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Technical Data Sheet

Switchgear termination PHVS-72

Basic Description
Switchgear termination dry type for cables with XLPE insulation; Pressure-tight epoxy resin housing for operation in SF6

72 kV

Electrical data
Relevant standard IEC 60840 IEC 62271-209; IEC 62271-203; IEC 60859 36 / 66 (72) 50 / 60 325 90 as per cable as per cable 40 264

Rated voltage Uo/U (Um) Rated frequency Lightning impulse voltage 1,2/50 s AC voltage withstand test (1 min) Rated current Rated short-circuit current (conductor) Rated short-circuit current (sheath) 1s Creepage distance

kV Hz kV kV kA kA kA mm

Mechanical data
Construction length (with IEC adapter) Operating pressure SF6 Earth connection mm MPa 310 (583) 0,35 0,85 6 x M12

Design data
Diameter over prepared insulation [mm] Diameter over sheath [mm] Cable screen types Cross section (Cu / Al) [mm] Conductor connection Material of housing Material of connection bolt Method of stress control Type of Stress cone Max. permissible dielectric stress at core screen Corona Shield Installation temperature [C] Operation temperature [C] Storage temperature [C] Packing Box 1 (Plugin parts) [kg] / [mm] Box 2 (Insulator) [kg] / [mm] 34 78 Up to 120 All types Approx. 1200 Mechanical (shear off bolts) Epoxy resin Aluminium alloy Geometric Pre-fabricated silicone rubber 8 kV/mm (at core screen of cable) Not required for GIS 0 to +40 -50 to +50 0 to +40 Weight 24 23 Dimensions 700 x 420 x 380 700 x 420 x 380
Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbH EPP-HVD-0043-1/12

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