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COMPANY BACKGROUND Introduction HTC Corporation is the worlds leading designer of Windows Mobile, Android and Brew Mobile

Platform-based mobile phones. Based on a people-centric approach to product design, HTCs devices simplify the way consumers communicate with the people in their lives and access their information on the move. Founded in 1997 by Cher Wang, Chairwoman, HT Cho and Peter Chou, President and CEO, HTC originally made its name as the company behind many of the most popular operator and OEM-branded devices on the market. Since 2006, HTC has introduced a broad portfolio of critically acclaimed, industry-leading mobile phones under its own brand. HTC articulated its brand position in October 2009, with quietly brilliant. Quietly brilliant is about doing great things in a humble way, with the belief that the best things in life can only be experienced, not explained. HTCs design philosophy is rooted in the belief that one size does not fit all. HTC has created a broad portfolio of devices that combine style and sophistication with different physical designs to enable customers to choose the phone that best fits their needs. In June 2009, HTC launched a unique design philosophy known as HTC Sense which is focused on putting people at the center by making phones work in a more simple and natural way. This experience revolves around three fundamental principles that were developed by observing and listening to how people live and communicate; namely Make It Mine, Stay Close and Discover the Unexpected. The company has a rich heritage of device firsts: First colour palm-size PC (1999) First Microsoft Pocket PC (2000) First Microsoft wireless Pocket PC (2002) First Microsoft powered smartphone (2002) First Microsoft Smart Music Phone (2004) First Microsoft 3G Phone (2005) First Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Platform Phone (2005) First Microsoft tri-band UMTS 3G device (2006) First Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone (2006) and first Windows Mobile 6 smartphone (2007) First intuitive touch screen to allow finger tip navigation (June 2007) First Android device, the T-Mobile G1 (2008) First integrated GSM/WiMAX device launched in Russia (2008)

HTC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile sector and has achieved remarkable recognition over recent years. In 2008, the HTC Touch Diamond was named European Smart Phone 2008-2009 by the members of EISA, the European Imaging and Sound Association. This follows the success of previous years, where Business Week ranked HTC as the second best performing Technology Company in Asia in 2007, having awarded the company the number 3 spot in its 2006 Global listing.

Products & Innovation HTC is known for its innovation. It is committed to offering a broad range of devices that meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. In June 2007, HTC launched the first device in its ground-breaking Touch family, the HTC Touch. In September 2008, with its partners T-Mobile and Google, HTC announced the launch of the first Android device, the T-Mobile G1 by HTC. As the first to use the open Android platform, the TMobile G1 by HTC is designed to make the mobile internet practical, relevant and fun, offering a variety of services, applications and content that introduces an internet experience that everyone can enjoy. HTC subsequently launched the HTC Magic in February 2009, and the multi awardwinning HTC Hero in June 2009. Pioneering Through Partnerships Since its inception, HTC has pioneered the smartphone market through partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm and some of the worlds largest mobile operators including Orange, 02, T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, NTT DoCoMo and many more. HTC is also a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, announced in November 2007. The companys business model allows it to work closely with its partners; providing differentiation through form factor, materials, finish, colours, software and applications. Mission & Capabilities HTC is committed to driving the growth and capabilities of mobile communications technology. Since its inception, the company has developed strong R&D capabilities and pioneered many new designs and product innovations to deliver state of the art devices to the market. It has invested in a strong R&D team, accounting for 25% of global headcount, and a world-class highvolume manufacturing facility, both based in Taiwan. In 2008, HTC announced the acquisition of lifestyle industrial design firm One & Co, continuing the companys commitment to innovation and design. HTC is committed to driving innovation in the way consumers use mobile technology in their daily lives. Whether its for personal or business communication, entertainment, mobile working, navigation or simply having the information you need right at your fingertips, HTCs devices are the epitome of usability and innovation. Company Performance HTC is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile sector, and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. (See for the latest financial results). For further information please go to Or contact: Nelson Bostock Communications

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