humanity. 3 hours ago via mobile Like 2 HB Bindawa Its sad! I heard recently from a re-known islamic scholar in which he made reference to a saying of our noble prophet S.A.W that whoever calls one who's professed the kalimah,offer 5daily prayers,fast,and perform other religious obligations a kaafir is the kaafir cos he has doubted the belief of that man. In the saying of our holy prophet,if you call one a kaafir...the word 'll go into your victim's system,circulate to find any disbelief and when it could'nt,it comes back to you so you become one. But then speaking about religion is smth that we all need to be cautious about,its either we speak with reference to our sources or we remain mute. Its not about our little

thoughts unless we are assuming the roles of fuqaha'u or mujtahidun! May Allah guide our hearts to the right path. Cool off bros 3 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Suleiman Baba Alhaji Uhmmm! 3 hours ago via mobile Like Moses Adejoh I chose to be your friend on Facebook because you are deep Gimba. Most of us in this country do not understand so many things about religion. We have been simply indoctrinated. To be a true Christian or muslim, you have to be human first. Without this, you will not understand what your religion is talking about. I have more Muslims as friends than even christians. We can only appreciate our differences and the teachings of our religion if we first understand we are humans. A name should only be an identity rather than suggest one is more Muslim or christian than the other. 3 hours ago via mobile Like 3 Aliyu O Musa Malam Gimba Kakanda, i don't think there is any need to tar all with one brush. We are an UMMAH no matter what. So, lighten your heart brother. 3 hours ago Like 2 Rem Raj Haba, Gimba, aren't you apostate enough? It is a good qualification where ignorance rules. Accept the apostasy and move on. Peace. 3 hours ago via mobile Like 1 Agbaosi Gloria Gimba,ask Petra. I was preparing my divorce papers from u with my lawyers on the grounds that if u keep mute on this shameless paedophilic leanings,u are as good as gone from my friends' list. But kai! God save u on this one ooo.. I've prepared sumptous meal for u wen u wanna break ya fast..u hear? Poundo wt oha,amala wt gbegiri,semo wy edikaikong,berries,youghurt,confectionaries,all await to tantalize ya tastebuds..#hurryingBack2daKitchen 3 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Remy Binte Oge if they call u,a northern muslim, an apostate then yoruba muslims are infidel. just because u dnt reason wt ur anus but ur head. i av been wondering whether ma late dad n the rest of yoruba muslims av diff Quran n Hadith frm their northern counterpart. I av one questn though. i knew one of the Prophet's wives was older than y are they using his marriage to Aisha to justify underage marriage? so wat happen to marryin older women? Yerima n his cohorts/supporters are no diff frm BH n other terrorists group usin a portion in the Quran to justify terrorism. 3 hours ago via mobile Edited Like 1 Safiya S Musa Haba Petra Akinti Onyegbule, which kain withdrawal of love for Muhammad be that one na....not fair oh. You should have just given more of your love to Mustapha Abubakar without withdrawing Muhammad's. Let us hope he isn't very angry at you...lolz. 3 hours ago Like 1 Bashiru Hassan Folake are you still on your believe that some muslim understand Quran better than the holy prophet? 3 hours ago via mobile Like Aliyu Nura Ashafura Bashir Hassan ai babban mai laifi anan shine Gimba Kakanda, yasan cewa bashi da ilmin addini amma ya kawo topic din da bazai iya kare kansa ba! cewa wasu musulmai sunfi Annabi sanin alkur'ani zagine wanda zai iya fiDda mutum daga musulunci but Gimba Kakanda Kep mute bcos he don't want to spoil his frndship with CHRISTAINS 3 hours ago via mobile Like Garba Aliyu Wow, wow... Where have I been? Interesting exchanges. Mustapha Abubakar, you're simply one of a kind, a rare breed of mankind! 3 hours ago Like 4 Petra Akinti Onyegbule Tooh, Safiya, you know we are not in India, so 'polyandry' even of 'intellectual love' is not allowed. Hehehehe... Muhammad no go vex, trust me, he's very enlightened. 3 hours ago via mobile Like 3 Safiya S Musa Ok Petra...just being an 'intellectual' brother's keeper oh 3 hours ago Like 2 1 Gimba Kakanda *clears throat* Really wish to be Mustapha Abubakar right now! *sad face* 3 hours ago via mobile Like

Safiya S Musa Why na GK, its only Petra that intellectually loved him naaa. 'WE' intellectually love you. Oya wear a happy's WE for you! 3 hours ago Like 2 Gimba Kakanda Aliyu Nura Ashafura, please post something everybody will understand. I understand Hausa, but not everyone does. And I don't there's something new about your perspective. If you're still hurling a charge that some of us are simply pandering to the West, read Mustapha Abubakar's comment above. You may even save it as reminder or a stimulant of rational thoughts whenever your robotics takes over your senses. It's as easy as that. And, yes, go on and continue slamming the apostasy labels on us! 3 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Safiya S Musa Touche! 3 hours ago Like Gimba Kakanda Safiya, I no like this kain condescending love o. This one na eye-service jor! And I actually thought that my Ramadan truce with Kakanda Witches was for real. This ill luck isn't ordinary. 2 hours ago via mobile Like Safiya S Musa Loooool.....eye service? Wait oh, didn't a chic offer you kwarect Iftar plus lots of love as well? 2 hours ago Like 1 Petra Akinti Onyegbule Hahahahaha... WE love you, Gimba. Plus, what's to envy Mustapha for when Gloria is sweating in the kitchen preparing all sorts of delicacies for when you break fast? Wear a smile, jare. *Feyin eeee* 2 hours ago via mobile Like 1

Aliyu Mohammed Danmusa Aliyu Nura Ashafura, that's how you smear the religion to the ugliest picture as anyone could see! What do you expect from the islamic clerics who have limited their duty to a mere stubborn rear guard action and remain untouched to the dynamics of life... S ee M ore 2 hours ago Like 8 Gimba Kakanda Safiya and Petra: Agbaosi Gloria actually divorced me at a time I needed her the most; she broke my heart, even came to Abuja without my permission fa *weeps, weeps* Aliyu Mohammed Danmusa: Two words: Thank You!!! 2 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Folake 'A-star' Oyetosho Aliyu Mohammed Danmusa, you inspire me. Tell these religious zealots to get off their holier than thou seats and face the harsh reality of the modern world. They're the reason Islam is given a bad name. 2 hours ago via mobile Edited Like 3 Muhammad Adamu Haha lols, I ado the words of Mustapha myself they can take away a child from the mother not to talk of love... lols 2 hours ago via mobile Like Lilian Ndaa Orjiako GIMBA!!